Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the Kingdom of the Hungry Ghosts

Dog Poet Transmitting........

'May your noses always be cold and wet'

One of our readers mentioned how many men and women are losing their homes; their apartments and I suppose a lot more as well, in Colorado. Meanwhile, the flatulent media keeps talking in a sonorous, snake hissing tone about the good life and all the accessories that go with it.

I really wanted for The New Shangri-La to be a place where people from the same locales could meet each other and maybe carry it a little further, into friendship, a community, something more than we presently have. The New Shangri-La was meant to be a virtual community in search of solid ground. I’ve lived in a communal environment and I have to say that I’ve never experienced anything better in this life. When you have the right chemistry and the right people, the joys are truly abundant. It’s like having playmates on call; not those kind of playmates (grin).

I’m publishing 3 books in the next couple of months and releasing a lot of other material in the hope that it will generate the finances to fund a prototype. Maybe some rich patron will appear; maybe more than one. You never know what’s going to show up in life any more than you know what might be gone the next day. You just have to do what’s in front of you and know that it will lead to promises realized if you don’t turn aside.

The fact that it’s getting tough for so many people, about whom the media is blind or indifferent, only proves out how really sleazy that industry has become. The level of corruption throughout the web of temporal control is near total. There appears to be no bottom. The limbo bar is now below the surface of the Earth.

I guess we’re all being refined through suffering in our own ways. I had a massive bladder infection, followed by an unpleasant flu, followed by a car door on my hand and then, as everything was leaving and I was looking forward to the return of what passes for normal for me, I find I have a hernia that I have to go into hospital to get stitched up. It’s right there where the bladder infection was. What are the odds? Meanwhile my life courses toward the 29th and the beginning of ‘the rinse cycle’. I’d be laughing but it hurts to laugh or to cough. Now I know why they do that coughing thing. It’s a small tear, thank god for that. The doctor says it has been there for awhile and that my colon cleanse brought it to the surface. He says that’s a good thing. I asked him if I could get a case of acne to go with it.

Interestingly, before I knew what this problem was, I was trying to sort out this pulsing bulge that wanted to protrude from the right hand side of my groin. I said to myself, “maybe I’m just being told that I have to heal myself and maybe that’s what I should do”. I went into my bedroom and laid down on my back and placed my hands on the affected area, truly believing it would resolve itself. After a short while I could tell that it was better. When I got up this morning the condition was gone. I thought, “Wow”. I was telling the doctor about it and he said that that was the way this condition is corrected, at least temporarily, that what I had done was exactly what I should have done and that’s why it worked. But I didn’t heal it. You can’t heal this particular thing because it’s a tear. Wait a minute. I don’t know that. Maybe it can be healed. It’s such a minor thing though that I’ll take my chances in the dark zone.

I haven’t gotten angry about this. I haven’t gotten disturbed. I’ve just gone through it all and that’s a large improvement on how I have sometimes responded in the past. I’m so tired of being messed with from so many different angles that I can get a little abusive toward my author, who seems intent on abusing me as if it were a full time career move. I get pissed off about it because I never get any ‘whys’ or ‘wherefores’ and it doesn’t do any good either because it has no noticeable impact on the author, who tells me that everything I’ve been waiting for and searching for, for my whole life and other lives as well, is just around the corner now. I’m here to tell you it’s the longest corner I’ve ever seen and I’m getting mighty suspicious that I already went around this circle once or twice before.

This tells me I’m in a holding pattern, like a plane over an airport. Sooner or later they’re going to tell me to dump my remaining fuel (metaphorically speaking) and come in for a landing. I suspect I’m supposed to suddenly recognize where I am or realize that I’m somewhere I’ve never been before. Cue the song “Where or When”.

The best thing is that I’m not getting angry anymore. I notice my voice is softer now too. I figure whatever science project I turn out to be is getting pretty close to term and maybe I haven’t been going over my own footprints like it appears but am actually on some kind of extra-dimensional elevated track; a spiral that’s taking place in my mind and only seems to parallel the world outside.

Last night I was thinking about all the things that could be wrong with me, before the doctor told me. Hearing what the problem was came as good news, considering what kind of news I might have gotten. I don’t really expect anything major though, not until I’m done with whatever it is I came here to do, because now I know that there is something I’m supposed to do and I know I have to do it, without knowing what it is until after it’s been accomplished. That’s kind of how things work in the messed up metaphysics of my personal passage. It came in bright and clear in my mind a little while ago that I chose to come here for a specific reason. I didn’t have to but I chose to. That led to a bout of, “you idiot! What where you thinking”? This went on until I wound up laughing about it, like I always do because you either wind up laughing or crying. I’ve done both but laughter seems to be the more consistent response.

I’ve got these terrific ladies that are assisting me in my efforts at publication and creating a professional web presence. I should probably call them people but they are more emblematic of the pending arrival of the feminized wisdom of the coming age, which is supposed to ameliorate the persistent brutishness of the male dynamic of so many centuries past. They are already to go and here I am being dragged down by these repeating incidents of incapacitation and it’s totally inexplicable to me why this should be going on when all I have to do is get my end together and we’re sailing into the harbor. I add this because people are bugging me about where are the books and other items that are supposed to be here already. They’re coming. It’s just taking longer than I thought it would.

We’ll have that New Shangri-la. I’m determined to see it come to pass. If I have to generate it out of whatever I’ve got left in me, I will. I don’t know if it’s a community or a fellowship of friends but it’s something with a roaring fire inside and an atmosphere of Nature abutted against The Devic Realm outside, with all those hidden doorways finally visible to the eye. It’s got the smell of tea brewing and the perfume of the wonderland beyond that seeps through the cracks and crevasses of our collective dream sanctuary.

I think about all the weary travelers who come up against those moments when they are certain they can no longer continue. The trail has become too steep. The fire within has reduced to embers. The voices ahead have gone mute along with the voice within. I think about having been there myself a time or two. Somehow you go on. Some of us have no choice. Somehow we made some kind of irrevocable decision back in a forgotten moment and we are meant to soldier on no matter what.

I wish I could offer a place to all those souls on the edge of fear in Colorado and everywhere else. I am determined to find such a place. I can only hope they hang on until it comes into being, for it surely will. It surely will. We should just let the dead dance with the dead in their feast-houses, there in the Kingdom of Hungry Ghosts. We the living have another path that leads out of the graveyards and into the coming new world, beyond this moment of indefinable pausing, while both worlds hold their breath, here on the precipice of change irreversible. What is to follow has been coming for a long, long time.

End Transmission........

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The New Shangri-La.


Neko Kinoshita said...

Still pawsed,

Eagerly awaiting the time to begin.

Sometimes it seems we may already be in the The New Shangri-La.

Only the actualization awaits.


wv: gides - I kid you not.

Frog said...

Sorry to hear about the hernia. Gotta get it fixed. It would be nice if you could heal it by faith, that does not seem to work often.
A lot of people believe in faith healing but to me it seems like poor theology. Disclaimer, I'm a physician. Yes, the western medical system is corrupt, probably beyond salvage.
After all, you get a nail in your foot, you pull it out, not pray to have it disappear. Yet, the same parent who would pull the nail out of their child's foot is willing to watch the child suffer and/or die from pneumonia while they pray. Or meditate. Or whatever.
It seems that the Divine can help with disease, miraculous healing is a staple of the faithful, right? And yet, I take care of a lot of people and don't see it very often. Something we are missing maybe.
A old woman called me for an opinion. She had a lethal cancer and this I relayed to her. She said she would ask for healing. I asked her whether this could simply be God asking her back home... She hadn't thought of that but was relieved at the thought. Did I do right? Or wrong? Or neither, was my company sufficient for the task.
Why do we suffer from pointless things like hernias? I don't know, probably just inherent to this corrupt physical world. Screws loosen and fall out, things break. Some people assign suffering like this to sin. I don't. Sometimes God want's to distract or redirect a person. And uses various means to do it. I suppose the adversary can do the same, just for opposite reasons.
I once read that you know that the devil is distracting you from a task or mindset if you find it difficult to pray or concentrate on the divine. You know if God afflicts you for some reason if your ability to pray is still there.
As always Les, thank you so much for your words and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of one and one only shortcut out of not only the current mess but as many messes as you desire to avoid, up to and including nirvana and beyond.

Lord Jesus, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, the Rishis, Manus, even Lord Ganesha in person pleaded with the little insignificant misfit known as me, to take it.

Why would THEY, these exalted personalities so far beyond my own intelligence and merit plead to me?

Do you think they actually truly care about me?

I do.

Anonymous said...

And Frog,
how nice to hear a physician speak of God.

To me you think and act pretty darned straight and thoughtfully.
There are people of faith and there are fanatics.
That you are willing and able to help both is great service.

I have a feeling you often help people for supper or such as well..

Unknown said...

Dude! YOU just wrote MY biography, except I am a not-for-profit writer, and only have one lady in Australia publishing me, internet only.

I will tell you one thing. After you are done with what you are supposed to do, you will find incredible inner peace, and you will know freedom like you've never known it before. REAL freedom, because after one is done with their contract to themselves and their gods, there is nothing left to have anything vested in; so you can walk in detachment that should come naturally.

This post blows me out of the water.

siamsam said...

Sure feels like no time. A lot of purging and cleansing going on everywhere during this time. I think it was to last 20 or so years. So yes we are on the final rinse. The final part of the rinse cycle is the most violent - fastest!

Kindest to all

bomshiva said...

Just get it sorted out asap and move on.
Sometimes things make perfect sense, other times total chaos.
Render to the physical its due, with due respect.
One foot here, and one foot (t)here.
Thus maintain the balance between the two worlds. Between illusion and reality. Truth is a valid onion, after all.
Hold on to Ariadne's thread through remembrance.
Wishing you a speedy recovery, regardless.
Humbly yours.

Anonymous said...

If all is the creation of God, then is not the physician part of of God's healing?

I also belive that we will see soon the return of the Goddess.

REading the latest HPH report and well, wondering where a good place to be is. The only place that I could come with, is where I am. :) Whereever I am.

Wishing the best for you Les, and yes, I am hanging on.



Frog said...

I just can't stand to watch the so called State of the Union address here in America. Lies, vacuous statements, half-truths, from another empty suit filled with darkness. How can these men, (if you can call the Bushes, the current guy, etc, men) do what they do, then stand up and lie like they do.
Perhaps he knows that we will all be "depopulated" down the road and so the lies are justified by the end. The end being that we won't be around to care. No harm, no foul.
I'm off to read a book.

Old Soldier said...

I always found the Hungry Ghost feast poignant. Grandmothers burning paper items, and placing out the little glasses of booze and oranges by the curb. (Always seemed to be grandmothers doing it. Never the younger generation, although sometimes grandkids would hang around, as they always seem to be drawn by the flames.)

And into that fire we are about to collectively step. Heal up fast, Les. I had a partial hernia about two decades back. It did heal on its own, slowly. But apparently your tear is long enough to let guts out. Get it stitched up, old hoss. Seems gravity (remember gravity?) has a way of pulling guts downward when we stand up. So weaknesses, especially down by the groin area, are constantly under stress. The stitching helps your abdominal wall to heal itself up, by reducing the strain and allowing the muscle tissue time to bond to itself.

I was thinking today as I was sawing and spliting up a load of stove wood that although the financial end can be rough, think of the enforced status of "free of employment in the money grubbing economy" as a chance to better one's spiritual state. Jobs are so consuming these days, they really stand in the way of contemplation, meditation, and thinking about what is eternal and really important in the broad scheme of things. "Time off" like so many of us seem to be facing may be a real blessing in disguise for many, in the long run.

I hope we are all able to make it to Shangri-la, New or Old. I like the smell of tea, too. We all could use some deeper and more meaningful friendships, as well.

Some folks trust in God, some trust in Dog, some trust in Cat. I am not sure anyone really trusts in Tac. Nor should we, probably. It sounds dangerous.

Of the four, Dog is usually the best bet. With God, you never can tell if anybody is there. With a dog, you always know. Near as I can tell, dog is always the most forgiving. And forgiveness is priceless, isn't it? (Or at least worth the cost of heart worm pills monthly and dog food daily, and the occasional post-skunk tomato juice bath...) Cat teaches much, too. Skepticism in its purest form, for instance. And how to say goodbye, when it really, truly is time to go. But Dog will always remember, and grieve with you. Cat? Yeah, right. Not. (I have known and loved many cats, please don't take this the wrong way. But dogs are different.)

Tac? Plastic and metal, and nylon and efficiency and "tough get going when the going gets tough." Been there, done that, was issued and bought way too many t-shirts. And never want to do it again. Not to be trusted. Use a tool to create, not be a tool and a creation. Ugh.

Hungry Ghosts. I think they are about to feast big time. The fires are coming. The fuel is dry. The rage is building. The sparks are beginning to twinkle in the streets. Seems the Mediterranean nations are dryer and more ready to go up in flames, but the whole system is crackly dry. Stiff and crispy, the way stuff gets when the moisture is gone. We'll have to try to keep our own places well watered, and supple, and friendly. "Tap into the water; bring what I am able." But so much, so much will go up. Just have to try and preserve what is important to keep after the flames have died back down. Of course, then it will be getting damn cold, cause the interglacial is over, and we are headed down into the new chilly times, but that is a story for a different day, isn't it?

So, anyway, heal up as quickly as possible. Tea, anyone?

vv said...

Hi Les, I'm so sorry to hear about the negative turn of events for you. It sounds like you're on the Trickster's radar. But as you know this too shall pass. Lots of love


Anonymous said...

The books will come when they are needed. Just like your posts that uplift with just the right words at just the right times. Be well -mike

amarynth said...

Faith does not heal. A vibrant and a ongoing connection with Creation and Creator heals.

Knowing chi, or life blueprint, heals, in combination with understanding - Understanding where one is in life and what is to the best benefit of all. Is death right and necessary when it confronts you? Or is the chi or blueprint being interrupted?.

I know of which I speak. We've been walking in what I call 'the miracle zone' for a year now. It is quite something if someone, a beloved someone with very little brain left, recovers his smile, his movement and his essence.

As a species we have not come near the core of how to heal. Faith is a blindfold and a panacea. The only thing that heals is the combination of energy, essence and frequency at one's command, freely given by that that is unseen and invisible. Creator and Creation.

We need to learn to accept that that is freely given, and learn how to use the gift.

But I agree, if there is a nail in the foot, pull it out for heaven's sake. But, if we were completely 'in-tune', we could 'automagically' stitch up the hernia. We have a long way to go. Here, where I am, we're walking this path where creator and creation tells us to fight death for a specific purpose, circumstances and person.

It is a joy to have a physician to help who has no qualms to lay hands on the person in ill-health and work with the unseen energetic realm to assist in the healing process.

Anonymous said...

Your metaphors were perfect, all the words were sparkling clear ... amazing how you did that while dealing with the discomfort of a hernia. Hope your health is fully restored very soon, Les ... you deserve it to be so.
BTW, amarynth is making The New Shangri-La a tidier place to visit and that's pretty cool. Out, out, damn bots!
M. Rocknest (Em)

Tex said...

"...the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand..." - what exactly does that mean? We think 'it's coming', thinking in a linear way, but could it mean it's 'at hand', like a mechanics tools are 'at hand', close enough to reach out and touch with your fingers...
The only thing that prevents the 'new earth' of sharing and compassion is a mental/spiritual construct, an attitude, which changed would change everything, instantly.
Les, the more I read you, the more I love you. God bless you.

Visible said...

Actually the tear is not big at all so... maybe I could just let it heal but, I have a lot of physical things I need to do and I suspect this particular type of healing might take awhile to get to optimum status. It's such a simple procedure I think for expediency I will do it. I've been doing my situps but maybe not as often as I should.

I'm using this downtown to get the books operative and many thanks to Amarynth for what she's done over at the new Shangri-La. Silly me, I actually thought those were all new members because I never really saw much spam until much later.

If you got deleted accidentally, just rejoin. She has made it harder to slip in for mischief now.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

One More Litmus Test for the Strong, Silent Types.

DaveS said...


You're a magnet for interesting posters... maybe you're the poster boy of posters?

Frog, you rock! I wish I had a physician like you... so many seem to just be 'practicing' medicine. Speaking of 'practicing medicine', a favorite short story (can't remember title or author, just the gist) was about a group of doctors who got together once a year to admit to killing someone during the previous 12 months. I know it sounds horrible, but it was a cool tale about these guys coming clean on their mistakes so others in the group wouldn't kill people the same way. It ends with the group saving the life of one of the doctor's patients who was sick, but hadn't yet died... yous got to read it to appreciate it.

As for the destitute in Colorado... I'm about there myself, but I wouldn't want anyone wasting effort on me because out here we got it easy. I'd rather be poor out here than in the middle of Los Angeles or any big metropolitan area... I suppose the folks living in front range cities are screwed, as the folks in any city are screwed without funds. Seriously, I'd save my prayers for the those poor souls where populations are smashed together. But then I know how comfortable a snow cave can be (comfortable compared to 15 degrees outside temp), so maybe I'm luckier than most?

The shit you're in always stinks worse than the shit someone else is wading thru, yet I can feel everyone's pain. But if you could see what 'prosperity' has done to the mountains around these parts... you might have a hard time feeling bad for many of the fucks who bought into the idea of trying to create New York City in the mountains and have built mini-mansions on their bus driver salaries thinking home prices would just continue to skyrocket further up. I came for a ski season (to learn to drive dog sleds) and stayed too, so yeah, I'm part of the problem. But I don't own anything, so maybe I'm not such a problem?

It is truly a test to try and have compassion for all the horse's asses who've been telling me that I'm a loser 'cause I'm over 40 and I've not owned a home –now that they are all in the process of losing theirs. Better losing a home than a loved one is what I say. Or better yet, you can't lose what you don't have (wink).

I'm a bit of a prick, I suppose, but it's hard for me to feel bad for my fellow country men who've wholeheartedly supported the shit they're now being forced to eat. They teach us enough history in our public indoctrination institutions so that we should all know empires who fight wars of aggression don't last too long. C'est la vie... who do we throw the life vest to? Personally I'm voting to save more of the helpless critters than the 'helpless' humans. Your choices may be different.


James Stuart Sinclair said...

What you are calling the new Shangri La seems to be the Gaiene Communion. GaieneCommunion dot org has the blueprint in detail. Its not in one place. It is everywhere. Have a look, see what you think.

Guldur said...

Salute Les!
Eternal glory to you for your perpetual contribution to making all your sincere readers better and happier beings by your posts. Your insight and empathy are marvellous - real multiple level singularity here!
Also shame on me for thanking you (posting here) so rarely, although freely ready and biting all your posts. One humble thanks from me...
I can almost precisely feel your inconveniences you are going through - I can feel this almost daily for a quite long time with unigue times of release. My daily little and not so little shorcommings, misdeeds and weaknesses. But ALL IS UNDER CONTROL, do not despair - as you always say all is in the best hands it could ever be and this is true.
Let GOD guide you through your praiseworthy way!
P.S. Just out off-topic here now (but not so entirely maybe):
Got a dream few days ago, where after some bloody battlings and killings I went to the end of the route, ending in the open air gap. All my sins summed-up, ferocious mob howling behind me, feeling deep serenity at the last moments. Opposite the gap not very remote there were colossal trees reaching beyond the observable hight and beautiful quitar and flute based melodies (something like ancient pagan mild tunes in metal presentation) were playing in the background. My stare directed towards there with tear in my eyes.
The dream still resonates within me bittersweet...
My gratitudes to you all.

Liz said...

Been in a very dark place lately. Can't do this anymore, I would like to rescind my contract, please. Then came your words...
With Gratitude and Love

Visible said...

Liz and anyone else who is getting the drearies from the pressure of the darkness in these trying times. Don't carry this around with you on your own. Share it out. Any time anyone here is feeling the weight of these things you should email me or someone else and talk it out. These things have a way of growing when they are contained inside and they can be bled off easily given a little back and forth. Keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

ever loving
lifting high
climbing up
cross the sky
reaching out
moving through
gliding in
conscious root
with evergreen
crested waves
of summer meadow
sun beam rays
reaching deep
far inside
brush the heart
touch with life


Ben There said...

Les -

I can relate to the hernia. I've had one since I was 18. My 34th birthday was three weeks ago. I've just lived with the thing this long. Mine must not be that bad because it's manageable. And I lift weights four times per week. Kind of a funny (and disgusting) observation but it's easier to keep in check when your bowel movements are regular and bodily waste is quickly disposed of. That's my experience anyway. Probably have to get the damn thing fixed eventually.

Much love...

Visible said...

Hey Ben;

I've found something called Wu Hui Yushan that does remarkable things with hernia. I'm going to try it and put off surgery in that regard just because of the many testimonials. Working on it myself I have already got it feeling like it's not even there. Maybe this was the point of it happening. Two other things that could well have gone to surgery were cured by natural means.

Has Best of the Fray bit the dust? I tried to go by the other day and couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

"I’m so tired of being messed with from so many different angles that I can get a little abusive toward my author, who seems intent on abusing me as if it were a full time career move. I get pissed off about it because I never get any ‘whys’ or ‘wherefores’ and it doesn’t do any good either because it has no noticeable impact on the author, who tells me that everything I’ve been waiting for and searching for, for my whole life and other lives as well, is just around the corner now. I’m here to tell you it’s the longest corner I’ve ever seen and I’m getting mighty suspicious that I already went around this circle once or twice before."



Ben There said...

BOTF is still there but its a pretty sad sight. I just posted there this morning as a matter of fact.

Another thing that will help the hernia is to lie down and prop your hips up higher than your torso. That seems to put things back in place.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Fire, Fire Burning Bright with the Tigers in the Night.

Anonymous said...

Visible said...

Liz and anyone else who is getting the drearies from the pressure of the darkness in these trying times. Don't carry this around with you on your own. Share it out. Any time anyone here is feeling the weight of these things you should email me or someone else and talk it out. These things have a way of growing when they are contained inside and they can be bled off easily given a little back and forth.

5:41 PM

That's very true, it festers if left to linger inside.

Any creative, constructive outlet is helpful. It's not always possible to put what you're feeling into words, but the important thing is to express it somehow.

Find something that makes you laugh, or makes you feel like a stupid happy kid (I do Miyazaki movies). I try to remember the things I have to be grateful for, or just go out for a walk! (Endorphins are awesome). I think it all has to do with changing your perspective, shifting your focus, altering your frame of mind -it's always the mind. Coming here helps too.

Ultimately, you must turn your attention fully towards the One who gives the peace which surpasses all understanding. You are never trapped; one door is not closed without having another opened for you.

This quote from Mokichi Okada seems apt:

"God trains and disciplines those who have some great mission to accomplish by giving them many lessons to learn, many difficult problems to overcome... An individual should realize that the more he experiences things he must bear in silence, the greater his mission in life must be. When he reaches the point where he can control any anger, can remain calm under all circumstances, he has passed the first stage of his spiritual training."




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