Saturday, January 23, 2016

Finding our Way Out of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous Woods.

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A big snow storm, no doubt a product of global warming, is hammering the Eastern Seaboard; probably a metaphor for something. A whole lot of forces are going to hammer the US in coming times, for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that nearly every policy in the country is under the control of poisonous viper-like, Satanic bankers and an outgrowth of this is that the rich are consuming everyone and everything in their sight. Another reason is that the general public is aggressively indifferent to the truth because of the courage it requires to see it and the courage and responsibility that follows that. You may include in this; moral decline and the legitimization and enforcement of perversity... it is safe to say that the people and their leaders have lost their way.

The one lost their way a long time ago and the other has been gradually led astray until now... both of them are in the deep, dark and dangerous woods; probably also a metaphor for something. The real problem with losing your way is being unable to find your way back. Some of this has to do with not being able to remember where it was that you were before you got lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. Even worse is that so many are not even aware of being lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. One is never more near hopelessly lost when they are unaware that they are lost.

Sometimes big things come down very slowly. At least this happens slowly up to a point. There is a juncture where the direction downward goes direct and then everything can happen at frightening speed. When the initial and prevailing idea of something... even when a not inconsiderable portion of it was propaganda to begin with, ceases to bear any resemblance to the idea, or ideas, that brought it into being and upon which is was based, it will rot and die. The metaphor of cancer would be fitting in this case. It consumes itself from within. This is observably true at present. It is also true that sometimes something must die so that something else can live. Outworn ideas pass away when the ones who hold them depart. It is most unfortunate when a generation of vipers appears along the way at the critical juncture. That last line is not comprehensive. Sometimes there is a pervasive listlessness, accompanied by segments of collective rage that are focused on all the wrong targets. This is a direct product of the enemy of humanity, whom the bankers serve.

Presently there is all this puffed up and insubstantial anger at the Academy of Arts and Sciences, over a perception that black actors and sundry are not getting their due. In this particular year, neither “Straight out of Compton” or “Concussion” were worthy of notice. They were pedestrian efforts. The truth is that in recent years, black actors and black films are far more prevalent than ever before and far more recognized than ever before. You see black actors everywhere now, often in scenarios where their presence is historical fiction. Political Correctness distorts everything. It is true that Gayness is far more important to the film industry than black issues. Once can't help but notice the films celebrating Gayness this year; “Carole” and “The Danish Girl”. The first one was so boring that I had to switch it off a third of the way through and the second I won't even see, just as I never saw Broken-ass Mountain. There was no significant example of black acting this year. That is the simple truth.

These are all cultural items and probably belong in the most recently posted blog but we're winding our way to some kind of a metaphysical point and merely setting the stage at the moment. Of course, as is typical here, we don't know what that point is at this time (grin) but that is usually the case.

The single most powerful influence for the maintenance of darkness, ignorance and deception is the mass media, also attended by all the other media of various entertainments (if you can call them that); movies, music, art, books, magazines, television, ad nauseum. All of these are under the near total control of agenda driven, Zionist Jews, who operate in concert to push particular ideas and suppress others. This stranglehold on what we see and hear must be broken for any real change to come about. The world bankers and those that run the truly pernicious institutions of the Federal Reserve Banking scams, the IMF and The Bank of International Settlements, to name a few of the big guns. These control everything else because this is where the money comes from. One need only to look at events that went down around the 1913 Federal Reserve takeover and the previous effort before it. One needs also to look at what happened to presidents and others during these focused acts of Satanic darkness. Then one can study what was going on around John F. Kennedy (and what happened to him) and jump forward to what took place during Nixon's tenure.

Destroy the pernicious control of the bankers and take back the media and the world will transform. Of course, corruption and lies will always be with us but they will be made manageable. For the longest time, the rule of law was one of the greatest protections that the first world possessed. Even though it was often compromised it still existed, at least in theory. Over recent decades this construct has been morphed and twisted out of shape so as to be near unrecognizable. The Constitution has also been one of the targets of the bad guys, who are the same bad guys at the top of the pyramid. We are not talking about any of the other alleged criminals like the entrepreneurs; they operate under permissions from the demon possessed stolen cars at the top or they are destroyed or made an example of.

Obfuscation and misdirection are two of the principal tools of the psychopaths and their agents, presently in control of the world as we see it, or who appear to be in control. If you can see this, you are free of its influence to the depth that you can see it and under the control of it to the degree that you cannot see it. To the degree that you cannot see it, you are following the lead of those marching into the valley of destruction and to the degree that you can see, you are in a position to be marching out of it.

In the Bible there is a quote that says something about two men standing in a field and one is taken and one is left behind. Other examples of the same are given. This relates directly to what was just said. The most underestimated power in the world is personal choice. Some think they have a lot more of it than they do and some think they have no choice at all. The idea of 'free will' is one of the most mysterious of them all. In my mind, the only free will we have is to obey our inner truth and the guidance that comes out of it and that is a conscious influence (as I understand and have experienced it), or we can oppose it and that is how we come to have terms like, 'denial' and all the other limitations that arrive out of the idea that self interest is in our interest, or anyone elses. The survival drive comes out of the base chakra. It is a powerful drive. We have much to overcome within ourselves, so much, in fact, that we will never overcome these on our own. This is the most important thing we will ever come to understand, should we accomplish it.

The forces arrayed against our greater awareness and understanding are considerable. Every time one of us escapes the dream net, it is an incredible victory for all humanity. We may not understand the magnitude of this but it is so. Consider the greatness of the efforts that are devoted toward keeping us asleep and under the control of Satanic force. It is truly impressive. It seems out of proportion to what is necessary. This is precisely why it is so important. It is all about the allowable amounts of human freedom and the relentless push toward the enslavement of humanity and this is because of the harvesting of souls. It is the only war of any importance and it is certainly far more important to each and every one of us than we realize ...because keeping us from this realization is job one. One of the fiercest limitations that we struggle against is 'depersonalization' and it is ubiquitous in the modern world. We feel as if we can have no impact on the wider world and this is where we are seriously in error. We affect the wider world with our every thought, word and deed. The impact of these, ripple across the entire lake and are directly proportionate to the degree that we reflect the will of our creator and express the personal truth that is within us. Each of us has a unique version of this.

We affect every person we come into contact with. We affect close up and at a distance. We may not see this ...but it is true... and there are many examples of people who have influenced the world in remarkable fashion. Follow these examples and be an example. Be conscious of your every encounter and let it leave a positive impress upon the world around you, as you move through it. You do this when you touch a shopkeeper on a personal level, knowing it will brighten their day. You do this every time you project a positive impression upon others about themselves. You do this when you celebrate the divine in everyone else; Namaste!

The world seeks to bring us down and also to entangle us in its many illusions and enticements. This is the job of the world. However, this is only the manifest plane of being and the manifest plane of being is controlled by thought and represented by what precipitates down to the manifest plane as the result of thought, both conscious and unconscious. We see the evidence all around us, or we could, if we bothered to look and concentrate.

Yes... we are inconsistent in our efforts, until such time as the greater will is able to work more throughly through us. This more we give way, the more it has its way and it changes and refines us accordingly to the degree that we allow it to. One can note this in the lives of masters and the incredible humility they bring to everything they say and the consistent fealty they give to the ineffable. They know something and that is the result of what they know and their recognition of what they do not know. They have understood their place in the scheme of things. May this prove true of all of us.

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Ray B. said...

A controversial website author whose name sounds like "Gem Stone" is currently completely-trashing fake-Moon-landers with about a six page rebuttal that includes high-quality photographs of all the Apollo landing sites from recent China and India moon-orbiters. Worth checking-out for the photos alone. Gorgeous...

Anonymous said...

Yes, gayness and black people are being thrust in the faces of the movie-going public at a torrid pace. I suggest they do a remake of that Heath Ledger movie, about the gay cowboys, and rename it, "Broke Black Mountin'" (not a misspelling), about a white woman who continually mounts, and has sex with, unemployed black men. (They could throw in a lesbian chick, too, to play the heroine's on-the-side lesbian lover, just for good measure...)

Kazz said...

VIS - 'We feel as if we can have no impact on the wider world and this is where we are seriously in error. We affect the wider world with our every thought, word and deed. The impact of these, ripple across the entire lake and are directly proportionate to the degree that we reflect the will of our creator and express the personal truth that is within us. Each of us has a unique version of this.'

How very true.

Please remember that we are eternal beings, which means if this world does not change its direction dramatically we will be reborn in the future into a much worse situation than what we are in now. With this in mind I wrote this little poem for all of you,

Everyone around me appears to be going mad
I love them all deeply so their condition makes me sad
I try to show them what I know
But it appears God has limited their vision so they cannot grow
I know there is a reason for this
But I still can't stop myself from trying to bridge the abyss

If only others could see what I see
They would love the Divine just like me
Although it appears we may not all survive
We must realise this is being done so humanity can thrive
Not in a world as troubled as this
But in a higher realm where reality is Bliss

Luv Kazz

missingarib said...

Que billy Idol "Les yeux sans visage - eyes without a face Got no human grace eyes without a face." legions of eyes feeding off of the minute to hour flat screen images of soulless knights inviting them to the tattoo parlor where bankers promise a future with money back guarantee for all their worshipers .

"To the degree that you cannot see it, you are following the lead of those marching into the valley of destruction and to the degree that you can see, you are in a position to be marching out of it." hopefully long before the sound of the fallen trees no one heard finally proceeds to become the crashing sound of tall buildings turning to dust and their lives to rust.

"The world seeks to bring us down and also to entangle us in its many illusions and enticements. This is the job of the world. However, this is only the manifest plane of being and the manifest plane of being is controlled by thought and represented by what precipitates down to the manifest plane as the result of thought, both conscious and unconscious."
The ignorant attempt to do what the Tao cautions of them
"Never take over the world to tamper with it. Those who want to tamper with it are not fit to take over the world."

live long

Chinese Sneakers said...

Very powerful piece, vis; as good as you've been in a very long while. Tonnes of important ideas to mull.

Much appreciation.

Ray B. said...

A tale told by Gurdjieff to P. D. Ouspensky in “In search of the Miraculous” (1949):

“There is an Eastern tale which speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But, at the same time, this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds. Nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on. And above all, they ran away - for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins, and this they did not like.

At last, the magician found a remedy. He hypnotized his sheep. He suggested to them, first of all, that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned. That, on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant.

Secondly, he suggested that the magician was a good master, who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them.

And in the third place, he suggested to them that - if anything at all were going to happen to them - it was not going to happen just then; at any rate, not that day. And therefore, they had no need to think about it.

Further, the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them, he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians.

And after this, all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again, but quietly Awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.”

Anonymous said...

You teach great stuff here, Vis. I know, you have "anti guru software." But the real Guru is God and you let Him speak through you. It's to the readers benefit that you do this and this reader really appreciates it.

You wrote recently of the tree's in the last paragraph of the Dish. A huge swath of great tree's near me got felled by a horrible machine last week. I loved those tree's and I told them that. I walked by them on their last day and told them it would be ok no matter what happened. As I walked past them, I looked at the sun which was over them at that time and Lord Vivasvahn told me that I shouldn't feel bad as there was no death for these tree's and that they would simply become something else in creation. He's so Great. Sure hope I didn't just imagine that.

Today, as I walked my doggie past their ruins, I saw the final carnage. Well... I still felt really bad about it all. New housing development a comin on top of it all...

When I got to the carnage, a Hawk flew over it... the Spiritual Messenger. I took small comfort in my slain friends, but appreciated the cosmic flyover, for sure. The tree's deserved it.

I'm probably sounding ridiculous to some readers, but I suspect most will understand. I guess I just want to record their existence somehow and this is the only way I can do it, other than all the pics I took.

Thanks for all you do... and man, I suspect it's a lot more than you might think!

Thanks Bro,


Kazz said...


“Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves” (Matthew 10:16)

'Stand firm therefore, HAVING GIRDED YOUR LOINS WITH TRUTH, and HAVING PUT ON THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, 15and having shod YOUR FEET WITH THE PREPARATION OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE; 16in addition to all, taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17And take THE HELMET OF SALVATION, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints, 19and pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel,…' (Ephesians 6:14-19)

Christians know what they are up against!

Cheers Kazz

Ray B. said...

“To know all, it is necessary to know very little; but in order to know that very little, one must first know pretty much.” Gurdjieff.

Ray B. said...

A particularly deep comment :

lazer-eye - January 24, 2016 at 2:29 am

"What I am suggesting is that, if we want to understand the universe, our attention is focused in the wrong direction. It should be focused on what goes on before we ask our question, rather than trying to consol ourselves with the hit which comes when we answer it. That is the implication of The Upanishads when they tell us that

'He who does not begin at the beginning, will not end up at the end.'

...we live in a Unified Field, a Field in which everything is connected to everything else, and if we do not begin at the beginning, not every component will have been examined. Thus our vision of The Field will forever remain incomplete. It will always be infiltrated by division. Just like quantum mechanics, we will insist that reality is non-local, but that it came out of an ultimate particle anyway. An ultimate particle? What’s ultimate about any particle? All that means is that we broke the chain of division and stopped sectioning off energy into forms. We decided to settle instead for those divisions we already have. That’s a problem because The Upanishads also tell us that

'Whenever division occurs, fear arises.'

The implications of that statement are well worth considering: there is an ethics to living in a Unified Field and if we do not understand that ethics, suffering ensues. If we do not understand that ethics, we do not understand The Field, no matter how deeply we try to characterize it with our theories. Anyone can come up with a theory. We do it all the time. But only that perspective rooted in the largest picture of The Field can account for all of its components. That Field is not about me and my needs. It is about the needs of The Field as a whole. It is about itself and how I can become a more complete expression of its fundamental unity, its structural harmony.

That is the human predicament: how to live a life of harmony inside The Unified Field. There is no recipe for this challenge. It cannot be done by singing, praying, chanting, ecstatic dancing, repeating mantras, meditating on The Blue Pearl, binding yourself to a guru, living in Sanghas, or any of the other gimmicks proposed by The Guru Industry. We already live in the only Sangha we need to live in to realize who we really are: The Unified Field. We were born there. We did nothing to earn that condition. It is a gift freely given to us from Consciousness herself. But this realization can only be achieved through a conscious understanding of the primordial unity of our nature as human beings. The beginning of that Field of Unity is not a particular point in time and space. Instead, it comes out of itself. In fact, just like us it has no beginning other than who it is, and it has no end either. That is what makes life radical in this dimension of realty. We cannot pin it down. We cannot put it in a box. We can only do our best to describe it as it deigns to reveal itself to us in this present moment of time..."

Visible said...

Wow Jim! You know, one of the things that really move me are trees and I feel a terrible sense of loss when any of these beautiful and sometimes very long lived creations get chopped down for some sick excuse of a reason. I've had some significant examples of this kind of experience that have remained with me. In one of these, they cut down two rows of two hundred year old trees that ran for a mile or so down this particular highway, latticing above it and what did they do later on? They planted the same kind of trees that they chopped down. What the Hell, two hundred years from now it will be just like it ever was. For some reason, my experiences were often simply pointless exercises of WTF? I have seen some cut down for ticky tacky developments though.

Thanks for the good words,

Diane said...

Jim, Vis,

I felt bad when they removed shrubs and trees from our small city park and removed the grass about 1-1/2 feet around all the trees. Ditto when I saw a tall pine tree fallen after an 11" snow a month ago (from a row of pine trees).

To me, a tree is a good representation of earth to sky (roots to leaves) and sky to earth (leaves to earth).

I read somewhere that trees have the same DNA as humans. I wonder...

P.S. Buttons - Glad you shared your lucid dream with us on January 7th - It's
always difficult to know who the information is for and what it means. Must be one of those metaphors Vis continually sees.

P.S.S. So many of the comments here provide valuable insights to me. I usually can't possibly add anything useful besides a big THANKS FOR SHARING! I'll be hanging out here as usual.

Ray B. said...

Jim some of us are 'connected' to trees and truly feel their loss. When I was a youngster, there was a tall, old oak tree at the edge of the yard. I used to climb all over that tree like a squirrel. It was my friend. (In retrospect, I probably gave my parents the willies. But, they never forbade me. Thanks!) Well, it turned out a road past our place needed widening. The oak tree was taken down. I was devastated. So, I know of your pain...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Erik said...

That's a very good One Ray, thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Les !
And thanks, Kazz !
You made my day.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, if he wishes to communicate a little more precisely, what he means to say is it can't be done, by him. This in no way means it can't be, and is, done by others, and then some.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., January 24, 2016 10:53:00 PM :

"Ray, if he wishes to communicate a little more precisely, what he means to say is it can't be done, by him. This in no way means it can't be, and is, done by others, and then some."

I am not exactly sure what you are referring to, but I agree! (grin)


I just had the coolest experience, and - since this is VO - wanted to share it! I was out doing shopping, and this little old lady type was in front of me in the checkout line. Immediately, my woo-woo sensors snapped to alert.

Some long-term readers may remember when I talked about being in the company of (real) elves and subsequently being able to 'see' furry energy-spikes emanating upwards about nine inches from each temporal lobe area of the skull in humans. (Temporarily.) Well, this lady had them to the max. I couldn't help but 'notice' them, even if I could not 'see' them. They were that powerful. She also had a (real) faerie or (real) elf 'feel' to her. Not an 'overlighting' or 'co-habitation'; I checked.

I stared at her the whole time she was there, intrigued as anything. I wanted to converse with her about what I was noticing, and find out her 'background'. But, I figured that would not turn out well, so I just watched her go. Sigh...

There are some 'interesting' people out there!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Eudoxia said...

I hear you Ray B about your tree loss as a child, me too. I had in my yard a huge Jacaranda it was an amazing tree and provided a canopy over a large courtyard. It was my magical place as a child. That tree was the portal to my inner world where I was at peace within that magical place. Then my parents chopped it down because the roots were messing with the floor of our squash court. I was devastated it was the day I let go of my innocence and the defense mechanisms entered. I retreated into darkness and became Gollum and there I remained until I threw that fucking ring into the fiery pit of Mordor. Once I did that the trees started talking to me again. I recall doing one San Pedro ceremony where we walked through the rain forest and I hit a patch in there and felt intense pain and suffering and realized I was on an old snig track and was connecting with the trees that had been felled in that area. I stood there and this pain swept over me for about half an hour and I cried and cried and cried for the trees.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Not exactly sure? Haha. OK.
Obviously, neither is he.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., January 25, 2016 2:07:00 AM : "Not exactly sure? Haha. OK. Obviously, neither is he."

From the context of your comment, I presume that you are referring to "lazer-eye - January 24, 2016 at 2:29 am". Know that I was not taking any kind of stab at guru-type stuff or that lifestyle by posting it. Whatever works for an individual is what works. I was impressed by his 'Vis-like' style about us not really having the whole picture and making erroneous judgments/conclusions thereby. And, that we never could (consciously) have the whole picture. (No Subject/Object at the highest level.) To me, he seemed to have a good blend of scientific reasoning and ardent mystic. So, I posted it...


Eudoxia Jones, January 25, 2016 1:52:00 AM : That was a poignant tale. Sometimes, sensitive children do not fare well in our society. I am glad that the internalized pain of that incident was finally gotten-to during your 'San Pedro ceremony' and released. Held-pain sucks. Good for you!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Just bringing-forward some old "USS Liberty"-concerned 'news' from 2013 that I just found:

“Wondering if any other LL'ers have heard anything about the possible sinking of an Israeli Dolphin Submarine by the Syria coastal Navy.
This would be the second submarine Israel has lost. The former 'HMS Token', renamed the 'Dakar' by Israel when it was given to them by Britain in 1967, 'disappeared' with all hands. There has been broad speculation that the US Navy sunk the 'Dakar' in retaliation for the Israeli attack that killed and wounded over 200 American sailors on the 'USS Liberty' a year before.”

robert said...

I just came from watching Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire, his deep meditation on the human condition as seen from an angel's perspective or rather from his artistic perspective.

It was my second viewing (first seen when much younger) and I could only handle about half of it, as I was getting overloaded by the weight of humanity's burden and essential loneliness.

To be fair to Wim Wenders, I must relate the rest of the story of my viewing:

When the film stock goes from B&W to color and stays in color, the angel chooses to become human just to feel the labyrinth of bliss built around him by Solveig Dommartin....

Her radiant monologue in the bar, a poem from an ecstatic state, gave me a continuous series of "mini-orgs", the kind you try to induce in tantra, continuous orgasmic pulses just bordering on seizure.

From a visual and audio poem, no less!

Of course, only a pale shadow of the divine bliss which can drive us into madness, willingly, from continuous, ascending, resonant kundalini waves....when we can handle the potential power....

Bravo Wim!

Art saves lives, the kind of art using artifice to tell the truth!

Just imagine what we could do to lift each other up when we can finally get a word in edgewise to the banshee screams of the nightwalkers in broad daylight, drowning down our rising consciousness of culture.

What if we could share in realtime our intuition about the state we are in together, with just free artistic expression, much less shared ecstatic-genius expression!!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Make no mistake, masquerading as political correctness goes social engineering in disguise. From laugh track tv to split psyche psy-op of '911'.

Consciousness and conscience slip sliding together into the proverbial dark night of the human soul.

As yawn begets yawn, the world gives its complicit, if unwitting, nod to a slow but steady dissolution of one from another, our senses, our Selves.

Still, we are 'victims' largely of our own resistance to change, and of our habitual attraction to all things impermanent.

Be it fascination with the flame, or trust in 'what remains', the choices we make - and the lessons they reveal - will always be an 'inside job'.

"Oh, good shepherd ..."

Lori said...


Well now robert, THAT was profound.



Ray B. said...

Robert, your posts on Wim Wenders' "Wings of Desire" were great. Thanks! I saw the movie many moons ago, and it was quite affecting.

For me (what can I remember of it), it triggered the 'memory' of us just before making the final 'descent' into earth-plane. There is a difference between being a Watcher and a Participator. Outside of 'forgetting', the primary thing is a different sense of the emotions. Our higher parts are not walled-off exactly, but not 'present' either, in a certain sense of the word. 'Distance' might be a good term. There is another, later movie - "Pleasantville" (1998) - that uses black&white versus color to dramatize the difference between 'stuffed' emotions and really-felt emotions. An earth-plane 'analogy' to this 'difference'...

Your mini-kundalini 'surges' are cool. 'Evidence' of some higher properties in the movie, and your resonance with them. Thank you for reporting them. (It may also help 'reassure' someone later, who encounters them.) I went through a period of 'surges' and 'jerks', when my body was trying to adjust to more-powerful energies (plus having many 'blockages'). Now, it mostly 'blows through'...

Now that we have had our 'fill' of earth-plane experiences, I am curious how that 'knowledge' will be 'reintegrated' with our higher states. What was the 'purpose' of all this, in the greater 'scheme' of things? Now that we have not-only tasted the apple but have digested it, what is our future? Do we walk in the Garden? Do we leave the Garden behind and exit the Theater? Do we create our own version of a new Garden? Just curious...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Robert,

Robert 'Of course, only a pale shadow of the divine bliss which can drive us into madness, willingly, from continuous, ascending, resonant kundalini waves....when we can handle the potential power....'

I would like to learn more about this.

I experienced this a bit over a year ago. The first burst went for 10 days, which took me in and out of consciousness, into what I could only describe as 'alternate universes' where I had 3 encounters/visions. Then for the following 3 months I experienced a continual form of ecstasy that did not take me from this reality. It was a wonderful experience but I must confide that as much as I enjoyed this experience I was apprehensive to embrace it because I was not sure it was from the higher level of source. I have a tendency to back away from something until I gain a firm enough grasp to know exactly what I am dealing with. As I have said before, I have learned not to trust anything in this realm of 3rd dimensional reality because temptation comes in many forms.

I enjoy nice things like everyone else, but I have found giving in to such things often comes at a cost. Although I love to jump in the deep end and then learn how to swim, I am not so gullible as to not have a support handy to grab in case I start going under :O).

Cheers Kazz

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz, January 26, 2016 12:18:00 AM : "It was a wonderful experience but I must confide that as much as I enjoyed this experience I was apprehensive to embrace it because I was not sure it was from the higher level of source."

A wonderful experience; I would love to hear whatever-additional you might wish to share...

In my early days of questing-around for 'higher sources', I had several 'boosted-up' experiences. They were wonderful, and sometimes scary with their intensity and what other 'stuff' was forced-out along-with the raw energy 'boost'. 'Beneficial helpers' do not want to 'blow the circuit' or cause induced-insanity in the recipient. Others, not so much.

What I did find was that my 'system' responded to the energy or consciousness-level of a Being, regardless of whether he/she/it might be a good-guy or a bad-guy. Kind of like a moth to a flame. That made it a little more difficult to 'judge' whether to relax-into an experience. I had to develop additional ways of 'sorting'...

Sometimes, Higher Self gave me a good sense of the Other. Other times, Higher Self had different views on what constituted a good/bad guy than from Ray's viewpoint. Tricky. I would also consult other 'allies' whom I trusted. In the final analysis, for those who had physical bodies (or were channeled entities), I would watch 'the fruits' of their labors. Over time, it became evident what their 'agenda' was, more-helpful or more-hurtful.

(One thing that I do want to emphasize is that it is 'illusionary' to shoot-for only the highest levels of source. At any given time, each of us has a set 'bandwidth', which determines who/what we can 'interface-with' without "ZAP". Kind of a sub-set of "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." If a person latches-upon someone - a good-guy - at the higher-end of their 'bandwidth', subsequent teachings/experience will lengthen their bandwidth. And, on it goes...)

One has to develop his/her own 'flags', but the 'result' is well-worth the effort...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

notably too (I came across it this week) that neither JFK nor Nixon were Freemasons therefore not contained in the Good 'Ol Lock Stock and Barrel Boys network (no doubt in other networks, and there is Illiminati Family links for the Kennedy's).

it's getting so bad I am getting nostalgic for the 80s and 90s (though really still living in the 70s)
90's doco on the american drug lords.

yes "can only describe it". Jung said many a time that we do not explain anything, we can only describe.

as the Rednecks used to say, and still say as they dont change apparently.

If it moves F*ck it, if it doesn't move, cut it down..
They don't do well as vets in wheelchairs.

Ray B. said...

Our Solar System may have a BIG ninth planet, according to two Caltech scientists.

Anonymous said...

*For entertainment purposes only.

A guy I feel like I know pretty well *had a similar experience

Pretty sure his girl did too..

robert said...

Ecstasy and Education (part one of three)

I have admired Visible’s delicacy (for Vis!, grin) when recounting his perspective on intimate relationships.

Since the deliberate, malevolent disinformation campaign has had arguably its greatest success in the arena of the battle of the sexes, I will restrict the following observations to essential reasoning chains, to avoid the inevitable triggering of implanted disempowering memes.

Keenly observing as a child and adolescent, that the ecstatic potential of the oceanic feminine, along with its vast “trickle-down”, ripple effect on the human and natural world, was vastly neglected, I made a point of training myself to be an unselfish lover and to remain balanced enough to stand in the eye of the hurricane to direct the vortex safely through the sea of passion.

A consistent annoyance was the witnessing, unavoidable over the years, of increasing resistance to going to ecstatic frequencies! Casual, clothes-ripping quickies which but whet the appetite for deeper feeling, those are totally death-cult approved, since that mode of consuming the life force is addicting to the mind, always holding true satisfaction tantalizingly out of reach, but sufficiently more exciting than the otherwise boring life in the death cult. The fact that this, traditionally male-preferred, “wham bam, thank you Ma’am” style of sex is completely anathema to tapping the feminine oceanic potential, seems to have become lost in this third wave of the “feminist” non-movement.

The cliché of So-called “mind-blowing” sex, tragically only usually available with new partners and with those who have never felt deeper than the death-cult allows, still aims in ignorance at maximum dissipation, passively “active” consumption of the stirred up kundalini, in the most explosive peaks, never a thought of building up a magic flying carpet to take a longer ride, deeper into the depths of the heart.

I can empathize with the need to retain psychological stability, as my experience with the coarse and less stable nervous system of a male, in alignment with the necessary male operating system tradition of keeping personal emotional overflow at arms length, in order to stay in control and avoid the destructive consequences of a temper tantrum unleashing the dynamic power of the male form.

That is, ONLY if you were training to be a gentleman, or a man’s man and not just a hyper-cuntly thug dominating the bitches in his gang of followers by sheer emotional force! The latter welcome the power of pitching a fit into their typical toolbox for manipulation, along with the traditional femme culture.

However, despite the death cult’s hypnosis aimed at the psychic structure preponderant in the female operating system, which has done a very effective hatchet job on intuition and the moral ascendency of the heart, far from being weaker victims, the female form is heir to a far greater resiliency of mind and can handle far more than the superficial cult admits as it teaches full-blown neurosis along with anti-love promiscuity and degradation.

Those points being accepted for discussion, I could not understand for years why, even in fully committed relationships, the more clearly available was the path back to the primordial power of ecstasy, the more the mental blocks and neurotic resistance came to play. What I formerly ascribed to mere push-pull dynamics of the psyche, I later came to see as a deliberately implanted death cult meme, where the self-destructive paths to low self-esteem were injected into the sacred union, in the guise of: “You don’t deserve to ride of fly so high, you did not earn it!”

[Kazz, this riff is NOT directed at your reticence to be overtaken by forces you don’t understand! I certainly can identify with that prudence!]


robert said...

Ecstasy and Education (part two of three)

Grace thrown out in the name of modern mentality, in service of the social controllers and the dark lord, always looking to expand the pool of exploitable femme power and consequent sorrow of never owning virtue, never giving a thought to self-mastery, while degrading the temple for mere satisfaction of the superficial ego…

You can imagine that this self-destructive or Self-destructive thread is woven thoroughly into ALL disempowering mind control implants, which I leave to your imagination to verify.

The other aspect I would direct attention to, is the totalitarian mind-control techniques used to lure the regressive-minded (“progressives”) into trading critical, objective thinking for mere sentimentality, substituting this cuckoo egg for any true feeling from the heart.

To be blunt: sentimental thinking has very little to do with the fierce humility of the Heart and more to do with superficial, verbal platitudes, giving out gold stars to the good conformers, as the vertical vacuum cleaner sucks all human effort and wealth upward to the demons on top.

Sentimental journeys are only a head trip, not even a good boat ride, much less an exciting dolphin dance into the depths and back up to leap into the air. Prosaic exploitation of neurotic tendencies, not really any human progress there at all!

Those who know they are not trolls (referring to those anonymous posts, rambling and possible bot-generated, which seem to consistently follow some of our posts, taking the place of “down-arrows”, just to throw mud over the clarity expressed and dilute the high frequency resonance), probably already know this but I point it out to tie it into the nature of how the mind is bound and determined, instead of free and feeling the unknown, including the ecstasy of retrieving lost fragments of our souls from the darkness.


robert said...

Ecstasy and Education (part three of three)

Now to get into “Ray territory”! (grin)

After watching the end of the film, I looked up Solveig Dommartin, playing the trapeze artist in the film and discovered two significant facts:

One, she is disembodied at this point on the spiral of time…
Two, she was the partner-lover of the film’s director

As my state during the second viewing could best be described as willful punishment of the human form for the mistakes of the temporal mind, in a too-familiar pattern of barely restraining the fury of my inner feminine, railing against a setback in my world, I concluded that my meager love light, shone on her character by my rapt attention, as the camera and the director’s vision lavished love upon her in every frame, invoked a merciful response from Solveig’s spirit, reminding me that higher union of the woman and the man is still possible in these dark, degraded times.

My nervous system’s extended response to her beautiful and transcendent spirit, was a piece of mercy, extended from heaven.

As I have grown older, I understand in increasing depth, the admonition that, “in weakness, My power is made known”. When we are young and headstrong, we insist on learning the hard way, our own way, never mind the revealed wisdom! The Truth is too abstract for the viscerally-driven young body and must be learned the hard way, through the suffering of painful consequences.

“Please mother, I’d rather do it myself!” from the deeply resonant ad campaign for Bayer aspirin(?), sums up our loose cannon psyche, perfectly!

The stronger our own will, the longer we insist on trying too hard, doing it by means under our ego’s control, never allowing room for grace and cooperation with, or co-creation of, our experiences in lesson.

Well, when it is may seem to be too late to truly bloom, or so says the conventional wisdom, we finally see that we can call in air strikes, so to speak, from our position here in the physical projection. We can lay the necessary details for our needed manifestation upon the higher power being within us, once we have done everything in our temporal power, and then trust and move forward with a lightened burden.

In our weakness or acknowledged limitations, we learn to listen to the still voice within, and learn to trust our intuition over mere experiences in our past…
In developing that MOST NECESSARY tuning-inward, our real-time intuition, some prefer pendulums, some employ Tarot readings; I use my nervous system’s direct response. When someone or something signifies an opening, a portal to the next level of the lesson plan, I get a single or sometimes double pulse from the base to the crown, or at least from the base to the pineal.

When Solveig gifted me with a train of such pulses, I received the welcome message that the play is not quite over for this temple after all!

I trust that this shines some light into the human psyche (ar at least, mine)

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night.

Ray B. said...

Robert, that was a wonderful - and daring! - exposure of the Self/self. Congratulations and thanks. I will be thinking/feeling on it for some time...

I have been drumming into the ethers about every 'communication' being a two-way street (or pipeline, or thread, or cord). It doesn't matter whether it is conversation, a book, a movie, or even traces left upon an object. Two-way, no exceptions. With that in mind, I think it is very possible that you 'connected' with who (whom?) you were watching/contemplating. Whether 'she' responded directly, or 'handed it off' to her Higher Self or such, I obviously don't know. You got the 'response' you needed. Very cool.

"...we finally see that we can call in air strikes, so to speak, from our position here in the physical projection."

Unusually put, and I totally agree. In fact, I am beginning to see/intuit that that is one of our 'purposes' down here, once we get clear-enough to not just be totally reaction-based. Standing quietly, noting what is going-on, contacting Higher Self or all-God, saying some version of "Is this what you really want?" or just "Well???", and releasing. Some really spectacular or subtle things can happen...

"I use my nervous system’s direct response [for real-time intuition]."

I have ended-up with that, also, because it needs to be anywhere, anytime, now. Sometimes, my body and it's cellular-consciousness connection to Higher Self is even 'superior' to the connection between 'Ray'-consciousness and Higher Self. Less intellectual, emotional, and societal 'baggage' in the way. Although, loading-up with physical pain can obscure the body 'route'. It is nice to have two 'channels', backing each-other up when needed.

"When someone or something signifies an opening, a portal to the next level of the lesson plan, I get a single or sometimes double pulse from the base to the crown, or at least from the base to the pineal."

Very cool! You have 'worked out' your own, Robert-based, agreement on 'signaling'. A nice, positive way to 'get your attention'. Each of us needs to establish our own version of this. (Seeing that it travels from base to 'high', unimpeded, must mean that your 'conduits' are pretty clean. Congratulations!)

I also suspect that "the play is not quite over for this temple after all!" You are too good an 'asset' to waste... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Timeless Beauty in the Heart of Simplicity.

Visible said...

this Sunday's radio is now up on the aethers for resonating

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

(kudos and genuflexion to robert)

shedding some light on the Soviet influence (but not mentioning the Rothschilds)
Ed Griffin in 1984 interviewed Yuri Bezmenov, ex Soviet KGB agent on the intentional demise of America.

and the first 20 pages of this tome has the grub on the dirty Rothschild Royal Dynasty, then onto Stalin and the Gang (Fagin cross Dilinger style) as seen in Tavistock school for the criminally insane.

(I wish I could afford his 5 volume tome on the history of english royalty -

finally from Stones site, this nightmare vision..... takes the cake.... which would be corporophiliac choco surprise. warning Hilary at her best.



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