Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Waking Sleeping Beauty and Uncovering the Light

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is a profound beauty in the greatest commandment; “thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind.” I might have the sequence wrong but I'm thinking that's not important. This is how I understand it. We are mirrors, catching reflections. If you have ever seen the Macroprosopus (before anyone says anything, this is much older than when the Israelis hijacked it) it will be quite clear what is being said by the image. I shouldn't even have to elucidate. Most of you will get it right off. What is the best way to achieve communication with the ineffable? You mirror the ineffable with your heart, mind and soul, a sort of 'right back at you' thing.

How do you mirror what you cannot see? Hmmm. Love projects and Love reflects. All Love is borrowed from the ineffable so, with the use of The Creative Imagination. Add it to itself= the third trump, The Empress and you get trump 6, The Lovers. Interestingly, I did not know this before it happened. I saw number three and I thought, yeah... that works. So you got mirroring again. I love it when something like that happens. It's just more proof of what has been proven to me more times than I can remember. I love that line; 'more times than I can remember' and when it sneaks up on me like it just did, that is wonderful.

When you love the lord thy god with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, the ineffable reflects it right back at you and that is the point. It's not some dictatorial command of do it or else. It is a secret hiding in plain sight. It is a statement of certitude, determination and faith, demonstrated in a phrase which, when followed, leads you to a paradise of magical, mystical wonder, unfolding into wonder. It should be plain as day and as much as we could manage here, with our limitations being what they are. Isn't that a beautiful thing? All you have to do is follow it. Sure, you might be inconsistent at first but the fantastic thing about Love is that it is intoxicating and addictive; cue Robert Palmer.

Love makes everything easier. We know this. When you love something or someone, there is no effort involved. It is a joy to perform. If it is about learning to do something you love, you can't stop doing it. You love doing it. There are exceptions to this, for instance, sometimes you are not allowed to do something you love; like me and playing guitar. The ineffable prefers (at this time) that I dedicate my energies into other mediums, or so it seems.

Is there anything we seek more desperately or long for more than to be in love? Look at the timeless poetry. Look at the main subject in most songs; except these days when it is all about animal domination of your significant under, preferably from behind so that she, or he (in some cases) knows their place. I don't like being crude but the focus of 99% of rap, which is not music, is all some variation of 'let me drag you into Hell and degrade you every step of the way there.” Kind of like the irony of Jackson Pollock and his girlfriend on that fatal, drunken night.

However, it should matter not at all what the world does. That has nothing to do with what you do. If the world is hopping up and down like someone who absolutely has to take a leak and can't get into the bathroom because a couple of people are snorting coke, or each other, that shouldn't concern your personal quest for union with your true lover, no matter what form he or she comes in, so long as you recognize that seeing the eyes of the almighty in your lover's eyes; in everyone's eyes is best but there is a learning curve (grin)

Yes, I know I am being very matter of fact, casual and even pedestrian with that which deserves the sweetest and most heart piercing poetry. I'm trying to get there but for some reason we have to take this route, until we get to that big intersection up ahead and I think there is a sign there that says, 'For heart piercing poetry, go right at intersection.' We'll get there when we get there. Look around you at the longing in everyone's eyes. Look at them as the scramble to avoid love, as they calculate who and what might fit that description. Are they beautiful and supposedly out of your league? More importantly are they beautiful inside? Can you open them up to reveal the beauty they have concealed until that very moment? You find, if you care enough, that love makes a person beautiful. Love makes them radiant under the force of your love. It awakens Sleeping Beauty. It uncovers the light which is hidden behind the darkness of appearances. It blooms. It turns the mystery of the bud into the flower that springs forth and is an expression of the love concealed in Nature and which happens millions of times every day. It shimmers on the wings of the hummingbird, as glimpses of light flash from between the wings that move too fast to see. It is everywhere around us but... all we see is the murky desire that masquerades as love in times of material darkness.

Base physical desire is like fast food. You're hungry again half a hour later. It doesn't satisfy. It doesn't nourish. It looked good to begin with but it never flowers. It is a weed. There is no love that is not a reflection of the divine in the eyes of the beloved, who is rendered beautiful under the force of the eyes that can see love and draw it forth into that mystical radiance that is our uncovered self revealed and... only love can awaken love. Before our world divides, as it crosses from childhood into the awareness that we are no longer complete, as we were before this happened and we left the 6 of cups and soon enough wind up in that cyclic repetition of the 9 of swords. Somehow our hearts got broken and we became cynical. We confused that with being suave and cool and calculating. This time we won't have our hearts broken. It will happen to the other side of the equation..

What a terrible dilemma we have constructed for ourselves. We lost the capacity to be vulnerable and love will not appear in any heart that has lost its vulnerability. One's heart must be open and exposed, else-wise there is no tenderness. Lord Krishna does not appear. Something else now walks between Krishna and Radha. There are brief glimpses of her that appear and disappear. Some kind of a shadow walks ahead of you. You no longer see Radha. You see the distorted image that has been warped into the clown princess of a materialized dust cloud. You are seeing a cartoon. Well over 30,000,000 people have friended, or liked, or whatever the measurement is now, Kim Kardashian. That is one out of every ten people in America. The chipmunks are break dancing on the fallen logs. Kanye West has gone South, frothing and foaming at the mouth. This kind of flatulence is supposed to come from the other end. This is some kind of strange feat of ventriloquism. Demons have their hands up into the hole in his back and the Snoop Dog and Little Wayne and all the rest of them are celebrated as genius because the Satanists who run the industry demand that it be so because it has torn their love broken and bleeding from the devastated hearts of all those people who lost the most precious thing in life and can't now remember what it was.

The world has turned into a looping Tinder hookup but... we are not looping, except in a cycling helix of eternal and ever renewing Love, because that is the objective of our vulnerable and tender hearts that are unafraid to be broken. The heart weeps tears of joy for its wounded and yet miraculously healed state of endless repair and rises over and over again, soaring under the magic of the ineffable's wings of joy. Father forgive them for they know not who they are. Self inquiry has given way to the confetti of glitter that somehow has woven itself into the tapestry of smeared and drooling eye shadow. It hangs in the air like strange perfumes, whose globules are suspended in the air and land on your tongue when you pass by, who are like the poisonous sweat that interacts with all those deodorants that are more than necessary because of the bad diets and bad thoughts that are the offspring of square dancing zombies in the hijacked and compromised minds of all those significant unders. Baron Samadhi is calling out, “aleman right and aleman left, just keep that dance going till you run out of breath. “Is it over already? What happened? What do you mean, 'I'm dead? I just got here.”

Love is a clean sharp sword to the heart and it cuts to the deep, silent center and only god knows cause only god goes and we are the path that he's making.

I can think of nothing so marvelous as love. The variations blind me with its never ending kaleidoscope of beautiful changes. Love changes into love and then changes back into love. It is so achingly familiar. It is never the same and it is always the same. No matter how high and deep you go, there is always more, higher and deeper, endlessly. It is beyond description and definition but we try anyway. We reach for the words but the words escape us. They fall through the net down into the depths and are buried in the sand. We all try but love is something different in everyone we meet, It accommodates itself to the needs and demands of everyone who pursues it. It goes from a rutting fever to the passion of the saints. It is love and it is not love. It is counterfeited and passed off as the real thing. Only the discerning heart can tell the difference. If the heart is wise it will recognize it. If the heart is foolish it will take whatever satisfies the needs of the moment and that is where the larger percentage of transitory affections now finds itself, or doesn't find itself at all, come think of it.

Love is more beautiful, more sustaining, more life giving than any other force. It can make you immortal, if you impress it, because love is conscious. Love has so many chambers, avenues, secret passages, entire hidden kingdoms that are reminiscent of Coleridge, “where Alph the sacred river ran, through caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea.” Is that the heart of darkness or is that a deep and bottomless reservoir that is made luminous by a single heart that recognizes what it has found.

The power of love is the power of god. As has been said in many times and places, “God is love.” Love is God, fathomless, endless... gate gate paragate, some gate some don't gate. Once you have found love you need nothing else. Everything else will come eagerly and willingly to the one who has love. Love is the major attractor of all good things and the most dynamic and powerful truth concerning this is that it will attract the ineffable. The ineffable will see it because the ineffable lives in the place where love is not only discovered but stored and expressed as well.


Love opens things
So love would hurt as much as heal

It would hurt first

Real love-
It would confuse, disarm, weaken and destroy
Everything in its way
Everything that was, in fact,
A part of you
That would conceal
Real love

Real love lasts forever
We do not last as long
until we become
real love

Real love has come to town
Six gunqs blazing in a town full of lies
Now is the showdown
The duel in the street
Real love is the only one left standing

Real love rides alone
Squints out of one good eye
Nails the coffin shut
Nothing got out alive
But real love

Real love is going to make you cry
Make it worse before it gets better
Tear you up inside

Real love-
Who would want such a thing?
It takes the atmosphere away
Breaks all your toys
Burns down your house
And steals your car
But you’re not going very far

Real love has got its hands on you
Burns from the inside out
There is nothing left

Nothing but wide prairie
And huge commanding stars

You’ve never been so alone
You’ve never been so complete

Outside this golden ring
The cities burn forever
And you can never fall asleep

real love...

In Search of Rest

the image of love in
the mirror
into a whirlpool of desire
we cannot maintain our balance
and so we fall
was it love?
we are the fuel
and when we are gone
there is no flame
i became brilliant beneath the light of your love
i was alive
and only then was i alive
woven into tapestries of color and sound
where have you gone?
i look for you in every face
but i do not fall in love
i remain apart
one wing in an empty sky
somewhere inside
a woman moves
and at night she often dances
in perfect breath with me
this is the woman with whom i am truly close
this is the only woman
mother of God
sound and fury
silence absolute
beautiful beyond description
terrifying in full approach
the mind dissolves
"be still my child
no harm will come to you
strong men i bring them down
and suck them dry
but my child may dwell in safety"
i looked too hard and too long
i found her and now i cannot return
there is no dream of life that can be believed
there is only the vastness of space
the appearance of time
and the differing weight...
sometimes heavy
like the sorrow of a long past
sometimes light as an angels hand upon your shoulder
steering a course through the stormy heavens
and planetary wars fought in human form
until the last day
she is everywhere
in unseen miniature multiplied
in the air
the earth
the dancing flesh
she takes me in my sleep
flying up the long corridor to my bright home
why is it difficult to leave the fields of play?
here among the doomed flowers
the gravity of bones
the brief exhalation of life
young girls press the pulse
and draw the essence forth
into the raging holocaust
of passion rampant
on a field of blood
"i will protect you my child
i will wash the worlds of form from your heart
i will remove the sword above your head
i will teach you to dance
but you will dance for me alone"
it is the greatest heartbreak
the destruction of the false self
dreamed by the self
and revealed to the self
at separations end
the terror of mortal pain
the agony of life’s constant march
unending loss of everything
unending loss of everything
it hurts to be free
freedom is too much to bear
too difficult to accept
the luminous door appears
and the mind cries out for darkness
it slithers under floorboards and rocks
to hide from immortality
"i will protect you my child
i will hold you as yourself
we are woven as one
eternity and time
in a world where everything but truth dies
but which few see
in a world that begins and ends forever
that is the playground
for a mind magnetized by dust
in a world were everything is broken
no heart is safe
in a world of mostly water
for it is a world of mostly tears
in a world where love is crucified
no lie is safe
in a world of contrasts
and desperate flights
and measureless descent
where everything is written on
or built out of sand
that flows to the bottom of an all forgiving sea
in a world of waiting
and hoping
where every dream comes true
and then loses its meaning and disappears
in a world of rumors
and dying swans who mate for life
we move to and fro
in search of rest
impelled by need
in search of rest
tormented by flies and furies
in search of rest
burning in the long night
in search of rest
in search of rest
in search of rest
"i will protect you my child
i have built a garden of delight
it hangs iridescent in the air
it gleams in a drop of water
it spins in the living breath"
a love serene
the emptiness of mind
the holding of one
the mirror of light
the bloom of begotten worlds
sent forth
in search of rest
in search of rest
in search of rest...

End Transmission.......

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Kazz said...

Love incorporated becomes the Grace of God.

Love lifts others up, while judgement keeps them down.

One must be fearless to love, so it is not for the fainthearted. People today have become too fearful to reveal their self, to leave their self vulnerable, and until one does this, and is willing to climb out on that flimsy limb for love, they will never have a brave enough heart to be worthy of love.

I have loved deeply all my life, and suffered greatly for this, but I refused to close my heart down and become hard hearted because I knew it would shut down the best part of me. My reward was that I found the love of the Divine, which no one can take away, withhold, or hold over me.

There are not many brave people out there today Vis which is why we live in a world that appears so devoid of love :o(.

Luv Kazz

robert said...

Dear Visible,

For whatever it is worth, the trade-off of time with your guitar for the passionately exquisite poetry above is worth it, to all of us in the cheap seats at least!

The second poem is terrifyingly resonant, as should be expression powered by Infinity…

As I am in awe and all out of juice for my piddling stream of consciousness in the face of high art, I can only quibble from my limited understanding:

attract the ineffable.

As many times as we may perceive that the Ineffable is playing coy or acting as we sometimes perceive the feminine in human form acting, I have always, eventually, come to realize that there is ALWAYS a reason and that reason is on US, or in us. As some others put it, God is always there waiting for us to notice that we have placed barriers between us and the Presence. We have strayed, not the Ineffable!

Consciously sometimes, out of the fear of losing the false self, to which your poem alludes, or unconsciously, as our false self allows the death cult’s hypnotic allurements to turn us away. What we cannot expect, in human lovers or the Divine Lover, while we are embodied in the temporal clothes of the temple, is an unchanging connection.

As we vary in our distance from the Center, from the brave but naïve commitment made by our limited consciousness to always be true to the One, we use our subjective state of disconnection as a flail or cudgel, to build up reasons not to be cheerful, all to come full circle, in later proof that we ARE loved unconditionally after all. We test our mother’s and father’s love endlessly, because we cannot rise to feel worthy enough of the immensity of the Love.

From our understanding, growing into a responsible child, we must know that the Ineffable CANNOT depart from us, from our true being, as there is no space nor time in our connection to Life, only the tricks of perception in this projected dream world that make it seem so.

Upon reflection, we see suddenly, in a soul-piercing insight, that when we thought we were standing firm and thus, imagined ourselves worthy to consort with the eternal, or thought that we were walking hand in hand, we had actually gone to sleep in our semi-lucid waking dream and THAT is what made the Ineffable appear to disappear.

We had turned away from the Lover’s eyes, if only for a moment, and that allowed time to grow a space between us, which, when the intensity of pain reminds us, we feel as abandonment, compared to the intimate embrace we once knew, sometimes know and always will know…

Kazz, it was when I realized as a child, that the women I saw around me had far greater courage to be vulnerable to love than I could find within me at the time, that I began to place no value on what I had to offer them and began trying to simply avoid preoccupation with my self, hoping to become brave enough to handle my emotions, as I saw women of integrity handle theirs.

As referred to in Dune, where Paul could go to one place where the feminine mind could not, I found that the compensation of this more limited (in feeling capacity) male form, was the mental ability to go anywhere in the abstract, taking consciousness along for a ride and more importantly, penetrate the implicate order of creation in any direction which I could conceive. The endless fascination with putting the pieces together, of recreating the holistic understanding of the “elephant”, from all the strands of exploratory experience, is where I passed the time alone, contented.

That is, as long as I did not have to take my human form along with me! (grin)


Eudoxia said...

Touche Viz par excellence. Your post was as poignant as Rumi. An open heart brings in love alright. Right after I hit the skids a few days after my mother passed it was needed to allow me to see what I was holding onto that would have blocked real love from coming in. That shit was clean knocked out of me. I just let it all go and was then in a state of deep and profound inner peace. Within 24 hours of that real love walked into my life. This guy is already there. I met him many months ago and had this deep discussion with him about the meaning of life the universe and everything and I knew he was onto it - he got it. I had this instant connection with him then but then didn't see him for a few months. Then after the shit hit the fan and I'd recovered I saw him and kept seeing him EVERYWHERE, everywhere I went he was there or would get there. He painted a big love heart on the road outside of my house. It's not unusual for him to do that it's what he does, he paints pot holes simply for the love of painting them (so people can see them) but there wasn't one outside my house. I haven't had this before, I've had relationships but there has always been stuff there. There is NO stuff here, no fear, no nothing - ZIP just a whole lot of love pardon the pun and it's delightful beyond belief.

Visible said...

Eudoxia!~ that is fabulous news! Ain't love grand (grin)?> I'm really, really delighted for you.. I wish you all the love and good fortune the law will allow. Just like yesterday, do you notice a similarity between the the last two comments? It's uncanny what goes on around here.

Be well!

Visible said...

Well said, Robert!

Kazz said...


It is never pleasant when we take a hit, that is why I do not believe anything good can come from hurting others. When others are not being walked over it all comes down to Who Dares Wins :o)


Go girl. I wondered who painted that heart on the street.

Luv Kazz

Eudoxia said...

Dearest Viz - this is the big one, you have been a tower of strength and support over the years I hope I survive it! Thank you for being a friend and you will always have safe haven here.

I can't really dedicate this because it's not mine but I do to you and the ineffable!

Much Love


Eudoxia said...

Thank you Viz for your support over the years and it has been years. In all honesty I could not have got through this transit without you. Even if we didn't or have never spoken, you have been there in one way or another and I think everybody here can testify to that and you will always have safe haven here.

To Les Visible and all you amazing people out there I dedicate this all to you - not that I can really dedicate it because it's not mine but fuck it!


A. Dundee said...

Oh. Damn. Thanks. Apropos. I must re-read Juan de Ypes. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I had Patrick W's voice (in my head) doing that last poem, it would fit in perfectly with all the other's of Visible's he has done.

Visible said...

Patrick did it. He did all of them.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

indeed he did (then again, I play things in my head these days more than "I like to listen").

in search of rest. "snordster"

John B Wells also has "the voice" and also "turned".

Anonymous said...

Eudoxia...did your mother or your father select that name for you?



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