Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and the Presence Will Come.

Two for one Day.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

We are all too often trapped at some place between the obvious and the patterns we developed based on what we think we saw and heard that happened around us and what we have been convinced of that happened before we were even around. In the process, we overlook a possibility in existence that might answer so many questions we cannot resolve about who and what is responsible for why we find ourselves in the world we collectively inhabit. It is possible that none of what we see and hear about is the cause …but that it all simply came out of nowhere, for the purpose of whatever the lesson is that we all came here to experience. In other words, imagine that life is a series of movies and each of them involves a complex plot in which all of us are scripted actors. Some of it is fixed dialogue and action and some of it is extemporaneous.

Some people believe in astrology but don’t understand it very well and some people reject it out of hand and don’t understand it at all. It’s like those laws of Nature that operate all around us. We are only aware of a few of them but our lack of awareness of those outside of our understanding does not negate their effect on existence and upon us, whether we are aware of them or not.  Consider the Music of the Spheres. Now… whether you reference Johannes Kepler on this or Pythagoras is immaterial. The planets create a musical score according to the manner in which they interplay in space. This is always changing and it sets up vibrationary aspects which manifest as specific expressions of dancers moving to the rhythm of the cosmos, as it defines its will through the relationships of the planetary archetypes to each other. THIS IS ALWAYS CHANGING and there is both a method and intention passing from the unknown into the dream generator planets, into the particular dreams of all of the dreamers. This is my interpretation and it is probably as imperfect as any other.

What I am trying to say is one of those things that is so difficult to say. It can’t be said directly or I would say it. I don’t know why it is like this. I simply know that there are times when I seek to express something that cannot be translated into words, except, perhaps, in poetry. Keeping in mind what has already been said, let me say that it is possible that none of the external forces we seek to blame anything on are responsible because they are mere players responding to this music in their own way and in every case this is determined by the degree of self-interest that exists in each of us. You might say… “well, that alone makes them responsible.” In a way, this is true but they are as helpless as anyone else, given that we are all dreaming. Not all of us… but most of us. This is why Jesus the Christ said, "Farther forgive them for they know not what they do."

There is an ageless wisdom that can be accessed by anyone who wants it badly enough and within this mysterious system is the means, not only to move through this vale of illusion, in a safe and certain manner, but also to pass on to the luminous realms upon departure. Think of it as being something like that Biblical passage about The Valley of the Shadow of Death and fearing no evil. We fear evil because we have mis-defined it and as much as we might tell ourselves that there is only one prime mover, we still give fealty and fear to the dark side, which we have misunderstood. 

What we really fear is our own unexplored darkness. Some of us have been luckier than others in that we had the opportunity to look directly into it and realize the Nature of what was there. It is a lot like mystery. You unravel it, only to find there is nothing present. We generate it all from our mistaken belief in what we have made real in our minds and the mind is all powerful for both good and ill. This is the place where all of our dramas originate and it is fueled by the misdirected passions of the heart. We don’t know where to place our love. The external world baffles the senses because of the limitations of the bandwidth. We have convinced ourselves that what we see is real and how often in our lives have we found out otherwise? Not a one of us has escaped this truth. The evidence of it is emblazoned on our memory, if we would only look …but we are compelled to do the same things over and over in the false hope that the result will be different.

The music of the spheres plays on and the soundtrack creates the culture dances of the world we live in. Differences of interpretation war against each other, just as the elements that compose us make war on each other within our being and we seek peace with a constant yearning but we do not find peace because we want. We want. We long. Our longing is like the ocean waves that crash over and over upon a beach. We are chained to it. Our desires have woven our perceptions of what we have told ourselves is real and it is not. It is impossible to become untangled by moving further and further into it but we continue to and… until we admit our helplessness and ignorance, we cannot be freed and we certainly cannot free ourselves because we are the very ones who entangled ourselves in the first place.

Until we come to an understanding of our liberator, we will blame our liberator for everything that happens to us. We might not do this consciously but it is an unconscious and continuous expression of that portion of ourselves that remains unknown to us. Psychiatry, Psychology and analysis all attempt to put us in touch with what we have refused to accept but none of these are anywhere near an understanding of what they are dealing with. Religion attempts to do this but religion is an anthropomorphic circus. We live in a state of terminal ambivalence. Until we are capable through faith of surrender to our higher self, the lower self will call the tune and we will suffer because we think we know what is what but we do not. Letting go of what we think we know means letting go of what we think we want and most of us are not able to do this. We are too attached to the ends that we seek after and the worst part of it is that we are just like a dog chasing a car or its own tail. What will we do when we catch it? There is no disappointment greater than getting what you think you want.

Some of us have been very lucky to get what we thought we wanted and to have learned that lesson and anyone of us could have learned this if we had only made the obvious connection. Until we do, we will we tossed on restless seas and there will be no peace. Peace comes only through surrender and utter reliance, through faith, upon that which we cannot comprehend and which, for whatever the reason, we always feel we have to define, so that we can understand it through the lens of our desires and it is indefinable and incomprehensible.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you.” Everything we think we want will appear in our lives if we first seek out the author of all good things. We are given things for no other reason than to be disappointed because we did not put our attention on the one who owns the cornucopia and- as such- life turns us into a piñata. It is completely futile to gain what we think we are after if we refuse to acknowledge the supreme enjoyer, whose presence alone makes everything it is possible to enjoy, enjoyable. To be blunt and crass at the same time. We wind up doing no more than jerking off

We are masturbating much of the time. It’s an unconscious thing. Today, the world is filled with tens of millions of people, thumb humping their cellphones, while bouncing one crossed leg over the other, endlessly texting inanities. It should come as no surprise that most of the music and movies and popular books are all about sex, transparently masquerading as something else. It’s all sex and the point of it is to deplete you of a certain essence, followed by weakness and guilt and self-satisfaction and a host of other states resulting from Le Petit Mort. If one were to say, “It’s all about who and what you think you are having sex with and what your intention is.” They wouldn’t be far wrong. At a deeper level it is all a search for union because we all feel separated but… from what? From what? Life is a search for union and completeness no matter what we think we are engaged in.

We dance like drunken marionettes under the force of uncontrolled hungers. We behave like fools seeking to impress others who are busy seeking to impress someone else. Impress the almighty. This is certainly in your power and the almighty exists in everyone else because there would be no life in anyone were the almighty not present and the almighty looks at everything through everyone’s eyes but we don’t see. Hears through everyone’s ears but few hear. If we would only understand that we are treating with the almighty in every moment and in every contact, then a very powerful truth would descend upon our consciousness and the impact of the engagement, whatever it might be, would be significantly different than it has been.

It is a simple process. Convince yourself that every contact you have is with the divine. Experience your life in this manner and wonder and magic will appear in the most ordinary exchanges. “I salute the god within you.” That is the meaning of Namaste. If you can do this one thing, then ‘the presence’ will come to you. It will not come without trial and testing though because the ineffable has no use for dilettantes and the insincere and absolutely no use for the vain. If one considers the meaning of vanity then there is no need to explain why this is, given that we are blind, ignorant and naked

There is no sensation of experience in life that can match the awakened presence within. It is beyond definition and the source of all bliss and joy. Your cup will truly run over and where will it run over to? Where will the overflow go? Uh huh. This is why a higher love is key and the power to experience and perform it comes out of right understanding of the nature of continence, which is not the same as abstinence. One might drone on and on about imperfect meanings and fill many books with many words but real understanding is an internal affair and can only come from the source of all good things. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”

End Transmission…….


Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible for another beautiful and highly resonant post.
Hope all is well.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Wow Vis! Hard hitting! For me anyway. :) I'm starting to think that consistency could be one of the greatest tools mankind could ever have. If I could just consistently remember to do the things you mention... what could be... ?


A. Dundee said...

Visible: "What we really fear is our own unexplored darkness. Some of us have been luckier than others in that we had the opportunity to look directly into it and realize the Nature of what was there. It is a lot like mystery. You unravel it, only to find there is nothing present. We generate it all from our mistaken belief in what we have made real in our minds and the mind is all powerful for both good and ill. This is the place where all of our dramas originate and it is fueled by the misdirected passions of the heart. We don’t know where to place our love."

And in fearing "our own unexplored darkness", our own lower-self-created delusion, are we then exhibiting a real fear of our own creation that sustains us in our servitude to the role of lower self adversary to our higher self, or a real fear of another's creation manifesting through us that sustains us in likewise fashion, nonetheless? And knowing not "where to place our love" as evidenced by "the misdirected passions of [our] heart(s)" do we then begin to accurately understand that love is not love when the force of the heart's passion is impelled in any direction and in any manner upon anything or anyone other than the almighty, or at least in recognizing that the latter instance must impel any other expression of the heart's passion to be termed love, or at least to semi-qualify as such via resemblance only?

The power of this adversarial force, then, is astonishingly brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness. It seems then to only have the power we give it; and the power dormant within us is hereby seen to be no less breathtaking. That which we do not wield, first, foremost, and only by that certain "surrender", we obligingly cede to that other; and that other rules our passions by our lack of "surrender", severing our higher from our lower like a hot sword through butter - continuously rendering illusion reality and reality illusion, and hope never got.

Ray B. said...

My big 'problem' with all of the above is the 'personal' versus the 'impersonal' issues:

If we go far enough 'out', all-God becomes this big, impersonal 'experience generator' with no real ethics or moral center. Raping children and napalming innocents just becomes 'experience' for both sides. Impersonal. Don't make a big deal out of it.

If we go far enough 'in', the above becomes outrageous. Devilist, to coin a word. Where is the love for the human physical-body and the human emotional-body? 'They' take bad in much of this. But, 'they' are part of all-God, too. A loving God would respect and cherish it's 'offspring', one would hope.

It is this tension between the 'personal' and the 'impersonal' that drives me crazy. I don't expect any 'resolvement' on this issue; I am just noting it as I go on...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Beautiful post, but nothing you write of can be forced or arbitrarily taken up since you are either there, or not. You are what you are, and you evolve or devolve into whatever. At 11 to 15, I was a completely different creature as to what I am now. However, I really held in esteem a lot of the traits I have now; and I tried to force myself to be like what I am now, and it totally went against my intrinsic nature; which kind of drove me off the rail, or maybe on the rail; since that's where I got myself whacked by Southern Pacific, but I couldn't even do that right since I'm still here 38 1/2 years later, and hating almost every nanosecond of the rest of my self-imposed sentence of life. But hey! It's an excuse to spend my life as obnoxiously as possible.

On the other hand, though it took a couple of decades, I did finally become what I wanted to be when I was still a 'food product', as I call individuals of immature and unevolved thinking and behaviours.

Wait a minute! I'm still immature, and referring to the human race as 'mortal flotsam' isn't terribly evolved, either? Or taking tongue directly to plate at Trader Joe's to test their samples because I live with cats?

Never mind!

Visible said...

My firm conviction is that nothing happens to anyone that they didn't make happen to others in the same way. We can't see this because of the lifetimes limitations. Nearly all of the time this sort of thing isn't happening like it is now. this is the specific period in which these things happen. My belief is that it is all perfect and as it should be. I realize how this may look to another but what other possible alternative of perspective could I have at this stage of the game taken in the context of all I have seen and experienced and heard and read. I feel awful sometimes about things that go by my window but I can only do what I can do. It is out of my hands, except when it is not.

I had a very odd experience today. I'll talk about it in the next ORigami.

Kazz said...

After reading your post this morning Vis I went and sat quietly in the garden for quite a while. The Holy Spirit moved me to see that I have been judging others, even though I pray to God every night and ask to be forgiven for those whom I trespass against. It is always difficult when our hypocrisy is exposed to us, at least it is for me, and I can tell you I felt sincerely ashamed. Dwelling on what we do wrong does not change that behaviour, addressing it does, so it is for this reason I am exposing my hypocrisy here for all to see. My solution to this is that I am going to work very hard on being more aware of how important it is to forgive EVERYONE, even the worst serial killers and those perpetrators of all the other evils that we shy away from, because if I cannot do this I will be unfit for Heaven and Christ's forgiveness. Forgiving others is one of Christ's prerequisites, so it is a case of loving the sinner but not the sin. Understandably so, because if we are following in the path of Christ, and he asked God to forgive those who had sinned against him, then it only follows that we need to pray for our enemies too, no matter how hard it is. We also have to improve ourselves so we can become more righteous in our dealings with others so we do not bring shame upon Christ when we call ourselves Christians. I have found that being a Christian is really hard work. I guess that is why it is said that to be one of Christ's you must take up the heavy load of the cross that Jesus bore. I know I stumble under the weight of it a lot, which is why it is so important that I find forgiveness, compassion, and understanding for others.

A lot of people seem to think that if you are not out in the world trying to save the world that you are doing nothing, but I have to tell you, just trying to navigate my way through this plane is a full time job for me. I find getting too involved in the world becomes more of a distraction than anything else. I really believe my battle is with myself and not others, so I would like to express forgiveness to all those people out there who are poisoning my water, food, mind, and health in general, I know that God is the director here and irrespective of what happens to me I must have enough faith to know that it is my Father's Will, or it would not be happening.

My feeling is that we are an evolving species, and part of that process is forgiving others, because the process we are moving through is possibly somewhat of a cocoon stage making transformation possible. If this is so than the plunge into materialism and the dark, where truth and light are withheld, is for a very good reason. In a completely dark room even the smallest flame of light is easily seen, and for me Jesus Christ is the flame that has illuminated my way, because he provided the truth that helps me see the error in my ways.

Common sense dictates that war cannot result in peace, only a brotherhood of Man can, and the best way to accomplish that is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. At least that is what my truth points to. Others have to come to their own conclusion, and I wish you all the blessings in the world as you navigate your way.

God Bless
Luv Kazz

Walker said...

I am responding to you but I know there is no such a think like you. Sometimes I just feeling lonely and writing to myself. There is no simple answers. Ever since my questions and understanding are closer and closer, synchronicity become more obvious. I know that true is possible only in the end of this stage but getting closer is such a thrill.

Visible said...

Of course it's real. It's a combover weave.

David Alan McBride said...

"If we would only understand that we are treating with the almighty in every moment and in every contact, then a very powerful truth would descend upon our consciousness and the impact of the engagement, whatever it might be, would be significantly different than it has been.

It is a simple process. Convince yourself that every contact you have is with the divine. Experience your life in this manner and wonder and magic will appear in the most ordinary exchanges."

Take the above advice very seriously. It is brilliant. I cannot stress strongly enough how transformative this exercise is. Do this with any person you cross paths with. WOW! What a difference you will experience inside yourself. Start doing this today. Start doing this right now.

Thanks again Mr. Visible.

torus said...

Greetings! "NAMAHA! " ('I invoke by saluting!) I find myself acquiring a "groove" with The Great Mantra of Chamundi. Shakti seems to respond to my sincere quest to feel the "presence" within and without me. Yet, I still feel the pull to gaze upon the naked female form (I love it so much).
I know I'm not completely spiritually dead as my sensitivities towards the feminine are still quite alive. Thirteen years of renunciation hasn't always been easy.

torus said...

Solar musings. The "G" Spot and Aum (G)n. Although I'm no longer a fan of Crowley,and he was no more than a messenger of "AumGn" in his "Magic In Theory and Practice". When "OM" as in "home" is used as a focus for mantra meditation, it's correct pronunciation is an elongated;
Deep breath in....tongue relaxed....I go for a low "B" pitch, somewhere around 60+ Hz, on the intonation out. As the vowels roll into the consonants, there''s a silent "G" on the transition between Mmmmmmm & Nnnnnnnn as the tongue touches the soft palette. G being the 7th letter which relates to a torus. The G is turning in on itself in preparation for the "turn" and the calm return to;
Your Nexus to the big "G". Tongue mudra. And it too, for better or worse, can turn in on itself. The tongue can cut like a sword. Like a sword from a stone, it''s about our words and tones.
2016 began as a magickal year. 1+1+2+1+6=11. It''s a twin pillar year, a "leap" year of 366 days. 3+6+6=15 Tarot trump "The Devil" which compresses to 6 "The Lovers"...twin pillars.
Indeed, turn within. Les brilliantly articulates the disfunction, the dissonance and deception of this age. Certainly it's his and our love for humanity that keeps us interested in even reading about this world post 9/11. 9/11 was an occult smash, a true monster mash. Every talking head has been talking gibberish post 9/11. I have to concede such a monstrous victory to the powers that performed it. As temporal victories go, 9/11 is a true colossus!! More potent than the "holocaust". A true testimony to the abject failure of media, education, etc. The abject "victory" of failure. FAIL. Again, I stand in AWE, in fearful, "woe unto thee" AWE of the television and it's messengers. I shouldn't be surprised that paycheques are more important than truth. Tower 7 alone had all the impetus required to cause a cascading domino effect of inquiry.
Nothing a few assassinations couldn't cure. 9/11 has invoked misanthropic episodes within me, which is only further testimony to its toroidal power...it can suck you right in just like it suckered punched the continent. And the media? "For her merchandise they traded in their prize...
Citizens of hope and glory
Time goes by
It''s the time of your life.
Easy love
There''s the safe way home...
Chewing through your wimpy dreams
They breathe without a sound...."


gemmell said...


2016 = 9

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

It All Rests on Who and What You Dedicate Your Life To.

torus said...

Gemmel. You're right. Adding two to it makes 11.

torus said...

@Gemmell. I don't know if Date numerology has more in common with Pareidolia (mistaking pieces of rope for snakes, seeing goats, bulls, virgins, and scorpions in the position of stars) or her sister Apophenia (finding pattern or meaning where others don't. Feelings of revelation and ecstasis often accompany it). Regardless, Date numerology takes the month, in our case, Jan. or 1. The day, 1. And sums it with the year, 2016. Which adds up to the "high-power of Magick,11" (Crowley). The pointy-eared 11. The "Elven" kingdoms of Tolkien. The first number to announce its creator, "EL".
Sometimes I think Apophenia is calling, only to realize that it's her crazy sister. My own numerical musings have to STOP. It's a flat earth trap. And NONE of us can predict when the chaos magickians will release their next firestorm. When they're capable of performing mass murder on live TV and getting away with it. Replete with an army of drones who just slobber the official story over and over. And I guess that I'm no better since I drone on about the outstanding victory 9/11 was for the "hidden hand".
Somebody needs an enema! Let's call up Van Halen's "Panama"

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is uo now-

Your Inside is Out and your Outside is... Uh... I Forget.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Laziness is good

Anonymous said...

Laziness is good

Anonymous said...

hey champ

synchronicity mate. My friend who is reading this post with me was just telling me about Johannes Kepler

Should I be surprised.

from the short bus

Frog said...

This post got me, thank you Visible, I am in need.




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