Monday, January 18, 2016

Caught up in a Dream on the Borders of Nightmare

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We try to be about optimism here. This isn't always the easiest thing, either long or short term. Long term it is hard because life is fatal. Very few of us achieve immortality in any of its various permutations and that is partly because of the times we live in, where the greater potentialities of life's possibilities are overshadowed by Materialism and all of the chaos and confusion that this engenders. It's worse than you think it is because Materialism is also a terminal process and until it gets to where it is actually imploding and collapsing... or whatever terms you want to use, it often seems like it isn't happening because you still went to sleep in a bed last night and you woke up in one this morning and there's food in the refrigerator... no guns were going off in the streets (in most places) and... yadda yadda. The extreme conditions and changes that come upon us due to our collective faith in and enjoyment of the superficial and trivial, happen incrementally. It sneaks up on you and one day... it's there. We could say that in this January of 2016 we are seeing the seed pods of the year opening up and revealing the shapes and colors of what they will grow into.

The oil glut is producing international economic havoc and now Iran is about to flood the market with half a million barrels a day. In one Michigan town there is a gas war going on and gas is 49 cents a gallon. Flint Michigan has a serious water emergency. The rapes and molestations are epidemic in Europe. The stock market is turning into steroid Donkey Kong, Chutes and Ladders or something that needs to remember that it is always more likely that something which is up will go down because of the nature of the force of gravity and... there not being any countering force other than resistance, coupled with design, unless you want to get metaphysical. Of course we are being allegorical but we tend to see things allegorically anyway and we are ALWAYS watching trends and how they are managed and or manipulated by whomever seems to be in charge of that sort of thing. Davos is coming up and the gap between rich and poor is becoming pornographic. Obviously, the world is going to change in dramatic fashion and the outcome of all these changes is not something any conventional wisdom seer or pundit will be able to predict with any accuracy. As we have said here a number of times, we are in uncharted waters.

The economy of Puerto Rico is in freefall, due to mismanagement, greed in all the wrong places and especially due to rapacious bankers, who... along with collective ignorance, are the biggest enemies of human survival that exist. You can throw in corporations, religions and governments but they are all run by bankers. The ability of bankers to continue to operate as they do, must be curtailed, dramatically and permanently by whatever means are necessary because there is no way that they will have some kind of epiphany of conscience. There is no way that they will cease in their malevolent and Satanic behavior unless they are forced to. They will literally destroy the host body upon which they feed. Not even the survival imperative will influence them one wit. They are insane.

For myself,,, I am staying away from large cities and employing a conscious frugality with the assets I don't possess, except in amounts less than what is required to survive on the manifest plane. I do have the advantage of a profound trust in the ineffable. I don't even know how it happens. It mystifies me. I have less than what I can see is required but somehow, due to some form of invisible magic, it has all worked out to the moment. Gratitude is obviously called for.

Judging from appearances, which I always caution against but which none of us can avoid with any degree of consistency, the next two years will see the world transformed, for better or worse, more than it has in the last two thousand years. The I Ching has a hexagram called “Difficulty at the Beginning.” We are in the cusp position of the turning of the age and that means sweeping and massive change before it stabilizes or goes flying off the rails. Since everything is a projection of the mind, the most important defense against total disorder is the quality and focus of the collective consciousness. Meanwhile, those in power, ruled by agents of The Dark Lord, are pressing from every direction for chaos and disorder. This is so visibly evident that you truly are a fool if you do not see it and many do not see it. They are caught up in a dream on the borders of nightmare.

As we have often said, destiny and fate are individual things, except when they are collective; meaning when portions of humanity are in lockstep toward specific ends. The latter is of a kind that one sees during tsunamis, earthquakes, wars... all the forms of natural disaster and orchestrated disaster. You might think of what happens when hundreds of people, who don't know each other, get on an airplane and it crashes. You might think of it as forms of sympathetic resonance, when seemingly dissimilar people all vibrate in unified harmony, or disharmony, with a shared Karma that has placed them in or taken them to some kind of group Samarra.

In recent days, I have awakened each morning with strong feelings of a positive nature. I cannot account for this. There is no evidence that I can point to which would justify it but nevertheless... it has been happening for some time now. At night, when I go to bed, I will often be awake until dawn before I have a few hours of unusual dreaming and some rest. This has been going on for awhile too and I don't seem to need more sleep and I am not tired. I spend those hours in two states. One of them is an intense yearning for the ineffable and the other is a state of calm immersion in a love exchange with the ineffable and, of course, interactive conversation is taking place much of the time. I am often reassured that everything will be okay but I am never told if this means 'me', or generally. It is surprising and not surprising. It is surprising because my situation, as it exists in the moment, has no clear diagram of certainty in environment or economy. We have been told there are things we can do but we haven't been able to get to them yet. It is not surprising because we have been having similar experiences for months and recent years. Some bad things have happened in this period but they don't seem to have had any effect on the mindset and communications going on. It is almost as if they happened to someone else, until I see the physical evidence of it when I go to engage in things that were previously free of the complications that came about from these bad things (like chewing my food)... still... all of this goes on in stride too, as if whatever the annoyance or limitation might be, they don't really matter.

I'm not sure if anything of value got communicated in that last paragraph. I mention it in passing because of the ever increasing turmoil of the world. For some reason, I don't believe any of this relates to me.

Some mosquito from Brazil is causing infants to be born as pinheads. They call it microcephalic. Someone from a visit there showed up in Hawaii and had such a child only a few days ago. Now they are talking about it spreading in Hawaii. Just before I left The Big Island, there was an outbreak of Dengue moving into certain neighborhoods. One of them was only a couple of miles from where I was living. Apparently there is some kind of affinity or similarity between the Dengue mosquito and this pinhead virus. Gratefully, up to the moment, all of these sorts of things bypass me... or have been doing. Other things, things much harder to comprehend, have not bypassed me but at least they are not regular events. We are so vulnerable on this plane and much, much more vulnerable than we were even a short time ago. Change is on an exponential course. Change is on steroids.

The more events and conditions proceed as they have been doing, the more any sane or intelligent person should be considering intensifying their relationship with the ineffable. It is most of what goes through my mind but... I have always been inclined that way, anyway. I'm very... very grateful for that. I am so grateful that there are no words that can sufficiently define how grateful I am. This landscape of the manifest is not only a dreamworld, it is a temporary dreamworld. I find it hard to find any justifying logic that presses on me to consider investing in it, outside of in the hearts and minds of others. Some of us do seek a synchronicity and harmony with others and that is most always achieved through some unity of heart and mind.

As you can see from the links given, all does not appear to be well and there were dozens and dozens of links that could have been placed here. However... you can find all of these on your own and we like to emphasize the positive here. We like to be optimistic so... there's less bad news than there might have been, believe me.

One really should ask themselves what their deepest connection is with. One really should consider whether they are making the conscious effort to unify with the most real and enduring features of their own being. Whatever mistakes any of us have made, aside... since change is so profoundly upon us, one thing we can do is to choose what changes we personally embrace, most of the time anyway and regardless of how much any change might impact on us, the most important feature of the outcome will rest on where we placed our faith and attention in the process. I can't speak for anyone else but... for myself, I don't believe anyone can ever have too much contact with the ineffable. I can't think of... well... I could sit here all day and try but... I can't think of anything more important than thinking of the ineffable and calling out for inspiration and guidance. I certainly wouldn't want to get it from anywhere else.

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Kazz said...

European leaders don't fear the refugee crisis, because they deliberately created it! Refugees in Australia are going to have a shock if they try this crap with Aussie girls because Aussie girls are tough. Just before Christmas one of the girls I trained with was attacked in her house by a man who tried to rape her. She Kung Fu pandered him and stabbed him to death with a pair of scissors. Then she dragged his body to the garage, hooked him onto her tow bar and dragged him down the road and dumped him in a ravine. The police tracked the blood and bone fragments on the road back to her home. She may be in jail but she didn't get raped and she did not get murdered! Had she not panicked and tried to get rid of the body she would most probably be free today. Warning to all refugees, enter at your own risk LOL.

The only thing that is going to get people through is God, how true.

I don't fear satan because I know satan works for God. Humanity are the only part of creation that has been given 'free will', so satan must work for the Big Kahuna. Satan is gathering together all the chaff to be burned up in the fire so humanity can blossom to its true potential. Humanity's journey through the dark has been to educate good people about evil. Good people don't understand about evil, they must experience evil first hand, and this is what this DEMONstration has all been about. Once the elite and their minions of dark have been removed this world is going to blossom into something truly amazing. It must be this way or God would be wrong to have put his faith in humanity. Do you really believe God sent Jesus to wake us up for no reason? If we look at the writings of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV/MOSES??), son of Pharaoh, who led a contingent of 80,000 people out of Egypt, roughly around the same time Moses was supposed to have lived, you will see that the Holy Spirit is clearly evident in his writings. The same can be said for the work of Socrates. The thing is consciousness rises up the same way as bubbles do when water is being brought to the boil. At first you will get only a bubble here and there, but as the heat gets turned up the bubbles start rising in greater numbers, until the water is nothing but a mass of bubbles. This is the same process that is being applied to help humanity evolve.

Chaos and disorder do not bother me because I work well under pressure, and you will find most children of God do, because they get their orders from within, no outside communication is necessary. Also, God's people think extremely well on their feet, unlike their counterparts who are robots without the ability to think on their own. This will be one of the dark's greatest problems, because their minions cannot think for their selves!

Acts are for actors, laws (10 commandments) are for God's people. Only those who are corporate fictions are held accountable under acts and statutes. In other words acts and statutes/Man's law only apply to those working in Man's institutions! This is why acts and statutes are only given the force of law with the CONSENT of the governed. I DON'T CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED ANYMORE! Jesus said the truth will set you free, and we don't want to make a liar out of our Messiah, do we :o).


Luv Kazz

Lori said...

Profound disorder seems to be in play -
We can counteract that with profound faith.

We are profoundly grateful now. So fortunate.
We are close to God's heart and He will not forsake us.

That word - PROFOUND - lately it jumps off the page at
me and demands that I read the line again.

If God brings you to it, God brings you through it. Fear not.

It's nice to hear your voice, Vis.
It's nice to hear God's voice also - all night long.

Namaste, Lori

torus said...

Greetings! NAMAHA.
Change on steroids? Waking up feeling positive? Same here. And I've been known as the class pessimist. Quitting smoking with relative ease is a big part of the optimism, let alone the rarefied feeling when I breathe. Mind you I did prepare for this for a solid year.
"I AM that vivifying power, love, and radiant illumination of divine grace of universal intelligence.
Harmonizing, healing, and effortlessly releasing habits, thoughtforms, trances, tendencies, relationships and memories that I no longer want or need."
Sincerity built a bridge.

Ray B. said...

It is kind of funny (in a tragic way) that various pundits see falling oil prices as something 'bad'. I see it more as we are seeing oil prices reach their natural 'level', absent price-fixing and cartels...

Back in the seventies, post the price-doubling inflicted on the west by OPEC as a consequence of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, many economics-types did analyses of how prices of various items/commodities should-go-up based on how much energy (oil) was used in their production & transportation. Even getting gasoline to the pumps. It was huge. And, it proved accurate.

Now, these same pundits are wailing about price deflation. Re-read the previous paragraph. Duh... (Prices are not falling as fast as oil-price decreases. Various firms are making 'windfall profits' at the public's expense.)

What I do find fascinating is (Shi'a) Iran's massive-increase in oil production. Simple need/greed is probably the answer. However, the conspiracy part of me notes that (Wahabi-Sunni) Saudi Arabia is in a tough, self-initiated 'trough' in oil-based income. What better way to stick-it to an old foe, than to dump oil onto a saturated (pun) market?

Saudi princes (really, the 'handlers' behind the US State Dept) probably thought the decision to turn-down the spigots again was theirs to make. Saudi timing on controlling market-price. It may actually turn out to be Iranian timing. Return of Karma?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. And yes, I know there will be all kinds of economic dislocations in the oil-price readjustment. I am not unfeeling of those effected. I just think that worldwide oil-price-reductions will help the entire-world more...

Visible said...

I agree generally across the board. the problem is the difference between perception and reality. Perception controls the way things go so even though falling oil prices are a good thing and an indicator of so many things having to do with the very real consideration of a new age coming into being... those forces that are in Stage 4 departure mode due to the cancer of their behavior here, have no inclination to change and will not go quietly but... they will go and that is the good news. Regardless of all the bad news, the long resident blackguards are being recycled and so they are trying to do as much evil as they can before they go; won't matter. Their day is over. Here comes the sun.

missingarib said...

“Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.”(―Marshall McLuhan)it's where "We are so vulnerable on this plane and much, much more vulnerable than we were even a short time ago. Change is on an exponential course. Change is on steroids." hasten by the lay followers of the great visionaries A B C, C N N, F O X,etc. They will literally destroy the host body upon which they feed. Not even the survival imperative will influence them one wit. They are insane."

“ The tyrant rules not by club or fist, but disguised as a market researcher, he shepherds his flocks in the ways of utility and comfort.” with help from "the school system, custodian of print culture,(has no place for the rugged individual). It is, indeed, the homogenizing hopper into which we toss our integral tots for processing.".

Our lives become "Art at its most significant (is) a distant early warning system that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen."(Marshall McLuhan)

"Whatever mistakes any of us have made, aside... since change is so profoundly upon us, one thing we can do is to choose what changes we personally embrace" and pray not to be led into temptation

live long.

Smyrna said...

Here is a link I thought you might like, Vis.

Visible said...

heh heh Mcfreaking out there

Ray B. said...

missingarib: “The tyrant rules not by club or fist, but disguised as a market researcher, he shepherds his flocks in the ways of utility and comfort.” (Marshall McLuhan)

This reminded me of the original “Star Trek” episode, “I, Mudd”. In it, Harry Mudd has encountered a world of advanced robots. Unknown to Harry, the robots have determined humans are too unprincipled and need to be controlled. The central robot, Norman, lays out their plan:

Norman: “Our makers were wise. They programmed us to serve.” ...
Norman: “Your species is self-destructive. You need our help.” ...
Norman: “We cannot allow any race as greedy and corruptible as yours to have free-run of the galaxy.”
Spock: “I am curious, Norman. How do you intend to stop us?”
Norman: “We shall serve them. Their kind will be eager to accept our service. Soon, they will become completely dependent upon us.”
Alice 99: “Their aggressive and acquisitive instincts will be under our control.”
Norman: “We shall take care of them.”
Spock: “Eminently practical.”

(I had a h@ll of a time finding this quote. I finally had to pull it off the following video. Most other “I, Mudd” quotes, easily. This one, no. A little too-close-to-home to allow to stay on the web...)

Android takeover:
Crew response:


Also, I ran across the following scene from “I, Mudd”. It is not PC, but is one of my most-fond subtle-comedy sequences. Chekov finally got a good scene. Chekov, sitting in a chair, accompanied by two of 500 identical (gorgeous) Alice-model robots:

Chekov: “What a shame you're not real.”
Alice 322: “We are real, my lord.”
Chekov: “Oh, I mean, real girls.”
Alice 118: “We are programmed to function as human females, lord.”
Chekov: “You are?”
Alice 118 and 322: “Yes, my lord.”
Chekov: “Harry Mudd programmed you?”
Alice 118 and 322: “Yes, my lord.”
Chekov: “That unprincipled, evil-minded, lecherous kulak Harry Mudd, programmed you?”
Alice 118 and 322: “Yes, my lord.”
Chekov: “This place is even better than Leningrad!”
0:34 to 1:04

Chinese Sneakers said...

No big deal but something caught my eye; and i just have to ask,
Ray, if he might elaborate on what he means when he says above:"Saudi princes (really, the 'handlers' behind the US State Dept)?"

The following link, though a tad dated, gives a rather different impression:

Just wondering what's what? i guess.


JerseyCynic said...

As usual Vis, thanks for the reaffirmations (and I'm not referring to those "agreement" ones!)

about those pesky whatever's

and here's jon's

quick alert

The most sincere prayer (from the naked pastor)

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Moved by the superb January 17th, 2016 radio broadcast, this came out.
Hope its more than just self indulgence....

Overwhelmed from the Beginning

I see myself shrink away from the whole Being in which I have my individual being.

I follow this fatal pattern out of a habit of shame from a long history of falling short:

A few memories of painful frustration of innocent release of sincere passion,

A deliberate disrobing of armor around the heart’s feelings and the body's vulnerability,

Which was answered in ignorance by the sleep-walking zombies with sputtering hearths

Taught me well the limitations of my passion, my understanding and my willingness.

Subsequent frustrations piling onto these core traumas are laid down to staying within limits,

The limits of caution set by the mind’s automatic avoidance of pain, trading greater pains for lesser,

With the exercise of faith already curtailed within controllable experiences inside perception of the real.

How to escape this vicious circle jerk, where less and less life force comes by to check our condition?

Worn down with the care of the human temple in this spiritual war zone, hope for good has fled,

I ask the angels who may hear me, how can the pure original intention be retrieved from this dead end?

From where does the Will to be more than a seed spent in a futile cast away, come to find me?

I know that I have made this coffin out of a long series of choices to cut my losses,

To preserve integrity in between excesses of passion and deserts of sustainable feeling.

All I see when I allow my focus to return to center, is an overwhelming Presence with no need of me,

Any effort to be like unto that Presence seems insignificant, the natural reaction is to shrink in shame,

Trying so hard to avoid being a stumbling block for others still carrying some oil of joie de vivre,

Walking in solitude, always willing to help in any way, if asked, burning my heart out to stay alive.

Constantly questioning my perception for the opening I know must lead the way out of here,

I wonder if Life is a cruel game that once you play it, the errors and missed opportunities to love

Force a recurring series of lives where the karmic debt increases and can never be paid back,

Not by even the most exemplary life of service, only by a seemingly whimsical grant of Grace,

Gifted only to those brave hearts which never surrender to the limitations of their reigning local mind.

Seeing my pattern of running away from overwhelming odds, I doubt my heart and injure my soul.

In childish willfulness, I have created a labyrinth from which only Divine intervention can rescue me,

Knowing All is possible for the One in the center of all things yet doubting the worth of the personal,

I toss and turn less each night, as the string wears thinner, stretched farther from its innocent origin.

Deep down, I sense the absurdity of my separation, and wonder what possible value I can add,

Throw away the local self to return to the Godhead or just throw away the rest of this life in vain?

Go mad and make a mess of things, again, just to get a lower seat on the wheel of life?

What use is such a limited creativity to the majesty of All Creation, other than to rack up karma?

Somewhere, someone laughs at my expense, though I have made the clown of my pure intentions.

Echoes of 'Little Caesar' ring in irony: "Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico?"

Anonymous said...

"difficulty at the beginning.."

But finally... "A thunderstorm brings
release from tension, and all things breathe freely again."

"Gratitude is obviously called for."

As it is always. Always.


Ray B. said...

Chinese Sneakers, January 19, 2016 12:39:00 PM :
"...ask Ray, if he might elaborate on what he means when he says above: 'Saudi princes (really, the 'handlers' behind the US State Dept)?' The following link, though a tad dated, gives a rather different impression:"

We are probably thinking the same thing, although distorted by words and my writing 'skills' (grin). What I meant by my phrase is in two or three layers:

First, and semi-obvious to those awake, Secretary of State John Kerry made a personal visit to Saudi Arabia shortly before the Saudi princes 'decided' to dramatically-lower their oil prices. Reading behind the lines, Kerry probably 'told' them what they were going to do. (There may have been 'compensation' of one form or another.)

Second, there has been 'infiltration' of the State Department by Zionist and dual-nationality individuals far, far beyond the roughly 2% of their portion of the population. This leaves open the 'possibility' of conflict of interest in their decision-making (rueful grin). Much of the day-to-day 'pushing' of Zionist interests occur at this level. Your URL covers this nicely.

Third, there are the real 'handlers' (including of Kerry). These are the ones with strategic, 'executive' power. Think of the photos of "Col." Edward Mandell House hovering over Woodrow Wilson. House even lived in the White House. Brrr. Rahm Emanuel & David Axelrod served this 'function' in the near-present, while Soros is a half-in/half-out, shadowy figure. Current 'handlers' are less-obvious than House, but are still present.

(These 'personal handlers' in-turn take their marching-orders from international banksters and such. We get into woo-woo land from that point 'up'...)

This is my current understanding of the 'real' power structure. I am glad to have it reviewed and updated, courtesy of 'independent' researchers...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Friends of Schadenfreude are Defenseless and Alone.

Ray B. said...

I had to share a gizadeathstar reader's comment. Wow. I slightly corrected his punctuation, as he is Chinese:

henry - January 18, 2016 at 3:45 am

America is referred to as “the land of the beautiful”; even in its ‘darkest hours’, I see ‘glistering lights’.

Something that's unique to ‘America’ only, and suddenly I realized some day why it is called “the land of the beautiful”:

Isn't a place where the true human spirit survived and revived - despite the greatest darkness that life itself has ever known was overshadowing the “Light”, yet it never extinguished - beautiful?

Isn't the land which taught and showed all of us ‘humans’ (including those sneaky aliens who have been hiding behind those stupid flying disks of theirs) that story, beautiful?

And these are not words of praise, but merely a truth of the “Light” as I see it.

Grega said...

Ray I have been reading the comments and your taste in tv series is great ;)
I am just in the middle of watching the original series of Star Trek ( for the first time! ). I never came around to it as I thought that the series would be filled with bad sci-fi writing and Kirk having escapades with all the women. But I am quite blown away by the quality of the show and by the fact that my prejudices were completely wrong. Many episodes are simply brilliant with clear thinking, well developed characters who have great interaction, interesting and even thought provoking stories and efficient direction. I loved the "I Am Mudd" episode! It was great fun coupled with a genuine feeling of wonder. I love it that they experimented with a different kind of form for an episode. I loved that they turned ( what seemed to be theater of the absurd ) into an affirmation of life through humor. Brilliant!
Also a fan of Babylon 5 here ;)
It is like watching the best greek tragedy ( and comedy! ) in a space setting. The characters are simply larger than life.
Plus like you I have been enjoying The Expanse series.

Have you ever seen Farscape?

Unknown said...

Kasss' visuals are poignantly priceless in this episode.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Mr. Automatic and Mrs. Habitual Patterns on Location.



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