Saturday, December 15, 2018

In the Times of the Tyranny of the Squeaky Wheel Minorities, the Truth Will Triumph.

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The days go by and though all is not normal, the world that most of us experience seems to be moving along without any serious uproars; no planned beforehand, school shootings, or banker orchestrated hot-spot wars ...but burbling beneath the surface are all sorts of cultural shifts and waves of subliminal uncertainties. Strange manifestations of mental dysfunction, spurred by, momentarily- invisible emotional chaos... are signs of an accelerating Satanic impetus for creating a near Kafkaesque, Grand Guignol atmosphere, in a formerly seeming, ordinary life, that is moving precipitously toward losing all of the normal and ordinary characteristics that we had previously taken for granted as being there for us, while the rug of of a dependable reality has been pulled by increments from underneath us.

Gender confusion and bat-shit craziness now has its own website. One of the main avenues being exploited by the SATANIC push to create disorder and a pandemic 'divided self' is the emerging madness of 'moths into the flame' in pursuit of temporary fame. With the collapse of established religions through scandal (the Catholic Pederast Priest revelations) and the intensifying of Materialism everywhere, as it affects Sunday church attendance; cellphones are the new altar and celebrities are the new gods. Reality TV has made the Kardashians into superstars who lack every talent but cluelessness. You would think that they would have faded but they are not fading. Back when Facebook did a different kind of rating, Kim Kardashian had 30,000,000 followers. Look at the people who now occupy the highest tier of public attention. When you look at the background of the writers of this tripe they are all from a certain bloodline.

How did this all come about? It came about from the men in the shadows, allowing only uninspired and talentless twits exposure through their music companies and through the creation of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Public opinion is being molded. Back in the day there was Bernays and William Randolph Hearst. If you want to find out what an evil entity Hearst was; do the research. These days we have a number of instant-pop up corporations and ALL of them are focused on trivia and sexual identity manipulation. Appearances and the power and ability to manipulate them are the source of people presently not knowing what the Hell is going on and the lure of being celebrated and given the opportunity to be noticed is more powerful than most people realize. I know 'mostly' sane people so this kind of thing doesn't come up. Most of the people I know have some degree of the right kind of self worth but... I see what's going on.

The sexual force is one of, if not the... most powerful drive of all. Self preservation and the survival instinct are right up there, as well as the drive for power and wealth but the roads are littered with dead animals who are proof positive about the sex drive and the historical record is filled with people who have been disgraced and ruined by the sexual drive. The men in the shadows know this and if they can skewer the drive that has made the family unit the cornerstone of civilization, their agenda can be realized. The Satanists are given their marching orders by the Prince of Darkness and any of us who labor to bring the truth to light are marginalized and made into pariahs by the powers that think they are; at least momentarily.

We have no beef here about alternative sexual practices. We see this as equal parts Karma and equal parts the wrong reaction to the rise of the Divine Feminine that winds up manifesting in a physical manner because so many of us are not up to the task of letting this force express in wisdom, intuition and other high end expressions. In times of material darkness, basic life drives are drawn to the perverse. However, as Nature is defined by Lady Nature, she will eventually right the ship or those in defiance of her will be plowed under and mulched.

Our leaders are now men and women without integrity because none other are allowed near the seats of power. This was last demonstrated by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Our celebrities are vacuous bobbleheads, whose greatest ability is their inability to feel embarrassment or shame. Our writers and artists are hacks. Our religious leaders have one wet finger in the wind. These are the souls who are meant to lead and inspire us. It doesn't look good. Meanwhile, our educational systems are hotbeds of radical wrong thinking and if you don't go along with the program you will be no longer on the program. We live in the times of the Tyranny of the Squeaky Wheel Minorities. God help us. That is who I unabashedly turn to... Period.

I catch myself at odd moments in the day and night, exclaiming; “I love you Lord!” over and over. I find this happening in a regular fashion. It is non-sectarian. It is not seen by me as an icon or an imagined persona. God is indefinable and incomprehensible and I've no wish or capacity to change this. I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate men on Earth. I happen to know that I am. Anyone might be in this same position but sadly... so few of us have that level of commitment. I want to shout it from the rooftops and in every public place but I know better. I do take every opportunity to bring it into every opportunity and to generate it in my aura, wherever I am and anyone who spends any time around me knows that this is my single greatest drive. There's nothing special about me but... there is an inarguable beauty and splendor about the one who brought us here and of which we are an irreplaceable part. Dear God... if only more people knew how fine and wonderful you are. I am on the verge of tears much of the time. The bliss and inexpressible joy of being in 'the presence' is indescribable.

Soon now, we will find ourselves on the day set aside to celebrate the birth of the light into the darkness of this world. It doesn't matter if they got the date wrong. It doesn't matter if they let cant and ritual, fundamentalize the poetry and living sacrifice of the ineffable as he proves for all time, the victory of spirit over matter and triumphs over death. That perfect example stands as proof positive for every heart courageous enough to walk in the footsteps of the one. People may argue to their wits end about what they do not understand. People can scoff and make sport of the living truth, it matters not to me. I don't argue. I state what I know is so or I say, “I don't know.”

It doesn't matter if the world recognizes us, especially if we are not 'of the world' in the first place. The world knows its own and the ineffable knows its own. These are parallel realms of being that are so near and yet so far and each has its promises and benefits, depending on what one values. The world is a graveyard that is nourished by the dead. Everyone you pass in any place or at any point in time is on their way to no longer being here, though they may return again and again, until every appetite and desire is sated.

There is a path that leads to eternal life and the one who guides us is one who has already been there and has returned to savor the joy of service. A time comes when one realizes that there is no greater nor more wonderful labor than that of service. While one's ego is still in conflict and competition with all the other egos in a meaningless and unwinnable battle, engaging in selfless service may seem pointless and unrewarding. This continues until one is made aware of who is actually performing the service. At that point an entirely new meaning is given to the effort, which is, in fact, effortless.

The maha-avatar Jesus Christ is one of the greatest servants that has ever been present on this planet. No doubt there are those doctrinaires and by the book limiters of truth who will take grave exception to my use of, 'one of the greatest'. I refer them to Christ's statement about how greater things would be done by those following him because he was now ascending to The Father. Those rigidly stratified by statements about being the only way and 'none come unto the Father save by me' should be informed that the spirit which was hosted by Jesus is the same one that was present in every other authentic teacher and wayshower who has come here. Regardless of the clamor of experts about their way being the only way, the truth is the truth and needs no argument to defend it because it is what it is beyond all argument and shines for eternity in the hearts of every informed soul in which the truth is also in residence.

MERRY CHRISTMAS- let the joy of its deepest meaning flood your heart and fill your being with the presence of its spirit!

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Lighted Guidance said...

Thank you for your spot on reporting and crystal clear inner eye!!
I am aware and very much awake as you....but sadly most friends and family are still lagging behind. Not many can I converse and deeply explore with in regards to the inner workings of ourselves while also explore the travesties of our outer world. Everyone is unrecognizable of late.
So reading your words is like breathing there are people out there who SEE and FEEl what is happening....
Blessings be with you brother!!

Kazz said...

Merry CHRISTmas and God Bless

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Lighted Guidance; I have 3 friends who are from India and two who are of that extraction who are from elsewhere. Whenever we are together, we speak of God. My dear friend, Roy, lives in Germany and travels to India and back. We would meet usually once a year and sometimes at other occasions more than once but... always at the solstice. Very often, he and I would sit off by ourselves and talk about God and the memory of those moments for me are unforgettable. It is as if the world had disappeared and there was only I and my friend in some transcendent place (we will be there again). Then there is my friend, Raquib, who I have only been able to visit with for brief hours but it was much the same. My other friend, Sukh, I have not met in person but we too have such conversations. My friends; Alistar and Alan- one in Texas and the other in Australia I have not seen in recent times but surely that will change. I don't know what made me think about my Indian friends concerning your comment.

I recall that my friend Roy lives in the most Christian province in India- Kerala. There is something in the Indian people that makes it easy for me to talk about God. I hesitate in company most times because I don't want to offend anyone or initiate subject matter they may not share my interest in. My interest is God. Pure and simple and when people make it easy for me to discuss the divine with them I am very pleased.

Brother... the world comes and goes. It does what it does but... the ineffable is right there for the taking even when you are alone. Most importantly, God is in control at all times, regardless of appearances and it is God's nature to share and encourage fellowship so... one need only hold any righteous thought in mind with the full confidence that time and circumstances will be arranged for its manifestation and that fellowship also will occur. These are dark times, spiritually, as far as manifest life goes. Hold to the center of the love in your heart and all will be provided. One of my favorite statements from god's direct vehicle is; "seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these. things shall be added unto you." You can't go wrong believing that to be utterly and absolutely true. I am living proof of the existence of a merciful, forgiving and boundlessly generous God.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, that was so uplifting, Visible! Proclaim it from the rooftops: The Spirit of CHRISTmas is alive and well!!!! May you and your splendid readers be blessed with heavenly gifts, of which, you are one.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Lighted Guidance said...

People from India are definitely more spiritual. It is good that you have them to talk with about God. Growing up I had some discussions with my cousin when we were young, regarding God, and I remember also getting lost in time as we were taken to a different place in our consciousness. This has become for me my first love and passion. I have grown very close also to the ONE Creator of all that is. My life has changed immensely, which makes it much harder conversing with others. It should be easier you would think, as people would want to know more about my journey, but it seems to scare or upset them, as they think they may have to change their lives or themselves...and they are just not ready for such a change. God does the changing within us....all we have to do is talk with him and trust...that is all. Holding the center of our hearts with Love is merging with that Light and well all just comes together.
Peace and Blessings to you for a very Merry Christmas!!!

Mark said...

Merry Christmas to one and all

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Tawdry Dark Doings of The Self Damned and The Way Out.

Nadir Martello said...

Yes, I concur whole heartily that to talk about God, nowadays, it is not an easy task. People, wherever they live, in particular in our western society, are not interested to talk about God, because the spirit of divine eludes them. Certainly, the cell phones are the new “magic wand” that gives people a sort of illusion to be real and to be accepted… The cellular phone is the new elixir of life that takes place of God that they have never knew.
Merry Christmas & Maranathá, Nadir martello

Visible said...

Merry Christmas Nadir; Today is the solstice and the actual point- or closer to the arrival of The Prince of Peace.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ!!!



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