Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Macaroni and Cheese Wonderland of the Inexplicable

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

These are the times of animosity and acrimony. People who suppose themselves well balanced are acting like amputee gyroscopes. I know that makes no sense but the image works for me. I have seen quite a bit of nasty business, from nasty minds concerning nasty behavior, over something that wasn't any kind of a big deal, but some people thought they would make a big deal out of it. I'm not impressed. Someone didn't want certain information connected to him, period. That's his right and he doesn't have to explain himself. I mention God too much, or write the usual Origami posting and I don't show up on a certain website; fine by me.

So, the truth is that there is more to all of this than the surface indicates. I'm not even going to mention what I'm talking about because most readers will know and those who don't, can get an answer in the comments section from someone.

It's a given that noxious elements, no longer human, are about the business of destroying nations, cultures, religions and individuals. They are a pestilence and a plague and they are making life difficult for everyone, except their witting and unwitting servants. One anonymous poster recently said that we should stop thinking about, or concerning ourselves with, the elite and Zionists; that we are the problem and if we just fix ourselves they won't be a problem. Of course, that's 24 carat bullshit. It doesn't sort out playground bullies any better than political, legal, or marketplace bullies. An argument could be made that if you make yourself stronger on various levels, or acquire powerful friends that you can militate against bully power but that would be the exception. Most people in this world are bullied by forces they are only dimly or peripherally aware of and sometimes not aware of at all.

It's not 'ourselves' that needs to be fixed as much as the collective awareness. Lao Tzu, more or less, said that if the people's bellies are full and their priorities and values are solid, then bad leaders or pernicious external influences will not be able to influence and manipulate them. “A leader is best when the people barely know that he exists. It is not so good when they love and praise him, worse when they fear him and truly bad when they mock and make fun of him”. I am sort of paraphrasing here but... with so many translations extant this is close enough.

A reader mentioned the 'root meaning of justice'. For my money that is best understood through understanding Karma and reincarnation. People attempt to interpret conditions and experiences through material perception. That is nothing more than the extraction of limited understanding, from limited bandwidth. You get flawed conclusions and that leaves you open to collective manipulations. The other problem is that everything is being stated and explained in words. Words make fences so that what is contained within, can be given dimension by the enclosing and constricting parameters. What about everything outside of the drawn parameters? Music is more effective than words and jazz as well as other expressions, operate with less fencing. Then you've got math, binary and otherwise. At some point, all of these things come up against the limiters that allow them to operate in a field of play to begin with. “the Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao”. Lao Tzu speaks of the mysterious valley of the cosmic mother. It is beyond comprehension. It is mystery that deepens and deepens as you go and then... you're gone. In a good way.

The mysteries of this realm are of a different order. When you unravel these mysteries there is nothing there. It is like the mystery of the ageless courtesan, the ancient attraction of the magnetic and alluring unknown. There's nothing there but a process; no offense to courtesans, they have to make a living just like politicians and priests. There's no there, there, either. People want to be fooled, the same way they want to be entertained and forget themselves in the movie theater, as they become part of the film. When the film ends, there is nothing but the white backing screen. That is what is real. What remains at the end of the production is what was real. Of course, all of this chatter on my part is only for the purpose of explanation by allusion, inference and speculation upon what is never going to rear its lovely head here, except maybe if you left the window cracked (seeking a little fresh air) and an invisible wind stirs the curtains and allows a temporary burst of sunlight to enter and hit the mirror behind you, causing a flash of light to occur outside the line of your vision.

We argue because we have different perspectives and, on a darker note, different agendas. Perspectives and agendas are what they are, personalized limitations that we mistake for legitimate states or conditions. They're only legitimate as far as our temporary perceptions and the perceptions of those who agree with us. Soon enough, neither they nor ourselves will be here and when we return we will not be the same. This is one of the reasons it is so hard to get off of the wheel. There are other reasons as well and predisposition and the aggregate collective of former experiences and assumptions play their part, once we hit the playground again. This is why sustained determination and intention are so important. You have to think of determination as a rocket booster and intention as a navigational system. If your aim is true, you can arrive at a different and more comprehensive planetary environment, where what could not be formerly known can now be understood in a much deeper way. It doesn't have to be a planet and it doesn't have to be the same kind of planet we are presently familiar with. We are talking about 'lokas'.

Something people consistently fail to get is that you don't make yourself more believable and acceptable by practicing the reverse on someone who didn't let you get your way, or didn't take you at your own dissertations on what you are and what you represent. This is just more of the ego engaging in it's primary modus operandi; advancing and protecting itself at all costs. There you are trying to defend something, engaged in unavoidable change, as if you could keep it from changing. That's like commanding your hair to resist the impact of pattern baldness. Of course, that's when we begin to delude ourselves through chemistry and artifice, from Prospecia to toupees. Or we make a whole lot of money and go for that high end, Joe Biden transplant thing. The fundamental disconnect here is that, when and if you actually pull it off, you are now a more desirable and valuable acquisition, for some brittle blonde, half your age, or less, whose window of desirability is less than a decade and whose hands will soon enough show the grasping nature of their primary attractions, not to mention the cold eyes of contempt for your ridiculous efforts, to make yourself look like something you are not, while unfortunately proving you are exactly what you are, which, even more unfortunately, you also are not.

These people have one advantage that they press to its bending end; that they are, somehow, better off than you; in possession of certain cosmic secrets, more valuable to existence, more memorable and legitimate. They have the dubious reward of getting to hang out with each other and present a unified front of airbrushed shit that remains shit, despite its being encased in Lucite, or decoupaged under layers of gilt, liquified and congealed iron pyrite and marine varnish. They get the same immortality as an Egyptian mummy. They've got the usual, strange ideas about the practice of alchemy.

In times of darkness, the very worst of us are preeminent and providing the face time for what is and is not worth having, being and doing. In these worst of times, the best of us are deep in the mountains or concealed beneath protective covers because the others hunt them for sport. They're all about sport killing and sport fucking and getting their pictures taken with dead lions and rhinos that they killed at a hundred meters away. This is how they make war as well, besides getting people too stupid to know any better to do it for them. They're the ones who string out the bunting and hire the bands that play, when Johnny comes limping home, if he comes home at all and these days, when some part of him does, there's no public greeting at the docks and he's just as likely to wind up bulldozed into a landfill.

We are presently in the fulfilling moments of reductio ad absurdum. The more stupid, transparently ridiculous and vile that it is possible to become, it is in the act of becoming. There is a particular fantasy that was created by a particularly venal, mercantile faction that moves among us. There was almost no mention of it until the 60's. Now it dominates as a defense mechanism in the hands of the most indefensible villains this planet has seen, since the last crew of malicious and organized footpads made their way into the dustbin of forgotten history. If you mention or point out the absurdity of the impossible math and all attendant lies, you are a pariah. It's the same thing that was applied to 9/11 by the same people; black is the new white.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed our little stroll through whatever the Hell this has been (grin) and we shall rejoin our little interchange, at some further remove up the road. Until then, I bid you a fond and temporary adieu from the macaroni and cheese wonderland of the inexplicable.

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Smyrna said...

Yes I did enjoy that stroll, Vis. Thank you.

Your words are Jazz, and you are the hep-most cat. Dig it.

Kristian said...

Yes what a lovely evening stroll. They are no better than us even though they try to sell us the illusion that they are. It's a daily struggle but thanks to your words I am starting to gain a deeper insight into my own mind, that is a gift for which I am truly grateful.

Gypsy said...

The simple truth:

The shadow governments in Tel Aviv and Washington cooperated together to murder 3,000 American citizens on September 11, 2001 to serve as a propaganda excuse to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people throughout the [ME]region in the name of freedom, democracy, and Western values.

Conceived and orchestrated by the zionist Rothschild associates in the City of London.

"And what are YOU going to do about it?"

Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,
I'd have to agree with Smyrna's last comment. (grins) Your musings, and many following comments by readers, often inspire me to dust off the abandoned ship of my poetry. Hope you don't mind.
This piece goes back a few years, but hints at the (often) empty landscapes of religion and belief. >

The God of Nothing

And once, long ago
In a place, in the sand
Which rose out of time
Where nothing had been

Many could not see it
Nor taste it, nor touch it
They knew it was something
And yet, it was nothing

And they marveled at this
The absolute nothing
In the thinness of air
Where nothing had been

And the key by the door
Swayed in the wind
Of times come before
Of times never been

And inside the door
They knew of the nothing
Not knowing, it was nothing
For nothing, knows of nothing

And they praised their grand luck
In the place, in the sand
Which rose out of time
Where nothing had been


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

With every post I read, I can't help but wonder how so much of the human race got so misprioritised. How people measure worth by possessions.

Yo! What have you DONE in life? That's what should be measured. Is the world better or worse off for you having been here?! Not to mention, did you personally evolve or devolve; so are you closer or further away from the ultimate trip HOME?

Anonymous said...

The more I learn, the more I realize the cosmose is incomprehencable.

from a remote area of Oregon

Dan said...

Hi Vis and all,

I grew up like you, a military brat and spent some time in the military as well. The various experiences left me with a bad case of ptsd and I swear it seems to have made me a magnet for sociopaths.

Anyway, I lived in fear of them for many, many years until just recently. I finally found the courage to fight back and with the help of kick boxing, krav maga, and "I think" a spiritual OK from the otherside, I gave one a lesson in humility.

It felt like I received a spiritual "thumbs up" and I've prayed for wisdom concerning these monsters. I know its possible to become one if ones intentions are misguided or such.

Anyway, I know you've mentioned having to defend yourself in the past but receiving protection from a higher power now. I am hoping that higher power will protect me as well but I am done allowing these creatures to harm me or mine in any manner.

I think its ok to fight back, maybe even required? Your thoughts Vis?

Love to all,


gott_cha said...

I read every new Petri and Mirror that get posted. I haven't commented in a while now but Today seems appropriate.
You said "you mentioned GOD" too much for some sites to post your works. Im sure that doesn't bother you Les.
The clarity and vision you display cuts thru all the bullshit that surrounds us. Bullshit that most people believe is normal to life.
Let me say I appreciate your "Voice in the Wilderness"

Keep on keeping on my friend.


Allison said...

ggod post, Les. The white screen of the movie, when the movie is finished was a powerful visual for me. Thats kinda how it seems. Its as if daily I am being brought face to face with the limitations of the mind and how I will never be able to truly comprehend reality with the physical brain. Transcendence of the mind cant be done with the mind, and that leaves me in the position that Jesus spokke of as entering the kingdom of heaven like little children. I have to truly put faith in the unknown, and as much as I tell myself that that is what I want to do, it is actually one of the most difficult things to do. I come up against fear of the unknown and the vanity of my own ego, attachments , and these include most prominently attachments to my own ideas of reality, rather than say attachment to family or other worldly attachments. The mind is a wonderful servant that has become a cruel task master for the seeker. My two cents at least

brian boru said...

Hi Les,
Thanks for another interesting post. I have to say I am very uneasy these days. I can't believe that these maniacs are pushing us towards the abyss and the American and British lap dogs are going along with it. Can't they see the potential for catastrophe if the vampire tribe gets its way and Iran is attacked? The situation is every bit as dangerous as it was in 1914 and 1939 when they manouevered us into those disasters. It's not that we will have difficulty getting fuel for our cars and oil to heat our homes, it's that there will almost immediately be food shortages which will lead to social breakdown all over the western world. Surely they are aware of this? Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya and the Russians and Chinese aren't going to sit on their hands as it is destroyed by these monsters. Are they really that crazy?

Anonymous said...

yep. 'raise high the roof beams, carpenter.'
the quality of participation seems to be elevating by the day.

Dan said...

Me again,

I should mention the reason I asked your opinion on matters of violence against violent people. It appears to me that an easy way to solve many of the worlds problems would be to cut off the head of the snake.

I was recently passed by a former TPTB player in the airport and must admit I considered my options. This person hasn't been an MSM mouth piece since Gore/Bush and I have no illusions about my earthly destiny if I choose this path.

I chose to bury my head back in the sand but wonder if that was the right choice? I also looked at the link you provided concerning the mob attack for sneakers and wonder if many people just need to be abused by TPTB for their own good?

Anyways, thought I should clarify.

Love Dan

Unknown said...

Tao assists king accordingly, he need not animate dogs of war
Such affairs usually rebound

Dog soldiers circling in their goat head desert
Dig a dusty crater of desolation and famine

A skillful commander achieves objective and stops!
No endless animation for self aggrandizement

Achieves an objective without arrogance
Achieves his objective while praising his troops
Achieves this objective without self acclaim
Achieves any objective, yet lives with it because he has no choice
This is achievement without forcing

Sharp thorns overgrown, dead and forgotten
This is contrary to Taos way
Such is not sustainable

Anonymous said...


"Yo! What have you DONE in life? That's what should be measured. Is the world better or worse off for you having been here?! Not to mention, did you personally evolve or devolve; so are you closer or further away from the ultimate trip HOME?"

This made me think of some of the things you've said to Vis in recent time. I would have to say he has made not only this world but some good measure of the people in it better than either were. Just saying.


Clarity said...

Dear Visible,

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, but - did you write that just for me? Whether a gentle nudge or a kick in the ass, thank you for reminding me what's important. While my logical, questioning brain may feel like a curse sometimes, I have to consider it a blessing because without it, I wouldn't be here.

This is why sustained determination and intention are so important. You have to think of determination as a rocket booster and intention as a navigational system. If your aim is true, you can arrive at a different and more comprehensive planetary environment, where what could not be formerly known can now be understood in a much deeper way. It doesn't have to be a planet and it doesn't have to be the same kind of planet we are presently familiar with. We are talking about 'lokas'.

I had to look this one up. Maybe it will help some others:

The concept of a loka or lokas develops in the Vedic literature. Influenced by the special connotations that a word for space might have for a nomadic people, loka in the Veda did not simply mean place or world, but had a positive valuation: it was a place or position of religious or psychological interest with a special value of function of its own.

Hence, inherent in the 'loka' concept in the earliest literature was a double aspect; that is, coexistent with spatiality was a religious or soteriological meaning, which could exist independent of a spatial notion, an 'immaterial' significance. The most common cosmological conception of lokas in the Veda was that of the trailokya or triple world: three worlds consisting of earth, atmosphere or sky, and heaven, making up the universe."

I sent you some jazz.

More comments for others later...


Copernicus Kidd said...

Way and weighing
Stile and saying
On a single walk are found

Go bear without halt
Question and default
On your single path bound.

-Heideggar "Poetry, Language, Thought"

ineffables abounding visibly and in


Clarity said...

Yoga is an occult practice with demonic purposes, according to J.R. Hall:

Note: This is part two of three. Links to one and three are in the third paragraph.

Someone - anyone - save me - please!!
Oh lordy....
at least the last comment tries to clear things up.

~Clarity, who has other things she should be doing now

Clarity said...

I had come across that while looking for this:

Grasshopper Totem Animal

As a Chinese symbol, the grass hopper offers attributes of longevity, happiness, good health, good luck, wealth, abundance, fertility and virtue. In fact, grasshoppers were thought to be fertility symbols; specifically omens of the birth of a son (hence, another reason for its good luck symbol status as sons are considered prized gems within the setting of the family). In certain regions of China, grasshoppers were kept as family pets and it was believed grasshoppers embodied the personalities of family members who were deceased. Keeping these reincarnate souls in the form of grasshoppers insured prosperity amongst the family members. In Ancient Greece the grasshopper is a status symbol. Athenians would adorn themselves with golden grasshopper hair combs and brooches as an indication of nobility. The grasshopper is also a symbol of immortality as we see in Greek myth when Zeus grants immortality to Tithonus, who was later transformed into a grasshopper (who of course, lived forever). In Native American Indian symbology and tribal lore (specifically the Iroquois nation) grasshopper symbolism deals with messages of glad tiding. In this context, the grasshopper is a harbinger of good news. Indeed, when this creature is seen on spirit walks, it is a sign that the seer will receive profoundly joyful news that will benefit the entire community.

I'm not sure if this is significant, but it seems to fit.

~Clarity, who really needs to focus now

DaveR said...

How to Speak Hip

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Great post, Visible.

Some people insist that one should ignore politics and focus only on self-realization. I find that such people usually commit errors of judgement that result from their ignorance of politics. A general awareness that the world is an illusion does not prevent us from being fooled by particular illusions. The world is like an automoble; without studying the automobile and studying the road, you will not be able to drive safely.


Yesterday I attended "The Arab Spring Conference" at Portland State University. The Conference featured speakers who were all anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist. One of the most important things I learned at the Conference is that the recent protests in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria were all genuine popular movements. There was general agreement at the Conference that the situation in Libya was falsified by the NATO Imperialists.

Michel Chossudovsky and Tony Cartalucci at the Global Research and Land Destroyer websites have presented evidence of Western provocateuring of the Arab Spring movements, which may be true, but it does not prove that there is not a real popular movement for reform or revolution in those Arab countries. At the Conference at PSU yesterday, Professor As'ad Abu Khalil said that the Syrian government has been citing the articles of Chossudovsky and Cartalucci in an effort to discredit the dissidents in Syria.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has likewise been accused of being led by agents of the elitist Establishment. We know that such infiltration has taken place in the past, and we can predict that infiltration shall continue to take place in the future. But the possibility, or even the fact, of infiltration should not prevent us from supporting popular movements.

missingarib said...

vis, the looming nightmare that the past mega disasters(gulf oil spill, Alaska oil spill,three mile island) have wroth, and japan which is presently poisoning the air, the water, aquatic life,our children, the very organization of organic life itself,damaging the DNA. In such times we need every breeze to move this boat - bless you and everyone's efforts -however
is stopping the wave of mental derangement a possible task ?

I pray this crazy nightmare stops -thank you vis, again to your health and happiness.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, there is 2 of us with the same ID. I'm not even gonna ask how google managed that. I'm going to do something about this, like make a change to my ID.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, I see how google managed that the two 'unknowns'. Fine. The original 'unknown' on this site is now 'Love To Push Those Buttons', and ain't that the twooth!

Rob in WI said...

Re. grasshoppers. Much the same is said of crickets. It is an honor to have one living in your house. If the home loses its harmony, the cricket will leave, and will only return when harmony is restored. I have experienced this personally, many times over the years.
Be well, Visible and all, Rob

Anonymous said...

"I mention God too much, or write the usual Origami posting and I don't appear on certain sites"

I don't have much use for Makow but isn't that similar to what Rinse did to him. They can't tolerate anyone "stepping on their frogs."

"When the film ends there is nothing but the white backing." Maybe that is why I have never cared much for films. Last time I went to the theatre it was to see Farenheit 911. I can't tolerate any of the crap they put out nowdays. I guess subconsciously I see that white screen and realize that is the only reality present.

Wow, you hit a triple. ..... "besides getting people too stupid to know any better to do it for them." Let me see, you must be referring to our trained murderers/corporate mersenaries. See I'm not that stupid.

Make that a home run.


Anonymous said...

-stickman sez

Big hoopla going on tonight. Some kinda Awards ceremony, as i understand it. Very Tribal. Very suck-up. Don't expect the likes of Mel Gibson to be granted one of those ~ i call em "Hymies" any time soon. Never having allowed a boobtoob into my home and very turned off to pop-kultch, this Brouhaha will not be something to make me drool.

Yes, the penultimate moments of the Kali Yuga are exactly the time when instead of the cream rising to the top, it is rather the flipside opposite ~ the scum ~ or perhaps even the shit, floating flirtatiously atop the sludge in the septic tank which defines the epitomaniac apex of popular kultchur in Murrikkkan society today.

Imagine, for a moment, the vast volumes of makeup, pancake and otherwise, which will adorn the countenances of the primping, prancing princesses tonight. That is an equal opportunity employer, my friends, extending also to the gender with outdoor as well as those with indoor plumbing. Just read the other day about the amount of lead and other noxious elements permeating facial and body makeup. Makes me wanna puke thinking about it.

Then there's the ooh la la fake smiles and all the other falseface pretenses on display. Oh, the hypocrisy of it all. Half those prima donnas and dons would like nothing more than to throttle their stagemates out of sheer egocentric jealousy and envy.

Who can overlook the lust factor? Cleavages galore and oh, so daring cling to the gowns. Oh well, at least the males will not strut around in codpieces. Hope i didn't give em any ideas. If so, those who are hung like stud chipmunks are totally apt to cheat a bit with a bit of strategic padding.

Oh, and the glitz. Imagine the payouts to the best lighting technicians in the game. Consider the rehearsal time for some of the best studio musicians in all of Hollywood. All for exactly what?

Transvaluation of values is the name of the game and the claim to the fame. Honesty, integrity, independence, compassion, justice and truth will not win many Hymies tonight. Perhaps that's just as well, considering as we perch on the precipice of the penultimate moments of Kali Yuga.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gregory, what do you say to those who do not believe this world is an illusion?

Isn't there another avenue of thought/belief that implies this world is real all right, but temporary, and this is how the illusion appears?

By everyday experience isn't the "general awareness" quite often confused or wrong, its prevalence (consensus) due to repetition propaganda conditioning?

I certainly don't believe or experience this world as an illusion.

And if it is an illusion this implies an Illusionist which leads to another generalization/conundrum.

and on and on..

Isn't the sadhu-sastra-guru approach more appropriate for these subjects than some general awareness which is likely an illusion itself?

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned American and Bristish Lap dogs going along with the Zionist agenda. It hit me at that moment ....they are not lap dogs...they all want this as much as the other guy. They're all in this brew together. I don't know who the THEY
are but they have positioned themselves like a cancer in every government. Wars, systematic destruction of the Earth and reeking general havoc anywhere and everywhere.
Can sometime tell me what the end game is? In the end cancer kills its host but it also then kills itself.. No coincidence there. What a F'd up deal this is.

Visible said...

Speaking of movies being mostly shit or whatever. There are plenty of splendid films that are highly entertaining. You just have to know where to look. One comes to mind, The Guard with Brendan Gleeson, last seen in "In Bruges".

gurnygob said...

Seen the Guard, good movie. Brendan Gleeson, one of my favourite actors. Loved him in Brave Heart.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank atheists around the world for fixing the beans, the corn, the chickens and the cows and everything else THAT WAS NEVER BROKE!

You can't improve on perfection and these poison pills are just too blind, dumb and lineal to see it. Their fixing what was never broke, in their pure and obstinate ignorance, has had a big hand in getting us into this fix. And they dare lash out at believers, after all of their own poison contributions? Anyone else seeing some chutzpah there? Know them by their fruit. I'm of a mind today to make them eat some of their fruit.

The fool has said in his heart there is no god. Indeed.

That site was vapid and redundant, just like any atheist, and I haven't seen it since finding "The 800 pound gorilla in the room".

I get a very sure hunch that all of their "reporting" about what jews do is actually gleeful jew bragging. It's never ending. I can't suffer it. It's long since been established, anyway. It's as if their withered penii and dessicated balls need to be more offensive each time, to get the same rise. And all the goy (led by hasbarats) praise them. Not me.

Someone needs to piss him off and see what he REALLY thinks, preferably when he's drunk. The truth is stranger than fiction and lies are insipid. That the holocaust is a lie is stranger and more unbelievable than the holocaust. Funny how that works.

Ray Zerwitt

DaveR said...

@Stickman "... Oh, and the glitz. Imagine the payouts to the best lighting technicians in the game. Consider the rehearsal time for some of the best studio musicians in all of Hollywood. All for exactly what?"

Are you kidding me? Those lighting guys get double overtime for this and the musicians are triple scale PLUS performance royalties. For WHAT?

The whole shebang is nothing but


Why people care is another issue, and I haven't a clue.

Anonymous said...

Clarity said on Sunday, February 26, 2012 6:25:00 PM
"Grasshopper Totem Animal - As a Chinese symbol, the grass hopper offers......"
Your post resonated with me because I have, in recent weeks, been recalling a period of years in my life where my spouse and I had the benefit of living with a pooka.

In our case the fairy took the form of a welsh corgi and stayed with us through several trying years, departing only after our children were born and their respective personalities well formed.
Yes, such things do happen, every day - we only need the sight to see where we have been and accept the fact that we would not be the souls we are if it had not been for the events we went through.
I thank you for reinforcing that memory!

bholanath said...

I know we all like to hate Hollywierd (with good reasons), but, having worked as an 'extra' last summer on a shoot with about 50 cast and crew and 50 extras in NM, I found many many folks - directors, techs, cast - to be highly professional, highly diligent, highly respectful, very conscious and sane people. They are passionate about their crafts and hold many of the same values as we do. Unfortunately they have to work within the conditions that exist, but strive to create beauty with heart as much as they're able, and often accomplish it. And I think they work 10 times as hard as the "stars".
My $.02

Anonymous said...

gypsy said;

the simple truth:

they didn't want to know then ('63)

they sure as hell don't want to know now.


Anonymous said...

Do you want to see the Real hollow cost?

Every day, indeed this very moment, people everywhere are voluntarily standing in their personal gas chambers, inhaling the chlorine, Florine, prescription drug residue, noxious fumes etc...

"Houses": Electrified rooms, ...deathbed Radar mattresses, ...Wooden and metal mass graves caves... Sepulchres!

Is society Subconsciously suicidal?

Anonymous said...

Had some mac and cheese for supper with some peas and green beans. Now I'm listening to some scary stoner doom metal (Crypt of Drugula) before going out for a walk. Thirty cents is my life savings and net worth. I found that on the pavement while out for a walk. I try and stay humbly grateful and not grumbly hateful but at times I falter. Carry on Viz! Arrrgghh!

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

of course no coincidence that I last night finished my third reading of Witter Bynner Way Of Life translation of Lao Tsu, which you introduced me to last year(?) - ta . I'd do well like you to keep it in my pocket too, but I don't have pockets or clothes on much, and my memory, what with all the reading, isn't as good as the pre-literate students. "Unwise person's knowledge exceeds his wisdom, a wise man's wisdom exceeds his knowledge" (paraphrasing from it).

No cooincidence either my numinous (uncharacteristically emotional and very uncharacteristically positive) blond girl dream the other night (the catch I was saying I could see the black (streaks in her hair) in the blonde. Came I think from a blonde fashion add model in a magazine I'd seen a few days ago, where I was thinking in an anti way about how they push our buttons with these yummy things. Rubber band man, spring, boing, backlash, trick is to have an idea of where things might have come from, but then they are the triggers, the dream and dreamer is something else. the dream dynamics night over night is something yet again, they reveal the transformations.(just sayin', not so much a'doin').


Unknown said...

I've spent an entire lifetime changing this ID and yet I remain Unknown.

Anonymous said...

Dave R: Perhaps i was being a bit obscure when noting that the lighting technicians and musicians do all their best "for exactly what?"

Where this was coming from was not their monetary compensation, which was meant to be implicit there, but rather for what good purpose was all this talent and perchance , creativity, devoted. The extravaganza is another one of those hollow vacuuosities to which people of considerable abilities devote all too many of their waking hours. True, they do it for money. But then we must consider those things to which that income gets dedicated. All too much of that lucre goes to mere luxuries and vanities, which are the signposts of the essentially wasted lives of materialist obsession, masking the gaping emptiness of their spiritual existence.

The transvaluation of values of these (hopefully) final months and maybe years of the current world age of Kali Yuga is marked and characterized by that "for what" of misdirected priorities and misplaced values. Close to half a year of my life, as a searching and questing young man, was spent in LaLaLand, between the Westlake Park neighborhood, Venice Beach and Burbank. Though Southern Kali-Fornia had its charms aplenty, the abstracted reality of the place was such that it would ultimately have driven me over the edge had my months there turned into years.

Returning to Minnesota in August of 1970 and in need of reconnecting somewhat to that 9-5 world which most folks deem now as well as then to be the ultimate reality, i was, one night, impelled to pen a poem with the self-questioning title and opening line: "Can I Be a Nine to Five Holy Man?" Though it took another 32 months of indentured servitude necessitating that i wear a goddamned necktie, the answer ultimately was a ringing "NO".

The reality in which i wish to live does not revolve around money, money-mindedness and money matters, as money is both an abstraction and an obstruction, vampirically sucking up waaaay too much of our energies, our passions and ultimately, our spirits. 38 months after renouncing the glamor and glitz of Southern Kalifornia, i bought this humble abode and a few acres of land in my native countryside in what was then the most low-income county in the state of Minnesota. Price then in money was four thousand dollars. 39 years later i'm still here, both heating and cooking with wood, gardening a bunch, developing a whole new school of sculpture, living with walking water and running outhouse and living on about 25 bucks per day ~ moneywise, that is. Being of retirement age and now receiving a very modest Social Security income, money is not a major concern. Though going through a rather flat period over the past six weeks or so, generally my chosen lifestyle sits pretty well with my spiritual needs and i'm mostly happy most of the time. Time, as i see it is something better invested than spent. When time = money, then usually it just gets spent.

Dave: Hope this helps clarify my point of view regarding tonight's Hollywood extravaganza.

-stickman 8 Pisces, 33 Anno Eros

Clarity said...

Trying to catch up...
to Anonymous @ 4:36 and John C (UK) - thank you both. I did think about it, and of course, it led to more questions. I am not knowledgable about different religions, as I never bought into them, so I was unaware that they don't believe in reincarnation. One question, then, is what about other religions that don't believe in reincarnation? And I'll combine that with what about people who convert? And while I'm at it, I'll throw in... how does a soul know what the person's belief will be beforehand? I had thought of some of these questions already, and as I began this response, I realized something. My aunt, I believe raised Protestant, started going to a Nazarene church later as an adult. I know she does not believe in reincarnation. However, in my past life reading, I asked about a concern that my mother and my aunt had about me in this life. I was told that the concerns related to what happened to me in two past lives, and that they were present in both of them. Her soul now 'remembered' from previous lives, so she has a soul, yet she doesn't believe in reincarnation. I also wonder about this in terms of my own children, who have not been raised in a specific religion. I assume (hope) they have souls, but what if one should (hypothetically speaking, of course!) choose to follow Judaism? What about someone born into a Jewish family who changes? These are my logical-brain questions.

My other question was in terms of TPTW - the main bloodline families are not true Jews. They are satanic, worshipping Lucifer, and I imagine, follow only the darkest parts of the Talmud that are useful in justifying some of their most disgusting acts. I suppose the same could apply to them, not being Jews, but perhaps soulless if they believe life is a one-shot deal.

John, I went to look at that article. It was pretty late at night, but I still didn't see your comment posted. I haven't checked today, but... You do make a good point. The Khazars converted to the Jewish faith in 740 AD. According to this list, which may or may not be complete and/or accurate, Jews were expelled from Carthage in 250 AD, which would make it seem that these are the true Jews. I don't know how far back the Rothschilds (orig. Bauer) go, or when their plans for world domination began, but even if Zionism wasn't officially started until 1897 with the founding of the Zionist Congress, it doesn't mean they didn't start their antics long before.

"Irani Friend" - Thank you. I was trying to figure out why these particular families were consistently evil for hundreds of years, at least. I was referring to them, specifically, as Khazarians. I'm thinking the world is due a generation of benevolent Rothschilds, but I'm not holding my breath.

neil - I loved the "good strong cup of thinking soup" description!

McCob, I will add that to my reading list, thank you. I wish I had more time to read - there's a lot I'd like to get to.


Clarity said...

Fud - Wow - cloning. A whole new concept. I hadn't thought of it, and I'm not sure how I feel about the whole topic of cloning. It's not a topic I'm familiar with. In the early waking days, I was reading an article that seemed legit, matching up with other info. I'd read. It was all going well until I got to a part where they mentioned a clone. The rest of the article was okay, but that one part took away credibility for me. Now, awake longer, I've encountered it in other places. I also know that things that first seemed outrageous I now know to be accurate. It's kind of hard to discount much of anything as a possibility these days. The logical brain does not understand how a clone works in terms of aging. If the human isn't following 'the plan', and would be replaced with the clone, how is the clone the correct age? Please don't tell me that there are clones of all of us hidden away somewhere, to be used if/when needed! I think someone had mentioned the idea of a Madonna clone in the Super Bowl performance, and watching closely, I could definitely say that there were some things that just did not seem like the Madonna I had come to know. Ah, but the power of suggestion...

Adam, how kind, yet how funny! I feel as if I'm plaguing the site with more confusion! But perhaps it is the responses to my confused questions that are bringing clarity. :)

Sovereignty, very interesting. I will have to learn how to interact with these visitors-or chase them away if they are the unwelcome type. I will look into Meceal, thank you.

Visible.... most people here are better informed than you are? ??? I know there are very well-informed and intelligent people here, and they are have knowledge in a variety of areas which makes this place so valuable. But... I do beg to differ with your statement.

Love to all,

DaveR said...

Feet to the fire is interviewing Clif High and Clif just said he reads Vis (when he can).

Clarity said...

onething... wow
I read your third sentence; everything just stopped around me except for the tears in my eyes. I am so sorry not just for your loss, but the circumstances around it. I don't think I could ever figure out, even with a tribe of invisible friends, how to be okay with that. Your soul inside of you keeps much of the knowledge it's gained hidden from you and you are here in your earth body trying to make sense of it. I can't imagine how your heart aches. As a mother, this is an unimaginable feeling. To find a positive, I'm happy you're aware of how things work as it must be some small comfort to know that he's okay and you'll be with him again.

I have 2 of Newton's books. I'd taken 2 classes and wanted to learn more. It was about ten years ago, so I don't remember the content well. For me, the problem was that it didn't align cleanly with what I had learned in my class. I was left feeling that I didn't know what was truth, or of any accurate source, person or book, where I could go to figure it out and learn more. Your examples make sense, as my son is not a Mozart for sure, but I feel very strongly that he had music in some past life.

I had thought that souls progressed, going towards more positive growth. Basically, I thought it was much more linear: "improving with age". But I think it's possible that to learn certain lessons, it may be achieved by living life as an evil person. I imagine there would be a lot to work out afterward! I also know that soul growth is not always complete in one lifetime, and that may be by chance or design. In the first of three lives I know of, I made a promise to myself as I was put to death, and I did fulfill that promise in my next life. However, of my three lives, that one is the one that most affects who I am today. (I'm still trying to figure out that out...) So I was able to complete my soul's promise in one area in my next life, but apparently there was something else that, for whatever reason(s), was not finished within that one or the next. Let's hope the third time's a charm. (grin) Actually, what's funny to me is that promise I fulfilled in my second life is very relevant to me right now, in my awake state, so it seems as if I had more to do in that area.


Clarity said...

onething... (cont'd.)

Getting back on track, I will surmise from this that perhaps by design some lessons take more than one lifetime. Perhaps life as an evil person is part of a longer plan, with more to come in the next, or another, life. And maybe that answers the question of the soul orienting towards evil... that evil is just part of a long-term plan.

I just read Visible's response to you, and I got a thought in my mind. I'm sure it has nothing to do with his intended message, but I am waaaay behind him! Anyway, as a parent, sometimes we let our children experience some pain or failure to help them learn. You can tell a child something over and over, but sometimes the most effective lesson is one you learn on your own. So maybe you let your child touch the coffee mug that you keep warning is 'hot'. You know he won't be injured, but it will be hot enough to cause discomfort. That discomfort will be a strong reinforcer of 'hot' for the future-much more effective than mom or dad yelling to be careful... Maybe this is an example of how the ineffable will help you get to wherever you need to go to learn something, even if that is a place of evil.

You're definitely right about the elite's children and schools-a poor example. I was trying to say that there are many opportunities, whether through instruction or observation, to learn right/wrong, good/bad character traits, kindness/evil, so why don't they learn these things? Why aren't there Rothschilds or Rockefellers who are out there breaking the cycle and doing good?

Bloodlines are important, and I don't doubt that has something to do with it. And as far as duality, well, to me it's as basic as you can't truly appreciate good without bad. How easily do we take things for granted until we lose or are at risk of losing them?

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.


Peaches said...

Thank you Vis for your post my dear friend. Think I just lost mine so I will try again. First of all, pierre, thank you for the reference to this unknown to me version of the Tao, I have it ordered. I missed it the reference here, sorry. Just watched the last hour of the Academy Awards (yea I know) but the winner of Best Picture (the Artist) upon acceptance speech mentioned Jean deFlorette producer of that movie as an influence. Well I about fell out of my chair on the reference of Jean de florette. I have always loved movies and believe, like bholonath said, there is still quality out there. Anyways, I highly recommend Jean de Florette and part 2, Manon of the Spring, (French with subtitles if needed) if your are interested in the human condition, as I am. Been watching foreign films (I'm American) almost my whole life and I know there is far more out there yet to experience.

Love, Peaches

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Homer:

I was speaking in general terms in my previous post, and I was not expressing my own view of what Nature or Maya is per se.

Homer, you wrote: "Isn't there another avenue of thought/belief that implies this world is real all right, but temporary, and this is how the illusion appears?"

The Bhagavad Gita and the Vivikachudamani both describe Nature (Prakriti or Maya) as a Field of ever-changing appearances, while the Soul is described as unchanging. It's stated that both the Soul (Purush) and the Field (Prakriti) are permanent, but their qualities are different. In Hindu (and also Buddhist) scriptures, the relationship between the Soul and Nature (Prakriti or Maya) is often described as illusory.

Differences of opinion exist about the specific meaning of Nature or Maya, its qualities, and its permanence or impermanence.

Homer, you wrote: "Isn't the sadhu-sastra-guru approach more appropriate for these subjects than some general awareness which is likely an illusion itself?"

The sadhu-sastra-guru approach has itself generated differences of opinion about many issues or questions.

MachtNichts said...

Can playground bullies appear in a cloak of benevolence and contrived compassion? I can't shake the feeling that something is going on here and it doesn't feel right. Sorry, Vis. Call me delusional.

On a different note, sure, words are fencing us in. They still seem to be the most economical way of communication at the present. You are my best example, stickman is close. Words can make a wonderful symphony. So, until we can jump over the fence I look forward to more of your creations, Vis. No pressure, though. There is already enough of that around and probably more coming down the pike. Love Silvia

wv, entanive, epecili - okay, now we're dealing with some serious antique language

Clarity said...

Hello Everyone~

A request: Could someone please call me to remind me of Visible's radio show? That's three weeks in a row that I forgot!! Thank you!

Allison: The mind is a wonderful servant that has become a cruel task master for the seeker.
I'm pretty sure that's what I was trying to say... but yours sounds much better. (grin)

Dan: True confession here-it could get me banned. Back when I thought watching Glenn Beck qualified me as being in the know (I was so groggy, I didn't even know there was an 'awake'.), he'd talk about "Spooky Dude". GB's style M.O. was fear, and he had me believing that this guy was THE one-stop source of all evil in the world. (Oh, except for the Muslims, another thing he wants us to fear...) I never really "got" what I should be afraid of, and how and for what I was supposed to prepare. But I 'got' that Spooky Dude was "it" and I thought along the same lines as you... Maybe I should cut off the head of the snake. I knew the personal consequences wouldn't be very pleasant, but if I could save my children, and hey - the world, while I'm at it, then maybe it would be worth it.

Now further out of my slumber, I am more aware of what is really going on. It feels better to be awake, and the fear that ruled my life at that time is gone. But still the problem of what to do remains. And "What are you going to do about it?" was asked more than once here today. I think that's a very good question. I'm thankful that I'm awake. But why? So I know what's coming? Hmmm... maybe it would be better to stay in my cozy, safe bubble. Who wants to think about all of this nasty shitstuff? I used to look at the sky and cry, seeing what they were doing to it and wondering what it meant for the future of my children - of their children. Would they even get to have children? Have you ever pointed it out to someone? How many people have no idea? They never noticed. How do you not? I'm not sure I know what a real cloud looks like anymore. I'm excited not just when the sun is out, but when I can see a (somewhat) blue sky with nothing marking it up. Maybe it is better to not realize those lines up there are not normal. Actually, I don't really feel that way, but I'm not sure why. Why have I worried so much about waking up my family?

Well, first, I think of how this crazy scheme has actually come so far. I am blown away sometimes when I think that a few hundred years ago, some banker family/ies thought "Hey, I think I'm going to take over the world." Really? WTF?? Who would ever think that? Yeah, sure, people might imagine what it would be like to be in charge of the world... Okay buddy, make sure you put on your Superman cape before bed and maybe you'll have a nice dream and you can see what it would be like... But these people actually made a plan. They - made - a - plan that they thought they could actually use to TAKE CONTROL OF THE WORLD!! How many are in your family? And how many people in the world? Okay, sure, you can have your fantasy if that's what floats your boat.

Has anyone besides me ever thought of these things? (I know, Visible, determination - intention - I know. I get off course sometimes. Or maybe being PISSED actually helps me stay the course - who knows?)

Let me share with you what actually occurs in my brain sometimes. (WARNING-continue at your own risk.) I think about how they got this all going. First, here's this guy Bauer. He works for a bank. Dad dies, so he comes home to take over dad's money lending/counting house business. And here's the first brilliant idea: Look, Dad has this red flag hanging outside... (Can you picture it, people? Can you see the flag??) Wouldn't it be so cool to change my name to red flag? Yeah, yeah, I think I'll do that!


Clarity said...

Is that brilliance? Think about it friends - what would your last name be? Starsnstripes? Gadsdensnaketread? (Jeez - don't even think about having children - they'll never learn to spell that!!) Maybe it's springtime, so you have a nice decorative flag... Your name will be - Hummingbird. If you live a more simple life, maybe you have a red flag too. But that name is taken. Be creative! How about... Crimsonbanner? Now make sure your name sounds appropriately snooty and Ashkenazi-Jewish - you never know when you might become ruler of the world, and you want to have a name that fits.

Okay so he's got an appropriately elitist name, and he starts making some money. With money he can buy things - maybe even people. Hmmm... he thinks maybe it would be fun to rule the world. He grabs a pen and some paper and writes down his plan. Yup - gotta have a plan, right? Now, see this in your minds, okay? He's sitting - where? Kitchen table? Nah - he's rich - he probably has a fancy desk. Can you see him thinking and writing everything down?

He can't do this alone, though. So he gets in touch with this guy and offers to pay him to get this plan thing going. Okay, mental movie time again! Redflag is asking Weishaupt to take his plan and get it organized. What do you picture Weishaupt doing? Saying? "Uh, yeah, sure - I'll help you with this plan to take over the world. Ookaaayyyy. Right. Hey, are you feeling okay? What's that, you say? Ohhh - you're going to pay me? How much? Absolutely sir, I'll get right on it." Did you get the same picture? Something different?

Okay, I don't usually venture that far back in history. I like to imagine the more recent goings-on.

Scene 1: I've got a conference room on the screen in my brain. It's got a long table. No - even longer. Yes, that's it! And there are people sitting all around the table, with a very important looking (or so he thinks - the rest are paid to think that) asshole sitting at the head of the table. Notepads. In leather folios, of course. Fancy pens. Expensive bottled water at each place. "Ahem. Okay, I called you all here because we have some important work ahead of us. You are all aware of our mission statement and our goals. I've looked over the last quarter's report, and I am not happy with the progress - or should I say - lack of progress being made. People around the world are multiplying like rabbits. They're in the billions already, and not only are we not keeping up - we are slipping behind. I expect to see some changes around here, and fast! We will meet back here in exactly one week. I don't care if you have to eat, sleep, and crap at your desks, you are not to do anything else until you have some solid ideas to bring to the table. Now get going!"

Scene 2: Same conference room. "Last week I sent you off with a very important assignment. I expect to hear some solid ideas here today. Anyone who does not have at least one substantial suggestion to share will be getting a one-way ticket to the nearest FEMA camp, and you WILL be riding in the shackle car! Now, who's going to start?"

Two skinny nerds nervously exchange glances and slowly raise their hands. "We, uh... well, we actually worked together on our idea."

"Together? Well, this had better be twice as good, or you'll both be at camp by sundown tonight, and don't think you'll be roasting marshmallows when you get there!"

"Oh..ok-ay, well, um - I have this friend and he is in the chemical business, and you see, he has this problem of what to do with the excess waste. So I was thinking, uh, well, that we could take it from him - and he'd pay you, of course, but we could give him a good deal to make it worth his while to let us have it."



Clarity said...

"Oh, yes, and then we could add it to the water?"

"The water? What water? You mean dump it in the ocean? Why would I want to do that??"

"Oh, no, sir, I'm sorry sir, I wasn't clear. I meant the drinking water. You see, this stuff is bad, because it's chemical waste, you know, and you see, it actually makes people kind of docile and complacent, and so it's easier to get them under control, you know."

*Lamebrain #2 pipes in now. "Yes, and I have some dentist friends, and I've already started tell them that this stuff - it's called fluoride - well, you see, I told them that this is the newest discovery and it's really good for your teeth. It makes them strong and healthy. And they were so excited, and the said they would definitely, if we went ahead with these plans, that they would definitely share this information with all of their patients." Around the table, people are looking at each other, shrugging, and nodding - yes, this just might work.

Do you get the picture here? Yes, I think of these things. Maybe not in such detail, but I do. It amazes me sometimes what ideas some people actually come up with. And they don't just come up with ideas - they actually try to implement them. What amazes me even more - beyond amazement into stupefied incredulity - is that one person proposes an outrageous idea and other people (that's plural - more than one) actually agree with them!! What kind of sick fucks are they??

Hey - let's make up this story about 6 million of us being gassed in concentration camps during the war. Then we can blame the country where we say it happened. And, we can demand that they pay us for these crimes. Oh, yeah, and every time anyone says something bad about us, we can throw it at them, for pity, and they will quiet right down. And the piece de la resistance... we will finally get a country of our very own, so we won't get kicked out any more. Well, we'll have to do the kicking out, but you know that's a bonus because we do that for sport. Remember Russia?!? (Applause - wow, creative idea! I wish I'd thought of that!)

What about this one... Let's take this deadly virus and spread it around and kill off millions of people! (Oh my - you came up with a good one, for sure!)

Oh yeah, well check out my idea... I thought we could go into countries where the people are poor, and there's a lot of disease. And we will tell them we're there to help them fight the diseases with these vaccines, courtesy of some philanthropic organizations, which are backed by some very generous rich people who only have their best interests at heart, of course... You see, with my plan, we don't have to deal with the additional medical expenses of the people who get sick and don't have insurance. Oh, and I forgot the best part.... We can put something in the vaccine, it's called hCG, it's a hormone, and what it does is it makes the girls sterile, so voila! No babies from them. Population decline. Well, no growth anyway, but we've got to start somewhere, right? Oh, and there's more... because it only affects the females, we don't have to vaccinate everyone. So that's like, uh, half the expense. Is that brilliant, or what? And the people - they'll be too stupid to realize that we're only giving it to the girls. They'll never know what's going on. (Applause)


Clarity said...

Can you picture them planning for Libya? Well, Gadaffi dresses kind of funny, so we can run with that and say he's a crazy psycho. Let's tell people that he's a brutal dictator, and he is killing off his own people. That would go along with the psycho angle. And we play on their emotions. We HAVE to go in and save all these people - these women and children and families, from certain death, or worse... It is our RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT! Oh yes, and we can also say that he's oppressing women. All the libbers will go crazy for that one. How about this? How about we tell everyone that he's taking all the money that Libya is making off their oil, and depositing it all in his own personal accounts? That'll really piss people off. Let's not forget to say that he's responsible for the Lockerbie downing too, because we were able to sell our version of the story to the sheeple. And anyone who might have heard otherwise, well, they'll have forgotten by now, thanks to that flouride idea. OOhh!! I've just thought of a great one! Let's tell everyone that he travels everywhere with this hot looking nurse with big boobs. The women will all be ticked off at his derogatory treatment of her, and the guys'll be pissed because they'll be jealous. Now, this one point is vital... DO NOT leak one word about that Great Man-Made River Project! People would never believe that there could be crops growing in the desert. That would make him look like a hero and it would ruin everything. That info. must be kept top-secret! (Whistles and foot stomping for this idea, and visions of $$ run through their brains.)

Who thinks of this, and who are the other whos who go along with it?? This is totally beyond my mental reach.

After all this, getting back to why we should be awake.
Well, again, how have they accomplished their goals?
*Money. Money = power, especially with the amounts of money they have, and the control of economies, our money.
*Deceit/Secrecy. Careful planning, and control, control, control - of our food, our water, our thoughts, our schools, our government, etc. etc. etc. With this control, they are able to influence what we think and what we don't think about. They are able to operate without being seen, because they keep their actions well-hidden.
*Evil. These people have to be on a completely different level. Besides being able to think in these terms, there is more. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, whether it be to kill one whistleblower, or tens of thousands of people - or more - with a controlled weather event. How many people are willing to kill another, or many others, for their own selfish desires?

I thought we should get people to wake up because so much of their power comes from being hidden. If enough people woke up and spoke out, it might expose them, and without their cover, it's more difficult to continue getting away with things. I'd like to say it would help people make the best choices at election time, but we really don't have choices with our elections, do we?


Clarity said...

Is this enough?
What growth is my soul making by knowing? Is knowing enough or should there be action? Should we be trying to stop this? Isn't that the right thing to do? How is allowing it to continue-the deceit, the fraud, the lies, the killing, the stealing of our money, of other country's resources-okay?
What should we do? What can we do?

Back to the head of the snake... In most courts of law here, killing in self-defense is often justified and isn't punished. If we were to cut off the head of the snake, would God see that as a justifiable act? We are defending our lives. We're saving others from being killed. Would we get credit for that, or would he see it as wrong? What other options do we have?

Visible, you have access to information that most people don't. I take what you say very seriously. I'm happy to believe that things will be taken care of as they should-that things are going according to Divine plan. But what if... What if you didn't get this information? What if you didn't tell us? What if you didn't have your sites to share your thoughts, your wisdom? What if there was no you? What if you get bad info? How do we know we're not supposed to be part of the plan? Why are we here, and why now, when there is so much evil? Are we here, now, to make a difference? Is this a huge gift we've been given-an opportunity for great soul learning and growth? Does our learning come from being aware, watching, and waiting? Or does our learning and growth come from doing?

You make your contributions, Visible, with the coins from your pocket, by opening your home to someone, and here on your websites. And this is a huge one. I noticed earlier how many times I refreshed the page today and there were new comments. You have to read and approve each one. You are there, often, doing that work behind the scenes. You're writing your next pieces to post. You're researching what's going on so you can make valuable and pertinent comments. I imagine you write your radio shows, and you record them. You read and respond to a shitload of emails. You comment here. You update your Facebook page. I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface, and I haven't even considered that you have a personal life. I'm willing to bet that you devote a significant portion of your life to this, and it's not a job for which you earn a salary. I think it's pretty clear that you are making your contributions.


Clarity said...

What are our contributions to be? What is the most natural expression of who we are? I don't know what to do. I don't know what I can do. But I do know that the most natural expression of who is am does not include allowing these lies to continue. It does not include allowing the stealing to continue. It does not include allowing the measures used to make or keep people sick to continue. It does not include allowing the killing-and we're talking massive killings, all things considered-to continue. It does not include allowing people with their plans to take over and control the world to continue. The most natural expression of who I am aligns with my "logical" brain: right, just, fair. These things are not right. They are not fair. My moral compass points in a different direction.

If anyone has answers, I am anxious to hear them. Whether or not I have the courage to do what needs to be done will remain to be seen. That may be the "passing" or "failing" of my soul's journey in this lifetime. I may well be stuck here for a long, long time, but unless I need to figure out what to do on my own, it would be very helpful to at least know what my options are. Then I can work from there.

This was composed outside the comment box, but I can imagine it might fill a few boxes. I apologize in advance for taking up such a huge chunk of the comments board, and I want to say that there were a few other people I wanted to address specifically-especially re: crickets and grasshoppers-but I'm not sure I should take up any more space here right now.

As always, with love,

brian boru said...

My favourite Gleeson line from the Guard is: 'You didn't check the house for money? What kind of Guard are you?' That's what we expect from our police here in Ireland. Well, at least they won't kill you on a whim as they seem to do in the US nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Talk Less, Do More!

Sacrifice: done quietly;
Penance: be sincere;
Atonement: talk less, do more!

Pax y'all!

pax verbum

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siamsaim said...

more subtle than the bloated purveyor of silver

Anonymous said...

My dearest Les and other friends,

what to make of these insights ?

much love,

a German farmer

Anonymous said...

Clarity said: ....."how is the clone the correct age?"

I don't claim to be a expert on the genetic process of cloning but it works something like this. Lets say a cell is taken from the body of a 40 year old. With the process they use the clone will be 40 years old when created. Clones can be created in a very short period of time. They are then programmed, in some respects, to be like the original person. There are problems though, clones lack emotions, and other intangibles that constitute being human. (lack of the Divine spark) Clones also don't live very long and must be recloned. It is my understanding Camp David (get it David, star of david) is one of the places where the politicos go for this procedure. The wife of a clone (sometimes others) must also be cloned. She would figure it out.

You ever wonder why we have such diabolical bastards for politicians? How many times has Les said they aren't human? Do you see any of them getting any better? They can't, just like a computer can't, on its own accord, change it's software.

I can't get into it to deep here. I would take up too much bandwidth. As I said you need to do your own research.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only curmudgeopn here to address the dread felt on the misuse of an otherwise worthy term. When I hear a corporate newsreader describe something "unfortunate", I am moved to embarrassment for the unwashed unrepentant whores that front the Gangsterdom. "Unfortunate", like "accidental" is speculative meaningless dressage, not to mention untrue. Events happen not by accident but by intentions and conflict vectors. There are no accidents and fortunes are subjective delusion/opinions. No? Of course the blogmaster uses this word tool most properly and is not in need of correction. transmission from planet alpha ending....

Rothschild vs Putin said...

R: Hey Vladimir, it's Evelyn.

P: Hi, what's up?

R: Listen V, we gotta problem with kicking off WWIII through Iran/Syria - and one of the problems is you.

P: Explain Evy.

R: We have to get the population down to a half a billion and get our SDRs out there, but you are in the way.

P: How?

R: You and the Chinese refuse to allow Israel and NATO to take over Syria and Iran as is their desire and our NWO plan.

P: That's true, I think zionist hegemony has gone quite far enough - Libya was the absolute last straw. If your zionist cowbows try to attack Syria or Iran we and the Chinese are going to bomb the lot of you back to the stone age.

R: We can't have that.

P: Well you do have that. What are you going to do - try to assassinate me?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

While scientists may have achieved the capability of cloning human cells in a petri dish, that does not give them the ability to accelerate growth. In other words, the clone should still require the usual time in which to grow into an adult.

The clone would not have the memories or experience of the original person. The memories and mind of the clone would be its own, and different from its person of origin.

I would also expect the clone to have a Soul of its own, just as identical twins, who are clones of each other, possess their own individual Souls.

The idea that you could produce a human clone that would grow to maturity in a matter of weeks, or possess the mind of the source person, is science fiction that is way beyond what might be possible today. And there's no reason to assume that each clone would not possess its own Soul -- just as in vitro babies each have their own Souls.

At the present state of technology, scientists might be able to clone a human being, but they would have to insert the clone embryo into a human womb to grow it into a baby, because they do not yet have the technology to replicate the process of human pregnancy and birthing.

Paul Von said...

To Clarity:
I'm fairly new to this site, and typically never bother to comment on most of the web sites I've visited. The first thing I noticed when reading Visible’s pages, was the quality and honesty of those who regularly contribute their thoughts and inspirations. A very exceptional web community, so hats off to all.
Though I am often not in agreement with some of what is stated by various posters, I don’t feel agreement is all that important. Everyone finds his or her own path, and that’s the “way” every individual life moves forward.

There are many I could compliment here, but here is a special thank you to you > for your many pleasant thoughts and considerations
Paul Von

DaveR said...


"Dave R: Perhaps i was being a bit obscure when noting that the lighting technicians and musicians do all their best "for exactly what?"

Where this was coming from was not their monetary compensation, which was meant to be implicit there, but rather for what good ..."

Thanks for the screed. I got that the first time and your life in the wilds sound idyllic. Aside from the unrecognized sarcasm in my response I guess that I do need to point out that the overwhelming point of Hollywood (entertainment industry) is to make money. To a certain extent it exists to guide popular thought (brainwashing) but far over all is to make money.

Every little while some art sneaks through by accident. I lived in SoCal for 30 years and worked in the 'biz'. It's there to make money. The Oscars exist as a marketing ploy, nothing more. Same with the Emmys, Grammys, Tonys, Golden Globes, People's Choice and the Westminster Dog Show.

Railing about the vacuity of the situation presupposes that there is a 'there' there. There isn't. Never was.

I'm often surprised by how little people understand about how they're being manipulated just to make a buck. I remarked once to a woman behind me in the supermarket checkout that so-and-so actress was on the front of 5 magazines and that therefore she must have a movie coming out. To me, her publicist had been working overtime. The woman was personally insulted and 'informed' me that that wasn't how it worked at all. It was just a coincidence. I said OK because she can think what she wants. Of course the actress did have a 'major motion picture' coming out, but that was just a coincidence. I still wonder how much it costs to have my picture on the front of People... That shit ain't free.

Rothschild vs. Putin said...

R: Hey Vladimir, it's Evelyn.

P: Hi, what's up?

R: Listen V, we gotta problem with kicking off WWIII through Iran/Syria - and one of the problems is you.

P: Explain Evy.

R: We have to get the population down to a half a billion and get our SDRs out there, but you are in the way.

P: How?

R: You and the Chinese refuse to allow Israel and NATO to take over Syria and Iran as is their desire and our NWO plan.

P: That's true, I think zionist hegemony has gone quite far enough - Libya was the absolute last straw. If your zionist cowbows try to attack Syria or Iran we and the Chinese are going to bomb the lot of you back to the stone age.

R: We can't have that.

P: Well you do have that. What are you going to do - try to assassinate me?

DaveR said...

Wow Clarity, a whole book (screenplay?)!

I once asked a man, much wiser than myself, why I'd been led to all this knowledge about corruption, lies and deceits of the politicos. His answer was simple:

"So you can protect yourself."

Reader said...

Hello again Mr. Vis.
Thanks for the Biden reference! Hilarious.

You seem to have THE most loyal and loving fans of anyone on the net. That's not for no reason.

Any thoughts on reigning-in this "Clarity" person? It not what he/she writes, it's the QUANTITY!

nina said...

While debating with a dear friend the state of affairs, she having excellent-sounding arguments as a "numbers person" often thinks they do, driving into Arizona I catch glimpses of the Colorado River and 30 plus feet of white striation above it starting at the true waterline. Too many of the mountains showing effect of strip mining. Seven, count em, helicopter hovering the region digitally mapping for more.

Words hinder us severely. We are un-gelled atoms in the long process of disolving back into wherever, whatever it is we came from. What we thought made us something proves to be nothing.

Praises, you think this thing about written and spoken dialogue could not possibly contain impact, but this time, here, this essay, they do.

Anonymous said...


To clone a 40 year old, you'd have to wait 40 years until it grew up to be a 40 year old adult human. Human clones can be produced. But they have go through the usual morula-blastula-gastrula-embryo-fetus-newborn-toddler-child-teen-adult stages until they're the 40-year-old you wanted to duplicate in the first place. Ther ain't no fast-forward-in-a-big-glass-culture-bottle. Not that there won't ever be such a Brave New World-esque style of cloning. The technology just ain't there yet.


And I've been in bio reseach for quite some time.

MiaBellezza said...

There's an affinity I have with birds, including a Blue Jay that has twice been good enough to knock out a wasps nest that gets built on our eaves. The first time he arrived my husband and I were discussing what to do because quite often we get stung in knocking it down. During this contemplation a Blue Jay arrived on the deck fence opposite where I was sitting and eyed me and then the wasps nest and then flew up and knocked it down. Coincidence, I think not. He arrived last year, when we were sitting on the deck and eyed the nest again, and knocked it down again.

The ones who believe themselves enlightened, but who are not, are planning some ceremonies at the Pyramids perhaps to usher in their demon god ~ who knows. Alex Jones' video out today on the subject ~ Luciferian Religion. I won't provide a link because I don't know Les' position on Alex.

Anonymous said...

Hello far as I know, we are at the end of this particular Galaxy game. .....
There are two types of so called human beings on Earth!.....there are the simultaneous incarnations( those of us experiencing all our lifetimes at once across all timelines) and sequential incarnations ( those who incarnate one life time after another in sequence.... Think Borg or hive mentality)....they want every one to conform!
Hang in there because the domination of one soul over another is almost over!

Ben said...

Vis, All,

If I may, I wish to respond to Clarity... this in regards to "cutting off the head of the snake". I take my guidance from the Bible (which will probably turn some people off).

The Bible teaches that all authority comes from God, the Divine. God raises up authorities to bring both blessings and discipline on nations and people. I believe God also gives us what we want... and unfortunately too many people want bread and circuses. Until or unless God opens their eyes they will be provided bread and circuses until they're sick of it. (And the bread and circuses will themselves be more and more unhealthy and depraved.)

I am a follower and believer in Jesus the Anointed and try to make HIm my example. On only two occasions did Jesus employ violence and that was when He scourged the money-changers at the temple and kicked over their "banks". (I believe this was a prophetic act.)

When Pontius Pilate noted that he had the authority to release Jesus, Jesus responded "You would have no authority, were it not given you from above."

According to the Bible, there were quite a few Judeans that hoped Jesus would lead a revolt against Rome and, as Jesus noted, the "violent will always attempt to establish the Kingdom (of God) by force."

Jesus, in part of what is known as "The Lord's Prayer", prayed "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven."

I believe that the battle is spiritual, not physical. Were I to come across one of THTW and cut off his/her head (or in some other violent act, kill him/her) then I would in turn be subject to that same authority which God raised up... for the purpose of demonstration. I believe that instead I am to submit; I am to give honor where honor is due (not merited) and respect where respect is due (not merited).

This has been a hard road for me. I'm fifty-five; spent ten years in the military in a special ops unit and learned violence as a profession. I then went to work for the Federal Government in an agency where violence was sanctioned.

God hit me over the head nine years ago with a 2X4 and this was the beginning of my return to Him. The first lesson, which took a couple of years, was that God is Absolute and Absolutely Sovereign. Everything is under control. I came to understand that all things are according to His purpose... even people without souls, or compassion, or love. They are here for the purposes of demonstration and all of them are actually doing precisely those tasks God would have them do (they just don't know this).

I believe their time is coming to an end. I have no idea when this will be, but suspect it will be before 2018. I think we all have some more testing and trials before us, but God gives signs all the time as to His intent and purpose and these serve as encouragement to those whose eyes He has opened. Give and accept love, know no fear, maintain absolute faith. All is under control. (I write this knowing that it might be part of God's purpose that my life be taken by tyrannical authority... I can "live" with this, it doesn't bother me, nor the fate of my loved ones. However, I do not believe this is what the Divine has in store for me, nor my immediate loved ones.)

Vis and his writings serve the Divine; he is not here by accident but according to God's perfect purpose. That in and of itself is worth some reflection.

Anonymous said...

corporation warfare
israels ficticous state
controled misidentity
calamatous mistakes
financial destitution
institutional disrepair
the unfathomable capacity
how the instance fair
in deviating purpose
nightmares in the dark
the criminaly corrupted
disconnected heart
people say it doesnt matter
their is nothing they can do
consciously incapacitated
to the fires of all truth


Anonymous said...

nyno umissidClones..........

TNT said...

Those of the Zionist ilk behave with complete moral freedom. No conscience, no guilt just mimic nature with the attitude that unconditional love and indifference are both god like behavior and by their behavior they do 'gods' work. Why else could Lloyd Blankien tell the Sunday Times of London with a straight face that bankers do 'gods' work!??? They believe they are of the chosen, above the rest of humanity and they display this openly with little in the way of effort to try to hide what they are. They own the mass media and most of the leaders of the free world or at least any of them that are worthy of stealing from. Like any tool these countries are discarded once their wealth is gone and they no longer have anything left to steal or profit from. When you see them all cashing in to leave one has to stop and say hmmmm. Perhaps the first week to ten days of March 2012 will be quite revealing. Me thinks so

onething said...


You are answering people from the previous post?

I don't know how other people whose children die adjust, but for me my son's murder has caused such cognitive dissonance that it has been almost harder than the grief itself. A couple of his friends think it was a sacrifice to prevent them from hurting others, (because they're all in jail, two for life) but people seek comfort and explanations. Sacrifice is a a wonderful thing but an incarnation like that shouldn't be wasted that way, or so it seems to me.

I was in awe of my own child. I have never seen anyone treat other human beings with such finesse.

Now, why are you questioning whether you children have souls? The only question is about psychopaths because they seem to be cut off from remorse or kindness, which come from the soul. But not all psychopaths are cruel. Some of them are simply empty and impulsive.

Some of your further questions confuse me...why would it matter when incarnating what the future belief system will be as related to reincarnation? Half the gig here is that we don't know what the f*** is going on and of course we make sh** up. Of course, the soul does know a lot of these things before incarnating. For example, someone is an atheist. But for spiritual progress, that makes little difference. Oh, don't get too excited Vis! It only matters as one gets ready for the more final stages into mysticism, the joy of which is incomparable and not available to atheists or the religious.

Your further questions indicate you think Jews lack souls? Things are not that simple, never that simple.

onething said...

More about Clarity's questions--

Now, while reading up about this khazarian question, I ran across some videos which deny this, and found this delightful Asian folk music video:

I'm not convinced of this idea that most Jews are khazarian, nor why we should assume the khazarians are naturally bad. At any rate, there are a number of people who say that THEY are the khazarians. That only a handful of khazars converted and in the end some became Christian and the rest Muslim. Certainly, lots of Jews are good people and do good things. Many Israelis are against the violence and suppression of Palestinians. You have to dig for this. They never tell you about it. 2,000 Israeli and Palestinian women marched together through Jerusalem - but the press gave them no coverage. You can find young Jews, both Israeli and American with videos explaining their resistance to the Palestinian situation.

Check out Brother Nathaniel. He lays it on the line and he converted to Christianity.

Someone posted an interview of Ernst Zundel, an expert like no one else in the world perhaps, and he names the Jewish author from which he gets the Khazarian idea. Somewhere else I came across that Arthur Koestler came up with it and it seems he was trying to deflect the idea that Jews killed Christ by saying most Jews of today are not of the same lineage.
But Ernst Zundel also has other books about Jewish DNA and it seems there are some separate groups. Other Jews cite some evidence showing a great cohesiveness of Jewish DNA.

The thing is, people here and elsewhere often state that the Jews were kicked out of many countries, but some of those countries and the times it happened show that the same problems have continued centuries before the conversion of the Khazarians or in places they never lived. Some people are disgusted by the real meaning of Purim - yet this is about 3,000 years old. Then there is the Talmud. Written centuries before the conversion of the Khazarians.

I guess I have my own views on all of this, but whether or not the Khazarians are a significant new input to the Jewish people does not solve the real problems of explaining Jewish behavior.

I don't know whether Jehovah was an alien or an Annunaki or a demon, but he was a psychopath and much of the Old Testament is spiritually pathological. The Hebrews never regarded him as the one and only true God, nor are they the originators of monotheism. The true monotheists of the world are the Hindus. The Hebrews mixed it up with other gods every chance they got and were treated brutally by this Jehovah. I think of the Jews as having been gotten ahold of by this rabid beast and finally it twisted them. They are like an abused wife who can't leave. And that rabid beast got ahold of Christians too, and it is what is wrong with Christianity today and is the reason for the constant genocides practiced by Christians for these past few hundred years. But Christians are not fully ruined because they have Jesus and the Holy Spirit and to some extent the true God (the one Jesus talks about).
But now -- to voluntarily emphasize the demonic aspects of the Old Testament and consciously choose it - perhaps that is the crime of the Zionists and the Rothschilds and illuminati.

Jesus - everything he said was completely opposite to Jehovah. For example, there are quotes from the OT about the Jews taking over the world and lording it over everyone else, but when Satan tempted Jesus, he offered him world power and Jesus rejected it, saying his was a spiritual kingdom.

The only people who mean the true God when they say Jehovah (Jah) are the Rastafarians.

Ben Dover said...

"Everything is sex."

Even the satanic new world order takeover.

Greece sinks to its knees
Opens mouth
Takes zio phallus
Begins to suck

YOUR country is next.

Somebody once said...

"Because the tiger acts according to his nature and knows not anything else, therefore he is divine and there is no evil in him. If he questioned himself, then he would be a criminal."

One must act in full accord with one's nature if every crevice of creation is to be explored, lest something vital be missed.

This begs the question:
Is it right for man's God-given brain to overide his God-given nature?
As nature evolves from matter and brain evolves from nature then brain overides nature. So, if it is in one's nature to cut the head off the snake and one's sincere, rational decision is to cut the head off the snake, then, as I see it, it is your God-given duty to cut the head off the snake.

For sake of clarity I'm not talking about killing anybody here, you understand. That would definitely put you in violation.

DaveR said...

Wow. Bio-technology pros around here. Gregory seems to be an expert in numerous fields.

Somehow he and Mandocello are both absolutely convinced that they know the extent of bio-technology esp. re: cloning. To me there seems to be a mountain of evidence regarding extraterrestrials and their visitations here for many millenia. Certainly IF that is true, then someone MIGHT have acquired technologies more advanced than is written up in Scientific American or Lancet.

Just a few years ago Dr. Peter Gariaev claims to have changed a salamader to a frog with information carried on a laser. That's here and now. To claim absolute certainty that a clone would have to age 40 years to look 40 seems presumptive, at best.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Visible said...

Yes, well, remember that cutting off the head of the snake stops the movement to godhead because the base (in all senses of the word) force moves up to each level and engages in the process of mastery of the preliminary states and then moves into the more esoteric states until it completes the alchemical marriage, or simply enters the high matrix (because the perceived allegorical drama is not the same for every ray, or path) and self realization occurs.

But there are bad snakes and wise serpents.

Viz said...

'But there are bad snakes and wise serpents.'

There are? Gosh!

Richie (Dana) said...

Ben @ 11:32

Sir, in a word, Excellent.

God Bless


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Clarity:

A Loka is a location. The Hindu and Buddhist Lokapalas are the Deities of the four cardinal directions. The Vedic scriptures state that Brahmaloka and Vishnuloka are located at the top of the Cosmos, in the vicinity of the North Pole Star. The idea that Heaven exists anywhere and everywhere, instead of at the top of the Cosmos, appears to be a modern notion -- although a few mystics may have understood Heaven as a state of mind in ancient times.

To DaveR:

There are things I know, and things I don't know. Don't ask me for advice about your investments or repairing your car. I was an ace student of Biology and an assistant instructor of Anatomy and Physiology in college. If space aliens and super-scientists are using secret technologies that are far in advance of anything that we know, that makes all of what I think about technology - and all of what you think about technology - moot and irrelevant. Until you show proof of space aliens and secret technology, your claims have no credence. Your Shakespeare quote which suggests that "anything is possible" does not constitute proof of anything. The possible and the factual are two separate realms.


Regarding "beheading the snake", I think that choosing the path of nonviolence is commendable, but telling people who are under attack or suffering oppression that they don't have the right to defend themselves is exceeding one's moral authority. I do not keep a carnivore as a pet, because I will not supply meat to anyone. If I am attacked by anyone, I will defend myself. If Olivia Harrison had not beat the intruder's head with a poker, George Harrison might likely have been stabbed to death. Did she do anything wrong by beating him?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Clarity should start her blog.

Visible said...

Yeah, as a matter of fact, like totally, dude.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Last night I saw classical pianist Adam Tendler perform the 70-minute Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano (1946-48) by John Cage. The piano is prepared by inserting a lot of screws, pieces of rubber, and bits of paper between the strings, making the notes sound like gongs, drums, bells, wooden mallets, or synthesizer notes. Cage was inspired by Indian music and philosophy when he wrote his Sonatas and Interludes; he intended to portray the eight Indian rasas, or moods.

I was pleasantly surprised by how very lyrical and beautiful Cage's Sonatas and Interludes are; a lot of the music sounds like Indonesian gamelan music, and a lot of it sounds like Japanese classical (gagaku) music. The music also sounds very modern -- but timeless -- it creates a very meditative and spiritual atmosphere. Adam Tendler has provided a complete recording of the Sonatas and Interludes you can download for free at his website.

Anonymous said...


I've been keeping a roof over my head doing bioresearch for he past 28 years. At a real-life, big-deal Ivy League-type university. I've been published in Nature(the big deal, holy grail, high-priest journal of the world of Big Science) several times.

I've done regeneration research and watched the field get co-opted and mutate into 'Regenerative Medicine'. I've watched this stem cell craze as it follows the same profit-drive trajectory as that of gene therapy 15 years ago. I've been around the freakin' block in the field with developmental biology, seen the fads come and go. I experienced the marginalization and/or outright theft of original non-orthodox ideas.

Science is loaded with ego scumbags.
I try real hard not to be one of them.

It's my two-bit life on this turn of the wheel.

Those are the facts. I can't change those fact any more than I can change the reality that is the PRESENT state of cloning/stem cell technology.

So please don't start a useless flame war. Please don't go there. It's just so pointless. I don't visit or read Les's site to pick fights. I really don't.


Caltus86 said...

Greetings all, We are truly blessed to have Les Visible and this community at this time. In all my years of listening to teachers, preachers, lecturers and all sort of wise people, none come close to Les Visible. Mr visible stands out and can only be sent by God. Take good care of yourself Mr Visible, we really need you to continue your work, which is of the highest quality. You are precious and good people will continue gather around you.

Peace, Love and Blessings

DaveR said...

Gregory. I only object to you stating without equivocation that your understanding of biology and technology is completed fact. Myself, I have no doubt that there are tech advances far in advance of what the general public is aware, regardless of the source. It's your absolutism that gets to me. I somehow don't think that secret gov't labs (could they exist?) would be sharing their latest advances with assistant instructors in colleges.

Rob in WI said...

Clarity should start a webpage. With a command of anglish, and demonstrated typing proficiency, it'd be far better than lonestarwatchdog. I'll visit; might even comment. Please don't take offense; trying to combine serious with a little fun.
Be well, Rob

Clarity said...

Richard, I enjoy reading your comments here. They are insightful, honest, and show your true heart.

Have a wonderful birthday.


Visible said...

Lonestar Watcgdog can be amusing.

DaveR said...

Nobody knows what they don't know.

Vis. Thanks for all the fish.

Richie (Dana) said...

Thanks for thinking of me...very kind of you and appreciated.
I did read your entire "book" and have a couple things to say that may cause some disagreement from those who wish to 'save' the world.

This plane of existence and all things on it are scheduled for demolition. This is irreversible and cannot be stopped. This is not a cause for fear, but great rejoicing. It is useless to try to save any part of this. There will be some trying times ahead, but true souls dedicated to the Divine have nothing to fear. For those, it will be as simple as walking from your bedroom into the living room.

It is our personal duty to ask the questions for ourselves and to find the answers for ourselves. No one else is responsible for our thoughts or our spiritual viability. Teachers can give directional guidelines, and friends travelling the same path can give support and advice as needed, but ultimately the search for answers on the spiritual path are the responsibility of the individual. Note that this is very different from what the churches say. They simply dictate.
Without Inner Divine assistance and guidance, the real teachers and the truthful information are impossible to identify. Do not jump on any band-wagon! Resign from all dogmas and doctrines! Divine revelation and guidance come from within. Do not be dictated to by anyone. Confirm what is right for you by self-analysis, provided you have been able to purify and protect your centres of consciousness enough.



Very nicely said Sir, and I must agree completely.

Visible, I know that you have your invisible friends, but you also have some friends who reside on this plane and deeply appreciate what you are doing.

Much Love and God bless you Vis,


bholanath said...

Get..ting..or..i..gam..i brain..ache..

this is helping:
penne rigate
local cheddar
sour cream
sheep romano
black pepper
...baked in the oven

Anonymous said...

You may have been in "bio research for some time" and maybe you will be in it for the rest of your life, but you probably will only get to scratch the surface. The scientific disciplines to some extent are for show. Ever wonder why we didn't go back to the moon after we supposedly did in the late sixties/seventies? Those gigantic rockets were phenomenally expensive, but it kept people employed. After Apollo a few hundred billion for probes, shuttles, near earth orbit has been about it. WHY, if that was the only way to get into space? We certainly had the money. Look at the trillions that have been spent on unnecessary wars.

Now lets go somewhere else. When I was in college I took archeology/anthropology classes. It was all the straight historical type stuff. Nothing mentioned about the hundreds/thousands of "anomalies" that have been found all over the earth. Ex. a human footprint in strata two million years old. (even the x stitching around the sandal) Read Testimony of the Spade or Forbidden Archeology.

If you get too far out of bounds in the sciences you risk being ostracised. Fleishman and Pons cold fusion comes to mind. Millions for hot fusion, ridicule cold fusion. (and I know about CAT) Why? With scientific endeavor, you don't upset the apple cart if you want those grants.

If you can't handle any of this you need to read what the whistle blowers have to say, tune into Camelot. Plenty of material out there, but you must use discretion. There is a secret government, a secret space program, and they are at least fifty years ahead of what it commonly known. Lets just say we are out of the loop, and the plan is to keep us that way. Remember CIA director William Cayce? In a weaker moment he was quoted as saying, "we will know how effective our propaganda campaign is when everything the average person knows isn't true." There was a book written about thirty years ago titled Everything You Know Isn't True. You should read it. If the shoe fits ware it.

The cells in the body of a forty year old man have the characteristics of forty. They aren't like the cells when he was a babe. With the technology of the secret government they can rapidly reproduce a forty year old individual. The new individual can then be programed to suit their needs. They could produce a dozen if so desired BUT THEY CAN'T CREATE A DOZEN SOULS. Souls are sparks of the Creator which He cast off eons ago. A soul will only enter a body which is conceived in the natural manner.

A fascinating thing about clones is they aren't a "recent" phenomena. Seventy+ years ago Edgar Cayce talked about the Things in one of his readings. These were entities "created" by the Atlantans to do menial tasks. They were of low intelligence and abused to some extent. The Sons of the Law of One tried to help these creatures but the Sons of Belial wouldn't have any of it. The distruction of Atlantis took care of that situation.

Hells bells, as I said in my previous post do your own research. I'm not trying to convince you of anything. Things aren't what they seem, and you won't get it figured out going to college.


Kevenj said...

Thank you Vis,

Btw, did you know your store had a 404 error?

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Visible wrote: "Lonestar Watcgdog can be amusing."

Sometimes it's the tiniest things that catcg my eye and make me laugh. The author of that blog isn't the best by far at spelling and grammar but his message is pretty clear, often inciteful and like you said ... amusing.

I loved Clarity's composition. She expressed many thoughts I have but I don't have the talent to put them into words like she does.

Rob in WI said...

U of W, perchance? Madison beats ivy league in everything but arrogance. Up late, and a little into my cups, so please excuse my inanity. Rob

Gregory F. Fegel said...

DaveR wrote: "I somehow don't think that secret gov't labs (could they exist?) would be sharing their latest advances with assistant instructors in colleges."

Why don't you apply your ad hominem criticism to Mandocello, the research biologist who has also criticized your science fiction fantasy about cloning?

I know what I know because I listen to people who know what they're talking about; not to science fiction and fantasy buffs.

I speak confidently about evidence-based science. You, DaveR, speak confidently about science fiction fantasies.

Do keep us updated on the latest reports from the secret government labs that you are privy to, DaveR. We're just dying to hear about it. You could be a science reporter for the National Enquirer.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

clarity, is Brevity your evil twin sister? no discouragement intended (you contribute well IMO) , I have the power of the page down button, though if I had the time......
(currently on the wine, so pls forgive).


ps (you aren't Laurel v 2.0 by any chance? - or is it masculine me and the divide with the feminine chatty chatty bang bang thingymagigs?)

pps are these new wv's a way of getting me to type Harry Potter wishamethinkits? thatsamesanginitsmagacamegigs?
wv: tedurand easturam. wtf? I aint no metal mastered fanganglemegigbit FFS. get over it googlebot! do I not bleed? (ThinkPad v 9999 with blood sampling verification on the way)

ppps plug here for Dylan Moran Comedian whom has made an impression on humble moi?)

Ian said...

Gregory, please don't ever put words into other people's mouths. I strongly suspect it is that kind of behaviour that got us into the hole we are in now. Stop it, please. Consider yourself chastised. :)
And who died and made you the guardian of 'moral authority'?
(Please don't say Jesus, please don't say Jesus.)

I never said "people who are under attack or suffering oppression don't have the right to defend themselves...", they have every right to choose any action they wish, that's the point, but whatever action they take will create ripples and those ripples will come back to them at some point.

Now, if they get to a point where their intellect and their very nature is screaming at them to act and to hell with the consequences then so be it.
I honestly don't know how far they can be pushed before they blow. The problem would seem to be that most people, certainly in the West, do not believe in reincarnation and as such are unwilling to 'give their love today for a greater love tomorrow.' You could argue that that too would be an act of selfishness but, in my view, a step in the right direction nonetheless.

I know I said I wouldn't post here again but nobody's perfect. :P

Here endeth the rant.

Visible said...

You people are nothing, if not amusing.

Bhalanath; what you have right there is workable. be sure to drop in a can of diced tomatoes, oregano and basil. All kinds of vegetable accessories loom and curried tuna fish would not go amiss into the mix. It's the only fish I can give cheese access to.

As for all of this other stuff, the webpage down and that; this is tied in to my allegedly saying bad things about someone. I just wish, for once I could get the evidence and see for myself because as far as I know I am not living a double life and I'm not doing anything I don't know about. I don't know what the point is but I'm just treading water. I'm not posting right now because of all the cat fighting going on at the sites that link me. It makes me sick and I don't want to know about it. That most of it is lies does not help.

Anyway, keep your hearts up and surf this thing. I'll see you in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

On to the meaning of this blog.

It's rather amazing that when you go inside yourself, the 'space' expands way beyond the space occupied. Kind of like Snoopy's doghouse when he has a party.

Fud - Thank you for saying so. What makes us think that we are aware of the stuff we're "not suppose to know". That goes both ways - TPTW and the true power Vis speaks of. It's so convoluted that you have to go by "feel" to discern what's applicable at the time.

Thanks to all, and of course, the host that allows us a place to aire and confirm what we're feeling.


Ian said...

Visible said...
"You people are nothing, if not amusing."
My money's on nothing.

Here comes Richard...
"This plane of existence and all things on it are scheduled for demolition. This is irreversible and cannot be stopped."

Have I missed another planning meeting memo?
How many billions of years have we got Richard?
Go on, tell us... you know you want to. ;)

Anonymous said...

As far as 'secret government labs' are concerned. Well, they're not all that secret, and they're not all that competent, either, as I discoverd through my brush with DARPA(the research branch of the defense department), who took a rather keen, acute interest in a regeneration paper that came out of our lab about 11 years ago.

What DARPA does is to form research goups built around a particular project, with researchers drawn from different universities around the country. They don't pick the best and brightest, nor do the best and rightest automatically flock to scramble for the research funds that they dole out which, by the way, are a real pain in the ass to administer.

So, DARPA draws together these little syndicates of researchers, which are typically managed by a DARPA lacky, who hold the position for a year or so. Thus, for a three year project you have to deal with three different managers, each with their own peculiar management style. Usually inefficient and often counterproductive.

It's not like you're playing major league baseball. More like AAA minor leagues--a group of wannabees and almost-weres and not-quites. I was just not impressed.

Rob at 7:11--It's an East coast Ivy. Though I do know someone in the Anatomy Department at Madison, we went to grad school together.


When someone figures out how to make a buck from the moon or Mars then going to the moon will become a quasi-sacramental ritual. Until then, it's robotic craft.

With what we've spent on wars in the past ten years we could have had the latter day equivalent of about six Apollo moon projects.

So why haven't we returned? Well, what little group has been pulling the strings the strings with TOTAL impunity since about 1998?

bholanath said...

Oh, I forgot, there was one egg in the mix too.
Basil and oregano would definitely help. Also occasionally wild smoked alaska salmon.
Comfort food for chillin' with a nice foreign movie (grin).

Anonymous said...

Fud at 4:22 said:

"...If you get too far out of bounds in the sciences you risk being ostracised. Fleishman and Pons cold fusion comes to mind. Millions for hot fusion, ridicule cold fusion. (and I know about CAT) Why? With scientific endeavor, you don't upset the apple cart if you want those grants...."

I couldn't agree more. That about sums it up. Been there, don't reget doing that. Most people in science are quite clever. They paly the game well. But most are basically morons on auto pilot.


Visible said...

The wise side of the feminine mind knownws these things. Thank you Diana, or Demeter. These are strange times and I am not posting because, I've gone away until these conflicts that I want no part in stop. Strange word and sentence structure for the strange times

Rob in WI said...

Hi all,
There was mention before of grasshoppers, and I mentioned crickets. Well, while both insects, along with butterflies and honeybees,used to be plentiful around here, they seem to have mostly disappeared, in the last 10 years, along with many birds. Replacing them are ticks, wasps, and biting flies.
Chemtrails came in '98. I'd been watching aircraft since the 50's, when SAC was keeping B-52s in the air 24/7, and KNOW that a chemtrail is not a contrail.
My perceptions of what's going on is not based on what I read, but what I think I see. IMHO, people take what they read in books, inet, etc., as truth, when these words are only an invitation to explore. Nuff ranting, be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's an interesting article to pass the time.

"Clock Mechanisms and the Flat Earth"

(Installed in 1410, the Orloj is Prague's chief tourist attraction)


Anonymous said...

Neptune, Davy Jones down.....
I know nothing, nothing.....

Anonymous said...

"...We don't have a soul. We ARE a soul. We have a body..."

This quote comes to mind a lot lately.


Anonymous said...

I've seen choked chicken spittin' white - but never seen wild choked salmon ;)
Just what does that look like. Little Samual salmon is trucking along in the river one day when suddenly a bunch of rednecks grab him around the neck and begin choking? Sounds like fiction to me, just like the idea of two men enthusiastically exchanging food recipes, truth is one of them is a woman.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vis and Esteemed Guests

I may not be an expert in molecular biology but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express so I feel more than qualified to comment here.

Ian, I do believe the plan for elimination of earth was well documented
in the movie Mars Attacks and the same theory was basically proven in the movie Independence day. So I think we can all agree that with this supporting
evidence, the subject is now moot.

As for the space program, the Voyager probe has an encoded disk describing mankind to the unfortunate alien that might stumble upon it. Although not well publicized, it has an introductory sequence narrated by the Benanke explaining the limitations of mankind's space program due to a shortage of the pieces of paper called money.

Also the finder of the disk will be pleasantly surprised to discover a low interest Credit Card for all his or her needs should they decide to visit our fair planet.

As for the discussion of the soulless we could discuss my ex wife but forgiveness is my new hobby , so perhaps another time.

I hope this clears things up.

Patrick V1.0

Visible said...

As a matter of fact one of them is a woman, even the guy is a woman aftar a fashion because everyone ie a woman to God

Steve said...

I have a new post up after almost a year. Would be cool to get some feedback while Vis is having a break.

Anonymous said...

So, Clarity left something of a lincoln blog on V's doorstep. When my trust in TPTW was shattered, without realizing it, I was looking to put my trust in something else and left a few lincoln blogs myself, being a little too jazzed up about it. Her judgement is better than mine was.

I've since come to suspect that the explosion of knowledge and the smoke from the pit are the same thing. Note, no mention of wisdom in the first. It stands to reason that since they can print money and hire throngs of otherwise unemployables to go around to blogs muddying the issues, that they can sure own most of the blogs and news sites out there. Add to that the suckers who will believe them and help them.

They can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, but they can manipulate the toothpaste to no useful end. In fact, they can't direct anything to a useful end. The famine of the last days is a famine of the spirit and the subsequent wisdom that inevitably follows. Voltaire said about them "all this knowledge, and no wisdom".

Oops, I hope I didn't just post another lincoln blog, aka, 'pull a Clarity'.

(teehee snort) just kidding

Pastor Present

Visible said...

By all means, go see the captain. The man bought me a new Kinesis keyboard. It's not here yet but given the degree of how pissed off I am at this Logitech composite, pseudo ergonomic and that I couldn't see what half of the keys are after only a month; having worn them away, I'm probably going to pretty grateful.

Clarity does get extensive but she is extensive and there is a lot of breathing room here, as long as you don't cut and paste. No one beats me for long winded testaments of questionable value. although I do have my moments (gtin).

I'm working on a smoking mirrors so, sooner or later, guest is gone and we had a great time doing whatever.


Dave Klaulser said...

So Captain, I took a look.

I believe that you have a grammatical error in your very first sentence.

Other than that, I would ask: Who is your target audience? If it is readers such as myself, LV's usual suspects or the like, then you aren't saying anything that we don't already know. How others might stumble onto your blog, I know not.

Of course it is not necessary to amaze us with some major scoop of Universe, but in the absence, I would think that a humorous, or witty restatement of events might entertain us.

Sorry, nothing of value for me. But I am just a simple man, what do I know? I am likely full of shit too.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share how much my mind world has changed since listening to your interview with Robert Phoenix on the 12-23 show.

I am now relating to God like you suggested. :)

Loved your rainforest song too.

Energies are pretty weird today-kid didn't want to go to school-I say 'ok' and school calls saying 'school is canceled because of snow' hahahah BUT the band fundraiser is still on for tonight's big show!

Glad to have such a loverman besides me like God. He is a giggly one. lol We're walking a tightrope with some real snakes hanging out below. I hope I don't start laughing so hard it makes me off balanced.

the gardener

Visible said...

uh golly... there's a tandem. Strange times. Dave, uh do you want me to remove that or are we good to go (grin)?

No Mirrors tonight, too much to reflect on and since no one seems disposed to help me with a technique or a process of how to send the money that I, more or less, owe and get back control of my enormous empire, I will probably have to figure that out on my own too.

Those of you crucifying grasshoppers and ye fence sitting types, I hope someone brings you a cup of tea.

I'm off for a session. It looks nice to me and it's there and so am I and the results will matriculate (grin) down shortly, more or less.

I'll be in the study with something old and venrable, sure to be memorable.

Make sure that when God gets your report card that he is inclined to say, "plays well with others".

Cap'n Spadgett said...

Thanks Vis, the key board left Amazon yesterday, so shouldn't be long.

Dave, I first started the blog to record a trip across the Pacific, but that all went to shit so It is morphing into something new now. It is a place for me to show my surreptitious spiritual side and I hope it to be a complement to my other blog which will be tracking the search and hopefully the restoration of the good ship Venus which sunk in the Torres Strait all those years ago. Maybe I need a marketing manager? It's a work in progress, so I will see where it leads, if I don't get 300 hits a day I wont loose any sleep over it.
I find writing about the Universe causes me to ponder and reflect and I always find something new in that. Thanks for the feed back.
And yes, please pardon my grammar.


Anonymous said...

"The more I read the more I meditate. The more I meditate the more I realize that I know absolutely nothing." Voltaire

submitted by McCob

Ray B. said...

Duplicate entry: I originally posted this over on Smoking Mirrors, but I wanted to maximize ChewyBees actually seeing it:

posted by ChewyBees, Saturday, February 25, 2012 7:56:00 AM

"I awoke at 4 am a couple of days ago with a constant high pitched tone, and an ache in my ear down to my jaw. The next day I was sick, but only for a few hours. The real effect was about 36 hours of feelings of negativity and hopelessness.
This follows an event that happened pre-2000. I woke from falling asleep in my basement, having a pain behind my ear. It wasn't a throb like an ear infection, it was more like a stabbing pain of invasion or poison. At first I cast it off as a spider bite, but after a day of intermittent pain, I wasn't sure."


ChewyBees (and all), I want to let you know what your above comments may mean. I have experienced similar things, and my perspective might be useful.

The 'constant high pitched tone' is indicative of one of two things - either your Higher Self (or God, or whatever you want to call he/she/it) is trying to get in touch with you, or you have been 'accessed' by some other entity. Immediately, do whatever you do to get in touch with your Higher Self, and ask it which is the case. If the response is the former, I simply come to as neutral, clear & centered spot as I can, and something usually happens. If you are energy sensitive, you can sometimes 'eavesdrop' on what is going on.

When the response is the latter, it is often the start of some being (human or non-human) getting set to 'dump' on you. I have monitored this for years, and the aches, pains, and emotional negativity definitely come shortly after the 'tone' starts. You can do nothing, and usually the pain, flu-like symptoms, or emotional negativity gradually process through your system. After all, it is not 'yours'.

If you wish not to be passive about this, contact your Higher Self and ask that the contact be terminated, the 'dump' be sent back to the perpetrator or God, and possibly that the sender be 'worked with'. Then, be silent and attentive. If you are energy sensitive, you can 'hear' the tone cut off fairly abruptly, whatever sensations the 'dump' caused starting to leave, and maybe some other entity being 'processed'.

Concerning the 'dumping' entity or entities, they may be what I have termed 'drift' or 'sent'.

"Drift' means that they were simply moving by, on whatever level, and decided spur-of-the-moment to 'dump' on you. You could be anyone, or they might not like your 'light'. If they are 'processed', that is usually the end of it.

'Sent' means that someone has 'targeted' specifically you, and sent someone else to do the dirty work. You can ask Higher Self to check on the depth of this 'line', and 'process' as far up as need be. (Be prepared to be silent and attentive as long as needed.) Otherwise, you are simply 'processing' the serfs and not getting to the nobles, and may be repeatedly 'dumped'.

I hope this can be of use to you, in whatever format you apply it.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

not sure if the bbc player works outside of uk but :

Dallas Campbell looks back through the Horizon archives to find out what science can tell us about our best friend the dog, and whether new thinking should change the way we treat them. From investigating the domestic dog's wild wolf origins to discovering the remarkable impact that humans have had on canine evolution, Dallas explores why our bond with dogs is so strong and how we can best use that to manage them.!_A_Horizon_Guide_to_Dogs/


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Voltaire might not have known but I'm pretty sure he suspected..

"everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges"


Ray B. said...

posted by Mandocello, Tuesday, February 28, 2012 8:34:00 PM

"I've done regeneration research and watched the field get co-opted and mutate into 'Regenerative Medicine'."


You just reminded me of an old (1985) book that I read, "The Body Electric" by Robert O. Becker, M.D. It's been a long time since I read it, but I remember him talking about doing true regeneration work on both salamanders and 'given-up-on' human injuries. I always wondered why his work was totally ignored (as far as I know) by the medical establishment. Since you're well-versed in this field, would you be willing to comment on whether his research was valid? Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

The new princess in Sweden is called Estelle. A beautiful name and rhymes with 'all will be well'.


Anonymous said...

via kathy

Patrick-you are a funny guy

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

The Department of 'Shit Happens' of Cosmic Affairs.

Anonymous said...


Becker's work hasn't been ignored. Like all pioneers, it was first ridiculed then ignored, then adopted, just as soon as a critical mass of 'established' scientific 'opinion' could claim it valid(or claim it as one of its own---ego reigns supreme in much of Big Science).

Same thing happened with those pioneeres who published results on the effects of different wavelengths of light on wound healing and tissue regeneration. Nowadays it's one of the special tricks of the the of military special ops medical kit.

A great deal of pioneering laboratory and theoretical work on regeneration was published in Russia between the 1920's and 1960's, largely ignored by the western research establishment. This era is summed with the publication by L. V. Polezhaev in 'Loss and Restoration of Regenerative Capacity in Tissues and Organs of Animals', Harvard Univ. Press; 1972

It's the same sort of situation that occurred with the field of rocketry--the theoretical groundwork was laid by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky--who was a direct influence on Hermann Oberth in Germany(of whom von Braun was a disciple) and Robert Goddard in the U.S.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Ian:

Until right now, I never wrote anything in response to anything that you wrote, so if you think that I was previously writing about you or your ideas, that's only in your imagination.

Ray B. said...

Mandocello, Friday, March 02, 2012 4:31:00 PM

Thanks for the kind reply and information. It's good to hear that Becker's work wasn't wasted in the long run. So much good could be done with true regeneration.

Could you suggest a current (informed layman) book that summarizes today's 'state of the art'? Thanks.

Ray B.

Anonymous said...


There are lots of them, but most are not geared for the informed laymen, as is Becker's book. Most are skewed to a particular field i.e. tissue engineering, stem cells, classical, wound repair, nanotech etc. The field has exploded in the past 5
years--it's become 'industrialized', so to speak. Lots of money being poured into it.

Hard for me to get an overall perspective after years of having been burrowing deep and narrow into one particular aspect of regeneration or another, in true lab rat style. But keep in mind that what's available, even with a 2012 publishing date, will be at least three years behind the current, yet-to-come-out-of-the-lab razor's edge.


Anonymous said...

If I may jump in and make a suggestion, Ray B you might want to read The Source Field by David Wilcock. It ties a lot of things together and gets you thinking along different lines if you haven't already done so.


Ray B. said...

Mandocello, Saturday, March 03, 2012 5:58:00 PM

Thanks for the detailed reply! I am glad that the field seems to be accelerating. I hope that the various results can trickle out to the common man in usable ways.

(It will be interesting to see whether this field bumps into the spiritual arena, similar to where quantum mechanics finds itself with the 'observer' problem and non-local effects...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.


Fud, Sunday, March 04, 2012 6:45:00 PM

Thanks for the title. I have not been 'pulled' to David Wilcock, but will check out that book.

Take care.
Ray B.



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