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Windows of Promise and Food for the Moon

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here's a brief burst of mutilated information from CIA-Zio-Controlled Fundieland. You'll note the standard operative's mustache on the publisher and scrolling down past him you'll see where the funding comes from. Why am I talking about this at Visible Origami? Well, I wanted you to see predictions being made from the Islamic side of the table and because of the distortions present in the commentary, I thought a little back story on the usual prevaricators was called for. It's the same back story behind every external fabrication of motive and intent. The forces telling the lies are the same forces killing in Syria and Iran, having already finished up in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. We know this or we don't know this and that says it all about everything. We know this or we don't know this. We know that or we don't know that. I don't know much and have to be very sure about what I think I know because what I think I know defines me inside my own mind.

I have to watch out for what defines me because it does just that. Everyone needs to watch out for what defines them. They wind up becoming the product of what they think is real. This is a good thing, maybe, if what they believe is real. It's not a good thing if what they believe is not real. I've mentioned 'food for the moon' before. The moon is known as a cosmic seat of illusions. It is also the place you go to have another body woven, when the illusions in any life have overcome you to the point that you can't go any further and have to repeat some form of the same process, because you believed something that defined you that wasn't real. It's what's known as a vicious cycle. You might call it an inexorable cycle.

We come into this life with windows of promise and depending on the karma that placed us wherever we find ourselves, those windows can be wider or in greater multiples. For some the windows are thin indeed. For some the windows are designed according to periods of the life, for the purpose of activated destiny. You're in good shape if you have one of these arrangements. Due to the vast compassion of the dynamic animating principle, most people are getting a shot. Whether they will take it or not remains to be seen.

Regularly people will write me to say that they cannot figure out why their friends and family cannot see the indisputable truth about what is happening in the world. Try as they might, they are unable to reach them and instead create a climate of resentment and mistrust. Many people are estranged from friends and family simply because they refuse to close their eyes to what, by now, should be readily apparent to even the most borderline intellects. What is the explanation for this? I've mentioned several possibilities; cowardice, concerning any exposure that threatens their state of imagined well being, reinforced denial, rock hard stupidity and boundless gullibility that could swallow a whale in defiance of various laws of physics. The simple and more encompassing truth, in all cases, is the degree of intensity of the dream cloud that permeates the consciousness. Those intent on deceiving us understand the mechanics of The Dream Cloud. They employ it to their advantage.

The Dream Cloud is filled with raw and primitive emotions that impact on the heat of the blood of youth and then, across time, twist the the consciousness into a rigidified corpse that reacts to stimulus the way a dead frog's nervous system reacts to electrical contacts. The basic raw emotions of the lower astral include all the varieties of lust, whether sexual or purely acquisitive;

Hannibal Lecter: First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek?
Clarice Starling: He kills women...
Hannibal Lecter: No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does? What needs does he serve by killing?
Clarice Starling: Anger, um, social acceptance, and, huh, sexual frustrations, sir...
Hannibal Lecter: No! He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.
Clarice Starling: No. We just...
Hannibal Lecter: No. We begin by coveting what we see every day. Don't you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice? And don't your eyes seek out the things you want?”

Two of the most powerful raw emotions are patriotism and perverted religious passion. The particular flavors of the raw motive force of the lower astral, are determined by the conditions of the particular period of the culture. Some are more preeminent at different times and all of them are manipulated by those who serve the hidden seats of power, which channel through the willing agents of any given time.

In times of darkness, these agents and the degree of power emanating from the hidden seats, has a serious power of appearance. The hidden seats of light are in retreat, due to the pervasiveness of noxious darkness. It might smell good to some of you down here but it does not smell good to them. The wise head for the hills at times like this and the ones who make the sacrifice to walk among us have protections in place that allow for them to come and go in the confusion of the marketplace. A good example of the relative seats of power is that of the sun and moon. The sun is obviously the greater power. There would be no physical life of any kind on Earth without it. The moon exerts power over the tides, human emotions and other things; quite a few other things. The moon wouldn't exist without the sun, so you might say that the powers of the moon are adaptations of the power of the sun, differently expressed. A great deal of detail could be engaged in, concerning this relationship. Volumes have been written on both of them but most of these volumes aren't readily available. The entire schematic of the universe is written on the parchment of the human entity; a la macro and microcosm. Finding the locations of these informations is the trick. Some of the portals of entry are guarded and some of them are just difficult to locate because you have to be in a certain consciousness to be able to see anything in the first place.

We've been left with all the tools and practices we could need. If we can discover the ones that are right for us, we can make speedy progress but nothing beats meeting someone who already knows everything it is possible to know, simply through their contact with the mind that knows everything and who is in a position to tell you everything you need to know, when you need to know it and spare you the distress and difficulties of what you don't need to know but thought you did.

We have all these tools and practices and most of us do not employ them. We employ other tools and practices because we think we know what we are after because forces in the lower astral are dictating the focus of our appetites and desires. It's not even an artful seduction in most cases. We're easily had and then we become brutal and harsh in defense of our personal imperatives. A part of us knows we are deceived. A part of ourselves knows we've been duped but a part of ourselves would rather die than admit it and it will, rather painfully I might add. This is one of the reasons that friends and families become disenfranchised from those of us who refuse to accept the party line.

We have all these tools and practices and potential and we ignore the one and squander the other on shit. Call it what it is, shit. The vain and pompous ambitions for ordinary things, the pursuit of the rare and desirable, the competition between men and women of assumed and temporary power to possess what only has value based on the relative degree of covetousness, operating on the level of competition between aggressive, acquisition junkies. It's a tragedy of Promethean dimensions, wrapped in a Mylar comedy envelope. It's Donald Trump's hair under the floodlights of Mar-a-Lago, polyurethane beauty queens are arrayed around the dining table; it's why he bought The Miss America pageant. It's happening around the globe, in the visible seats of power, manipulated by the hidden seats of power. The polyurethane beauty queens are replaced by young girls, young boys, torture chambers, you name it, it's going on somewhere and probably in more places than you think. The victims are the previous abusers. The galley slaves are the former slave masters and centurions of official nod and wink policy. Life is a musical chairs game of Risk.

Very few people comprehend the end game of human potential. The falling out between the ineffable and certain angels came about when they were ordered to serve and worship the human creation. Of course, the whole tale is allegory and something drawn from the book of Enoch and not necessarily literally true by any stretch. The fallen angels among us are termed, The Watchers; have fun with your speculations. If you want to know the real meaning of anything, go to the one who knows. You may find him or her hard to reach but, 'persistence furthers'. Faith, certitude and determination, get your hands on them. Do it today!

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Anonymous said...

total resonance...ben sensing the intense need to clear dark energy and focus only on 'seeing' or being 'seen' by those who know...or as you put it...the watchers. ascending to a clearer/higher consciousness/fuller awareness in order to 'connect' with those...who...know and are waiting for me to listen.....

it's all happening at this moment...even hear in l.a.

Anonymous said...

between macrocosm and microcosm, we are who we are regardless of who we think we are.

evolutionarily speaking, we may be best defined as our present perceptual juxtaposition to that which is - or the truth - as you would call it.

from THE santa cruz mountains ... not so anonymous.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't altogether suck to see your own (true) reflection in someone else's mirror.

insofar as you may be preaching to the choir, it is music to our ears.

hope you're getting what you need.

till the static hits the waves ...

Anaughty Mouser said...

Here in the eleventh hour of the world as we know it - pre WW3 - I really appreciate your inquisitive ability to make the reader evaluate how we live and why we do what we do.

"The vain and pompous ambitions for ordinary things, the pursuit of the rare and desirable, the competition between men and women of assumed and temporary power to possess what only has value based on the relative degree of covetousness, operating on the level of competition between aggressive, acquisition junkies."

This is one of the best descriptions of modern civilisation I have read.

Sad really how very few or none of us are able to rise above what we were taught as children - even when we as adults know it is far from the whole story of the meaning of life.

Some predict a nuke at the Superbowl tomorrow. Forgive me for my lacadaisical attitude; it wouldn't surprise me. Even if it doesn't occur, the zionist juggernaut will not stop until they and/or the world is destroyed be it 1 or 100 years from now.

There is no end, ever.

So hard to be spiritual and positive - but maybe that's just me.



Anonymous said...

I am thinking of the track "israel" by Siousxie Sioux And the Banshees, remembering that Miss Sioux canceled a leg of her tour to Israel just a few years ago. She is one of the few mainstream 'underground' artists who refuses to accept blood money.

As I am thinking of this track and its lyrics, I am encouraging everyone who wants to take part in an experiment with me to watch this old live video as you walk the streets of Israel via google maps:

(i hope it's ok to post this long ass link, sorry in advance)

Let's all astral travel unseen using google maps and try to contain this thing before it's too bloody late.

Anonymous said...

nah. nukebowl got cancelled on account of less than stellar teams.

no offense (so to speak.)

Visible said...

Actually I would say that there is a great deal of offense; sorry your team didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

ha ha. thought that might draw you out.

just hope to not see brady's head in his hands???

but like you said, the brees just passed me by.

Anonymous said...

well ... i'm no conspiracy theorist but, i did take notice when the 'patriots' were ushered in for the post 911 festivities.

just sayin'. enjoy the game.

Visible said...

I have not paid that much attention to football or sports in general the last decade. I have reasons other than the game for watching this one. I even paid for pay per view; would have been worth it if I had bought it for the playoff season but had to pay the whole price for just the one game.

George said...

Pure white magic Les Thankyou yet again

Anonymous said...

you were right the first time

still, it's the tenth anniversary, i'll be watching as well.

i enjoy my mundane diversions.

Peter said...

mr visible,
what exactly is the story with thomas harris?
is he some modern day warlock/wizard.
i feel you may have insights on him that i would appreciate being tuned into.
clearly, you know his work and have plumbed the depths of his mind **grinning**
thank you sir for all you do

Visible said...

For some years I made a pretty detailed study of psychopathic personalities, sexual psychopaths, serial killers. This was in order to have a good grasp of their thought, speech and behavior, as well as motive and aberrant psychological makeup, as well as the impact of the formative years on the development of the individual. I did this for the series of novels I am to write during my visit her.

Thomas Harris is a kindred spirit and someone whose put real time and effort into knowing what he's talking about. Unlike Thomas, I got to actually live among these creatures for a couple of years. Since I am mad as a hatter from a particular metaphysical perspective I understand what goes on in the minds of these creatures; some of that has to do with an awareness of the dynamics of possession and occupation; not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Since I am mad as a hatter from a particular metaphysical perspective I understand what goes on in the minds of these creatures;"

The realization of that understanding is one Helluva disconcerting jolt, at least initially, wasn't it?

For a long time I asked myself why is it I am able to understand, predict and even manipulate the thoughts and actions of these uber-demons?

I felt sure it was because I am one of them!

Why else are they so easy to smell like a hound would?

Why else, indeed..

Peter said...

***awareness of the dynamics of possession and occupation; not the same thing***

foregive me, at this point, my comprehension fails me. nonetheless, thank you for the rest
(no need to spend your valuable time with clarifications, i feel i have troubled you enuf)

Anonymous said...

pierre said....

Snowtown movie has some insights into the xpathic type, and how a young (abused) lad might get caught up in it as a fellow perp on the spiral downwards.

for my part, slowly I am reading through the
autobio., filtering out the 1930's racial and specio supremecist stuff, realising more and more those eastern influences on your being, his gurus quotes are incalculably wise.

wv: rhelexca . a tamed, civilised car, that even a monkey (rhesus) can enjoy driving at a modest pace and , like America (Samuel Clement's quote?), going from Barbarism to Anarchy without going through Civilisation.

Visible said...

That's simple enough. Possession is the absolute control of an entity by another entity, generally, almost exclusively discarnate.

Occupation can best be explained by most houses having more than one room and that each room can have occupants, even more than one and in this case, discarnate and incarnate can either/or be the occupant. Don't look for this in the manuals because it isn't there.

I have my own lexicon for all of these things and understand them from the inside out as opposed to the outside in, which is the case with most of your shit for brains analysts who don't get the osmosis factor, which is why they have such a high suicide rate; same applies to police and modern day soldiers; always better to know it from the inside out.

Very perceptive there Homer, although- having a bonafide master negates the potential face to face test of relative virility. I personally faced down some of the real scary ones in the company of the one who owns them. Psychedelics and the occult is kind of like a spiritual speedball, depending on the quality of the soul so engaged; on that depends not only the fate but the circumstance.

Looking back on my childhood, I had truly remarkable similarities to the environment that produces serial killers, except for the tormenting of animals thing. I never did anything like that but enuresis, fascination with fire, self mutilation and assorted, I had all that. I also had a deep attraction to God from the very gitgol; probably a saving grace and why I say, "There but for fortune goes you and I" often enough.

I took Nietzsche's admonitions, not to look overlong into the abyss and not to pursue monsters to heart but I often wondered why I was placed in their company and why I studied them to the extent that I did. It has to do with my real occupation, which has yet to surface in a demonstrable way.

Everyone should look first at what they love; should they be able to isolate it from the crowd of their attractions and then at who employs them. What do you love? Who do you work for? They should be the same.

Kevenj said...

Do it today? On SuperBowl Weekend?
Can i have a beer first?

Kevenj said...

"I have reasons other than the game for watching this one. I even paid for pay per view"..

WTF?? Do tell. I thought the only people interested in this game were on the east coast or from it.
It's kind of crazy around here.

Richie (Dana) said...

Who do I love?
Who do I work for?

No fucking clue....

Thank you for your words

Anonymous said...

So... I've been blowing all these thoughts out of my head via my nose (when I remember) for a few months now. Sometimes, it actually gets quiet in there... sometimes.

Other times, I actually could care a less about all those things I've wanted my entire life, or just part of my life... sometimes.

And recently, on occaision, I've only wanted to meet God. I've got some questions for Him, don't ya know, and He's really the only one who can answer all that stuff for me.

I was about to ask you, Vis, how I could go about doing that, you know, converse with the Almighty... but I remember that you already told us about that, and how. The word DESIRE suddenly pops into my head and asks me to choose what it is that I desire...

I suppose there are infinite choices.. or maybe only One. No time like the present, I suppose.

Thaks Vis. Really. Thank you.


Troy said...

I am starting to believe that everyone is going to get exactly what they expected, and most will be utterly disappointed, because it is so much less than what they could have had and or what was available to attain.

And the many who thought they were going to get something grand are not going to be known by the giver of those grand things.


Anonymous said...

The sun and the moon, the tide of human emotions....If you love somebody set them free.

"if it's a mirror you want

just look into my eyes.

or a whipping boy

someone to despise.

or a prisoner in the dark

tied up in chains you just can't see

or a beast gilded cage, that's all some people ever wanna' be."

-G. Sumner

Anonymous said...

Myra Kraft owner of the patriots had a dying wish, (she died back in July before the football season) to see Tom Brady beat the Giants in the superbowl.

So the game has been fixed since before the season started......

At least a Nuke would make the game more interesting, something to look forward to besides the mind numbing commercials with matthew Broderick and Jerry Seinfeld.....

Stuporbowl Sunday, a midwinter snore with lots of buffalo wings....

Ok back to the meat of the one ever wakes up until it's too late...already the war drums have moved many players into place to attack Iran who has psuedo real wmds just waiting to take out Israel....

I read somewhere the Illumined ones want to cull the herds and have agreed to take out 60 over populated cities around the world...

on a more somber note, the great eliptic that will occur in December will put the Sun directly over the blackhole, whereas in the time past, the sun was 'under' the blackhole, so
this time the 'pit' will be beneath us, for those who understand, take the higher ground....


Gerard McDougal said...

This piece clarified some things for me. Thanks. Onward the march goes.

Ephraim said...

Damn Les,

you are so much more than a wordsmith. 'Possession and occupation' indeed! You've just confirmed a key to understanding a deeply worrying episode that occurred this earlier this's that for synchronicity?

And that's not the first time either in the last few weeks
that you've made my spirit run leap from cloud to cloud in joyful liberation!

many thanks and keep the hits coming,


MachtNichts said...

Since the biggest mammal on earth, at least in current consensus reality, the blue whale, can't swallow anything bigger than a grapefruit but devours a vast amount of little 'things', it makes you wonder how big a window we need to see what is real.

So, all those prickly little things we swallow every day that are meant for us to define ourselves are just that - prickly.

I act as a mother, divorcee, widow, cleaner, cook, business woman, immigrant and emigree, crafts person, to name a few - but it doesn't define me. When I find out about the real secrets of real being, I'll pass it on.

Thank you, Vis, for another thought provoking how to.

ungiesio: an unglued in every sense inevitable omnibus (coach)
in other words, get out of the way
Peace, Silvia

neal said...

Watchers and Sacred Twins. It is hard to explain, maybe that stuff hidden in the history will help, or haunt. We fall together, just to avoid falling apart. That is what sells for rising, these days. Worship, now that is the one choice left, with a lot of blowback.

It may be complex, but She lets me worship at Her Feet, that's all maybe anyone here's got, and that is more than enough. Worshiping others, and trying to keep some separation, for the course, now that is interesting.

To be fallen, and lucky, that is maybe Her Call, but that is always for others. That could bring most anything back to staring, and catching a psychic thermal when that One presents at some proper time.

Don Cornelius is dead, no, no, no, no. He is watching from the last car on that soulful train, grinning, and trying to fall, not in.

onething said...

That' easy, I love the Holy Spirit and it consumes my life.

Thomas said...

whohoohoo Mister Les, another truth bomb!

I arrived today in Mexico and it's definitely magical. The Creator holds Its hands over me like the small speck of Light that I am. Almost constantly the superficial outer reality reminds me of this fact, hahahaha SO WONDERFUL!

Praise Jah, Praise Allah, Hare Krishna! and please don't forget to thank dear Pacha Mama ;)

Thank you Les, I can only join your choir. So, to All: Get in touch with Our Divine Source Today! + Love and Blessings :)

p.s. What you say about the moon is exactly why I don´t trust D. Icke. He truthfully (IMHO) states that we are divine and infinite and eternal consciousness, but fails to mention that the moon, the sun and indeed the entire Universe is conscious, effectively barring his followers from upper/higher contact - Bless his spirit. JAh jah O jah Jah O

Visible said...

That's great news Thomas!!! Sorry our paths didn't cross but I'm right there with you anyway, via the process you speak of in terms of what is conscious. I'll have the sun give you my regards today (grin).


One thing; it consumes me too.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Ice is Thin and the Fix is In.

Anonymous said...

The moon ist real!?

If we use the eyes and count, we find the moon is like no other body in the system of things. It too big to be a planet's moon, its too near the earth for its size, and it lined up with the sun and earth to the tie.

Many, too many men have suggested the light of the moon is only that of the sun. This is true if you want to see the moon in the darkness, but moon is still moving the tides without us seeing it day in and day out.

I ask what would the world be like without the moon? Is the moon linked to earth for all time? Is it a newcomer to our cosmic make up? I dont know.

It is the maker of many relationships of the mind and maya. If we use the right brain we can see all kinds of stories and reasons for the moon and our gazing of it. We use the left half we see only a clock.

I say the moon isnt real. Funny, we can share the moon with others even those on the other side of the world and life. Even if we arent seeing it someone else is. We can count the waxing and waning and we can howl at it to, yet have to remind our self to look for it in the daytime, under the sun's light. We know that when its not seen its still there?

I dont know how many time I find myself walking around or at work and I have to stop and look for it, why?

After studying the bodies of the sky and their movement a learned to use an astrolabe. Now I know where the moon is all the time. I found that I knew where it was before that too. Like I said, I would just stop doing something and look up at it, day or night.

Its not real. Its an illusion. Its keeps time for us. It is time, which is an another illusion.

The moon is linked to the female by cycles of nature. I dont know if other mammals are link to it so well, but human females are. Why? Some say the female force is that of the material, seen world.

Just like an illusion needs to be created and be seen to become "real", so too does the world around you. Is the moon helping that event out? I think so.


Visible said...

I was reading your post and thinking to myself, "Man, this is not only wrong it is horrifically subjective" and halfway through I thought, "Oh no, this has to be..." and it was.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vis you and I dont always agree and that a darn good thing for both of us. So to find room here, between this created void I wanted to make a few bridges.

You are truth because you say it, but also because you created by yourself for yourself.

You have the tools you need and I have the tools I need but they are different tools pulled from the same place, the self.

Maybe we are both on the "same" side of the river now?

As I have followed your posts I have watched in third person your ideas. I too try to look at my responses to you in the same way. Thats kinda harder to do, but Im getting a good feel for it. Its because you keep writing I have a great chance to do this, thank you.

I keep pushing my tools on you, sorry. My ego has much love for those tools. I always start with the heart and move out. But when I read some of your words, I let the mind take over, sorry again.

I see people and feel their being with my heart, always have. My heart tells me you are in need of love and have lost a great teacher. This teacher filled in the blanks but you didnt listen or didnt hear it all and you now want to, and are ready too. Your posts are asking not telling. You are creating space and sending a signal to that teacher.

You seem to link helping others find the light of truth with the key to opening that teacher's door or as the rhythm to that source's attention.

This is not the way Les. Yes you are helping and yes the love you wish for, youre are giving out freely. But its still not the way back to the source.

It can feel you have made a choice to be helpful and loving for other sake. Thats your first wrong step, and only one. You dont need to suffer for others Les but your ego might.

You have said before, guilt is a major factor in the mind and that so true. Its not a factor for the heart. You know all to well what happens when you dont listen to heart and the pain and guilt that makes. Its not the heart creating the pain, its the mind doing that. Your heart then feeling loss in this way.

I can feel you trying to correct or lessen that pain by giving over your love and life's story. Many time you use you mind more than the heart to do this. As thats needed to have shared ground with your readers its also stoping you own self for listening to yourself.

I find I try to look for sources and places to release my heart's love. I look to other people's problems and needs to do this. Thats wrong.

You have suggested you should copy the divine and seek to act as it does. Well what does it do with its self? Does it look outward, does it look at its self, or does it not have this split?

You still see a divide Les. You still see yourself apart from that teacher. I dont know why but you do.

Let go of that reason for doing this. You never left the guide your are seeking to return with.

Now to complete this bridge I finish with, you have said all this I have just suggested over and over many times in your work.

Are you listening to yourself yet?


Anonymous said...

PS Im sure my last post is quiet useless to your readers and I sorry to be so overbearing about my point. I love your words and your will. I was just working out a few ideas in my self at your expense. You are really good for doing that and other should use your words and work for that more.

Thanks Le Mat

Visible said...

Lemat, you're projecting and also full of shit. I didn't lose any teacher and that goes contrary to how the system works. I cannot be baffled with bullshit, nor does praise influence me whatsoever. Like I said, I'm just waiting for your other shoe to drop, on my head. To spare you the industry of all your sophistry, please understand that one thing I am not is stupid and I pay careful attention to everything said to me; you never know when some of it might be useful.

Anonymous said...

Think I was projecting for sure, its hard to see between self and other's ideas when talking about like subjects. Not the worst thing really. Still have to say my heart wasnt projecting Les.

Got two words for mis-match

cognitive dissonance

I say so, you say fuck no?


Visible said...

No, I say, "Why are you wasting my time"? I try my best to serve the human race. What have you done lately. Really... what have you done?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

LeMat, Perhaps this will help.

At the least it won't hurt and should be entertaining.

You'll see other videos of Vedic cosmology listed.

The moon, like the sun and all the rest, is a person; an individual personality.


The Hare Krsnas - Demigods and Administrative Deities

Anonymous said...

A Visible friend I've not met,
Likes to sign off by saying, "If yet
Again the sun rises,
I'll write, but surprises
Make every new week a fresh bet!

Surprise! I hope I earned a chuckle. Apologies

Carry on,

Steven Pratt

Anonymous said...

Good question Thanks


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

In the Time of the Dark Fiends.



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