Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Times of Trial and Uncertainty.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It has been an interesting week, along the lines of interesting times. I haven't been looking over my shoulder in many a moon but I find it reflexively happening now. Certain planetary aspects are hammering on me and making even every day normal activities challenging. I'm writing about this because I suspect and even hear that others are not immune to similar conditions. It's a dicey and rapidly transforming world of the moment. Staying upright and focused takes more work than I've been used to in some time.

It got to where I felt compelled to ask my friend, the astrologer, Robert Phoenix to give me some idea of what the heck was going on. I knew that Neptune was causing all kinds of strange mental images. I come to find out that it's Pluto and Uranus who are causing at least, if not more, turmoil. I came away from it somewhat uneasy and perplexed. Things I had heard the year before about this coming period of time did not reflect any of these concerns.

So it was that I went to my bed last evening, wondering about what it all means and what sort of circumstances might confront me. My most present invisible friend, who always speaks for the ineffable and who may be the ineffable, for all I know, said to me, “Why did you go to an astrologer? Why didn't you come to me”? Wham! Things of this order have been happening consistently for some time now. I am routinely seeking outside myself for answers and then finding that I wasn't doing the one thing I keep being told to do, “rely on me”. “Rely on me in all things”, is what I keep being told and I keep forgetting. I also heard, last night, that nothing I am given to believe concerning the movement of the stars, is relevant to my situation as long as I rely on the ineffable. None of it applies unless I apply it in my consciousness. Wham! Again... I've been told I am being made to forget this so that I can be reminded over and over. It doesn't seem fair (grin). I took great comfort in hearing it.

I had noticed that when was in altered states over recent time; seeking the refuge of different states as some kind of escape, from the relentless pummeling of the cosmos, that it brought no relief and only made things worse. I see no useful avenue that I can follow that contains this sort of engagement on my part for future times so I'm going to shut down that side of my activities and just hope for the best. It's not an easy thing to do because the complexity of these multiple forces is not an easy thing to bear. I don't seem to have a choice in the matter though. The ineffable hasn't told me to hold back on any of it, simply telling me that the more completely and deeply I rely on it, the less I need to be concerned about anything. Well, I just don't know.

Since the last week of December, this whole scheme of new pressures has been a daily concern. I've had windows of normal (for me), go by for a week or two but then it suddenly springs upon me, with a greater force, and I go running for an escape hatch. These escape hatches have been leading into the piranha tank and sometimes, electric eel and shark infested waters. It give a whole new meaning to “the devil and the deep blue sea (grin)”. I can see where it might all be necessary but that doesn't make it any easier.

The saving grace to all of this, is that planetary conflicts and pressures are all about evolutionary shifts in consciousness and if one is capable of adapting correctly, it's all to the good. The thing is, most of us are not equipped to make smooth transitions because of the baggage we carry that seems to have a mind of its own and doesn't want to be dropped off. Whether that is the fault of the baggage or the one carrying it, I don't know with any degree of high certainty. If our nature and being was as it should be, we wouldn't need to be transformed and that means there will probably be some amount of resistance that we may or may not be aware of. It's complicated because we are complicated. Maybe in less cluttered and confusing times, we wouldn't be so complicated but it seems that way now.

Two propaganda tools have been killed in Syria and they say a couple of more are wounded and in the rocketed house but no one can get to them. By now we know they were probably killed by western agency, since that nearly always seems to be the case. It may seem a little cold and callous for me to be indifferent to the passing of journalists but I consider most presently operating journalists to be enemy combatants against greater humanity. It was their lies; the lies they reported, made up and printed that led to the deaths of millions, over the last decade and more. They are street-walking hookers with notebooks and tape recorders, instead of miniskirts and condoms. They willingly promote lies in exchange for position and a paycheck. The news announcers know they are lying. They all know they are lying. They don't care.

It seems certain that something will happen in March, simply because the mouthpieces for the murder machine of the west keep talking about Summer and possibly later on. That always means it will be sooner than expected. One of Israel's many religious holidays based on mayhem and killing is coming up in March and the FBI is talking about shutting down the internet on March 8th. The FBI; the Federal Bureau of Israel is always deep in the mix when bad things happen, as they were on 9/11, Oklahoma City and so many other 'staged' domestic terror events. The FBI is a state funded terror organization. Concerning the looming attack on Iran, I am posting a commentary by one of the finest writers working on the internet today. It is important enough to appear in tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors as well.

You may be wondering why I segued out of my personalized narrative into a digression about whatever that just was. It's because the planetary conditions are affecting everything at this time but everything is being affected differently, according to what it is and what it intends. The special placements and relationships of planetary force, are exactly what they are at this time, in order to bring about changes in all of us, as people, as nations, as creeds and what have you. It's all being changed. Religions that have been around for thousands of years are about to be changed beyond recognition and in some cases fall into obscurity. It may be hard to believe at the moment but... a lot of things are going to happen. Now back to the original line of thought.

I can certainly 'feel things' these days. I can't isolate much of it into anything identifiable but that is par for the course. Part of me wants to get into bed and pull the covers over my head. Part of me wants to cover my head in other ways but none of these are viable options. They just don't work anymore.

My biggest problem over the last several years has been those periods when I have tried to immerse myself in meditation and the disciplines that attend the lifestyle. Soon enough, after getting into it, something bad always happens, as if I'm not supposed to be doing it. That doesn't make any kind of sense but that's how it's been. Maybe that is past now and... maybe not. I guess I'll be finding out (grin).

I don't fancy finding out but... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I haven't encountered such a state of restless uncertainty in a long time and, apparently it's going to be around for awhile. Oh goody! Then again, maybe what I've been up to in recent times is the reason for it and I may find that my efforts make for a very different result now. Man, I hope so (grin). A lot of grins are going into this post, as they should. I feel pretty darn good at the moment. This morning at 5:00AM, I did not feel very good. I went back to bed and asked for help. When I woke up later, I felt great. There was no reason why I should, according to the normal rules of these abnormal times. I did, though. It's some number of hours later, after a long car trip into a far town and it all went as smooth as could be and now I'm finishing what I started this morning. We'll have to see how it goes because that's all we ever have; how things go and what we do about them. How we react or don't react. I'd say the majority of our experiences and the very course of our existence, is determined by our reactions. A lot of them come out of our subconscious programming. We instinctively react and which reaction we come up with, is determined by where our heads and hearts are at the moment. The state of the heart fuels the intensity of the mind, in response to conditions and stimuli. The are any number of people who are locked up for a long time, for things they can't even remember and a lot of that is from previous act and previous states of being. The evidence for reincarnation is indisputable but if you don't take the trouble to look at the evidence, or it's troubling to accept or consider it, that doesn't change anything. Things are what they are. People come to terms with it or they don't.

It's taken well into the evening from this morning to finish this because all kinds of interruptions and duties got in the way; just like they will tomorrow (grin) and the following, given trips and birthdays and such. Life does these kinds of things and we react, adjust or whatever. Things are what they are and we are what we are, until things change, or we change. There's an argument for our whole world changing, in the moment our consciousness is altered, by the aggregation and culmination of experience and how it impacts on us. We're all bound somewhere. Where we wind up and how we wind up depends on how we react, how we adjust and what we rely on. Who knows, there may be a lot more to it. We'll see.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Feels like something's gonna explode, huh? At the same time here, it seems like this is going to be the slowest week I've ever experienced in my life.

What will happen in March?! Will the poo be REAMED, or what? I think I'll do a personal celebration for the winds of change the day before the internet goes down. Perhaps I won't even go on line that day. Maybe I'll travel inward then.

I wonder what would happen if for that one day the government wants to mess with the internet, no one turned on their computer and the servers chose not to come up that day either.

So, everyone gets their news a day late, and how much money lost on business transacions (Muahahahahaha)?

Paul Blyth said...

Thank you Vis.

Been feeling restless for a while now. I don't know why, but I do know I also feel a whole raft of changing feelings at various times too. It's quite roller coaster like.

These times are very exciting!

May I just point out that the FBI will not be shutting down the internet per se. They are shutting down some dns redirect servers that certain malware infected machines require. It'll probably be about as exciting as Y2K. *smiles*

bholanath said...

Vis, just wondering....does Phoenix ever mention Chiron?
All the Neptunian elements in the current situation, collectively and personally, are seriously connected to its proximity to Chiron. The Sun just passed over Neptune and is now headed to shortly invigorate Chiron.
All personal and collective trauma and wounding are on our plates in this temporal plane (ever been wounded?), even while the immortal spirit level is always untouchable.
All of our top crusts still need a bit more 'cooking' till we don't. The oven door hasn't even started opening...

Anonymous said...

lord visible,do you think it could have something to do with the new moon,i felt pretty motionless all last week untill this morning,,,i imediately noticed something else in the air,,,
maybe it could be the first sort of tugs of the new moon or something,,,i bet someone has a good explanationn,,,,and if i sound like a witch am sorry,have just got this thing about the moon at the moment,,its lord lash lord bho lord high and the other lords
i thinks,,,

anyway will try and make nice poems again as origami is a sacred place

respects neil

Visible said...

Bholanath; He id indeed mention Chiron and said much the same except in more detail.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... but the divine made you see the astrologer, and everything else (implicitly). still, seeling the direct connection is better, but I am living testament as to the limitations of being limited and perhaps overly self reliant. as usual, its the attitude in the packaging rather then the content, for therapeutic and enabling goods at least.

gurnygob said...

"when I have tried to immerse myself in meditation and the disciplines that attend the lifestyle. Soon enough, after getting into it, something bad always happens, as if I'm not supposed to be doing it."

Les I have often experienced this and still do. Its like the enemy, whoever that is, doesn't want you going and getting all godly or centred whichever the case may be. Chaos and confusion being the order of the day it wouldn't do to have the sheep daydreaming of better times. I believe there are demonic entities, spirits, which work against us the minute we lift our eyes off the world and start looking towards God for the answers we seek. Today is Ash Wednesday. Any other year, on this day, I would have been running to church to get my ashes like any good catholic. Today I didn't and I have been getting hammered from all directions. I was made to feel like a leper and an outcast in the strongest terms from someone very close to me. I was called a hypocrite and false Christian. I have felt like a bucket of shit all day. I don't know why I let these things hurt me but sometimes they are relentless and I cave in to the feelings. That said, I don't want comments of sympathy flooding in. I am just saying it as it is. Tomorrow is another day. I think my problem is that I take the entire God thing to seriously. Trying to be a real Christian is not a good idea when you hang out with Christians. Shit, that's enough of that. Jesus is well aware of what's going on so why am I worried, they hated him so I guess that means they will do the same with me. Besides, it's my own fault for giving them so much "muck" to fire at me. My reactions to such treatment change depending on my mood. Most times I sit like a scolded dog. I just keep my mouth shut and don't react at all. How do you argue with someone who is always right and has never been wrong????? God, I must sound like a real sad sack. Seriously, I am feeling okay. I am beginning to learn that these thing are part of the package I signed up for and I just have to deal with them as best I can without losing hope or giving up on love and forgiveness and understanding. Offer it all up to God, isn't that what they say, well that's what I do, although I hope I still have something that resembles a heart at the end of it all. Now where was I, oh yes, I was looking for a pearl of great price.


Clarity said...

Dear Visible and All,

I feel compelled to respond, yet I sit here with no clear thoughts. BTW, the other meaning was 'a typo for link'.
I love when you say, "Get back to what you were doing." We wait anxiously for further wisdom from you, and stop everything to hear your words. As we allow it to register, we need a reminder to carry on.

Visible, you talk about a lot of evil in the world, yet you do not use fear to get your messages across. Like Kray Z8, your words help me stay positive. It is helpful to know that despite all the crap and chaos, there are good things to come. Your sense of assuredness is calming. Today for you there may be less confidence in the details of what will be, and a few extra ? ? ? floating around. It might be unsettling to some, but it was not to me. I know that discomfort is part of the learning process. I saw that this year, watching a very good student struggle with her confidence in one area. It was great fun for me to watch her grow, as I had no doubt that she had it within her all the time. I feel the same with you. Divine plans, cosmos, free will, polar shifts, sun flares, planetary interference - just some of the things that keep mixing it up. When you lift the spoon out of the mug after stirring, the liquid inside soon settles down. Things will settle again for you, too, and more certainty will return. it's all part of the process. (As if I needed to tell you...) Happy Birthday wishes to all of your special people too.

Ben, thank you for the kind mention, and yes, I am having more trouble with the word verifications too.

Kray Z8 (great name!), thank you, and yes, I like that: deprive the dark ones of their tools and energy. As for my mention, I'm sure it had a lot to do, as Visible said, with a strong guide and invisible friends. The most important part is "ALL of the other Friends who post here". I learn so much here and am in awe of the level of understanding and insight; the kindness in sharing. I am humbled that my post got the attention it did, and thankful that it may have been helpful for some.

My gosh, Richie, here I am stuck again for words. First, your posts - always honest and insightful and so sincere. Please know that what to you may be a sharing or an opportunity to express some thoughts, is to me, and many others, a valuable opportunity to learn. When you share, you add more 'positive' to who I am, and who I hope to become. Where you addressed me directly: 4 lines, and if I counted correctly, 46 words. How long it took to type depends on your skills. (grin) However you choose to measure it, know that the payoff is much greater than the investment. Your 46 words made a difference in my life, and I do mean a positive one. We are quick to speak out about the negative, but the kind words matter even more. How do I let you know how very much they meant to me? I'm sure I couldn't express it adequately, but when you touch someone's heart the way your words did mine, that positive energy multiplies within and gets sent back out to the universe in even greater amounts. (I have tried to write this part over and over and it's just not working.) Thank you might have to do, but I have a feeling you know what I'm trying to say.

Gypsy, I found your post to be a very interesting perspective. In many ways, it makes perfect sense. I have actually been asking people lately if Agenda 21 is just a distraction. If something big is going to happen; if they are planning to wipe out a huge portion of the population, then why bother with all of these piddly things? If not a distraction, then a backup plan? Or, as you said, just keep creeping little by little until the goal is reached. It's worked so far, and TPTW could conclude that no matter how many people continue to wake up, they have taken so much that we can't get it back. While they might not need a big event, let's hope they're on the receiving end of an even bigger one.

MachtNichts - Loved your comment!


Peter said...

Almost immediately after sunset, there are two extremely bright objects in the quasi western sky that must be planets. They far outshine the other much smaller stars. (I am in New York state between the Catskills and Manhattan)
My question, do these heavenly bodies have anything to do with out bizarre sensations?

Nela said...

Hi Les,
Thanks for your postings, at times they were taking me back to life...

It's good to know that you and others are also going through the sam roller coaster as I do, especially for the last week or so. It brings some proof of connectedness (which is helpful because I feel very separated and I can't help it- there must be a reason for that maybe) and it also puts things into perspective. Something is going on globally with our hearts and minds- this is obviously not a personal affair. Good, because I was bewildered by my own state. I was gifted with a few days off my work, and preparing to spend a very joyful week, free from obligations, but I spend those days mostly in my own inner "crazy land". Good news is that definitively even if I ever end up having to live in a closed box, I would never be bored, and my life will never be un-eventful as long as I have this head on my shoulders (grin). Regardless of all ramblings and insanity going on in "real world" it would never be a match to what "adventures" I can make in my inner world. And while part of me was really "in it", experiencing it to the core, the other part (the observer) was bewildered by this capability and was humored by it. I am my best entertainer, and I am not quite sure weather I should be thankful for such resourcefulness in emotion, imagination and capability to feel in all the ways that I feel, or should I be concerned? LOL
Anyway,this time is somehow very important to me- my birthday is on February 29th, and since I have it only every four years, I INTEND to enjoy it. It is also my 40th year in this life, and I know I have designed all of it-and that this point is somehow like many, many little creeks coming together into a big river, and something big is about to happen, and I can't wait to see it. So, I am trying to "ride" those episodes of inner turmoil like I would learn to ride a wild horse, and I intend to reach mastery in this- and not by taming the wild horse, but by working on riding skills.
Well, I did my best to "present my case" clearly, and I am not sure I managed to do that (English is not my native language), but I hope someone here would get my point (grin). It would be great because I don't even go into explaining myself to anyone in my vicinity- they would never be able to understand that...

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Back in the mid-1970s, I took some classes in constructing and reading a Tropical natal chart at the now-defunct Portland Astrology Center. I made quite a few charts for people, then I got distracted by other activities, and I didn't study or practice astrology any further.

Recently I had my Siderial natal chart done online, along with its recent transits, and it was a real surprise to see how very different it was from my Tropical chart. Like it was describing a completely different person. I know that there are some astrologers who use both the Tropical and Siderial systems, but for now, I am still in shock over the difference between my Tropical and Siderial charts.

Another thing I find interesting is the attributes that Western astrologers have assigned to the modern planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron), which have only been know to exist during the past 400 years, thanks to the telescope. In contrast, the assignment of astrological attributes to the original, naked-eye, planets were thousands of years in the making. How reliable are the astrological attributes and interpretations of the "modern" planets? Most Indian Siderial astrologers ignore the modern planets. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hey Nela,
A fellow Picean fish do I see.
My Birthday is the 28th.
Considering Neptune just arrived back to Pisces after 156 years you should be able to handle that influence better than most, although things have not been real peachy for me.
A weird little number game occured to me the other day. Born in 56 and turn 56 in 2012. Strange.....almost like it was planned.

I do understand what you are going through. You just hang in there. The water is going to be fine.

Thank you Clarity. I know exactly what you are saying.


Gregory F. Fegel said...


The planets we're currently seeing in the western sky at sunset are Jupiter (upper) and Venus (lower and brighter). The new (crescent) moon will pass by Venus and Jupiter on the evenings of February 25, 26, and 27, 2012.

On March 14 and 15, 2012, Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct. This will happen in the zodiac constellation of Aries.

On March 25 and 26, 2012, Venus, Jupiter, and the moon will be in near conjunction with the star-cluster of the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus.


PSO said...

Welcome nela, great analogy using the 'Wild Horses' as metaphor to our coming wave of cosmic change. I say cosmic change- but that is a failure of sorts to It's actual description.

Transmogrification is no respecter of persons.
IF ye ugly on the inside, you gonna look kinds nasty on the outside, but looks are determined from the Eye of Beholding.

'We are what we eat' might not be able to hold a candle to 'we are what we speak', which can't hold a candle to 'we are what we do'.

Visible is the only one of 3 online right now I TRUST to come and read these days. He constantly repeats my thoughts of the night before -publicly here and supplies a relief needed -even in the face of all this death and destruction -which the MAterial World is good for.

We can skate away on the thin ice of a new day, or we can fight and break through the ice -and drown.

Make use of the ice and enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Nuclear Timings


Feb 21, 2012 — INDIA (SUN) — Over the past year I have looked for the common links whenever there has been a nuclear disaster. I found only one common factor: Mercury the planet of atomic energy was in Pisces, the sign of endings.

This occurred with the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters. Mercury was in Pisces when these three events took place. Albert Einstein, the father of Atomic energy, also had Mercury in Pisces in his birth chart.

Mercury will be in Pisces for around 60 days in March and April, partly running retrograde during this time. I hope this Iran thing doesn't get out of hand. With the world financials bankrupt, starting a major war is the Elites' policy of diversion.

Be prepared and Chant Chant Chant.

Brhatslok das

Gregory F. Fegel said...

"The May 20 2012 solar eclipse is at 0 degrees Gemini on the fixed star Alcyone in the Pleiades of Taurus the Bull." -

"An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun, causing the sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the Sun's light. An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region thousands of kilometres wide.
The annular phase will be visible from the Chinese coast, the south of Japan, and the western part of the United States and Canada. Guangzhou, Tokyo and Albuquerque will be on the central path. Its maximum will occur in the North Pacific, south of the Aleutian islands for 5 min and 46.3 s, and finish in the western United States.
It will be the first central eclipse of the 21st century in the continental USA, and also the first annular eclipse there since the solar eclipse of May 10, 1994.",_2012

Richie (Dana) said...

Now then……Mr. Gurneygob,
You got hammered today by the world but you do not want sympathy from everyone?
Okay fine.
I want to give a short version of some stuff I learned reading Dr. Chipalone just to see if anything resonates. As Stickman ordered, I am using EXTREME discretion. There is only one person on this planet that I completely throw in with, and that would be Mr. Visible. I fail to find a chink in his armor. Visible is pure truth. Everything else I just pick at and take a piece here and there. I can say that some of these ideas have really helped me. Just think of this as another way to view “reality”.

The battle of Good and Evil has come to our corner of the universe. This planet and all evil is scheduled for demolition.

Evil does have some powers of creation, but only can do this by stealing energy from True Beings.
The elaborate vehicle to achieve this is our existence in this 3D world. Evil has created false beings in human form. It is basically a programmed meat sack. The current ratio is 70% false and 30% True Beings.

You have the same programming for evil as the false beings. The big difference is that you contain the Divine spark of creation within. The challenge for the True Being is to overcome the “monkey mind” or yourself, and let this Divine spark manifest. Jesus talked allot about this subject and so does Visible.

If you do not do this your divine energy will be taken from you. Every vampire movie you ever saw is really happening. They are the vampires and we are the food. One of the most effective ways this is accomplished is through the institutions that society has created. Religion is right at the top of the list by the way. Understand that society is evil. It is all designed to rob you and reduce you to slavery. The reason why no one seems to be waking up is that most of them are a bunch of robots who serve evil and always will, because they can never see what you do. The other reason is that they have this control thing down to a science. In addition to poison food, chemtrails, radiation, drugs, and environmental pollution I discovered today that they even control music by transmitting an unfriendly frequency. I left a link near the end of comments on the last blog and that stuff is totally fascinating.


Richie (Dana) said...

The Gurneygob Epistle continued...

Your description of what happened to you today I view as Gurneygob energy extraction, pure and simple. The two basic human emotions are Love and Fear. You know the attributes of love, but have you explored fear and why it happens? We know God is Love and he would not make you feel bad the way you did today. I submit that I love you more than your own family members who caused you pain today. They are concerned with stupid works of the material world with no regard for you and I am just trying to help you see things differently. It is important to understand these things and exactly why it is happening. In this way you have some knowledge to mount a defense to it. The best and soon to be, only defense is the indwelling of the Divine. He Owns All the power, so that makes him a most desired friend. One of the reasons things are getting really whacky right now is that God has removed his constant presence from human affairs. This results in a lack of energy for the evil beings so they mount ever increasing pressure to steal more energy from the trapped True Beings. Because of this lack of energy they will all go completely insane and that is happening right now and will get much worse. In several locations I have come across references to a “green” energy that only True Beings can access. Not sure about that one, but it is an interesting concept. Many of us have a personal experience of being lifted in spirit out of the shit so we know the power is available.
You told us the other day that you are “just sitting there waiting to die”. My friend, there are people alive on this earth right now that will never see death. I initially wanted to say that I prefer “waiting to Live”, but I now say no waiting. You do not have the time.
Read John 14 and try to really understand what is being conveyed there. It is simply a description of how the True Beings are going to be rescued. It is priceless.
Now go have a cig and relax. This is under control as you will soon see.


Terrance said...

Hello Visible....uncertainy creates stress....relying on source and being thankful and humble to all that is, has been and is a wonderful gift in these uncertain times.....
Onelove respects ....

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Greetings Judge Viz:

I’ve been Lab focused on the great work of late lurking here following your blogs but not commenting.

Pleased with the work you have been producing since your Mexico trip. Also noticing some of your planetary Neptune remarks with an inclination to comment but haven’t. Yes we live in a holographic vibratory space and subtle energies can entrain us and really fuck us over, but only when we are not in a sovereign state of being.

The moon Jupiter or any local planetary body can affect us as resonant lenses for super light (C squared) from nearby black holes but only when we are not centered or connected. I could go on for pages on the new science but will not do so at this time. This is not to say the planets do not have incluence…. The y clearly do affect us. Suffice to say that your god given choices and manifesting powers can completely dominate these subtle planetary influences unless of course we are in a disconnected state.

I was relieved to see you reclaim your power over the astrological influences early in the post then dismayed in the next couple of paragraphs to see that you gave it right back (grin).

Suggest you take the dog for a leisurely walk in the forest and reclaim it.



Anonymous said...

Dear gurneygob,

Oh, those worksmongers and their self-righteousness! What do they think they are going to say at the Pearly Gates? "Let me in, I put on my ashes!!!" ??? If Christ saved you, then when he died, all your sins died with him, past, present and future. In other words, Jesus saves your "ass" and doesn't give a fig about your "ashes." Nothing good or bad that you can do will pull you into or out of heaven, because everything Jesus does is GOOD, and he imputes to all believers his righteous record--"not guilty" is the verdict rendered in the Divine Court, thanks to Christ. . . unless you would rather give God a pitiful list of why he ought to let you in, wearing your own dirty robes, instead of the pristine robes that Christ provides, free of charge. "Eph. 2: 8For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9Not of works, lest any man should boast." Grace to you, with love from Sis

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Russia gave Iran their SS-18 Satan ICBM, it is 100tons with ten warheads. Amerikwa isn't going to attack Iran but Shitrael probably will. I can't sleep either but I think it was because I had my pants around my ankles jacking off to the teletubbies while swilling some generic beer I got at the Sack 'N' Save. No shit it is in a white can and it just says beer on the side. It gives ya the shits real bad.(With love the Smartass Punk)

Anonymous said...

Machiventa says:

I've been trying to slog "through the peat bogs" and endure with love and grace.

HAHAHAHA - Then there was an electric sizzle in my phone and I can get no phone reception at any of the plugins in the house. I lost it, love and grace down the drain, suspicion of sabotage, grrrrrr, rant.

Oddly, the internet is still working though it comes through the same phone lines (but it's not working as well, scream).

On another subject, much as I love playing with astrology, I know it's not all that much. WE HAVE FREE WILL. My favorite religious book says, "And intelligent human beings still believe in good luck, the evil eye and astrology." (page 973, The Urantia Book).

But still, I'll strive to "walk through this world and want nothing from it" (Les Visible).

I am thankful for your wisdom Viz.



Anonymous said...


Don’t feel so bad. I was raised catholic, but now I self-worship.

Try that one on your supposed Christian friend.


Andrew of Sydney said...

I think we have been through a few of these times lately, each time they are more intense than the last, and we get a little more prepared for more. How much can we take? Those pianos that are tuned can take all kinds of movement, the rest will struggle. There's no B# on my piano? I'm struggling with a host of things not unlike others here! I will try to make that C note sound crisp and clear!

Troy said...

Les, thanks again. I have taken your advice that you emailed me a couple of weeks ago and things are some better.

I have always been able on some level to "feel the air". For a lack of a better way of describing it, that is what I have come to call it. What is odd, of not so odd, is that I cannot put any of it into words, but when you write like you do about how you feel, mostly I have to say that is it. That is how it feels. For years I would say it is an evil wind today or something is happening in the unseen areas. It is that uneasiness you mentioned.

For what it is worth I have to say the whirling and swirling that keeps us seeing things flit here and there, and craning our head like an owl, has a purpose, based on your email I mentioned. Listen to your heart. That is what you advised. I know for me that a purging is going on. I have never been very serendipitous. The serenity prayer always eluded me because I could never draw the line between the things I could change and the the things I couldn't. I think there is very little that I have any control over, and the purging that is happening because of the chaos has to to do with that. When I wanted to change things and knew I could not anger was a fine companion. I get mad about the same things you do.

But I have an answer for you as to what the voice in my heart is telling me: Rest in Me. Rest in Me. Rest in Me. So what is being purged as a result? For me it is the anger, and the knowing that I can't change much if anything at all. But I am resting in the one that can. I do not have to perform for Him like I was taught I had to. Funny when I actually feel the resting, nothing changes in the chaos but I don't care anymore. It is truly a type of protection, I think. Anyhow peace to you brother , I do like your heart.


Visible said...

Ray B. Send me an email.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dog Poet, can I disagree with you on: "They are street-walking hookers with notebooks and tape recorders, instead of miniskirts and condoms."? Most Hookers don't have the blood of millions on their hands.

Here's an excerpt from a little skit that NWO hack Marie penned back in Dec 2000, titled, "Saddam builds new atom bomb":

SADDAM HUSSEIN has ordered his scientists to resume work on a programme aimed at making a nuclear bomb, a defector warned yesterday.

The Iraqi dictator, whose efforts to make atomic weapons were thwarted by United Nations inspectors after the Gulf war in 1991, revived the plans two years ago, the defector said.

Scientists who had previously worked on the weapons programme were made to return to their duties in August 1998, four months before Saddam expelled the inspectors.

According to Salman Yassin Zweir, a design engineer who was employed by the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission for 13 years, the instruction came in a document marked "top secret" which identified a research centre on Al-Jadriya Street, Baghdad, as the headqarters of the new operation.

Zweir was arrested and tortured after refusing to go back to the programme. He escaped to Jordan, where he spoke for the first time last week after being reunited with his wife, who was also tortured, and their two sons, aged seven and six.

"Saddam is very proud of his nuclear team," said Zweir, 39. "He will never give up the dream of being the first Arab leader to have a nuclear bomb."


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

In Times of the First Church of Blind Acquisition.

Anonymous said...

via Kathy
Richard-How do you know whether you are a true being?
It gets crazier here by the day. 4 cops killed themselves this month alone, in the city not the state. Everyone at work is crazy too and they don't understand why. I just sing a few lines...its the end of the world as we know it... and they roll their eyes at me.
I tried to meditate for years, including a guided group meditation but I fell asleep each and every time so I eventually gave it up. The only spiritual thing I do these days is practice gratitude, all day, every day. I like it.

Peter said...

@ Gregory F Fegel
You are a gentleman and astronomic scholar. Thank you very much for the low down(or the high up as in this case).
These current night sky events are quite dramatic. Looking up at them, one is infused with an unusual unease. Are they good or bad omens? we wait and see.

gurnygob said...

Richard said (gurnygob) "You have the same programming for evil as the false beings. The big difference is that you contain the Divine spark of creation within."

This is so true. I have been following a guy on YouTube for some months. He talks a lot about sheep and goats. Basically, as he sees it, we are half sheep and half goat. If we take the parable of the sheep and the goats from the bible, we know that the sheep in this case are the good and the goats are the bad. How this, half and half came about is another story I won't go into at the moment but suffice to say it has something to do with our DNA getting messed-up way back when the sons of God were on the earth and the nephilim were on the scene, It's a very interesting subject. Anyway, the point being, we are in a constant battle. Our sheep part, not to be mistaken with the sheeple, is in a constant battle with the goat (good Vs evil) which, left to our own devices, is impossible to win. Our only hope of overcoming the goat is to surrender all to Christ because only his pure blood can reconcile the two. This person sees Christ's sacrifice as a DNA rescue mission of sorts. I think a good way to describe it would the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde thing. For peace to come the two must be reconciled, Christ being the reconciler. Of course, there are other Christ's for different religions and I understand this, but in my case, it's 'Jesus the Christ'. Whether or not the DNA thing is true is not so important, the important thing is the inward struggle we all face. ( St Paul touches on a similar theme when he talks about the inward struggle.) Keeping the divine spark alive is of upmost importance for without it we are lost. Or, to put it another way, we must be born again, reincarnation and so on. To get "saved" as the fundies like to say is the only way to end the cycle of life and death, although for most Christians the real concept of "saved" seems to elude them. They seem to think that Jekyll and Hyde can go on kicking the shit out of each other and this is why we see so much war and destruction everywhere. This is my state, this inward struggle I face every day and my daily bread, Christ's words and example is the only thing that sustains me. Without him, I am already dead and ready to be recycled back into the world for the next lesson. I am not a diehard believer in reincarnation but I do see some linkage between that and 'you must be born again'.
Without boasting, I think I am beginning to understand my relationship with God, to God; and my hope is that I have learned enough to move on the higher realms as my time here comes to an end.
This is certainly not a "Christian" version of salvation but then I tend to believe that Christianity was hijacked somewhere a long time ago by a bunch of mind control freaks. This would explain the power the churches have over the sheep that keeps them at enmity with each other and everyone else on the planet. They employed the 'turn or burn' thingy that instils fear and where fear is, god is not. Guilt is another favourite tool they use to keep you in line. Guilt is a real killer for any Christian. I can't begin to tell you the struggles I have with it. Some of it comes from a true repentance, which is a good thing, but false guilt, which is a useful tool to control and confuse a sincere seeker can be very hard to shift once it has taken hold. I am not sure if any of this is making sense.


Anonymous said...

So... Nela the 29th
Richie (Dana) the 28th
the gardener the 27th (a day older than Richie!) 56 is an '11' number ... 2 reduced down after the '1' start age 55 represents.

It is all and only about the energies. A dear friend told me about the 'chin up' energy-how it isn't just an old adage but an energy rising aid/tool. Since he told me to 'always keep your chin UP-as it makes your entire spine rise up and straighten as well and after you've got your chin up-the natural reflex of your face with that move is to SMILE. :)

I've been practicing 'chin up' all week and what a difference it has made in my life... chin up...snorting out my left nostril like the little train that could.

the gardener

PS-I commented on Robert Phoenix's site about 'what happens when Neptune conjuncts your MC and then right into your SUN' *eyes wide open*

His response was exactly pertinent.

Visible said...

Gardener, maybe you could post a link where that's at. I'd like to see it. Thanks.

polyb said...

"The fool reacts, the wise man acts!" -unknown
Good luck mastering that one! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It was in response to his 'Clif High's doomsday chart'... almost the same as my natal chart-

Richie might have a coinciding event that took place in his 'life' since we are almost astro twins-but three years ago-starting at about this same time-I was confronted with so many possessed by what can only be described by me as 'black evil' and that this 'black evil' had already killed my husband-I went into a hole/space where when I came out of it about six months later-Septemberish 2009-I really felt like "I was already dead too". "They can't hurt me-terrorize me anymore because I'm already DEAD! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?"

that earnest response or declaration to the normal peeps in my life really really freaked them out.

I have-and with a lot of help from you Visible! and everyone else here too-really learned to reprogram myself as to not be a feeding source. I realized when my husband died that I was feeding him but he was 'feeding' many many dark blank ones... and they were desperate from that feed FROM ME!

"Shining the light", "Out Demons Out", "sniffing OUT the monkey mind thoughts", and now "chin up" are parts of my internal mechanisms-that and being 100% in the flow and if I get scared or off balanced I immediately reground and get back in my faith flow.

I was really curious back in the times pre Y2K about what affect "Neptune conjoining my natal Mercury" would have on me... let's just say it has been a real SCREAM!

the gardener

Richie (Dana) said...

You sit there saying that it gets crazier by the day and you practice gratitude?
You answered your own question girl.

I would like to say this “True Being” thing bothered me a bit when I first looked at it because it seemed to emulate the “special” chosen ones that every freaking church and organization program their followers with. This creates separation and a feeling of “better than everyone else” which I despise.
Rescue from this plane is available to all, True Being or not. God can rebuild you in seconds as he is the only creator and has power over ALL.

Everyone has been given countless chances by the Divine. The evil ones chose this path and will reap their reward. They picked it and they will get it.


Well gardener,
Happy Birthday Sis.
I have noted your comments many times here and all I can say is “The river runs deep”.
I love your comment on being dead. You have already escaped. You are just waiting to be picked up.

Your further comments tie into exactly what I was trying to explain to Gurney. Do not give these dark ones ANYTHING!


I believe God works on this plane via the humans alive in this time. That is quite clear when you view the work of Visible. If you think of the One Mind of the Divine working through these beings it is interesting that it is a joint effort between the Creator and his creation. We are like a spice rack.
We have the Visible flavor, the Gurney flavor, the Kathy flavor, the Gardener flavor and all the rest who know that I am talking directly about you.

Robert’s appeal to “Make it a good one” is excellent. This has been on my mind for the last week. We have the power of creation. We can change it, if we but stop giving all our power away to these assholes.

This is probably the most exciting time in the history of the world. We will be rescued through the Divine intervention of LOVE. It is important to reject all feelings of fear and hatred. Ignore the thrashing, dying beast and turn your eyes to the One.


Kray Z8 said...

Wow! The resonance is pretty much off the scale on this one. Vis, your description of unease and tension in the energy fields aptly conveys what I've been experiencing of late. It's a strange dichotomy, though. One part of me slogs through it, another observes it with serenity. I just keep working on the reliance thing.

Clarity, I'm glad it helped. Thanks, and nice analogy with the spoon and the mug!

Gurnygob, you are wise enough to know the difference between religion and spirituality. To act in the spirit of the Christ is enough. You might remind your critics that St. Augustine said "Love God and do what thou wilst." Keep the faith.

Richie(Dana), Nela, Gardener, PSO, and ALL the others who posted here, Thank You, there is much synchronicity right now. It is a blessing, not a coincidence. We are all part of a necessary dynamic. Keep howlin'.

Dog Poet, as always, I am enriched and entertained by your work. Thanks and keep it up!

Peace, Love, Connection,


Anonymous said...

via Kathy
Gurny - I know how stressful it is to pass on the Ash Wednesday marking. Everybody knows what you did or didn't do. Its tough to swim against the tide.
I too am in the 56/56 club, as I know nothing about astrology I could be conjunct, conjoined or plain old conned. It is interesting to read though.
I had a big money button pushed yesterday and immediately went into fear mode. I spent the day trying, with little success, not to feed the monster. Better this morning but still not good. Money has never been a motivating factor for me but the roof over our heads and some groceries in the pantry are in jeopardy and the last time I let go and let God it didn't go well hence those horrible butterflies.
In the macro it will be what it will be.
Richard- thanks for the reply but where do you get the 70/30 from? So much info, sometimes too much for me to process.
Peace to all

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is Up-

The Nightshade Nightmares of the Monsters among Us.

Eamon said...

From a book I read often:

"Look at a pilot in a storm, a soldier on the field of battle, an athlete in the arena. No one can tell what you are capable of, no, not even your own self, unless you are exercised with afflictions of various kinds. There is need of trial in order to become acquainted with oneself. No one has ever learnt what he could do except by trying. Great men rejoice at times in adversity, just as brave soldiers exult in battle. Virtue is greedy of danger, and thinks of whither it is advancing, not of what it will have to endure, since whatever it endures is a part of its glory. How can I tell what advance you have made in Trust towards God, if all things turn out as you desire? How can I tell what courage you have to bear poverty, if you are rolling in riches? How can I tell what constancy you have to endure ignominy, and disgrace, and universal hatred, if you reach old age amid the approbation of all, and pass your life without an enemy? In good truth, there is need of trial for the knowledge of self. There is no great difficulty in saying in prosperity, 'The Lord is my Firmament, my Refuge, and my Deliverer.' If a beggar begins for the first time to say, 'I am now easy in my mind ; this week, at least, I shall not be starved,' when he has a bag bursting with bread, he shows that he is a man destitute of hope. 'Hope that is seen is not hope; for what a man sees, why does he hope for? But if we hope for that which we see not, we wait for it with patience.' Our trust, therefore, shines most conspicuously at that time when flowing blood proclaims wounds, when waves beat into the frail ship, when we are enclosed in difficulties ; this is the place, and this is the time for trust."

I also like this one from Victor Hugo: “Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters.”

And this one from GK Chesterton: "Hope means hoping when things are hopeless, or it is no virtue at all...As long as matters are really hopeful, hope is mere flattery or platitude; it is only when everything is hopeless that hope begins to be a strength."

nina said...

Oh Visible, I just love this essay. Thanks so much. It helps to know no one is alone in these things.


Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of yours, since I stumbled upon you at Now I just check in on one of your sites to see where your head is at - about the same place as mine, mostly.

However, occasionaly you drop a line that is in disagreement with my version of the Cosmos, such as, "The evidence for reincarnation is indisputable but if you don't take the trouble to look at the evidence, or it's troubling to accept or consider it...".

Reincarnation is certainly an improvement over the idea of a Heaven, as it gives one a sense of responsibility for the planet he is on. I would even push this idea to a Christian ( I get a kick hearing Alex Jones, a hard-core Christian, playing Willie Nelson's 'Highwayman' before his semi beligerent broadcasts), but to someone such as yourself, I would ask what is there to 're-'? Eternal incarnation, of course. There are certainly more Kalpas than there are quarks in the entire universe, and we all certainly were quarks ourselves (or are now) at some point (or now), just as we were at some point (or are now) everything that ever was, is now, or will be in all Kalpas in all universes, so the 're-' thing is just something for silly old Tibeten Buddhists to consider while wandering around looking for soul drops of their last leader, or for Michael Murphy of Esalen Institute to hope for to sneak his golf skills into his next lifetime.

Still though, reincarnation is a good enough idea to shove down the throats of any and all Abrahamites. Are those folks fucking up the world, or what?

Visible said...

Yes, they are fucking up the world. If we were or are all quarks then that would be an argument for reincarnation because it imples we were something else at yet another time (grin). Thanks for the good words and a very different kind of comment.

Anonymous said...

Well there's no doubt beyond a shadow that we all are or were at least once or twice both quirks and jerks.

I'm pretty sure I still am..



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