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Masters, Mechanisms and Meaning.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'd like to talk about Masters today. There are a lot of misconceptions about what that term actually means. There's also a lot of misconception about types of Masters; grades of Masters, what they do and don't do and their delivery systems. This also includes the personality aspect and the wide range of behaviors from conservative to off the charts looney tunes. There are Masters from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions; Masters from the Western Mystery Tradition, which includes esoteric Christianity. There are shamanic Masters, Sufi masters and masters who don't reveal their genealogy or even give you their name. Zen Buddhist masters swat you with bamboo canes. Some of them take all of the wrinkles out of your life and some of them put wrinkles into your life. Some make you comfortable and give you ease and some make you very uncomfortable and remove the bottom from your containment vessel. There are Masters designed for all personality quadrants. On the dark side and in the area of passions and desires there are Masters too; Dungeon masters, Slave masters, all of them generally Ass masters, because at all levels, submission and surrender are the key and levels of trust are the gradients for moving deeper in or further out.

I'm making no judgments on what people get into but I will tell you that you push in any direction and you will encounter a Master, tailored to the dimensions of your needs. In Kali Yuga you will find that many people are engaged in some kind of Top and Bottom sexual dynamic, seeking release due to their residence in a world of bondage.

The essential reality of it is that there is only One Master, ever. The power of any particular 'master vehicle' is directly tied to their level of being engaged with The Presence. There are two directions; two universes of experience and expression. These are simplistically referred to as the right and left hand path. In the more ancient traditions, these are considered legitimate choices and the same god is at the end of either, though the persona and presence are definitely different. Good and Evil are not relevant in the generally accepted definitions. On the one hand is the drive and desire for liberation. On the other hand you have the world of magic and both are fueled by sexual force. You may be certain that extreme measures of sacrifice and denial exist on both sides. You receive to the degree that you can surrender.

Some Masters are saints. Some are not. There are many degrees and stations. Some people are considered Masters because they possess powers. You will especially see this sort of thing in this kind of an age. Some Masters possess all of the powers and don't even exercise them; RamaKrishna was such a one. He passed his powers on to Vivekananda without ever having used them. One should not be impressed by the demonstrated powers of any so-called master, rather be impressed by what you don't see.

Some Masters come across as crazy. I know of one tale about the fellow who wrote “Cutting through Spiritual Materialism” who went into a biker bar with some followers, drank a lot of beer and behaved like a wild man at the pool table, even tearing the felt with his cue stick, in a bar filled with violent men and nothing happened. I'm not a Master but I've pulled that off a few times, though I never tore the felt. Of course, he was an Eastern cat and probably had less respect for the game of Pool than I do (grin).

Master is a catchall term. Some are channels for Masters (some Masters are channels; one might say, all of them) and experience a relative degree of Presence that deepens and broadens as it goes. There are Masters of forms and Masters of no form. There are performing Masters and non performing Masters and all Masters are subject to the whims and inexplicable imperatives of The One. Some have fallen from very high places and sometimes that is through no fault but only for 'the purpose of demonstration'. Some are tormented for the same purpose, as in the story of Job. One shouldn't try to understand what Masters do and don't do. One should simply absorb, because The Presence is active and everything is going on behind the scenes. It can be hard to comprehend the behavior and circumstances of Masters such as Sai Baba, Osho, Bubba Free John (AKA adi da) and Muktananda. Only the divine knows the ins and outs of it all. I say, if they work for you, good. Results are what counts. If you get something useful, you are ahead. If something confuses you or puts you off, discard it. Take only the useful stuff. Everything happens for a reason but we often don't know what the reason is. This can be confusing.

Masters have different techniques for exposing the deeper truths about a person to that person. Since their methods are not mainstream, often enough, it can be perplexing as to what is actually going on. Results are what counts. Masters know how to get the Gila Monster to climb out from under the rock, or how to release latent possibilities from the soul and substance of the ones in which they lie sleeping. They are in the position to submit the chela's needs and concerns to the ineffable. They are a medium of passage and should be seen as that; not some kind of be all and end all. They are not. It is exceedingly rare for the ineffable to walk around, complete, in a physical state. Generally, the ineffable operates, as a partial, through agencies, powers, principalities, whatever it pleases the ineffable to operate through. The slightest whim of the ineffable is immediately a reality.

We exist in different dimensions of time weight. Due to this, the movement of the ineffable on our behalf, takes place within the framework of our time weight. For some this means 4th class and parcel post. For some it is Fed Ex or better. Time is a form of gravity and a lot of people are 'doing time'. One might think that we are trapped in a sequence of tremendous distance and lifetimes. This is not so. Instantaneous ascension is always a possibility, depending on various things; “success is speedy for the energetic”.

An agent of a Master is the same as The Master. When Jesus sent his disciples abroad, he sent them in his name. Anyone who claims to be a master and not a servant, is neither. Anyone who is not humble as dirt, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone not consumed by gratitude, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone who is not motivated to serve the ineffable at every opportunity, has not grasped the reality of their situation. I could go on and on in this vein.

There are a few essential principles that every seeker must grasp. One is that they will never, not ever, comprehend the ineffable, or be able to predict how the ineffable might behave or respond to them. Another thing is that the ineffable ALWAYS has your best interests at heart, no matter how it looks. Also, something to consider is that the moment you ask for anything, it is going into manifestation in some way. “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. If you are not always and in perfect time, getting everything you could wish for, there is something wrong with you, or with the way you see things. The major stumbling blocks to overcome are the resistances in the subconscious and amateur hour with the creative imagination. This is what reliance and surrender are all about and, as usual, it's not what most people think. Conscious surrender and reliance are good as far as they go but the whole point is to get the subconscious engaged in the process and that is what the repeated hammering of the self conscious mind upon it; through repetition, chanting, meditation and the rest are all about. Once the understanding of surrender and reliance, as an imperative, have been firmly planted into the subconscious, the secret gateways open and the infinite is on hand for transmutation of the vehicle and for performance and demonstration. Until that occurs, results are haphazard at best. After that, results are automatic and dictated according to the inexplicable will of the ineffable. You may not always appreciate the manner and means of this but you will invariably appreciate the results.

Everyone of us is at some point in the process of realized Godhead. First the rock, then the plant, the animal, the human and then the God. Of course, it is to be understood that is is possible not everyone achieves this. Some become demons, some matriculate into the Devic Realm, although that is a rare event; given that they are different paths entirely, but some insist on it and the means to attain it are there. We live in a universe of infinite possibility; limitless possibility. The human condition is much like the flowering of a tree or a bush. Some bud and bloom early. Some bloom late and some blooms do not open. I know there are schools of thought that say we will all attain to the same level of awareness and liberation. This is not so. It would ruin the effect of the whole drama. We are all a part of the divine and to the divine we will return, each according to the weights and measures of the almighty.

Masters have masters. The complexity of this subject is beyond the scope of this posting or several books and some of it cannot ever be put into books. Our recorded resources work only so far. None of the sciences, teachings and schemes, will take us to the final goal. At a certain point we can only be guided by the conscious light. We have to meet that light and the introduction has to be made. After that you can take it off your mind. All of our efforts up to that point, are only to take the meeting and to galvanize the goddess in the muladhara and to climb the spiral staircase into the undefinable absolute. What follows the inception of the process is different for everyone but it is always under control and the opportunity is there for all and the potential is resident in all. We are the sum total of the choices made. Many blessings and many greetings at the meeting of the waters.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Vis.
That was a wonderfully lucid explanation of the path. Of course, we are all on the path and at times we want others who are close to us to engage in the same path. Not likely, unless one's whole being can demonstrate to the other that it is working and is worthwhile. This could take many lifetimes as well. Some years ago I was given the advice that if I was not ready to engage in serious practice then at least learn about the masters. This I have been doing....and there are many....most, actually, who had the reputation in their own time, of being "crazy". I love it!! May I add one to your list.....Milarepa....his story is awesome and inspiring. If one such as he could attain liberation there is hope for all of us.
Love to all your readers who contribute so much to this blog.

Visible said...

Yes, the story of Milarepa is something else, not to mention, intimidating.

Dave Klausler said...

Off topic:

Les, is there any reason why Timster's "How Dare I" blog is no longer linked with the others in the right panel?

Just curious,


Visible said...

Dave, is this forum haunted? I answered that question several days ago the last time you asked me in the comments.

Dave Klaulser said...


I neither saw the first submission by me appear in the "Comments" nor did I see your your response, else I wouldn't be bothering again.

Additionally, I am neither able to find it by searching backwards through the older Comments, nor with google.

Perhaps I am searching in some improper method. Would you mind either redirecting me, restating the reason(s).



Richard said...

Mas Y Mas Visible

How lucidly and clearly written !!! Gratitude arises spontaneously.

As commented on other occasions, the transmission in all traditions is not only oral but mental. If there is not a physical presence of a Master, no such transmission is possible, thus there is no access to tradition, thus th the seeds of the plant in question are not a result of generations of cultivation. So the buds , or flowers or the fruits will indeed be of a different nature.

Also in all traditions there is a clear distinction between practitioners, guides, teachers and Masters, all with different levels of technique and practice, as your essay today so succinctly points out.

Thanks once again for using your Divine Gifts in elucidating this theme , as well as many others.

May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in bloom.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation.


Anonymous said...

Regarding "Tibet's Great Yogi, Milarepa" - the author of the biography of Milarepa (which bears that title) was W.Y. Evans-Wentz.

Mr. Evans-Wentz was sent a copy of the book GOD SPEAKS by the Master named Meher Baba, to review before its publication.

This is an excerpt of what Evans-Wentz wrote after reading GOD SPEAKS:

"No other teacher in our own time or in any known past time has so minutely analyzed consciousness as Meher Baba has in GOD SPEAKS...

"Meher Baba's enlightening treatise adds much to the sum total of learning and contributes incalculably to the enrichment of mankind for, as the sages of Asia teach, the most intrinsically valuable of all riches, and greater than mundane wealth, is Right Knowledge."

Thanks for another swell post, Vis!

"Onward!" as Lindsay Anderson used to sign off...

- "Irani Friend"

Visible said...

Well, that's really strange Dave. I posted the reply as soon as I saw the comment. I'm sorry for the confusion. It's probably in the very long, over a hundred comments, Petri Dish of a few days ago. Tim and I have been in communication and are in mutual accord as to the results. You should email him. He'll clarify it for you. It's not the sort of thing that ought to be running around in public; not a big deal but just not everyone's business.

bholanath said...

Vis, this is pretty concise, rootsy, and priceless, bro:

"Anyone who claims to be a master and not a servant, is neither. Anyone who is not humble as dirt, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone not consumed by gratitude, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone who is not motivated to serve the ineffable at every opportunity, has not grasped the reality of their situation. I could go on and on in this vein."

Like a sharp machete cutting through the tangled underbrush.

I'm not promoting one way or the other on the status of mastership, but for those interested in John Lash, here is his latest put up today.
Have a listen if so inclined, certainly relevant to resonance.


Anonymous said...

The everpressent strange becomes the norm. You gotta love this shit.

Great stuff Visible, most needed information.

from a remote area of Oregon

Caltus86 said...

Greetings to all. Master Visible, I recently received copies of Spiritual Survival in a Temporol World. I gave a copy to a friend and we are very happy with the size of the font and layout of the book, which make easy reading. My friend called to tell me that she was experiencing some problems at work which caused a great deal of stress, but after reading a few chapters of your book things started to become clearer to her and she is now feeling much better. She has asked me to thank you for your work. I also want to say a big thank you, to you and all those that contribute to make your work accessible to us.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Visible said...

Wow! Thank you. That made my day! Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes me feel better than to have been of some small service. The people presently selling the book say they won't be doing it any longer but from emails I learn that they are still being sold. I suggest anyone who wants a copy should get one now because there will be a lag in the availability of hard copies at some point during various transfers of capital from my end and entry codes on the other (grin).

Anonymous said...

under tutelage
of submission
in observance
in revision
of division
of collusion
in compulsions
in actualated
of accord
fire warms


Anonymous said...

sometimes the birds are my master,sometimes a combination of a tree and a fly sometimes its the sky and a blade of grass,other times it could be person or a group of events,,,
the master has appeared over here on origami many many times,,,through many different people....
maybe we could only ever take the position of the pupil,as that is when the master appears,,is this what you meant lord visible,to submit....

to submit to the lesson

anyway brilliant post and brilliant day,,

gratitudes and respects...neil

Anonymous said...

also in the state where the master has appeared and the pupil is undertaking the lesson,through sensation and thought or non thought,,,would that be, in the state of dharma,,,and no other state is dharma..or is that not the correct way to look at dharma,,,,,

also,lord bho lord high lord lash,,,, would that be when the kalapas,,or dakinis are moving through us,and as lord lash says this is effected by the position of the moon and stars,,

you see my understanding of the eastern teachings are very small

all of you lord visible lord lash lord high lord bho and lots of other people,at times you invoke magical thinking and i have to be sure,i have to know exactly what you are saying to think correctly,as between all of you your knowledge of the east is phenominal,,,and practical

anyway gratitude and respect again....neil

Cpt'n Spadgett said...

Yes I too received a copy last week. I have just finished the chapter on meditation and found it very simply and at the same time encouragingly put forth. I find myself a little scared of what is waiting in the silence, but one step at a time. Your style in the book is very different to the blogs, as it seems you have more time to say what you want to say, not being limited by the size of a posting. So anyone thinking, I can just read Visible here, you will find yet another aspect to this amazing man in a book that you hold in your hands.
I must also say, that I can not think of a more fitting nor deserving person/poet to have on the back cover than that of Neil.

My hat off to you both.

Also, if sales take of for you down the track a bit and you do another run, I would like to put forth a request for a pocket size edition. Being a bit of a traveler/wanderer, it would be good to have a copy that can just slip into the back pack.

Much Gratitude


Visible said...

I have seen Dharma defined so many ways by so many people that I wouldn't even attempt to give a definition. I'd read The Mahābhārata and look for the part where one of the brothers meets the stork (grin); a bit to wade through just for that but, heh heh.

As for all that other stuff, I'm not your go to guy. I've come across a lot of information in my lives but these days I am only interested in the simplest things and find that none of the knowledge or information is worth much to me. I think a lot of that was important back when I wanted to look intelligent (grin). Seek God, seek to please god (even if you don't please anyone else), that's all I know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Visible - just what "the Doctor" ordered ;)

- Frankie

Anonymous said...

sorry lord visible ....neil

Visible said...

We'll be sure and link to this in tomorrows Smoking Mirrors.

Clarity said...

My book arrived today, so there are still some out there.

As far as today's post, all I can say is that I hope reading your book, Visible, will help me understand it better.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Very nice answer to Neil's queries.

It was like hearing the shortest ever thesis on Bhagavad Gita.

You revealed the conclusion of Arjuna as to what is dharma, and for what aim, perfectly.

It was actually quite exhilarating and you deserve extra dessert tonight!

All the best wishes for good health and success to you, Les Visible prabhu!

neal said...

I wonder what Gravity will decide when Time just loses interest. All this speculation, it does not exactly bring the thing Herself, this has happened before, and if some cannot meet a stare with a stare, that is OK.

Mirrors and lenses, some kill, and some are just helping with the other end, and I don't see why there is so much seeming to be worked out, but maybe confusion is where karma gets some chance to maybe get some choices, I don't know, but there it is.

Visible said...

Sorry for what? I've no other reason for being around except this. It's all I do.

Anonymous said...

thanks lord homer,
how could i ever leave you off that list above,,,

respects neil

Anonymous said...

" I saw this and thought of you ! "

This is a readers comment from a Makow piece . Him and Rense have had a disagreement .

Here's a person who cant believe that even just one paragraph of the prolific Les Visible can possibly have been " made up " .


" David said (January 29, 2012):

On Rense... strange he would ditch his best columnist.

I just looked at the others on the site, I was surprised how bad many of them are. Have you seen these horrific Dead Dog Poet Transmitting articles? I don't understand a word this guy says. Here's a quote from his latest piece:

'Word has it that they are erecting a statue in the West Village, of Harris Milstead snacking on poodle shit. That's what the American wet dream is all about. When your mind is a Petri dish, this is the kind of thing modern art aficionados lose their lunch over. Harris will probably be snacking on that too, if it happens and the whole thing will be art; managed and ministered by the usual suspects who handle art the way they handle dead gerbils in the aftermath and possibly in the afterlife as well. I suspect in that latter case the gerbils are no longer dead and have been reverse Bonzaied.'

You couldn't make that up."


Anonymous said...

Mr Visible, I'm not nearly close to being in the same league of intellect or the ability to arrange words so expertly. I do, however, recognize the great stuff when I read it. So I stand and applaud you enthusiastically. Great stuff here.
Also, many of the regular posters on here (you know who you are) are quite articulate and adept at producing really impressive comments as well. Thanks guys, and gals, you broaden my mind and I appreciate every one of you......Jimmy

grassapelli said...

Excellent post from a serious visible. If there is only One God, then there can only be One Master.

The spiritual teacher I listen to recently sent out:

Kal - the negative power is trying to exert all its power with lot of strength and so all the dear ones should do Simran with more enthusiasm and love of Master and for as much more time as they can.

And that has helped me do a bit more meditation.

I feel fortunate to be a Visible fan.

longjohn said...


In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

"May all praise and praisings be to Allah alone. May we give all responsibility to God, the One of limitless grace and incomparable love, the One who gives us of His undiminishing wealth of grace. As-salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, may the peace, the beneficence, and the blessings of God be upon you.

Praise God and cut away the inner satanic enemies. When wisdom and clarity come to us, we will understand that the enemies of truth are within our own hearts. There are four hundred trillion, ten thousand spiritual opponents within the body: satan and his qualities of backbiting, deceit, jealousy, envy, treachery, the separations of I and you, mine and yours, intoxicants, theft, lust, murder, falsehood, arrogance, karma, illusion, mantras and magics, and the desire for earth, sensual pleasures, and gold. These are the enemies which separate us from Allah, from truth, from good actions and good thoughts, and from faith, certitude, and determination. These are the enemies which create divisions among the children of Adam and prevent us from attaining a state of peace and unity."

"Place your trust in God all the time; in every moment say, “O God, this is Your property, Your duty.” One who was born as a man and has lived as a man will exist in this state. For whatever happens he will say with contentment and gratitude, “All praise belongs to God, al-hamdu lillah.” For what might come in the next moment, he will say, “It is Your responsibility, O Allah, tawakkul-‘alallah,” and praise Him."

~ M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

The Qualities of God (video)

Sufi Library

Anonymous said...

pierre said (posting, 1/2 bottle (at last count), and before reading comments).

probably IMHO your best post. very tempted to print out, enconce in glas, bury in concrete, and build a pyramid on top of.

in Orwell's 1984 you would make a better Goldstein. when will the publish MSM style? oops, that's hate hour isn't it?

thought experiment, if it wasn't all under control , what would it be? random and desperate personal meanigfullness projections?, the same thing , only different? easy to ? fun to guess.

and Master is better than guru IMO (conditionally).

then Supremo, always good to look up, which leads me being glad on the mention of gravity (thinking of Neitsche.
I ponder upon the ninth part of a hair on these uppers and downers (should they be inners and outers , or forth or from whences etc)

what if we were born in a zero G environment, or what would Astrolgy be in a different galaxy, far far, away (answer: goat or scorpions if they had them there).

wv: rules, itctio . these limited rulers of the material world have given me hemoroids, but I got over it (detachment and discipline, and oiled feet)

zaid said...

Thanks!At this point in time were you specifically sent to answer the questions that have been nagging and nagging at me? Thanks!

Kray Z8 said...

Dog Poet,

I don't know if I'd recognize a master if one whacked me on the head; I do know I depend upon the Divine to provide me with what I need, including discernment. With this I can receive guidance from many sources and use said discenment to "seperate the wheat from the chaff". Your insights and the responses of those who post here have great resonance and pertinance with me. 'Nuff said! Be well, All. Thanks, and keep howlin'.

Peace, Love, Wonder,


Visible said...

Heh heh, I guess the guy never saw Pink Flamingoes, nor does he understand what, 'not understanding a single word I say' says about him; ah, the unintentional ironies of life.

Pierre, it is my consideration that you should finish that bottle and open at least one more.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Easter Bunny, Jesus Jerky on a Gone Dead American Train.

Anonymous said...

and also lord captain long john,,,,
thankyou for that....

respects neil

Anonymous said...

Well... Surrender to what? If you exist, it seems obvious you've already surrendered to existence by default. Yes or no? I surrender to myself, and myself only. Surrendering to any 'force' beyond myself, is simply not in my wiring schematic, and never has been. The new age agents of redundancy and rehashed balderdash, seem to imagine persons who fail the cosmic Dr. Pepper show, are somehow defective, lacking, or need some highly evolved 'surrender' fixing. Good luck with that. Dick Cheney and other malformed agents of the ineffable, love your silly asses, and are sniffing around them right now in the high places of god’s love and excrement.

The whole idea of enlightenment is amusing to me. Please try buying a different brand of light bulb, please. And no matter how much surrender has been fobbed around by assholes like Meher Baba (and all those other enlightened intellectual juggler hunters) they have been specifically placed there (usually by government agency) to convince us spiritual lessees, that we might continue to have an Earth to roost in, if we surrender to the err, uh... Tell ya what: Try some birth control once and awhile. This would be a more direct “path”.

People like Dick Cheney are not people, they are something wiped off a goats ass. Stop fucking goats, please. This will insure the planet won't become a standing room only situation, and there will actually be enough dirt left to grow some food in. Just saying. Ba, ba, black?

Masters are somehow endowed with the tendency to master bate quite allot about 'surrender' whilst being financially supported by the myriad institutions which often employ that age-old ploy of 'eminent domain'. You see, in the perpetual exospace of the cosmic, our sorry asses always sit somewhere that is needed by someone or something else in the comic realm. Just surrender when the bombs start dropping, and maybe apply some soothing cosmic salve to your weary body. It doesn’t matter how you feel. Just surrender, and you’ll be cumming like a porno star sometime soon…

Sorry, I haven't surrendered yet. Yet I find there is some necessary goodness to that which I am. I appreciate this about myself, because it ain't easy to be as wonderful as I am, sans no support from the Dr. Pepper crowd... Does this make me defective? Egotistical? Perhaps your god or goddess needs constant cosmic buffing, in order to achieve a virtual shine. My gods don’t. They always suck shit and that’s ok, because I don’t need them to know who I am or what I’m worth.

I very much enjoy your musings and writing style. I can even channel a bit of what you 'feel' like from my little hovel in a cold place. I can even discern the complexity of how you arrived at your current destination. This feature of 'deeper' awareness’ seems to have been naturally included in my wiring schematic.
I am already overflowing with deep and generous waves of fulfillment, already. Thanks mom for not fucking the cable TV installer…

Paul Von

Visible said...

Are you absolutely sure she didn't fuck the cable installer?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I didn't mention this in my last post, but....

I'm not nearly the hardass I used to be and I don't really care if someone does drugs. I certainly did then, for sure. Doesn't really matter to me anymore. As long as no one is being hurt by the whole thing then what's there to be angry about?

Maybe I should lighten up on that old Master.

Jim in FL

Cap'n Spadge said...

Paul Von,

You sound like a bitter Stick Man.

No offense Stix

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Reporter: How can a person tell he has a genuine guru?

Srila Prabhupada: Can any of my students answer this question?

Disciple: Once I remember John Lennon asked you, “How will I know who is the genuine guru?” And you answered, “Just find out the one who is most addicted to Krsna (God). He is genuine.”

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. The genuine guru is God’s representative, and he speaks about God and nothing else. The genuine guru is he who has no interest in materialistic life. He is after God, and God only. That is one of the tests of a genuine guru: brahma-nistham. He is absorbed in the Absolute Truth.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Good one Visible. Actually there was no such invention as television or cable persons prior to my birth. Really. I know that must seem like ancient times to some.

I was only having a bit of fun in my last post, as I am compelled to pluck at the strings of those who imagine they are experiencing the thralls of 'spiritual' fulfillment. What? Were they empty of it when they were born? How could that be? Factory defect? Is there a test at the end of the chapter?

Sorry, but the mindset of the new age ‘inspired’ seems like so much recycled dopamine and endorphins. As if what worked for Lao Tse can be applied to say, some unemployed homeless person in Detroit. This guy is hungry, cold, stripped of all ‘deeper’ meanings, and will never have a chance in hell of contributing squat to the society that spawned him. Even Lao Tse would be screwed in this setting, and would probably end up in a FEMA camp, picking his toes for the rest of eternity, and perhaps grumbling about it.

I've read Lao Tse, and his words are lovely and wonderful when graced with incense, calmness, and a full belly. There is a major difference between some optimum situation in 500 BC, and the poor fuck who is now dumpster diving in Detroit. Is that image clear enough? Suffice it to say: We need to learn how to feed one another, before we go off exploring the verdant fields of spiritual love.

I know I am obviously low on both dopamine and endorphins, so I often rely on adrenalin or other more combustible stimulants to get my buzz. Should I now go to new age hell for this? Seems to me human neurology can be (and is) affected by all sorts of (undisclosed) stimuli, and I am only repelled by a universe, which requires I tow some happy face around in order to survive. If the universe is infinite, does it still bother to censor the letter drop at the complaint department? What would be the functional point? Is there not an endless universe of expressive potentials? Universal "openness" is easy to embrace I guess, as long as everyone has a big supply of dopamine on hand. Did I get that right? Is this a test?

You see: Dr. Pepper is not exactly part of my particular operating system, as my observations tend to dwell on real (or measurable) situations, rather than the constructs and illusions of spiritual marketing plans.
The situation on this planet is screaming for someone to notice we have overpopulated the place, and are now in the process of destroying it the rest of the way. The "ineffable” moron we once called god, somehow doesn't recognize this dire feature of our existence, or has hijacked human consciences on levels that are more scary to contemplate than Dick Cheney’s dick. In short: An occasional spiritual crotch shot, is not exactly the way to solve our current Earth situation. This was somewhat implied within my previous post.

Another individual on the site suggested (projected) that I was bitter. No thanks. I don’t need any bitterness today. I was only poking a little fun at the smoldering opium.

Paul Von

Visible said...

Well Paul; This all looks like a lot of projection to me. My first thought is, "What is this guy doing in practical terms to make happen what he says needs to happen"? I've got nothing to do with the new age and this blog deals with metaphysics; that's the point of it. I have other blogs for other things.

I do practical work along the lines of assisting people with not having to dive in dumpsters in Detroit, though it may not actually happen in Detroit.

You're welcome to pull my chain, since I don't wear one but I would have to go with the general response of the majority of readers to the efficacy of the service I provide. If you can change people's hearts then that will eventually get someone fed in Detroit; it's how the power and the process work.

Daniel F said...

In John 3:1 it reads 'When we see him, we shall be like him.'

To some it means Jesus hits you with a magical wand at the end of time. I read that as a child and immediately knew I could also make a logically equivalent statement 'You will not see him until you are like him.' I learned what I had done was to form a contrapositive.

I also had a Vision as a child which permitted me to understand how God created the Universe. Time and Space are ideas in your mind but not in the Mind of God.

I am active now on WordPress as Vidrebel. I have decided to post some things at my old Google blogs before they scrub me forever on the Internet.

Treat A Woman As An End Not As A Means To An End

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

Thank you for your kind and gentle reply. I've been reading many of the reader comments on your various pages, and much to my dismay; I see I have unreasonably joined the recent binge of reader aggression and Neptunian mania. I was entirely wrong headed in my previous posts, and I apologize.

I believe I may have some more constructive ideas to offer than my previous missives, and am curious as to how I can post comments, without introducing the entire internet to my actual name or email. I know that may seem obvious to some of your blog guests, but I have never actually followed a blog page before, nor commented therein.

Kind regards,
Paul Von

Visible said...

Paul Von, you sound like my kind of guy. Beautifully stated and nothing floors me like humility. Hey, get yourself a nickname and post as that. Simple. You can also go to each ot the blogs; they're all listed in the masthead and go down the right menu on any page and click on follow this blog and tehn so on and so on. A new Origami is coming up the minute.



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