Saturday, February 18, 2012

Under the Big Tent in the Circus of Appetite and Ignorance.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Man! What a bunch of hoopla; underwater nukes in the Pacific, basement nukes in New York, UFO deniers, men who hate women, self righteous lawyers with big egos, syntactically challenged troglodytes from Wyoming. We get them all. These are the 'go to blogs' for Huey, Dewey and Screwy.

I was pretty careful with my words. All I said was that I didn't agree with Makow's views on women and I don't know one way or the other about Jim Stone but... I don't know and I'm sticking to that. Still, we opened a can of worms; as opposed to a can of Whupass; thankfully. I also got a few comments from the dreaded Anonymous; a Cerberus like creature, with the heads of two weasels at either side and a chicken head in the middle. Like they say, “that's entertainment”!

Enough of all that. We're at Origami today, a sedate oasis that one in ten visit, because only one in ten care very much about the incredible ineffable. Well, the ineffable is on the move. I got a wonderful jolt of awareness in respect of that this morning. Yesterday I was uncomfortable, uneasy, off center and in a low energy pothole I couldn't climb out of. This morning, I woke up ten years younger and brimming with force. I was given indications of this last night, when I lay in bed in the early hours of the morning. The transmissions were stronger than ever before and the message was strong and filled with confidence for what lies ahead. It was doubly nice, given the day that had preceded it.

I've mentioned 'endurance' before. Sometimes, you just have to go through things. There's no alternative to slogging through the peat bogs of residual karma and the environmental constipation of strangled force, surrounding one, as you try to find a dry hummock of sandy grass in the swamp. Sooner or later, endurance, like perseverance, furthers and it's a game changer. I don't know how many times in my life I have just had to keep on keeping on and then the mindset and the landscape both transform into something a little closer to the heart's desire. I've no illusions of consistency in this regard but I do believe that the heavier it gets in the material worship zones, the lighter it gets in the new world coming.

The level of collective insanity is compressing by the day and generating a dark heat from the pressure of madness collapsing on itself, in the process of dwarf stars (intellectually and morally speaking) turning into black holes. Speaking of black holes, Madonna and Kim Kardashian walk into a bar and... oops, wrong turn Clyde; just a little comic relief for those who don't mind mixing humor in with their metaphysics. There's no punchline.

The bottom line is that the crazies are going to get crazier and the sane are going to get saner. As we all know by now, those who fancy themselves sane, in their embrace of ever more preposterous lies, are actually the crazy ones and those marginalized to the side and drowned out by porcine suits with red shouting faces, are the sane ones. We'll be seeing the truth of that more and more as the planetary forces that signal the various interplays and operations of human engagements, work their collective destiny upon our affairs. It's all choreographed by the dance master and we're either slam dancing or doing the soft shoe, depending on what music we're listening to. Of course, some will be waltzing in The Overlook Hotel and some will be dirty dancing in the urban sump pubs. Those who are familiar with the musical works, Bolero and Scheherazade, know that they start off slow and easy and end in a fury of crashing sound. You can look at what's on the menu by thinking of it in there terms. And there's certain to be a great deal of acid reflux, as the clanging and clamor reach their heights.

We are entering the main tent for the big show in The Circus of Appetite and Ignorance. There will be great lumbering beasts. These are not normal animals, with an intelligence as great as those in the audience, who usually perform for your watching pleasure. These are the animals that symbolize the excesses of appetite and ignorance. The creatures of appetite will cavort in dark flames that howl like tasered banshees, while ignorance dances beneath a black sun, whose gravity swallows whole worlds with a single inhalation, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. It's no mere coincidence that Kali has her particular blue black hue and that white Shiva lays supine beneath her writhing form. This of course has no connection to the various skin colors that populate the Earth. Those differentiations, like the multiplicity of languages and cultures, are in place to play upon our racial and religious prejudices. It's all set up the way it is, to see what you are going to do because the ineffable is the ultimate voyeur.

True peace and tranquility arrive when you can walk through this world and want nothing from it. You will, of course, receive all manner of things but you shouldn't want any of it because those are 'the ties that bind'. Blood ties are the worst. You see the most distressing examples of this in that part of the world responsible for the trouble everywhere else, because those who think they are manipulating everything, connect whatever is happening elsewhere to what is going on there.

The spell of Maya has to be broken and if you think you can accomplish that on your own, in times of extreme material darkness, you are dreaming. Proud men, intoxicated with their own sense of vigor and importance, imagine they are ruling nations and moving mountains. They are sad little puppets, en-route to the grave. Wiser minds seek the invisible help that is within and all around them. They know they can't walk that road on their own. They've learned the hard way, as so many of us do; as all of us do, at some point in any number of lives. The incalculable wealth of all of these human births, glitters like real gold before the eyes of those who can see it but the eyes of too many are closed to the magnificent blessing that has been laid upon them. To squander such a resource is a terrible thing. The evidence of it surrounds us. Few care.

I speak as a wastrel with the good fortune of having met The Source. Like some of you, I am luckier than I have the sense to comprehend; other lives and other times. This is a grand finale of considerable import. As I never tire of mentioning, we are at the conclusion of a major cycle of 26,000 years. The human mind can't grasp the import of it. This is not your usual turning of the age. This is the completion of a full circling of the great wheel and the beginning of another. God help you, if you don't make the leap. As has also been said many times, then it's off to wardrobe to get suited up for the next round. It is my sincere prayer that you will be spared this and it is certainly within your reach to accomplish the alternative.

Many times, over many days, I hear it said, “The effort you make now will reward you richly, far beyond anything you can imagine. The degree of difficulty is great and every effort is significant. Apply yourself. Rely on me. Rely on me completely. Strive to make yourself aware of my presence and my presence will come to you. Press forward with determination, faith and certitude. I am at your side. I am here now. I am truly here. Accept this. Reside in this. Live and breathe in the awareness of this truth. Look around you at the foolishness on all sides. Have no part in it. Every moment counts. Every effort is divine currency. Rely on me. Rely on me”.

I forget a hundred times a day. I misstep a hundreds times a day and always the voice comes and points it out to me and I cry out at my failures and inability to stay constant and on the mark. It is comic often enough but the voice is patient and steadfast. I have been told that it doesn't matter because I have no choice. I am led to believe that I am compelled to forget just so I can be reminded. I am told that even though I have no choice, it makes a great deal of difference how much energy and consistency I bring to the table in each and every day. It is wonderful but there are degrees of wonderful and the voice lets me know that whatever good can be acquired, there is always more that can be added unto it.

This is the harvesting time and our efforts do not just benefit ourselves but all life. I have been routinely reminded of how I might feel later, when I realize that not having done enough, resulted in great losses on the part of those who might have been reached but were not. The ineffable is relentless in this way and there is more than enough work to go around for willing hearts and hands. There are far too few so engaged.

Now I can't even remember what I've just written down (grin). I guess I'll see soon enough when I go into the editing phase. I myself am in the editing phase, being that which is being edited; work in progress that we all are. Work and progress being the operative words. Make it count.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Vis! I thank you for continuing to remind us. Believe that you are doing your utmost to be of benefit and keep on keeping on!
May the blessings of the ineffable pervade your entire being,

JLOC said...

I've been reached and I'm ready for that big leap. :)

Thom said...

"God help you, if you don't make the leap".
If not, we will have passed on?
If so, we're alive in a new age?
Or something else?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Good article. Wonder how it relates to next month. Internet down on Purim, when Israel seems to like to do obnoxious things. It's in Clif High's 'window of culmination', or whatever you want to call it. (March 2-9)

You know, by now all I want of the Earth is to get off the damn thing.

I also know what you mean by relying on the invisible. Though barely employed for a couple of years, my life has never been better; and by the time I run out of money, it probably won't matter any more.

Hey. I can't recall having met The Source proper, but a couple of Its 'staff' told me everything was gonna be all right, and it has been so far in ways that are almost beyond belief; and I could never have forseen my good fortune so far.

McKenna Fan said...

Lay Veezeeblah!

Nice. I love your radio shows, too. Keep `em coming.

Just to put in my vote, where it counts.

Since it doesn`t count in the US anymore. Fuckers. I`m done voting there. And if I do ever vote there again, it`ll just be to encourage the biggest idiot on the ticket, in an attempt to hasten their demise.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible,

I noticed you mentioned on another page, you are experiencing (or have been experiencing) an active Kundalini. Lotta that going around these last 15 years or so. I also have an active Kundalini- breached in my left shoulder for the most part. Your comment about keeping on whilst keeping on, totally hit the mark. Shit happens in Kundalini Ville.

Electric eel behavior may be an interesting subject for you to (seriously) look into. No kidding. You may think it is a stretch, but consider the kinds of transfers that take place between Master and student, Rumi and Shems, Jesus and apostles… It is a long list, and the functional mechanism is similar. It is an energy transfer.

The sea grass in the Oceans, has contemplated itself for something like 3 billion years. Every life form on this tiny planet is derived from this molecular magic- swaying in the waters of time. It is in our DNA. Perhaps we could all acquire this perspective as our model.

Paul Von

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet,
Now that's an Origami D. P. Just a thanks from a dreaded Anonymous creature.

gurnygob said...

Encouraging words today Les, especially the last three or four paragraphs.

"Rely on me"

thanks Les.


Terrance said...

Thank You Visible.......ready for the leap out of the western cultural garbage heap!.......

L.L.O. said...

Yesterday was a crap day for me too. Some kind of murk was pinning me down. I rode my bike to a reservoir that's surrounded by Maidu people's ancient rock carvings.
I had a flash of a previous life of living like them;At harmony with the natural world. It cut me to the core. I thought about our fucked up world and it's billions of distractions and manipulations.
I started crying and saying to myself " I just want to go home, I just want to go home..."
I know, boo-hoo for me. I pulled myself together and trudged on.
I feel MUCH better today! Even more so after reading your words.
I need those reminders.



Eamon said...

visible: "The bottom line is that the crazies are going to get crazier and the sane are going to get saner."


Paul: "The sea grass in the Oceans, has contemplated itself for something like 3 billion years."


As for reliance upon God, we are completely reliant at all times whether or not we choose to admit, cooperate, and benefit from said reliance. Sadly, many are presently (in many cases willfully) oblivious to this undeniable fact. Still, it is what it is and all is under control. [I know this is not news to most here, but all of us also know it doesn't hurt to be reminded of such things.]

As for Clif High's comments upon the coming war, etc... He is his own man and I do not pretend to know what he has been told or by whom, but his very, very specific prediction about a particular kind of attack on March 2 strikes me as a risky venture. He may end up being correct, of course; the scenario he presents is certainly possible, if not probable. Still, if it does not play out exactly as he has stated publicly, what will people make of it? It is like predicting the DJIA will plummet 8732 points at 3 p.m. EST on November 12, etc. Time will tell, I suppose.

Godspeed to all who read these words :)

Richard said...

Mas y mas Visible
Poetry from the Heart, Loving, Humble, honoring thr Divinity within. Gratitude and prayer arise sponttaneously. Thank you.

May the Rose garden of your Heart always be in Bloom. Shiva Shakti tango is On.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Siempre Fi.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Just a habit. a good habit.

patram puspam phalam toyam
yo me bhaktya prayacchati
tad aham bhakty-upahrtam
asnami prayatatmanah

"If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it."

Rob in WI said...

Thursdays SM had me laughing my ass off. This VO brings tears of realization to my eyes. Such is the effect of your gift to us.
Be well, Visible, and all, Rob

Clarity said...


First, to yesterday's comments... Things did get a little nutty there. I didn't get back later in the day, but from what I saw... kudos to you for allowing people to express their opinions even while some could be considered backhanded criticism of you. You also do an awesome job calling out those who need it.

Today, you bring some hope when it is especially needed. I am doing all I can to endure and persevere, and I hope this is giving me the strength I need not just to make the leap, but to reach my intended destination.

I'm slam dancing, but not by choice, and the crazies are sure it is I who should be committed. As I continue on the road, I encourage others to join me. There are some I do not want to leave behind, and that thought breaks my heart. It may not be as painful later, but here in 3rd dimension, it hurts.

Visible, I have no doubt you will acquire the ultimate wonderful, and it will be both earned and well-deserved. You shine your light on the one in ten here, but don't forget the light you shine on the other nine. Each of us, in turn, shines the light to others, and because of you, earth is glowing, and getting a little brighter each day.


Allison said...

the"peat bogs of residual karma " ha, priceless metaphor, that a simile? Cant remember anymore. Either way that is a great visual. Overlook hotel is a great reference. Wow, awesome post ! Les Visible, Kali Yuga's premiere Color Commentator. I cant express in more fulsome terms how great it is to get up and read your posts. At this stage of the denouement of Kali Yuga I wouldnt even worry about the other web hosts. I didnt find you through one of them. I found you during some random search I did on google. The resonance thing is so strong that your peeps are going to find you. Soldier on bro !

Anonymous said...

The browser settings on this machine won't let me comment as anything but anonymous. I'm not changing them just to make a comment. The full of shit comment was directed towards Makow. BTW isn't Makow a joo?

Visible said...

Loomis; you only have to post it once. It will get through and everyone will be able to see your haughty putdown. I did read and study those things, I just don't agree. It is the height of small mindness and the mink mind to not be willing to agree to disagree. All I said was that I don't buy it. Was that so wrong of me? You buy it, that's what counts. Why should I HAVE TO? I don't know. I keep saying that, I don't know and I still don't know after looking into all of it.

I have this district attorney mind that punches holes in things. I can't help it. But I've never disparaged Jim Stones work here, or Henry Makows either. I don't agree with him and I rarely read him but I've got a different take on the female end of things.

Just because someone doesn't agree with you does not make them a piece of shit. They might just not feel the evidence merits your conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eamon,

The life force (perhaps) exists as a chemical model in our DNA. And as far as I know, DNA exists in all living organisms we have examined or modeled thus far. Does that not sound like a special enough situation to you?

It is unwise to presume life forces always remain on some sort of rational track, or can be blindly assigned some particular quality of intelligence. Just sayin'

Kind regards,
Paul Von

Visible said...

Wrong blog for that and, yes, he is but I wouldn't know what to say about that being relevant to anything specific.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz


Best post ever, anywhere.

Thanks to you and the horse you rode in on.


Machiventa < devout ineffable fan

Anonymous said...

You are a shining jewel in the crown of the almighty. Thank you so much for putting what I know to be true into words and not taking it personally.


Ian said...

Evenin' Les,

I'll keep this short. This WILL be my last posting, for your piece of mind if nothing else. I've a few things to attend to; you know how it is - places to go etc. I've been a big fan for longer than you might think.
I must apologise for any stench or 'anonymosity' that came with me, I think I may have stood in something and trodden it through your blogs. You'll manage. I may pop round for tea one day, milk, no sugar. :)

Oh, and Eamon, there IS an infinite amount of Love in the universe, take it from me, as much as you like.
Yeah, yeah, wrong blog. :P

Bon Voyage All

Visible said...

Ian? What is that all about? Boy there's some miscommunication happening somewhere. Everything is perfect. It just takes time to show its face. It can't do that until the situation is perfect for turnabout. We're there. Enjoy the show. Let's not get overwrought about stepping in something. It's pretty lassez faire unless I missed something; probably.

Steve said...

Hey Vis,
Amazing book you have put out there, "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World".
I have just finished my first read through and find my self with a brand new resolve and enthusiasm for the path/task at hand. I have ordered the cleanse from Holistic Horizons and have been walking and meditating each dawn. The beauty of the moment I find myself aware off cannot put into words. But it is there always even when I'm not, the past no longer exists and the future, well, it's out of my hands.
Thank you, thank you thank you.
May all blessing rain down upon you, and may your desire for the consistency which you seek find you.
Your friend,
Ha! WV. prayers reressio

Eamon said...

"Oh, and Eamon, there IS an infinite amount of Love in the universe, take it from me, as much as you like."

I totally agree; however, in the case of infinite love, it is the very love of God, the "overflow" of which is the cause and sustaining force of all created beings. It doesn't really matter, of course, but I never claimed there is nothing infinite. All I said is something which is pretty easily demonstrated and understood: things which are quantifiable cannot be called infinite, if the term is to mean anything at all.


Thank you for the kind reply. I am well aware that DNA is present in all living things. I am also aware that all living things have a soul, which is their principle of life. To go from that idea to thinking that grass contemplates itself, or has done so for three billion years, is to make a rather large leap. Perhaps we just have very different ideas about contemplation and the meaning thereof? BTW, if your comment was alluding to the recently-claimed discovery, the scientists stated a range with a ceiling of 200,000 years.

As for what I do or do not presume, it is unwise to presume about such things. In this instance, your comment does not hit anything resembling the mark. No harm, no foul. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a sexually frustrated man, I gotta agree with Les on this one. My demands have been as cover for my own shortcomings and fears. When and where i fear i don't measure up - i usually up the ante in terms of what the woman in question needs to do to meet a standard i know she wont meet so that i don't have to worry about meeting hers - EVEN if she hasn't hit me with something unreasonable. This undermining of genuine masculine confidence would seem to me a bigge part of the attack on humanity than women's rights. Sure intitutional feminism is dominated by marxist jewesses, but most movements are jewish dominated - from gay rights, to the jews who funded the black civil rights movement, to the jews who've spear headed the Indian gaming initiatives right here in own area of southern california. That jewish involvement doesn't negate the validity of any of these grievances, people should stand up for their rights. The rub lies in the fact that such involvement gives the jews influence within those movements and leverage over them. It's like those who comdemn all of masonry because it's been co-opted by international zionism. Yet the Christians who hold such views on the craft hardly ever apply that same logic to their own jew-dominated churches, which have done just as much to further the cause of the elders. I hope my using the anonymous identity option doesn't irrate you cousin Visible, I just don't want joogle tyo get all my details through blogger. And as far a fukushima goes, I think more folks should look in to the stuxnet aspect of the event. I think it's likely that the virus was used as the means of sabotage, the quake - or nuke- whichever it was simply served as the cover event.

May you all stay strong,

abe in east la

Anonymous said...

Your words resonate, no matter if spoken in Smoking Mirrors, Petri Dish or Visible Origami. Your weekly voice messages, especially these latest, vibrate to the inner core. Please keep up your work, you never know which soul will awaken next.

Yes - I prefer to remain anonymous.

I can't recall exactly how or when your work was first presented to me but I'm sure it was linked from another source. Then again I'm sure I was looking for a resonate frequency.

Your writings on the Origami blog - so much awakening - so much truth!

Keep up the good work!

My wish - is that all these newly awoken souls will become aware. I have seen and been aware of this new cycle for some time now.

Take care and keep up the good work and good words

Anonymous said...

I had a friend who like you, claimed to know what "god", or the "ineffable", was up to. He climed to know what alienates God, what hurts his feelings, and that basically God just wants to be included, just like a good dog. "good boy!" Don't you SEE the glaring contradiction in claiming to know what the "ineffable" is up to. It's very ineffableness negates anything that you claim to know about it.That's why it's the ineffable.

Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,

Sorry, but not sure what was ment by this >

"Wrong blog for that and, yes, he is but I wouldn't know what to say about that being relevant to anything specific."

It ain't a big deal, but trying to fathom where I could go with that?

I've been spending quite allot of time reading your various posts, and am in awe of the amount of positive energy you generate.

Be well,
Paul Von

Visible said...

Torus; if something applies to me but does not apply to you, that doesn't make it bogus. That just means it isn't playing in your theater, while it may well be playing in mine. You can't take my experiences and use them as a measure for your own when you are not having my experiences in the first place. I'm not having yours either. You need to make your own peace with your own time.

Whatever is happening with me is happening with me. You can ridicule it or dismiss it, that doesn't change my experience of it. That's still completely operative with me and I damn well meant, 'for not much longer'. We'll see, or not. We alwasys do or we always don't but life can be surprising and I fully expect it to be in these times.

If you are missing something, or the whole bullshit scenario is getting you down, that's not my fault. I didn't create it and I'm not going to tell you they won't do bad shit for a little while longer but... their time is over. You are living in the death rattle. Believe it, don't believe it, it's macht nichts to me. I'm headed out of here and so are they but they are going to go before I do. You'll be surprised how quick it can happen.

Anonymous said...

I realize this wasn't the "proper blog" for my comment but felt driven to say it anyways, sorry for being off topic.

So to say something relevant i would like to mention that the 26,000 year cycle - closer 25,800 actually - not only corresponds to the realignment of the Earth and Sun with the Galactic center as mentioned in Mayan cosmology, but also completes the North star 5-station cycle in which we get a new north star rougly every 5,000 solar years. The 5 north stars are Polaris, Vega, Tau Herculis, Deneb, and Alderamin. The five major occultations of Venus reflect this on a smaller scale within our solar system. the 52 years which it takes for the Venus and Solar calendars to realign is Meso American and when combined with the 7 generations of North American Indian philosophy and a 1 year time of peace and reconciliation yields a 365 year super solar cycle. Anyone interested in these matters as applied to Amerindian (specifically Cherokee) Astrology is encouraged to read some of the works of the late elder Raven Hail, if they're still in print.

Love and Strength to you all.
Abe in ELA

Visible said...

Torus, I take it for granted you have recently been hurt pretty badly but on the technical side of how the ineffable works, generally it is through people. The only hands the ineffable has is human hands and I never presume to know what that force is thinking. I only know that when it acts on this plane it uses human agency. I just do what I'm told, I don't have any other latitude and I'm not looking for it either, now; what's bothering you?

Visible said...

Well exsqueeze me, I was off by 200years (grin).

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to imply that i had a greater knowledge. Just stating what comes from my tradition. I don't know much about Hindu cosmology and won't pretend to. This Yuga may very well be 26,000 years and wouldn't have the knowledge to say otherwise. I put a great deal of trust in you're writings and let God sort out the differences. I appreciate what you put out over here Les and hope I didn't sound arrogant.

Hokahey brother.
abe in ela

Anonymous said...

pierre said... a hundred times a day I remind myself of what I am doing (swearing, bad attitude, body obsession ie what I am NOT doing (thanking, submitting, trusting etc). it's a start, and the bottom line (derived from boiling a monkeys bum over a long period of time ) is that there is an I (cue ohn Locke) that has this awareness and desire to be better. one can go overboard wth this and need to accept ones shortcomings (only human on the inside).

onwards, upwards or just throughwards.

thanks again.

.pierre ( tip for anonymous mice, you don't have to subscribe to Satan's Virtual Syagogue, just put a name in like I do).

wv: years telelat. (these new ones arent much fun, they sound robotic themselves - takes one to know one I guess). future history will record that telephatic communications were going on years before the internet. tell that to the unbelievers and they just won't believe you.

bholanath said...

Brother Vis and all -

A different 'big dance' coming up, and under a different tent...
Shivaratri this Monday night!

Traditional practice includes meditation, singing, dancing, loving, creating, etc. in harmony with the Five aspects of Shiva (guess where He is, [grin]):

6-9pm - Self-arising/manifesting Shiva, color White
9-12 - Shiva and Shakti as One, color Red
12-3am - Ascetic Shiva Maha Yogi, color Yellow/Golden
3-6am - Fierce destroyer of ignorance and time, Nataraj Lord of Dance, color Black
6am-? - Formless absolute reality Shiva pure energy beyond names, color Crystal Clear

For those resonating with the Mahadevic energy, I can't stress enough the importance of a strong practice done for this year's Night of Shiva will be - Feb. 20-21.

Bom Bholanath

Kathryn said...

Brilliant! Thank you,Thank you,Thank you! You are helping to illuminate my awakening soul....Much lovexoxoxox

Richie (Dana) said...

I would like you know how much I appreciate you. I see that the Divine shines only from True Beings.
You see or you do not.

Yesterday was a bit wild around here and I am struck that Gurneygob probably got nearest the reason for it to begin with. After all, when you may die tomorrow, you just may happen to see what is really important. (Please see this as a gift Gurney).
There was lots of monkey mind babble. I do not criticize trying to figure stuff out and researching the physical truth. Yes I can delve into minutiae about exactly how each thing occurred…..but a little turn of the head, a try to see what cannot be seen, can rework your sense of what reality really is.
The point of this that, when do begin to seek that which is all the matters?
The questions are not relevant. Only the one who orchestrates all.
The lesson equals burial of the ego.
Only the Divine will show the way.
No person, website, or guru will get it for you. “You” must connect with Divine. Simple right? (smile).
My friends, please just try.
I gift you this tune. Just substitute your vision of the Divine whenever you hear the word ‘Baby’.

Clarity said...

Three things, Visible:

1. You are so awesome!

2. Are you still feeling mid-March? The Purim theory seems reasonable. I was wondering if you adjusted the date.

3. I read the dog comment you had linked to a few days ago. I'd like to tell you that my dog was very excited when I was opening the box that contained your book... but then she gets excited any time I open a package that's been delivered. The fact that she thinks every one of them is for her is probably something I should not be proud of.

I lied - 4 things.

4. You are awesome!!!!


Thomas said...

gorgeous, Les.

I had a twisted walk today, first at a beautiful beach sunset together with a real fairy, we arrived at the exact time and I let her have the spot on top of the rock. Incredible colour and tone schemes, pelicans floating on the warm breeze, diving for fish in the Caribean Sea Madre Mar Madre Mar. Then the fairy went to work in a bar for the last time, I went on through child-molester paradise... Illuminati symbolism on big, voluptously disgunstingly luxurious spa and club hotels hidden in jungle, hiding behind "mayan-" names, advertising "subterranean services" or "carnes 100$" as the only choice of menu. All stringed on a long straight, curiously well-paved road, on the end of which was "Adonis" club, the O being a burning earth with a pyramid standing on top, the flames forming a 6, giving 666 with the call 066 emergencia sign besides a little police outpost that visually fit it from coming by car. On the way walking on the bike road that was on the side (ridiculous, the only one I've seen here), a young mexican boy with an ass like a girl and very delicate clothes, skin and hair, who by the way he walked looked like he just came from servicing... A place, with a poster of a naked hunk, looking clean and neat and secret advertising "all financial matters". Further up the road, a big spider across from the main police station looking like a neon castle and a bit on an absolutely enormous supermarket. Turning unto the road towards the ciudad pueblo, the sign tells the road I came from to lead to "Mouth of the Forge". 1 km towards the city, the main cross with sculpture in the middle, on the other side the pueblo begins abruptly. About 15 meters into the main street lined with shops, are two shops, right across from each other, both topped by big circular designs. On the "in" way is the "confusion shop" the i being a pyramid topped by a rising sun, and the design being the sun and moon together, sun in front. On the "out" side of the street, topped by a circular mosaic and a sitting buddha, is a spa supply. Also, much else, but I think the idea is outlined. Geomancy and black magic I tell you, is what me eyes see. Hiding in plain sight. Main Palacio of the city topped with pyramid also, plastered with symbols of secrecy and tainted dealings. On the shopping street are signs of israelis. Not much, but they are certanly in on the trade, if not the main, then supplying with nurse attires and other expensive and superflous material things. I wish to scream it unto the streets, run run run and scream. As soon as I have the thought, the birds go crazy and I am still. Jah explains to me, through music, that it is not to be, it will only hurt, not give. Some take the shortcut through hell, Jah jokes. "well, they think it's a shortcut, at least...". Bless their spirits, and may they find at least moments of solace on their tormentous and dark road.

Sorry that this comes into Origami, but I wished to let you know. A bit rattled, but in good spirits, splitting town in the morrow. Jah guides, and theres more to see and do, yay yay!

Thank you Les

& to All, Love and Blessings

Praise the Creator!

Anonymous said...

steve hillage - radio

listening to the radio
inspiration starts to flow
you tune into the radio
you like the feeling of letting go

deep inside your heart you pick up the right station
shining through the layers of static in your brain
you always know it when you're tuned into the good one
it's pure and clear

so when the media barons program their pollution
your new transmissions will just neutralize their rays
I see it radiating with the radio of freedom
and linking up our hearts and minds again

listening to the radio
information starts to flow
a biological radio
something new begins to grow
a living crystal radio
a powering your dynamo
ya tune up in a radio

Steve Hillage:Searching For The Spark

We try
To find the light inside, to find the light inside.
But it's not easy,
Searching , searching, searching, searching,
For the spark,
And the light to guide us.
We try,
To rise above the pain and sorrow of frequent failure,
And all the time,
The living spark is waiting deep inside,
To come bubbling out into our lives,
Joining up with all the other little sparks,
In the Ocean of Life,

Steve Hillage:Light In The Sky

We're picking up the pieces of the puzzle of the saucer machines,
we've seen every crazy story all rolled into one and now we see just what it means,
we've seen the good guys and the bad guys and it's up to us to choose our inner friends,
so we can all tune in together to light and love and laughter in the end.

oh me oh my there's a light in the sky
oh me oh my there's a light in the sky

In seventy seven the light shone from our hearts and from our eyes,
we looked into the ethers and we saw that they were very much alive,
the saucers were teaching us to find a higher energy,
to put a twinkle in our mind's eye, so we can rise and be all that we can be.


Visible said...

Of course not, I meant that humorously. I don't think you're arrogant. My main concern is if I am.

coletteonice said...

GTRman..CHRIST ALMIGHTY!It is good to see you back and commenting again.Steve Hillage and no less than the infamous Roy Harper...I am having a musically good evening now!..thanx..Colette.

Goyim said...

The following B'nai B'rith quote was made in 1936 in reference to the realisation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

"Let us, above all, make it impossible for Christians to be reunited, or for non-Christians to join the Church; otherwise the greatest obstruction to our domination will be strengthened and all our work undone. Our plot will be unveiled, the Gentiles will turn against us, in the spirit of revenge, and our domination over them will never be realized. Let us remember that as long as there still remain active enemies of the Christian Church, we may hope to become Master of the World. And let us remember always that the future Jewish King will never reign in the world before Christianity is overthrown."

You just can't make this stuff up. From the horse's mouth: kill Christanity and take over the world.

A test run was enacted by the Bolshevik zionists where all Christian churches were burned and bombed BUT NO SYNAGOGUES and then upwards of 150 MILLION Russian Christians were one-bullet-to-the-headed.

How close is this exact situation in America and Europe.

ZOG is here and here and here...

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors-

Succubi Hallucinations in Cellblock 99.

Video rebel said...

We Do Not Have To Die Defending Israel’s Fantasies.

In the final analysis Israel cannot start a war. Nobody will believe them. Everyone knows Israel did 911.

The next step is for everyone to understand that Israeli fantasies have nothing to do with reality. And the only exit that leads to peace is for the people of the world to take away (zionist)Israel’s power to start wars in which other people die. I propose the following solutions.

1) Continue telling people that Israel did 911.

2) Tell people there was no Holocaust. The Holohoax was just one of many Zionist lies to justify war. Iraq’s WMDs and yellowcake uranium come to mind as other examples of Zionist lies.

3) After we stop the war, we must follow through and take the final step. We must seize the assets of the bankers and their co-conspirators who stole 30 trillion dollars from us. We must put the bakers in prison. And we must seize the assets of the media who lied to cover up tens of trillions of dollars in fraud so they are as guilty as the politicians who made their crimes possible. Besides it was media lies that helped to kill millions of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

You might think that I demand too much. But nothing less will stop these never ending wars that have intentionally bankrupted us. We can no longer wage war in a nuclear world. I am a visionary. I know the bankers plan to cut our wages in half and reduce us to permanent Debt Slavery. And that assumes we are not killed in the plagues and wars they have planned for us. As I keep telling you, that coming hyperinflation will destroy the fabric of society. The only way we can survive is to challenge and then take away all unrestricted (zionist)Jewish Power.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thank you Bholanath!

On this Shiv Ratri evening here is a feast for the eyes.

The very first painting presented here is so sweet. (Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha)

The second is very beautiful (Gangadhara Shiva)

Let the flutes play, the bells ring, the drums beat - damat, damat, damat, damat, damat, damat, damat, damat..

Om Namah Shivaya!
Om Namah Shivaya!
Om Namah Shivaya!

Anonymous said...

We must have waited all our lives for this moment.


Anonymous said...

Bholanath blew my mind! The colors of Shiva's forms correspond to those of the American Indian medicine wheel with the non-color in the fifth direction of The center to which all is relaive. Good stuff, real good stuff. Love being educated by the folks you got reading these posts.

abe in ela.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (tempted not to post trivial correction)...

but I mean Descarte's cogito ergo sum.

Anonymous said...

People here often remark that they can tell a Les Visible piece just by the title . Reminds me of another very gifted wordsmith , Morrissey :

Girlfriend in a coma , vicar in a Tu-Tu , This night has opened my eyes , You just havent earned it yet , baby , A rush and a push and the land that we stand on is ours , first of the gang to die , etc etc etc .

Anyway , I hereby continue my shameless plugging of Steve Hillage ( at least 50 years ahead of his time ) by providing a link to his sumptious version of "Om Nama Shiviah " ( backing by Todd Rundgrens Utopia .

The production still makes me , for want of a better word , "swoon "

( is there a better word than swoon ? he he he )

luv ,GTRman

onething said...

The sane getting saner and the crazy getting crazier - and the intensity and pressure of it makes the sane feel rather insane...well, I don't know what it's a sign of but the evil that goes on in this world is becoming more and more apparent to me and it's getting harder and harder to feel equanimity, calm - so am I sane or crazy?

In some way people have always known how bad things are, because of expressions like "This world is the devil's playground." I heard that but it never resonated. I never believed it.

Well this world is God's playground too and you perceive what you're experiencing.

It occurs to me that a climactic end full of chaos and evil was inevitable from the beginning. From the beginning of whatever went wrong which seems to be tied to this thing called civilization. I often have wondered what form of government could lead to peace and happiness, but there is no such form because as long as there are people who want to gain material pleasure at the expense of others, the end is certain. Because humans will increase their knowledge until technology will be born, and as long as some humans are evil in intent, technology will give them the power to become extremely destructive. It was only ever a matter of when.

And the only way out is a real change in how humans function.

Gee, this new word system is quite hard to read.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Viz!

Whew; finally got caught up to the present on your Blogs. Time and again, I would see remarks that I wanted to respond to, but was a week or two behind current Blogs. Frustrating, but I didn't want to miss all the wisdom in the Comments, too. Thanks to all.

In the spirit of this VO, I wanted to suggest a few of what I call 'deep wisdom movies'. These are ones where my Higher Self grabbed me, shook me, and said, "Listen; this is important!"

I know it sounds off the wall, but 'Groundhog Day' is one. In the spirit of reincarnation, simply substitute 'lives' for 'days' in the movie. It gives you an idea of how grand we truly are, and the seasoning of souls.

A less-known movie also calls out to our positive or negative future: 'The Last Mimsi'. It contrasts the progressive losing of our human potential with our rishi future. This movie has such a high vibration that it caused two (descending) teenagers we were seeing the show with, to actually have to leave the show and go outside to 'play'.

A third, which mirrors your high or low path, is actually a five-year television series: 'Babylon 5'. If you ever wondered what various species who reached consciousness some Billions (yes, with a B) of years ago might have evolved to, now, this is your show. A teaser: One, the Vorlons, would invariably ask someone they met, "Who are you?" (A higher chakra question?) Another, the Shadows, would invariably ask someone they met, "What do you want?" (A lower chakra question?)

[I kind of believe that the show was getting a little too close to something, because Donald Trump bought the series at the height of its popularity (i.e., a large fan base). Then, he just shut it down and walked away, and must have taken a huge (unnecessary) financial loss.]

I am sure 'the ineffable' places whatever we need next in front of us. If this calls to you, enjoy.


By the way, it appears that there are at least three 'Ray' individuals now posting. For clarity, I will always sign myself:

Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dishis up-

Red Tea for the Gillerman

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, "reincarnation". How the very word nauseates me to my core. If there ever was an infantile denial of death, the Hindu Hula-Hoop of reincarnation takes the cake. You've heard the rumours, read some meaningless texts, and decided; by Christ (or Krishna, same thing right?) this has got to be the way! Makes sense....Perhaps German gunmen in WWI became inflamed and sour krauts in the immolation of Dresden. It's how a merciful God operates right? And where is the "soul", bring it before me and I'll pacify it for you. And where is the post-mortem Soul Repository, Education and Reassignment center? In yer heed laddie!! Screw it, I'm sure you've heard far more insightful, eloquent, and reasoned arguments aginst this abomination known as "reincarnation". I'll call it what it is, an ideo-illogical fantasy. Do you actually believe that "you", despite losing all your operating hardware, remain cognizant at the time of death complete with an intact sense of self and then proceed to a reassignment center, defend your life a little, and then proceed to forget everything, re-enter the womb, and give it another go?
I don't think Rex Indifferentia really gives a f**k.

Visible said...

Sorry you're having such a hard time Torus.

Ray B. said...

Torus 5:07:00 AM :

I actually started out close to your frame of mind. Army doctor father, engineering profession, etc. Then, I had a series of happenings that changed my 'mind', in three phases.

First, I was doing some deep emotional work with a process called Focusing (by Eugene Gendlin). Usually, the doer just 'tracks' some emotion-based occurrence until it 'unravels'. Occasionally, though, I would track it along, and then a 'shift' would happen. After that, I was in a 'place' where it didn't feel like 'me' - different symbols, different emphases, and different 'mood'. The unraveling would take place 'there'. Gradually, I came to understand that I had 'tunneled' into other lives, as the situation needed.

Second, after I had learned meditation, I had two separate (uncalled for) shifts 'into' my soul. One had me walking down a long 'tube', with various lives in 'capsules' along the way. A second was a variation of that, with more of a three-dimensional layout. Quite profound. (As we each 'process' higher input in unique ways, you would probably get a different 'picture'.)

Third, long after completing a series of classes at The Monroe Institute (where you learn how to 'move' your consciousness to various 'levels'), I found that when I 'tuned' to a certain level, I could sense a 'structure' coming out the back of most people. Usually, it is in the area between and just under the shoulder blades - 6-8 inches in diameter, 2-3 inches inside, and a few feet outside. (In case you're wondering, it is not the heart chakra.) Upon further questioning of my Higher Self, I found out it was various folks' souls.

I realize that something like the above, which is based on 'inner work', is currently unprovable. This does not mean that it is unknowable. Just thought that I'd share this, seeing that we are in Visible Origami.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Ray B. Your description of the tunnel with the capsules holding different lives is very close to that described by the author of The Way to the Kingdom.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Viz!

If you are talking about "The Way to the Kingdom" by Joseph Benner (just looked it up on, I haven't read it. I tend to come from an eclectic mix of wisdom disciplines. My early readings of eastern paths, psychology, even astral travel, all suggest that the mind can only 'interpret down' (from what is really 'there' to our everyday-consciousness level) based on what is in the hopper of our individual experiences. (So, Christians see Christian-based filtration, Hindus see Hindu-based filtration, etc.) I load up with all kinds of info to allow maximum possible clarity in the 'interpret down' process.

Best wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

"All I said was that I didn't agree with Makow's views on women and I don't know one way or the other about Jim Stone" - don't forget your praise of Rense -

words don't exist in a vacuum - time and place is relevant. If I say my friend Joe is jewish - nothing evil in that. But if I said it while walking down the street in nazi germany then that's a different matter.

The 10,000 question: why did you pick this particular time to say rense was a great guy and you don't agree with Makows views? Could it have anything to do with the Rense Makow war underway? of course it has everything to do with it.
What I find dishonest is: helping a man attack an enemy by delivering a glancing blow while pretending to be a neutral harmless fellow.
and then you wax philosophical the next day with flowery language about the troll attacks you got for it. And although the common adoring idiots are impressed by it - all the cute metaphors in the world can't change essential truth.
The Rense crew has closed ranks around Makow - they are fighting a battle for an ally without bothering with due diligence. Not a single one is interested in the details of the battle they are assisting. Because the rights of the other party are apparently inconsequential. and agree with Makows views on women or not - in this paricular case, Rense' behavior and language is vile. And if you check out Makow site - you'll read the testimony of a woman who's life was shattered by her encounter with Rense. And if you won't stand up for one single "small" person then the grandiose talk of greater truths don't amount to a hill of beans.

Visible said...

Unknown, if you want to believe lies and garbage, you have that right. You do not have the right to spread them on my websites or engage in specious reasoning as if your limited capacities and insights were something only a short way past what former Romper Room residents would see through.

I especially don't appreciate you showing up days later and I even more, do not appreciate that you are a fucking coward who will not even post his name but are one of those craven and miserable types that pot shot from the shadows because you don't have the stones or sand to identify yourself or stand behind what you say.

It's not hard to figure out who is standing behind you. Fuck off you slimely, malformed slandering reptile, under control of the slanderer in chief. You're not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

this one i am positing as anon in case you blocked my google account and so never read my previous comment - restated - I obviously hit a button to cause you to spit venom like that. And i also said that you identify yourself with truth so strongly that anyone who calls you out on something must be evil itself in your book. And now I will go one farther and suggest - because you don't like your basic self, you felt you must go to extraordinary means and become a beacon of truth to make up for your perceived deficiency. And when someone points out error in that armor its hitting you straight in the solar plexus. And in your book they must be evil if they do this.
James Blair

Visible said...

Blair, you're a moron and now I've no use for you at all. the idea that you think you can manipulate me with that sophomoric psychoanalytical bullshit just goes to show how little you know about me. Many thousands of people follow my work and you see what they have to say about me? I shamelessly publish this publicly as a concrete irrefutable rebuttal of your 12 year old attempt to get my goat; thinking that what you imagine of my ego which actually respond to that sort of thing.

People far more informed and intelligent than you, and there are many that fit that description, among my readers, would laugh you out of this section. That's why you post here, off the beaten path because you know this. This post doesn't even have to do worth the subject; speaking of analysis. Think about it.

You would be very very surprised to know who some of my readers are; very surprised. And even more surprised at what they say to me in private. I'm going to take a snippet from your most recent act of literary brilliance and put up for the readers to see at the latest blog offering.

If I were you, I would apologize for not allowing someone else the freedom to come the defense of a friend and besides, that, act with autonomy concerning what they think> I'll also point out that I know a lot more about this affair than you do. You know only the public side, or a portion of one side. I am more informed than you. Cut your loses and stop being a dick. I'm a forgiving person and quite capable of forgetting all about this. Be smart and take the high road. I'm only going to publish from your comment something that i am certain will amuse the readers but I really don't have to say anything bad about you again or diminish you in any way. If you can allow that.

Anonymous said...

I stand by what I said in the first instance about the original subject at hand- and if I am wrong about your psych profile - well, sure its possible. But I know from experience that when someone starts issuing epithets that its usually a clear sign. You want to make a blog post? I don't care one way or the other. In terms of citing your fans as proof of your superiority - that carries little weight; The truth movement is full of false gods who have legions of adoring fans. One day perhaps people will discover - not likely - that the truth movement was a military intel project from the word go.

Visible said...

You're the one who started out with the abuse. And you kept at it too. I just got tired of it. Don't try to bullshit me. I'm a little more together than you think. You know nothing about me and that makes you shallow and callow, to just reach into the ozone and project things.

I gave you an opportunity to turn this around and you ignored it. that tells me volumes about you and I also wonder if you are not a female. Yeah.. there's a lot I could say but let's enjoy the mystery.

I don't even know how to block someone's Google account. You are so very wrong about a great many assumptions. As I said, i gave you the opportunity to change the tone and rise to the occasion. You didn't. That says a lot about me and a lot about you.

Now I'm done with you and you can just go back to whatever it was, who ever you were badgering and offending before. You can write things now but I won't print or read them.

The WHOLE truth movement is an intelligence operation! My God, you are clueless and your cynicism is going to hurt your life.


Unknown said...



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