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The Group Consciousness, Telepathic Resonance.

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About a week ago, I was sitting at this computer and I started to sing the song from the movie, “The Bodyguard”; “I will Always Love You”. I'm sure there are any number of people who think that song is a piece of sanitized, denatured shit, like “Feelings” and “Mammaries” (from the corner of my eye). It may be, I suppose. It's one of those songs that will surface every now and then in my head and I will sing it because it's a gas to hit those high notes with my falsetto. Anyway, I had heard a snatch of it somewhere, a commercial, a rendition, or in my head and I was singing it and then I decided I had to see the movie so I got it and watched it; that was just a few days ago.

Late last night, or early this morning; take your pick, I learned that Whitney Houston, who sang the song and appeared in the movie, was dead. This posting isn't about Whitney Houston, who had one of the finest voices to come down the pike in a long time. This posting is about something I talk about in the radio show tonight. It's tied in to my recent trip and something Robert Phoenix mentioned to me on his radio show, Friday (please do not cue Rebecca Black).

Mitt Romney and George W. Bush are cousins. Holy Dickwad, Batshit! (this is Petri Dish- nope, it's now going to be Origami, sorry about that). There's no connection that I know of between this and today's posting but I thought you ought to know. It's one of those interesting things, like Bush being related to the Queen of England.

Back to the theme of this commentary. During my interview with Robert, he said, “I think you went through an initiation during your trip”. I didn't get that at all, although I was told before I left that something like that was going to happen and that I was going to meet someone who would change my life. I took this to mean, at any point in my travels; should I at some point still go to South Africa or a couple of other places that are tentatively on my list.

While I was doing my radio show yesterday, I suddenly started talking about something that was new to me, right while I was talking about it. It was something I knew but didn't know, if that makes any sense and it made perfect sense to me. As I said in the interview, I am a little ahead of the curve, due to my awakened Kundalini. I'm not saying this to attach any exclusivity to myself but simply because it is true. I get things ahead of the general population. Of course, I am not the only one that this applies to. There are others, some are engaged in a manner similar to my own and some are sub rosa.

Regular readers of these blogs are familiar with how often a reader will say, “I was just thinking about that this morning”, or an hour ago, or yesterday. Or they will say, “You just articulated what has been in my head for a long time”. This happens with a frequency that borders on the supernatural. I often refer to it as 'resonance'. We have sympathetic strings, our vibrations are tuned to each other or, things pass from you into me and then back out to you.

One of the things that happened to me when I had my first Kundalini experience, which lasted at a high pitch for 3 years, was that I instantly became telepathic. The Kundalini fire burned away my sense of a personal self and there were no longer any boundaries between me and another person. I was with John Hall (who played with Orleans and recently was a congressman from New York) and several other musicians. When my Kundalini rose and did its number, I was immediately right inside John's mind and I could read his thoughts. He reacted with shock and horror and pushed hard against me in my mind to drive me away. That didn't work though because there is only one mind and once the barrier or boundary of your own mind is gone, access to other minds is pretty automatic. You might ask, what about the barriers in other people's minds? Well, there really aren't any barriers. We are reading each others minds on a certain level all the time but most people don't cue into this. That was pretty much the end of my relationship with John and also the end of whoever I thought I was before this. Later on, I understood the connection between this happening to me and the terrible abuse I suffered at the hands of my earthly father. The false self was being rigorously pummeled out of me. This did not mean the end of the ego, or other features that compose the schematic of human personality. This meant that the stratified identity was gone. Since that happened, I often feel people's faces in my own when I am near them and I can look in the mirror, when I am psychedelicized, and see faces from other times and places morphing in and out of my features.

I'm talking about what I am talking about today, with the intent of giving you a strong boost in terms of your confidence and hopes for the future. This came to me, as I have already said, right while I was doing the radio show for tonight. Very often my mind can be thinking along a particular train of thought, while I am speaking about another train of thought at the same time. We all have some degree of this.

I was thinking about the bad guys and the good guys and the various ways in which whatever is coming could go down and it was then that the telepathy and resonance factor came together in my mind and I saw what was coming. This whole transition process, which is coming by degrees of force and intensity and which has to do with awakening, is bringing with it a collective telepathy. We are already seeing how that works at these blogs. You can look at flash mobs and the Occupy movements as having a similar core unification expression.

We who are being awakened, are moving into a group consciousness state of being. This will facilitate too many wonders to enumerate. It will not only be unifying but it will be a source for a tremendous power of expression and reaction to an entrenched darkness that is on it's way out. Neptune is bringing it in because it is Neptune that dispels boundaries. Neptune was doing a serious number on me right up to the point where I suddenly understood what was happening and now? Now and as soon as this whole understanding became known to me, everything evened out. Amazing, from my end of the spectrum. This descending force, coming down from the inner planes, is bringing two states of mind; clarity and confusion. How this impacts on you depends on what you are up to. The high and mighty oppressors of humanity have no defense against what is soon to happen inside their own minds, nor have they any idea of the power of the unified minds of the other side of the equation.

It is said that God is Love. It is understood that Love expresses itself in unity and one can see the arriving avatar as a unification of consciousness in the minds of those susceptible to the force of his arrival. His energy mistress will be the awakening into the experience of the divine feminine, expressed in the powers that are resident in her. You can kind of see that bride and bridegroom thing that is also expressed in the alchemical marriage.

If what I am saying is true then that is a positive consideration indeed, because, as the speed and force of the descent increases, so will the relative outworking of conditions and phenomena, as they apply to oppressor and recently oppressed. Occultists, Wicca enthusiasts and tribal peoples have long known about the power of collective focus on a common end. Just imagine when this same thing become exponential, in the minds of thousands and tens of thousands ...and who knows? Who knows to what an extent this may occur?

I've been experiencing this over the last six weeks or more and didn't tumble to the implications. Now it seems to me that this must be so and the uncertainty that was troubling me just vanished away into the air when the full implications of this dawned on me.

It is mind blowing to me how one can walk through dark places and suddenly break out into an entirely different environment and the whole trail of movement becomes nothing more than the portions of your journey, connected in a whole cloth expression of what you are. We truly are on the verge of a great adventure, a dynamic shift in consciousness that will put paid to all the doubt and fear that has dogged our tracks for so long. I've always known that the divine was going to work it all out but I had nary a clue about how and it puzzled and troubled me now and again, when it should not have.

I now understand much more deeply the whole point about reliance. To the degree that I can be, to that degree I can become and so goes it for us all. This is the difference between excitement and terror. It's the same ride but people are having different experiences, due to their attachment to the passing familiar or their embrace of the new and arriving. Letting go is key to going. I hope I have, to some small degree, expressed what I am seeing and feeling at the moment and I sincerely hope this resonates with you.

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Anonymous said...

MOMMA said there would be days like this,
days like this,
when Les is more Visible.

Kristian said...

Thanks for that Les, I needed a lift today. I've looked in the mirror and seen different faces before too, scary and exhilarating all at the same time. Your posts make me feel optimistic and that's unusual cause I'm a born pessimist so thanks again.

Anonymous said...


resonance indeed friend! The way I'm seeing this is a coagulation of subjectivities expressing itself in shared (from similar to identical) words, ideas and actions.

There's an amazing distillation of the unecessary crap; leaving the calcified, trivial tripe to rapidly fossilizing places in history while pearls of humanity await their redemption.

Exciting to wake up every day and see what's next!

Dan said...

Thanks Vis,

I'm back and forth a lot recently, currently back. Keep forgetting to identify signs of fear. I needed this reminder to let the Divine do the driving.

Thanks again,

Love Dan

biggee said...

hi les,
just wanted to say- we will wake up, we will unite, we will make a stand. And it's gonna be fierce.
No guns necessary.
Resonate on, people!

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Absolute resonance.
On reading the news this morning I grieved briefly on learning of Whitney Houston's death. I never followed her music (being more a Pink Floyd / Mumford & Sons / Radiohead / Wye Oak fan). Nevertheless I appreciate her powerful voice and grace; these were gifts from Father. I believe she, like Michael Jackson, were not granted the strength to oppose the parasites that feed on these holy gifts and thus, for the purposes of demonstration, they and the gifts are returned to the One that granted them.

I was busy yesterday and unable to write a comment on Petri Dish... and as all things are part of a whole and the whole is all, my comment, I hope will also lend to this whole.

Whether one believes the Old Testament is historically true or whether one believes the Old Testament is out of sync with the New Testament is irrelevant. All things are for the purposes of demonstration, including the accounts of a bloody vindictive vengeful god of the Old Testament and the deeds done in his name.

In the Old Testament book of Exodus we read of the "about 3,000" that were slain with the sword at the foot of the mountain where Moses received the Law.

In the New Testament book of Acts we read of the "about 3,000" that were slain with the "sword of the spirit" (which I believe is a description of the Kundalini fire).

And so I believe that of which we read in the Old Testament, those things that took place in the physical realm will more and more take place in the spiritual realm as we move out of this current age. In Exodus we also read "Yahweh is my strength and song, and He has become my Yeshua; This is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will extol Him."

The bloody vindictive vengeful god Yahweh "has become my Yeshua"??? Yeshua is the Hebrew word for Joshua, given as Jesus in the Greek language. So Yahweh has become Jesus. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Yahweh has always been Jesus and that Jesus is the physical manifestation of Yahweh, come in flesh to prove His love for us.

Jesus said the violent would try to take His kingdom by force. The violent will not prevail (though a look down the ages might make one think so).

As Vis has pointed out, there is an awakening, a "mind melding" which is taking place. A few weeks ago I got a telephone call from a person I had not seen nor talked to for nine years... but she had been much in my thoughts for several days. I asked her how she knew to call and she said "I could feel your thoughts so decided I better check in." Neither of us thought it strange and our relationship is and always has been that of simple friendship.

We are blessed to be here at this time, at least those of us that have been captured by Grace, humbled with Mercy and empowered with Love.

Anonymous said...

A truely great peace of inspired work Visible. The resonance is ringing. It is much easier to absorb the energy then to articulate it. I guess thats the job of shamens like yourself. You are loved by many.

There are rumors of strange boxes resonating odd sounds that have shown up on the Oregon coast recently. I will be investigating this today.

from a remote area of Oregon

Thomas said...


Yes Les!

When everyone around is talking the voices and thoughts in your head, you know how it is. One Mind. There is no separation. But OMFG it is a huge mind. We have not an inkling of this understanding. Praise the Creator! haha!

thank you, Les, Beautiful Light, and to All, Love and Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm just treading water - barely keeptng my face above the surface so I can breathe. I have no idea which way to swim, I don't know which way the land is.

I prayed to God to show me which way to swim, to empower me to get out of the water when I reach land and to begin to make bread. That is to say, to begin to actively do something in this life so as to contribute to humanity and thereby give thanks and glory to God for the life and world He has provided.

Treading water benifits no one, not the slow drowner and not the world.


And by the the merciful grace of God I shall.

Anonymous said...

I see the dazed and damaged denizens of proper internet usage and edicts, have made it next to impossible to post a comment, sans the formality of "belonging" to some idiot shit like Goggle or AOL (Ass-On-Line)
I don't mind letting someone know who I am face to face (I even introduce myself to people on occasion) but having the Goggle men fuck with my identity, only serves to piss me off. I was already fairly pissed off, but thanks anyway...
Like you, I also have the misfortune of an active Kundalini. And as much as this 'energy' has been touted as an Ass-ET, I would grandly disagree that we are being lead toward some verdant field of 'enlightenment'.
You see, Kundalini get pretty warped when placed in close proximity to high intensity microwave energy, and the Pigs who are running this planetary show, know damn well that is the functional result of applying all these electronic wonders to living tissue. Good on em, eh?
I'm all for a collective shift!!! Let's start by destroying all our cell-phones, redundant wireless apparatus, hi-definition TV’s, all wi-fi systems planet wide, and all digital broadcast equipment…

Gotcha stumped already, eh?

Thanks anyway,

Allison said...

Thanks Les ! Felt the same way when I got up this morning. Things are shifting so rapidly that when the atavistic fear and paranoia creep up, all I have to do is hunker down and it will be gone in days as opposed to lifetimes.

Eamon said...

If God is the creator of all life, it is His to give as well as take. Far too often, men look at these sublime matters through the eyes of a creature, as if God's ability and right to do with His creation as He alone knows is best can or should be limited by our feeble perspective. Defying God, as many have done over the course of time, is no small matter. We cannot even breathe without his constant assistance, yet we have the balls (or, rather, foolish arrogance) to defy Him? The wonder is not that, on rare occasions, He visibly or spectacularly metes out justice to a man or group of men, but that He continues to be far more patient than we would be in the face of our endless stupidity and insolence. Reflect for a moment about how frustrated you have been with others, even if only from time to time. If we, who are so blind, weak and often judge amiss can so easily become frustrated with people about things that usually do not even matter, what do we think it all looks like from God's perspective? If, as many here grasp, things happen as they do for the purposes of demonstration, should we not marvel in silent-but-profound gratitude that God bothers to continuously teach such dense, ungrateful students, most of whom have to be taught the same lesson more times than we can count before we get it, if we get it at all?

In a word, the Author of life can take it back whenever He pleases. He does not need or seek our approval. For Him to do so is His prerogative and business; questioning His power or wisdom is the height of folly. Just as His power knows no limit, neither does His wisdom -- and He alone knows His reasons, which are always just and good by definition, when He decides that a man's life has run its course.


Anonymous said...

we need our good brother esteban....
brother esteban its always good to hear your words,,,so please when ever your ready.....neil

Rob in WI said...

I consider the internet, the www, to be the temporal manifestation of the "world consciousness" envisioned by Hegel. Hegel's idealist theories were perverted and promoted by materialists such as Marx.
Many say the internet has "awakened" us. I think more of us were awake in the 60-70s. Today, due to this temporal creation, both sides of the dialect can be controlled. For everyone who comes to sites like this, a hundred go to MSM type sites. It makes the "problem-reaction-solution" mechanism even more powerful.
Be well, Visible and all, Rob

Anonymous said...

I listened to Les's interview - ( there was a mention of the remainder on a podcast ? Anyone have a link ? )

and then I went to Ickes site and listened to this new interview with Icke on Time Monk Radio :!

Funnily enough both LV and DI begin their interviews with an anecdote about driving to the recycle bins !

Les mentions Clif High , who appears at 54min 40 secs on the Icke interview .

Thanks. GTRman

Anonymous said...

Mike, I read the same thing about those boxes. Be sure to let us know what you find.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. I come here with hunger and am always fed. I am anxiously anticipating tonight’s broadcast.
Others elsewhere, who are on the same page as many here are, have said/implied that other beings of the universe communicate using a group consciousness. I’ve read here and elsewhere that those on the planet who graduate to the next level will largely be communicating telepathically. If so, the playing field between light and dark forces is leveled significantly. The implication is no thoughts will be private. We may be experiencing a very rudimentary form of this when we do or consider something and instantly get what many term a “gut” feeling about it. (Some thoughts evoked by today’s offering.)
I’ve always suspected that most animals (mammals) communicate telepathically. Although their communication appears to me to be on a more base level in a sense. Domestic animals seem to be able to read fear, pain, happiness, sadness, calmness, etc. The same animals are also good at communicating their needs to us in a physical way, since most of us aren’t communing with them telepathically.
I think many of us find others here who we believe we would be comfortable sharing thoughts and space with. (I find myself thinking this as I read some of the thoughts others here post.) Maybe this will be our avenue to doing that. I am looking forward to it!
Love to all - Serena

Lee said...

Les, I was speaking to friend of mind about you last night on how you and many of your readers tend to have the same thoughts going at the same time. And lo and behold, here it is again.

The subject of the Hippie in Italy, came up while we were talking about the uncertainty in life.
But that was only later when I realized what I was talking about.

I can't say that I read others' thoughts like you did. I can say that I have felt their hearts or impressions of what their characters are about. I have been this way most of my life, however. I was always told I was too sensitive and emotional growing up. I can say I was manic depressive from that point on.

I was outside having coffee while thinking about you and your quest for understanding of life. I said prayers and I was overwhelmed with tears.

Thank you for being an outlet of thoughts, discussions and being a mentor to many of us needing a helping hand and articulating our clouded thoughts.




RIP Whitney Houston. I worked with one of her vocal coaches in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

God is love-heard that once or twice over the years:)Maybe better to say 'God causes love'?Jonathan Sacks in one of his books said before the scriptures where set in stone,the great commandment to love God with all your heart and all your soul and all your might Dt6:5 could equally be translated as 'you shall cause the lord your God to be loved etc...' I like the second version it gives me something to do or try to do during the day.There's a fire inside me longing for goodness,there's also another fire inside me that just consumes.
Nice posts and answers,sad about Whitney 'That'song of hers tears me insides up,so does 'search for the hero M People' Maybe I should blow the dust of me Zep albums);

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember when Randy Quaid (brother of Hollywood celebrity Dennis Quaid) and his wife staged a press conference to warn the world about "star whackers"?

The press conference was held maybe a little over two years ago in the late fall of 2010. The one thing that I remember is how the media attempted to write him of as a 'whack job conspiracy theorist', even though he appeared very lucid and articulate despite he and his wife's ordeal.

I remember wondering aloud, "Why are they so invested in smearing him as a 'kook' rather than investigating his claims of financial fraud and attempted assassination? Maybe he's paranoid because they really *are* out to get him!"

Anyway, the only reason that I brought this up is because the first thing I thought of was certain tribe members of Hollywood's religious adherence to ritual sacrifice. Randy Quaid is right, celebrities are dropping like flies. Of course celebrities are not immortal, however, there's no denying that the stakes are much, much higher when dead celebs not only tell no tales about where the bodies are buried, but they're worth much more dead than alive.
So why would it be such a stretch to suspect that the Propaganda Puppeteers of Hollyweird might sic their elite Delta team of Star Whackers on anybody who won't play ball (or let them play with their balls)? I found a very interesting short interview of Randy Quaid and his wife warning others about the "Star Whackers", as well as a very hilarious performance of Mr. Quaid singing a rockabilly jingle called "Star Whackers":

Madonna's Superbowl halftime ritual opened up one hell of a Pandora's box, dimensionally speaking. Prince had better watch out, I heard that he was starting to speak out against vaccinations in Amerikkkagulag.

Rob in WI said...

Mr. Apocalypse is going to turn over authority to the Goddess, and He, Him, and His will be riding in the back seat. By the way, the Goddess knows that feminists are seriously deluded.

neal said...

Agreement between the forces, is always played out most unfortunately. This kind of kiss never lasts, even when the fate of worlds whirl around these representations, some kind of demonstrations.

That is OK, just some kind of taking what has been shared, and keeping part of that back for what has been paid.

But, when two or more, let their heads rest, then the stuff on the edges of it, see some more, but that takes some trust that is really sneaky, and still up to just the ones involved. Not really war, just some kind of dance, and who is the bastard child, these days?

I always kiss that, it mostly does not bring it back around, that was sometimes lack of clarity, but there it is, just the thing itself...

It can seem like shadows braking across Her waves, maybe that is some point of communication that keeps happening. I don't know, that is up to those that keep riding this stuff out, and that is Beauty.

I would keep talking, but She wants this just to be some kind of imprint, not just a memory, and that is OK.

Anonymous said...

by the flame of hiawatha
in contemplation of lao tzu
through gardens of tranquility
the woven essence of all truth
resonating collectively
a telepathic conscious warms
along the ancient sky road
in greatness fills up all
the pull of all existance
in motions are divine
the moments of embodiment
the earth the sky the mind
riding through a butterfly
in union the heart weaves
up the ancient sky road
to universal peace


Anonymous said...

Fud, I went to two beaches in my area, walked one for three or four miles and found nothing, another more remote beach that still allows vehicals I drove for many miles and found no boxes.

from a remote area of Oregon

gurnygob said...

Les in it was interesting that you mentioned on the radio interview that Iran might already have the BIG N BOMB. Now we have news coming from Iran that they will be announcing news in connection with their nuclear programme. I too am of the belief that Iran already has the bomb even if they did not come by it on their own. If they have and they announce it, it will be a big game changer in the middle-east. That said, it doesn’t mean that the Zionist won’t attack them. Like the radio host said, the Zionist need to make some room in Jerusalem for their new temple. A war with Iran might just be the excuse they need to do a little reconstruction work around the Doom of the Rock.

great show.


martin said...

Yes Les you are right.
Good you brought it out into the open, thank you

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:40
I thought the same thing when I heard about Whitney Houston. Randy Quaid seemed like a stand up guy. There are many examples, Grass Hopper from the Kung Fo series.
The Pro Football player That decided to Join the Military that was taken out by friendly fire, It was said that he was going to speakout about what he learned overthere.

It is said that when people have nothing to lose, they lose it.
perhaps even tell the truth.

from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...


Mea culpa regarding my reference to Prince "speaking out against vaccinations in Amerikkkagulag".
I found the clip and he is actually speaking out about 'chemtrails':

Anyway, as these end times herald a new beginning, many pop tarts and movie star fuckers (whom the killuminazis have been using in Hollywood Babylon toward their own ends) are starting to feel the resonance of this shift and are figuring out that they having nothing to lose now by speaking truth to power. Michael Jackson was very critical of The Powers That Were. When he wrote the song, "They Don't Care About Us", he pretty much signed his death warrant and he knew it. The lyrics to that song give any even slightly aware person the chills.

Whitney Houston did an interview recently where she warned younger pop tarts to beware "Hollywood's darkness and dark forces".

Hey, Star Whackers! You can try to cut the strings of your defiant puppets all you want to, it's not going to change your date with destiny.

vw: poiscin

Rob in WI said...

Many thanks for personally checking this out. There is such a tremendous
volume of disinfo being promoted these days. Its a distraction, to keep us dazed and confused, which is a good description of modern life. If you didn't see any metal boxes, though, at least you had a walk on the beach. You lucky guy, to have the
beauty of Oregon as your domain.

Anonymous said...

Mike, the article I read had very little info about the boxes but it did have a picture of one with a dog near by. Maybe it is a bunch of crap, or it is possible you wern't in the right place. Time will tell.

grunnygob, It really doesn't make any difference if Iran has a bomb or not. If israhell hits Iran they will respond like a adgitated hornets nest. That includes hitting the Dimona reactor along with all of israhells WND. Blowing up the reactor could render all of israhell radioactive. Remember the forest fires that the jooz couldn't put out? Incendary rockets could set everything on fire. Nope, I wouldn't want to be in israhell if they attack Iran. They are well aware of this, therefore in spite of all the shit on the MSM there will be no war with Iran. You can take that to the bank, errr make that a credit union.


neal said...

Whitny, neve so whiny, can't you hear it.

Self destrictions are not always the thing, just the thing itself. Those flames, that is some rising, you do not need to be so brave, just captured, and letting that do what it will do.

All we are saying, is let that do what She will do, I will not mind crawling around through all of this, She instructs a very few, and that is around all of this.

it is Ok to know some, that is very something, we are so gone, that is some road, just what She will do.

Being called us is not what is trying, so mush.

Anonymous said...

Neal, you make no kind of sense.

Rob in WI said...

great poetry, neil. one of the best i've read. thanks.

GodSend said...

This fascinating soliloquy reminds me of the movie scene where the whirling dervish swirls his shining and ominous sword around in a fanciful display of impending doom and vision of a pile of mincemeat - only to be simply shot at the end of the show. The executioner was Harrison Ford, I think.

That's what you get, I suppose, when you OD on that Kundalini with sauteed mushrooms stuff. ;)

GodSend said...

Well said, Eamon (6:43:00 PM) It resonates!

Anonymous said...

i know what neal is saying,,even if some people dont,,

nice post lord visible,we still need to learn how this collective resonance thing works on a group level though,or maybe it just happens when needed,maybe we would need to map out some sort of pathway,,,it would be good to hear from lord high and lord lash too,

lord visible maybe what you were doing in your childhood is practising this resonance with the aid of the abuse of your father,,,,,somehow trying to mentaly prepare yourself for the next time it happened,,,? could be

anyway respects and gratitudes

Anonymous said...

thanks rob...neil

Rob in WI said...

I know a couple people who read your blogs, but are afraid to comment. Why? Fear of being monitored, mainly.
Perhaps this is why political correctness and obedience rule. Why do I frequent, and accept the atmosphere? It's good. I'm damaged, due to brain surgery and anti-convulsive drugs, but you, and fellow commentators, are a connection to the drama I still participate in. Thank you all, Rob

Anonymous said...

pierre ....

lightly put request for a little slower pace on the radio shows for us slow ones (with fuzzy speakers), then again if i go an get a player that can slow down (VLC player) I can do that, then you will sound like Patrick. scary....

wv: wangiest . but who's competing?

DaveR said...

I just wrote to John Lash asking if he had any article on the group resonance/consciousness. We'll see if he write back...

Rob said...

We are, as a society, bombarded every minute of the day through our media, both actively and subliminally, of all the bad news, all the negativity. Fear mongering and war. The video games our kids play, the daily concoction of half truths and lies on the TV and news print. The constant threat of war and terrorism. All these means keep the vibration of consciousness very low. We need to raise the vibration of consciousness to get what we all want. The Occupy movement has certainly been a breath of fresh air and has woken a lot of people up, but the cops and the provocateurs are trying to bring the protests down to physical confrontation and therefore bring it to a low vibration which the media can point to with disdain and dissuade the timid and uninformed.

There’s a better way! We can raise the vibration of mass consciousness in a non confrontational way by using what each one of us posses as an integral part of our multi dimensional being. LOVE! On mass or individually, we can change things BIG TIME! Everything consists of vibration and if we want to raise the vibration, then let us use something that is of a very high vibration. And let’s do this around the world. We are all brothers and sisters and we all have the ability to affect positive change through mass consciousness without violence and bloodshed. We have tried the violence method for thousands of years and it obviously hasn’t worked because here we are back at square one. If we can unite on mass and take the time to send Love to all the world, we can effect change faster than we could by shaking our fists at the tyranny that is presently cloaking and choking us. How difficult would it be to try this? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We can do this on our own time in the comfort of our homes or at mass events coordinated around the world. We have the power within us!


neal said...

neil, that is some Beauty, just a look, not more than a blink, just everything. I did not wish this stuff to stick, but there it is That is the same thing, only close then makes some thing else. If that did not feed Neko, or the rest, that is why there is no realm of sleep, just the stuff. I will do that, and understanding of that sort of get close, and then there are some rare prayers,must be sort of worked with, don't you know.

Anonymous said...

Synchronicities abound. Just finished reading the week #7 Meditation focus shared by Jean Hudon via his earthrainbownetwork site.

Oneness Consciousness is becoming more and more established in awakening minds and spirits across the planet. Liberation from the spinning out of lifetime after lifetime stuck in mere materialistic outlooks and perspectives is the promise. Soon to be achieved critical mass of individuals who have dissolved or are dissolving their egos will light the way for millions upon millions of deluded and disillusioned beings is the premise.

Lightworkers of all descriptions and right across the globe have long understood that we are spirits living a material lifetime. We are all part of Creator, whom indigenous folk have called the Great Spirit. We are both returning to our roots and at the verge of attaining that Cosmic Consciousness as foretold by a Canadian seer name of Bucke some 106 years ago.

The Dark Powers with their Demiurge, along with their Archons, Minions and puppets are very well aware that their reign is on borrowed time. Yet they continue to play their Jokers and Aces, fear cards, all of them. What is happening now is akin to the Hundredth Monkey legend.

Carl Jung wrote extensively on the concept of Universal Consciousness. Extra sensory powers of many types are developing incrementally amongst those souls who are awakening to our mutual spirit pathway. Critical Mass is fast upon us.

The First Law of physics is that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. It has taken well over 60 years now, but the horror and the terror of nuclear weaponry developed through nuclear physics has been catalytic in engendering that opposite reaction, a Nuclear Metaphysics of Universal Oneness Consciousness. This time the avatar Christ Consciousness is not limited to one transcendent individual, for many are awakening and the time is fast upon us.

-stickman 24 Aquarius, 33 Anno Eros

Richie (Dana) said...

I imagine this post would cause some fear in a few demons who frequent here. I never thought of myself as being psychic, but I can say that I have always had the gift or perhaps curse of knowing anothers intent. I could not read their thoughts but I knew within a sentence or two if they were up to no good. This has caused me a certain amount of trouble from time to time. As a result, I have faked unawarness to avoid conflict.

I have been thinking hard about the mirror comments you made the other day and now you come up with this post. It is interesting to note that some believe we are actually all psychic but that these abilities are supressed in some way. I suspect all the chemical poisoning is highly related here.

I think perhaps part of Neptunes job involves exposure. You have talked about that many times and now is seems the vehicle for that purpose has arrived. It will be a glad relief for some and really suck for all the liars out there.
Is everyone prepared to have their innermost thoughts exposed to the entire world? No secrets? No conspiracies?

I subscribe to what you say here and it comes to mind that when this happens we will not choose it. It will be force fed to everyone.
My advice to all those here, would be to get your heart right with the Divine as soon as possible. It soon will no longer matter what you 'say', but who you 'are'.

Rob in WI; I do not believe you are "damaged" at all. Stay the course my friend.
Another thing I wish to convey, is that people have no idea of the level of sophistication in tracking users of the internet. They think they are "anonymous", but they are not. If you have the Divine on your side there is truly nothing to fear. It is not our job to destroy the evil doers, so we are no threat to them at all. They will destroy themselves while we watch.

I am not altogether fearless, but am resolved to face this being true of heart. I give you all compassion and Love.


Eamon said...

Rob: "Mr. Apocalypse is going to turn over authority to the Goddess, and He, Him, and His will be riding in the back seat."

That is an interesting idea; too bad it isn't true and doesn't make sense. As for God, there is only one divine nature or essence -- i.e., there is and can only be ONE God, although Christians believe there are three divine Persons, one of whom assumed a human nature. God contains all that you think of as masculine or feminine. No purely spiritual being, much less the Supreme Being, can be rightly categorized by labels that only apply to a distinction that only exists within the material portion of creation for the purpose of generation. I realize you might not agree with what I have said, but that is life. Godspeed, to Rob and to all who read these words.

Anonymous said...

Definitely resonating. A bit terrifying too. That all things may be made known. Better get right.


Clarity said...

Visible, thank you!

Your words of hope were especially needed today.

As always, with gratitude and love,

Eamon said...


FWIW, the Supreme Being, a.k.a. God, the Divine, etc., cannot relinquish even one iota of power (if that is what you meant), although He can share some of it with whomever He chooses. He IS power. It would be easier for water to cease being wet than it would for God to cease not merely possessing, but being Power itself.

If I misunderstood your meaning and this little digression was unnecessary, I beg your pardon. Who knows, perhaps it will be of service to someone else. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Neptune just went into Pisces earlier this month, first time in appx 165 years. It rule the sign of Pisces, so its effect is doubly potent.

We have to look for those who can see the way clearly, there's never been a better time. One note of warning to the charlatans; if you're intent upon working a scam on your fellow man for the next 14-16, be advised, you will be drawn & quartered for the perfidy...this is absolutely no time to be tempting karma.

Anonymous said...

Neptune just went into Pisces earlier this month, first time in appx 165 years. It rules the sign of Pisces, so its effect is doubly potent.

We have to look for those who can see the way clearly, there's never been a better time. One note of warning to the charlatans; if you're intent upon working a scam on your fellow man for the next 14-16, be advised, you will be drawn & quartered for the perfidy...this is absolutely no time to be tempting karma.

wage slave said...

You nailed it, Les. I will go over my two dreams about "the change". In one, I was in the future and everyone referenced recent historical events to "the change". Johnnie was born two years before the change, I moved into my house three years after the change. How did we get by before the change.?That sort of thing.

The other dream was the moment of change. I was walking down a sidewalk and noticed a subtle change to my senses. Things felt slightly "off", like the air was dry and humid at the same time and a tree I touched felt a little slippery. I came upon a group of strangers and we all loved each other like we were long-lost friends.

Anonymous said...

and now a poem just for you:

The Man-child we wish to see

Come daughter of the heavens
Come into my arms and dance
Come into my arms and 1, 2, 3
a waltz of far romance.
For we are called by stars above
to love across the seas,
and birth a soul in depths of love
to build new galaxies.

And as we dance until the dawn
Along the silver sea
In fond embrace; in never place
We dance a 1, 2, 3
The love we share for everywhere
engulfs the human race,
For all the spirits in the air
come sharing our embrace.

How strange man thinks it cannot be
two lovers called to lay
connecting worlds through ecstasy
in fiery love this way.
Two hearts now fused into one soul
one spirit of two zygote dreams
a child of spirit, ever whole
mending tattered cosmic seams.

Formed in Love from heaven’s call
to lead the earth in wisdom’s stream
a soul now seen to serve us all,
our child held in our sacred dreams.
A seed to plant a new wilderness
From two seeds, yours and mine
you are the roots; I am the breast;
To blossom the divine.

And as we rise into that place
in never ever land
and build a cloud in sacred grace
To love and understand
We call all spirits; come into
The arch above End-times
We drink the living waters
Of Love’s Perfect Spirit wine

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis, all

There has always been a thread of resonance in my mother's family that shows up from time to time in me and in some of my children. That is to say that this thread is like a live wire that picks up on things happening now but somewhere else or that will happen at some time in the future. I myself dreamed (when I was six or seven) some terrible things I would see in my lifetime, and cried my eyes out for several hours. My mother comforted me and said I needed to not be afraid and that I could change some of the things in some ways if I dealt with them positively. And the rest were just God's will being played out. My sister had asked my mom what was the problem and she told her then. For some reason I forgot about that episode until my sister brought it up after nearly sixty years... The dream had to do with me marrying and living far from my family in a place with continuous wars and ugly things. That of course is my story living in Lebanon for the past forty six years. I always knew when it was time to stock up the house with spare food, candles, water, etc. There would be a kind of electricity in the air before a big battle and we were always at the heart of it, but unscathed except for some injured psyches because of the sights they saw. I have dealt with the ugliness by teaching my children to see why it happens and to work for love and peace. Even under seige by the forces of evil---oh yes and not to be afraid!
The resonance is still there and I am happy to have found this sight because people in the US of Oz and here in Lebanon have always thought me from another planet because I don't think mainstream. It is my comfort after a long day of dealing with stupidity to come here and drink of the spring of truth and resonance. thank you all for being here. Even the ones here for the purpose of demonstration.
From a far outpost in Lebanon (one half of Armageddon)

Peter said...

RE the power of collective focus on a common end ..... "Just imagine when this same thing become exponential, in the minds of thousands and tens of thousands …and who knows? Who knows to what an extent this may occur?"

Wonderful post Les V. This rings a very loud bell in my developing antenna. At the higher levels of consciousness beyond the physical world where the avatars, ascended masters and advanced souls "hang out" telepathic interaction must be a constant. Imagine what could be achieved if we got going on this down here. It's all so unimaginably mind blowing.

A long worthwhile read said...

Arian Salbuchi from Argentina writes an incredble synopsis at the IntelHub of the Global Power Elite.

Fresh, accurate and informative. No puches pulled, no whining.

"The School System – Education on social, cultural, economic and political matters has become distorted, contaminated, deconstructed, eroded, emptied of content and turned upside down, on all manners that need accommodating and alignment to support and promote the mental profile that Global Power Elite planners demand.

The Media – Aside from distorting our world view of reality through the press, it also uses “entertainment” and “show business” to promote demoralising, destructive, often perverse content, inspired by the age-old collective dumbing-down method prevalent in the latter days of the Roman Empire – panem et circenses: bread and circuses – with the “added value” of today’s technologies."

Bread and circuses for the masses until the present Rome falls...

bread and circuses said...

The NWO is already upon us.

They don't care what a lot of left over hippies say or write about anymore. They just released 30,000 predator drones on an asleep populace.

What is said here, be it philosphic or spiritual, has no bearing on the day to day march toward totalitarism of the elite over the reat of the world.

Talk of God and avatars and astrology and universal consciousness are just part of the bread and circuses allowed to the masses. Such talk and words have zero effect on the true raw fascism being weilded upon the 99%.

We are just cattle and sometimes even less. Killing us by the millions (Iraq) right in front of the eyes of the other livestock is concrete proof we are all paralysed by the powers that truly are.

Should a ray of hope surface in the form of a candidate intending to stop the wars, stop the murder, he or she is vote-frauded off stage. What the people want is of no consequence.

We are futile in our attempts to talk logic and truth as a way to stop this juggernaut machine. Those controlling the machine are laughing at us the way an adult might laugh at children in a sand box arguing over where to build their toycar garages.

Show me one single world event since the sixties (or even the last three centuries) that was not directly or indirectly planned by the powers that be.

We are in the swan-song of the peace movement of the sixties which already died on Kent State campus.

There is little or no hope for resurection of the peace movement.

Even the trolls and golem are laughing at us as another drone, provocateur, death squad splatters the brains of another innocent civilian daily.

To be or not to be?

We are all cooked.

Stick a fork in us and turn us over, we're DONE.

Visible said...

bread and circuses; I looked through your dreary, depressing screed for a solution but there was none. I take it you are an atheist and therefore, you have every reason to be depressed and to see things as you do.

What you just had to say will have zero impact on the readers here but at least you got it off your chest, actually, I suspect that wasn't accomplished either.

We're not all fucked, only those bending over or confused about the ultimate alpha male are fucked and even then, not totally... or they wouldn't keep coming back for more.

DaveR said...

And I got a response:

John Lash>

5:24 AM (2 hours ago)

to me
I am going straight to the heart of this question on the new Grok talk: Pre-emptive Strikes Against Mass Insanity. to be recorded today.

On Feb 13, 2012, at 1:27 AM, DaveR wrote:

> The most recent comments on Les Visible's posting have brought up the
> subject of planetary consciousness and it's relationship to telepathy
> and the "revolution that will not be televised'. Your name was
> mentioned because your subjects link up with these and I was looking
> through your site for something on this. I'm sure you've written on
> this. Could you point me to articles or talks regarding this?.
> My own opinion is that this collective resonance is happening more and
> more strongly right now and that the veils are parting. I'd love to
> read your thoughts on the matter.
> Thanks.
> Dave
> --
> Please visit

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Currency of Lies on the Information Highway.

Anonymous said...

from a linear perspective, bread and circuses is the order of the day. only the naive would deny.

and it will get worse before it gets better, only the entitled would deny. (to the rest of the world, we are the elite 10 percent.)

perhaps the balance we're in the process of experiencing is intended in part to re-sensitize our capacity to appreciate that.

no one misses 'the sixties' more than myself. and it is not without a measure of disappointment (all around) that i have witnessed, since, the passing of time.

but 'it's message of underlying cohesion (love) and the potential of self awareness resinate still with me, as well the common ground upon which this feisty little community appears to have pitched its collective tent.

welcome to the fire.

GodSend said...

bread and circuses:

"Those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved" (the ONLY name of the Lord Who can save is "Jesus"). "There is NO other name by which we must be saved."

TSWHTF, you're right about that, however, for some of us, a better future and eternal LIFE in God's presence is waiting in the wings. Universal consciousness will not save anybody - it's 'New Age' BS!

Visible said...

God send, you're starting to get preachy, absolute and self righteous again. It won't be long before you start sending people to Hell again as you always do.

It wouldn't make that much difference and if only it provided comic relief that would be good too but the fact is, you're wrong about most of what you say, everyone here knows it and we'd all prefer it if you just went and got yourself a sandwich board and a lot of leaflets and hit the streets.

Your BS isn't any different than anyone elses BS and sooner or later you will find that out because I don't think God is amused with you either

Anonymous said...

Many good posts! I actually believe

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like Morphogenic field theory, check out Rupert Sheldrake's work in that area.
The idea that all things are connected is quite evident from a particle physics standpoint as well.
Nice article.

Anonymous said...

this is high quality stuff people,i just got back from work and read the comments,
brilliant everyone....neil

GodSend said...

What's the matter, Les, can't take the heat (Truth) about Jesus the Christ? It's amazing how many lunatics keep coming back here to swallow their daily ration of your Luciferian "New Age" universal consciousness crappola. :O That guy Eamon is also suspect. It's God this and God that but the words Jesus the Christ just can't seem to come out!

And you're right - God is not amused with me. He is totally delighted with me. After all, I worship His beloved Son - my Redeemer - and take abuse for His Name's sake without complaining! :)

Visible said...

Okay Godrend, time for you to go into remission again. Adios

Alpha Silex said...

It figures this would be the first Visible post I would stumble across in what seems like the longest bout of P.M.S. I've ever experienced. Hope everyone has been well and you guys/gals had a nice trip to Meh-he-co. I thought about you all a few times, wondering when the grand fiery sacrifice took place on top of the great pyramid. Probably while I was giving myself a mohawk for my birthday. I still can't get the carpets to match the drapes though. Oh well.....

WV: "forates". A distant, bastardized, red carpeted cousin of Socrates. In a galaxy far, far away, where the drapes burn brilliantly for my yet to bleed period juice....

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

The Torturous and Byzantine Road of Self Deception.

Alpha Sipphylis said...

Sorry if this posted a bunch of times, I had some weird android version of your site on my phone. Hey Vis, we should make a spinoff, parallel bizarro blog and call it synchrodipity.
WV: retch. I dont know retch way to go.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

GodSend wrote: "Those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved" (the ONLY name of the Lord Who can save is "Jesus"). "There is NO other name by which we must be saved."

So, with Christian Europe dominating most of the world for the past several centuries, why are things so fucked up?

Anonymous said...

WOW! Talk about RESONANCE!!!

Yes, again, you write about what I'm thinking. I actually had a Master about 10 years ago. She had quite a following, though not public. Very private, in fact.

Anyway, I was with her and that group for a decade. We practiced a meditation style called Surat Shabd Yoga (the Master had gone to India many years before and received initiation from a man called, of course, Maha Raji. He was a real person, BTW.) She was energetic, so her ascension was speedy. Supposedly, she meditated 8hours a day for 9 months.

As for me, I noticed some un-Masterly things happening with her IMO, and, if those weren't enough, I then realized that she was a drug seeker who would have her inner circle minions call emergency rooms to see what doctor happened to be working there that day. If it was a doc she knew who was easy prescribing pain meds, thats where they would go. I knew she had a history of migraines and was in the hospital a lot, but the doctor shopping confirmed my suspicions.

Being a former ER nurse, what I just decribed is classic drug seeking behavior by drug addicts, including the migraine as their cheif complaint.

That was it for me. I was gone. Since then, I've hardly thought of that Master (?) or that group of people and that beautiful and huge piece of land they had up there in PA where the Master lived.

And now, 10 years after that, I'm using all of the techniques you've been writing to us about, Les, and I'm heading the right direction again.

Ok, enough build up (sorry), here's the resonance:

A few days ago, I had this incredible dream where I was at that beautiful piece of land up there in PA where the Master lives. Wow. I was showing it to my wife, it was as if we had snuck in. Nobody was around.

Amazing things then began to happen. The inanimate became animate and I pet a deer between his ears, just to name a few. We then came upon an angel in human form who called himself Dariel (he knew me...) and after that, some of the people in that group who I used to know showed up, too.

It was a warm reunion. There was also someone in the group there who I flammed on my way out a decade prior and I sincerely apologized to him and was very glad he accepted my apology.

This is all incredible stuff considering that I was angry about feeling duped by what I thought to be a phony Master and phony group of people that I went along with for 10 years. And now this amazing dream showed up. (BTW, I never saw the Master in this dream.)

Later that morning, I wondered if I should write to you, Les, and ask you about Masters. Thanks for saving me the trouble. :)

And just for fun, I'll mention that I followed a FedEx truck almost the entire way into work the day you wrote this article. Being as you mentioned FedEx in the article, well, I thought that was kinda cool.

Maybe I was wrong about that Master, considering what you wrote. And maybe not. I'll just surrender to the Devine and let him lead me where he will.

Thanks again, Les!

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

Reporter: How can a person tell he has a genuine guru?

Srila Prabhupada: Can any of my students answer this question?

Disciple: Once I remember John Lennon asked you, “How will I know who is the genuine guru?” And you answered, “Just find out the one who is most addicted to Krsna (God). He is genuine.”



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