Tuesday, March 15, 2022

"I Would Far Rather Suffer on My Way to Salvation, Than I Would Glad-Hand My Way to Perdition."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Hmm... beware The Ides of March? Oh well. It's always March 15th somewhere, unless it falls on a different day... as does Easter... for whatever the reason that is. The thing is, I was sitting and about to start, having asked for inspiration, and... Beware the Ides of March came into my head. I went to check and it turns out to be today. Moving right along...

Occasionally... and even more than that, I find myself reflecting on the efforts people get up to, to explain to themselves why everything is the way it is; keeping in mind that it is only the way it is according to the way your particular perspective is directed. There is a basic commonality that exists for the majority of us; “Yes... that is the sky and... this right down here is The Earth. That's John over there... that's John, right?” “Uh yeah... as far as I know.” I guess we can agree that it certainly looks like John, BUT... that does not mean it is John.

We don't have any kind of LoJack (yet) for hijacked minds. Since this is The Advent of the Avatar, it is a given... IT SHOULD BE A GIVEN, that all sorts of invisible nasties have been expelled from their former funnel-web locations on The Astral Plane because The Light has made them uncomfortable. So... they are forced to make tracks elsewhere, and... that elsewhere is here. It will do them no good because The Light of The Avatar will reach to every location... until the new broom has swept clean. It is inevitable and inexorable, and... the jackrollers are afoot, so... beware of lions seeking to devour.

They aren't going to be rummaging through your pockets, while you process that drunken stupor that you seem to have acquired at some point on the previous evening. They are looking for the control panel.

I spent around three and a half years incarcerated in one form or another for something I didn't actually do, but... was in the area of... when it occurred. This involved the moss-covered, interior prison walls of a Mississippi jail to the howling madness of Atlanta Penitentiary where I could hear inmates being pummeled by their internal SWAT department. The Black Muslims were restless at this point in time.

I was locked up with Native Americans in some Arizona jail. They chanted for the length of time that I was there. I was in many an unusual circumstance... while being ferried by US Marshals across the country, to our main seat of corrupt power.

I had just left The DC Jail, as it was called at the time, only a day or so before the riots that came about, due to M.L.K. being shot. They were busing in rioters from Baltimore, and other locations and the joint was jammed to the gills. You could feel the violence in the air... it was palpable.

I was one of... maybe a couple of dozen white men. The usual mix was around 900 blacks to around 30 whites. Really bad things happened there. Just prior to the riot there were closer to 2000 inmates. I got shipped to St. E's, John Howard Pavilion and it could have only been a day or two later that all Hell broke loose at The DC Jail. It was called a jail but it was really a prison. People were serving life sentences there. They tore out all of the cells and horrible things happened. Here is a Wikipedia page about the event.

I'm trying to figure out why I even mentioned any of this because it is only tangentially germane to the point I was hoping to make. In the process of those 3+ years, I wound up in a lot of different containment zones. Every time I was released... I booked; in my mind, I had done nothing wrong and I pretty much told them to kiss my dust every time. Once, I sent them a postcard of Timothy Leary and informed them they would not take me alive. Some (many) might say that I make a bad situation worse, much worse. Perhaps I did, but what might have involved only the original 5 years of probation, stretched to 6 years running, with me being locked up half the time, and half on the loose.

The point is... I met many a rogue and misfortunate son in my travels. Some of them were doing many years... or facing many years, AND... for almost all of them, they did not have a good recollection of how they came to be there. They couldn't understand how they came to do the things they were accused of. Sure, some of them were drunk and stoned at the time, BUT... how... whatever small cause ignited their distress into an array of serious charges... they didn't remember. They didn't have LoJack either. If someone steals your cellphone, your laptop, your car... or whatever the opportunity provided, USUALLY... you have some kind of protection, BUT... if your mind gets hijacked, your soul goes missing (is that possible?) or... well, it might not apply to your heart being broken, but you do have a palliative. I call it The Balm of Time Passing; unintended digression.

The Devil made me do it. That is what many said. They were POSSESSED by an unknown force that carried out the crimes through them as the proxy. So far... the powers that be in the material arena, have not been able to lock up The Invisible; no doubt responsible for many a crime, for which someone else is doing the time. I cannot remember how many times I encountered this sense of not knowing why or how something came to pass.

We can simplify the whole affair. There are 3 worlds (though no doubt there are more than that) that concern us. There is The World Above... The World Below... and where we are, at the moment, is Middle Earth... or The World Between. We in Middle Earth are subjected to the influences of these other worlds. If you are carnally inclined, as most are in times of Material Darkness, you fall under the atmosphere of The World Below. If you are spiritually inclined, you are drawn to The World Above. True Poets are born with one foot in each world and must find their way between The Sacred and The Profane to The Middle Way.

None of those that I met while incarcerated, believed themselves to be guilty as charged, though many admitted to me that they should have been locked up for all kinds of other things... they were usually not guilty of whatever they were in there for. That goes with the territory. You do find people who were not guilty as charged. I was one of them. I got a gubernatorial pardon, but I did not get the years back. I told myself, I was simply a strange monk in a strange monastery. I've got no resentment about it. It happened a couple of decades later AGAIN, only this time it was far more serious. This time Fate went in a different direction...

However... none of this navel-gazing is relevant to the main issue and that is... people were unable to understand how what happened... happened. I've heard them say, “Something possessed me.” I have heard, “I was not in my right mind.” I have heard, “I have no memory of it at all.”

Look at the random acts of violence that take places thousands of times a day around this world. Look at the contagious madness that is fomented by The Press and Social Media. Observe the Russia bashing, when all Russia is doing is defending itself. Suddenly, an army of deranged clowns rises up in an infernal chorus of accusations and fabrications directed at Russia. The Media says, “hate Russia”, and the possessed, and brainwashed multitudes oblige.

Crowds of people jump on a plane, in an effort to drum up fame and notoriety for themselves in Ukraine. It seems that ninety percent of the outrage is a fabrication to generate profit for the crisis actors and paid shills in The Press. Everywhere you look, people are huffing and puffing about something. The World has gone mad, and it is all the product of Possession by invisible ner-do-wells.

It doesn't look good on The Surface. If you are an atheist, it must be really depressing. If you are a family with young children... Jesus! What a trick-bag to be in. The idea of Hostages to Fortune goes through my mind often. I've been aware of it all my life, so... I have none. I knew, with what I had in mind that there should be no hooks for them to hold me with. What are they going to do? They've already done everything but kill me, and that results in a promotion and a great deal more power here than I have enjoyed previously. It is said that for every drop of a martyr's blood, a thousand warriors rise up out of The Earth.

My point is... you are going to be possessed, one way or the other. You might as well have a choice in the matter, and... you do. If it is Jesus Christ, he will see you through this veil of tears to The World Beyond. If it is Buddha or Krishna... or some Sun God like Mithra (Mithrander?), if in life you make a connection, that connection will open the way for you; “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

People would find a great deal more profit in reading the words of The Masters and following them... than they do arguing about who wrote what and for what reason. You might have Annunaki or Nephilim on the brain. You might be playing video games in your head when you sleep, but all the players are nothing more than a pack of cards. It seems like everyone who ever lived is now accused of being a pawn of The Elite... and making three-fingered hand signs in photos and paintings and it amounts to nothing at all but poisoned imaginations, made powerful by a paucity of Love.

Stop wasting your time. Stop spreading rumors that it appeals to you to believe in. Stop lying to yourself, and by extension... to everyone else. You create a Prison World composed of the lies you have told. Engaging in such behavior opens you to Possession. Loving the architect of all life, ALSO opens you to Possession. I would far rather suffer on my way to salvation... than I would Glad-Hand my way to Perdition. It ceases to be suffering at some point on the road, whereas the other is only just beginning.

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Well... the soap is too hard and so are the stares of the other inmates. I can't get my Hermes Eau de Unflushed Toilette at the canteen. I am the target of vicious threats and we all know how impacted prison is by Social Media!=


Well... this is definitely going to impact on Tinder and Grinder. Maybe they could get govt. Financing? (I know it's not funny)=




The Hermit and the Lamp said...

Greetings Mithrander LV! The Sun is beautiful today with first 70 degree day since last fall.
Big doings in the Schwab-SPECTRE WWIII-LARP as India will accept non-dollar trade with Russia and Saudi Arabia will accept the Yuan so bye bye petrodollar.
Those conveyor belts only made you stronger and introduced purpose of demonstration lessons.
Once while picked up for road raging and reckless driving a well dressed Richie Rich was crying on one of those old bruising metal bunks and I went and sat down next to him saying you better pull your shit together son or you are in a world of hurt, you'll be released on your own recognizance before supper time and that is how it played out.
I've always wanted to be the guy in the Led Zeppelin IV fold out holding the light up on the hill but I'm just a fool! LOL!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Heh-heh-heh. Anunnaki. Just read the Enuma Elish. Man, somebody shoulda had a few omelettes instead o' lettin' the damn thangs hatch. Speakin' o' the poster child fer birth control, not to mention a good ad to show what a dysfunctional family is.

Here's the 'Reader's Digest' version. A short summary:


But then again, I wonder if we are genetically engineered from other critters. I mean, why do pigs taste like people. Not that I eat pigs anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is odd that you mentioned poisoned. That's what I felt like writing today, I was poisoned in the past and I know it. Made me sick for a number of years, just getting over it now I think.

'I would far rather suffer on my way to salvation... than I would Glad-Hand my way to Perdition.' Absolutely, no hesitation.

I had several bad new'es today, a friend of my son's has now suffered two strokes and is in hospital, early 30's, married with child, no need to ask the rest, yes he was twice... The other new'es I'd rather not mention. What more is there to say, I don't know, I just don't know what to say. I can tell you had a similar experience, prison, yeah, many types of prisons. I'm not going back, ever. The Hermit life for me.
Thanks invisible/imaginary friend(s).

letgoist said...

"True Poets are born with one foot in each world and must find their way between The Sacred and The Profane to The Middle Way."

I have read that creativity is only possible if the self is mostly cleansed of the lower frequencies. I myself have had times in my life when creativity was within mbeing. When I was very young and again only in the last few years. In between that very long time it was no where where I was. Perhaps the profane was the preoccupation at the center of my self for that time. I only just recently found out that I was lost in that era. Im still lost, but at least now I know I am lost. Found a path that may lead me to somewhere, well un lost I hope. Staying on, and getting back on that path is now my reason to be here. Perhaps in a future transmission you could elaborate on your thoughtabove.

Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old ...

So I know some old jokes.

"Ever been to a Hermits Convention?"

Think about it; it's funny.

Per this LV posting. Yes, Evil does tend to target the rich or the poor. One would think that if the former were a little more constructively charitable to the latter there would be less room for Evil to enter this world. Why doesn't that happen?

Very inspirational writing lately, Mr. Visible.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Classic Dances of Archetypes and the Travesties Upon Them. It Is What It Is... Even When It Is Not."



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