Wednesday, March 23, 2022

"This New World Order of The Great Reset of the Fraternal Order of the Wolves Among the Sheep."

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This good and evil, truth... and shades of gray thing... MOST OF THE TIME, it runs on rails and you can become deceived about the actual intentions of the players here. You got taken in because some of the media agrees with you, and then you get lulled into thinking they are on the side of righteousness.

I used to go to a site called Revolver. As you know from the links at the ends of any post, I also go to Breitbart... Fox News... a whole lot of places; Truthseeker, a few individual writers, like Real History Channel, though I do not share his view on everything. Sort of like what I am talking about here, except I am much more aligned with some than others.

Sometimes I go to places like Rolling Stone, Slate and Salon, Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN, and the like... they are... nearly entirely, liars about everything, and cogs in a wheel of The Satanic Devourer. I go to TMZ to see what the empty-headed entertainers and iron-pyrite celebrities get up to.

Since the Russian incursion, in defense of their own security, and the poor folk of the eastern provinces, that were being systematically eliminated, like they were some kind of Palestinians, nearly all of my mostly trusted news sources have proven themselves to be chaff in the wind. Revolver has gone full Rhino. Gateway Pundit has always been more of an economic effort that a truth-seeking device, so... no surprises there. Fox News suddenly went full Neo-Con and has been printing some of the most transparent lies I have seen in a very long time. Why... you almost have to go back to the days of the retarded Mad Hatter; Segway Boy.

Now... those countries under the thumb of The International Bankers, are trying to muscle China and Belarus into removing their support for Russia. What I have yet to see mentioned or printed ANYWHERE, is that Russia holds the cards here. Russia has major energy resources and rare metals that COMMON LOGIC should tell you are MUCH DESIRED by China. Friends can be made out of adversity and competition... when they are up against a shared challenge; that being The Bankers who seek to control The World, BY... ANY... MEANS... NECESSARY.

I have... LITERALLY, had to go to the Russian News sites for any idea of what is really going on, BUT... and this is a big but... none of this really applies to me... so why am I talking about it? I hear from a certain macadamia nut gallery of parrots, who got blindsided by some bizarre versions of history; that they cannot verify WHATSOEVER... that ALL world leaders are OWNED by Rothschild and kindred Satanists (though they don't always call them that) and are part of a common deception. Insofar as we buy into, and happen to actually be, in a world of opposites... the Dvaita perspective, there will always be opposing interests. There will always be opposing forces. It's how the universe gets balanced.

What we see is a clash of opposing interests... NOT... absolutely NOT all of them are in the thrall of the New World Order, Tribe Enslavement Protocols. OTHERWISE... OTHERWISE!!! We would ALL... A-L-R-E-A-D-Y be under the control of this New World Order of The Great Reset of the Fraternal Order of the Wolves Among the Sheep.

So... my job... as I see it here, is to provide a contrasting, or... at the least... a differing account of what is and what is not. Within the visible appearances of life, I have no demonstrable claim to being right... or, more right than anyone else. I am not fully liberated in this zone, not yet. I see our part... individually... across the stretch of our existence... to be like that tale about the talents in The New Testament. A master gives 5 talents to one servant, 2 talents to another, and 1 to the last. You can read the story if you don't know it. It's in the Book of Matthew.

God has made an investment in each of us. As any observation of life will prove, in short order, not many of us are being useful and serving with our talents. At some point, just as it is in the parable, the master will return and want an accounting of his investment in you. I am mindful of this. I have not always behaved myself; far from it... but some amount of scoundrels, and wastrels, have come to a better understanding of their duties... to adhere to their dharma over the course of Life's Hard Highway. I am one of those. So... we will ALL be called to account at some point where we must explain ourselves. I should add again, “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

When you die, your particles of light, the vital breaths... the Prana... are gathered by The Self and collected in the heart. The Mind migrates to and is locked up in the heart. Then... you must make the journey through one of The Gates of the Body. There are 9 of them, though some schools of thought add two more; the navel and the sagittal suture. You must depart through one of these gates. Ideally... you make your way out through the sagittal suture. That is a rare occurrence, and the work of a lifetime to make your awareness set on it, at the time of need, where... usually... one forgets about all these things.

You have the 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, and the mouth. Then there are the two gates of excretion. These last are not exit points that I would recommend. Here one might engage in a brief digression... to muse on which culture, which demographic, is most obsessed with toilet humor and certain body functions. Each of us is on an inflexible course to where we are headed. Eventually, we are drawn to our port of call.

Here it is that one can see what a powerful lure The World is. It simply captures The Mind and The Passions. Once you have expended your force, you become useless to yourself or anyone else. You must not be a foolish virgin. That said... we fail over, and over, and over, and over again. This is how reincarnation can be seen as a wonderful gift from a compassionate God, and all that is needed for punishment as well. Of course... there are other locations also.

We need not concern ourselves with seeing that justice is done here. Justice CANNOT be avoided, and we see it in action EVERY DAY. It might not be the Justice you are crying out about, BUT... the journey is not over yet, is it? We are surrounded by invisible entities that take notice of all we think and say, and do. These invisible entities reflect our state of awareness... our pedestrian and higher pursuits. Complex relationships are established. It can happen that you don't know who you are anymore; if you ever did.

You must learn to cultivate the higher entities. Their help can be considerable. I speak from direct experience of this. Otherwise... there are entities whose objectives are not at all in your best interest. Once you embrace positive change, agents of Heaven will fly to your side to assist you. Nothing gets missed here, and all these cycles of war and peace, famine and plenty, pandemics (false pandemics), and general well-being... are just sequences of the dancing of the planets through and around us.

Woe betides those who pretend to be masters... because the one who is master is present for the performance, instead of being the one performing through the surrendered vehicle of The (no longer) Separated Self. Nothing gets missed. One can aspire to mastery, BUT... mastery is CONFERRED, you don't arrive there under your own steam; never happens, never will. It should not be one's focus. The mindset of a simple, selfless servant is the best way to be be-friended by Heaven. Without the help and assistance of Heaven? Good luck with that.

Find God! NOTHING ELSE... and I mean, NOTHING ELSE is going to do you much good in your comings and goings here. Sometimes you will be up and prosperous, sometimes you will be down and destitute. It is the eternal biorhythm of Karma. That sidewalk hooker might have once been a queen, and that vagrant on the street... a captain of industry. Once you find God, that pattern gets interrupted, and depending on how badly... how passionately you want it, on that depends how expediently The Union comes about. After that, The World is your Garden of Eden. You can take it with you wherever you go. You can set up your presence in any place and radiate paradise out of your being, and none the wiser, eh? Blessed anonymity... the secret path of The Selfless Servant. He goes beyond the sight of mortals.

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Anonymous said...

One might guess that this won't go over all that well in certain quarters:


Bubo the Owl said...

Take what you can use and discard the rest.
Even some of the useful idiots have a good idea at times.
They [global leaders] are all in on it, that being power and control over others.
Robert Heinlein was right about there being two kinds of people politically, those who wish to control and those who do not.
A lot of the cultural icons of the 1960's were Tavistock/Mockingbird frauds but they do have some good points here and there.
Read yesterday about "McNamara's Morons" regarding Vietnam era troops who had no business in a war zone due to cognitive problems.
Regarding mocking those people, they were born with those afflictions and didn't ask for them.
I had to go to classes with them or be kicked out of school and met some amazing people with gifts and talents that no one else has.
Also the names don't bother us as they roll right off like water off of a duck's back.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up from the one who's workin' for the ALL, but with a very bad attitude regarding where 'it's' stuck doin' 'it's' job as far as location goes. Oh yeah. Also a 'collective' misanthrope who makes exceptions for the individual.

Gregory said...

"...but some amount of scoundrels, and wastrels, have come to a better understanding of their duties... to adhere to their dharma over the course of Life's Hard Highway. I am one of those."

We should have patches made for our motorcycle jackets. "Riders of Life's Hard Highway" or "Fraternal Order of the Dharma Bums." Something like that would be cool. People may even want to join our club. Or not. Doesn't matter when you have these many miles to go, does it? No one can go for you.

Anonymous said...

"blessed anonymity"

The more i do my spiritual work in anonymity, the more free i feel. That's one beautiful thing about the internet. I was trying and failing to be an internet celebrity before. Maybe the divine force was protecting me from fame. It feels so liberating to be invisible.

Visible said...

I really would not know what to say to that.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It Was A Cosmic Mystery to be Solved by Him, …and The Golden Screw in His Navel Was a Sign of Favor from Heaven."



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