Friday, March 18, 2022

"You See Shadow-Overlays on The Bright Shining Screen. I Was Going to Say White... but, You Know What I Mean."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is what it is until it's not anymore and then it turns into what it was before. After that, I am no longer sure. It is what it is unless it's not what it was, cause the Truth NEVER changes its look. You ONLY see what does change moving across the face of it. You only see what it isn't. You see shadow overlays on the shining bright screen. I was going to say white... but, you know what I mean.

The Wonderful One Horse Shay is crumbling to ruin away, as our technology outstrips our humanity and we get sucked down into the whirlpool that took Atlantis. You can see it, as The Movers and Shakers are made to move, while shaking in their boots, as they report the events they engineered to match up with the fabrications they created, and then... it caught up with them. They recorded the videos of all the crimes they committed and now they are playing before the eyes of The World.

THEY look at the teeming masses and see intransigent stupidity, and... they're not wrong about that. This is the demographic they bank on, and it is not inconsiderable, considering we are in Times of Material Darkness, but... The Awakening is countering The Stupidity. The Dreams of Material Stupor are melting away and more people are remembering their undiscovered Self; a package they never opened, but now... they remember where they once put it away until later. It is now, officially... LATER.

It's always later when you don't think. I'm going to reveal an occult secret that hides in plain sight, while infernal agents feed mushrooms in the burning darkness. ANYTHING you focus on WILL appear, sooner or later. The speed of it depends on the degree of your concentration. ANYTHING that you want an answer to... or for, WILL appear sooner or later, depending on the intensity of your focus. Think of Concentration as being like using The Mind as a magnifying glass.

No doubt the people over in Technology (not my department) are going to come upon another secret soon, which has to do with applying this magnification process to solar collectors, as well as Perpetual Recovery... applied to the storage process. ALL of the secrets of past civilizations are ACCESSIBLE to any mind free of the intention to profit from them. For The Pure... NOTHING is hidden. Set yourself free of the impetus for personal gain and... see what happens. Keep in mind that you will not accomplish it over 3 weekends and a 4-day intensive. You can still get a certificate, but... that will do you no good in The Real World; something MTV has no connection to.

Everything, and everyone, is female to God. Every pore in your skin is a yoni, and it is one manner in which you can absorb the light and love of God into your own being. It REALLY IS all a big sex act.

All God asks is that you prove yourself to him, even unto death. Once he is convinced (this is just another way to say it, and... there are so many ways) the testing ends. He pulls you into an embrace and holds you. As he does, the experience of The Embrace intensifies... and most people pull away. They cannot bear the level of all-consuming love that prevails there. Because... God is Love and Love... the most powerful force in existence turns everything into itself. This is what Love is, and what love does... that makes you invulnerable should you sustain the embrace. All God wants to see is, 'are you up to it?'

The whole of existence, the whole Rolodex of lives in the kaleidoscope of the senses perceiving, is about your return to The Almighty or... your dawdling on the way, and... what the pace of that is. Take a clear and penetrating look at The World around you. Observe the cycles within cycles and the bio-rhythmic rise and fall. Observe the smaller seasons within the greater seasons. Look at the startling connections and the unspeakable beauty of Nature. How could this all be some accident or happenstance? This is what Materialism does. It divorces you from Nature, AND... cuts off your lifeline so that you age and fade away. The secret of Immortality is hidden in Nature.

Lady Nature is a conscious personification of The Gears of the World when they turn for the attention of the senses. She is to Nature what The Avatar is to Impersonal God. She puts a face on it. You can speak to her. You are IN FACT, speaking to her ALL THE TIME. Your words, your thoughts, your feelings, are the seeds that impregnate her, and which nurtures their growth... and then... gives birth to creatures of light or... creatures of darkness. They follow you wherever you go. They are doing so at this very moment... unless you are sitting down, and then they are sitting beside... around... within... you; expressing AROUND you, and... expressing through you.

This is a profound magical construct. You author your world. Though... (and this is debatable) you may be unable to ward off what you have already brought into being, you CERTAINLY can change your former ways and transform your world to come. Why is it that so many people go wishing and hoping through life... when there is no need for wishes or hope? Everything is under control! What is that old line of poetry? Something like, “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.”

It used to frustrate me in regular fashion. It used to break my heart again, and again; to see people floundering, trapped, lost, confused, frightened, desperate, and devoid of a guiding light upon their path. I cannot count the times I tried to find a way to convince them of the certainty of the Presence of God in all of our affairs. They didn't want to hear it or their eyes glazed over. Something in their mind distracted their thoughts as I was speaking to them. I could, LITERALLY, see this. In many cases, especially in Times of Material Darkness, they have invited the enemy to reside within... Fear or Desire put the welcome mat out.

It is a very rare event to meet someone who is not carrying a crowd of personalities around with them. Some of these are the many shades of the person, which appear when opportunity strikes or danger threatens. Some of them are atavistic ancestors from other times. Some of them are visitors from The Infernal Kingdom, and... if you are fortunate, some of them are from The Angelic Realm. Of course, if certain forces are present... others cannot be. For instance... Fear and Love displace each other. There are all sorts of polarities and relationships that take place within us that most people pay no attention to. There is too much going on outside of them to give much attention to what is going on within.

Who is it that can make The World jump? Who makes the press print their obvious lies? Who prints the Get-out-of-jail-free cards? Who greases one skid and then blocks the other? If it is fortunate, people thank their lucky stars. If it is misfortune... people blame evil forces or bad luck. Who is it that is making 'most' everyone dance? Who starts and ends wars? If you ask The Self-Informed, who have told themselves that such and such is true... because someone else said so, they will tell you it is The Rothschilds... or their brace of hyenas, Little Georgie Sorrows and Klaus Schwab, who pull the wagon with Hell's Honey Bucket on it. Others will tell you Goldman-Sacks or... The Masons or... the Illuminati or... The Archons or... The Annunaki or...???

These, like Lady Nature and Lord Vivasvan, are the names and faces that The Mind gives to the forces that compose, regulate or destroy Life as we think we know it. They are figureheads of a kind, like The Archetypes that personify qualities, and resonate in the infrastructures which come and go. They are not the ones pulling the switches or making the dogs howl by the light of The Moon. It is ALL God, who expresses through these many masks which give characteristics to The Impersonal so that we might understand it as little as we do.

He is both Good and Evil... and well beyond and before either. If it were not as it is, the whole thing would not hold together. Archangel Michael is a feature of God in expression. Lucifer is another. He controls it all and rules from The True High Table. Most people are going to argue about this, if they can get someone as equally uninformed as they are, to join in. People do not want The Truth to be what it is, not that they can see it from any angle, given that they are mostly down the road and around the corner from it. Note how Percival and Galahad could see The Holy Grail and Lancelot could not.

Look about you, be it virtually or right in front of you. Surely you can see that... at this very moment... some people are living in Hellish torment and some are living in material splendor, some are even living in Heavenly Splendor. If you knew how, and that is not so difficult, you could pretty much chart out whatever conditions you wanted before you ever got here. Of course... you can't have the seemingly inexplicable and unexpected waiting for you. You need to have made peace with that, and turned your industries to the good of all. Then you can become a steward for the blessings of God. You can become a channel for The Divine once you have attracted his angels to the process. People attract agents from The Darkside every day... and think nothing of it, especially if they are unaware of it.

They attract these agents because they are the facilitators of what they are after. I advise that you raise your sights, purify your passions, and court Divine Luminous Wisdom by constantly asking for it. Heaven is not deaf, regardless of what has been called your “bootless cries.” How can you trouble Heaven if it is deaf to your cries? There are a number of ways to attract God's attention, and... the manner in which you do it determines the way in which he/she/it appears to you... whatever face and form your desires put on it.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

"The secret of Immortality is hidden in Nature."

I love this. It's purrrr-fect (just like my cat, Ramses). I would like to use this quote sometime but I'm not sure who to attribute it to????

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You reminded me of a Nietzsche book I've been wanting to read forever, that I keep forgetting aboot. Well, just loaded the PDF, and will start on it on Monday.

Thanx, and Nostrils Up!!!!!!!

Visible said...

Well... I came up with it but it never stopped anyone before (grin)

Anonymous said... have finally succeeded in converting all that the human mind may lie about and belie into something more comprehensible than truth, and this prevails all over the world. For centuries truth will lie right on the table before people but they will not take it: they will chase after fabrication precisely because they look upon it as something fantastic and utopian.
Feodor Dostoievsky

Anonymous said...

And if the world were to come to an end, and people were asked there, somewhere: ‘Did you understand your life on earth, and what conclusion have you drawn from it?’

Anonymous said...

"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t."

— Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar.
(Mark Twain)

Anonymous said...

As much as so want to learn and ponder more about everything here;
Let's jump to the requesting of divine luminous wisdom and getting to know and love the One Being.
Annie the non anon anon

Gregory said...

In a battle royale, survival is winning.

Here's to all of us winning so far.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that in 1861, the serfs were emancipated by the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II?

Visible said...

Was I supposed to? Outside of the obvious parallel for which there are others, much like with the invention of the telephone, the automobile, and others... yet again.

Lakshmi said...

Hi Visible,
"ANYTHING you focus on WILL appear, sooner or later. The speed of it depends on the degree of your concentration."
I was wondering - How would you focus on teleporting? Bashar talks about it like every location and your presence there is an equation and you need to change the location variable (my understanding of his words) I've read of the Merkaba field which when activated can do it and another thing I read talked of how your heart field could expand to encompass you and contain/transport you. Do you have any suggestions as to how to focus or think about teleporting to attain it?
I'm aware that it's one of the siddhis that one may attain with deep meditation over many years. I'm not interested in powers as such but teleporting feels like something very natural, an ultimate freedom, a way to experience the beauty of the earth etc. And on an advanced level, elsewhere too - Why would a creator create countless galaxies and worlds out there with no way to experience that beauty/wonder? It never made much sense to me to be so bound.
Am also very curious about this statement - There are a number of ways to attract God's attention - Could you please perhaps elaborate? (Aside of speaking to the Sun/Divine Mother)
Loved this line - God is Love and Love... the most powerful force in existence turns everything into itself.
Thank you!

Visible said...

No comment (grin)

Bill said...

It makes me laugh when I can't tell the difference between a troll and someone who is really dumb. I don't know what I did to be alive in times like this but I am sorry for it. I am very sorry and I won't do it again as soon as I can find out what it is.

I believe that some of you are already teleporting on your own dollar (inflation) to where the sun doesn't shine so that you won't be able to see yourself in the mirror.

Kulak the Clown said...

Greetings Suntime LV! Just beautiful and what a morale boost as Clown World was getting to me.
Going John Galt by the fall will be the only way and the usual suspects won't be getting there way this time.
All the hasbarats and fiatbux can't put the banana back together again and historical events that used to take decades will now compress because we have always been at war with Eurasia.
The fraudulent (s)election was a bridge too far and I agree with you that this world has firewalls to keep any one cabal from taking it all.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"I Can Hear the Fundies of All the Rigid and Materialized Religions, Howling Like a Banshee Tranny on PCP."



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