Tuesday, April 05, 2022

"Do You Know What Happens When You Twist Early Sexuality Like a Soft-Stool Ice Cream Cone into Tempered Rebar?"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, it's come out that the COVID PCR tests are poisoned.

I had suspected this and so I put off a minor surgical procedure based on what my intuition told me. Imagine my surprise to find it confirmed. It seems like everything I suspect to be true nearly always proves to be true. I think we ALL have this facility in... some measure. Few of us use it. ALWAYS refer to your visceral awareness. It is an Early Warning System for your well-being.

It is almost like the Earth is coming off of its axis, and this is reflected in Dreaming Humanity which does not know it is dreaming. In Colorado now, you can get an abortion right up to the moment of birth; so it says in the links below. I used to joke (of course it's not a joke) about this happening.

The Seattle Museum is hosting a drag queen extravaganza, a week-long intensive about how to create your own drag persona. It's for the 12-18 future, demon-graphic. Relentlessly... they push, and prod, and pull the pubescent and prepubescent, into a red-eyed, weeping torment of a ruined sexuality. From the links, you will see that we cannot be far off from some profoundly transformative moment.

The government of Al's Hammer, coming down on the heads of the stupid and unwary, has flung open the southern border, as an invitation to ANYONE from ANYWHERE, to come and do what is needed to transform the urban living spaces of this country into a flaming nightmare cauldron, stirred by lesbian witches who once were men; now they are the orcs of trans-humanism.

I once thought that I was watching a time-lapse devolution of a failed and porcine humanity, dropping down to all fours, in the space of three generations. We are now looking at a transition from Epstein Island to the Island of Dr, Moreau, RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES!

Do you know what happens when you twist human sexuality like a soft-stool ice cream cone into tempered Rebar? Do you know where serial killers come from? The Sexual Force is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It is a little like the Colorado River. You can damn and channel it, BUT... you cannot block it and you cannot stop it. It WILL find a way around and open new courses, previously unintended by Lady Nature.

Sexual force runs in two directions; down and out or in and up. If you bottle it, if you block it, the pressure will build... and build, and build until it explodes through. Look at what happened to the Catholic priests who did not understand the dynamic of In and Up. Look at what happened during The Inquisition. Look at what happened to the witch killings in early America. It is collective, sexual hysteria. These were the results of improperly channeled sexual force. This is all dependent on badly constructed religions that bear little or no resemblance to the original thought upon which they were based. Look at the state of fundamentalist Islam. ALL of this has to do with perverting or suppressing the sexual force.

How did these religions get so demented so early in the game? Bad actors saw the potential windfall of managing it for people too stupid to think and act at the same time. It is the very definition of Impulsive. What power is it that makes people Impulsive? What causes people to be reckless, and indifferent to the safety of others and... themselves? Why are there so many dead animals by the side of the road in Spring? It is ALL... the sexual force.

Sexual force is The Love Force. It is also on The Dial that is regularly mentioned here. Look at The Animal Kingdom. It is an acting out of our own animal nature, and a great many people behave as beasts in this regard. Higher Love is the animal nature taught to dance in celebration of The Creator. It is the Tarot card, Strength that symbolizes that subconsciousness is ALWAYS in control of all subhuman expressions of cosmic energy. This causes the Kundalini to activate out of the sleeping coils of its insentient state in The Kunda Pool.

Sexual force is the drive toward union. Yoga is the harnessing of this force to a higher union. Union occurs on every level of human experience. At a specific level, real satiation occurs. When spirituality is denied, and where atheism is rampant, all that we know of truth is carnality. Eat, drink and be merry!

If spiritual union is not a consideration, then sexual union becomes the objective, and YOU come under the hard hand of The Horned God. Eventually, you are a burned-out husk. Nowadays, more and more teenagers are being rendered impotent. We are looking at all the necessary ingredients for Hell on Earth.

Behind the scenes, The Usual Suspects are pushing depravity through every medium of human experience. Look at who heads the sexual organizations. Look at who lobbies the lawmakers. Look at who controls the money flow. Once you've been had, you learn... with a surprising expedience, that you can't do anything without their permission. That was the whole point of taking over the money game to begin with. They control the money flow, and they control the information flow, BUT... they DO NOT control the hearts and minds of those destined to be the mechanisms that put them to flight.

They can only draw their power from the lower planes of influence. They have no access to the higher planes from which their real marching orders are given. ALL power comes from a single source, so... all power, except the power of the source, is BORROWED POWER, for The Purpose of Demonstration. It might seem that I lay the blame for all of humanity's ills on those who have been caught out, and thrown out of over a hundred countries in their time. I am not. The enemies of humanity come from every racial and cultural dynamic. It is always some form of POSSESSION. I should also add that real heroes are born out of each of these racial and cultural dynamics.

You must be a surgeon skilled... beyond the capacity of any surgeon living or dead, to possess the necessary finesse to separate the wheat from the chaff. That is NOT my department. I am a mere cog in the workings of the finest and most beautiful mechanism ever made. NO... this world is a never-ending construction zone, in which the institutions of the past, are torn down at regular intervals, and then replaced by the color and sound-coordinated decor of the times for which they were created. Up it goes, AND down it comes, and then... surprise... surprise... up it goes, and... whaddya know? Down it comes again.

I KNOW how insignificant I am. It is unfortunate for the many that do not possess this safeguard. Let's put the whole thing in proportion. Here you are on this middling planet, that is circulating around a less than middling sun; no offense intended, we are talking about the size of the light involved, not the quality. This Sun is the center of our material existence. All life and love proceed from it. By size comparison with our planet, we are a mere dot against The Sun.

Our sun rotates around the center of the galaxy, in the same way that we rotate around The Sun. Our galaxy is infinitesimally smaller than the universe which contains it. Look at the thousands, times thousands, times thousands of stars (those of you who can see stars anymore) in the heavens. A great many of them are larger than our sun.

So... you are less than a speck compared to this Earth, which is less than a speck compared to The Sun, which is less than a speck compared to the galaxy, which is far... far... far... inconceivably far less than a speck in comparison to the universe. What if there were an infinite amount of universes, rubbing like bubbles up against each other? We KNOW that there are planes upon planes, moving ever upward or down that comprises a universe of their own, and which interact and feed into each other. I hope this puts our relative importance in the scheme of things into perspective.

Now... here is another consideration. The creator of it all... is personally aware of me and of you, is intimately connected to our every thought word, and deed. Every event in our lives, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, is a special connection between God and our soul. What God is doing... put very simply, is involving himself in every detail of our lives for the purpose of MAKING US LIKE HIM!!!

He is fashioning and shaping us across the vast stretch of lifetimes... until we are perfected in his eyes. This I KNOW to be true. I don't actually need to know anything else, AND... when I need to know something, one of God's angels informs me. Then... whatever I knew or thought I knew, goes back into the storage hamper until I need it again.

What is the motivation for all of this? It is LOVE. What are two of the essential qualities of love? Unity and Union. You already possess some amount of love, even if you have hidden it from yourself because it is a sign of weakness, and it makes you vulnerable. Wisdom is what you need to get your metaphysical hands on, BECAUSE... the union of Love and Wisdom causes Truth to reveal herself, probably not unlike the Columbia Lady holding the torch.

Columbia Lady with Torch

Sooner or later... right?

End Transmission.......

Possible disclaimer; I experience both education and entertainment from a variety of mediums. I hesitate to recommend anything anymore BECAUSE they can turn to shit very quickly. I recommended Resident Alien. It seemed like an entertaining series. Then I got as far as episode 2 of the second season and had to turn it off. This happens in regular fashion for me. I like to share things, but finally... I have realized that there is really only one thing I want to share with anyone and that is The Presence of God. Everything else falls short. Oh well... we learn as we go.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I used to joke about wearin' a "REINSTATE INFANTICED" T-shirt to see if it would get me outta jury duty. Now infanticide's OK via exposure in Maryland and it's on the books in calipornia. Waitin' fer the statues of Baal Hammon to be erected, here.

Awesome movie on that made in 1914. First 'epic' film on the Punic Wars, and the lead character was almost fed to one of these statues.


I'm fed up with the garbage that coerces people into going against their intrinsic nature. I wonder what would happen if you didn't programme the twat snot (Is that more obnoxious than 'crotch droppin'? If it is, I'm ahead of the game. Maybe I can get promoted to Arsehole to the 34th Degree now?) based on it's biology, and just guided him/her/it to be as self-sufficient as it can be and to inconvenience others as little as possible. This goes for animals, too. (The Cathar and Jain perspective, though I say give the spawning fish a break, too. Assuming the Cathars did actually eat spawning fish.)

By the way, we of 'The Holey Order of the Septum' consider the complete collections of 'multiverses' as opposed to 'universes', since they aren't; THE NOSE-IVERSE. Or would that be 'Nostrilverse'? I dunno. I'll have to ask Snorf. . .oh, never mind.

Nostrils way up. By the way, me thinks Madonna lost her mind completely years ago. If I ever find it on the road, I think I'll leave it there. After all, it's in an advanced state of decomposition; I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
yeh, Resident Alien
"Kill Them All"
and as it turns out...or at least they are trying, they did, presumably, except for the useful eaten, to be eaten..
nonetheless one can have one's right eye wide open and enjoy the gags, if one does
not gag that is.
Gomer Pyle for me lately, homo and homer simpson.
all the hollywood bowl punchbowls have some piss in them.

Anonymous said...

For whatever the reason I’m writing this, these are my thoughts in any case.
The earth is in a great catastrophe, just look at the situation we face. There are no great forests left, the oceans and its creatures are dying or mostly gone, people have become demented and perverse. Greed and wealth accumulation are the predominant endeavor of mankind. The great plains and most other farm lands have been poisoned with glyphosate. Insects, birds, trees all being decimated. Animal habitats all being destroyed for profits. Huge factories that produce nothing but disposable trinkets which end in garbage heaps after two years (covid masks, vaxine vials, plastic barriers, etc). Water tables dropping, oil being pumped out at crazy levels just so you can sit in traffic getting to your cubical job to put numbers into tiny computer boxes for bankers. Yeah we are insane and that’s why a catastrophe is at hand. Think of it, better than 80% of the worlds people have opted for a vaxine to prevent a fictitious virus disease out of fear of death, which they themselves will perish from. I mean can it get anymore bizarre? Really, what do you think will happen? Mother nature can just shrug it all off? Striped mined her flesh, cut all the trees down, poisoned the waters, polluted the air, electromagnetized the entire plain of existence with intense frequencies of every kind, killed off most of the animals. Shrug it off? Are you serious, we have gone beyond any reasonable limit and are well into catastrophe at this point. What has all this destruction and waste given humanity? Chemtrails, global weather change, satanism, materialism, anger, madness, ‘space stations’ and satellites, for whom? Did I ask for this stuff? We are so stupid that we think transgender ism is normal and not caused by environmental poisons because otherwise we would have to admit dysfunction. So we celebrate that dysfunction with LGBTQ parades rather than try to solve the poison problem. How about autism from vaxines? Its just a strange isolated anomaly when tadpoles are born with three tails and two heads or boys thinking they are girls. Really? Then we have the celebrity megalomaniacs pushing vaxines, social media, stock profits, wars, satanism, and celebrity. Its our fault of course because the psychopaths say it is. You know, blame the victim for what they are doing. We deserve it for being stupid and gullible they say to themselves. They should smarten themselves up!
These are not everyday simple problems anymore, you know where a bit of financial austerity will save the day, no, not at all, we are talking absolute earth wide catastrophe. What survives these events? Cockroaches? Not humans for sure.
Oh, I’m just over reacting, calm down, smoke some pot, have a beer, go to bed. Things will be better in the morning after a coffee or two. Nope. This shit is getting very in your face close up and personal REAL!

Visible said...

It is un fortunate that you have talked yourself into this.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Anonymous @ 4:28

Please, take a deep breath, and look away from the monitor for a moment.

It is evident from your posting that your mind is in an anxious state. You are not alone in that.

From the things you mention, which are familiar territory to many of us reading here, are known and are being worked on.

What you need to realize is that there are also those who are attempting to profiteer off of this. In order to profiteer, they need to stir up the fear. The result is alarmist literature which tends to have a significant psychological impact on a subset of its readership. This causes those folks to have a particularly strong selection bias towards sources of the same message.

Take a deep breath. Things aren't as bad as they seem, and they are actually getting better.

Exercise and exposure to sunshine are essential, and best done throughout the day, not all at once.

Mr. Nah (Who tries to maintain a serene state as it makes one less vulnerable, enjoys coffee and pot, but quit beer years ago)

Anonymous said...

i also see it that way, Anon 5:07, Humanity was completely out of control and the vax is the cure. Sucks but something had to be done. Imagine how green, beautiful, and quiet the earth will be with 90% of humans gone.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Oops, I cited the wrong Anonymous, sorry about that.

To 5:07 and 3:51 ....

Just no, no, no ... Stop.

Have a listen to Talking Heads' "(Nothing but) Flowers".

Mr. Nah

Visible said...


A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They Are Passing Chimera... Ghost Soldiers Marching into Battle, Under the Banner of The Separated Self."



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