Friday, April 29, 2022

"Some Truths Apply to Your Inner Life. Some Apply to Your Outer Life, AND Much Can be Lost in the Translation."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One of the most fascinating AND disturbing features of these changing times is... the creeping increments of tiny footsteps of change. It reminds me of how people walk in circles when they are lost in the woods. I've heard it said it's because one leg is shorter than the other. I wonder how that can be the case when obstructions constantly appear to shift a person's direction? I shouldn't even be talking about it. Maybe I should have looked online first, to see what the experts say. Maybe, I should have checked to see if the circling is mostly to the left or to the right. The only thing I REALLY think about is; who wrote The Book of Love?

Back to those tiny, incremental footsteps of change. We do not see how it is that we can get from one place to another. They bear no resemblance; where you started and where you wound up. How did it all go so wrong? How did so many lives crumble into ruin from that point of greater possibilities? What went wrong? What went wrong?? What went wrong!?!

You see this happen in individual lives. You see it happen to groups of people. You see it happen to cities, to states, to nations. Slowly and inexorably. There is some kind of bio-rhythm to it. Civilizations rise... and fall. Family fortunes disappear after the 3rd generation. People rise to the fulsomeness of their vitality and then... fade away into decrepitude, through The Seven Ages of Man.

I have been studying the matter, and... it seems that an unfocused life, an undisciplined life, the pursuit of pleasure, the avoidance of pain... trends toward spiritual entropy. For some, the spiritual angle is irrelevant. If they can't see it, it's not there. The Carnal Mindset knows only the physical aspect. Sex is the object, and purpose of life; there is no God. There is only what they want, and... whatever gets in their way. The one drives them. The other makes them wary, cagey, and conniving.

Sometimes what they want is wrong and it goes contrary to nature (or is that our nature?). It is MATERIALISM that puts us in the shit. Materialism IS The Shit. Yes... they paint and polish it up nicely, but it's still shit. As we have said, the object of desire is in the dew that glistens on a bikini-clad, young girl's proprietor, as she leans over the hood of the sports car, with the tumbler of spirits in her hand. Will you get the girl? Unlikely. Will you get the sports car? Possibly (and then I get the girl???). Will you get the tumbler and endless dreams of the girl? Probably. Is IT... any of these? No... IT is not.

Slowly but surely, Normal gets bent into abnormal. Now The Trust the Science people tell us ALL depravity is Normal. Scholars have written dissertations on it for Christ's sake! Ask any five-year-old about Gender. They'll be happy to tell you the party line.

Normal becomes passé. When you can get what you want, whenever you want it, you no longer want it, and... one must venture into darker places to gain even temporary satiation. Materialism brings comfort, and freedom from want while amplifying the want. Comfort brings stagnation AND perversion. One becomes lazy, sluggish; even beast-like. In the fall of every great culture... sexual perversity runs like a wildfire in the human mind and thru the streets. This has happened over, and over, and over, and over, and over. We have the historical record for ancient cultures; what remnants there are. We have vague rumors of others; Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Urantia Culture, Scientology... and more... offer a complexity of worlds coming and going, one replacing the other, and so on, and so on, and so on. To get a mind-numbing grasp of the impossible reach of Time, one should consider The Hindu/Buddhist Cosmology of Visible and Invisible Worlds, AND... in reality... it ALL comes out of The Mind of God, AND... that is where the trouble starts.

It seems that some are disposed to believe, and some are disposed to disbelief. The larger numbers exist in a ping-pong confusion of appetites and desires, which they chase, and devour... until they are devoured by them. So The World, is much like an ocean, with currents running shallow and deep. Humanity swims on these different currents and winds up at different locations. Sometimes... they swim against the currents, BUT... that is not the general way of it.

Exceptional souls come and go. Then... there are the numberless hordes who are influenced by these souls. Depending on the intensity of Material Culture, at any particular time, on that depends the ratio of Good to Evil in the exceptional souls. Should I call them exceptional minds?

It's all the fruit of thought. So... here we are in Free Fall City. Humanity is tumbling like deep roller pigeons, interbred with the shallow rollers, they no longer have a connection to the actual proximity of The Ground. It was Hannibal Lecter who brought that to my attention, during a conversation with Clarice Starling. I was a fly on the wall; no! Not a fly... a gecko perhaps... a temporary, shamanistic metamorphosis we sometimes engage in here. I wasn't that good at nanotech.

Unless The Great Brotherhood intrudes or manages to steer the flock with their invisible Shelties, it is going to become a massive bloodbath and die-off. This is what the mass murderers of The Great Reset have in mind. I always keep an optimistic perspective. I have only to consider The Sun. Considering The Sun is the answer for me to most of life's enduring and unanswered questions; but... why do people walk in circles?

Here is what the Trust the Science people have to say. Do you want to know what I think? I think it is because The World is ROUND. If you reflect on this, it will come to you. Then... there is the matter of The Poles. Don't get me started on Ley Lines, cause... I don't know anything about them.

We walk in circles because The Earth is round (more or less). It will come to you. As I said... reflect. ANYTHING will come to you if you employ any one of several timeless methods that result in pulling the answers up out of The Subconscious. Countless treasure chests lie sunken in the seabed of this vast ocean. Some sleep on it. There are many tales of clarity and discovery coming to those who do. Some pray over the matter. Some combine a synthesis of 'personalized' New Age tactics. Some are born already knowing, and some... never do.

So... these incremental footsteps lead us in circles, meaning... we repeat ourselves over, and over, and over again. We do it as individuals, as bloodlines, as local communities, as nations, and... so on. We come and go here, over, and over, and over again, like we are in a Stephen Bishop song that sucked the first time we heard it, BUT... we keep playing it over, and over, and on and on, on and on, on and on. Lifetimes upon lifetimes... walking in circles, spinning on calliopes of plastic horses turning, AND... up and down... up and down. Sisyphus is not a myth.

The Greeks and Romans got a lot of things right (some might say that anything the Romans got right they got from The Greeks, AND... where did The Greeks get it?), but... the real meat of the matter is not a subject for discussion. What happens is... you become it; whatever IT is. It's subjective. You become what you emulate, what you aspire to... so long as you continue to. Some getting there takes a lot of getting there. Most of it is right around the corner, AND... proves about as useful and lasting as anything right around the corner could be. You want The Goods? You have to give it all you got. Most are not capable of this. Very soon they change their minds and change their course... back to circles again.

People have good reasons (they think) for worshiping Lucifer, Satan, and... others. They see themselves in that favorable light, projected from the mindscape of all that they desire. For some... The World is enough, and they come back here countless times. For me, The World is not nearly enough. Some of us are just made that way. So... I can't apply censure or disdain. I can't judge; I shouldn't judge, BUT... one most certainly does need,... Judgment. Here is a very important thing to remember. Some things apply to your inner life, and some apply to your outer life, AND much can be lost in translation. Bottom line? You MUST have a guide, and you MUST trust that guide ABSOLUTELY.

As I continue in the process of whatever this is, I am MORE and MORE reminded about Trust and Reliance. I am told that ALL of my concerns are resolved when I leave them to the ministrations of a wiser mind. The Details are NOT my concern. Someone else handles that. It is crucial to the endeavor that one knows what is their concern, and what is not their concern.

All your problems could be gone, BUT... you might lose what you think you need!!! If you let it all go, what happens if it doesn't come back??? If you relinquish control... does it spin out of control??? Do the planets move in orderly circuits? Do the seasons come and go? It seems to me, and... remember... this is just me... I don't know what's best for anyone else. It seems to me, that the sanest idea is to get to The Mind behind The Mind, behind The Mind. This... one accomplishes by... letting go of the personal... so that the Impersonal can do its job. This... one accomplishes through Trust, and by relying utterly on the ineffable to do its job, WHICH... I might add, it will do... with or without your cooperation.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"Family fortunes disappear after the 3rd generation." WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY THEY ARE PAST THEIR EXPIRATION DATE?????????????? Or do they have to be fed through the wood chipper? And if ya wanna avoid pain, don't become a dish washer. But hey! Yesterday I found out I can still handle the biggest heaviest pot. Someone left it on the sink because the whole kitchen got steam cleaned. I was wondering if I could still deal with it, and what's this 'Ask and ye shall receive' thang? Lately my 'reality creation' has been going into overdrive, so maybe I should watch my 'wonderings'. Or maybe not. AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD! NOSE HAIR COAT! WHAT WOULD IT BY LIKE TO. . .

Oh, never mind.

'Tis a royal bitch (Getting real here.) if the thing you want more than anything is omniscience. I hear my brain would explode if I had it here. Well, then I'd graduate to where my brain wouldn't explode; because there would be no physical brain to explode, so BRING IT ON, DAMMIT!

Me thinks those for who the world is enough are 5.9 cans short of a 6 pack. They can have it, and I ain't invitin' 'em over fer din-din. With the exception of a very few, I consider most everything a gimp-'tard here compared to what everything is on the Otherside. I mean, come on! All the constraints on our Cosmically innate abilities here? All the TRUE KNOWLEDGE we can't access? We don't even know what we really are! At least some of us know that we don't know. You've written about it often enough.

What a wonderful read this was.

Just Andy said...

It has been sum time since I have spoke to directly to you,

As per your recent series of exceponentially educational editions,

My replies are found




In that order of sequence.

Followed by this,

When, I speak with Paul McCartney back stage On Monday back stage through the pass gate Les, I will be sure to tell him hello for you.

The latest series you spoke of reminds me,

The sum total of all my mistakes and miscalculations have gotten me this far inspite of myself. It seems to me, THE DUDE as I call HIM, is much better at math and navigation than either of us, combined.

And thank Goodness for that. I must say, it's a truly lovely day at the Beach today.



Visible said...

Just a little head's up. It doesn't happen often here, but then you get a comment that makes no sense, has no reference points, and... is meaningless because there is no context. On top of that... it's anonymous. Anyone who feels I did not understand the relevance or intent of their posting can contact me about it. This is a benevolent dictatorship here. Otherwise, I would get the Russia Treatment. There are a lot of places on the internet to engage in conflict and contention. This is NOT one of them

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Step Away from The Camouflage that Conceals What Seeks to Eat You. Serve Your Self on God's Dinner Table."

TotoFromOz said...

If Whacky Psaki was lost in the woods, she'd most definitely be circling Left.



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