Thursday, April 21, 2022

"These Transmitting Entities will be Making The Real Safe Spaces; It's the Difference Between Woke and Awakened."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One of the most difficult challenges of life is to overcome defensiveness. On a certain level, you can't take any shit, elsewise you will be taking shit from that point on. No one gets to Heaven as a doormat. HOWEVER... one does not need to leap to their own defense. If you leave that in the Hands of the Divine, he WILL sort it for you. If you have met any realized masters, one of the things you learn about them is that they are always poised... serene. This is the result of an arrangement between them and Heaven. Rely on The Divine and The Divine WILL have your back. What does the 23rd Psalm say?

Defensiveness is a common malady, more pervasive than the common cold. These days, you risk offending someone simply by telling them the truth. Imagine that? Heh heh...

I grew up in a rough and tumble world. It was one where you had better know how to fight. That took me through some hard times. The funny thing is, once I got good at it there weren't anymore fights. I was mildly annoyed by that in the early stages. Surely... given what the past had presented, someone was going to start something. No one did. I had to interfere in some cases. I had to defend someone on occasion, BUT... it never came to blows. I did usually have friends I could spar with. It's like playing ping pong or shooting pool. You don't stay sharp and you lose your edge.

I realized... at some point, that the reason I wasn't getting into any more fights was not because everyone knew that I was good at it and that there were easier victims. It was because I no longer projected fear, which attracts it, or... combativeness which runs into it. It's a dance, and you communicate with your motions... the nature of your intentions. I could usually spot other martial artists. They had a way that they moved. This is one of the reasons that distorted minds resort to deception. The Wise see right through them in any case. All charade and camouflage melts away before the eyes of Love.

I imagine that practitioners of Evil... in all of its guises... do think themselves clever, elegant, smooth, and tuned in, BUT... they look like ham-handed bunglers to the servants of Heaven. The servants of Heaven have real courage, based on a certain cosmic reality. This is not true of the workers of Evil. When confronted by the true light, they flee. When the spell of Evil is broken, Paradise is revealed.

I try to see Evil as something I do not understand yet. I don't have to understand Evil in its true form because, it-doesn't-have-one. It is true that if you rid yourself of Evil, Evil will not come around. Remember when I mentioned these transmitting beacons in human form? I said that they are a product of The Avatar? They are... they happen to be... any of us who permit the residence of that ONE generating the resonance. In times to come, they will each be responsible for a portion of the border, between what is good and righteous, and what is not. Like Strider of the Dunedain, one of the rangers who protected The Shire. True Rosicrucians are sometimes described like that in a parallel and SIMILAR fashion.

This is already happening. Members of The Initiatic Brotherhood presently perform this service. I am simply talking about a changing of The Guard. It's a new age. Everyone gets promoted or demoted, or sometimes... stays where they are. It sorta depends on their contract. In any case, these transmitting entities will be making The Real Safe Spaces, like the difference between Woke and awakened.

Remember in The Lord of the Rings where, I think Gandalf was talking (could have been someone else). He said something like, Evil cannot create anything beautiful or real. It perverts instead, like making orcs out of elves. That is so.

You can't get very far on the spiritual path by fearing Evil. Evil should, rightly, fear you. You don't get that by using evil methods however, or letting in self-will, which brings arrogance and its partners into The Fall of Man. One thing connects to another and... when you are on Evil's turf, Fear is bound to show up; ♫ the hip-bone's connected to the knee-bone ♫ In that case... Evil has got you.

You can't fight Evil with its own negative qualities, but... we are talking an eternal, major power imbalance between Evil and Good. It is like a bright light and The Darkness. There is no darkness in the light. Away from the light, shadows appear, and so on, and so on. Might I recommend the one in whom there is no darkness, presently resident within you?

We over-think things. That is why we are admonished to becomes as a little child. This does not mean running around with a squeeze toy and babbling incoherently. It is more like, “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” I am not required to dislike myself. That is something you learn from other people or as a penance for your acts. You got to shake it off and step up! The baggage that many masters speak of is all that guilt, and regret, and false memories you carry around, yadda yadda. You are recommended to off-load that and move along in a sort of... pick up your cross and follow me kind of way.

I am not out of that tradition, but I understand the implications, and also that it cannot be avoided in any case. You do it joyfully or you do it sorrowfully... either way, you do it. People REALLY need to realize that there is no choice about certain things, and then turn them into Poetry, and Beauty. It is Love that reworks the matter of existence into things like these.

It is love that makes the greatest dreams a reality. It is love that carries them to fulfillment. My dream is to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This... I think, is accomplished by... going around with the awareness of it present in you at all times (and radiating it), because... Love WILL accomplish it! There are other similar dreams that I have. They do not include sorrow... misery... suffering. People generate these conditions. They LITERALLY construct them. If you can turn The World into shit, which we see any number of people working at, then... surely you can turn it into gold also? Eh?

I do believe that it is literally shit that one turns into gold. That was the position of Paracelsus. There's an amusing tale about him and a silver chaffing dish, among many of the learned colleagues of his time. I love reading about these people, Thomas Vaughn, Basil Valentine, Jacob Boehme, and The Etceterati.

I will never fail to be amazed at the people for whom the internet is a Porn Paradise, and a shopping mall. I find it to be the most amazing tool... perhaps it is a part of The Attributes of The Avatar this time... in terms of the environment in which he performs; I can't say. It's going to be exciting. I look forward to what is coming. I think we are in for some big surprises. You never know. Maybe The Bad Guys don't win. Maybe The Good Guys win. Maybe it is all this fear ratcheted up for you, by you (and them), maybe that is your biggest problem; worry less about what the goblins are doing and spend more time watching your step. That is a part of my daily focus. If I watch what I do, the whole world will fall into line.

As I was saying about Defensiveness... it doesn't look good in any case. (grin) You are on stage ALL the time, yes... even when you are sleeping. Catching on to this can be attended by a rapid change in fortunes, and even speedy success. People miss the point of Success. It shouldn't be considered in the light of temporary things changing form... building The World, tearing it down. It goes on ad infinitum. The idea is to BE that thing which does not change, and to sustain the resonance. That is the essence of success, and all other successes come out of it, one way or the other, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The Sun is an incredible success, and an irreplaceable part of any success by any of us here. It's really simple, folks, It goes back to that being like a child thing. A child would believe, without question that The Sun is a living being. The unity aspect of Heaven is still with a child. Puberty has not divided their being yet... ah... there you go into the fields of contesting ambitions, and attractions. You win some. You lose some. It goes on and on, like a waterwheel. Sometimes you are on the surface and sometimes you are submerged. Some of us call it, “being on The Wheel.” Don't you want to dance on the mountaintops of life, in the morning of The World, when the sons and daughters of God sang in living laughter and overflowing joy? I read something like that once, and never forgot it.

People really do waste their time in pointless enterprises, and trying to impress people who don't even like them. I KNOW of another way. It goes through some rough country. It depends on where you start at. It can be hard in the early goings, but... I will confirm that ease does come after one has ceased to contend with themselves and their fellows. The one, leads directly to the other.

This other way only requires a consistency of Love. You build your ability as you go. It is like a video game where you top up your health, your armor, your weapons... as you hunt your own shadows in the subterranean world of the subconscious.

Once I was on this dirt road that ran from around Indio to the major highway. I imagine that would be highway 10. It's been a while. I once found it on a map but haven't been able to lately. On the map it was just a brief squiggle. It turned out to be somewhere between 35 and 50 miles long, and it led through haunted Indian caverns. It got dark halfway along. I hadn't eaten in some time so... the mind and the imagination were empowered. It was also in the time of LSD, so I wouldn't have been far removed from being on it.

I had a companion with me, and out of nowhere... a police car shows up and takes my companion away. I began to see things. Not all of them were friendlies... at least that was an early impression. It did not indicate confidence in the growing dark. When it got fully dark these winged creature arrived, crying out and buffeting me with their wings. They were large and VERY palpable. It was a possibly terrifying moment. HOWEVER... in an instant it occurred to me what to do (thank you God!) and I stopped and called out, “Hello, my friends! How are you?” I was laughing and began to dance and spin. They immediately became my companions and- I could feel it- protected me the rest of the way, which was miles... yet. It was coming dawn when I got to the highway. I had started out early at mid-day the day before.

There are many details to this experience but I have space constraints (grin). I did get picked up by a car quite soon. It was this hirsute gentleman who smelled like the monkey cage at the zoo. I am NOT exaggerating. When I asked him what he did, he told me he was an anthropologist at the university. I don't remember which one.

Okay, my friends. I am glad we had this little chat. I'll be visiting with you tomorrow and each weekday for the moment, but the moment could well change. Sooner or later it always does... yes?

End Transmission.......

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Gregory said...

"I try to see Evil as something I do not understand yet."

Well said. I recently finished reading Dr. M. Scott Peck's "People of the Lie" in which he writes:

"I know now that one of the characteristics of evil is its desire to confuse."

Anyway, thank you for this excellent post on a subject I too do not yet understand. Keep up the good work!

robert said...

Ever dawning Visible One among Many for the One!

Another offereing, brimming with One light, diffused into a heartening glow for us to warm our emotional nature being near.

Thank you for your continuing series, your consistent flow of love, your now tempered template of contemplation.

Remember when I mentioned these transmitting beacons in human form? I said that they are a product of The Avatar? They are... they happen to be... any of us who permit the residence of that ONE generating the resonance

Your inner child is at play, the inner Child for whom creation is dreamed into being. How do we ever forget the love powering the magnificence we move within!?

When the divisive drones weary our parched wells, we find an oasis with others who are serene.

We find ourselves cleaning the burrs of self-loathing out of our minds, the parasitical phantoms clinging on to memories of being less than alive.

We laugh at our folly of forgetting who we are before we made ourselves small enough to abuse.

It is not just the words crafted in love with the flow from timeless into time, it is the resonance.

A light house beam of coherent light diffused through single pointed focus on One

When our personal nature interrupts our natural growth toward the light, to cast its shadow trying to be seen, we relight our intention to be more and our flame is relit by being in the mind of someone resonating with the heartbeat of the earth, tapping the carrier wave of consciousness propelling the words.

The question to put to any of our shadow identities trying to get attention:

Are we being creative or are we wasting life force deconstructing what love has created?

Serenity creates better than thrashing trying effort!

Passion stirred by spontaneous motion in response to ecstasy begets babies and all other creations of life.

We over-think things. That is why we are admonished to becomes as a little child

The matrix is designed to keep us trapped in infinite loops around our subjective hamster trail...

Do we dare get off the wheel and wait in wonder for our next instruction?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"This is What We Learn Through Pain and Suffering, and There is No Pain and Suffering Without Attachment!"

Anonymous said...

I f*ing LOVE your posts. I try and read a little every day when you post. This is what I have been blessed with learning over the last 40 of my 70 plus year. Everything you say makes me smile and think heck are an amazing writer and I'm so blessed to have found your blogs. sandy

Citizen Elle said...

You asked: Don't you want to dance on the mountaintops of life, in the morning of The World, when the sons and daughters of God sang in living laughter and overflowing joy?
YES, and this reminder is most appreciated!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Am catching up on your columns.

Seriously, you should put together a little book of aphorisms, a Tao that people can carry around with them.

Maybe illustrated in context across the way by a sympatico Artist's interpretation of a relevant Tarot Card.

Books as artefacts are becoming rare.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.



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