Monday, April 18, 2022

"May The Spirit Update Your BIOS, and May You Dwell in the Paradise of Devotion for The Author of The Sun."

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When people do not believe in God, they become capable of monstrous deeds... because they do not believe there is anyone or anything that can stop them. In reality, God is VERY... VERY real. Nothing is missed. Your EVERY act becomes instant programming of the future, for a given precise effect/result. It is like computer code. It can makes things still, make them dance, make them appear and disappear. EVERYTHING that happens in this world is built on a template of the real world, which is then ALTERED according to the disposition of the one creating it... this is how Heaven and Hell come to exist as projections of the minds in residence there.

When people believe in Religion they are also capable of monstrous deeds. History gives us ample proof of that. Religion is the business side... the shadow side of the light.

Certain patterns appear when a culture goes into free-fall. History gives us ample proof of that as well, BUT... people don't seem to catch on to it, and that is probably why they find themselves in the middle of it. A few prescient people sold out their holdings in Kalifornia and moved elsewhere. Many more are looking for places in the Hollywood Hills. Bad things are happening though. Bands of footpads are following people home to their rich enclaves. It's become a regular thing. When things go really bad, the rich and powerful are going to be hunted.

I don't have much of anything, but I do have more than I ever did before. A tenet of life is that you acquire, like it or not, so... one has to shed. It is a bad idea to acquire material treasures in times of unbridled appetite, when the rage to possess is at such a height. It is worse than stupid to advertise your wealth, BUT... people do. They brag about it; take pictures of themselves sitting on a pile of money, and put it online. Sooner or later... that comes to a bad end.

It is not just insanity that intensifies as Materialism intensifies, it is also crime at every level of society. It is the drive of self-interest... in the flaming dumpster of self immolation, before the altar of greed, in a suicide dance of self destruction, driven by vanity and delusion (which is the first by-product of Vanity). These are two of the first offspring in that dysfunctional extended family of The Seven Sins. “Vanity is my favorite sin.”

I learn a lot about life through observation, whether it is films or books or real life. I don't think a day goes by when I don't learn something new. I am insatiably curious. If I come across something I don't understand or does not make sense, there is a part of my mind that will not let go of it until I have some satisfaction. I've been told by girlfriends that I would have made a great detective or district attorney. I am not sure that both of those are complimentary. Fortunately, I have learned to keep my mouth shut now. In early years... I did not have this facility and that proved unfortunate in more than one circumstance. It is amazing what you can learn if you survive.

Very early on, I got the real value of certain activities, especially the ones most everyone indulges in, on a regular basis, with or without a partner; of course... there is ALWAYS at least one invisible entity around. Usually these things attract a crowd. Think I'm kidding? It takes a rare stability of mind to be clairvoyant. The unprepared mind can be driven mad at speed by it, and often is. A lot of those people in the loony-bin see things that ARE THERE, even if they are projections of the mind. In other words, were you able to see who shows up when you engage in certain physical activities, it could well scare the shit out of you.

Have you ever seen a skin mite or any of the creatures that are too small to see with just the eye? Imagine them considerably larger. How about the art of Asia in which spiritually inspired artists portray the creatures of the underworld? People want spiritual powers. Then there are the powers that come automatically when you perform certain austerities and disciplines. Power is a dangerous thing unless you are in control of it. Even more unfortunate are those who develop arrogance concerning their expertise. Heaven has a way of demonstrating otherwise on them. Those who are most fortunate are those who have achieved absolute reliance on The Divine, personified by their spiritual master.

Everyone on The Path must have a master, a guide, because they would not remain long on the path otherwise. Many times, a Master will enter into the student to accomplish what needs be done. The student may be unaware of it, but it happens more frequently than you might think. Eventually, there is no time when the Master is not palpably present. Only one self can be in the driver's seat... and the real self, does not insist. Then lessons that might have been avoided otherwise must take place to school the student.

We can avoid so much pain by learning to allow the real self full sway in our being. It is simpler than you think, but one must first be made capable of not wanting. That is a deal-breaker... if you have not been freed of wanting. The Dog of Desire MUST BE brought to heel. The Monkey Mind MUST BE stilled. Paradise awaits on the other side of that, and You... You can accomplish this whenever you decide to give it your full attention. Otherwise it will not happen or... it will take considerably longer.

Do you see how unreasonable the separated mind can be? It will put itself through misery in perpetuity, chasing what cannot be caught; mostly because it does not exist, but also because it- is- the- thing- it- is- chasing-. It just doesn't know that. At times you can tell people this, and they will nod their heads and say they understand what you are saying. Then they will go right back to what they were doing as if you had never said a word. The separated mind sees no problem in this. It just ignores what it has seen because it interferes with the IMPORTANT temporary objective.

Why does mortality even exist? People made themselves mortal by the direction of their focus. Furthermore, you cannot move about, in the temporary world of endless change, as an endless character. Immortals most certainly exist but they do not hang out in the public thoroughfares. Once one is quit here, that which is always transitioning here is quit of them. You walk right out of human memory. You haven't gone anywhere actually, except out of the Vale of Death.

I'm not talking about anything new here. Ageless Wisdom has been around forever. That is what makes it ageless. You want to be eternal? Associate with The Eternal. Emulate The Eternal, ah! But then you would no longer be you. That's the scary part that holds so many back. You don't really lose anything... except the burden of the false self that you have been carrying for lifetimes. What you gain is beyond words to define... EVER.

Since Bush the Stupid and The Supreme Court determined that person-hood should be conferred on corporations, demonic greed has run the spectrum of material goods. Since the gay marriage act, morality has fled. It becomes increasingly dark at the wider reach because people are so easily manipulated by their lower nature. Material Excess ALWAYS goes in this direction. History give us ample proof of this.

The Bible talks about people falling asleep. Christ is called the first fruits of them who slept. The Man on the Beach told me, “God is sleeping and this is his dream." I said, “But, he's going to wake up isn't he? He's going to wake up.” He said, “I don't know.” Then he said, “Everything's under control, take the reins!” He said, 'I don't know' about many things, which leads me to believe the future is not fixed. It can be changed at any time. It is being changed all the time. Yes! Karma is a real thing. So is Grace. You can get up ahead of incoming misfortune by shifting the intention of your focus. This does not mean you will not encounter some amount of it, BUT... it will unfold in a way that results in liberation from it; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

What I am trying to say, in the aftermath of this Easter Sunday, is that the state of The World goes through all manner of birth pangs in the beginning stages of a new age. It can get pretty terrifying for those who believe in being where these events and conditons are happening, BUT... you can be resurrected into a new life on ANY given Sunday. The whole of the religious garment industry is a metaphor for a living... breathing, AND eternal truth. Raise your sails and catch the wind of God. I think Ramakrishna said something to that effect.

This is the first time I have not had an Easter-centric posting since I started. I've come to see that these stations of divine progression through the year are also happening every day of the year to someone, including the cruci-fiction.

Look! You just die to your old self. Nature does it every year. You “put off the old man.” For a person of faith... any righteous faith, Easter should prove a rejuvenating force. Some go In and Up and some behave like bunny rabbits. Man! I am glad that is in the rear view mirror for me!

May the spirit update your BIOS, and may you dwell in that paradise of devotion to the author of The Sun. There is a reason people say, “Hallelujah!" "Hare Krishna!" "Allah Akbar!" "Om mani padme hum!" and many another. There's something real there, far more real than anything else, and acknowledging it is a way of celebrating it. There is a party going on day and night since The World began. You have to know about it to attend.

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Dolphin dead in Florida after being impaled in head

Dolphin murdered

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I consider vanity a total liability, but chicks are trained to be that way. To lose time and money in order to project an image that isn't real. Unless you're Amish or something. A stupid waste of everything with hopes of finding a high salary feedbag who will value you as a fashion accessory? Hopefully he makes enough so you don't have to be a kitchen slave, and buys you everything you want?

Then again, when I made tons of money I took on a cool starving musician, but his Celtic nose (Dublin Whiskered Angora) sealed the deal. Does that make me a hippycrit? And I was carrying my new used guitar the day we met, not that I play anymore since I lost a fingertip on a mail cage accident.

Power, huh? "Even more unfortunate are those who develop arrogance concerning their expertise."

Most metaphysical practitioners are nothing themselves, but have powerful allies; me thinks. I sometimes ask for things, and if the 'Universe' agrees, I get them. If not, I don't. It's stuff like finding a good sponge mop at the store I shop at when they almost never carry them so I can use it at work. Same with a box cutter. Never saw them there before. Stuff like that happens all the time.

Dayam! Gotta sign up fer GAB to upvote now. Not in the mood at present.

And now for something totally non sequitur that I wish I had the money to put on a T-shirt for:


(Would wearin' that get me off the planet faster?)

Visible said...

Liability is a proper term. Handicap would also apply. I can think of others. Pain in the ass is sort of a saloon door in that respect; meaning being, and having, a pain in the ass.

M - said...

You know, I've seen reports of animals being sexually abused recently so I couldn't bring myself to read the article you included in your links. It's positively IN-HUMAN to do such things. I will definitely include the ones who perpetrated that evil, sickening act in my morning's supplication tomorrow. KARMA is a bitch.

Visible said...

As sick and twisted as it is, one has to consider the degree of difficulty involved in this effort since these things have actually eaten people. There is obvious demonic possession here. The article provides no details, mindful of the tender sensibilities of anyone who would look upon this with horror, which includes most people. It is hard to believe this even happened. I keep expecting to hear it was staged.

Anonymous said...

The OP Ed from the NYT is not altogether wrong this being said let me explain.

The author Should have been more specific in stating that the old testament “God” of Moses and Israel is a war God. Well that’s key stated in no uncertain terms in the secret doctrine that Jehovah was a third rate potency and no high God. You can Google it and get the exact location in the book.

Exodus 15:3 “The LORD is a man of war, the LORD is his name.” Read the first of the ten commands. The LORD states that their are indeed other gods but that he should be the only god for them. What a mess.

At some point in time he was proclaimed as the most high and the creator. Levite priests may be responsible for this “promotion”. I don’t know. The Jesuits surely supported this thesis.

According to hermetic tradition Moses was a magician who conjured up this being to do his work. You can learn more on this subject in France Bardon’s book The Practice Magical Evocation. chapter 17 Advantages and Disadvantages of Evocation Magic. Read between the lines. There is also the possibility that Goethe’s Faust was inspired by the OT tribal god and Moses/Osarseph.

John Baines The Stellar Man Chapter Two, The Antichrist is a must read. The pdf is free online.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...

Also in the HPBs Secret Doctrine but in a footnote she references Moses as Osarseph although her spelling is slightly different and that the “Jews should be grateful to the Egyptians for their ka Bal a magic” from whence it was stolen. She had an odd way of expressing herself.


Apollonius Molon also stated that Moses was a conjurer and a deceiver.

The god of the Israelites is a war money god and it feeds upon the sufferings of wars. The Israelis could have wiped out the Palestinians in a day but that would not have benefitted the hungry god who feeds on various forms of bloodshed and needs to be fed constantly. They are possessed by this demon; “ Israel, I have taken you as my possession.” Many of the proto-Israelites, the Sephardic jews, at some point in time decided they no longer had the stomach to do “its” bidding so they began to intermarry with other tribes an embrace their tribal gods. Well, “old scratch” had to create a new branch of slaves; the AshkeNAZI. Some say these are not “real Jews”. But they are, they are the Khazarian sect of the New Jerusalem; Ukraine which if they succeed in their efforts will be at war with their new Victims = Russia perhaps for centuries keeping this demon well fed.

Some say the greatest trick of a devil [demon] is to convince one he doesn’t exist. It seems the greatest trick of a devil is to convince one he is God.

To be con5inued...

Anonymous said...

In both Joseph Benner’s Higher Self Book The Impersonal Life and France Bardon’s work they refer to Divine Providence as She, Herself. Androgyne?

I prefer not to use to word god as there are many gods but only one Source . The “ONE”, the Deity, Divine Providence are better terms and don’t create confusion.

I have said much but I have left much unsaid as well. I’ll let you ponder on this and read between the lines. One must do the bidding of their demon or their demon will destroy them. This is why Jesus was sent. This is why he said I have come to rescue none but the lost sheep of the house of Israel. No one else needed saving from this miserable creature only the Israelites. It seems he had some success but mostly failed. Now we have over 1 billion Christians worshiping this demon and gladly sacrificing themselves in these demonic wars.

Nothing will change until this being is conquered.

I’m glad I’m not a Jew, they are a cursed people and I don’t envy them but I do have a certain amount of compassion for the horrible situation they have been born into.

“Caught in the devils bargain” ?

Insert Woodstock song here.

The evidence suggests the LORD is the devil.

The ONE Divine Providence is Love, there is No Thing dark in it at all.

; )

M - said...


If it was staged and actually happened - that makes it even more horrific; and the fact that ANYONE would even think it would be acceptable to conduct something like that is just as repulsive. Love your Posts but I need to pass over your links in the future. This stuff really messes me up for days.

I stumbled across an article earlier this year about a little dog that was rescued after discovering it had been sexually abused. Both animals and children are INNOCENTS. The perpetrators of these types of attacks are predominantly male.

I see a bit of female-bashing here and there in your comments section. Perhaps these men need to think twice about what they say - because some human males are no prize either.

Leesa said...

Hi Les, I had a very 'real' dream last night in which you called me from your neck of the woods to mine in Australia. It was sort of like we were both giving our synopsis of how our spiritual work in each country affected the people..sort of like was vey uplifting for each...then the song 'Let it Be' played. "There is still a chance, that they will SEE, shine on 'till tomorrow, let it be... Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let it BE!"... So, now reading your post, it marries up perfectly with the etheric phone call...I constantly am quoting the term "success is speedy for the energetic". I know God is listening and bringing success and prosperity for all and sundry who want to sample the Cornucopia of Life! So once again, Les, thanks for the call, it made my day,
Luv Leesa

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Hobgoblin Mind-Wash that is The Fundamentalist Record of Who Begat What and What Begat Who is Not For Me."



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