Thursday, June 09, 2005

What if God Took You to the Prom?

Wouldn't it be nice if God found you sexually attractive?

When God, as The Mother, says, "Oh I could just eat you up!" it bears thinking about.

One of the interesting things about the people who dispute the existence of God is that none of them appear to have looked very hard to find him/her. Well, before I get into that let’s sort out God’s sexuality. God is both and neither and you can see God as you choose; in whatever manner it can help you the most during the time it takes you to move deeper into it. For some it is more comfortable to see God as The Mother and for some God as The Father. Everything moves toward the moment that you experience Godhead and after that you will find that particular puzzle has consumed itself and disappeared. In the meantime work with what gives you the greatest sense of intimacy.

Yes, there are many who dispute the existence of God and they do it for various reasons. Surely you can find most of those on your own. As I have often pointed out, God is not affected by your disbelief. At the time (always one of my favorite examples) that The Catholic Church decided to torture Galileo for saying that the Earth revolved around The Sun; the Sun, after being informed of the matter, did not make any adjustments in favor of church doctrine.

Today we are circumscribed (if we allow it) by many such Luddite assumptions that were never true and never will be true. People who dispute the existence of God often point to two things. One of them is on the order of, “How could God allow...” and the other is based on observations of church behavior. The latter often leads to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Disputing the existence of God based upon institutions created by men is not a reasonable position to argue from.

You who read this essay please consider the following questions. How much time each day do you spend hungering for God? How often do you experience and feed a yearning for the divine? How often does God occupy your thoughts in respect of life situations? What do you measure everything against? It is probably safe to say that a very large body of people never thinks about God at all. Another large body of people thinks about God very occasionally. Then by degrees we come to a very small body of people who thinks about God a great deal of the time. Now when I say God I also mean; truth, justice, cosmic equilibrium, Love, Peace and all of the qualities that are the manifest body of God. It is God’s qualities that give us an outline of God’s appearance; so to speak. These will all lead indirectly to God.

If you didn’t pursue the object of your romantic interest with compelling ardor could you expect success? How true it is that “faint heart never won fair lady” how especially true does it apply to God.

So, for many who complain about God’s absence; who mourn their own desolation, who despair, who whine, who are devoid of purpose, who judge existence and conditions by appearance... well, it comes back to “Oh ye of little faith.” I am reminded of all those New Age seminars where people attend for 3 weekends and are then pronounced ‘Masters’ who can now go out and conduct their own seminars. It’s about the easier way. Christ and others often spoke of the perseverance one needs to move on toward the goal. It’s work. It’s also a joy and a wonder.

All over the world there are people repeating mantras and prayers by rote. They do it from some idea of duty but with no passion and no Love. If you approach God as you would a compelling romance you will not go wrong.

It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world does. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks. What matters is what you do and think. No one else is improved by your telling them what you are up to but you may lose your impetus if you do. We all want a private life but we don’t know why. Heh heh...

I have a number of experiences on a regular basis. Sometimes they are exquisite beyond description and sometimes they are extremely subtle. I’d love to talk about them but I can’t. There are several downsides to this. It’s the reason for allegory and fable. It’s the reason for myth and the varieties of ways in which the imagination can be exercised to give an example of what cannot actually be shown.

Many teachers will tell a student that they cannot learn anything until they empty their bucket. Some may say that even a little bit of salt in a bucket of water will contaminate the whole of the water. Some may point out how difficult it is to contain the water with a hole in your bucket.

Perhaps you have seen statutes of the Hindu Gods and various Buddhas. Perhaps you have seen statues of standing Gods and Buddhas. Did you notice their body shape and the particular manner in which they stand? It would repay you greatly to observe postural and physical characteristics in these statues. It would be useful to extrapolate the movement, dance if you will, that can be imagined coming forth from the posture they are frozen in.

Have you seen the posters that show the cobra hood behind the heads of the deities? Sometimes there is just one cobra hood overshadowing and sometimes there are seven. Sometimes there is one larger central cobra with three smaller ones on each side.

One of the things you can look forward to in Yoga is a transformation of your physical self. Especially if you are approaching the process with the passion and Love I mentioned earlier. There will come a time when you will be sitting in a position of meditation and you will have emptied out the personal and you will feel a presence enter you. This presence will have a remarkable sinuosity to it. It will move like a fluid through you and it will be exceedingly poised and centered from the base of the spine. It may move its hands into the positions you see on those statues. Many varieties of mudras can manifest and flow from one into the other. Only a certain kind of soul can tolerate this sort of thing. It would drive the ordinary person mad from the thought of possession; never realizing the degree to which they are already possessed.

You will find that this force has a female feel to it. Many who have a partially activated Kundalini are acting it out in a form of sexual practice that is not necessarily the real intention of the force; so it is in the transitionary period between the passing age and the coming age; this cusp period in which we presently find ourselves.

You will find that you are having sex with this force in a way that far transcends anything you ever experienced in the flesh. Everyone is female to God. You will find both the male and female sides of your nature intertwining and you will feel from within both of them the essential identity of each as well as the unique self that is created when they merge. God is working on this process in you at all times.

For those who have had personal contact with the divine, the idea that there is no God brings about a humorous state of mind. I found myself just now smiling at the very thought of it. There may well be no world; since that is indeed a creation of and extension of the mind. But no God...? ...heh, heh...-too funny. I’m reminded of how often people look everywhere for something that is right in front of them.

When God creates anything he/she creates it out of itself. This is how faith works; faith being the substance of things unseen. You would be considered to be among the things created by God. You, in fact, were created to witness and experience the entire AS God- according to a certain manner. In fact, the entirety of this life and all of what it contains exists for the sole purpose of a game of hide and seek. That’s all it is.

The price of not looking for God is not finding God. The reward for seeking God is the presence of God in a manner and with completeness far beyond the tiny descriptor I gave above.

There is a place that shines and interpenetrates itself with an ecstasy beyond what can be expressed in words. It might be likened to a thrilling, palpable music that massages ones being. It is like the rubbing of the planets against each other when they are in that harmonious higher octave. There is no experience in this realm to rival it. Everything by comparison is ashes and dust. It may be why they say, “ashes to ashes and dust to dust.”

I look forward to seeing you there.

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Anonymous said...

You are always different, always original and always on the cutting edge. This one is exceptional.


Anonymous said...

Okay, the first line of this damn near made me spew my tea all over the computer screen...You have GOT to be the first person who has ever started an essay with that line. Hilarious...

In addition to that,the rest of it was just incredible and I felt quite the urge to re-post it over at a place where for some silly reason I use be inclined to argue for God's existence. So I posted it over there.

As usual, awesome work. I am somewhat familiar with the blissful experiences you mention and used to be naive enough to wonder how anyone could actually doubt God's existence.

No one is better or more entertaining at making a point than you.


Anonymous said...


This is a beautiful message which I shall copy and treasure.

It reminds me of a “deep” love poem I read recently. I am only able to copy the title due to copyright which read:

“And the Purpose of Suffering is...”

By way of coincidence, I also read your opening message at another website:

“Oh I could just eat you up!"

These are just two of many reasons that both the poem and your message are very important to me.


Braja Rani Devi Dasi said...

"In fact, the entirety of this life and all of what it contains exists for the sole purpose of a game of hide and seek. That’s all it is."

I've been thinking about this a lot. And you're right. What is the point if everything was nice and easy, effortless and unchallenging; if we always knew God, if we never lacked anything [like perfect senses]. At least we're involved, even if it means most of us are clueless. It's not supposed to be easy. You're right. This is fun, sort of. I mean you can't be really thrilled all the time [maybe sometimes, yes but not all the time] about being the one who has to search, and look out.

Braja Rani Devi Dasi said...
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Braja Rani Devi Dasi said...

Oh and i forgot to mention. I just blushed when I read the title :) It's soo cute!

Anonymous said...

I know that you know that you could have finished this with a, "and then you walk in on God's arm and this is the real Carrie finish everyone longs for." But you didn't and you knew that some of us expected you to do that but you didn't. Right there is one of the reasons you are so good at what you do.

By the way. There are some people who now think that I am you over at that other place. Your influence is contagious and I actually picked up that persona at Smoking Mirrors. Pen made me do it, honestly.


Anonymous said...

I felt like the ball in a pinball machine after I was done reading.


Anonymous said...

I get such a charge out of coming here. I've seen you in every state from one of those statues come to life on a number of psychedelic afternoons, to a scary rage of violence in response to the unavoidable situation. Your picture is in the dictionary next to the word "uncanny"

With all of that you keep reinventing yourself. Its funny that with your increase in success you are automatically over the gradient more well behaved, or cautious, one. I know it's not because of it. It's just that you and it have been running along side each other for such a long time and finally the hill between has gone down to the ground level and you're in the same frame.

The things that are coming up next are going to be really great because of the work that went into building the main frame. I'm looking forward to being along for the ride.


Anonymous said...

One could argue that God was a praying mantis in the process of being your lover. It doesn't sound good on the surface but the result is wonderful. "Thank God I'm free at last!"

Anonymous said...


Much written about and often talked about by the occultists but experienced by few.The stuff of legends.
Coiled at the base of the spine and dormant in everybody.The "snake of consciousness, so called because when awakened it feels as if a snake is coiling up the spinal cord.The firely power which can cast a man to hell or raise him up to heaven.

Once awakened it becomes unstoppable .
The first movement feels like a rippling sensation at the very base of the spine which then moves up and down the spine each time moving a little higher and quicker.Once it gets going it feels more like pulses of electricity and moves with great rapidity up and down the trunk of the body.If it reaches the head a glimpse will be given.Great amounts of heat are sometimes generated and profuse sweating occurs.
Something you will never forget.

Visible said...


Would you be ao kind as to email me so that we might have a little chat?




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