Friday, July 29, 2005

Still Waters Run Deep.

I have been away for some time. My plane usually sails without much turbulence over the chaos of the marketplace and the collective rush for acquisition, nonsense and amusement that goes on below. I don’t really make it into the flesh-pits or the casinos much. I don’t interact with many people and the home-front is serene. I gain some measure of agitation watching the smoke and mirrors go down in the world because I know many people are suffering there. Some are suffering because that is the harvest and some are suffering from a combination of ignorance and enemy action.

I’m in a period where internal turbulence can be periodically strong; where the inner gyro can over-compensate for misreading stimuli. Like everything in this world, experienced in the temporary envelope of a given incarnation, it will pass. It’s not that it’s at gale force but it’s strong enough to have my attention. So when it comes to writing one of these things there is no guarantee it will have my full attention or that I will even be inclined to do it- so I back away; being less than clear. It’s near one year on the nose since I started this site.

In the time that I have spent on this project, the project has gradually morphed and so have I. Certain things that were important seem far away now. I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go or what I am supposed to be doing but I just do what’s in front of me and that is usually sufficient.

Along with all of the unasked for information that continues to bubble up from the crucible of the unconscious; I see mountains and shorelines falling into the sea, immense waves rising and rolling forward. I see the Earth breaking open. I see the usual ignorant armies clashing by night (to steal a phrase) and the collective, re-incarnated, flaming offal of infernal realms, in seeming control of governments, religions and media and all the varieties of life-siphoning machines. I feel like Nostradamus without a schematic. I see a lot of things but they have no chronology and no aftermath.

On the one hand this makes for entertaining visuals. It’s always exciting and I always seem to survive; of course it’s my movie camera. Without me, who is going to watch the movie? On the other hand it’s a big distraction. I feel like I should understand more and I understand nothing.

I had a period about a year ago when I became aware of the Earth’s increasing dis-ease and reaction against the direction taken by her resident virus. Along with the political and social ills we often seem to forget that there is an even more powerful force always present around us. Most of us just don’t get it. Quite a number don’t even care. Large numbers of people live completely in the satisfaction of daily appetites to the exclusion of the higher mind altogether. They want; they don’t care what it takes to get it and they want it NOW.

Since a major band of outright criminals have taken over the operations of many governments, a populace sympathetic to ‘whatever it takes’ and “I want it now’ has been growing as well. Both of them have been coming for some time. They arranged to be here together some time ago. They’ve got a movie that they are in too. It is a tragic film but it serves as an example, as do all of history’s lessons.

I don’t think it has ever been harder to live a spiritual life as it is right now. I’m not talking about hysteria driven, product-identification spirituality; the spirituality of fear and repression under the hard horn of religious exploitation. I’m talking about real freedom-flying through azure skies- kind of spirituality.

Everything that we have known is breaking up. All of the old ways are coming upon judgment. This is why certain individuals are in power now and why the majority of the populace is chained in acquiescence by their fear and desire. We are at the summing up of one age and the beginning of another.

This new age is meant to be the age of brotherhood and I expect we shall see some of that. The torments, dual direction-pulling confusions and insecurities; the time of romantic sacrifice are passing. Pisces is headed out. As with all ages that last in the neighborhood of 2000 years there is a rather extensive cusp period. My take is that it is soon behind us now; but that’s just me. It could well be that it takes five hundred years for the new age to really come into its own. Add to that the fact that we are also in the completion phase of a greater 25,000 year cycle and you get a rather large spotlight placed upon this period of time.

Just as it is at great celebrations, there will be quite some fireworks and noise. This is many, many times bigger than all of the human celebrations of the last two thousand years put together. Some will celebrate, some will mourn. Some examples will be etched in stone for the coming generations. Bob Dylan, The Beatles and others were part of the musical- heralding of this coming age. Nobody knows exactly what is going to happen. That’s the way it always is. And you can be sure that it will be a surprise for most.

Just as I had that experience with the family dog the other day I had a similar experience yesterday. I was wondering why my mind was subjected to recurrent images and pressures. Why did I have a particular set of images and pressures that afflicted me? I was at the large Roman baths in Badenweiler, The Cassiopeia Therme. It is one of the chief pleasures of my life to spend the day at a public bath. I was sitting in front of large wall to ceiling windows and looking out on a large pool. Beyond were various saunas with different efficacies. As I was musing I noted the changes in the waters surface as people went by. There were only a few people in the pool. Most people were in the much larger pool outside on this bright and sunny day. Some parts of the pool had only small ripples, other parts were in turmoil from passing swimmers.

The same force entered my mind that had entered my mind with the dog and it went into some detail about how the mind is like water; how the imagination shapes it, how the imagination is influenced by desire and fear, how shapes imagined become objects; how the world before us is a product of this process. I understood that people had been splashing in my pool before I could defend against being impressed by them. I saw that, though I have a personal pool, I also share a larger pool with everyone else and that people are making waves all around me. People make waves in their mind but we don’t see them; we are influenced by them though, if we allow ourselves to be.

There are larger forces too that swim in this larger pool and shape the atmosphere in their passing. There are also inclinations that each of us have that causes us to reshape the water over and over again into the same images. This is another part of the reactive mind. I saw that I could sink below the surface. I didn’t have to respond to anything, not really. Nothing was important, it only seemed important. Nothing on the surface was important because each splash and wave was soon reabsorbed into the whole again. It was only that from which the waves emerged that was important. That was also my true identity. All of the rest of my poses and postures were temporary. My identification with them made me appear temporary as well.

As precious as we are to God, our particular identifications of ourselves are not important; our jousting for position, our collection of toys, our vain love affairs and sense of accomplishments are nothing. But is sure does seem important doesn’t it? I realized that the way to survive was to sink below; to not be anything extra-ordinary or set-apart. God might shape me for a moment to one end or another and that is fine; but I should be mindful always of the shaper. The various splashes and waves that occur and re-occur in my mind do not have to be responded to; embraced, confused with an actual need, treasured, protected, or held up for admiration. I begin to think more and more of how truly sublime it must be to have no unreal identity.

It seems as if I have always known these things but somehow I always identified the unidentifiable with some temporary image; some God, some ideal, some purpose. There are God’s and there is a greater one from which they emerge. There are constant ideals; archetypes that are always radiating. There are many purposes and then there is but one purpose. It’s the easiest thing in the world to just let it all fall away but somehow we have ‘a devil of a time’ accomplishing it.


Anonymous said...

a great piece of writing.

Anonymous said...

How do you resolve your two different personalities in private life? You seem one part mystic and one part firebrand. I understand having the two blogs but I don't understand how it must be for you. There must be conflicts that come out of this. Mostly I am talking about the things you said at today.

That's some very strong talk. I agree with you but I don't know why you need to say it. We can't change this world and you do so much more real good with this blog. I've heard you use Richard Lovelace as an example of something you must feel. He got in a lot of trouble though.

I'd just hate to lose the pleasure of coming here because of windmill tilting.


Anonymous said...

Many teachers have illustrated similar points. It sounds like you've got a good one.

Felix Abrega

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure Les,


Anonymous said...

The hardest thing about being on the spiritual path is all the other people who aren't.


Anonymous said...

You got a fantastic site here. It makes me want to dust off my copy of Be Here Now. I wish you good luck and many blessings.

Rainbow Family member



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