Saturday, September 24, 2005

Adrift in a World of Things.

Certain things that I have been talking about for a while are coming up on the screen now; wild weather formations, global instability on many levels and the exposure of terrible crimes and outrageous corrupt behavior on the part of world leaders who hold their positions due to the backing of large corporations which really run the day to day manifest world in which we live.

Despite an almost total lockdown on the truth in mainstream media; the suppression of all dissent in commercial music and art, the non-stop tsunami of advertising and triviality as entertainment, the relentless push to live in and believe in the validity of the material world as the only reality…still…there is no discounting the fact that ever larger numbers of people are beginning to realize that something is fundamentally and deeply wrong with the direction of life on this planet.

You could say it is about ‘things’. Our world is a world of ‘things’ and the raging grasping need of corporations to bleed the last available nickel from their products. It is about the way we view things. It is about the way things define us in our desire for and use of them. It is about the glamour and fascination of things to the exclusion of the deeper elements of life’s experience. Things are hollow. They have no life and, after a time, neither do you. There is a strange reality of time that comes about as time is altered by the presence of and reliance upon ‘things’. Time has sped up. There is less time. I can’t quite explain this. I just see it and I can associate the increase of the presence of things with the increased speed of the passage of time.

Things and the love of things and the profit garnered by the production of things have no inherent morality to them. It follows that crime and expedience become the processes by which business is conducted. If you don’t operate criminally and aggressively you will go out of business. You can’t compete in an honest fashion with a dishonest marketplace. It then follows that human life becomes increasingly less valued in respect of the needs of business. It follows that trivia and superficiality become the basic elements of design and production. Raising deeper issues encourages reflection and reflection often exposes the absurdity of cooperating in the destruction of one’s well being and the needs of corporations in a world of things.

Increasingly this becomes a world of lies; of lies told for expedience and justification of any and all actions that support the interests of the business of things. So it is that the media in all of its permutations tells ever greater lies with a more uninterrupted consistency. So it is that world leaders become increasingly less competent overall due to the greater focus on the needs of business to the exclusion of the needs of the people. Leaders are put into office for their ability to close their eyes; so therefore, the leaders are more and more represented by sociopaths and sycophants who look only toward their own profit as payback from the interests they serve. It’s known as a vicious cycle.

Within all of this unreality there is woven a consciousness of reality. This consciousness is far and away stronger than the world of things that it weaves through. As the world of things moves further and further away from the consciousness of reality a terrible tension occurs. One way or another the world of things will be snapped back closer to the reality upon which is depends for its existence. It is only a matter of time. The faster time is moving the more abrupt will be the snap back. See the little arrow on the map? Do you see the arrow that says, “You are here?”

In spiritual texts you will come across a principle referred to as ‘the corruption of the flesh’. It may be expressed in a variety of ways but it always means the same thing. There is a natural tendency on the part of the flesh in the world of things to more toward corruption. There is a natural inclination in the subjective mind of the flesh to incline toward a fatter, softer, more sensuous existence. After a time, all of the virtues; the inspirational effects of high art, the practice of righteousness, the drive to higher planes of understanding, the imperative to maintain balance, are all submerged by the tendencies of the flesh, inflamed by the producers of things; this perishable world.

Pressure causes heat. The deeper into materialism that you go the greater the heat you experience. This is the real interpretation of Hell. This is the land of bondage and the realm of suffering desire. It can be understood according to physics just as easily as by metaphysics to the mind so inclined to understand; horses to water and all that.

The more one moves out of the realm of materialism the less dense it becomes and the more freedom is naturally made available. Many souls trust in the wisdom and compassion of what they consider to be the divine. They may perceive it as a thinking, conscious organism keeping track of every sparrows fall. It is also a world of absolute numbers mercilessly predicting circumstance; for those inclined to see it. There are rules and laws that cannot be set aside. You either follow them or you break them. You cannot go around them. In a sense they are your laws. They are the laws of your higher destiny and the laws of your higher self. You will be in one of two relationships to it. Your suffering will increase or diminish accordingly. Hear this or not, it is absolute.

Your little world of the microcosm and your greater world of the macrocosm adhere to the same rules and the one world is reflective of the other; the Ancient of Days looks down into his reflection in the water and a six-pointed star is made out of his posture. There is a real kabala and a false kabala. There is the applied magic of the world of things and there is the revelatory magic of the liberating mind. Desire rules the one and love rules the other.

Neither I, nor those far higher than I are in a position to set aside these things. You cannot petition the divine to alter the course and destiny of particular behavior. You can apply for understanding, should you be so inclined. How much of this, what is happening now, it will take to awaken the residents I have no way of knowing. What I do know is that whatever measures are necessary to effect that awakening WILL BE carried out.

It is a hard call in this world whether one believes they can make an efficacious deal with the devil. It is a hard call to put aside ones hopes and ambitions when faced with the impossibility of maintaining their virtue upon putting on the white thigh high boots and the micro mini. The call to fortune and glory is strong. The call to wealth and power is strong. It seems so right. It seems necessary to struggle and use any means to achieve ones security regardless of the cost to others.

“Where your heart is there will be your fortune also.” Religious leaders preach in a world of things. Religions are corporations too. They talk the one thing and practice the other. It is there to see. The rules of the land are set aside for the needs of business and applied only to the individual. The drug lords and the governments walk hand in hand. The entrepreneur is imprisoned. Nothing has changed since Jesus walked and the challenge is always the same; for those so inclined, for those for whom the value of the essential thing exceeds the value of the world of things.

It isn’t going to get worse and worse because of natural forces; a vengeful God, random circumstance, or any other excuse we come up with. It is going to get worse and worse because we make it worse and worse. Whether we make it worse and worse because we are mad; or greedy, or think ourselves clever, because hate drives us or we are stupid or because we can’t see doesn’t matter. If we take a bus or a train or a plane, or if we walk we are going to get there just the same; Kansas City here I come. Maybe you feel you need this lesson, for surely you press on to its definite realization. Whatever your reasons, you are doing it.

Flotsam and Jetsam adrift in a world of things.


Sandy said...

Yes, time is speeding up, crime and corruption everywhere.

Complaining about politics or governments is not the answer because the answer does not lie with them.

Perceptive persons know these things are taking place because we are now on a fast track for change, big change. In our heart of hearts we know we have asked for this change and are expecting it.

Many choose to be blind to the times we live in but they will not be able to run or hide from it. Man can either go with the flow of change by living in love or they can fight against it and live in hate. The choice is ours.

Many say love is the most powerful thing on earth but I say it is choice because you must first choose to love. What will you choose to do, that is the question?

Beware my brother, do not fall asleep for it comes quickly.

The answers my friend are not blowing in the wind, they are to be found within.

Like jewels on a path
life's many lessons are found
glimmering within

In light and love,

Sandy aka SoGal

Anonymous said...

fabulous work.

Catnapping said...

I've noticed that the least spiritual people are those with the most toys.

That goes for the religions too. The fat guys in the 3-piece polyester suits preaching from their stretch limos...are every bit as clueless as the perverted priests with their gold chalises and black velvet robes.

Braja Rani Devi Dasi said...

as there are some of us who realise what is going on here, there will always be a set of people who are busy trying to improve their circumstances. and therefore the end, that we all are anticipating, will come after a long long time. the disasters will slowly intensify, and people will change slowly in reaction. some will run this way, and some will run that way. but the actual meltdown is far away.

its like a torture technique, it can make you stronger as you go, or weaker. but one must not expect things to come to a closure right away. theres lots more disastrous centuries left to come.



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