Friday, October 07, 2005

How Did it All get This Way?

You may well ask and you may well be answered, in many, many ways. Walking to the store this morning I looked at the cars parked in various places and I thought about how each one of them came out of the mind. Then, as is my usual process, I extrapolated away and pondered how everything is based on the human body; designed after it, designed for it, designed as a result of it. And all of it came out of the mind where it was once an idea. One has the idea of moving, then come images of all the things one can move in; then follows the process of constructing it according to some image and, Presto! There it is. Of course, opinions differ on the best; the most comfortable, the flashiest, the quickest, the sportiest, the sexiest and the most exclusive way to move but, as the songs says; “When the Lord gets ready, you got to move.” ...had to throw that in.

Or you might imagine sitting and then there would be all of these things you might sit in or on which of course is followed by the construction of whatever chair it may be and, once again, voila! Everything got here like that, so, maybe it’s true, “your inside is out and your outside is in.” And it stands to reason if you are troubled or angry or hot and bothered that this will be a product you produce on the shelves of life.

We don’t need all those different cars and chairs; not to that extent but that is how it is because of the priorities of the marketplace where you make more and more of a wider and wider range to gather in more and more return. That’s another feature of life, no matter how much profit there is there has to be more. Whatever the expenses of production are they have to be less (there goes the neighborhood) and no matter how much the stockholders get they have to get more. The market needs to be bigger. The sales need to be higher. The train has to go faster so you can get somewhere quicker and have more time to do whatever it is that you need to get done in order that all the things I just mentioned can increase at every level. Meanwhile nobody gets hurt do they?

Religion is interesting in this regard. The wisest of minds have maintained that there is only one god. We’ve all seen pictures of different gods though. Maybe you’ve asked yourself where they got the pictures. It appears some have seen them. I’ve seen the beings that appear on Hindu posters and Buddhist thankas. If there’s one god which one is it? There seems to be confusion. Actually there isn’t any confusion. They are all the same god in different aspect. For as much as everything external is based on us and designed after us, we are based on the deity and the deity has different states of being and different activities just like us. We’re gods actually at different states of being aware. Some plants are just pushing out of the ground. Some are budding and some are in bloom.

Where it becomes problematic is in definition. We’ve managed to define those things that came out of the mind. Via the senses we are in a position to label them and through common exchanges arrive at common definitions; most of the time. But God? God precedes us. It’s really hard to turn around inside out and reduce back to the point of animating light; much less transfer the results into words afterwards. It flows outward and becomes interpreted by our values. We assume that God somehow has to do with us and surely must reflect what we believe is true about us and so... when a snake looks into the water, it sees a snake. When a deer looks into the water it sees a deer. When a lion looks into the water it sees a lion. And there is where the argument begins. Better it would be just to drink the water. In the evening all of the animals come to the water to drink. It is an interesting sight.

Why doesn’t God walk among us more often? Well, more than we know of course but we can’t see. This is good because we would tear God to pieces more often than not. In essence God can’t be harmed, but in aspect...; a rock is a hard thing. One could say a rock is insensitive. Better to say a rock is less sensitive than, say, a plant; less versatile too. A plant is less sensitive than a beast, a beast less sensitive than a human being and a human being less sensitive than a god. It goes without saying that gods would generally stay out of the common thoroughfares because of the impact of the clamor; the clamor of noise and thoughts. God doesn’t like being pushed around.

Most people choose not to sleep with beasts of the field, regardless of their capacity to inflict harm beyond anything an animal might intend or seek to accomplish.

Rocks sleep and plants dream and that dream becomes less dense on the way up. Given a propensity to see things as they are, everything in life makes sense.

One love falls and breaks into pieces everywhere and one love collects them all again. You may go on dreaming in this life for a time but the love inside the life will never end.
All the way through the mirror, the enchantment weaves the spell
And one hand moves the curtains, one hand rings the bell.
All the way through the mirror, into the center of the flame
And in that moment held forever
And every moment held the same.

God could be called unity. Unity is another word for Love, or what Love intends in process. Then you might consider division and things like, “a house divided” Good and evil, what are they really? They turn out to be mostly subjective. To my mind, good liberates and evil confines. One moves into light and one moves into darkness, yet they say that God set them both. There’s no world without this division. We’d not have had the example of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi had there not been something confining to struggle against. Evil serves this purpose. It gives us a chance to identify who we are in respect of it. Here is the ‘crux’ of the matter. May roses bloom there.

Truth by its very nature stands as a natural enemy to what most consider their most pressing needs. The atavistic force for survival compromises ‘nearly’ every noble thought in a given extremity. This is one of the greatest tests. What will survive? What should survive?

On a basic level, out of its very body, what does the human form produce? It produces certain fluids and solids not known for their palatability or fine aromas. This is not all of what we are but it bears thinking about. The impact of thought on form can work magic; whether that impact is on the outer environment or upon our selves. The difference between an adept and a tyro is in the speed with which the same thing can be accomplished. It can take longer. The longer something takes the more time you have to think about it and the more your thought can alter and compromise its appearance in terms of original intent. Faith has been called the substance of things unseen. Surely it is far more powerful than most people realize. The same is true of imagination. It is interesting what things we turn our imaginations to.

We make the assumption that, because we can’t see something it isn’t there. We’ve all experienced those involuntary shudders, those shivers up the spine. We have all had moments of great and unexplained ebullience and dread. What defeats most of us is a lack of intensity. Our passions are spent on other things. You can see the foolish virgins. You can see every allegory from all of the holy books every day if you can see. You can live in a world of flames or be renewed eternal in the flame of love. It all comes down to relationships and intention.

We all have our priorities. Those who have not looked beyond the immediate exits from the highway can be forgiven for having no idea of what lies beyond. For those who risk the unknown the benefits are incalculable; and keeping in mind the Boy Scout’s motto.

“There is a Road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a Road. And it leads to the very heart of the universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inwardly only, and closes fast behind the neophyte forevermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer. There is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through. There is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onward, there is reward past all telling: the power to bless and to save humanity. For those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”


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Anonymous said...

This is your best work to date and that song, that song is a masterpiece.

Jesus, Les, i want to say more but I can't move, hee hee.


Anonymous said...

I see you are a student of precipitation.

bring on the rain.


Anonymous said...

wow. I like what I find here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, very Kipling-esque, and the song lyrics were the second best part.

Here's the best: "The train has to go faster so you can get somewhere quicker and have more time to do whatever it is that you need to get done in order that all the things I just mentioned can increase at every level. Meanwhile nobody gets hurt do they?"

It's the irony that the innocent, child-like question can never be answered favorably in truth, and thus hangs like a sword.

Bush and the cabal parade around with no clothes. But they won't need any when the child finally asks that question in the presense of folks that know something about tar and feathers.



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