Monday, April 03, 2006

How to Make Love all the Time the Easy Way.

Generally I remain in a conceptual mode here. It is my preference to deal with existence and the conditions of existence and consciousness as they occur essentially. What I mean is, rather than arguing about perspectives and perceptions, or how and why one might change outer circumstance… all of this really takes place within and then materializes around us. Those who guard the gateway of the mind will know what I am talking about.

Some could say, “Well, then- why is the world so messed up?” The greater collective of human thought concerns itself with these things and the world reflects it. Certain individual lives are at a remove from it- even while in motion through it.

I’m into things that work. If something doesn’t work I want to know why and I want to know how it might- or could- work another way. I’m also into expedience. This doesn’t mean I’m looking for the short route or that which requires the least effort. I’m not a fan of new age mumbo jumbo; what I consider McDonald’s/Starbuck’s spirituality. If there is an easier way- and I don’t think there is- the sheer volume of traffic upon it would make your way slower that the harder route. The confusion attendant would intensify the problems of judgment and so on and so on.

There are people now who teach Tantra. They hold out the mystery of increased sexual enjoyment and with that- an increase in sexual contact. Sexual attractiveness and contact are powerful validation points for the individual in this commercial world. If you are attractive to the opposite sex you have a currency, a value. These teachers want to show you how to, “pump up the volume” and make yourself a louder broadcast unit for your own presence here. As there are more and more people and less and less space it becomes increasingly more important for the individual to obtain a unique cachet. Tantra is the realm of Magic.

Sting likes to brag about how he can make love for 8 hours at a time because of his study of Tantra. This is something he manages to get done in between filming his Compaq and Jaguar commercials. I find him an interesting case in some ways. He is a very gifted songwriter and musician. Then there’s this other stuff. It appears that genius is not guarantor of Wisdom. Intelligence is no guarantor of Understanding. The irony of the whole thing is that Tantra will make it possible for you to make love 24 hours a day. It will make it possible for you to make love outside of time and therefore make the ultimate of 24 hours a day actually less total than it appears.

Well, this isn’t about Tantra but in a way it is. Tantra can’t be learned from just anyone. It is a marvelously complex thing in its entirety. Its technology rivals any of our complex empirical sciences. Very few people on this planet are in a position to teach it and very few people have the capacity to comprehend and practice it. It takes a very special sort of person and a very special sort of dedication. It is similar to those who master the practice of Ceremonial Magic or Alchemy. First of all these things are not on the beaten path and second, you really need to be a different sort.

Here is where I come to the matter of expediency and the easier way. There is an easier way. There is a more certain way. You can learn all of the elements of Tantra or anything else without having to go through the Confucian practice and memorization of minutiae.

To begin with, Tantra is about having sex with God. Certainly it can involve an opposite number. It might take any of uncountable possibilities of expression. In fact it does take an uncountable possibility of expressions all the time. Birds do it, bees do it and everything according to its nature does it- in the mortal expression of it round and round the Ferris wheel of time. It is not called Le Petit Morte by accident. However that practice which ensures our mortality is also the key to our immortality. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to master it.

If I am going to understand what it is that seems to surround me I can approach it two different ways. I can analyze everything I can perceive through my senses or I can comprehend that which manifested it. You might think in terms of inductive and deductive reasoning.

I know there is a God. This isn’t something I have faith in; something I hope may be true and that I- just might- discover after death somewhere. I don’t believe in being good in order to impress some anthropomorphic projection. Jim Morrison was right when he said, “You cannot petition the Lord with prayer.” Our understanding of the divine is flawed. So how are we supposed to contact and comprehend something that we have the wrong impression of? It’s like looking for New York City in some Mid-Western State.

If Tantra is somehow about making Love all the time; or loving everything all the time, or being filled with Love all the time, or understanding the intricate magical applications of breath and the exaltation of the physical into the realm of the divine through a myriad of increasingly complex operations then… you can learn all of the various permutations of it- if you’re smart enough and determined enough and in the company of the right teacher or… you can just love God all the time. Where a problem seems to arise is in the minds perception of difference. Then comes the minds disposition to preference and the idea that the seemingly beautiful is good and the seemingly ugly is evil. Now you get into the area where Tantra can be a problem as it turns back into the ‘same old same old’ with magic added.

This is how very simple people can achieve what highly intelligent people fail at. Anyone who puts their whole mind on loving God eventually comprehends the unity in everything. It may well be that you don’t need to know any of the things you think you need to know. Also, unless you know them exactly as they are, you know them wrong and so you don’t know them at all. So maybe it comes back to that ego thing of being better and more accomplished than others- having an edge. If it is about looking better by making others look worse, or by standing out as something more valuable in comparison to others of lesser value; by virtue of more accomplished PR; the advantage of money and cosmetics, better lighting… well, according to the world you might be more attractive and valuable than everyone else for as long as the plastic surgery and money hold out- as long as the breath lasts, but it is unlikely you have impressed God.

God knows everything exactly as it is. So if your mind is the same as God’s mind- and it happens that that is so- then you would know what God knows. Philosophers perform amazing feats of logic and argument. They are an impressive lot. They know all about everything without knowing anything at all. They speak at important events and receive awards. It seems that the whole world is filled with people who have mastered all sorts of things and who are also impressive and receive awards and hold high office and command armies and live well in the bargain. You could say they have mastered some elements of Tantra. They also die and are forgotten- or worse- die and are not forgotten.

It has been said that God forgives much in those who love much. Love is attractive. It draws the beloved near. Nothing impresses the beloved as much as genuine Love. The same holds true for God as it does for anything else. So you could learn a whole lot of things from someone and hope they know what they are talking about and that you are equal to the task or… you could just Love God all the time in everything that you encounter. You could pray for union without ceasing and let that prayer flow over the medium of your love or… what?

So maybe there is an easier way but it’s just not what is being offered as the easier way. Maybe it’s not ‘new and improved’. Maybe it’s not new and it can’t be improved.


Anonymous said...

One thing I am always sure will happen when I come here is that I will hear something different. This time is no exception.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you bruce...the depths and the unceasing fountain of beauty of thought that LV has is unbounded as the red shift of the known universe.

He is always expanding, and the true genius is that with each iteration of the same idea and concept, the matter in which the same ideas and concepts that he talks about, takes on a different shape, form, and existence. Like music, you can use the same notes, harmony, even a leit-motif, and with true talent, it can all sound uniquely different each time it appears...creation at its best.


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful writer. I enjoyed this very much.

Ellen Reason

Anonymous said...

I had to read this about 3 times to get some idea of what you were talking about. Now I see (or am I just projecting?) that you are using the surface confusion of your presentation to point at the simplicity behind it. Is this so? If this is so then you have done it very well and at the same time very few people are going to know what you are talking about. So you have made an example of yourself in relation to the subject.


PS I was left thinking of the Indian saint Ramakrishna and how in his simplicity he understood all of the great truths. As he was passing he transfered all of his siddhi powers to his disciple Vivikenanda having never used any of them once.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, Tantra. My favourite position is "The Plumber" - that's when you stay in all day, but nobody comes......

Re. intelligence being no guarantor of wisdom -

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

--Choruses from `The Rock', T.S. Eliot

Les, I remembered the name of that gite below Rennes Le C - it's called Le Labadou (the washing place on the stream) Still dream of Oc. best to you, mate.



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