Friday, November 17, 2006

The World, The Flesh and The Devil Mind.

Or you could say- the outside, the contact point and the inside. Or you could say- the stage, the actor and the plot. Or you could say- the appearance, the presence and the mind. All of these terms are easily parsed into something more or less precise than each other but they’ll serve for those paying attention and they will also provide arguments over definition for the terminally combative. One wonders if the point is what’s important or whether the position taken is what’s important.

People say that it’s all very complicated. How else can you explain the writings of people whose sole purpose is confusion? Here I speak of the leaden weighted philosophers and theologians. Can anyone say that any clarity has emerged in terms of philosophy and theology over the course of the years? One can’t hope to come near the truth until one shit cans 99.99% of everything by everyone who has written anything on the subjects.

The most ironic thing is how fixed opinion can be in the minds of those who have never looked further than the street on which they live and never at all within. Somehow the thing sought is always outside of the person looking. Right there in the mind you can see it every time you reach. It’s a simple trick to reverse the process until you encounter the presence but there’s a big problem with that. When you encounter the presence you cease to be. Of course, you come to be in ways more real than you had ever imagined but... whoever it was that went looking was obliged to lose nearly everything they thought they knew about themselves in the process.

It’s the nature of manifest existence to become increasingly more complex in appearance as civilization drives toward comfort of the flesh and a separation from the sensation of pain. At the same time this short circuits the body’s ability to defend itself in a natural state. Consonant with this, one’s ability to process reality is based on one’s ability to accept shit as reality; shit in custom colors and an infinity of sensations processed by senses confined within bandwidths that cannot measure reality except in terms of sweetened colored shit.

People dance in rapture circles like a dervish drunk on cheap wine. They celebrate what, due to time hypnosis, seems to be stable but is breaking down in front of them; people, things, political systems, governments, love affairs, everything pretty much. Loss is certain; total loss of everything while in the midst of a 24 hour a day commercial for instant replacement. Wait a minute... what about this? What about that? Have you tried this? Finally... you’re too weary to think about it. You can’t remember what it was or who it happened to. After so many disappointments you wish you were dead. Well, you are.

You show up here with this new vehicle, right off the assembly line and it gets delivered to a pre-determined address. At this location, while the vehicle moves through stages of development, the mind is programmed with an outlook that is shaped by stimulations and reactions. Meanwhile, not a single thing that happens has anything to do with anything real. It’s just part of the movie and relates only to the movie and ends when the movie ends.

People probably fear loneliness and isolation more than anything else. They fear this precisely because of what they are confronted with when the barrage of external stimulus is removed; cut to millions of old people sitting in front of day time TV. As long as people can talk shit about shit, hear about shit, watch shit, stick parts of themselves into the shit, play hide and seek in shit, buy and sell shit, steal and recover shit... its good shit. It’s engrossing and entertaining. It occupies the time in transition. Pain and fear are on the way but maybe not today.

Governments and religions lie. They haven’t a clue as to their real purpose. Because they don’t know what is essential to their practice they become travesties. Got a place based on freedom and individual expression? The reverse is on the way. Balance is not a stationary scale. Balance is a scale in flux.

So, do you save the world or do you save yourself? For some odd reason a good portion of those who set out to save the world tend to screw it up worse than it was. There’s only one reason to open all of the cages in the zoo and that is in order to escape yourself while the confusion takes place. The majority of those escaping don’t know where to run to and are soon back in their cages.

Sometimes the world is fairly stable and you can do whatever it is that you do without too much hassle. Of course, you still die and lose everything but it’s got more of an Ozzie and Harriet feel and maybe you drift away while napping in the rocking chair on Golden Pond. Sooner or later though, the world gets into its unstable persona. You can’t rely on it to behave. Personal adjustments seem to be the key. If you can see trends then it’s no sin to act on them. If you can’t see them you’ll eventually become aware of their import. Some people think explosions are cool.

Nothing happens by accident and there are no innocent bystanders. Yeah, it’s a drag what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. It’s a drag what China did to Tibet and ‘is doing’ to the Falun Gong. It’s a drag what Bush is doing to America and it’s despicable that inarticulate liars dominate in the various media. It’s a drag that so much of the food and the entertainment and infinity of products are shit. It’s a drag that companies lie and that almost nobody cares about you; cut to the soundtrack on the ipod. Nobody gets away with anything. Nobody. Intention is a big thing in this regard.

It seems to clearly say that judgment is required. You are the result of your choices. Wherever you are they put you there. You can pack a suitcase and disappear any time. It might not be a walk through the mall for a little while but life seems to arrange around everything. A place to live, furniture, a job, a girl or boyfriend... they come off the assembly line every hour. Adventure waits.

There are several eternal mysteries playing themselves out every day and all along. There are quite a number of false impressions being presented as goads to action (on your part). There are hallucinations on the sidewalks and on the other side of every door. There are a million things to think about and only one thing that is important. If it isn’t on your mind then you’re distracting yourself and pain is on the way to tap you on the shoulder until you do. How long can you hold out? You can hold out for pretty close to forever.

It’s just a joke. It isn’t real and it hurts if you don’t think it’s funny or you try to make it real. Simple awareness is all that is required. If you watch you will eventually see it and it becomes a non-stop immersion in deep oil ecstasy, no purchase required. It’s a non-interruptible mushroom trip. It’s orgasmic sex that doesn’t end and fall asleep. The funny thing is that it’s right there. I mean... right there. It’s always there, so in ten thousand years it will still be there. In a million years it will still be there even if nothing else is. You begin to acquire it the moment you flow toward it and you begin to lose it the moment you flow out. You could flow out for a hundred thousand years and then flow back in. It’s been done.

The dynamic animating principle (or what I call DAP) does this exact same thing every cycle. It’s a game it plays with itself. You’re incidental to that, although you are a critical part. It takes all the pieces to make the whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Good luck with all the other stuff. And at any moment... well ...any moment... It’s right there.


Anonymous said...

Church is back in session! Nice work.


Anonymous said...

My naval is clean and I anticipate the stars at night, what more?

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. I read this. I dug it. A lot.
Thank you.



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