Thursday, June 28, 2007


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You don’t hear that a word can launch a thousand pictures but that of course is true. It’s said that everything we are and all that surrounds us was launched by a word. People hear this but they don’t investigate what that implies. Possibly they think there is a certain word. Literalists certainly do. But the mind has a tendency to go fuzzy around some concepts. Certain concepts interfere with what we want. If these concepts form some part of the social order then sooner or later everyone breaks the law. Maybe ‘vibration’ is a better term than ‘word’.

You can’t speak without contradicting yourself in someone’s mind. You can’t perceive something without it conflicting with what another sees. Everything that you perceive offends someone. Given the natural antagonism of the elements it is safe to say that war is a natural state. Striving is a natural state and a certain prelude to war somewhere and it doesn’t matter what you are striving for. It could be the highest ideal we can imagine but it will lead to war one way or another. This connects to Christ saying that he brings a sword.

Nothing conflicts with everything else more than the truth. Many people are absolutely sure of what the truth is and very few of them agree on what that is. If you tell the truth you are going to have trouble. It doesn’t matter if you tell it on the street, in the office, in a bar, on an internet forum or in your head. Even if it is just in your head, your lower nature will argue with it and the mind will work unceasingly to get around it and to compromise it to the tastes of the one employing it. This is why Pantanjali and others were so intense about controlling the mindstuff, the chitti.

The reason for this is that truth only appears at that point and it disappears the moment waves, ripples and whirlpools; eddies appear on the minds surface. Some would say that there is relative truth and absolute truth; some that there is no absolute truth. But the relative presupposes the absolute. My take is that when the truth takes off its clothes then the world disappears.

If we live in a world of attraction, then the sex force is the dynamic magic of enchantment. Mystics and the like have known since the beginning that the sex force can move in two directions. It can move inward or outward. On the inward track it accounts for all that has been retained as enduring art. If it continues on the inward journey then it moves through a variety of realms on its way to illumination. This is the oil in the lamps. If it moves outward, and at this time it is compelled more in that direction than ever before then it moves into multiplicity of forms. It becomes ever more dilute which accounts for the banal face of the materialistic world. Its natural bent is to dumb down the consciousness and enslave it in a ring of fire. Statements like this piss people off. Why would that be? Because it interferes with personal desire and business; both personal desire and the business world rely on this force for the satisfaction of their ends.

We all know this at some level. We are fascinated by it while at the same time without the objectivity to see it happening in real time. It enslaves us. Statements like this piss people off. The truth pisses people off and as long as that happens, truth will have no real impact except when it expresses itself in tragedy and loss. This is why no one invites Lord Shiva to dinner. His very presence pisses people off.

Recently I witnessed an internet discussion that dealt with the single most life changing event in recent history; the 9/11 attacks. As a result of this attack the world through which we move has altered drastically. Certain elements in the government and businesses that rely upon the actions of government have profited considerably from what happened.

By this time it has become very clear to a large number of people that what was declared to have happened on that day did not happen in the way it was said to have occurred. It may be that they are right. Certainly there is ample evidence to that effect. And certainly the government has closed off all access to whatever evidence there may be. This, by itself, suggests that all was not as stated. This alone, more than anything else indicates that there is something to hide because things are being hidden. Why? There is the big question. Meanwhile, the world has been changed according to a perception.

One thing I have noticed is that those who claim that we are dealing with a big lie and a cover-up have a great deal of evidence to that effect. As we have seen at other times, reason and truth are not welcome. Arguments continue ad nausea and nothing is resolved. It probably never will be resolved. As with most things, for me, it isn’t necessary to convince other people of something. I just have to convince myself. As we make our way in this world, our relative safety is determined by how clearly we can see. That is a no brainer.

Some plunge recklessly toward destruction, due to any of various mis-informed impetus from the sex nature. This force manifests in many, many different ways. Repression and license both lead to areas of potentially grave difficulty. It is a source of great fear as well as a promise of liberation. In a dumbed down world it is very hard to get any clarity. The pressure to express it, or suppress it, or channel it is immense. Some well meaning folk plunge after the reckless in order to save them. Individuals emerge from all corners of the world with their answer to the problems of existence. For everyone who does there is the simultaneous emergence of those who oppose them and those who profit from the perception they offer; whether it is license, or repression or channeling. Even those who have brought forth great ideas about the latter have found their ideas transformed into marketing strategies. You can hear something that may once have been by The Beatles playing in elevators and waiting rooms all over the world. Eventually whatever is left of The Beatles is served up with a Starbucks latte to be consumed at a fashion show with Bob Dylan doing a Victoria Secrets add.

The real does not contend with the unreal that overlays it. The white background of the screen is not affected by the colorful movie that plays on it. In a certain sense the white background is real and the movie is not. The pain is in the movie, not the screen and it lasts as long as the movie.

It doesn’t take long to get sucked into the movie. How often in a movie do you become aware that you are watching a movie? There are degrees of involvement just as there are levels of pain.

Just about everyone is a suicide and just about everyone, at the end, can’t remember most of what happened or who it happened to. That’s reality, but it’s not a good marketing product. 9/11 is a hell of a marketing product. I’m a believer in the phrase, “follow the money.” as well as ‘cui bono’. I have never seen a time when it did not apply. But nothing that I have to say is going to change the world because the world is the world. Nothing that I do has any importance unless I find the way out. For anyone who does they become a doorway to another world.

People will struggle and they will find, tragically and occasionally victoriously, just what does and does not profit them. All our posturing and argument are just constantly changing weather taking place beneath the motionless blue of an infinite, unaffected sky. It is to each person their responsibility to find meaning. Some are not looking at all and could care less. Some are looking with all the intensity they can muster. Whatever the case everyone is going to find what they are looking for and they can determine what it is worth to them. It all comes down to sooner or later and just how long you want to go on suffering because of your perceptions.


Anonymous said...

Man I've missed these things. You haven't lost a step.




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