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What we Feel, What we Think and What we Do

Once, years ago, I was with my friend Billy Rodenberg, peaking on LSD and crossing The Calvert Street Bridge in Washington D.C. This bridge was a notorious suicide jump and you could hear the compelling voices in the air as we passed. On the other side of the bridge we had to hold hands to cross the street because of the awesome aggression of the traffic and because the air was filled with radio transmissions of all sorts. It sounded like thousands of walkie talkies were broadcasting from the astral plane.

That is something I often noticed when I was on a psychedelic journey in Washington D.C. I could hear all sorts of radio communications taking place; feel the presence of numerous enforcement agencies and the incestuous commingling of the embassies and other areas of selective representation; present there out of a desire for power, influence, money, information or what-have-you. It was all palpable in a way that really can’t be communicated to the non-psychedelicized and that includes the majority of people who have casually taken the substance. Some people find various worlds open to the psychic and intuitive senses and some people are fascinated by the colors and other sensory effects and possibilities.

I recall people asking about a particular acid and inquiring if it gave good color effects. I remember a lot of people whose connection to the awakening of the times had to do with sex and all the other same old same olds, now suddenly wrapped in candied neon and flavor enhanced.

Billy and I crossed the street and wound up in a deserted lot where half a dozen older youths were wailing away on an abandoned car; really beating the shit out of it with rocks and metal clubs. It could have been thousands of years ago and could well have been a hundred years in the future, given the de-evolution presently at work. I noted it and continued on with my juggling of six different levels of reality and all that radio traffic. Billy, on the other hand, was struck at some primal level by the scene and has never forgotten it.

We probably should have been scared but we never were. It could just as well have been us they were beating on. This was a dangerous neighborhood in uncertain times; for whatever reason we never had a problem with people of any age or color in our dozens of jaunts at all hours through the streets and the many parks of different sizes where we would always wind up in order for the magic to intensify. You always knew when you were going into nature from the urban side and... vice versa. It was like walking from one world into another.

These worlds interpenetrated each other in ways other than the physical. Sometimes you could see how one world had been formed out of the other and how that primary world had been formed out of thought. Sometimes you could see and feel the different worlds that overlaid and interpenetrated when the sheaths of your subtler bodies resonated to them; these were the suits you wore there. When those sheaths were activated you literally walked in those worlds. It’s a constant, just as possible now as it ever was.

Beings appeared, ancient voices sounded out of nothing and there was no mistaking their reality given what they had to say. You don’t hallucinate ageless wisdom when you hear it. It’s not a hallucination if it’s the same every time. Serpents coiled in and through everything. Later I came to understand that this is the radiant energy that moves in everything, no matter how dense or ethereal.

Sometimes there were darker things and darker voices too but you understood, or ‘we’ understood that something within us was infinitely more powerful than these distractions. Surely you could endanger yourself with unnecessary fear and some were more fascinated with the darkness than prudence would advise. Some people are just disposed a certain way. Why that is may be connected to the mechanics of reincarnation or it might have to do with a weakness for the world of form and its glitter.

During this period it was clear that the majority wanted particular gratifications more than they wanted a deeper knowledge or understanding. The majority of the interests I saw proliferating all had to do with improving one’s material position; even if it was what they imagined to be the world beyond. Everybody was going to sit on the right hand.

In this world it is the measure of sanity whether one is integrated into this world or longs for the one beyond... which also... interpenetrates this one. Heaven begins where your feet meet the earth; it isn’t at some stratospheric distance. Portions of it increasingly rarify by virtue of being further away. Admission to some locations is more difficult and time passes, if at all, in a different manner too.

The thing about moving through the veils is that the price of admission is the loss of the knowledge of who you thought you were before you passed through the gateway. “You can’t take it with you.” stands as the price of admission. Most people can’t accept this price, nor deal with the condition of not knowing who they are as well as the loss of all the things they thought they knew. This is what keeps people here, the lure of the familiar and, of course, the appetites and ambitions. When their tape runs out for this particular excursion they automatically pay these prices anyway. Why wait?

Because of the nature of the times and conditions, the material world increases in it’s presence on the human mind by the day. It’s more difficult all the time to achieve inner quiet and personal serenity. The competition for your time and attention is fierce and getting fiercer. Cellphones and ipods are locking us into the spiritual deprivation tanks of our bodies, while our minds have become the shopping lanes of Wal-Mart. Our emotions are now midi-instruments of limited range playing the same soap opera, elevator music over and over. Looping is the new eternity.

Our diets and the attitude with which we eat are literally feeding us into a denser, darker glitter of dead objects. We are becoming zombies who do not even know that we are repeating ourselves. We have no gratitude, just a longing that we have confused with desire and which cannot be satisfied except by turning down the flame. That goes contrary to the interests of business.

Some large portion of the world’s Christians, salivate over a looming Armageddon for the wicked as they wait upon the hallucination of a rapture that their so-called Christian lives has earned for them. They’ll escape in the final scene. Other window dressing religions are all promising exclusivity and it’s a crapshoot as to whether you picked the right one. Meanwhile, all the real responsibilities of these religious practitioners go unanswered or ignored in front of them every day; or worse, their particular answer to the desperate state of their fellows is to promise them pie in the sky as opposed to a helping hand in the here and now. Instead, the essence of the thing has been translated into the convenience of an automatic ticket to a world no one has earned.

The act of learning is a curious thing. If you aren’t changed by information into something better than you were then you have the wrong information. If you aren’t made lighter by releasing your attachments to temporary things then you are made more encumbered the further you proceed... on the loop. The insane asylum is jumping as the runaway cornucopia floods the landscape with useless things. Crazy people dance in the street holding these things up as if they were the second coming of a previous misunderstanding.

I sense that everywhere in the world there are people who understand what the condition of the times implies. Whatever there may be of rapture and salvation will not manifest itself in a transubstantiation of the most clueless among us into some kind of Easter Parade across the sky. The way out is not another production brought to you by General Electric. It’s right there where it has always been. It’s just harder to see.

What these times are about is fooling, “the very elect.” The department store at the end of the world is having a major sale. Everything must go. The band is warming up. The fighter planes are revving their engines. The victims wait or go about their business. The loop is a slow, nearly imperceptible, descending spiral. Ordinary life seems ordinary. Football season is about to begin. Everybody always thinks it will go on forever. They’re right about that. That’s the good news and the bad news and the important information that changes you or goes through you on its way to somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're right. Humanity will either evolve or extinguish itself and it very well may be that it will happen relatively soon.

Despite the fact that on many levels things look pretty grim I still think there is a real possibility that this present enviornment will be the catalyst for positive change. As the dysfunction and insanity become even more pronounced and undeniable the need for balance and sanity may become obvious even to the most clueless. But yeah, I'm a hopeless optimist.


Anonymous said...

What is the reason for optimism? (I agree that there is reason for optimism)

Will humanity evolve into a higher state?

It's a personal question, not a collective question. YOU decide.

What matters is if YOU will evolve. Evolve into what? We have been given a 'supernatural' role model - Jesus the Christ - the 'natural' man evolving into the 'spiritual' (Supernatural) man, with an immortal body, I might add. :) The best of both worlds!

"Seek and you shall find"
"Knock and it will be opened (to you)"
"Ask and you will receive"

It's all a matter of asking aright and with humility before God. The knocking must be a desperate knocking. The asking must be a pleading. You are addressing the Holy Creator of the Universe and ALL there is in it! You exist at His pleasure and Grace. Yet, He is offering you sonship (includes daughters) and the rights of sonship - WOW!

Where does it mention LSD or any other mind-altering drugs? Does it mention getting drunk? Does it mention incense or magical mystery tours? Well, it says to stay away from that! So why play with fire and yearn for the forbidden fruit? Whosoever barks up those trees is barking up the wrong trees. You will not find Truth through those doors, you will find deception and despair, perhaps insanity.

What greater power could there be in this dimension than resurrection from death? NONE!

What's the big problem and mystery, which many love so dearly to the point where when Truth becomes apparent, they reject it in favor of perennial mystery.

Hey, wake up! The Puzzle has been solved! Mystery has been de-mystified! The meaning of Life and access to it (eternally) has been explained and demonstrated to convince even children! :) - or maybe, especially children. :) We have to get simple! Just faith in God and in Christ.

"No one comes to the Father except through Me". Is that so hard to understand? If it is, you have not agreed to surrender the 'Self' at the Cross of Christ!

And, YES - before you can SEE you need the Grace of God. That gift is more likely to be granted to you if you acknowledge God's awesome gift of His Son. :)

You can malign 'Christianity' and what it has become - you malign Jesus the Christ andthe Holy Spirit at the peril of your eternal soul!

THAT (nothing else) is the source for optimism!

Visible said...


Look, I'm sure you are convinced of your points. It's unfortunate that you misread the entire nature of the piece. It isn't about taking LSD it was about a time that once was.

It really isn't any of your affair what I think and say. I realize that you are convinced that you are right about everything but the fact is that you are not. You've got some of that fundie thing going on and God is spirit, light and love not a bunch of dry dead words from uptight moralists who like to tell everybody what to do.

The Christians I am talking about are those who support the Zionist cause and support the killing in Iraq, who see Arab people's as animals. There are the self-righteous people who are led by rich sold out pastors with bad hair who milk the parishioners out of their money and who are of the Elmer Gantry stripe. How many of them have been caught sleeping with hookers and having gay affairs when they preach against this behavior in the pulpit? These are hypocrites and Christ warns against them.

You live in a world inside your head where you have determined what is and is not true. That isn't for you to say. My relationship with God is my own and not something for you to determine the value of it.

If, as you say, it doesn't mention these things in the Bible then how do you get from there to saying that the Bible says to stay away from these things if it doesn't mention it? See what I mean?

I'm not interested in by the book spirituality. For me God is a living presence. For me God is love, not a bunch of rules and regulations that Christianity uses to control people and take their money.

I'm sure you mean well and I personally wish you well. But I'm not into things the way you are and I don't see Jesus Christ the way you do. Nowhere is Jesus Christ ever maligned in my work and to imply that is just plain wrong because you can't find in these two hundred plus esssays and single sentence where that has happened.

It is unfortunate that so many people make assumptions about what Jesus Christ thinks and what Jesus Christ likes and doesn't like.

My feeling is that people should take their own advice first before sending it on to others. It takes a keen degree of wisdom to know how to communicate certain things to people without offending them and thereby doing more harm than good. This piece right here is posibly an example of that (grin).

I'm not a Christian and want no part of Christianity. I don't believe that non-Christians go to Hell, that's absurd. I don't believe in the exclusivity of all of the religions that insist they are right and all the rest of them are wrong.

My relationship with God is personal. It's not something that requires manuals and books and slogans and verses. These things may be useful before one has found God, after that they are unnecessary. God is the source so it makes perfect sense to get it all directly rather than indirectly.

There are probably a small handful of posts here where psychedelics are mentioned. It's not a talking point with me and it's not being sold here, in substance or in the idea.

I have always felt that people are better off when they look to their own houses and do not concern themselves with what others are doing. No man knows what is in the heart of another or what God's relationship with and plan for that man is.

In closing let me say that this is not a Christian site. This is a metaphysical site where all religions and many other things are under discussion. I'm not into proselytizing. It makes me uncomfortable. Some people seem to like coming here and apparently they get something from this site and so this blog serves for that purpose.

Myself, I am limited and I make mistakes like everyone does. I try not to misinform people and most people who come here know that I am sincere and still learning and that this is a growing experience for me.

I'm not sure why I said all of these things and I really have no desire to offend you or anyone. Unfortunately, when you try to tell the truth it is certain to offend someone because that is the nature of truth. Jesus told the truth and he offended a lot of people. People are still offended by him today.

I have gotten a great deal of learning and comfort from the New Testament. I do not think it is all purely inspired. A lot of the things that Paul says are off the wall in my opinion. There is no question in my mind that Jesus Christ was an expresion of God, perhaps even the highest expression up to that point. But God has many childen and I can find all kinds of quotes that make this very clear.

Anyway, I hope I have not come across too harshly and if I have I apologize; as I said, I am limited and not perfectly skilled at this. I'm just a pilgrim on the way seeking guidance and sharing a tale or two or whatever I am moved to talk about.

God is love, that is ALL I need to know.

Again, forgive me if I have offended. I just write what comes to my mind as I do it. Perhpas I should be more careful and I hope to be in the future.

Anonymous said...


If there is any truth in the Biblical statement about how one can know a tree by the fruit it produces, fundamentalist Christianity - without a doubt - has to be one of the most dispicable plagues ever to befall mankind.

Most of the harm that has been done to humanity as a whole has been perpetrated by those who 'knew' they were in sole possession of the truth. (As if the truth is something that can be possessed.)

Your comment was well intentioned, and I thank you for it. But I adamantly disagree with the notion that salvation is something that can be attained by belief in a particular doctrine, faith, or attending Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. If it were that simple this world of ours would be a much more pleasant and easy going place. There's no shortage of "believers".

Thank you for your two cents but keep an open mind. Part of the evolvment of humanity (if it indeed does occur on a mass scale) will be the gradual disappearance of the egoic need for exclusive possession of truth.


Anonymous said...

There is no need to apologize for saying what you feel. I'm not offended.

On the other hand, Christ is a very unique figure in this world and each of us must decide where He fits into The Puzzle. The Jews of His day were offended by His claim that He is God ("I and the Father are one") and they had Him crucified for making that claim. Anyone who does not believe Him, effectively claims that He was a liar. I don't believe that He lied about being God - or about anything else He said. When He said "No one comes to the Father except through Me", I believe Him (I didn't used to!). I once was blind, but now I SEE! My story is not unique, Thank God!

The essence of Christianity is the Sonship of Christ and His pre-eminence in all things.

Christ's disciples were almost all martyred for defending their faith in Christ. Were they fools?

Can you conceive of me being correct in all that I proclaim? You can't prove me wrong.

The answers I (and many others) found are available to everyone, with God's Grace.

Why am I telling you this? It's not to do you harm or insult you! If you are totally comfortable with your faith in God and what that faith is based on, and if you've thought about Christ and His message and reject it, I wish you well.

We can still agree on many other things - and we apparently do! I still like the way you write and what you write about 9/11 and many of the problems facing America and humanity - and the way you sing. :)

I'm going to leave this blog but stay with your other one. What I have written here I proclaim to be Truth. Time will prove me right - or otherwise ;)

Visible said...


I understand what you say and frankly I can also understand how Christ could be the light the truth and the way and no man comes unto the father save by him. I understand these things in arcane terms. Christ is the first emanation of God and therefore to approach God you must pass through the son who is the mediary.

This is what is implied in Ehben- the son in the father, the father in the son. It is in the name defining of the eternal state existing where I have a problem. For me Christ and Krishna imply the same thing, the key is in the similarity of the names and there are other similarities as well. The tale of the crucified, the sacrificed god has examples nearly everywhere. Easter and other holidays are all grafted on to similar days that were celebrated before and these relate to the seasons, the equinox and solstice.

Religions confuse the basic similarity in us all and from that comes the pursuit of control, economic power and war. Everything believed about Christ may well be true but not according to his self appointed representatives.

God is a living presence and that is how I see it. It is the feeling of God that is important to me, not all the rigamarole, the rituals and outfits and pecking orders.

You don't have to leave this blog. I don't understand such a thing as that. This is about dialogue and it is a good thing because these things get discussed as they should. You are very valuable here and it would be selfish for you to go away when people can get much good from what you say. I am the better for having met you and I think that should continue.

Discussing things often leads to understanding them and because all of us here want to understand then it comes of course.

Many blessings

Anonymous said...

This is a struggle to read people.
godsend - don't leave, stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Ben, et al

I have a lot more to add than 2 cents ;)

I agree with much of what you say - including 'Christianity' and its tragic fruits. But you can't lay that tragedy at Christ's feet (or Cross)!

Remember that Satan is "the god of this world" and that he is known as "the Great Deceiver". Even the 'elect' will be deceived in the 'last days' and there should not be any doubt that we are in those 'last days'. So there will be very few people who will know the Whole Truth (which is not the same as All Truth - only the omniscient God knows All Truth).

Part of the problem of communicating with me is that you know very little about me or what I believe (from the short posts here).

This is not a copout but I suggest that you visit my websites and become more familiar with them before we continue our quest for Truth.

These sites are: (who I am and what I believe) (who I was)

The first site is by far the most important! You need to examine it thoroughly, including the links. It's taken more than 10 years and a lot of personal experience to put that site together.

Start with 'What is this website about'.

Thanks for your encouragement to continue posting here. The Truth will make us free - and I certainly do not claim to know anywhere near All Truth - far from it. But I know what I know - mostly from personal and bodily experience rather than book knowledge. And that includes many episodes of Divine Intervention in my life.

If you want to ask a specific question, I'll check in here now and then to answer it as best as I can.

God's blessings to all of you who are sincere seekers of Truth.

Anonymous said...

All of this stuff you are directing us to; been there, done that, lets move on.
You aren't the only person here who has had happen to them of which you write (cop that Visible).
You have much to learn. Go back over Les' old posts if you haven’t already. Believe me, if you are honest with yourself, combined with what you know already, you will learn. You must open your eyes.
And don’t be so f***ing literal. Learn.

Anonymous said...


From the time of my post to yours, there hasn't been enough time for you to do the homework I suggested. You have no idea where I've been and what I've done. Saying that you have, makes you a liar! Why are you in such a hurry to 'move on' and where do you want to 'move on' to?

Truth does not come in degrees of fuzziness - truth is literal!

Who are you to tell me that I have a lot to learn (or Les, for that matter) and who to learn it from? You imply that you know more than I and have less to learn. That's unfounded and unsubstantiated arrogance!

Maybe YOUR eyes (and ears) are shut wide open and not mine?!

You sound like an impetuous know-it-all who's anxious to tell me where to find truth - as if YOU already found it! (in Les' posts?) Who ARE you, anyway? We don't know ZIP about you. I gave you some credentials - let's SEE yours.

Tell us what you think you know about Jesus the Christ, for starters (NOT Christianity). Don't bother with Buddha, Confucius, Mohamed, Krishna, the Vedas or all that other human fantasizing. Let's start with something REAL. Christ is REAL. His power over Death and His Life are REAL - and of great interest to all humanity (or should be).

Above all, don't try to BS me - it won't work.

If you have a (specific) question, ask it!

And do your homework.(otherwise you flunk) ;)

Anonymous said...

Learning Truth is like learning to ride a bicycle - once you've learned it, you don't have to keep re-learning it - the knowledge lasts for Life! :)

Now, knowing that it's really the Truth you've learned and not someone's half-baked theory, THAT'S the tricky part. ;) That's where SEEing comes in, as in "(I once) was blind but now I SEE!" It helps to have learned from reliable sources - including one's own body. :) The acid test is being able to ride the bicycle without falling off.

Anonymous said...

You know this is a first for me, I've been called a liar.
I'm not godsend, I thirst for truth.
And in life, you never stop learning so there is a good chance I will learn more truths as I continue through life.
What I am really saying to you is don’t close the door on learning the truth, there is more, don't close your mind to it.
Not arrogant, I know I am very good, very.
And I refer you to my previous post – thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is copied directly from godsend's web site, the home page:

"You cannot donate to this site or advertise here - but you can help to proclaim TRUTH!
(tell others about this website - the ONLY website with the WHOLE TRUTH) "

So, that is the "ONLY website with the WHOLE TRUTH"? Umkay...

And now, here in this blog, godsend writes:

"The Truth will make us free - and I certainly do not claim to know anywhere near All Truth - far from it."

Now I added the bold emphasis, not godsend. So I would like to know, is Whole Truth different from All Truth, because it isn't to me. Ergo, seems like godsend is now contradicting himself, or he's lying. Which is it, godsend?

He also writes here:
"Tell us what you think you know about Jesus the Christ, for starters (NOT Christianity). Don't bother with Buddha, Confucius, Mohamed, Krishna, the Vedas or all that other human fantasizing. Let's start with something REAL. Christ is REAL. His power over Death and His Life are REAL..."

Also why is it that Jesus the Christ is "real", but Krishna, Mohammed, and others are "human fantasizing"?

I've never had a single problem with JC. Nor have I had a problem with Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed. And in the case of the latter three, for example, I know very little about their teachings, or the teachings attributed to them. Especially vis-a-vis what I have learned about the teachings of (or those attributed to) JC. BUT I do have issues with people who claim to know the mind of God even though they don't typically state it like that (clever huh, not!), something which to me is arrogance beyond ignorance! And I especially take issue with people (of any belief) who claim that their interpretation of God's will, or their interpretation of God is the only way. That is patently exclusive, divisive, and hateful.

And somehow, someway I still feel that the omnipotent, omniscient force/s of Creation/Life/Nature which is widely referred to as God does not mind or care whether or not I believe in or embrace Jesus or Buddha or Muhammed or Krishna or none of them, as long as I live and behave decently, lovingly, and appreciatively. See, imo, this God is also all-understanding, all-tolerant, all-loving, and all-wise.

Oh yeah, s/he also surely has an all-encompassing sense of humour. After all, s/he made us! You, me, he, she, it, they, etc. etc. ;) ;)

Peace...if we can make it,

Anonymous said...

Well, annemarie, I suspected that you could not leave my statement about 'Whole Truth' alone - and here you are, full of wonder, outrage and questions about my claim. :)

When you appear before a court in America, you are asked to put your hand on a Bible and repeat these words (give or take or change a word): "I swear to tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me, God".

That is what I mean on my website when I refer to the 'WHOLE' Truth, along with my definition of 'Truth'. Christ is Truth. He said so. I believe Him. You may not. As a witness of Christ and when giving my testimony of Christ, the WHOLE Truth as I know it, is on my website, along with many other truths. I have yet to find another website which contains the Whole Truth, as I define those words. If and when I do, I'll change that statement. When you appear in court and swear to tell the Whole Truth, you are not swearing to tell ALL Truth - just the Whole Truth relevant to issue at hand. So, the claim on my website is NOT that ALL Truth is present there - that would be folly, I agree.

What you perceive as arrogance is just that: your perception.Your personal values and knowledge (or lack thereof) generate your perception, which can obviously be false. (different from reality or Truth). The Jews crucified Jesus because they thought Him arrogant in proclaiming that He is God and existed before Abraham - that was their perception (actually, they just didn't like His claim, even though He presented some pretty convincing proof that He had supernatural powers FAR greater than theirs. How about raising the dead (Lazarus).

When you say that you're upset with people who claim that their way is the only way to God, you remind me of my ecumenist friend. Christ said that He is the ONLY way to the Father (God). I believe Him. You may not. My ecumenist friend thinks that his wishes for who should get into Heaven (nice people) carry more weight than God's Word! WOW - THAT'S arrogance (but a nice and very ecumenical sentiment) ;)

Similarly, what you 'feel' about God is contradicted by what God 'said' (in the Bible - the inspired Word of God). Personal feelings do not constitute spiritual Truth - sorry!

I agree with God having a sense of humor! Why? It says so in His Word. But your statements and feelings about God, directly contradicting what He 'said', are no laughing matter! ;)

Finally, why is Christ more REAL than all those other guys (who are long dead, as far as we can tell). Well, Christ rose from the dead. He foretold that He would rise from the dead before He was crucified - He foretold it several times. He was right. He told the Truth. He IS Truth - and Life and Light. It's the Whole Truth! It's up to you whether or not to believe it.

Where did I lie?

Next question. ;)

PS My ecumenist friend is still my friend - has been for more than 50 years. Former University Presidents are not always right! - especially when it comes to spiritual Truth! He is a VERY nice man, though! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, what AnneMarie said.
godsend - you can learn.
That sense of humour bit is what I tell my Jehovah Witness visitors
They go slack jawed

Anonymous said...


We agree that our whole lives are filled with learning new Truths (even little truths - like the truth about 9/11). Did I say that there are not more Truths (and truths) for me to learn? No, I didn't. I add new truths to my website all the time. I learn new truths and more about Truth. Whole Truth grows all the time. :) BUT, you are in no position to tell me what Truths I know or don't know! ;) You MAY be right that there are some truths (or new dimensions of Truth) in Les' blogs - but maybe not. My foundation of Truth (knowledge of Christ) CANNOT be shaken - it is a house built on solid rock and personal experience, not sand. What has been added to Whole Truth has come mostly from T. Austin-Sparks. My understanding of Christ has deepened and He has grown in stature, richness and depth - but I also know that I'm just scratching the surface of understanding His sacrifice, love, wisdom and power.

OK, I'll change my statement to: you lied (of course, if you lied once, the chances are you lied a few times). You claimed to have 'been there and done that' without really knowing or bothering to find out.

You didn't answer my question of what you meant by 'move on'. Maybe you should 'go back'? - you might have missed something (important) the 1st time around! ;)

There has to be a BASIS for Truth (and truth) - like I said to annemarie, feelings and wishful thinking (even of nice and kind and generous thoughts) are not nearly as significant as the Word of God - as proven in our daily lives through His Grace and intervention.

If you don't want to read anything else, read "What is this website about" and "The Life" on my website and maybe we can establish a little more common ground and understanding in our search for and agreement on Truth (and truth).

Anonymous said...

Godsend -

My grandfather was a methodist preacher, his father was a methodist preacher, and I'm pretty sure his father was a preacher also. My grandfather was a great friend and teacher to me and even when I went to him as a 19 year old telling him that I thought I must be a Buddhist, he reacted most respectfully and with keen interest. That's just the kind of guy he was.

But other than a miniscule handful of people, most of the people I know personally or know of who spout off about how they "have Jesus" are almost as a rule the most dysfunctional, unhappy, and mal-adjusted human beings you'd ever want to meet. I know that kind of a statement is unfair to people like my grandfather, but I can only relate my personal experience and there is no point in sugar coating my observation.

Trust me, I wish it were different, but it's not. You coming in here all Jerry Falwell like and then calling folks liars while judging and contradicting yourself so obviously,'s par for the course (sadly).

But hey, we're all human and we do these kinds of things.

Please consider a few other things:

There are Muslims equally convinced of their "truth" (or more) as you are of yours.

There are Buddhists equally convinced of their "truth" as you are of yours.

There are Scientoligists as equally convinced of their truth as you are of yours.

There are atheists who are equally as convinced of their truth as you are of yours.

And on and on. And I mean these people just KNOW they are right! They KNOW IT! Just like you, they've found truth!

Carry on...but keep in mind that 'knowing it all' is a dangerous and unfortunate thing.


Anonymous said...

"Personal feelings do not constitute spiritual Truth - sorry!"

However, in an earlier post you said that you realized that the truth that you're talking about was really true, by having certain experiences, or feelings, in your body. Right?

So, it appears that the key element in your own personal certainty is some feelings that you had, and those are the very things that you say others are wrong to rely on, in discerning what the truth is.

Interesting contrast here, between what you say you rely on in your own life, and what you say others should and should not rely on.

Visible said...

I just got a sneering comment from someone who was pretty haughty about telling me what spirituality is and it kind of made me smile because the way the person delivered it pretty much removes him from making any kind of a useful point, not to mention that his criticisms were so vague and without example that I thought I was walking through misty Jello while i read it.

You'll probably read this and that is why I am putting it here. I don't mind critical posts even if they are really uninformed. But I do insist that you give your name because otherwise it's just anonymous jabs. Meanwhile, I couldn't tell if you were talking to me or someone else in the comments. When no one is identified I become the default.

So, if you want to resubmit your comment as yourself that would be fine. I would recommend that you give examples of what you are criticizing though, just so people will know what you are talking about.


Anonymous said...

"My foundation of Truth (knowledge of Christ) CANNOT be shaken - it is a house built on solid rock and personal experience."

Here again it appears that the key element in your understanding of truth is your personal experience.

You read a book that said, "This book is the only way to anything good," and then you had some experiences which you interpreted as corroboration of that claim, and now you're stuck . . . but only until you realize that you are making up your whole "spiritual position" out of the beliefs that you created yourself and which you decided to hold as true.

--1 You decided to believe (hold as truth) that the book is telling the truth when it says it is the only way to truth.

--2 You decided to believe (hold as truth) that the experiences you refer to (but you haven't said what they were) are in fact corroboration of belief No. 1.

Visible said...

I'm letting this pass (the last comment) because at least I/we now know what you are talking about and that is helpful.

Spirited exchanges are okay but never let us lose sight of the fact that it is Love we want to be absorbed into and not the chaos of endless argument.

Probably one of the hardest qualities for any of us to get is understanding.

Anonymous said...

Les - Did my comment from last night not make it up here?


Visible said...

I guess not because if I see it it goes in. I'll look around. It is possible I missed it.

Anonymous said...

I guess last night's post got lost in the mix.

Godsend -

I'm also having a hard time understanding the basis for your personal "truth" here. It's either: 1.) Words someone wrote in a book, or 2.) Personal spiritual experience(s).

Or both? In either case, it is quite possible that other people have had equally as convincing #2 experiences that contradict #1 (literal interpretation of some holy text).

Other things to keep in mind:

There are Muslims who are just as convinced of 'their' truth as you are of 'your' truth.
There are Buddhists who are just as convinced of 'their' truth as you are of 'your' truth.
There are Scientologists who are just as convinced of 'their' truth as you are of 'your' truth.
There are Atheists who are just as convinced of 'their' truth as you are of 'your' truth.

There are plenty of folks in each of these groups who just KNOW, with all of their might and knowledge and heart, they just KNOW that their truth is right. No doubt about it, they know it! Just like you know it! Trust me, they are equally as sure as you are; equally devout, equally passionate about their beliefs, maybe more so. There are probably no less than 10,000 relatively intelligent, relatively rational, devoutly pious folks who would gladly blow themselves up...take their own life and others...because they are so sure and convinced of THEIR truth.

I have no doubt that you believe what you say. But sometimes having all the answers is an unfortunate thing.


Anonymous said...


I don't claim to have ALL the answers - but I have the ones that really matter (to get me 'safely' from 'Here' to Eternity).

I don't doubt that many people 'KNOW' that they have THE answers as well - and that they are VERY different from mine. Let them cling to their long-standing fallacies!

This is not the place to give my complete personal testimony about my becoming a Follower of Jesus the Christ but you can be sure that it exists and that it is unmistakable and powerful - compelling is a better word. That testimony has the direct intervention of God in my life - in some crucial matters but more often is small and intimate matters, everyday events. Some of these interventions predate my conversion. God is Love, indeed, and I have experienced that Love may times - in moments of joy and in moments of dark despair. When you receive the privilege of Grace in that amazing way, there is just no doubt at all about Who He is and Who His Son is! :)

I did a lot of desperate seeking, knocking and asking when I was at my wits' end. And then Christ revealed Himself to me, initiated by a 'casual' radio Greg Laurie. The rest, as they say, is history.

If anyone sincerely, humbly and with an open heart seeks Christ (maybe just to better understand Who He really is), He WILL reveal Himself to that person - that's His promise and He NEVER breaks His promises - Thank God! Before you take the 1st step, you have to unload all the baggage of 'conventional wisdom' and your self-sufficiency. That's not easy!

You can't really understand this until you make the decision to start your search for Truth (Him). You need God's 'calling' to do it. It may be a very painful 'calling' - it usually is! But what a glorious awakening and SEEing follows. I guess "Amazing Grace' says it best! :)

Perhaps you will also experience it. I hope so! )

Anonymous said...

From T. Austin-Sparks' book: "The Controversy of Zion":

"There is something in this earth, in this world, which is a disturbing factor. It has set up inflammation. That is true wherever the true Christian goes. You get an adequate testimony, and you see the inflammation, the conflict, that is set up. There is something there. You do not have to try to make trouble, you have nothing whatever to do to precipitate it. It is spontaneous, it happens. You may be the meekest, and the mildest, and the quietest person on God's earth; but if Christ is vital in you, or in a company of such, you will find that your very presence provokes something, and that provocation has the direction of - "We must get rid of this; it is foreign to us, it does not belong to us, it is something that is not of our constitution; we must get it out of our connection.' That is the world's attitude. That is the attitude of the Devil and his kingdom. There is something provocative in this earth, something disturbing."

Why does Christ STILL offend most of the world?

For the same reason that Jews had Him crucified. He claims to be God and the ONLY Way to God. THAT is so offensive to many people (including very nice people) who have their own ideas of how to get to God and Who He is and the position of His Son in the Divine Order of the Universe! The devil in Man rebels against the exclusive authority and pre-eminence of Christ! The Truth is offensive when it doesn't agree with someone's idea of what Truth should be! ;)

It's simple, really.

Anonymous said...

Godsend -

Why am I not surprised that you would make a statement like "let them cling to their fallacies"?; even knowing that their evidence/revelation is just as real to them as yours is to you. And as to your first statement about "getting from here to eternity" you really think that 'here and now' somehow isn't a part of eternity? There's no "getting to eternity" man, you're already IN eternity!

It is unbelievably presumptuous of you (but very common) to assume that your personal search for truth has been somehow more diligent or authentic than mine or anyone elses; to assume that you have received some special 'calling' or beckoning from God, or some "awakening" that I or others have not. You have no clue about what I have or have not experienced. That's called pride and ego and Jesus Christ had no use for either.

You might at least consider the possibility that Christ can and has taken on multiple forms over the span of human existence. There is a very human (and therefore fallible) element to all of the worlds religions; it is not at all unreasonable to think that ten individuals from different cultures and time periods could all have similar or exact profound spiritual revelations and each interpret them differently based on their own disposition, pre-existing beliefs, and hundreds of other environmental factors that are largely out of one's control. An interesting fact is that people who report near death experiences from different parts of the world all tend to encounter religious figures that correspond to their particular culture/religion. I don't say this to knock these people's experiences, just to point the possibility that Truth can put on many different costumes (as Les would say).

You're hung up on the signposts, the symbols.

As for your statement about "why does Christ still offend the world?"... In my experience you would be hard pressed to find anyone, whether that be an atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, or agnostic who is actually offended by the figure Jesus Christ. On the contrary, most people hold Christ and his message in high regard. It's just many of his alleged followers and self-appointed mouth pieces that many of us find offensive and often laughable.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,
My great grandfather was a career minister in the C of E.
It's heredity mate, it's inescapable - sorry.

Anonymous said...


Christ does not put on any costumes nor does He take many forms - the Devil does that! Where do you get your weird ideas? Do you make them up out of thin air?

Offended means they rebel against Him and His message - not accepting Him as God to the exclusion of all others! Are you dense or just pretending to not understand? You either accept Him as your exclusive God - or you reject Him - there is NO middle ground (I like to call it wiggle-room). Saying that Christ was a wonderful man and a great prophet and teacher is BS! He IS God! Can you accept that?

He said: "No one comes to the Father except through Me". Do you accept that?

'Here' is NOT part of Eternity. What does the word 'from' mean to you? 'Here' exists in time, 'Eternity' exists outside of time.

Your statement that Truth puts on many costumes is ridiculous on its face! What does 'costume' mean? Look it up in your dictionary. A 'costume' conceals Truth.

Ben, you should have listened to your grandfather! You're as confused as a week-old puppy.

Read the quote from T. Austin-Sparks in the Introduction on the "What is this website about" link on my website. Spiritual enlightenment PRECEDES reason! You (and others) are trying to put the cart before the horse. You CANNOT reason yourself into spiritual understanding by reasoning or feelings (or wishful thinking).

If you (or anyone) wants to find Truth, go to the Source - Christ! There is NO other place where you can find it - it doesn't exist anywhere else!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:52PM

Not right!

You're trying to put words in my mouth.

Feelings are NOT the same as experience. Experience is something that happens to you. In my case, experience represented an encounters with God. God engineers circumstances - it's in the circumstances that you can recognize His presence and intervention. Holy Scripture and writings by spiritual people then validate and illuminate your experiences. It's a combination of spiritual understanding, backed up by facts and reason - in that order. The order is VERY important. "God is not the author of confusion but of a sound mind".

There is no contradiction in what I say. You're trying very hard to find some, though! Why is that, do you think? No matter how hard you try, you won't find any contradictions! :) What you will reveal, however, is your limited spiritual understanding and possibly a hidden agenda! ;)

Many people think that God is Love and that's all. It's NOT all! God demands OBEDIENCE to Him and to His Word. Even Jesus the Christ was obedient to His Father - to the point of an agonizing death on the Cross! "I do the will of My Father". To whom are you obedient?

Anonymous said...

Godsend -

Interestingly, I no longer have a real strong desire to argue with fundamentalist Christians. I'm just glad you happened to have been born in the west and aren't a pious Muslim who wants to explode a kindergarten in the name of your precious beliefs. You just want to feel extra special and preach. I can deal with that. Funny enough, I had my own personal fundamentalist Christian bible thumping days. Outgrew that phase rather quickly though. Self-honesty and authentic spiritual growth has a way of doing that. Sorry to say but your posts are, in fact, rather contradictory...I still can't figure out if your basis for your personal "spiritual enlightenment" is your own 'bodily' experience, the words in a very old and holy book, or something you heard on a radio show?

Whatever the me with a few things; why would the Creator of the universe need the bloody and brutal sacrifice of his own son? Why would the Creator of the universe create an adversary for himself? Why would the Creator of the universe create beings in a certain fashion then punish those beings for acting within the limations of how they were created? Why would loving and merciful Jehovah send two bears to slaughter 40 kids for calling Elijah an "old bald head"? What happened to "turning the other cheek"?? Some of this stuff just doesn't make any bit of sense at all! (and you think my ideas are werid...)

Ok, so there is the scripture "No one comes to the father except through me." I have no issue with that. But that can be interpreted quite a few ways. He also said "the Kingdom Of Heaven is within."

One more thing...and it's okay to answer honestly; we're all friends here. Are you really Kirk Cameron?

Tony -

C of E...are you British? Well, at least our predecessora were ministers back in the day before it was a good career choice. Those guys make $100K a year here now. Geeze.


Anonymous said...


"Some of this stuff just doesn't make any bit of sense at all!"

God said: "My thoughts are higher than your thoughts". You're ignoring the 1st law of spirituality: Spiritual knowledge PRECEDES (comes before) reason. You're just not paying attention and are enamored with your own ideas, for which there is no basis but your own wishful thinking.

Why was Christ's sacrifice necessary to save humanity? Well, the simplistic answer is: Because men (includes women) must be purified before they can exists in God's presence. Remember that God is Holy. Holy is a concept we have great difficulty understanding. Here's a better answer: If it wasn't necessary, God would not have required it - He would have found a less painful (to Him and Christ) solution. You're trying to use reason to make sense of a great spiritual matter - it can't be done!

God does not owe us an explanation for everything we can think of and question (second-guess). Do you presume to put yourself on the same level as God and demand answers - or else you'll create your own, more agreeable god? Think about what you're saying.

"No one comes to the Father except through Me" CANNOT be interpreted in many ways, unless you insist on playing games with God's Word (NOT recommended). It means exactly what it says! There are other passages in Scripture that make the meaning VERY clear - and that's intentional. God can't be accused later of being the author of confusion! ;)

You MUST acknowledge Christ as God's Son and a member of the Godhead and accept His sacrifice for you to be forgiven and thereby purified and made acceptable to exist in His presence. You are squirming, my friend, (or wiggling), and that will not do!

Read "The Life" by anonymous (near the end of my website) to get a better understanding of the life of a true Follower of Christ.

No, I'm not Kirk Cameron - whoever he is! Go to my other website ( and that will tell you who I was before I became GodSend. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aussie brother.

Anonymous said...

That's it Godsend. Those are fighting words, meet me behind the gym after class and we'll handle this.

Let's close the curtain on this one. You've made your points and I've made mine and meanwhile the sky outside is still blue. (Well it's actually not really blue at all, it's colorless and just 'appears' to be blue; except of course when it's cloudy in which case it 'appears' grey or white...but we know it's still blue behind that grey; no wait, I mean it 'appears' blue, it's really just vast empty space right? But it looks blue damnit! Then again, it's just empty space, so what's a "sky" anyway? And how can empty space have a color? I give up. I see why literalism can be so appealing.)

Godspeed, Godsend...


Anonymous said...

I can see another Dark Age on the horizon people.

Anonymous said...

Right, matie! :) Love those pie floaters in Adelaide and playing 2-Up. Many fond memories of Oz and Godzone. :) Actually, I'm a Kiwi and All Blacks fan. Let's not talk about cricket and Aussie spinners, though. ;)

Anonymous said...

"Don't cast your pearls before swine" is a ringin' in me head right now ;)


Anonymous said...

"They are not Jews but worship in the synagogue of Satan". (think of it as a pearl)

Do you worship in a synagogue, Benjamin?

Well waddaya know, annemarie, I've got the same words ringin in me ears! One of the pearls is:

"No one comes to the Father except through Me." (that pearl is priceless)

Here's another one:

"I and the Father are one." (also priceless)

But do the swine listen? ;) No, they're too busy trampling the pearls under hoof - and listening to themselves and the ghosts of Buddha, Confucius, Tao, Krishna, Mohamed, and God-only-knows who else! (Lucifer?)

I hear that there are many more listeners and lurkers than posters in these Blogs. Perhaps they're listening now - and will not trample these precious pearls?! One can only hope! :)

Anonymous said...


You have reliable vision! But can you SEE!?

"You will be sorrowful but your sorrow will be turned into joy" (a treasure of a pearl)

The coming Darkness is but a harbinger of the Light! :)

"Remember your God before the silver cord is loosed" (one more pearl)

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah goes the mind. It "says" so much of "importance". All of you are right, and all of you are wrong. You are "right" from the point of view that all points of view are equally valid. You are wrong for pretending that the Truth can be spoken (or written) in/by concepts. Concepts are bundles of thoughts with no meaning except what the bundles of thoughts give to the bundles of thoughts. The BEST words can do is to point to the truth. In Truth, everything in manifest (and unmanifest) creation is GOD. There is only one thing. But those points of view your "think" you are, forget who they really are (the One) so that all possibilities can be explored as if there were two (or ten thousand). None of you points of view that you think you are are are any better or worse than any other, cause there AIN'T NO OTHER! The Truth can ONLY be seen (awared) in the absence of thoughts. Absence of thoughts is rare indeed, since there is NO way to get there (there is really no where to go or someone to go there) except perhaps if there is identification with only one desire...that of awaring the Truth.
All expressions of the One are simply God playing with Itself, awareness awareing Itself...
The you that you think you are will NEVER learn the Truth! Cause when the Truth is awared, there is a shocking revelation that the you you thought you were, never was! This does not make "sense" since it is not of this world of manifest creation. What these words point to is beyond all concepts...

Join me here Now
where there are no points of view.
Slip under good and bad
right and wrong
worthy and unworthy
sinner and saint…

Meet me here
where everything is unframed
before understanding
and not understanding…

Meet me here
where silence roars
where stillness is dancing
where eternal is living and dying…

Meet me here
where you are not you
where you are It
and It is unspeakable…

Meet me here
where all points of view
merge into a single point
that then disappears…

Meet me here
before there ever was something
before there ever was nothing…

Meet me here
where everything speaks of this
where everything has
always spoken of this
where nothing is ever lost or found…

Meet me here…

Anonymous said...

Our attention is habituated to tension. A thought, a person, the sunset—these are crimps in openness that provide forms, ripples of light, that seem worth attending to. In reaction, our mind continues streaming as tension’s flow.

I feel so alone. I wish somebody were here to share my life with. I wonder if I’ll finish this project today. What time did I make that appointment for? Whoa! Almost dropped my coffee. Check out that neighbor of mine, always strutting her stuff.

In any world that appears, waking or dreaming, the streaming of our thoughts, feelings, and actions is a pattern of tension that carries with it the illusion that we are going somewhere, and that others are going with us, loving us, more or less. Attending to that pattern of selves and world is an unnecessary act, although to each of us it seems like the story of our lives.

God, I’d like to be married to a man like that. What’s wrong with me? Well, who can blame him? I’m overweight and getting older...

Every thought evokes another thought, triggering feelings in our bodies and emotional reactions, so we act in a way that causes thoughts and feelings in others, enacting a never- ending interconnected webwork of streaming cause and effect-whether we are in a dream or waking world. The way we think and feel now is due to billions of influences-mostly not in our awareness-in our apparent dreaming lifetime appearance bodies. The Krebs cycle taking place in our cellular metabolism and the psychosomatic habits inherited from our parents remain largely outside of our attentiveness.

We can intentionally change small portions of the appearing picture, but the big stream of the (dreaming or awake) world and others continues until it disappears in deep dreamless sleep or death. Our needs- to be loved, to discover our life’s purpose, to contribute to the world, and so forth-pertain only to the character presently appearing, the one whose story rivets our attention for now. The Truth of who we are is much deeper than these surface ripples of mind...

Anonymous said...

Wise men don't judge: they seek to understand...

Anonymous said...

Why are you unhappy?
Because 99.9 per cent
Of everything you think,
And of everything you do,
Is for yourself -
And there isn't

Anonymous said...

It is necessary to understand that I Am, In order that I may know that I Am Not, So that, at last, I may realise that,I Am Not, therefore I Am.
* * *
We do not possess an 'ego'.
We are possessed by the idea of one...
The seeing of Truth cannot be dualistic (a 'thing' seen).
It cannot be seen by a see-er, or via a see-er.
There can only be a seeing,
which itself is Truth...
In the words of St Francis of Assisi: "What you are looking for is the One who is looking"...

THIS which is seeking is THAT which is sought, and
THAT which is sought is THIS which is seeking.
What we appear to be is a fleeting shadow, a distorted and fragmentary reflection of what we all are when we no longer assume that we are that phenomenal appearance...
As long as there is a 'you' doing or not-doing,
thinking or not-thinking,
'meditating' or 'not-meditating'
you are no closer to home
than the day you were born...
* * *
Having found no self that is not other,
The seeker must find that there is no other that is not self,
So that in the absence of both other and self,
There may be known the perfect peace,
Of the presence of absolute absence...

This 'real' nature, with whose revelation the Chan Masters are primarily concerned, or the Atman-'I' of the Vedantists, is not the far-off, unreachable will-o'-the-wisp we are apt to imagine, but just the within of which we know the without. It is just the other side of the medal, and it lies wherever our senses and our intellect cease to let go...

One must know that one is not, in order to be able to understand that we are...

A myriad bubbles were floating on the surface of a stream.
'What are you?' I cried to them as they drifted by.
'I am a bubble, of course' nearly a myriad bubbles answered,
and there was surprise and indignation in their voices as they passed.
But, here and there, a lonely bubble answered,
'We are this stream', and there was neither surprise nor indignation in their voices, but just a quiet certitude...
* * *

Anonymous said...

During the two-and-a-half millennia of recorded history none of the sages has been able to transmit further or other representation of what apparent sentient-beings are in relation to the apparent universe in which they appear to be spatially and temporally extended. Religious elaboration of its own metaphysical basis, however comforting it may be, factually can only confuse the issue; but this does not mean that such elaboration is in any degree more or less false or more or less true in itself, relatively regarded, than any other speculation, but only that it must necessarily belong, however apparently spiritual, to the conceptual universe in which it inheres.
On the basis of this understanding the way should be clear for direct apperceiving of what each of us is and what all of us are as apparent sentient-beings; for without such necessary clearance, which is the negation of all the positive nonsense which holds us in supposed 'bondage', we are like lost children in a conceptual forest of our own imagining...
Some people are likely to read these lines who are not seeking fulfillment, but fulfillment needs no seeking, and seeking will always maintain the apparent absence of fulfillment. If the imaginary forest has been cleared we have only to look in order to apperceive what, when, and where we are, that it is not what we know, but what 'I AM', and that unborn, unliving, undying, it is here and now and forever...

Anonymous said...

I know that the last few additions here which were sent from this machine will fall on deaf ears. Why? Because you will read and try to under-stand with the mind. Godsend, did you ever hear about Jesus saying "All these things that I do, ye can do and more"? What he meant of course is that we are ALL God. There is no special "higher" be-ing. There is only being. Jesus was an example of the possibilities for all of us. He lived from his heart rather than thoughts. Many sages down through the ages have said "I am not different than you, except I remember who I am, while you have forgotten"
So whatcha waitin for? Wake up!
Let go of worshiping words and books and "higher" beings and ACT the way Jesus acted.
Act like your-SELF rather than the little me that thinks it is something less than God...
Focus on the others...let go of your precious be-liefs and just BE what you ARE...

Anonymous said...

Know EXACTLY what youre talking about (radio traffic of the enforcement variety etc. in an urban psychedelic experience.) Since 911 and the advent of Bushevism, one should forget the attempt anywhere near an urban environment. Since then I wouldnt consider doing it except twenty miles down a forest road in a wilderness area (ID and MT, mostly).

Anonymous said...

Lemme get this straight: wu's on 1st and wei's on 2nd? I am right or am I? wat's covering home plate?

Anonymous said...

wu wei (said):

Godsend, did you ever hear about Jesus saying "All these things that I do, ye can do and more"? What he meant of course is that we are ALL God.

You have NO idea of what He meant! (of course) ;)

Then wu wei said:

Act like your-SELF rather than the little me that thinks it is something less than God...

Here, wu wei reaches nutso stage!

Then wu wei added:

just BE what you ARE...

When you put that all together you have a pompous and delusional nutso who thinks he is God!

Now listen up carefully, pompous, delusional nutso wu wei:

You are NOT God. In fact, you are more like an infinitesimal and worthless blob of scum, in God's objective eyes. Your spiritual understanding of God and His Word (Holy Scripture) is nil. I could drag this out into a long refutation but let's cut to the quick:

Watch "The Passion" and pay very careful attention to what goes on there. Then read Holy Scripture (especially Ecclesiastes and John - not just the parts you like). Here are some words and sentences that you should carve into your mind:

"You must be born again"

"We all fall short of the Glory of God"

"God loved us while we were still sinners"

"It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of the living God"

"My thoughts are higher than your thoughts"

Medidate on what you saw and read. (take 6 months, at least)

THEN, come back here and re-read your earlier posts - you will be convinced that the person who wrote those words WAS (I hope) a pompous and delusional nutso! - who can now SEE! )

Anonymous said...

Why ah do believe that ah do detect a "pompous, delusional nutso" in here. But not the one (wu wei) who stands accused. Instead it's (godsend) the accuser.

[insert "raspberry" sound here]


Anonymous said...


I am overwhelmed by the compelling reasoning of your last post! It is commensurate with the compelling reasoning of your previous posts! But I'm sure your heart is in the right place. :)

Anonymous said...

annemarie - you've tempted me

godsend, stop playing with wei wei
You'll go blind


Anonymous said...

GodSend said...


I am overwhelmed by the compelling reasoning of your last post! It is commensurate with the compelling reasoning of your previous posts! But I'm sure your heart is in the right place. :)



Now don't be overwhelmed. :( You just earned an extra, heapin' helping of "raspberries" from my heart to yours. Bon appetit!

Anonymous said...

annemarie - you've tempted me...


Heehee. Why Tony, I do declare! Ma pleasure Sir. Though I do feel you may be a tad late with the advice. ;)


Anonymous said...

Godsend is an example of the sick mind. Is that redundant? Afraid of what it does not grasp, it lashes out with words meant to wound (a falsely perceived an-other), not realizing that only the same little self is being wounded. It's neither good nor bad. Just more of All That Is playing with Itself as all possibilities, including the delusional child which calls itself Godsend.



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