Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Colors and Variations of a Life

Sometimes the world fills our windshield and we forget what powers the car. It’s never a good thing for the driver because no matter what direction you head in it doesn’t lead anywhere. After awhile you might begin to believe this world is all there is. And there you will be until some fortuitous misfortune, trauma or act of grace knocks you down on the road to Damascus somewhere on the outskirts of Samarra. Well, you’re always on the outskirts of Samarra; on the Samarra beltway as I like to call it.

Speaking of skirts and suggesting slips and more undergarments, it’s an interesting feature that the clothing is a brilliant white until the form within it moves and all the colors of the rainbow are revealed. You have to attain to a much greater intimacy before you see that whiteness again. The last undergarment is darkness absolute. ...With me so far?

Life in search of itself is a condition that does not lend itself to words because in order to paint description you need colors. Right there... right there you are back on the beltway. How much intensity does it take to master the situation? The first intensity is to constantly remind the mind that it is speechless concerning the thing. But... but...

♫I wish that for just one time I could stand inside my shoes.♫

Giving life, living life, taking life... frolicking through the maze, devil may care for the length of a life and then suddenly waking up inside the self constructed consequences that follow life to life. And it all looks so solid and fixed and populated with the familiarities that you dreamed up according to where you were headed, are headed. People, languages, locations, relations, religions, governments; it all seems to be remarkably real. It was brilliantly and iridescently white and devoid of qualities just a short time ago and now it’s all colored and labeled and walking down the sidewalk or driving down the street.

Go here and type in PDF. Be sure and set “Results per page:” at 100 and “Maximum age of post:” at 200. Now you should have some thousands of pages of documents from just the last two hundred days that you can download and read; provided you have a Usenet account (I recommend Giganews) and a Newsreader. You can probably figure it out, it’s not rocket science and you can find out all you want to know about rocket science and practically ‘anything’ you can think of in this list. As you scroll from page to page I think you will be astounded and amazed at what is available for your attention. I think you will also realize it would take a few lifetimes just to get through what is on these pages of the last two hundred days, much less master more than a few.

That is just this one location and only for 200 days. It bears thinking about. When one has this in mind it is possible to approach awe in the proper manner. Then you might consider that this is just one planet; once incalculably, microscopic and insignificant planet in a vastness beyond measure.

So... given that, what do you think might be the most important thing to consider? What would be the most important question you could ask? Who am I?

Now... some people won’t even read what’s written here. Some people won’t click on the link. Some people won’t proceed on after the link appears. Some people won’t follow the rest of the suggestions and very few people will let page after page unfold. Almost no one will keep going past the pages of German texts that will appear now and again for as much as 20 pages. Though I am only at Day 42 right now I will certainly go through the whole thing... but that’s just me.

I want to know what’s there. It could be that something I’m really looking for will show up on Day 99. After all, I found Manly Palmer Hall’s “Secret Teachings of All Ages.” in “Fringe Research Resources” somewhere around Day 11. That would be Day 12 to you. I didn’t know that FRR was there and it was only by going on and on that I got there and what a wealth of metaphysical work is located in that newsgroup- a.b.paranormal

The Palmer Hall book costs several hundred dollars. I bought my original for 15 some years ago. Things change.

Am I going to find out who I am by doing this? That’s an interesting question. I can learn to build nearly every structure you can imagine from the woodworking plans I found here. I can understand most every science and technology from what I’ve seen so far. I’m hard pressed to think of what hasn’t been listed already.... All the medical books needed to be anything from a surgeon to a psychiatrist. It is remarkable what is there for the taking.

The real truth of the matter is even more surprising. Inside my own mind is a collection of information, knowledge and wisdom that dwarfs what I can find in this listing. Sciences unknown reside there. Understandings of the information contained in this listing is there and far more precise than what can be gained by reading all of these texts.

To access this internal information I also need a subscriber account and a reader. I need to be able to log in and I need to know how to log in. There’s a handy dandy help button too.

You can find things in this outer listing that will introduce you to certain techniques that lead to the gates of the inner listing. The people who wrote these things are guides but not all of them knew where they were going. You can also find all kinds of things that have no other applications than the world you see on the beltway. I don’t need to tell you that the beltway is a loop.

Well, there are guides on the inside too. Not all of them know where they’re going either and that’s where intensity and sincerity pay off. You don’t get serious help unless you are serious and there’s no concealing that. I’ll wager that if you do nothing more than ask, “Who am I?” and at all other times say, “I don’t know.” that you will achieve the right result sooner or later. Some of us don’t require as much pummeling as others. Eventually it becomes a massage.

Who will be fascinated enough to travel through the list? Who will take it as a cue to look for the treasure house within? Deep in the inner ocean, down in the depths lays many a sunken chest that can be opened to reveal curious things with powers unguessed at. To control the mind the way a diver does his breath is a most useful talent.

Waiting in the mind at all times is a guide who will know the moment you are willing to venture in. A great force of good will shall brim forth instantly at your call. Who am I? “Follow Me.” says the little voice “and be not afraid.”

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kikz said...

mornin les :)

it's good to get back to the other side of my brain. with all the chaos swirling in the material world, thanks for the pullback, to true north. it's hard for me to keep on course, in the dark of night - till the clouds clear and navigation eases.

glad you found MP Hall, i also have a good link for SToAA. he's always provided me good reference material. i even was on his philosophical research society's mailing list for a few yrs..

i bought it more than a decade ago, the sticker says 24.USD, and i am astounded at the current price you quoted...

i do intend to check out FRR, but i don't have unlimited time to peruse it.

sacredtexts offers a narrower scope for your metaphysical meanderings, an... offers a site or .www confined search function, from any second page off home.

sockmonkey said...

funny. i was thinking yesterday that, who am i IS the ultimate question.

sockmonkey said...

are we simply an aspect of the process of the universe being self aware ?

is this manifestation an elaborate and now corrupted initiation designed to make us aware of this. hence the same problems occuring over and over again and the absolute insane nature of so called civilation today ?

Anonymous said...

Asking "Who Am I"? is a start. But more important is deep sincerity in the asking, and the patience when the "answer" does not blurt out immediately, to continue with the quest for Truth to the almost exclusion of everything else.
Thanks for the re-mind-er...

Anonymous said...

My 4yo g/daughter knows who she is (me) but she is always asking...

annemarie said...

agin, before I read the comments...

Thank you :)

"After awhile you might begin to believe this world is all there is."

heehee, tis so true dat ;)


and now having read the comments (thus far)

Hey Tony!
Yes :) And I'm more inclined to the why also.

Thank you ever'body :)

annemarie said...

A short video clip on 8 principles of having fun.

Injoy :)



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