Friday, March 14, 2008

Beyond the Hands that Reach out from the Grave

I don’t know any greater obstacle to one’s progress on the path than that of one’s environment and the peer pressure that attends it. This includes the residue of old habits and patterns which the environment repeats through those who haven’t changed them yet and those who are just picking them up. It’s a little like being Frodo after being wounded at Roundtop and it’s a little like these lines from “Cynara”, “But I was desolate and sick of an old passion,” There is this murk, this cosmic slime of our past that reaches out like hands to pull us back. Few they are that trudge on to the end.

Those who trudge on to the end arrive. Those who plateau remain there until circumstances ‘force’ them onward. Better to be about it all the time than to have circumstance force you.

I can be as serene as the clear blue skies when I am in my cloistered environment. There is nothing to stir the reactive mind. Let me go down into the marketplace and I must be wary and watchful because conflict seeks my company. Strange dancers want me to do the ‘get out of line dance’. People push and prod and poke. On the internet, unknown nameless beings troll and tease, trespass and slander. They don’t know who they are. They don’t know who I am. We have never met. It doesn’t matter. They are at war with imaginary beings and everyone they encounter wears their face.

It is their right to be as they are. It is not my job to change them or convince them of anything. Once again, one must be wary and cautious. In a moment all good intentions can go out the door because an ill wind blew innuendo. Lao Tzu said, “Compassion is a weapon from the sky ‘against’ being dead”. Whatever someone might steal from you do not let them steal your compassion.

It is definitively true that you shouldn’t get into a pissing match with skunks and that if you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas. As confident as we are of our poise and balance, we can lose it in an instant. It’s a difficult art. Seldom has a day passed when I am not confronted by it. It is an argument that cannot be won and should never be engaged in. I try to remember that it takes two to tangle. I try to remember the essential tai chi. Invariably it slips. The reactive mind reacts.

I am coming to believe that stilling the reactive mind is the sine qua non of metaphysical work. Progress is not possible until it occurs and every time the wagon wheel falls back into the rut it must be lifted out again; ten thousand times ten thousand times, until you CAN compel the very demons of the deep.

Zealotry is not an asset unless it’s a private affair. Most people do not want to hear about “the Path”, they just don’t. It’s an annoyance and a reminder of something they are trying to forget. One might say their lives are composed of efforts to forget it. More than at any other time we live in an ‘eat drink and be merry’ age. It’s not wise to get between a man and his appetites.

Everyone except the psychopaths has a conscience and it wounds them daily. To have you step in as an accessory is not advisable. Still, there are those who do want to hear about the path. They like to talk about it and think about it because they delight in it. Their treasures are there.

So, regardless of those who do not want to hear, one can still present it on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. On occasion, in other places, people will tell me they are sick of hearing about it. However, by this time, they know what I’m going to be talking about, so it begs the question of why they bother to come into my store if they aren’t interested in the wares. It’s not going to keep me up at night if they don’t hear about it. And so we come round to the hands reaching from the grave; the dogs barking at the caravan, the catcalls and the memory in the murk that wants nothing more than to pull us down into the hole that it is in. Misery loves company. By this time one has probably gotten the idea that there are more homilies in this essay than there are ticks in a West Virginia meadow.

Homilies are the hardpan of the path. Like anything else that one has heard all their life long, the meaning no longer attaches itself to the words. We don’t notice the ground on which we walk. We don’t thank our feet. We think everything belongs to us; our body and its components, our minds and our emotions, our thought and our feelings. We think these things are our property so it makes you wonder why they don’t obey us. Jesus had something to say about how little power we have in these matters.

None of these things belong to us and none of them are us. Our thoughts and feelings are drawn from a common pool and articulated according to our dispositions. Identifying with them takes us right back to the hands reaching from the grave and the pulling of the murk and the agitations pinging on the reactive mind.

For myself, and possibly for you as well, I have to walk a fine line between being obliging and confronting. I don’t like being pushed around, especially when I am already giving way. Once I understood that the enemy was within, I have not encountered another bully since. They don’t see me. Become invisible and let your twelve foot high Tibetan Devil Dogs accompany where you go. People can’t see them but they know something is there.

This takes us to the Valley of the Shadow of Death and “if God is for me then who can be against me” and “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.” Sometimes a person goes off and the assumption is that they are not spiritual. I note in the lives of all the great teachers of humanity that nearly all of them went off on people at times and the ones who didn’t were exponents of that. You may not be a Buddhist. You may not be a Hindu. You may not be anything and you might be everything but whatever you are, you should have confidence in it. They all work. They all come from the same source and are accommodations of different perspectives on the same path. Once you get to the mountain top you can see all the ways down.

Whenever anyone argues that their way, or the way of some teacher whose way they are misinterpreting, is the only way; they are wrong. Whenever someone insists that they are right, they are wrong. Whenever someone argues about something, which requires no argument because its existence is its perfect defense, they are wrong.

“Perseverance furthers.” If you don’t give up you cannot fail. Of course it’s not easy. That’s how the sincere are separated from the dilettantes because the dilettantes can’t hack the trials. You want your heart to blossom with hope and have a remarkable certitude and conviction? Ask yourself, “Do I really want this?” If the answer is “yes.” you are home free. You cannot fail. It is not I who guarantee this, even though I do. That which you seek is seeking you. Prevail.

Don’t listen to the wind that whistles through dead trees. Don’t mind the hands from the grave and the burbling murk. Soldier on. Sing the Chumbawumpa song. Don’t let nobody bring you down. The world is full of people listening to everyone else and watching everyone else and behaving like everyone else and thinking they are different. You can’t adapt your behavior to the crowd and stay on the path very long. The crowd is an exit ramp. If the crowd agrees with you, you are wrong.

Yes, it is very hard but I will tell you a secret. All the other ways, all the easy ways are all harder. What everyone else is doing is harder than this. It only seems harder because you are doing it alone and it only feels harder because you think you are doing it alone. You are not alone. You could never pull this off by yourself.

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Anonymous said...

It was on the tip of my laptop to ask you what it is that makes these apologists do what they do as they in my opinion do not most likely enjoy the killer profits that come with the lies so I kept asking myself why do they do what they do and then you read my mind and the rest as they say is history my eyes you opened and the journey continues.
Once again thank you.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to begin with this one. All I know is that you're singing my song. I mentioned to you one time about an experience I had when I was very young. I had another similar one when I was 19 and it was a very important event in my life. This essay makes me think of that time period. I literally had to change almost everything that I was using at that time to define myself. My group of friends, about 10-15 people - 5 of which I lived with - became almost intolerable to me literally overnight. It's not that they were bad people it's just that our entire way of being, everything we did and who we were, became instantly repulsive to me. I quit sleeping at my own apartment and found other places to stay. Within weeks I hardly ever saw any of them again. God only knows what they were thinking about me at the time and what they may think of me now. These were good friends and I'd known some of them since I was in elementary school.

Everything changed right there and I guess you could say I've been trodding the path since that time but I've definitely had my share of lifting myself out of the rut ten thousand times and then ten thousand more times. You have to have a sense of humor, most importantly about yourself. Otherwise this is an unbearable journey. One goes along the best they can given the cards they have been given in this particular life. I envy your willingness and ability to remove yourself from the common environment. I've done that to what extent I can at this time. I hope to take it a step further but I'm years away from that. And then there is also the part of me that thinks it's good for the 'normal' environment to rub elbows (so to speak) with a consciousness that is consumed with the path, even if it's just a subtle unspoken thing which would be the case with me.

The way I relate to and derive inspiration from these essays is something really amazing to me. I offer my deepest and most sincere gratitude for your work here.


Anonymous said...

True Les but even the most fervent need to rest every now and then.

Anonymous said...

The "me doing" becomes "this happening" and all one can do is watch the unfolding.
Once again Les, thank you for words that contain an impetus and carry with it an awareness that penetrates to the false within..and reveals what lies beneath all.

Visible said...

Hello People;

I've just discovered that none of my replies to emails are being received. This has been going on for weeks apparently and I only figured it out by sending myself letters and not getting them. If you have written me a letter and did not get a reply please let me know. I have your emails and I will answer you again through another mail program.

I am very sorry about this.

kikz said...


i wander the warrens of the internet gathering...then turning it over in my mind i leave it to stew...
then i make the journey here to see you and what you're observing/studying/commenting on and i have ....

the serpent eating its tail.

it's happened so frequently of late, it makes me smile. :)

this last was gnosis/endocrine system...
encoded cellular destiny from "beyond the grave" as it were.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les, for sending yourself a letter, thank you for Visible Origami, thank you for having comments here, thank you to the commenters. Thank you for giving a name/a description to the path, thank you for opening the door. Thank you for these presents.

Love, Nina

Anonymous said...

We resonate. Thank you. There are lessons in the blessings, and blessings in the lessons. I continue to learn and grow.


Ben There said...

Hey Les,

I finally created a blog. No particular theme and I'm not sure how much actual posting I'll be doing yet but wanted to let you know I was there.


kikz said...

hi ben... i'm not too 'fer a piece' from ya... up here in allen, tx. just north of plano.




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