Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Posting from the Central Command

As promised, here is the tale of what happened to me in the last six weeks. You’ve heard some portion of it at different places. Some of you will accept that this is what I heard and just look at it for the value that might be extracted from it. Some will have other views and it doesn’t much matter to me what they are. I’m not making any claims about myself in regard to this and I’m not going to say anything about what I was told personally, or where mentioned, except in one incidence as you will see.

I was told some permutation of the same thing over and over. I was told to take some of the Ayahuasca that I have, on several occasions. The intensity of the experience would increase and diminish according to what was happening and sometimes more watered down versions were far stronger than what I had from the initial first time ingestion. Though I have had well over a thousand of these sorts of engagements over the years I have never before had the potency of the moments accelerated and diminished according to the will of the one in control of the matter and I assure you that that wasn’t me.

Given my somewhat vast experience in these matters I think I can be relied on to know the difference between what is actual and what is imagined. As I said, I don’t care what anyone thinks about this so spare me your giving me the Buddha-rap about something you weren’t present for and which repeated itself nearly the same way every time and regardless of whether the chemicals were present or not present, or were psychedelic or just Campari fueled. It didn’t matter... and it kept happening and sometimes it still jumps in for a little while and goes away and it is a good thing that I went mad a long time ago because otherwise it would have been overwhelming at times and I was also alone for the whole period and in a secluded rural setting.

Just the details with brevity at hand; for what is in order. First glimmer was a wide yawn and a soft voice saying, “Thank you visible for waking me up.” Imagine cobwebs being brushed aside from dreaming eyes... I didn’t have to. I was there. (and this is the extent of where I will go with personal references except when I was being addressed.

“Yes. Thank you for waking me up ( it’s to be understood that that means woken up in me and for the purpose of the process). I’ve been dreaming. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t here. I was. It’s different now. I’m waking up. The first thing I’m going to do is stretch a little... (and some of that happened) and then I am going to have my morning coffee. Time’s different for me than it is for you visible but. I have to say, in this case... it’s not going to be the usual long stretch. No, I’m here now and it’s going to move more quickly but not at human speed. So... I’m going to stretch and then I’m going have my morning coffee and then I am going to confer my blessings. As usual this means fewer than I would have liked.

After this... after I have stretched and had my morning coffee and dispensed my blessings, I am going to offer forgiveness. I am going to open a window. I am going to make an hour of forgiveness... which won’t be your time... but I am going to offer this and some will take advantage of my mercy and... I am merciful... you may be sure. In many cases... I am inclined toward forgiveness. In some cases there is no forgiveness and you know some of who they are and they wouldn’t take it anyway; preferring my other side which they do not realize is also me. And after that (and here he repeats the same litany over again as he does every time) after I have done these things and offered my forgiveness and my forgiveness has been accepted or rejected, unseen or ignored... well, after that, after that, visible... I am going to kick some ass. I am going to show up. I am going to show up right in the middle of the evil doings... right in the middle of the evil doers and I am going to expose them and present them to the world for the opprobrium and censure and punishment that this world has to give and then I am going to send them to Hell.” And so I shook and trembled at this as I did every time it got said and... it would show up hours... days later.... It didn’t matter... it would show up and get said again emphatically. This went on for about six weeks and I was barely hanging on a lot of the time but able to do what I had to do when I had to do it.

At times this scared the shit out of me and I was told not to worry because I had to go through this to hear this and it would be over soon. I was, on occasion crushed by the immensity of it. I had to go lay down on my futon couch and my right knee would slam over and over again into the cushion as various points were emphasized. And this happened whether I was on something or not on something and it didn’t matter if these ‘something’s’ were radically different in atmosphere. There was no escaping it. There was often no warning, though sometimes there was; “I want you to go lay down for a little while visible cause I have to do some stuff..” and of course I did... some of it did not feel good. It was like being born or washed when you don’t want a bath.

I was introduced to the ‘thought packages’ which are a little like those Indian dream catchers that you see and they appear in the air... it’s an email kind of thing and I saw some poisonous shit. I was dragged at high speed through foundries and dungeons and abandoned hospitals with scum and water and blood on the floor and I saw Hellraiser type entities half flesh, half metal parts, sometimes joined on Ferris Wheels and Whirley Gigs with lots of people slicing and dicing and Leggo-connecting and detaching and Hieronymus Bosch aspected things. Sometimes this was scary to the point of the total loss of self and sometimes it was just ‘here we go’... the movie, Jacob’s Ladder comes to mind also. But there was always the light and the presence to be found and I was sometimes in a state where all I could say was, “I love you God.” Over and over as if that was the only mantra or thing I could hold on to and that was enough.

It’s still doing this but it is many, many times easier to experience than it was. It’s more benevolent now but it still throws things at me and says, “Oh, by the way, you have to look out for that too.”

Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt would show up, others too and be right there and it would be, “How would you like to be me?” ...not in a negative way. Later for that stuff... but funny.... Very and there was no mistaking that it was their persona to walk around in.

I could do a ream of paper on what happened and not cover it so, Let me go back to what I heard over and over and over. “Thank you for waking me up....” And then the whole litany gets said again. In conclusion for this post, for this part, he went on to say that he knew exactly where everybody was and exactly what all of them were doing and that they had better take advantage now of the hour of forgiveness or they had better fucking run and hide, not that that will do any good. During this period... the stretching happened, the morning coffee happened, the blessings happened and they are continuing and may not be seen or noticed right away and the forgiveness portion is in the process at the moment.

This is the general theme. He also said,

“I know how it is with the people. They have these armies and money. They have these networks of control. Who is going to fuck with them? Uh Huh... I am going to fuck with them.. They want to know where I’m going to come from? They want to know where am I going to get the might to do these things? Hey, I’m God... I can do what I please and as for showing up... I am going to show up inside of them and I am going to teach them the meaning of the word Fear.

“I’m going to screw up what they do and turn it back on them. I am going to expose them and they are going to run but there will be no where to run. I am going to hang them up in front of each other and so on and so forth and so very much more.”

That’s some small portion of it, without the emphasis part that I got and without the visuals and sound effects which were state of the art. So if you wonder why I am talking the way I do these days well... this is why.

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abel said...

Somethings different now. For the last week or so I've felt an unusual peace. Its the kind that exceeds understanding and I just let it bathe me. Maybe its autumn, or the autumn of the age.
Peace be with you, Al B.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Just excellent. Thank you for sharing. I have had similar experiences during meditation and "sweats". The "thought packages" I called blocks of information.
Putting experiences like that into writing is difficult at best. There is just so much to the whole thing.
Rest. Be ready.


notamobster said...

Thanks for taking the time and energy, les. You're a blessing to many people.

Ben There said...

Very encouraging information Les. My congratulations to you and us. Glad things have settled down a little though.

Visible said...

Hey Ben...

Like the suit (grin).

Believe me I am more glad than you... being in it.

Thank you for that. Thank you for a lot of things. All of you here... you are wonderful people.

Strange days to be sure.


Ben There said...

Les -

My email might not have come through but I wanted to ask if you keep your old essays somewhere.
There's one I was telling nota about and I wanted to send it to him but I somehow lost it and can't find it in your archives or anyone else.

The title is: "Losing Beautifully And Winning It All"

young brother said...


Your vision is very interesting. I laughed, I cried, I scratched my head.

What you have been shown is a solid Biblical truth. I have been geared and prepared for the End of Days my entire life (all 25 years of it)...and I am very familiar with the Bible. In it, there is a paradox concerning the "Day of the Lord" Peter says that everything will be consumed in fire, and all of the elements will melt together in fervent heat. A lot of rapture-believing Christians are hoping for that: an apocalyptic bloodbath starring all but the righteous.

Contrary to that mainstream vision, my heart has always hoped that there would be a grace period between when the "shaking" starts, and people can no longer ignore how serious this time is, and when the "final judgment" comes.

I see that as the time when all of those who have been given the light by God will be sent forth (like the army of Gideon) to share that light with the world. I believe that certain people all around the world, of all faiths have been entrusted with God's light, and the objective ahead of us is to go forth into the darkness (to a greater degree than now). In the darkness are two kinds of people. "The lost" are those who have been swept away by the mainstream view of reality...who are selfish, ignorant, and apathetic only because it's the norm to be like that. These people will be touched and saved when then encounter the the parable of the missing sheep. The darkness also holds the "wicked" who know the truth about God, who have the means to share, care and change the world for the better...but choose to fight against God, and the poor.

God will sort between the "lost" and the "wicked"...our responsibility is to use our light to shine in the darkness, on all who dwell in it. The "Lost" will come to the light...the "wicked" will try to destroy it (but they won't be able to). The truth of God's closeness and sovereignty is the "gospel of the Kingdom". It is above all else a message of Love, but also a message of Justice, a message of Consequences for this fallen system. These are very, very interesting days.


Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

Anonymous said...

Vlad the Putin just parked some bombers in Venezeula and ships are steaming there now. He might have a wrench to throw in the plans of the satanic vampire whores.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

So THAT's where you went. I knew it had been some intense shit, but damn, my friend ... that's a vision and a half.

It's strange, but now that all those things I used to view with fear and trepidation are coming to pass, I'm strangely calm about it all. The world is burning ... but it doesn't really seem like my world anymore ... so I'm just wandering the periphery, sharpening a stick, and looking for some marshmallows.

I love you, man.

Anonymous said...

Central Command, eh?

Here in the USA we like to call it CENTCOM - in the biggest, boldest font possible. You see, we are the ones in charge, and don't you forget it! I know because I see how awesome our nation is every day - just look at how compassionate we are and how we support each other. Especially the troops! Hell, I saw, like, FIVE magnets on cars today supporting the troops. How many magnets do you have on YOUR cars?

We have the best weapons and the bravest, most honorable men and women on the planet spreading freedom across the globe, led by the most intelligent, no, brilliant leaders a nation could hope for. We rock, dude!

What can your "God" hope to accomplish against all of our might? I saw another magnet today that said "God bless the USA" next to one that said "God bless our troops", and it even had stars and stripes on it. You think your God can take our God? I'll bet he doesn't even have a cool name for it like "Operation Wake Up, Dumbshit". Heh, it'll be a cakewalk. I'll just borrow the words of our great leader here;

"Bring it on!"


Thank you, Les, for laying yourself naked for all of us to see, and not being afraid of "appearances". It is so wonderful to share these interesting times with interesting people. I would so love to take the kind of "trip" you did and hope to get some "confirmation" sooner rather than later. Be well, and thank you once again.


Mark said...

"I am going to show up inside of them..."

That's exactly how it works - actually it's already happened...

The spider goats are here...and they are inside you - all of you...good luck getting rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Well Les,
I can think of nobody better for 'God' to give this information to than you sir. All praise to you for sharing that.

Steve B

Anonymous said...

The shock of a learning session is traumatic. God can say or do anything. And for anyone..At all. Faith is protection and all else is moot.

I said i forced my bottom high. I waited to receive the kick and chose a path of FIX versus a walk of control.

Now i have the hope of the ultimate prize that will be mine a hope for the hearing of the voice ALL are given to find the path to home.

Jody Paulson said...

The hour of forgiveness ... for some reason that makes me think of Ted Haggard's last sermon.

Ted Haggard was the head pastor of the New Life Church, regular adviser to George Bush, and virulently anti-gay. Just before he was exposed by a male escort for soliciting sex and crystal meth,

"Haggard prayed, 'Heavenly Father give us grace and mercy, help us this next week and a half as we go into national elections and Lord we pray for our country. Father we pray lies would be exposed and deception exposed. Father we pray that wisdom would come upon our electorate…'"

Maybe God saved that man's soul by answering his prayer. It never hurts to pray for mercy, though the truth might hurt *a lot*, in the end it will set us free.

Anonymous said...

Hi les. If I were not aware of certain things, I would tell you to stay away from that shit as it can mess-up your mind. I have never used any substance to tap into the spirit world or to awaken the spirit within me. Being in touch with God is one thing, but using ancient potions or chemicals or magic mushrooms or whatever, to get there, is dangerous, as you know. The problem for me would be fear, fear that the spirit I was communicating with could be from the dark side, if you get my meaning. I believe the spirits of good and evil are in a battle for souls and that dark can sometimes use truth or light, for its own ends. In other words, weeds can be planted in the fields of truth in order to deceive even the elect, whoever they are. How can a person know the difference between a true message and a false one if someone or something has been messing around in the message, changing bits and pieces of it? It's a bit like the bible. I was brought up to believe in the bible. I say brought up, but what I mean is that I found God and started to read the bible some 20 years or more ago. Now after believing, I am told, by the Catholic Church no less, that maybe some parts of the bible are not really true. Therefore, if I were to give you a book and tell you, here is the truth and then said latter on, well some parts are not quite true. How could you know then which parts to believe in and which parts you should not believe? This is what I mean about the truth being mixed-in with the lies so that confusion comes in. That said, I am not judging you, I am just giving my thoughts. Going back to what I said at the start. "If I were not aware of certain things" what I mean is this. As a catholic, I have, for a number of years, followed certain messages, supposedly from Our Lady. I am not advising you to do the rosary or anything like that or saying you should convert. It just so happens, that one of those messages is close to what you said you got. I am talking here about the forgiveness and the time left and how some will repent and some will not and so on. I am talking about a direct intervention from GOD/Jesus. Have you ever heard of the messages of Garabandal. Our Lady told the visionaries there that God would make it knowing to all of us that He is there/here and there would be no mistaking it was Him. He will let each one of us see ourselves as He sees us, that is to say, the state of our souls. We would be made aware of our sins or wrong doings, whatever way you want to put it. This apparition happened in the early 60s and the visionaries were, warned that this event would happen in their life times. Anyway, if you are interested just Google Garabandal and read it for yourself. You may not be in-to the whole Mary thing and that's your right, you won't go to hell for not believing in Mary, but one needs to believe in God if they want to get to heaven. I know from your writings that you already believe in God. Anyway, I just thought the similarity in what you said in you post and the messages of Garabandal are close, in some ways.

Then there are those who believe we are heading for a time of awakening in or around 2012 when man would reach a new understanding a new age. I am talking here of the Mayan long count calendar that runs out in 2012. There are some, who believe the return of Planet X and the Anunnaki. Then there is all the stuff that happening around the world.

I can just see God stretching, having His morning coffee, handing out His blessings and then kicking some ass. Time line, I think it will come soon, very soon. The blessings, are sent out and some are beginning to see the truth and 'repenting' and some just keep going on in what they do. I was part of a group in Ireland who follow the messages of Love. These are messages from Jesus to the world. Jesus talks a lot about the Love He has for man and how man is rejecting that Love in favour of SELF. This is plain to see in our world, especial in today's world. Time is running out and if we don't wake up and smell God's coffee, which He is drinking now, then we are going to be in a whole lot of shit when He sips the last drags from the bottom of His cup. There are means and ways of getting into His 'good books' and my way may be different from yours, but what ever way we do it, we had better get doing it quick. There are lots of messengers, visionaries, prophets and seers out there and most if not all are of the same mind. Time is short.

Anonymous said...


That vision is a lot to handle, but remembering that we and the One who bestows our joyful burdens upon us are ultimately the same makes it a little easier. (not that any of us can maintain the presence of mind to remember that while our Sacred Backpacks are actively being filled, but we try!). I've been similarly crushed and shaken to the core, and been shown visions of things I knew were way too much for me but apparently not, so I could really relate to your description of the ineffably beautiful terror of apprehending the enormity of what you Saw.

Catharsis is found in visceral psychic terror (anyone who's been there knows what I mean) and I believe most people, if not everyone, benefits from an occasional dose of it. It tends to cleanse our perceptions in the way a wildfire cleanses an overgrown pasture of its weeds and thorn bushes. Once cleared, something new can grow there. I've found that it's also a kind of vaccine against panic when things get rough in the physical world. That's why I call it a 'joyful' burden; it weighs us down but without it we couldn't go anywhere.

There's going to be plenty of opportunity for panic in the coming years, and those of us who have already confronted the Terror will be capable of maintaining our composure while those who've been living entirely absorbed in the Self will go absolutely apeshit. Some already are.

Speaking of shit, there seems to be an awful lot of it piling up in our once-green pastures lately. This is not necessarily a bad thing (if we take the long view). As you and I and many of your readers know, there needs to be some arbitrary minimum amount of manure present in a suitable pasture for a certain Magic Mushroom to appear. Straight from a pile of shit, a vehicle to the Divine appears when conditions are just right. Since I see the mycelial networks of fungi as representing (and embodying) the fractal blueprints used by the spirit-that-moves-in-all-things to create our Universe, I find myself looking to some of the lowliest places to find the Highest inspiration.

Anyway, I'd say we now have plenty of bullshit piled up and it's about time for some Sacred Rain (excuse my impatience). Shortly after that arrives we will see the sudden emergence of many messengers of Spirit bursting from the piles of bullshit as the unseen networks that sent the messengers draw their sustenance from the very bullshit itself.

I've watched this process unfold many times in various pastures and it's always fascinating to see a fresh, steaming pile of repulsion transform into a messenger of God and then into fertile soil that sustains the life that will one day become yet another steaming pile of crap. I'm not sure where I'm going with this other than in circles, but where else is there to go?

As you can see, I've been getting a message similar to yours, only phrased slightly differently. I really enjoy reading or listening to other people's Visions; they always give me new insights into my own, and I keep noticing how when we look beyond the aesthetic details most Visions are essentially the same, or at least they're all pointing toward the same ultimate Truth.

Praying for rain,

The Village Idiot

P.S.: Relax, Brian. Ayahuasca, peyote, mushrooms, ibogaine, and a few other entheogenic drugs have stood the test of time (lots of time) and they are not so much gateways to the Spirit as they are conscious entities that guide us through dangerous places while under their protection (hence the term 'allies' often used in shamanic circles). It's going deep in the Spirit world without an ally that is truly dangerous (in my experience), though it's sometimes necessary to get things done.

Also, I do not believe that Darkness can use Truth or Light towards it's ends because a divided house cannot stand and Darkness vanishes in the presence of Light and burns in the presence of Truth. That's how I see it anyway. When Bibles spontaneously spring forth from manure piles instead of being printed by people I'll trust them to be more accurate than the Catholic church's version.

notamobster said...

Anonymous Z - that was some funny.... thanks for the laugh.

Les - if you question your impact, just take a look around your various sites, brother. You're influencing some very bright minds. You have the kind of spark that ignites brushfires in the minds of men.

Anonymous said...

Amazing synchronicity.

The message is so similar to what so many others are hearing now.

Trust. To all, Trust. He, (the one Pynchon called at the end of 'Against the Day' "The Compassionate"), is
ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR DOUBT. Don't let your ego get in the way. Sufi stuff is Bal Shem Tov stuff is Marian stuff. Listen to the whisper. He brings never fear but love.

Amazing synchronicity, Les.

Why did you choose "visible," with its reference to light, to Tzimtzum, the mystical theory of creation that God "contracted" his infinite light in order to allow for a "conceptual space" in which a finite, seemingly independent world could exist? Hashem "hides" in the world. The Hebrew word for "world" also means "hiding place." What is "visible?"

I remember reading once about the belief of an ancient tribe (?Hopi) that when we fall asleep and dream, we "wake up" in the real world, and that when we "wake up" in our world, we are entering a dreamscape.

Never mind that. Nevermind. Les, you are being told about the difference in time...Time...the word Kiros, as opposed to Chronos...God's time. This is his Hour of Mercy. You are being told about the Divine Mercy, almost exactly as it was conveyed to Faustina in the 1930s.

Dear readers, Trust. He is only limited by your doubt. Be calm, know the contentment He brings as what is about to happen happens. Knock, and He answers. He loves to forgive. Les is so right--he loves nothing so much as to forgive.

Sorry about the, ehrrm, lack of concision. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Okedoke, What do I say?
To my self: Don't do the automaic
denial via "new age" that most
Christians are taught to do.
I'm kind of a gnostic/Christian/Native American
type in Spiritual matters , which mirrors my musical side, which is Jazz/blues/rock/country/Gershwin/Clasical
instrumentalist, in that order.
(youtube randallcasters, and see the shit I get there for being me)
And to top it off, I've experienced Kundalini back in the 80's when I did TM while in prison,
an deduced it to be a neuron/nervous system response, which had a spiritual slant/possibility, but the excitation of having experienced
something which I thought was wishful thinking, or hyperbole,
which was not, ironically, prevented it's occurring again, as the "expectation of the event" kinda of messed up the TM.
Then I experienced two obees.
One in the 70's while taking a nap,
then again a year ago, which was much more controlled and breathtaking.
Conclusion? One knows one's state of consciousness (yay! first time I've spelled that word without spell check!) and one gets to know when they are different.
I knew during the last obee.
I even told a counselor at school (I'm an old guy) who gave me The Look.)
So, what do I intuit?
I intuit that Les, from the start,
wrote things that reminded me uncomfortably of: TADA Things Jesus
might be saying, were He to be talking about current events, in current language.
yeah, I know. NO I didn't believe him to be Jesus, or even some new age shit like channeling or whatever.
But I tell ya, it was spooky, to hear the words spoken, in such a way.
I've been a chemist of sorts in my life, wholly self taught, and
always illegal. I never made a profit, because I believed in what I was doing (primarily MDA in the 70's and MDMA (and other things)
in the 2000's) and one thing I noticed, is that the Empathy produce by these drugs was always superficial and short lived.
IOWS they didn't live up to that which I had gained as a human being/w/experience with a moral base of simple guidelines to draw from.
That being said, I have never taken Ayahuasca or it's derivatives or alkaloids.
I do not discount the fact that
psychedelics can and do produce
Spiritual experience.
The fact that the words and character of les' writings expressed a "Christian" connotation
before I knew anything other than what I read, does, to me resemble the guy I've discussed before.
The Dude, who saved lives in the plane crash in the Potomac years ago.
It was winter, and a chopper was doing rescues from the air.
One guy hearded all the others, one at a time, into the harness before himself, and ultimately drowned
from hypothermia.
it was on tape. I always thought of Christs words: No greater love Than a man give up his own life for his friends.
I thought, what if this guy was a Jew? Or Buddhist, or Mormon?
Anyway, what I'm try to show, is
that it is by your (sincere/words/actions) that you are a "Christian" You don't have to the Baptist Formal declaration thing.
Ye shall KNOW them by their fruits.
Not what they call themselves, not what they "attend" and certainly not what thy say that is the opposite of what they DO.
I believe in Universal salvation, unless you consciously have made a choice (this not discernible by me
or you--but a good guess in some cases), but by God the Father, who is NOT (IMOH) the God of the Hebrews of the old Testament
The two personalities are mutually exclusive.
.I conclusion God is mainifesting all over the place, given the times, and Les is getting his part to give to us. Via....
(What Does It Matter?)(it's the message that matters!!)

Justin_n_IL said...

GOD is a devouring fire. A devouring spiritual fire. HE will thoroughly purge his people of all impurities via fire. Via HIMSELF, literally. Not unlike the way that a man purges physical gold of impurities via physical fire. The biggest impurity needing purged is "doubt". Anything that is not of faith is sin. He who does anything and doubts that he is free to do it is snared in sin via his doubt(It's a battle in the mind. This all stems from the "knowledge of good and evil"). This is often a painful process as I am well aware of. But hey, the LORD chastises those whom HE loves.

Blessings of the spiritual sort is where it's at. Nevertheless GOD is going to follow those up with temporal blessings as well. All the world is getting ready to witness HIS handing out of blessings. Then it's going to witness HIS righteous judgment on those who oppress the meek as well as those who despise the TRUTH.


Anonymous said...

A brief synopsis of the speech by some figure in Washington last night put into layman's terms. Greetings my fellow dullard dumbasses. I come before you tonight to ask you to submit and give me more power as usual. I have done such a great job of converting this country into a third world laughing stock the past eight years you should just sign off now. As you know time is short and I must complete the fascist coup my grandfather started back in 1933. If you don't sign off on this plan me and my banker buddies will wreck the entire economy. Now back to regular programming.

Anonymous said...

The Sack N' Save bwahaha a Visibleism I added to the lexicon it makes me laugh when I'm out behind the Sack N' Save dumpster diving and I think of it. Just last week I found a cart of donuts, buns, bread, and English muffins! Most of it was not out of date, sealed up and not moldy. I took some buns a loaf of bread, box of muffins then grinded some up for the birds and stray cats. Taking more than you need to get by is rude. On the way home I thanked the divine source for looking out for me.

Anonymous said...

Learning and thanks is all it takes.

The good lord always gets the needs job done.

Thanks and more thanks Vis.

in Gods hand i trust.

Anonymous said...

High Command told me i needed strong boots. For the mounds of dust of before are to be trod down. A size 16 boot and a need to fix my area are all i need.

For THEY will be dust under My boot like it or not.

And boy did i ever get a nasty looking pair of em this time.

March the path. All who know anything about me know i March like Fuck!

Anonymous said...

Have you read this Les
The Lions in the Pews - from WRH
As a race we are a pack of devious bastards aren't we

kikz said...


glad the terror has subsided.

stay nekkid


Hunter said...

Les, favored psychedelic troubadour and all around excellent friend to so many....had to get that off my chest...As is so often the case with your good words and visions, I am taken back to the image of "The Mount of Fresh Springs" on your other website. Funny thing is,this is a real place. I`ve been there. It`s a good place in which to listen.To be receptive. And to be grateful. It`s also a good place to get your ass kicked and have a hairy rough and tumble slide to wherever the "bottom" is. The times they are condensing. This condensing will reveal the truth of what we are. Notamobster.....brushfire indeed. Connections abound. There has always been something of the forceful hand from above in my own ayahuasca experiences. It says, "Listen". It can immobilize a person in a harrowing way. I am thankful to you, Les and so many others on this site(sites)for making this time more acute. Togetherness is not just a hippy cliche`. For Life....Hunter

Duke said...

Peace be with you Les.

Here is a link about illusions and delusions:

Anonymous said...

The journey starts with the first step...and here is mine from years ago: Read Thomas Paine, Age of Reason...the whole thing is on line at
You don't want to be enslaved by politicians and bankers but yet you allow yourselves to be held captive by a book(s) that man wrote......for the benefit of certain men....sound familiar?
I can say that I am truly free....can you??

Anonymous said...

If I was rich I would buy a shortbus and put gold rims on it and window tint and give people rides to the pornshop, crackhouse, titty bar, liquor store, bread line wherever they were heading. It would have a 3000 CD changer and speakers under every seat.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share an experience that I had last night as it seems SOMETHING is moving into some of us and may have landed, literally, in my lap.

I have an 11 year old daughter who, in typical pre-teen fashion, is usually consumed with playing with friends, doing her homework, and trying to figure out (and explain to me) why her life will end if she doesn't get the Abercrombie/Hollister/insert-your-favorite-brand-name-here clothing that her peers get. Nothing unusual here, just trying to raise a kid in the belly of the beast and NOT create another consumer-bot. We live in a very affluent area but are pretty poor ourselves, and she is immensely talented musically and scores in the 98-99th percentile in her studies. She is very gifted and the light of my life.

My wife came and got me last night and said, "you need to talk to your daughter - she's VERY upset". I found her in tears, sobbing almost hysterically and saying "it's not fair" over and over again.

I held her and when she calmed down, asked her what was up. She then went on to say how sad she was that there were wars going on, and how she didn't want to see either of the candidates elected because they both talked about more wars(she watched the debate with us last week). She talked about how it wasn't fair that people were greedy and just wanted more and more with no regard for those who had less than they needed to survive. She told me how unfair it was that there was a girl in her class with brain cancer, and she couldn't get the treatment she needed without holding fundraisers and raising huge sums of money. She also mentioned how sad she was that so many people in the world were sad, hungry, and scared, and how she was just a little girl that could do nothing to help them even though that was all she wanted to do.

I try to keep my own worldview to myself and let them (I have a 9 year old as well) know generalizations, not specifics. I try to teach them fairness, consideration, compassion and honesty. I don't rant and they do not watch television AT ALL!

I understand hormones. I know she is sensitive and very compassionate. I just don't get what makes one take the leap from an innocent child, sheltered to a great extent from what is going on "out there", to someone seemingly crushed by the force of the unfairness of things. That was the word she repeated over and over again; unfair. The she asked me some questions:

Why are people so greedy? Why do people kill each other for things they don't need but just want? Why can't we just all share everything and take care of each other? Why can't her classmate just get the medical help she needs without someone making her pay for it? If this is the way the world is, isn't not being alive better?

She then went on to tell me that she thought all we need is to love each other and to be happy with what we have without looking for "things" to replace love in our lives. She said she felt sorry for people who needed to try and control everything and thought that they were just lacking love in their lives.

Shit. I was worried about the boy questions. What the hell is going on here? I was completely knocked sideways and am still trying to wrap my brain around the mechanism that seemingly creates a fully aware individual from a normal, (mostly) self-absorbed and sheltered kid. It seems like someone just flipped a switch.

I'm dumbfounded.


kikz said...

hi z,

how wonderful for you, that your daughter has awakened :)

they can surprise you w/the depth of emotion and thought, but expect regression....dichotomy squared... say... she utters one of the most profound statements you might ever hear in your life.. then w/in a span of literally 4 seconds has a slapfest w/a sibling over a triviality. it might teeter w/the horRoRmone load.

every child is different...and
i can only go by what i know... 13yr old twins, and an 11yr old.
all girls :)

good luck z
you'll need it :)*

Anonymous said...

When I first read z’s story I thought maybe early onset depression (is there such a thing)
Why I say this is just recently my <5yo grand daughter every so often will burst into tears- (proper tears streaming down her beautiful little face) all out of the blue- with eg. Oh that poor dog being killed... or I'm so upset that all of those flowers are going to die... or It's so sad those poor hungry people...
I hope it's just a phase

kikz said...

tony... be glad, hon...

her awareness has grown to include others in her universe (she does not depend on for her physical survival, i.e., extensions of self), and she's developing her faculty of empathy/love toward them, connecting w/the whole of creation.

her love for other than self is awakening:) as is her capacity to understand and cope with loss.

it's beautiful and it's bittersweet, but necessary for her evolution.

she will gradually come to understand that all things of this world have a time and then pass... pets, people, even her own body.....this is reality.

but, like les, and many others throughout time have said. love is eternal.....

that love she carries with her is eternal. your love for her is... eternal.

these also are some of the most important life lessons she will ever learn, and some of the most important you and her parents have the duty and honor to teach her.

imagine what she would remain if her latent faculties of love were never developed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks kikz
I missed all of this when my children were growing up as work took up most of my waking hours
So I suppose now as I spend more significant time with my g'daughter I can notice these things
Bit scary

Anonymous said...

To the Mother of....I have an 11 year old daughter. All I can add to that is. "And said to him: Hearest thou what these say? And Jesus said to them: Yea, have you never read: Out of the mouth of infants and of sucklings thou hast perfected praise"
Fear not, your daughter is closer to to the truth than most children her age. She is close to God.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

Very interesting your comment on madness. I have always wondered about that and after reading your post, I can see it as a gift certainly in my experience. I had noticed over the years how beneficial the experience of madness was for me when I needed to 'pop out' of some travels when it all got a little too much. Each time I have ventured on my travels, I could go a little further because I had that 'anchor' in my past experience. Reading your post has made me realise that these things (madness) happen for a reason. In fact, madness is the wrong term as I now believe my experience was a period of education and when combined with the various people and situations I have encountered over the years, there is a certain wow factor to it all. Everything starts to feel like it is falling into place and while I am confident that I have some way to go, it does feel like the beginning of the end of the journey.

Thanks so much, that post really brought home something for me.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're right, les, I hope that some bigger authority is about to arrive and tell these fuckers where to get off.

I normally disregard this sort of thing, because i'm not religious, but i've noticed that when I blog too much about demons and their work, I start to experience things that, to be honest, make me shy away a bit. cowardly I know, but I have responsibilities and I don't enjoy the dreams I have at night during these times.

I still write and consider these demonic entities, what they really are?? and where they come from, but when the weirdness starts I pull away again. if you're able to immerse yourself in it and engage the horror, you have my respect, more than you do already for beng a decent person trying, as many of us are, to repair this fucked up world.

I don't need to tell you to be careful though, we're dealing with somethign here.



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