Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Hostile Witness of the Apocalypse

To uncover and to reveal... to lift the veils... these are the more accurate definitions of Apocalypse than the common denominator of flaming furnaces; four horsemen riding, nuclear bombs dropping and that Hollywood thing that tends to mess with our perception.

This is one of the biggest problems about comprehension; what do these terms and labels mean? Think about “Revelations” and you get the image of fiery angels pouring metaphorical white phosphorus from the heavens. Think about the word ‘revelation’ and it is a different thing. You need to keep this in mind when you seek to identify meaning. Things are not what they seem and neither are we.

In The New Testament there is a curious line which has been presented many different ways and which, strangely enough... is now being rewritten and in some cases transformed beyond recognition which speaks directly to the point of the statement itself; “Even the Devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.”

Let your mind turn that statement around. All kinds of things might ‘reveal’ themselves to sincere and penetrating inquiry. Sometimes, some people don’t publish my work because they think I’m working some kind of a God angle or because it doesn’t fit into their comprehensive schematic of what’s what.

I like to think that I’m as much of a scientist as I am a mystic and I guess that makes me a metaphysician, although it doesn’t mean I’m any good at it. Life is the stage where that will get demonstrated so let’s just leave it at that. That will also be a revelation for anyone who may be interested and certainly for me. I just think it’s important to keep in mind that there are things we can see and things that we can’t see. There are terms that are used and the terms do not always state what wound up in the common parlance if... you catch my drift.

Whether or not what religion tells us is true, is not germane to the point of this piece. The fact is that religion and those who manipulate it have a definite effect upon the world in which we live. That’s a given. So it would make sense to explore the way religion interprets the proclamations given by the ones upon which the religion is based.

This same thing applies to politics. This same thing applies to anything. What is the thing saying about itself and what are the people representing it saying about it and what is the actual meaning of the terms being used?

There is no one who can say that they know what composes the unknown. That is why it is called the unknown. It could be that there is a conscious force that rules the universe. It is a given that there are any number of conscious forms running around in the world we live in who are controlling or trying to control the world we live in. We’ve got all kinds of hierarchies here in the visible realm. I hate to throw a Mobius strip at you but wouldn’t you think that what you can’t see also operates according to the same thing?

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is a short, precise and mysterious aggregation of words that implies just this. I’ll throw out one of the main lines again which is, “As above, so below, for the performance of the miracles of the one thing.”

It really does come down to how you define something whether or not you can achieve agreement. Hard, cold physics already proves what I call God. It doesn’t define or explain it and I’m told that’s not possible anyway but... it does say something is there. So... there is something that even hard core atheists can agree with and let’s just leave it at that.

I’m not an evangelist. I don’t have a collection plate. I don’t have a building with symbols and signs and I don’t have a ceremonial outfit and a funny hat. I’m just wanting to lay something out for you and hope it makes you think. I personally find religions are often the enemy of what I call God. I also think they are a veil. This brings us back to the Apocalypse thing and the meaning of terms... the lifting of veils... to uncover... to reveal...

There’s a lot of information out there. A lot of that information is a fabrication for the purpose of profit and deception. There are prophecies and portents and all kinds of things being bandied about. You are hearing the direst things and, it is true, there is evidence that indicates these possibilities as possibilities.

No one knows what’s coming. All of these ancient predictions and everything dancing around and pointing in whatever directions are just ideas and projections. Because life is cyclical it is possible to predict that certain things will repeat but nobody knows how that is going to happen so let’s leave that be too.

Okay... here’s the thing. It is glaringly evident that big changes are in the wings. Well... maybe it’s not glaringly evident to a lot of people because that’s just not interesting to them. They’re fully occupied and in pursuit of the object of their attention. They want to have this and they want to do that and everything else is either a help or a hindrance.

Materialism is a veil. One could say that it is the biggest veil in operation. It makes us forget who we are. We lose perspective and we identify with what’s outside of us and lose contact with what is inside of us. That’s a recipe for disaster. That’s where most of the world is at the moment and that is why what is happening is happening. It’s all about too many people wanting to have as much as they can get and some portion of people wanting to control all of it. This upsets balance.

When balance goes missing then natural forces come into play to adjust that balance and you get an apocalypse. Even if there were no divine force you would get an apocalypse and that’s the key issue. When the possession and application of technology exceeds the level of our humanity then we wind up doing destructive things because we neglected our inner growth in the pursuit of personal comfort and the desire for acquisition.

Some of the veils are coming off of the ancient lies and we are being compelled to witness the result of our belief in them. These veils are going to come off in a much bigger way as we move along and then everyone is going to stand in judgment of themselves. You don’t even need a God to come out of the sky on a fiery chariot and have him throw thunderbolts at you. The situation itself is prepared to do that.

Everyone is going to have the opportunity to decide what they hold valuable. If you can’t afford to lose something you don’t need then you’ll be riding after it when it goes. Everyone should take the opportunity to consider what is important to them and clarify this in their hearts and minds.

There can be no doubt that the shit is hitting the fan. Some things are more lasting than other things. My personal preference is to hold to what is enduring. What you will make of this is a matter for you to decide and the time will come when you will have to do so. No one can resist change. No one can resist being changed according to what they think and say and do. Your world cannot resist being changed by what you think and say and do. It’s right there in front of you.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I'm noticing is-the masks are coming off. The bankers(as demonstrated by the so called bailout) are being exposed as the thieves they always were. The government, as their behavior during the "bailout" demonstrated, is in league with the thieves, and the Zionists and their allies, are being revealed as the arrogant, murderous, freedom-hating SOB's they always have been.
Also, those who have argued for decades against the Fed, globalization, and Zionist control of the US government and media-have been and are being proven correct.
It's a great thing to see except for witnessing the unfortunate victims. If people in the West weren't so gullible and so motivated by fear to say and do nothing then many innocent people's lives in the Arab lands may not have been lost.

nina said...

This era reminds me of old B&W doumentaries we've seen where the crack in a mighty dam dribbles along for a while until all the power and force is suddenly unleashed and water flows free over the entire valley and beyond. We're long passed the crack stage.
There are other scenarios, such as the ship has sunk, you're on the only life raft, you have to choose right now, who/what do you haul aboard to save out of a sea of drowning attachments?
Oh, these are just paranoid fantasies, right? The Hermes piece is just another dangerous internet agravator, right?
When you take it in, all the seemingly unrelated dangling details as one writhing mass, you and Hermes aside, Jimmy Carter is a peanut farmer and the state of CA starts issuing IOUs come 2/1/08.
They have spoken. No one listens. Its like shouting to a mirror.
"Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow ... "

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Les! Once again.

The cyclical nature of reality mirrors your cyclical writing achievements.
At first I thought you were expanding on Marshall McLuhan's "the medium is the message", then I thought that you are just saying the same thing I saw to myself every time I experience deja-vu "Everything is on the right path and unfolding only as it can."
Gotta go, baby needs some love and attention.


Anonymous said...

In Islam it is said that this (end) time is a time where people are separated, like gold separating from metal of all forms. It is unveiling of some sort. People (anyone no matter their religion) who are interested in truth and justice will be separated from people who are interested in the opposite values. Justice is balance and when the balance it upset than the law of nature will sort to restore it (like you had said). No one will have the ultimate truth until as event unfold, from learning and unlearning individual will come closer and closer to the truth.

m_astera said...

It may just be my absent-mindedness or some sort of memory foibles, but I seem to be detecting some glitches in the heretofore seamless fabric of 3D "reality". Dimensional fabric bleed-throughs and things going missing etc. Possibly it's just gremlins or hallucination, but I've been getting reports that I'm not the only one noticing.

When nina's dam analogy gets into full flow it will be interesting, assuming these glitches increase as well. Personally, I think it's great fun, but what do I know?

Where is that thing? I could have sworn I put it right there.....

kikz said...

evenin les,

beautiful effort taday.

i got into hermes3 a couple of yrs ago.

as time has past, i find that i've been taught pieces of this philosophy at various junctures of my life from a myriad of sources w/o realizing where it had come from.

the longer i digest it all, the more true it a clear peal somewhere btwn my ears :)

the orig transcript of the emerald tablet is heavy reading, too heavy for most..
may i offer some less arcane translations for the gang...


also a concise explanation (for lack of a better term) of the hermetic principles of the tablet may be found in the Kybalion.


sorry, i've neglected to learn tiny url...
just c/p.. and you'll get there :)

enjoy y'all :)*


nina said...

This time has been debated until it lost meaning. It seemed so distant. Like the crack in the damn indicating to engineers there was a weakness. Debate, debate. The the debate shifted to Louisiana wetlands, football fields vanishing they said, debate, debate. So far away. Then it blew, people were horrified only because it was at their doorstep and the horror receded as the debates went on without resolution. Meanwhile, our laws were ridden roughshod, interest rates on everything ballooned and we come to find its always been going on just like it really is, here, there, everywhere, the entire world. All the theories were just more water leaking, faster by the day. We've been drowning the whole time. There's no debate. Soon, there might not be the opportunity to say how much I've enjoyed our times here, so let me say it now. Thank you.

psychegram said...

"No one can resist change. No one can resist being changed according to what they think and say and do. Your world cannot resist being changed by what you think and say and do."

I feel like printing these off on a giant banner and hanging them on a highway overpass. Those are words can change the world ... and you don't even have to be a practitioner of esoteric techniques to understand their meaning.

Like m_astera, I've been noticing little anomalies now and then, which could be glitches in my mind and might be glitches in the Matrix. One small example: when engaged in games of chance and strategy (Settlers of Catan for choice) the roll of the dice seems to display the karma of the game in a much more blatant way than anything I've ever experienced before.

Here's another: I've been noticing, recently, that whenever I'm waiting for someone, it's always around when I start to get annoyed enough to say something that they show up, like a little psychic proximity sensor is going off in my subconscious. Now, I'm not psychic, anymore than anyone else is ... though we're all psychic, aren't we? And part of the unveiling is that these innate psychic abilities, so long suppressed by our society's iron faith in the false light of materialism, are going to start expressing themselves again. A friend of mine once said that we'd be replacing the internet with telepathy, and I sort of thought he was crazy. What a difference a year can make....

Anonymous said...

Maybe after the ship sinks, and you're sitting in the life raft looking over at the Club Med and debating whether to go ashore or let the currents take you somewhere else --you and the fish will have a good laugh--you have the same view, the same ocean, and it doesn't cost you anything--think of the extra bucks you saved by not paying extra for the secluded beach front condo with the slums carefully concealed by barbed wire in the banyans across the road--like the animals in the cages at the zoo who is watching who?
The dam holds back what should naturally occur--it interrupts the flow and therefore can't stand when maximum density occurs-- usually because someone decided to take a shortcut they hoped no one would notice--
I can see little squirrels with miners hats on--working silently at night under the direction of elves and fairies scraping and chipping away to make the crack and making little squirrel giggles as they "whistle while they work"--
Reminds me of the Gary Larsen cartoon where the cows are standing on two legs in the field alongside the road smoking cigarettes with martini glasses in hand--one of them yells "Car" and they all get down on all fours munching the grass until the car passes--then back to their "real" life---
Shaken, not stirred my dear.....


nina said...

This piece gets heavier with every read.

notamobster said...

I can't help but feel like these times "seem like the 1960's in America" (I wasn't alive mind you). From the accounts I've heard, there was a manufactured electricity in the air. Something you could feel... Now, we seem to have made leaps and bounds in human intellect, collective knowledge and access to such(through technology), but sadly, we've forgotten how to survive.

Is it possible that the unveiling we shall witness, will come at the great hardship of mankind to relearn how he must live? The chaff being separated from the wheat, as it were? I mean this in both the physical and spiritual sense. I apologize if it seems like I'm just rewriting what les posted, but this is my brain working through what he wrote. I, for one, have been being taught all manner of behaviors and and emotions, which had thus far eluded me, in life. I don't know how to explain what I'm trying to say, but suffice it that I am being taught lessons in a very real way.

The many folks I interact with in these realms are not so much serving as guides, as they are helping me to discover the many meanings of the lessons I'm being taught. I am so incredibly pleased that you all put up with my lack of accumen in matters spiritual. You are all a blessing to me. LOVE - to all!!!

Anonymous said...

The vail is of skin and flesh. Not sure what lifting or removing it really means, but Im thinkin it going to be a gift of thought or a window in the soul other than words or objects can show. It seems this coming is nothing new to the walkers of light but will be a new tree of life for those that have turn from light and love. The idea that the road to hell is paved by good intenstion will soon be revised and the other reading will be, its is by your thought and intentions that life, on this earth, will be made.

Anonymous said...

Notamobster-having been alive at the time-the 60s-wanted to comment about the "electricity" at the time you wrote about.
It was-young people being tired of the Bullshit. The bullshit of the powers-that-be. The government, big business, the military, the war, the greed, the materialism. Large numbers of young people KNEW.
It was certain young people knowing that the way things used to be, prior to the 60s, was wrong.
The inducements which the powers-that-be used to maintain conformity with their System, no longer worked.
Tim Leary had a slogan:
Turn on (your mind)
Tune in (to the new vibrations)
Drop out (of the greedhead System)

(Parentheses mine)

Anonymous said...

"This Krishna consciousness is a science to understand the difference between a dead body and a living body."
Srila Prabhupada



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