Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Truth Remains.

It’s been a strange few weeks. I said some things that I felt needed saying and can only hope I didn’t drive some unfortunate soul on down the highway who only wanted a sip of the cool, clear water ...when the quiet guy by the water's bank turned into a fire breathing dragon.

I don’t know what makes me madder; the people doing the killing, the people lying about it, the people pretending it didn’t happen or the people saying they had a good reason. Well... we won’t be talking about that today.

We’re going to talk about a yoga nobody talks about but which is as close to natural as you are going to find and you are going to have to forgive me. I insist (grin)... visualize smoke beginning to curl from between Visible’s wry lips.

You could call it the, ‘shit yourself’ yoga. I tried hard to find another way to say it but nothing else comes close. It’s a fine word for that special occasion where no other word will do. I’m engaged in it at this very moment; no... not literally but it still applies. It’s a getting rid of your self sort of a thing. For the squeamish among you, I’m going to tinker with the syntax and sidewinder my way around but you remember, it means just what it says.

I guess I don’t have to tell you that we take ourselves too seriously most of the time; you being you and me being me. We defend the indefensible and we go into combat over things we don’t understand in the service of people who don’t even like us. We abuse ourselves for the entertainment of entities created to serve us. They eat our food and drink our wine and laugh at the stupidity that has blinded us to the beauty that we are. They’ve thrown us out of our own homes and now we wander an unfamiliar landscape and we haven’t got a clue. We know something’s wrong but not what it is.

In the religion of Islam they have something called ‘jihad’. As usual, it’s come to be interpreted as something other than what it is. I like to think of it as an internal cleansing where all of the demons and various bad actors are thrown out of the V.I.P. section of the inner kingdom. I think of it as a high colonic for the whole system; top to bottom and finest sheaths to grossest sheaths. It’s a purge where you genocide yourself.

Without getting into details, I want you to think about how much solid waste you process each day and how much liquid waste and how long it would take before you have accounted for your body weight. That’s fine... I’m going to go outside for a smoke and some fresh air... heh heh... that sounds funny. I like it. You let me know when it’s okay to come back in.

Alright then, so you’ve got an idea now of how long it might take to disappear the old you. Keep in mind that no one is perfect at this sort of thing so, as diligent as you might try to be, it could take longer than that. It’s okay. We’re not looking for Elijah going right up to heaven in a chariot of fire. It doesn’t matter if you take the express or the local as long as you get there. Cue Curtis Mayfield and “People get Ready.”

I know that some of you re now studying the Tarot with the B.O.T.A. so you will be familiar with the Justice card. This is the card of Libra and it rules the excretory system through the skin and the kidneys. Interestingly, this is the card of Karma and you can see the figure holding the scales and so on and so forth.

Are you catching on? Can you hear the diesels humming”? All you need is faith, so the song says...

Usually around this time someone yells, “Can I get a witness!” irony and ebony live on my keyboard in life’s greatest oxymoron. I don’t believe I said that. Can I get a witness? I think I just shit myself. You get the picture... or not. Hopefully not... Eliminate yourself... This is suicide where you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. So let us consider the possibilities of offloading our baggage. It’s a new country. It’s a young and vital thing. You can do it if you try.

Every day when you let go of yourself... say goodbye forever. Every time you eat, welcome yourself into your new home. Every time you evict a tenant from your mind, never mind. Every time you empty your heart of all the things that you can no longer bear, don’t say you don’t care, say you believe. I almost feel like a song is coming right up out of this work to greet us. That’s how real it is. That’s how certain I am and you should be too.

Each and every day you are going to rise and bathe and wash away the bathwater but baby... that’s not you. Here you come, day by day with help on the way because every time some part of what is no longer you is... laid in the grave, there is more power to save. Can I get a witness?

Just let it go and as you eat why not imagine where you will be? When we read a book we are eating the words. We consume thoughts too. We dine on them. You could say that after awhile, a party starts to go on in our heads, all kinds of things show up and they party too and that is how we got in trouble in the first place. Pay attention! Sorry... lost my focus for a moment.

I think you know what I’m saying. It is a general idea and you can finger-paint the rest in by yourselves. It’s the same way you get on that train. It’s not actually going to Jordan but you know what I mean. It’s a metaphor at five.

Of course there are other things that can be attended to but if you stay with the basics you will find that our highly trained staff have been made aware of you and are oh so willing to help you on your way. Most people don’t know that we attract a crowd with everything we do. That’s because they can’t see them. A brilliant teacher once said, (I’m paraphrasing) “If we only knew what sort of things show up every time we have sex or when we eat we would be very careful about how we do these things.”

I know, I have neglected those of you who prefer this sort of thing. You know... I prefer it too. That’s what I am really all about... something like this. I only do Smoking Mirrors so that I can get people to read here. I know it’s necessary but I don’t like it. You can see that it’s really close to one in ten according to the hit counters and even the amount of postings are about to even out. Visible Origami was always ahead and now Smoking Mirrors is just a few posts behind. I was doing Origami for awhile before this other thing came along.

I want to thank all of you for having given me so much support. I expect I would have done this anyway but it would have been awfully lonesome. Somehow we find each other. Something found me. I’m sure I was lost. How many people... I don’t know what to say. I’m going to repeat myself by putting the same song up that I just put up somewhere else but I think it fits. God Bless you one and all. Don’t falter. You will prevail.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing me to peep through the keyhole of knowledge and realise how much I do not know.I feel I owe you one remmember some time ago last year or so you were gonna do do the mail thing I think I am one of the the few if any really that received your mailing address bofore thankfully you pulled it I owe you.

Thank you Sir,
C. J.

Anonymous said...

So much letting go of the past and the present--glad I found the toilet and the shower--we've been kinda nibbling around the edges over at Nina's--looks like some of the others have been finding their direction which is not my direction but we cross paths and wave with a smile from time to time.
Just when you think you've found a bit of balance, it's time to settle down with a good book while sitting on the toilet seat--I'm going to install one outside--one with a great view and no exhaust fan noise--hope the birds don't mind.
Interesting how I never know what i am writing until I get there but had a an opportunity over at the fray in my last 2 comments to say something that waited until the rest had been said--I like it when that happens--I suppose I should just understand that eliminating is just a natural process that is going to always continue to be needed and most importantly available if I don't let things back up too much--
"Les Visible--Fiber For Living"
The fray was an interesting exercise--I walked around the amusement park that had been created and noticed the the riders always went on the same rides that always ended up at the same place--and then there was clamoring to get back in line for the privilege of paying more money to go around in circles with the perception that they are doing something dangerous but yet is so controlled. I left the amusement park and decided that I just like the feel of the earth under my bare feet....
I accept that it is a natural process that needs to continue for good health to have a chance in my life--

Visible said...

Here's fine example of the question; who do you serve?


nina said...

Its a strange time, maybe its astrological, maybe astronomical, maybe chemical, maybe lunar, maybe baggage. Shotgun riders always have these issues. Just when you think you're clean and great gawd awmity free at last, there are leeches crawling up your legs. Ok, ok, its a brand new day, let me get it straight, the weirdness was decades of yesterdays, maybe millions of centuries of yesterdays, not now. Not in the now, nope, nada, nunca mas. Take a deep breath and concentrate on love and gratitude ... that song, you can't have one without the uh-ther ...

"When you're cool the sun is always shining."
Hi Les. Thanks ever so much.
Love, nina

PS, lemme go read your link now. Hugs and kisses and more thanks and praises.

Anonymous said...

I read your sites every day but have never commented,partly because I feel extremely infereior to most of the intelligent people on here, but I have to say that you inspire me everyday to be better and to do better. I print almost all of your articles and put them in a little, scratch that, Big binder so that I can always recap. I try to share with people at work,but 95 percent of them are sheeple. It's like spitting in the wind. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I will be eternally grateful. I'm waiting to see what happens next. Sometimes I'm just ready to see the next thing awaiting us. This sorry world is too full of death, destruction and sadness. Sometimes I cry just for that reason. Needless suffering that could be stopped. If I find a way to help out I will most definitely jump on the bandwagon, otherwise I will come to your sites every morning when I wake and take a deep breath. At least I know I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro,
Ah yes...Curtis Mayfield..."don't need no ticket, you just get on board".
Anyway, you're crackin me up again, deliciously. Somewhere back in the last decade I was told the concept of how we all acquire, since birth, this fucking "Staff" of mind-fuckers and controllers and down-pressers. The Staff keeps on hiring more and more incompetent useless brainless memo-writers over the years, and they keep us constantly busy dealing with their inane time-wasting attentions on our "not-I's". Continuously feeding us notice of "what's not possible", "what we're not qualified for", "what we shouldn't say", "how all our critics/disrespecters are right", and so on.
So the idea, similar to "shitting ourselves", was to figure out how to fire all the mofos. Interesting process. As they get their pink slips, they start freaking out big time. I actually gave them names and titles as I let them go. Catherine was my chief of staff. A real bitch. Short hair, little man-suit, high-heels, briefcase, clipboard, whiny voice, sexually frozen, etc. She always had a lot to say about my grooming, and bad habits, "how could I expect to be taken seriously and actually have friends?" Staff, of course, were my "true friends". Right.
They don't take nicely to gettin fired, so I'd send 'em on Caribbean cruises (Catherine would fuck the Captain), or to Vegas (I'd get word they were bingeing when I was playin some great gigs without their interference), I set Catherine up with some carny-worker stud in Oklahoma for a while, etc.).
After some time keeping vigilant and no longer responding to their memos, I almost never hear from them any more.
Keep up the astounding work.
All thanks and praises.

Visible said...


Thank you for your wonderful words. There's no such thing as inferior except inside of a person's mind. We don't play that way here anyway. Hey, find a corner and set up an infirmary if you like (grin).

My friend, you are never alone... ever and no matter how close anyone may ever be to you, God will be closer. It's a nice feeling and has unbelievable possibilities.

My finest regards to the rest of you and an apology for not being more interactive but I'm engaged in something at the moment.

If you don't know what I think of I must confess to being unable to say how much I appreciate hearing from you... genuinely.

Ain't love grand?

Visible said...

looks like I left 'you' out of the equation. I make myself laugh several times every day.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous said...

"The riders always went on the same rides that always ended up at the same place"

Good one JJ! I followed your dialogue on the other site, and I felt a type of comradeship.
Les has done us an invaluable service, bringing such educated and open minds together.
I bow to you all in peace.

A regular,


Anonymous said...

"If I find a way to help out I will most definitely jump on the bandwagon"
Neonurse:You are on the bandwagon every time you choose to contribute and participate--heck, there is no bandwagon--just whatever music plays in your heart--(ps, I wrote this before seeing Les's comment--sweet connection-I love it when that happens-!!)
Nina: You simply ROCK...always a little sugar, a little love, and a whole lotta' whoop-ass--your blender must have turbo-speed with the words you cook up--thank you!!
Fletch: I think what Les does, is what Les does--I couldn't even begin to describe it any more than I could describe myself to myself--I wouldn't know where to begin and can't even contemplate tomorrow--
Les: Please thank that which whispers in your ear--sweet melody my friend


Anonymous said...

I sense that a gift was laid at your doorstep recently Les. Perhaps delivered while you slept--

You seem to have gained more trust from that which dispenses what is needed at times, for a time.

I keep getting that "don't push it" message so I am writing it here to all--


riley said...


Thanks for that. I really resonate with what you said. I've never posted here before either. Boy it felt good to hear you say, "At least I know I'm not alone."


Anonymous said...


This is absolutely incredible. To go back to the beginning and read this entire blog forward to the present piece is like seeing the world through my own eyes. You have a way of saying it thats sorta like . . .

I remember many times at GD shows way back where I would find that Jerrys guitar was playing precisely the notes that only the ONE could possibly inspire. And then to feel it in the rest of the people around.

You stretch it right to the edge and walk it like a cosmic string tightrope.

You have a unique gift and we love you for sharing.



Anonymous said...

Although the comment that I put up before this one will push the "Comments" past 14...I just had to do this---

14 just kinda sits there...I have seen it before and it doesn't even look back. It's like a comment lump--Now, 15...15 is going someplace--it has action embedded in it--15 is cool--
That, is my take on numerology...or maybe it's just a weird thing that I do.....I do a lot of weird, 100 doesn't do anything for me but 88 is very cool.....ok, I'm done.


nina said...

After thinking about this late last night, I decided to put it under the microscope. Remember what I said about you having some Etta James? Well, you won't believe it but Wilson Pickett was there too! Now get this, LOL, the real surprise was the Pearly Gate Singers doing backup. Amen!

Ben There said...

I've studied some Patanjali but I don't remember seeing "Shit Yourself Yoga" anywhere in there...hehe.

As always, thank you for what you do. I was in the mountains of northeast Georgia the last few days and I thought about you.

Anonymous said...

Those who would take over the earth
And shape it to their will
Never, I notice, succeed.
The earth is like a vessel so sacred
That at the mere approach of the profane
It is marred
And when they reach out their fingers it is gone.
For a time in the world some force themselves ahead
And some are left behind,
For a time in the world some make a great noise
And some are held silent,
For a time in the world some are puffed fat
And some are kept hungry,
For a time in the world some push aboard
And some are tipped out:
At no time in the world will a man who is sane
Over-reach himself,
Over-spend himself,
Over-rate himself.

- Lao Tzu #29

Visible said...

That's the Witter Bynner Translation of the Lao Tzu and the only one I read.... excellent.

Greetings all and much love. Ellis showed up today and we've been watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. Odd how a commenter flies around the world and winds up in your living room.

Anonymous said...

Ben There:
You do realize a true yogi can pull out his/her intestines and clean it right? But I wouldn't try it.

Jj you know you are les right? That's what they were saying over at the Fray.

I have to say one thing about Les. I don't follow anyone, just want to get that straight right off. But it is rare to see someone as poetic as Les, jump in the Fray and hold his own in a more pragmatic way. We always think the poets and dreamers can't live in the real world. I say just the opposite. True philosophical people are the most real people on the planet.

That is the love of truth, which I think that word means.


kikz said...

nice one les:)

told my daughter last nite, that she has people thinking good thoughts about here, from here to oz and back again.. it made her smile:)

i've had some surprises this week, i've gotten some teaching moments..

a father whose daughter is just 3 days out of scoli surgery and i had the most amazing conversation ystrdy... short but expansive..
he's a builder who does multimillion dollar mansions..
very down to earth...
we discussed hermetics, the kybalion.. i was amazed.. don't find too many walkin.. that ... other than blink at these mentions... :)

it was a very neat thing..
i'll write more later when i hav time..

nina, glad ta cya in more calm seas*

hugs ta all*

kikz said...

oh byte me.. i hate this damn computer..
freakin windows..

had done nice short post.. went to verify.. and poof...

well hell..

nina, glad ta cya in calmer seas..

nice one les..

hugz ta all

Anonymous said...


A Strange few weeks it has been, paced well but grey and unclear. It maybe infact because of taking myself "too seroiusly", yes?
"Change comes with a natural emergercy" and healthy too these few weeks. Thankyou

You do not wish to pre-empt all around you but can see that eating less is good. The body and the world are but the same. Yoga of the soul takes movement, as I see it. All I have moved to change is others minds, theses few weeks. Time now for me to move too!!

As I go and see again my path, this week. I will take some truth with me. It remains to give me a familiar tree and trail to smile at. It remains becuase I wish to use it again. Faith and intention are my truth remaining.

If nothing else is lit by your path, your own light will always be enough.


Anonymous said...

Les, I am sorry I could not manage to support you in the scrimmage at The Fray (‘though I thoroughly enjoyed your postings and got a real kick out of those of your “first responders” – GREAT stuff). It was all composed in my head as I chiseled & shoveled the ice and snow. But, as you know, I’m going it alone and my poor little fur boy commands what time and strength remains.

Just wondering when you will expound on a subject you had previously written, “Elementary Primer on Practical Magic.” Unwittingly adhering to a similar method I can attest that it does indeed produce positive results – I describe them as “gifts”. It is truly remarkable and the manner in which I found YOU. There is indeed a tremendous “energy” of absolute LOVE which I have attributed to the divine universe of God.

You had also encouraged all to read the works of Ernest Holmes, The Science of the Mind. Here’s the link to a free pdf version online:

Orphaned, childless and now widowed (too soon) I have carried the grief and was enlightened to the truths of my parents, who fled from their academic lives in Western Ukraine to, which they referred to as the psychopaths’ “true” Promised Land (then my mother would spit “pthew” – heh) since I was born.
Upon discovering my “gift” of Les’ place I followed the links (and more links from there) and came upon a treasure cove of wit, artwork, and utter brilliance. I honestly cannot budget the time to comment on everyone’s blogs. If you are reading my words now just know that I read all of YOUR words and offer my humble appreciation & gratitude each and EVERY day for YOU ALL to the divine universe of God. My simple request (actually I was begging) on that fateful day of the “bailout” (which I felt was the beginning of the end) was to KNOW that I was not ALONE.

My LOVE to you ALL!
~ born intuit

Anonymous said...

There is a parallel something among the words from one lesblog to the other and sometimes back again but always up unless we need to go down to see what up is.

It took me a bit to get it and it was where it always is—it is in the flow, the participation, the sharing, and thereby the knowing-- if nothing more than we have kindred spirits-- abundant in our gratitude for what happens here and the energy that I truly believe flows back to the source from whence it came—a breeze that never stops because it can’t—we just need to stop running long enough to let the natural breeze take over from what we try to make-- like a dog with his head out the car window—it’s too fast, too manufactured, things remain things because we are going so fast we never get the chance to focus unless we just stand still, even briefly—

Your wonderful heartfelt comments have made my smart-ass smile.

Imagine those who have gone before us, knowing but not being able to share—here we are conversing at the speed of light—or maybe fiber optics, from one corner of the world (can a round object have corners?) to another with most of us never having even seen each other—perhaps another blessing

Think how inconceivable it would have been to someone even 30 years ago-amazing!!

What other conduits exist that don’t need anything but the thought—we get them every day—they are floating around just waiting to attach to a similar frequency—searching for a mate—someone who will appreciate them --the thoughts and ideas of those who were before us are there—they are in the energy released by a smile, a painting, sharing, a realization—yet, not only in the realization of the current viewer, but in the gratitude of all whose cheek the thought has caressed
It doesn't need the internet--once shared, it is there forever, for the asking, but not for the taking.


Anonymous said...

From my keyboard to yours:

I Wonder as I Wander (click on "play")

~ born intuit

Anonymous said...

Hello Intuit, have you and David done a duet yet? No rhyme intended.

Still haven't heard all his stuff yet.

Anyway nice work there, thnks



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