Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Living in the Time of the Avatar.

It could be that I am imagining it but... over the course of the last several months I have experienced... or imagined that I am experiencing, a much greater degree of internal and external static. Those of you who read the news of the wider world have heard about ‘chemtrails’, the GWEN and HAARP systems and assorted micro and radio wave pulse factors as well as ‘things’ in the water supply and, of course... there’s all those chemicals going into the meat and vegetables. One can assume that regardless of what we have heard about that there are other things at work such as subliminal broadcasts... telepathic resonance machines? Who knows what may or may not be deployed against our ‘presently’ human states?

I generally stay away from this particular area of inquiry. First off, though I know a little, I don’t know much and secondly, it’s one of those gray areas where my critics like to fly out with the usual labels that they attach to people who think outside of the box, while they are peering from within over the lid. These people may or may not be being affected by forces I am referring to. Perhaps the combination of cardboard, alcohol and ignorance serves as the tinfoil hat for the masses. I suspect this will not be the case for that much longer.

This is a Visible Origami offering and we don’t want to get too deeply into the minutiae of present day controlling efforts on behalf of the dark side, nor do we want to be too critical of those who possess limited critical awareness. I offer what I have to this point to set the stage for a certain amount of reflection upon the times in which we find ourselves and to put forth an alternate force which is also responsible for some measurable amount of confusion as well as more positive states of being.

The avatar is coming. The avatar has been or the avatar is here. We’re always in one of these states. There are some who say the avatar has appeared and what he said and did are about to go into wide motion. Others say the avatar is years away. Some believe it to be imminent and I am in this group. I point to 2012 and various astrological features on the horizon. I point to the state of the various world cultures, religions and governments and the noticeable upheaval at all levels in which we find ourselves at the present hour. I also point to the very long period of time that has passed between a true world revolution in consciousness and the perpetuation of the same old same old.

Another sure sign post is the disintegration of the various world religions which have become insufficient to the needs of the time. The pervasive presence of certain sexual trends and the separation in mind between children and parents in their perception of the world can not be discounted. When the family unit is thrown into turmoil, the world is on the verge of serious confusions. Those who view themselves in possession of a liberal mindset applaud these things, saying they bring us greater freedom and equality in all things. They are suffering from a form of spiritual and mental scurvy. Certain behaviors are always marginalized in a healthy society but that is not where we find ourselves today.

I can also point to the way I feel but that would be subjective and unscientific except to the degree that I am part of it. It is because of what I am feeling in the moment and what comes to me at odd times through my day that I am given the distinct impression that the avatar is nearly here.

What happens previous to the arrival of the avatar is that all manner of entities and possibilities of awareness are pushed before him as he comes. He comes from the inner planes toward the outer and he scours each plane on his way through. He pushes good and bad entities which have helped and troubled humanity down into the material realm for demonstration and judgment. This is what the Biblical statements about ‘seeing wonders’ and the ‘fooling of the very elect’ is based on.

The evil entities, immediately on arrival, seek out sympathetic vehicles to house them. They become like stolen cars. This is the explanation for the bad behavior in religious houses and in governments. The good entities seek out sympathetic vehicles that they can overshadow in their work. Similar conditions have existed all along but now they will be far more direct. You could look at the whole thing as if two massive hands gathered up all of humanity and the myriad objects and shuffled them like a deck of cards... laying out the game board for the coming age and dispensing at the same time, those blessings and judgments that all behavior demands for itself.

So... the recent uncertainties and periods of dis-ease that I have noticed over the previous months are not due solely to the activities mentioned earlier. There is another force of great benevolence, though potentially fearful aspect, which is presenting itself now and this..., is going to increase by the hour. One has to filter what they are experiencing and continually incline toward the higher inasmuch as discipline, intuition and right intention can manage.

Any sensitive soul will easily see what I am talking about. I have demonstrated before, the great differences in perception that exist among those who read here and at certain chattering, ‘twitter-enhanced’ forums. Here and in similar places there is a general accord about what is taking place. At these other locations, it is as if Burger King were upon the throne and dispensing his teachings to the dreaming stomach; the visceral mind, whose twin influences are appetite and fear.

My state has not been an easy one for me lately and I must assume the same has been true for you. It is the natural inclination for any of us to react with frustration and defensiveness in the face of invisible and visible intrusions upon our peace. This just won’t work. I am hearing those ancient phrases... “Be of good cheer” and “let not your heart be troubled”. I can think of nothing better to remember and nothing better to practice than a position of attentive listening. Think of yourself as “Nipper” the RCA dog. The other thing is ‘reaching’.

When something in your head or outside in the sensory realm is clamoring at you; often simultaneously... automatically ‘reach’ in. Another possibility which is similar is to walk into Nature or anywhere private and ‘call out’. Simply discussing what is happening and what you are feeling will draw a sympathetic response just as if you were in some red light district and looking for some kind of action. Individuals readily appear and offer various wares. It is no different on the higher arc. “As above, so below.” Remember to be discriminating in this too because there are any number of intelligences that cloak themselves in benevolence which is not benevolent. A little practice, accompanied by a sincere heart will not only manage this but ward against camouflaging agents.

There is a reason that certain groups and individuals are behaving in despicable ways. There is a reason that you are surrounded by lies on all sides and why so many people have sold out. This is all part of the drama. We shall come to points in the movie where this all gets resolved. Don’t contend with your surroundings. Let them be woven for you.

Make a home for the avatar. Invite him in. Have lunch with him. Speak to him. He’s attentive at all times and can do more tasks at the same time and much faster than any computer ever will. He can appear in many places at once and also has a 24 hour radio show broadcasting at all times. You have to tune that dial and work on the reception. You must prime the pump. It is my hope that this proves useful to any who would make use of it. Some might find this interesting.

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Dadnerd said...

I've wondered about this for years, why some people conform and others do not. Doesn't it seem natural when you become somewhat mature, say 20 or maybe 25 to question all the crap you've been handed as a child? That is when you have to question it. So what happens to most people, and why don't they do it?

Maybe it is just simply luck and circumstances, that some are able to do it.

The more affluent family members are compelled to go off to school, and their innate discontent, gets swallowed up in studies and beer fests with the other kids.

Or maybe you come from a lower middle class family and you find you have to work at a young age. You find yourself swamped with debt and crave that new car you can't really afford.

In all cases your discontent gets put off indefinitely, and you find yourself old and dull, having no clue why you do anything. And all your cherished beliefs are questionable, but it's too late. You see the world you thought existed and it has changed, and you feel empty. Without knowing oneself we are lost.

Why doesn't society encourage this kind introspection at an early age? Well that is easy to answer.

So is it just luck that some by chance find themselves in a position to do it? And can we blame the masses for not doing it? Should we feel sorry for them while they go about destroying everything?

I really don't know.

sorry slightly off topic.

Anonymous said...

On point as usual my friend. The thing is revealed in plain sight so big ego cant see it. The big ego gets in the way, blocks the view and spins the propaganda wheels in the reverse direction. Hoping I suspect that modesty and humility will make us silent and insecure to divulge what has been shown me. This western religion model is so laden with guilt and self loathing over hesitation and procrastination I sometimes feel disqualified from sharing the revelations. It's like too late and where was I before now? The Initiation happened in 1969. I was 25 living in SF area not sure where My life fit in with the nose on face reality of a on board operating system that led to annointedness. It scared me to think of what would be done to me if I opened up the suppressed line of communication between the creative being and the creature beings. For many years I have suppressed the truth of what I knew. It took a while to lose the fear of losing. What impresses in Les and other voices here is that we overcame the self doubt that make suckers and stooges out of the oppressed masses. We see the reality so clearly its hard not to laugh for crying. We see what could be, and in comparing that to the insane "progress" being pushed by the embarrassed elites. The self censorship has worked til now but it's all busting loose as the child points out the nudity of the Emperor. Who and what will lead us out of the wilderness? Time to avatar-up.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though every time one seeks answers in the Vedas, they are there.
Myself, I believe the Golden Avatar, Lord Chaitanya the Mahaprabhu, has already appeared, right on schedule, at the outset of Kali Yuga

Mayan Calendar Matches Hindu Calendar
It is interesting that this prediction of the emergence of a new world is prophesied to appear about the same time that the Mayans predicted it to come! The Mayan calendar began with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC and will end on 21 December 2012 AD. The Hindu Kali Yuga calendar began on 18 February 3102 B.C. There is only a difference of 12 years between the Hindu's beginning of the Kali Yuga and the Mayan's beginning of the Fifth Great Cycle.

Anonymous said...


Super smiles!!!!!!!!

"You must prime the pump"

You're not to far off with the static thing. I say you understand that well, but words cant begain to share the feelings behind them. There are forces working that most of us write off, yes. Also, we can, at will, talk to "him." We can ground ourself to this plane with "him" too.
Now I like to see the world as a person? The stage now is moving out of childhood to young adult, fear and lust are big here, right? Well, the cosmic broom is cleaning up the past and getting the person(world) ready for the next phase? We can get "onboard" with this growth too. We have to give up the kid(western culture) and move with the avatar. The elite dont want us or themselves to do this, like the stolen car thing. More coming....

Le Mat

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-

I wonder if one way this "static" you are referring to could be interpreted by other people as irritation. Certain in my sphere concur with your take on these vibes , I'm wondering if the temptation to indulge in negativity is another response?
My patience with greed, stupidity, economic forces, corporations, different institutions-is lets say less than nil and seemingly getting more that way. This an understatement.
I'm wondering if a feeling of raging disgust and contempt towards those things, states, conditions, people and institutions is common to others here?
Or, a growing irritation?

William Wilson said...

Hi Les sorry I forgot to include in my last, my its fondness for words.

One way to describe what you're mentioning might be "a sensitvity to a disruption in the circumambient ether"


Anonymous said...

Strange, isn't is, Les, the dichotomy of feeling such abject frustration and helplessness that morphs into exhilaration and undefinable love.
Maybe those of us who feel this way are just the manic-depressive inmates of humanity's psych ward. Or maybe, as you said, Les, the avatar is coming...and maybe the exhilaration we feel is the anticipation of his arrival.
Just one question for you, Les...what makes you think the avatar is a HE? (smile)

Anonymous said...


to add

Many, many old(by thousands of years)works talk about this time for good reason. I never really thought about this happening in this life time of mine, but that I would have to be ready in another? Over the last few years feelings and forces have suggested that I needed to learn and grow outside the material world, and now its far more clear why. Its all good, but more work and questions must I keep asking now. Faster in ways it seems to be streaming but so to larger the issues and deeper the feelings. Not much help today, but thanks for listen

Le Mat

Visible said...

I really thought about using 'he', strangely enough, since one of them was a turtle and one that I can't remember was something else but... other than that all of them have been 'he's' still... that doesn't mean it's an inflexible trend.

As I understand it... the avatar is born of the cosmic mother and therefore and extension of her so she's really the primary anyway... though there are those who maintain the avatar is thought born. Still... it might have been more appropriate to say 'It'.

(grin) I know you were teasing but thought I might elaborate.

Anonymous said...

There are some who believe the Avatar is an expansion of the Supreme Personality, Who can and does expand as is needed or desired.

The first four, of ten, are not humans.

The first incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Matsya, the fish incarnation.

The second incarnation, Kurma is Lord Vishnu in the form of a tortoise.

Lord Varaha, the third incarnation, appeared as a giant boar to save the earth and to kill the demon Hiranyaksa, who had been terrifying the universe.

n his fourth incarnation, Lord Vishnu appears in the form of half-man, half-lion, to kill the king of the demons, Hiranyakasipu, the older brother of Hiranyaksa.

Anonymous said...

Whhheeeeewww! Dude, in the Zone as always. Deep core subject, totally "up" in the collective 'noosphere' (or whatever ya wanta call it).

"It" is imminent, whatever "It" is.
But in bringing up The Avatar in the present context, the variety of thought streams go out in countless directions and spans pretty much my whole lifetime.

In the early 60s we were reading the words of Meher Baba, the 'avatar of the age', and they rang true according to our somewhat immature consciousnesses and early shamanic endeavors. But very few of us actually met his living form.

Somewhat later I was walking down a path in the Himalayas and a "friend", actually a devotee of Meher, pointed to a house and said "go there". Inside, I fell on my face as a strange "yogi" proceeded to simultaneously empty all the conditioning garbage and answer all the deepest unspoken personal and universal life questions within my young mind. This went on for several weeks. Supernatural events were continuous. All this culminated in a session later where the 11th chapter (the 'Revelation' chapter) of the Bhagavad Gita was recited in Sanskrit with full 'siddhi of speech' (every word understood), was transmitted (Krishna's granting Arjuna's request on the battlefield to reveal His true universal form), and hurled me out-of-body to a Shambala world of immortals where certain exchanges took place.
There was never any doubt that I was in the presence of an "avatar", in particular, a strange combination of Shiva and Hanuman.

These experiences took about the next 30 years to process and assimilate and recover the full memory of what transpired.

Others had similar experiences with different "yogis"/yoginis, those who are more than "sages" or "saints", but indefinably powerful beings who can be encountered, but not "found" by searching. I eventually learned that Hanuman, at the time of Ram's departure vowed to remain forever on Earth in all ages (called in this form: Chirenjiva) to appear as needed when anyone invokes God/Ram for assistance in dealing with evil.

The 10 Avatars (Dasavatar) is a fascinating study. It elucidates the evolution of both form and consciousness of life on Earth, and is a major traditional music and dance piece studied and performed throughout all parts of the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere. It is also ancient pre-vedic encoded shamanic knowledge preserved. It is usually played out in a 10-beat rhythm (2-3-2-3) (heh heh).

I guess my point is that the Avatar is, in my experience, ever-present. The more people deeply ask for/need the presence, the more he/she will show up, even in many places at once. Not limited by time and space, naturally.
Beware of imitations/holograms and such. Accept no substitutes.


Peter said...

I reckon the time for individual avatars is over. I think this time it will be a collective raising of consciousness - a global kundalinin rising - a massive columnn of light and consciousness - not sure how it is going to manifest but I feel this may happen quite soon.
I also believe that our polical controllers are going to produce an avatar of their own choice - they had a trial run with Obama - and this god like figure will do "miracles" and be taken for a second Christ or Whoever. They might have a few flying saucers in attendance to give thier operation a touch of awesome authenticity. Something big is in the offing though.

john c, UK said...


I read 'Posting from the Central Command' last Septemer(ish) when it was first published/written. That piece blew my mind and set me upon the path that i am now trying to be/live.

Bugger, i wish i could explain. All the best Les

Visible said...

This might be the right time to say this, given the nature of a lot of the responses at the different blogs.

I would like those readers who may be interested in what I am about to say to keep what I am going to say in mind and to view it as a distinct reality that will surely happen at some point in the not distant future.

It has been my intention for awhile to find a location like an old summer camp; monastery, retreat center or some such and acquire it for 'our' use as we see fit. A place to live or a place to come and go from.

There wouldn't be any leaders and it would generate honest income from the creative output of the residents. I've a certain familiarity with this type of living and have seen situations where it worked very well and situations where it didn't.

In any case... I'm putting it out there and I feel certain that, if there is enough interest... somehow... magically and also along the lines of Six Degrees of Separation and how everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows each other that whatever is needed will materialize.

I think that's enough to say about it for the moment.

john c, UK said...

Does that mean I have to get a passport with a RFID chip in? Or has a reader got a boat to take me to mainland Europe (grin).

Creative? I can hunt/fish/garden and fix computers (sigh).

Anonymous said...


Many of us are feeling the 'awareness' of what is going on and what is soon to come. We're increasingly troubled by the world gone crazy and all who are suffering in consequence. Our sense of compassion and sorrow is often nearly too much to bear.

The 'separating' is accelerating as the divisions between those of 'good will' and those of 'bad will' become more definitive and visible.

It is for a purpose that will prove to be beneficial to all once the soon to come chaos, death and destruction gets underway. This will mark the conclusion of what earth has endured for several millennia and the dawn of the promised New Age.

It is painful. It is disorienting. But you are correct Les; the channel of communication which leads to understanding and hope is wide open for all who will use it!

Not one will be lost...

Anonymous said...

Of Hanuman it is said, "Roma Roma Mein Rama Nama hai" his every single hair recited "Rama Nama". His tail was a formidable tail, for it was suffused with the might of the Name. He is also called Sundara, the charming, the beautiful. Why? Because, he had Rama installed in his heart. Since the splendour of Rama reflected on his face, he was charming to behold. He was a charming companion because he spoke of Rama only and sang of Rama alone.

GlobalistShill said...


I wrote a whole page of stuff and it magically disappeared. Let me try again:

"From the Serbian book “Prophecies from Kremna,” translator unknown

The following are a few excerpts from the prophecies of the Mitar Tarabich (recorded around the 1850s). He was an illiterate Serbian villager who lived in an extremely pious eremitic manner in the mid 19th century; most of his prophecies were recorded by his godfather, the priest Father Zacharias. Here are excerpts from parts that deal with a Great War ahead of us. It should be noted that many of his 20th century prophecies, especially those involving Serbia, have come true. "

Okay, so here is the main thing I wanted to share (based on your comment: "The avatar is coming. The avatar has been or the avatar is here."):

"In that time, far away in the Russian mountains, a young man named Mihail will appear. He will have bright face and his entire appearance will radiate with mercy … he will come to the nearest Monastery and ring on all monastery bells, and to the people who will gather there around him, he will say: “You forgot about me (who I am), that I didn’t die but am alive…” Mihail will go everywhere but mostly he will dwell in Constantinople… those who have ears let them hear. "

Perhaps you have already read it. But you know what? I am not in any rush. I got it. - WE ARE the ones we were waiting for.

Dude, the last couple of months have been WICKED, I say WICKED for me. It started around Valentines Day of this year, which I believe was the OFFICIAL dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Since then I've been keeping my apartment really clean and orderly and losing a re-donkulous amount of weight. Lots of folks I associate myself with have likewise been concerned with losing fat and whatnot.


- Gary.

(PS – The idea of being left in a hell and to think that you were there without accident or help or hope,… I am sick over it. I REALLY hope I’ve either done that in a prior life or between lives or whatnot, but I’d prefer not to go through that..)

Anonymous said...

The horror does seem to be approaching a crescendo. So much negativity must find release at some point.

The Pope, a former nazi, in israel shaking hands with demons. It's all getting just too weird.

Anonymous said...

Thank you once again Visible - you are a joy and a pleasure.

I have not had time to read all the commemts and I hope I will be able to come back later to read them. In the meantime I thought you might like to know about Situ Rinpoche. Situ Rinpoche is said to be the Maitreya (in the Buddhist tradition.) You can find him at In any case he says very sensible things and he is always worth visiting. He is nice too because he is very modern and very, very intelligent.

gurnygob said...

Hi Les. I had to look-up the word ‘avatar’. Being catholic I am unfamiliar with the term. I see there are many avatars. Supreme beings/gods. I am not looking for an explanation of their particular character or what roll they play in the big picture, so I won’t ask,,,, but to keep it simple. Am I right in thinking that the ‘avatar’, you refer to, is a god/or, the ‘Supreme god’. I would call Him Jesus. I remember reading “posting from central command”. I made a comment warning you to stay of the ancient potions or chemicals or magic mushrooms or whatever but, for the most part, I was in agreement with you. “I can just see God stretching, having His morning coffee, handing out His blessings and then kicking some ass”. I said something too about messages from Jesus and a place called Garabandal and so on. I suppose, if we boil it all down, we could be talking about the same big picture, looking at it from different directions as we do. (glad we sorted that out) though you probably already said as much in your opening statement in this latest post “living in the time of the Avatar”.
I don’t want to comment to much as I would just be repeating what you have said word for word, though not as clearly as you put it.
I believe ‘He’ has come and in a certain way, is still here; and is coming back (soon). I don’t know about raptures (as in ‘left behind’) or about people being taking-up to a safe place while He sorts out all this shit. It is my understanding that He will sort it all out and we will just have to watch it happen and take the portion He thinks/knows we deserve. I remember hearing a message once, not so long ago, about balance and how this earth we call home, for now, is out of balance. It, the message, said something about the created world being spirit and not just physical mass as some would have us believe. As I understand it there are two spirit forces at work in the world/all creation. One works for evil and one for good. (I know there are people out there who will tell me they are the same thing or that god is really Lucifer, the light bearer and so on) please, I am a simple man, I do not need to be confused any more than I am, so please spear me the theories, even though I am about to give you mine. (cheeky grin) (well go on then, I suppose I deserve it for bringing it up)
The point I am trying to make is this. Evil is tipping the scales and things are way out of balance. People have the potential for both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The sad thing is, it is becoming harder these days to distinguish between the two. Political correctness and so-called liberalism has sullied the water and what was once considered “sin” is now paraded as good and good is now a thing to be scorned.
Some consideration is now needed.
God made the world and man in His own image. (Having both physical and spiritual attributes which are “good”)
Along comes the deceiver/fallen angel/Satan/whoever you want to call him.
In rebellion against god, he deceives man into disobeying God and starts of the whole sequents of mans fall into ‘sin’ the consequences, of which, we are living through to day.
In the mean time. God sends us His Son/word made flesh, to bring us back and at the same time offers Himself as a sacrifice to God on our behalf. Meaning that we should not have to pay the price; and how could we, having falling into such sin.
The Son came and said “look, this is how it is and this is how it will be” He didn’t pull any punches as you well know.
But we, in our pride, said “look, I will not obey, I will not believe, I will do my own thing” and so on and so forth and we killed Him. (is it any wonder that God is going to stretch and have his morning coffee and then kick some ass?)
The blessings have already went out and will continue while there is still time. (we have free will to follow or not)
In the mean time, the world if suffering from this negative imbalance of spiritual wickedness and we are seeing the physical consequences. There are also the personal consequences to be faced as we can see. (look at the world and man today) of course, every generation has faced the same thing in one way or another. However there are certain times in our history when things, (evil) far outweighs the good and a price has to be paid. That is not to say that Jesus’ sacrifice is insufficient in some way. The sacrifice is, for ever, for those who accept it for what it is. It is only when we reject it that we have to pay with our own skin.
So here we are, its 2009, the world is well out of shape and for the most part, following its own way. God for the most part has been rejected.
Which spirit is now the most prevalent force? What do you think the consequences will be? Could they be….WAR…. financial crisis…..rampant immorality….disasters…swine flu….evil breading even more evil.

Of course, God knew all this. The plan was in place from the start. Our part in the big picture was to love God or love evil. To move on, or stay in ignorance or should that be contemptible arrogance.
Anyway, I have said my piece. If you come back tomorrow I will give you a lesson in….only joking Les.
Great post.

Ps. Of course, I could be wrong (but I don’t think so) and in that case, well who knows??????????

Visible said...


Thanks for the delightful journey through your disordered mind (grin).

Jesus was (to my mind)- most certainly an avatar; bearing all the characteristics of one. Mohammad was a profit. There are avatars and maha-avatars. To my mind Jesus was the latter. There is but one God with a closet containing different outfits. The inferior kingdom; demons and devils work for him. Everything serves him/her for the purposes of demonstration. Therefore it is said, "Lead me not into temptation."

And so it goes.

Visible said...

heh heh. Did I actually write profit? Typo alert!

gurnygob said...

Les. For a person such as me (being brought up Catholic an all) you make a lot of sense. You cause me to go to different places and think of things in a way I would normally not consider.
Thanks for the insight.

gurnygob said...

Mohammad was a profit. You better watch yourself. They will be putting out an (Intifada) on you. Think that’s the right word?????????

Visible said...

Technically that is a compliment no matter how you spell it. As for Islam, they have no beef with me; quite the contrary but I realize this is just repartee.

Visible said...


I've been meaning to respond to your powerful entry. Had some of those and since you and I are not the only ones it pretty much says that there is something to it.

No wonder you're all messed up like me. Having ones brains turned into scrambled eggs guarantees that one will never be sane again and thank God for that.

Madness is just a seashell beyond the water's reach.

RML said...

Can you imagine? Being in the ante-room of the Earth Avatars, deep in Samadhi, unattached to the misery, the oppression, the pain. And then ... there it is: that microscopic tinge of uneasiness.

Forgotten now for eons, but that third density of troubles is calling. Faster than the speed of light that image flies by: who will draw the short-straw this time?

Bodhisattvas, yes, but infinitely practical. Aware that none are saved until all are. But there? Do I have to go there?! Do I have to dull and flatten, squash and grind to powder this Essence of Pure Light permeating all the Cosmos, so that I don't blind all of those creatures when one of goes to walk among them?

Isn't there some other way?

Compassion is the Mercy of the Law. There is no other way. The Sun must walk among them yet again. Only the Sun can burn away the dross, the layers of effluvia and hate that ripple out from that place, putrefying and disharmonizing the Tone (The One).

Maybe this time. Maybe there will be enough of them who have learned to resonate to the Tone? Maybe.

An ancient guru was asked what it was like for an Avatar to come to earth and inundate humanity with his Light? The guru answered that it would be like a human taking on the body of a worm disappearing below the ground, and telling the worms that there was a Life -- a Light unimaginable -- waiting for them just above the surface.

I can hear the worm-speak now:
" What the hell is a 'surface'?"
Wishing you well, Sir Les. You have no idea have synchronistic & right-on you are with the monastery concept -- as close as you can get without touching.
All the best, Bro.

Visible said...


always a pleasure when you show up. It is a too rare occasion.

Wonder where the Village Idiot is?

That thing, that place. It's going to happen.

Visible said...


Did you and Jj ever meet up?

The Village Idiot said...

Les! Long time no comment! Glad to see you're still here doing what you do so well.

I was just going to make a comment about the post, say hello, and let you know I'm still stuck here in the manifest realm climbing up the never-ending mudslide like everybody else.

But then in the next to last comment (or it was when I read it) you wondered where I was and it almost made me spit out my drink. Good think I wasn't drinking anything.

This is the first day I've been back online checking things out in a long time, and 30 minutes into it there you are wondering where I'm at. The coincidence (coincidance?) really did startle me, but in a good way of course. Made my day, actually.

I have to take a break from all things electric every once in a while. It brings an inner silence almost impossible to achieve while surrounded by buzzing wires all the time, an effect I discovered accidentally a long time ago while attempting what I could call my first attempt to escape from civilization. By the time my partner and I had evolved from living in a tent to our insanely comfortable strawbale house (all off-grid, w/hand-pumped spring water and no indoor plumbing), we had essentially re-invented civilization from scratch (but with a few improvements, esp. in politics), which is what a lot of intentional communities that I've visited or read about ended up doing (and ours only had two members). I guess I'm mentioning this because I want this message to act as my application for a position at the much-anticipated Summer Camp Monastic Retreat you mentioned in a previous comment! I've been there, done that, and grown veggies from my own composted poop. When do we start?

I got lots more reading to do, but I'll be in touch.

Take care,
The Village Idiot

Visible said...

There is a new visible-streams-of-consciousness piece up.

A Couple of Poems for the Nights Fading Light.

Dadnerd said...


No I couldn't make it up to central Florida where he was. He just sent me an email that I need to reply to. I was hoping to run into Pychegram too on my way to Ottawa, unfortunately I was turned around at the border. It looked suspiciously like I was trying to move there, don't know what gave them that idea. Just because I was pulling a 12 foot trailer with most of my belongings...

Silly Canadians.

Visible said...

Village idiot;

Great to see you again AND, I think that's the first time I mentioned you since you went away 'this' time so yeah... cosmic mysteries.

I'm writing the next Origami now and it will deal with this idea of a community.

Anonymous said...

I dont ask "if," I ask "whether" Les is playing games with us.
I too did see briefly a completely different commentary called "Golden" Something, which shifted back to the original in a few seconds.
Well, to point this out I stand vulnerable to the "agents provocateurs" charge but I do wonder what I did see. There were several ms. from Nina and a phone number and barrrrump! back to the usual thing.
Let me just say this: I hope we are not going into the "in cliques" and the "out cliques" again. I had my fill of that 39 years ago! Do we ever evolve? Do we have to have the inner circle who makes the rules and then the outer goyim put up the money? If that's the case, please count me out. Been there, done that. Im not donating money so that Bagshit Shri Rajneesh can drive around in a Mercedes. Those days is over!



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