Thursday, July 23, 2009

Silken as a Moonbeam Sliding across a Frozen Lake.

We look at things, not into them. As a result, we operate on their surface meaning. What this means is that any deception which may be operating in the presentation is not being computed. We conspire in the deception by seeing what we desire which colors and shapes what appears. There is a collection of archetypes that exist within the human consciousness and they set ‘parameters and definitions’ as well as ‘limits and meaning’. You can juggle those two sets of terms and see a similarity there. Is it redundancy or an effort at greater clarity?

Archetypes have a resonant state of purity at the level of their being. As the force of their presence precipitates down the ladder into the murk, their meaning becomes ever more adjustable to those performing under the aegis, until they become the opposite of what they represent ...but the claim is made that they still do. It is out of just this sort of a mindset that our political and religious leaders speak to us ...and those who pretend to operate on behalf of humanity but serve only their own interests.

Most of us are familiar with examples of Zen art as well as other Buddhist and Taoist art. Perhaps you have seen one of a man seated by a lakeside contemplating the full moon on the water. Various observers are going to come up with different explanations for what the picture is meant to represent. Does it mean oneness with nature? Does it indicate a man at peace with himself? Is it a man sitting by a lake under the full moon, then something else and then... once again a man sitting by a lake under a full moon?

Still water in nature is a mirror. Everything is a projection of our minds. Everything is formed out of mind stuff and mirrored in nature or mirrored in our minds. Physicists have proven that the universe is thought born. Hard science has proven the existence of the primary thinker but people opposed to the concept will spin it the way they spin the Bible and the way they put together things like the NIST report. In some cases the Bible and the NIST report are very similar.

Okay... Let me see if I can communicate a simple and profound truth, the apprehension of which can radically alter your state of being and grant you control over yourself and all phenomena. Let me see... whatever appears in your mind takes life from your attention. Your mind is an airport. Planes land and planes depart. For most people a busy airport is a normal state of being. This is not normal in the ultimate sense. This is an example of a mind not in the control of the resident self. Who is the resident self? Ah... there’s your answer ‘in a nut-shell’.

If you can control what enters and leaves your mind you have attained a certain mastery of yourself and the world. The beginning of all spiritual achievement, illumination and realization begins with the control of the mind and goes nowhere without it. Job one is being able to refuse entry. Simply casting out every thought that enters will give you a taste of something marvelous. It depends on the individual how long this might take. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Try it and see. Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms/Sutras is all about this. My favorite is the Alice Bailey translation but you must suit your own temperament.

So... what is the man sitting by the lakeside doing? He’s not doing anything. His mind is a mirror. His being is resplendent in the purity of existence sans qualities. He could be thinking about getting his fishing pole and he could be thinking about anything. The interpretation is whatever the observer gives it. That is why the largest mass of humanity sees what they are shown according to the intentions of a controlling agency of temporal sway. There is a portion which is mad and that would include both those who are truly mad/deluded as well as the seer, the prophet and the mystic. Madness is a requirement on the path or... madness will be the result. One who has not gone mad cannot possibly deal with the things that exist above and below the frequency of the hamster world. One is well advised not to go below but one must be master of both. The good news is that the master is already present and will always be the master to the degree that it is allowed. Think of it as something like an unruly child who tears away from his mother’s hand in pursuit of the attractions of the playground. The mother knows what the child will encounter but her great love does not permit her to detain him. Her eye is on the child as the child experiences the impacts of the world upon the mind. It’s all part of the story anyway.

Both types of humanity use this ability for good and for ill. This is why it is all important that one be grounded in selfless intent. There are many instances of seekers acquiring powers as a result of spiritual austerities and then being plunged into unfortunate circumstances as a result of not being grounded in selfless intent.

I am writing this in response to the Smoking Mirrors post that treats with the Time Monks predictions. It does appear that there are going to be enormous changes and uncertain conditions coming upon humanity in a short time. Though it appears to be taking place outside of you, it is actually taking place in your mind and will have the power and the life that you give it to the degree of your attention and your belief in the mind-shaped mirror mirage that forms before you. Mind comes first. Then comes the shapes and sounds within and without. Is the outside in control or is the inside in control?

This may seem confusing and not expressed with the clarity one might hope for ...but that’s intentional. Unless one is rooted in a particular understanding then confusion is the result. As the mind descends ever deeper into identification with external phenomena the confusion increases and that is what we have today. That confusion is going to be blown away and it won’t be pleasant depending on the degrees of attachment to external phenomena. This is what materialism results in... anywhere, any time, any place.

Cast all thoughts out of your head and center on the indwelling awareness. This is what is in charge and you acknowledge and join with that to the degree that you reject the other. Do not buy into the other. What is real, that which is enduring beyond recycling of the temporary or the temporary? It sounds clear, simple and easy to do. Try it. Then you see what you’re up against. What you are up against is yourself. That’s cleared right up if there is only one of you but... there seems to be at least two of you. One is watching in an unchanging state and one is performing in a constantly changing environment.

When you see... do you actually see what is outside you or do you see it inside your head? Consider how the sense of sight operates. Consider also that when you learned to walk you saw the world upside down. This was the difficulty that you encountered in learning to walk. An adjustment was made which turned the world right side up (if that can be called, ‘right side up’). Think about a camera works or looking into the surface of a still lake.

If we learn to cast out all thought and focus on the indwelling singularity of our eternal self we shall not be at the mercy of the foolish misapprehensions of our temporary self occupied with a temporary period of adjustment in a world of endless ongoing adjustments. Is the boogeyman going to get you? How real did you make him?

Will the New Shangri-La become real? Is it not already as real as anything is? Does it not need to exist in your mind before it exists as an extended environment? Is it not present wherever you are? Must you not act as if you are already there in order to arrive there? The point is not in creating a community. That is an extension of you. You are that community at this very moment. There are people walking on this Earth at this very moment who are also constantly walking in the Kingdom of God. That is also a state of mind. You don’t ‘go’ there. You are there or you are not. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground.

You are that man or woman (as if there were actually a distinction) sitting by the lake. We are all sitting by the lake but we are not all seeing the same thing. Every animal that goes to the water to drink sees the image of themselves and thinks that is what is real.

We have conspired to bring ourselves to this point in order to learn. Will we embrace the truth in what we are shown or ...will we resist it on behalf of what we think we want defense of what we think we have? You don’t need to be affected beyond what you are going to allow entrance into your mind as being real. Nothing is real but something is. Set your mind on the real and the details will operate to that end.

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Anonymous said...

It's all in your mind because that is the way the mind wants it to be--the mind wants to be in control--and the PTB know that--they can steer the mind, but not the "true" spirit--

Once you observe yourself, your mind, and how it works--leading you from here to there, dread, fear, worry, frolicking young nymphs, higher and higher towers.......all in the tomorrow--the land of "IF"--If my Aunt had balls, she'd be my Uncle--but she doesn't (as far as I know)

Relegating the mind to what the mind was meant to do--tasks--allows the spirit which is connected to all that is to do what it yearns to do--

Therein lies your freedom, right now.

Just let those thoughts pass through--don't judge yourself--don't allow guilt or worry--heck, religion has a lock on that anyway--

Live your life right where you are--the mind dies--the spirit, your consciousness, is what carries on--Just post a sign (if it makes you feel any better) over your door that says "The New Shangri La"

"Sign Sign everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign"


Don't ride the wave, be the wave

Hank said...

I have always has an inquiring mind, wanting to know...well..everything. Early on I was too much of a participant, living a life of stimulus and response, to make much sense of anything, much less everything. Then an age 25, the universe gave me a gift in the form of a human potential "training" experience. It was called LifeSpring. The name, other than the fact that it caught my attention, is irrelevant, but the experience was and is, not.

It was set up to allow people five days, in a confidential, non judgmental atmosphere, in which to just look at your life. That and a few philosophical tools is what you got for your $350. However, when I emerged from this experience, my life had fundamentally changed. I went from being at effect to being at cause.

I realized that trying to "find" myself was just a dodge, so I didn't have to face the fear of BEING myself. I no longer had the comfort and security of my "act" to hide in. That terrible double edged sword, that so many cannot find their way out of. The act. Something that is acquired an an early age, when something happens that makes us think there is something wrong with us, usually associated with someone not liking us. But we want that person to like us, not so much because we want their approval, but because we don't want to think there is something wrong with US. So we look around and see someone this person does like, and we begin the act. I'll act like that person, and the one I want to like me will. However in most cases, they still don't and we begin to lose contact with who we are.

The act protects us and prevents us at the same time. We put our act out there, and if someone doesn't like it, we can tell ourselves that it isn't really me they don't like. We are protected from feeling there is something wrong with us. The problem is, when someone does like our act, we will never let them get too close, for fear of them finding out that it is just an act. Trapped by our own misconception and fear, armored against life itself.

Most never reach the understanding that there is nothing wrong with them, and that it is OK to just be themselves. They never understand that they are two fifties, and that person way back when liked hundreds. They never get to experience the joy of being loved for who they really are, not even by themselves. Or should I say, most importantly, by themselves.

I believe that until one reaches this point, real learning cannot take place. Until one can see themselves clearly, they will never see anything clearly.

I have come to believe that this life is a series of lessons. Little nuggets of spiritual gold to be found in every experience. But if we waste our time judging the experiences good or bad, and thinking that our lives are defined by those experiences, we never find the gold. If we look for the gold, and not focus on the fact that we have to dig through a pile of shit to get to it, we benefit every time.

I have now reached a point where I am wondering whether there is an ultimate lesson to be learned. A POT of gold, to be found at the end of the rainbow. Every answer is a new question, and I don't think I would be happy if it were not. Suffice it to say that I love my life, and would not exchange it for another life, even if I could. Maybe THAT is the pot of gold. Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Super. Your images are telling, and yet you convey the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't quality of this whole enterprise. Thanks for the link.
There's a Tamil verse -
Running and running, seeking and seeking the Light mingled within their essence/People from the four corners of the earth have become weak and tired/But verily within(emphasis) these weary, exhausted beings/Art Thou, my Garland, my finest Brilliant, my fully sufficient Goal.
NeitherEasternNorWestern- NENW

Anonymous said...


Happy happy, joy joy.
For many years now I try and meditate (Buddhist style.) I let the world and its images go across the mind. I keep this up till nothing is there. For along time this ended in a grayness of sorts. In the last two years, I have been “visited” or let in a guiding source. As the grayness changes to a white goddess, I began to speak in heart and share with “oneness” my fears and nothing else. Days or weeks later, an answer or response to my fears comes along. Never as I was hoping nor looking for!
Two, I practice Tai Chi as a form of Yoga. It seems to complete actions and though in the seen world. Sometime I feel the master smile as I move with someone else’s grace?

“Will we embrace the truth in what we are shown or …will we resist it on behalf of what we think we want …in defense of what we think we have?”

Thanks man. I have heard this before (Gita) but it seems to work better after sharing some time and idea with you? The want word needs to be used far less, I say. I want things and get them only to want again? What a waste of time. I would want the whole world in this way, but know that I am that world anyway? I would be a dog chasing his tail.

PS Pretty cool the month of the Leo started with a solor eclipse!! This cycle will help us see the dark half, the hardest part for a sun sign to see? So cool!!!

Le Mat

kikz said...

your best yet:)


Anonymous said...

Les, I often say that I can walk on water in the region I was born and raised. This can be accomplished by anyone there beginning in mid January thru early April. It is absolutely stunning (even moreso the aurora during a solar sub storm). The beauty, peace and tranquility are unmatched. I will note that Henry David Thoreau took a long trip there some years ago (wrong time of year)only to have black flies and mosquitos abruptly end his voyage. This reminds me of Aesops stories about a dog with a bone seeing his reflection in the water. It ends when the dog opened his mouth to try to steal the bone from his own reflection in the water. It is not about the self that counts, It is community and thick ice ; ).

Anonymous said...

Les, and to finish up the story about Aesops dog.... The dog called his insurance company and reported the loss. The Insurance company gladly paid off the claim. Years later the dog went back with a salvage team and recovered the bone. Since it was in international waters the dog got to keep the bone, under the auspices of Admiralty law (law of the sea). The insurance comapany, being fooled by the dog got congress/parliament to pass a law that required a bailout for this incident to offset the loss they incurred. Since the dog had the bone again, and was so wealthy he was above the law (private law), he was too big to fail (a few payoffs helped). This is Aesops' sequel to the story recently found in a cave by the dead sea...located somewhere near Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Les-ji, Sir,

Nice synchronicity. Last night I had my visa card out, was gonna throw down the 10 bucks....naaahh. I don't totally necessarily need to know the devilish details of the worst-case scenario meme 'out there'. Tried to tune into the repeat of coasttocoast interview, but couldn't get clear enough reception. Confirmation? Like I already know the irish, with their 'have your cake and eat everyone else's too' (and the millions of friends-of-the-irish) moral code is steaming full speed ahead to a hell of their own creation and mortal risk to the planet; and the 'family' of 'leaders' parades their lust and subservience in the klieg lights on HDTV.

Even though most all my imagined worst outcomes from the 60s have manifested 'cause "Undermining morale with the truth is identified as the most anti-social act imaginable" (tim murray); and nowhere near enough have awakened to resisting the matrix; and prophecies like Hopi and Tom Brown's Grandfather and so many others' words have come true; I still remain resistant to closing off all options because my life and the lives of friends have been pretty miraculous at times. Even the 2x4's upside the head. Like we need to not waver from the serious, sober and vigilant state regarding The Mind and return again and again to the Witness, and essentially beyond even that level. You know the deal.

Last night our friend's teenage daughter survived swerving away from a deer on a dark windy forest road, rolling a few times down toward the river with the car almost flattened, - and walked out with only a large head bump. Nuestra Senora de Guadeloupe was in the back seat.
We don't know what's goin on. Not really, except that we got some responsibility in all of it (heh heh).

This is a new rabbit hole, and its got many twists and turns. Adjustments are guaranteed.
You, Les, never skip a beat1


Anonymous said...

"If you can control what enters and leaves your mind you have attained a certain mastery of yourself and the world. The beginning of all spiritual achievement, illumination and realization begins with the control of the mind and goes nowhere without it."

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
Rebel4ever (--_--)

Anonymous said...

"Must you not act as if you are already there in order to arrive there?"
That brings to my mindset the amalgamation of optimism and pessimism:
The optimist says he will die with a smile on his face countered by the pessimist who suggests he should better start smiling right off the bat.
...I think this thought kind of extolls the carpe diem thing off its dualistic least for those which see no obstacle in death.
Love, Praise & Gratitude

Visible said...

There is a new Petri Dish posting up.

The Serving Armies of Standing Banks.

Anonymous said...

Martin Said:
"Must you not act as if you are already there in order to arrive there?"

There is no "there"--only where you are at this moment. "There" is your brain trying to keep you where you are not, and can't be, in this moment--and you are always in this moment.

Your brain wants to keep you unsatisfied with your past, and either fearful, or ecstatic about a non-existent future moment--that lovely roller coaster ride of the thought junkie

I do believe that through manifesting calmly, you can attract things/situations--

without calm and gratitude for this moment, what you may manifest might be from the fear and dread that your brain manufactures.

A calm, sweet, free spirit will manifest positive things because the spirit manifests the positive--the brain the negative


Visible said...

Visible is on the radio tonight here.

Visible doing his Star Fleet Commander thing.

Girl Scout said...

I've been thinking of you. Your experience with an abusive childhood resonates with me.

One question I've heard asked from children of abuse is, "Why did they even have me?"

If we assume you had a part in selecting the particular circumstances of this incarnation, you agreed that you needed to learn something from an abusive childhood. So, you found another soul, who out of service and love, was willing to be your abuser.

My response to the question, "Why did he even have me?" is, "He had you to abuse you because he loves you. It was his duty."

kikz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kikz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Is loss just a perception--or is it, in a universal sense, gain? I, at this point, don't go along with the karma/we need to go through this for a new and improved universe thing---
Seems like it's just more religion/reward in the end/things beyond our knowledge/have faith/it all evens out/heaven/hell/blah/blah/blah bullshit

It's all pretty much guesswork, so why guess?

I do agree that it's fast approaching the boiling point but what happens then? The point of go-along, to get-along is going, if not gone, as well--lining up with your sleeve rolled up and a willingness to eat Velveeta isn't going to matter much--

Like Tom Payne said, until I see it, and experience it, I can't go along with it--not doubting those who do--

Maybe there is no cosmic/karma reason for anything and there are just evil people who need to die--right now. That, would be something I could go along with---


Visible said...

What does a dog do when it catches it's tail? What does a rope do when it unravels a knot? The dog is still a dog. The rope is still a rope. Inconvenient perspectives like karma are useful and understandable only when perception and understanding mirror each other.

Gravity is karma. A bouncing ball is karma. Everything is karma as it reacts off of everything else within the interplay of the four elements on the sounding board of ether. Karma, whether it exists or not, only has meaning when the mind is attached to results. A mind freed of the pursuit of results or fruits has no connection to karma or the suffering attendant even though karma may continue; as in the jivanmukta state.

So long as one is juggling concepts one is not in a position to access the meaning of karma for one is in the field of karma and there is not the proper detachment for meaning to surface.

It's all bewilderment and enchantment in the magic forest of dreams.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up.

The Case of the Painful Kidney Affair..

Anonymous said...

Nothing is any more mystical than we make it.


Visible said...

I think the right answer to that is, "Whatever."

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Tonawanda Whitefish and the Apocalypse.

nicki nicki tembo said...

I read this and all I could muster was a sigh and a smile.

Visible said...

There's a new reflection in the Petri Dish...

Leave Good Footprints- Cave Dei Videt.



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