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Kundalini Rising and The Lake of Material Fire.

I seldom go about looking into the information pools that make one think of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Early on I gave a lot of time to the study of The Western Mystery Tradition and the tenets of the Hindu Tradition. The confusion of terms and similarity of meaning between them is proof positive that the same system, is the same system, in all systems that work at all. There are debasements of this system and out of these come what we see of the religions of materialism, Satanism, Scientology and myriad superstitions whose fruit is chaos. You might consider that what appear to be differences in the single divine schematic are merely accommodations to culture and different times.

I’m going to link something today which is fairly long and I have not finished reading all of it. You may read it all or you may skim it but you will find that there is quite a lot of information and some of it you have not encountered before. I am putting this here by way of explanation for why I am consistently positive about what lies ahead. I feel as I did before I read it because it just confirms what I have believed all along. That said, the next thing to say is, “I don’t know.” In The Bible we are told that God will “come like a thief in the night.” This is an important point to remember. No one knows the appointed hour and the whole of the circumstance is not fixed. It is in flux. Much of what we will be and what will be is dependent on what we think and do in the moment.

There is an obvious fixity to things. One has only to look into the Heavens on any clear night to see that there is an order there. At the same time, everything is moving... this shows that change is the cornerstone of existence. How we change... and in what direction, has a great deal to do with our intention. There is a certain latitude within what is fixed. Never has our intention been as important as it is now. We are on the verge of immense possibility. This is also why it is so hard. The ancient forces of ignorance and materialism are at war with the urge for liberation. Think of it as something like the relationship between gravity and anything that attempts to fly.

You will notice as you are reading the link that, in every example, the indication is one of positive result. My personal experiences in this life and in relation to my activated Kundalini bears out the majority of what I read in this link. If I were to depart at all from what I have read it would be to say that prediction is one of those things where the divine intends to surprise you and, in the process, inform you that you do not know. It is coming, to be sure, but when that is... we cannot know. We can only be watchful for the signs from the mysterious movement of what lies beyond our comprehension.

The world as it is today is living proof of life gone wrong. It wallows in it and parades it before us, encouraging us to join in the revelry; performing the death dance of that which fades. So it is that some are amassing fortunes at the expense of others. So it is that all manner of evils proliferate and are justified by intricate argument among reasonable men and women. Within the convolutions of their endless lies their attention is always upon their wallets. They are going to find that their wallets are empty.

All who despair in these times and who feel that the coming result will be one of chaos and horror are suffering from a simple malady. They have their eyes and minds fixed overlong upon the world of appearances. In respect of the world of appearances it is correct to say that this world, as we know it, is doomed but... the world of appearances is not the only world. Even here it is not the only world. It is a common mistake to believe that the disorder one sees is the true state of affairs. It is the true state of affairs only in regard to the temporary. What we see has been bound for destruction for a long time. The only question that exists for any of us is how much a part of it we are. If you are a committed part of the world of error then you may be sure that error is soon to experience correction. It comes to correction by going as far out of balance as is needed to trigger the scales.

The most important point to keep in mind is that in this time there is the possibility of rapid advancement. One can accomplish things in this time that would be impossible at any other time. This is where our concern should lie. Our concern should not rest on anxiety for judgment performed on the wicked. They are busy with that on their own. Their every device both leads and exposes them on the way. You can see it happening right in front of you on this very day. What we are seeing is going to increase in intensity. It is going to become much more intense as it approaches its resolution.

Various mysteries which have been concealed in plain sight are going to unveil. The reason for the survival of ancient structures; pyramids and the like are going to give up their secrets. It is quite possible that there are many who will see none of it, or... it may be revealed for all to see. It is impossible to know what the one mind has in mind for the looming spectacle of the end of this age and the beginning of that age.

There is a vast darkness across the human mind in the moment and the only options of the moment are to strive within and to practice an awareness of what may seem to be invisible and out of reach. We are presently like a seed unfurling in the Earth and pressing up through the darkness of the soil in search of the light. Some are reaping what they value from the marketplace above and some are pressing forth ‘as the value’ that will soon break the surface of the soil to the wonder of all; especially so for those who are engaged in harvesting the temporary.

All the ordinary things are out of wack at the moment and that is why there is such pressure and distress. The point of this pressure and distress is to serve the seeking soul with the power to drive up and within. It is not meant for the use of fighting against appearances. These things take care of themselves. When the leaves are meant to fall they fall. When the rain wants to come it will and so on and so forth.

Time has been altered and there is much less of it as it has speeded up in its approach toward the moment. We need to take all of these forces and channel them in the direction we wish to go; otherwise we are wrestling with an anaconda. We are wrestling with ourselves instead of working with ourselves. One of the primary efforts where our attention must be placed is in the unification of our various separate selves for a single purpose. We are a collection of different identities that emerge for different experiences and appetites and they need to come together in a single focus and some need to be discarded altogether. It is hard to discard what one does not understand, which is why self-inquiry is of paramount importance.

In this particular time, any effort made will pay out massive dividends; just as Goldman Sachs is reaping its own temporary dividends in such large amounts... as above, so below. It is precisely because it is so difficult in the moment that the return is so great. We are breaking the crust of very old limitations and ignorance. On a positive note, we should remember that the seed will find its way under the power within it, even through concrete.

The more we are joined in common purpose with the common purpose of our uncommon goal... the greater will be our capacity to engage. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know but I am confirming it and that... I know from my own experience, is a very good thing. If it were an easy task then everyone would waltz through the door in the last moment after showering off the evidence of their final, farewell coupling.

Look at the wide, wide distance between the blind, material groping in the world of fire and fear and the sure and certain path upon which so few are progressing. God does not have a Twitter account. Powerful entities are in attendance for all manner of assistance. One has to accept this as so because of the present state of the power of appearances. Appearances are deceiving. You have heard this many times before. You know it to be true. Believe it.

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William Wilson said...

Hi Les-the hope and encouragement you broadcast is appreciated. It's very easy to be cynical and angry about the greedy and warlike who are always messing with people that are not like them. I like to see positive and beneficient visualized alternatives to the images of the future which the powers that be are always trying to stick in everyones minds

Anonymous said...

This isn't "Home"

Have to remember that also.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les , sorry I forgot to add this.
One reason I like your work is you're looking forward and seeing victory for those of us who see life as more than buying stuff and following the orders of the powers that be.
I can appreciate the work of activists and writers who investigate and point out the crimes of the high and mighty. I also appreciate those who say that the currently high and mighty will one day be that way no longer.

turgon said...

It is true! Self clinging is the root of all suffering - and clinging to money or material things is nothing but self clinging.

So, thank you Les. We surely need encouragement to relax.

Anonymous said...

Well, Brother, I'm gonna have to bring something to your attention here. I looked at the link and saw in skimming that there is good valuable information within, articles taken from many sources. I have not read it all yet.
HOWEVER, as I scrolled down and realized the website and 'who' it is related to, I had a moment of great shock and disgust.
You have written many times of 'siddhas', false gurus, and charlatans, so I know you know well the nature of this phenomenon. I had, in the 80s, a very up-close, extremely disturbing and revealing series of encounters with the "guru mata nirmala devi" and her scene.

THIS IS AN UGLY DISGUSTING DANGEROUSLY DECEPTIVE CULT. SHE IS ONE OF THESE FRAUDS-WITH-SIDDHIS. I am not afraid to stand and denounce that scene and their "mother of the universe". This is one example of 'taking ancient spiritual technologies (kundalini, etc.) and twisting it to egoistic, self-aggrandising cult-business', by way of suckering naive westerners and middle-class Indians.

In the mid-80s I attended a number of their "yoga" classes in San Fran, and then in India. While I pursued other studies in Varanasi, a friend went on 'retreat/tour' with the cult, reporting back much disturbing cult/mind-control info about various incidents taking place. To make a long story short, it appeared this cult was connected to austrian or other intel spook shit, subjecting 'retreatants' to very fascistic psych abuse, displaying obvious disrespect to Indian cultural norms and individuals' freedom of thought - a total-control scene with 'student's imprisoned in a shit-camp in the middle of nowhere. I had to travel the whole length of India to track down and rescue my friend (female) who had just been thrown out with no money and told to "walk to Bombay".
There's much more, but its all the same old same old shit revolving around wealth, hierarchy, posing, wealth, control, wealth, did I mention money? Still a very widespread cult in India - but then India has 'everything', yes? (and there's one born every minute...)
Anyway, just a heads-up, fwiw, my personal opinion.

This is in no way meant to reflect on the rest of the material, your graciousness in bringing it to our attention, nor the realities of Mayan and other prophesies and time-keeping traditions.


Hank said...

Your article and the link you gave puts voice to the pull I have been feeling, with increasing strength. It sets thoughts swirling, and brings others into focus, and in the process a clarity of direction emerges.

It, by most accounts, is a time of changing. Not just the everyday changes, but a fundamental shift and increase in the flow of life. Some have learned things in their lives that have helped them prepare, as well as anyone can, for the unknown. Since most here have demonstrated through their comments that they are among these, I will refer to them as we.

We have all experienced materialism to one degree or another, and for what ever reason, have found it lacking. We have explored religion for answers, and though we may have found some good philosophical tools to use, fundamental answers have eluded us. We have explored many things along the way, and at this point in our search we have found ourselves. Some have had the courage to BE themselves, and others have not, but we have reached the point where we know that we are the goal of our searching.

However, once we make that discovery, we realize that what we have found within ourselves, seeks unity with that same thing in others. We begin to seek the light in the eyes of others that we have found in our own, and are far too often met with blank stares or looks of disbelief.

We reach a point where we realize that there is a difference between us and the majority of humanity. None of us know the reason for this, but to ignore it would be naive, and diminish our ability to utilize the power of the unity we have found.

There is a change coming, and for what ever reason, some of us can see and feel it coming. We feel the flow of life increasing in speed and power, and know that it is going to take us along, like it or not. We are compelled by the urgency we sense, to seek out those like us, to let our spirits unify, and to get a firm grim on our ability to let go. Somehow knowing that that which is static is just wrong somehow, and that the pull of the flow that we feel is what is natural.

It is frightening, exhilarating, stimulating, exasperating, humbling and humiliating. It is and will be all these and more, but the thought of life continuing as is, Ad infinitum, is a torture of the mind and spirit I do not think I can endure.

I don't know what the change will bring, but I am comforted and emboldened knowing there are spirits out there like mine, and I am ready. Boy am I ready. Peace to all.

Visible said...

Hi Bholanath;

I don't know anything about the lady but what is interesting is that I skipped all mention of her and concentrated on the various quotes and other things that were present.

I'll take your word on the affair however because I know that you would know. I have another site that I can put up that doesn't have any contact with her but it will have to wait until I walk the dogs.

In any case, your commenting on it will likely bring it to everyone's attention.

Damn! it's so difficult to find anything that isn't compromised these days.

Visible said...

Okay, that website is gone and I've replaced it with the one I keep around for this purpose.

Susannah said...

Nice post. I'm still reading what you linked to, but wanted to share this:

It shows graphs of the measured Schumann Resonance. It hasn't varied too greatly. Tiny part of what you linked to mentioned it changing greatly, I found that interesting, so I just researched it a little more and found what I posted.

Will be back later after I finish reading to post some more positive, constructive commentary rather than just refuting things :)

Anonymous said...

Timewave Zero --

Looks to be a roller coaster until next Aug.

Unknown said...

Les, this is a great piece, it was something that resonated with this sort of tug-of-war feeling i had begun to develop after so much reading, thinking and observing, doing that sure can nudge a person to feel something, the kind where you can see what surrounds you and what you sense is changing, as well as what is coming- a change, that is. And a little flame of a higher awareness growing inside. It seemed to be that way too with a few others i acquainted myself with, and hoped itd grow among many others. Its a delight to find that here at this site. I actually wrote a poem based on that feeling a few months ago, and this piece reminded me of it, thought maybe itd be nice to share some lines-

Slowly but surely
a shift is taking place
In the direction of the winds
And somewhere deep inside of you
At first small, but blossoming
At varying degrees
A shift in your senses; your consciousness

The air is an invisible ocean
Its waves lap against you
Waves that push and pull us
Deeper in or out of the Universal Ocean
Visible to some;
While others have yet to see

The waves want you to merge

Each one of us is a watershed
Inside of you is a river
Flow it out and become conduits
Merge with the waves

One ocean of encompassing empathy

Pour into one another
Pour ever deeper into the ground
Flow as currents wherever you go
Reach out your hands
As waves meeting unknown shores

To become conduits
Our rivers within must rise
And then begin
To flow back out
As fountained waves


Anonymous said...

Thank you Les.
I really liked the image of seeds to plants growing right through asphalt and concrete.
My simple association was seeds of truth growing right through main stream everything.

Anonymous said...

I think every thing responds to love, because everything is love ,I am sure if we all practise channeling our love to each other, what ever way feels best to the individual,the love will get stronger the medicine will become more powerful,more people will be woken this will grow us and this will heal them ,they have only been starved of true love something that is easily fixed.there is a job to be done and we all need to do our part ..peace neil

Anonymous said...

Rush, rush, rush.
All the "modern" humans rush, rush, rush.
Truly a rat race.

Kali yuga has 430,000 years to go.
Downhill all the way.

One second of Brahma's life is equal to 100,000 of our (and the Mayan's) years.

Plenty of time to die and be reborn a thousand times.

Slow down.

spacegoat said...

Regarding the cult behind Les's link, if any readers wish to understand the scientific truth about kundalini, scientific as in supported by the Indian government and the Max Planck Institute of Life Sciences in Germany, then take a look at the ridiculously bespectacled Gopi Krishna (GK) here:
Shunned by New Agers and Occultists, his common sense told him we are in for a nuclear exchange of perhaps 200 nukes and his forays into higher cosnciousness suggested that a natural (obviously, there is no other type) phenomenon such as a life threatening Earth bound comet will bring humanity together at the apogee of the conflct. Who knows? Probably Gopi more than anyone. Les would do better to read GK's publications than fall prey to the stupid 2012 hype (a self-fulfilling prophesy is not a true prophesy). Start with "The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius".

tom said...

a very interesting article here on the purpose/plan of consciousness by an 'awake' guy.

Anonymous said...

"True and extensive knowledge never was, never can be, hurtful to the Peace of Society. It is Ignorance, or, which is worse than ignorance, false Knowledge, that is chiefly terrible to States."---Pierre des Maizeaux, "To the Right Honourable Sir Robert Walpole, ... etc." (Dedication of his translation of Bayle's Dictionary).

Visible said...

You will either be intrigued or amused,

Thousands of years of predictions- with photos! Grin..

Anonymous said...


"Shunned by New Agers and Occultists, his common sense told him we are in for a nuclear exchange of perhaps 200 nukes and Les would do better to read GK's publications than fall prey to the stupid 2012 hype.......who knows, probably Gopi more than anyone."

Would we all do better to read GK's publications? You obviously don't know anything about 2012. Also using "common sense" (something which isn't all that common)why do you think there hasn't been any nuclear exchange since the good guys hit Japan during WW2? We have psychopaths in governments in most countries. Remember old Rummy? He was just itching to nuke someone. Something is holding their hand and it sure as hell isn't their conscience. Let GK smoke his mushrooms. There won't be any exchange of 200 nukes. Nukes do damage in other dimensions, it won't be allowed to happen.


kikz said...

mornin les :)

i too had issues w/the sunspot activity incongruencies of the prior link.
...went to the new link and hit my bookmarks icon...

it was already there ;)

inre messages/messengers...
i lean toward the perennial/stoic/hermetic schools.
the message is key, the messenger is of minor import
squared against ancient messengers such as plato, epictetus, and later transmissions such as the kybalion...
i've found two contemporary 'messengers/repeaters/transmitters that 'freely' transmit/repeat in entirety - an uncorrupted/non-degraded signal.

keeping in mind;
1. allowances/refits made for culture/era of the messengers/audiences
2. non-violation of freewill; demands made as to dogma/creeds
3. red flags (any monetary compensation requested for enlightenment)...

what material is made' freely' available on their websites, and 'allowed/let thru' public access sites such as youtube
remains 'on message' with the ancients.

1. as above, so below.

the universe is electromagnetic vibration.
macro to micro, like to like
the duality of the law; attraction and repulsion

2. I am.

we are 'conscious' electromagnetic vibration. realize and claim your consciousness.

3. I am that I am.

or....ask, and it is given. then, realize and claim your freewill.

thru freewill - we choose - our thoughts - our vibration.

enjoy y'all* :)
sorry, no tinyurls....

abraham-hicks: ester:)

eckhart tolle: the giggling german:) 6mins.

Anonymous said...

HeHeHeHe! Must be GK's soulmate.


Anonymous said...

If there was anything more to add I would, but have you shared with us the true nature of our times and gift of unveiling. I will remember to give thanks for you and your work!

m_astera said...

RE Fud's comment-

I have long suspected that nuclear bombs simply don't work. The Manhattan project didn't pan out, so they mixed up some monstrously big fuel/air bombs laced with Uranium and Plutonium and dropped them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The U and Pu were there for the radiation 'tag'. Then they spent a lot of years and money blowing up traincarloads of TNT in the desert and on Pacific islands to keep the charade going.

So, what about Chernobyl, Three Mile Island etc? Refined Uranium burns like crazy whey the reaction gets out of control. The only thing that will stop it is Boron.

Obviously 'they' are not afraid to use weapons containing radioactives or they wouldn't be using tons of concentrated Uranium penetrator shells in the Middle East, Gaza, Afghanistan.

I've wondered about your suggestion before, damage on other dimensions. Maybe so, and maybe the whole nuclear bomb idea is the biggest fraud in history.

RE: This isn't "Home"

How about if it is all home? That's how it feels to me.

NothingToSay said...


Anonymous said...

m astera

I try to keep my comments brief and purposely don't elaborate on many of the things I say. I've found that when you make a controversial statement many who aren't familiar with what you said will reject it out of hand. It doesn't make any difference if you give supporting material. Also we have a relatively astute crowd here and elaboration isn't always necessary. Take what you said, "I've wondered about your suggestion before, damage on other dimensions." Aristotle said "it is the sign of an intelligent mind that can entertain a thought without actually accepting it." Get the picture?

Nuclear weapons are real, absolutely no doubt about it. If you follow the UFO situation you are probably aware that on occasion these craft have temporarily neutralized the launch mechanisms on nuclear weapons. Over the years they have shown great "interest" in our nuclear program. You think maybe to keep us in check? Our country is controlled by a dark cabal and we are belligerent with our nukes.

Some of the UFOs are connected with interdimensional and galactic governance. The earth is an "isolated" planet which has become the "playground" of Lucifer and his minions. We volunteered to experience duality on earth. Due to our collective inattentiveness things have gotten completely out of hand. We need help. There is a light in the distance but we must make it through this valley of tears. The story will have a happy ending.


Ben There said...

Les -

Your words are always like medicine to me when I'm feeling the intense suffering that sometimes IS human life, the stupid little dramas. Now is one of those times. Went back and read through alot of the old stuff today. So helpful to me. We all get our asses kicked card finally came up again. I forgot how much fun this was. I guess we're never really out of the woods.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

The Reality TV at the End of the World.

Visible said...

Hi John;

Long time no hear. I no longer know what your email is (grin) so just write me at

m_astera said...

Hey Long John-

Always like the violent denial reaction when I postulate things like nukes don't work. You know because your dad told you so. Um, OK. Want to get into specifics?

'They' have shown they will use anything at all. So why haven't the simple wars been solved with simple nukes? The UFOs stop them?


m_astera said...

Somehow this one got lost in cyber transmission. I'll try it again.
Hi Fud:

I 90% agree with everything in your last post except:

"Nuclear weapons are real, absolutely no doubt about it."

You have no doubts. I do. Yes, reactor meltdowns are real. Yes, purified uranium burns like crazy, similar to magnesium but giving off radioactive isotopes. Doesn't prove the concept of nuclear weapons real.

I know about the reported UFOs over say the missile silos in N Dakota. My position is that it's a boondoggle. Took the money of two whole generations, poured in into a rathole based on lies. But it ended up in someone's pocket, for sure. Recall who is the father of lies, and flies (musca spp).

I'm also pretty familiar with the concepts of chemistry and 'nuclear physics'. I know the theory, I'm saying what if it doesn't work, when you try to take it to a bomb stage?

Here's a few more I doubt real seriously:

That the sun and stars are thermonuclear furnaces. No, they are electrical plasma/arc phenomena.

That black holes exist. No, they are simply impossible on theoretical as well as practical levels.

That dark matter exists to explain the primitive ideas of Einstein. No need, see plasma/electric theory.

That curvature of space explains gravity, vis Einstein. Simply absurd because there must be a spatial 'matter' to be curved, which prima facie eliminates a vacuum in space. It will, perhaps work with the old phlogiston theory but there are better ones.

Please note that I have made no statement like "this just is, don't doubt it".


m_astera said...

Long John-

Have you ever heard or read anyone doubting the reality of nuclear bombs before? Is this the first time?

I understand the theory well enough. Without getting into a pissing contest about it, I was reading nuclear physics in grade school and I do chemistry consulting for a living.

Nuclear fission seems to work up to a point, they can boil water with it to run a steam turbine. Or get a melt-down. Radiation burns are real.

The theory that the source of heat and light from the sun and stars are nuclear furnaces is a hoax, I'm real sure of that. There are much simpler ones that fit the observed data better. Check out

The real question would be, if nuke bombs work, why would they never have been used in war, other than two small ones in Japan? Why?

Bruce Cathie has the idea that they will only work certain places and times, see his work on the harmonic grid.

Anonymous said...


Thaks for your thoughts. I would be interested to read what you have to say regarding the Sun being electrical plasma rather than nuclear.

If you don't mind would you please give a brief but solid explanation of how that works in the case of the sun, the sun's origin, and the source or reason for the high degree of energy being emmited by the sun. Thanks.




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