Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Short Coming, Long Time Going

I’m trying to remember something. I thought about it yesterday but now it isn’t coming to me and there are so many reasons to go over to ‘mirrors’ and bypass ‘origami’. I think what I wanted to talk about had to do with shortcomings. Most things do, because it is out of our shortcomings that our miseries proceed. Everything that affects us negatively comes out of our shortcomings and all that causes us to prosper comes from the higher qualities of our being.

If you want to change the world and if you want to live in a better world, then Job One starts with you. Read the Witter Bynner version of The Way of Life. It’s an operation’s manual. You put that at ground zero in your being and then... if you have to have a religion, you layer that on top. If you want to be a member of any order, if you want to operate in any profession, you read that Lao Tzu and then you put your mufti on and you go to work and you can change the world. You will never change the world until you change yourself.

All the problems that you see in the world around you are because people did not change themselves before they set out to change the world. As a result they became historical lessons. Was the cost of what you did worth what you wound up with?

I’m not a survival expert but I know people who are and... more importantly, I am aware of where the real information comes from. Real information is based on personal sacrifice because individuals can get nowhere without the cooperation of their fellows. Everything you do comes down to what purpose you serve. If you are not asking yourself questions in concern of this then you will inevitably fail and screw things up in a small or large fashion. You can think of the universe as a design on the human body. Banker mentalities are anal retentive and get colonic cancers and visit the same upon the population. Warriors attack the heart against the essential purpose of the heart and so the heart attacks them and strokes figure into that as well. The most pervading malady of the times, in times of material excess, is stress. Stress is generally manifesting out of the ‘personal will’ thing and in times of material importance, over more refined visions of operating systems, stress is what the engine produces.

Tool and die people and dreamers need to work together. This is one of the reasons that I like Jacques Fresco. People come around howling about Masons and Illuminati and connections back and forth with six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. It is the integrity of the individual that matters and ‘by their works ye shall know them’. This is why Mother Teresa doesn’t get a pass and why Wild Life Funds and Carbon Tax scams are bad news, pretending to serve the interests of the defenseless and those trapped in misfortune. I suspect there are many bankers and other material feeders, reincarnating into those roles, but our job is not to condemn or ignore these people or to say it is their karma. Our job is to show them the way.

You lead by example. Do things correctly for the greater benefit of all and you won’t go wrong. Then you come up against special interests and powerful banking and corporate lobbies who want to fashion the world into a prison camp. That is how they do business. I assure you there is enough for all of us here. Nature is abundant. However, when Nature sees you acting like a cheap sonofabitch, at the expense of your fellows, Nature has to address the imbalance. This is why the control of information is so important to the bad guys. Look at who is controlling the information and you will know who the bad guys are. What we are told is happening is for the purpose of influencing our reactive behavior and that is why stepping away is the solution.

You step away from the jobs and taxes. You refuse to fly on airplanes. You get the whole world to walk away from the constructs of what the self-chosen rulers of the manifest superimpose upon us. The result is that the machine attacks Libya, to prevent maverick activity and this extends into the drug worlds, where entrepreneurs are not wanted because they have a better product. It is the same thing with the energy companies and the entire construct of corporate domination of ordinary life.

Usually in times of darkness those who are mind controlled from fundamentalist dogma; religious or political, go down with the ship. They didn’t have the drive, intelligence and heart to sacrifice in order to survive. I live in the mix, but I have lived with the understanding that I live according to certain principles and am very adaptable to changes in circumstance. I don’t buy things that I don’t need. I have been deceived as much as any of you but I am not allowing deception to continue to order my day. It’s not going to happen anymore and this is a significant point. You can change. You can do it today.

Cut back on senseless craving and most certainly investigate the effect of alcohol and Kali Yuga diet on your life. When you hear a lie, you can respond directly or surreptitiously in your mind to it. Don’t feed it and don’t give it a home. Lies are looking for places to live. Don’t let them stay at your house. Imagine your desires as being like a gas burning stove. Turn down the flame and see to the basics of what life is about.

If food costs sky rocket and if fuel becomes hard to get well, I only need certain things to survive and I don’t have to go anywhere. That is how I am designed. I already left those places where conditions did not meet my basic requirements.

You need to ask yourself, “How much suffering am I causing”? You need to look at what it is that you do that affects the world around you negatively and change it. This change is not easy because the world is streamlined to make you continue. You have to find a place to stop and consider the road that you are on. Two worlds are in operation at this changing of the age. One world is going and one world is coming. The transition should be simple and easy. Get rid of everything you don’t need and stop acquiring more. This alone will affect the state of your physical and mental health in respect of the challenges that are coming. So many of the maladies that people suffer from did not even exist in former times, they are a product of these times. Other times had their own horrible contagions that came about through ignorance of the proper operation of living but... these conditions were not the same everywhere, because the lives being lived were not the same everywhere.

Look at the impact of Moorish culture on our world from its fabled genesis. Look at every culture that was changing according to certain dynamics. I am not suggesting this ‘example’ as a template. I am saying you need to open your eyes to the direction that life is moving in and it has to do with living a certain way. It has to do with living in harmony and not operating as a predator. Some of you believe in divine activity and some of you do not but that doesn’t change the game board. Some things work and some do not. Some things are set up to profit the few and to leave everyone else buying lottery tickets.

Wishing and hoping doesn’t get things done. It would be different if you were just starting out but you are in the middle of it, so you have to cut your losses. Do you cut your losses on the backs of others, as we see in operation at this time, by those who should not be hard to identify or define, or do we do the right thing? Here’s the important feature of this posting. Doing the right thing just might save your ass.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for your post. We certainly are in the 'middle' and it does depend on what we can cut away as useless cargo.

I'm sure Evelyn, Jacob, Nathan and the whole extended klan would liked to have come by and say hello if they hadn't been so busy stealing, raping and killing everyone on the planet (grin).

The apolcalypse is upon us, the dark forces are being fully exposed and they are eating themselves.

Stay tuned to your non-MSM, add-free internet where the revolution IS being 'televised'.


Anonymous said...

Yes Les, it's a good idea.
And thank you for today's post.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a good idea.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Les, you have stated precisely what has been tumbling around inside my head. Seeing it written here has helped me to organize my thoughts a bit more. Thank you. A good “heads up” for what lies beyond.


amarynth said...

Thanks Visible.

Yes, it is a good idea. Simply link it in on the blog as usual. That makes it easy for people to get to.

As soon as it is available to download, we put it on the player at the community as well.

Miriam said...

The internal work can be very intense in these days of reckoning for everyone; we have been around here a long time and the accumulation is not just in the material.
Most here have been at it continually and diligently, but there is always more digging and fertilizing and planting of sweeter gardens to be done.

In waves. You have to ride the waves and know that it is you that has to change but that it is greater than you that will be effected; take it personally but not serious about the effort, but laugh or you hurt yourself and well, self-pity isn't where it is at.

Thank goodness for the Divine Ones ahead of us to comfort and encourage and assure us we are doing the work of the Divine even as it aches.

And for Blessed people like Visible.

Time to go to the Farmers' Market and shake off my own seriousness and spread the Love I have been reminded I have to share from the Divine and chill with these most fine people.
Organic eggs, and flowers and rain...sounds like a fine day to me!

wv:retter~ rain to wash away the sorrows and make it better.

Erik said...

"Attention shoppers ..."

Our brand new shopping carts still 'had their brakes on'; so it was maybe a bit difficult for you to shop ...

Please try again; we have removed the brakes, and oiled the wheels for an ever smoother experience ...

Erik said...

On a different note:

Your 'lyrics' hit home again Vis ... darn ;)

Like your Radioshow, so yes it's a good idea ...


DaveS said...

Another excellent piece!

And a fine WV too: guita... I'm gonna go play a 'appy tune on my guita'.


VanguardThoughts said...

In the stillness, in the silence...

One moves through heaven and earth, to the extent of all existence...

And beyond.

* * * * *

And I turned and pulled what lay within, but it spun around too near.

So I paused and sang and watched it go,

And it righted, laughing, with tears.

The heavens called and I answered, standing to meet the shine.

Transcending all above and below,

I leap for joy in the Divine.

* * * * *

[WV: motosm : motion-based micro/macro cosm.]

the BCth said...

Dearest Visible,
From where I stand, as a faltering seeker of the way, your weekly audio broadcasts are far from a waste of time. You may feel as though you are repeating yourself, but to me, each new show is as fresh as the spring of life. Of course, I return from time to time, when I need a boost, to listen to your past shows, and always gain something new... but please, continue. Your voice is needed, if only to help sustain the few (thousands) like me who appreciate what you have to say because it reminds us of what we so often tend to forget - the most important thing - each time in a slightly different way. If your guidance leads you to withdraw your energies from the radio work, then that is what you must do, and I will understand. But barring that, please continue.

Although I was not given words to share on the last Origami posting, I would like to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for what you and the others there wrote. These blogs are food and salve for a world-worn soul. Thank you all. I love you with such a love as I am capable of bringing through from that ineffable and almighty source, of which is so well spoken, and is made so evident at these blogs.

Yours under siege from the shortcomings within,

European American said...

Fueled up and ready to expedite matters to make a difference, today. Thanks for the premium, high octane inspiration.

Truth alone Triumphs! said...

Hi Les,
I'm interested in your reference to Moorish culture. Could you expand on this some time? I think it's quite an amazing culture, with stupendous art. I'm interested in your thoughts.
Thanks for amazing blogs.

Paul Birchard said...

Love your radio musings - though I imagine it's tough to do every week!

Don't be afraid to lighten up now and then! Swami Paramananda, youngest disciple of Swami Vivekananda, observed: "It never does any good to worry with another." :~p

Visible said...

There were some remarkable things that came out of that time. One of them was the Tarot Cards where many wise souls gathered in Fez Morrocco and created them as a means of transmitting eternal truths through the coming dark ages which we are in, disguising them as playing cards too, involving fortune tellers to carry the mysteries with the gypsies. I've always maintained that telling your fortune is not as useful as the ability to change your fortune which is what the archetypes transmit. But that's all been discussed in other origamis and will probably be a part of The Best of Visible Origami coming to a bookstore near you this fall (grin)

Anonymous said...

From Abe:
(Sorry for the anon post, but zio-google wants me to update my shit to post a comment)

Been a while Cousin Les. Been trying to get something to say on the topic. I guess my main concern with masonry is it's jewish character. The legends, allegories, numerology, symbology, jargon, and history of it are all kabbalic, or jewish, in nature. While I realize that most jewish wisdom is plagiarized, hell even the ten commandments come verbatim from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, that doesn't change the jewish monopolization of the institution.

Should we try to save the Catholic Church from the jewish pharisaic ideology that it is under, or shall we simply seek greener pasture elsewhere?

Where masonry most rubs me the wrong way, despite its rejection of the exoteric trappings of semitic orthodoxy, is that it's still one of the many vanguards of jewish supremacism.

The same situation with Islam - I don't really care how thoroughly it rejects jewish usury in certain Koranic Suras, the very fact that judaism is it's foundation will forever empower its ancient enemy.

We empower them by empowering their mythos. That more than any spiritual or financial chicanery is the root of their power - and also their achilles heel. The self-chosen sought to be a jealous God and are now, like the god they imposed, dependent on our belief in them for their own continuity. This is where I agree with you and love the message - They have given us the very power they sought, by mythologizing themselves, they have turned everything they sought in to a legend that we may now choose to believe in, or not. I hope others choose to just say no as well.

Visible said...

If you are going to get busted. do it in Venezuela. This looks like an action central kind of place where a guy could find a future.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

-Lao Tzu

amarynth said...

Morocco: ahaa, I've had a previous lifetime or two thereabouts. Can see it in my feet where some dominant gene makes a funny bone. I once was in a store that had clothing made of the fabric that the Berbers use, appropriate for desert clothing - desert walkers. I bought as much as my credit card could hold. Just loved the feel of the stuff!

Visible said...

Well Abe,

I covered all of that. The system has been perverted but that does not mean that individual Masons are bad guys. A lot of them are hard working people of good intent. Some of them are remarkable and you don't even hear about them.

I'm having a visit from some people that I am going to be engaged in working with and I want to show them the film Future by Design by Jacque Fresco. I'm watching the DVD at the moment. I am just so impressed by what this man has done and no one has paid any attention to him. You put Jacque Fresco into google and at the top you get Jacque Fresco fraud.

If you watch the film you can see this man is an incredible person and no one pays any attention to him. I don't know that he is a Mason but that is the kind of person that can come out of that kind of thing. It is all about the person, systems can be corrupted and people can be corrupted but some of us are not.

I don't think Thomas Jefferson was a bad guy. I can't take that stance, He was a Mason. It's the same thing with guns. Guns don't kill people. People do that. Some systems are very workable and timeless but always subject to corruption. Integrity is what a person must have. In their jeans and in their being.

Visible said...

meaning i don't buy cheap jeans

Tom Lowe said...

At the lowest end of the scale on this topic would be a globalist retailer which recently changed its store logo from being the Commie Red Star of PRC to a stylized yellow asshole ... a stylized yellow asshole ready to shit crap out onto its customers.

I presume that the Board of Directors had to approve the new logo in some manner, no doubt giving it their 'oral seal of approval'.

Anonymous said...

I work for a company that does development and so many jobs have gone to india.
for the last 2 years, i cannot bring myself to be other than my authentic self at that place. somehow, i created a couple of enemies just for the mere fact that I didn't play corporate kiss ass and now it seems this person could've had a hand in the sabotage of my job.
As a result of my layoff, i will e able to return to get educated in something that i really know would love to do(nursing and helping people) it's the healing arts and helping people in need that i have always felt was my calling and just by being real at the place I hate, i am managing to get a lay off with good severance so i can go to school.
i can't just quit b/c i have mouths to feed but i managed to be more real little steps at a time, and now the person who thinks less of me the most can be the catalyst for me reaching a higher learning and a closer connection to my path.
i should thank them. My point in this is that by trying with tiny baby steps to be more real, something is aiding me and guiding me into a more service to others environment and I really think it's go to do with you and the divine and how it is guiding you and the people who come here helping me look closer at myself and the ways that i sabotage my own freedom and spot my own shortcoming and there are so many!
Just wanted to thank you Visible for all you do.
Love, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

From Abe:

I wasn't hating on Fresco, if the Venus project can remain free of corporate/banking/jewish influence and find a way to handle the idle folks who seem to need unnecessary workloads to exist, then it should be great.

I think all people of all traditions should abandon their institutions, not just Masons. You don't need a church to pray and break bread or belong to Rome to pray the Rosary or seek the saints. You don't need the Mosque to make salat or practice zhikr. You don't need the lodge to practice the craft. You don't need the Ashram to do the yogas or read Gita. You don't need the tabernacle to lead a Mormon life. and on it goes.

I know the orthodox within each fold would disagree, but a sincere approach and the right teacher really are all you need in any system.

I just think that the eastern systems of enlightenment in general, with their freedom from historical jewish cultural contact and influence, will be far better positioned- and those within them to inherit the future than those still doing things the western way, which is actually the Northern way. The Red Road is the real Western way according to the directions on my map.

Ouzel said...

"You lead by example. Do things correctly for the greater benefit of all and you won’t go wrong."

Wisdom to live by, summed up.

Thank you, as always, LV.

At one point I said I was disillusioned by David Icke.

That was about his reported initial denial that he had a child by someone other than his wife, in Canada. He later acknowledged the child as his, according to the same article.
I was very disappointed that he lied about it.

On further reflection, perhaps he lied because he wanted to not hurt his wife, at that point. Who knows? Stone-throwing is not my remit. He is doing a tremendous service to all, in awakening them.

Anyway, this vclip of his is worth watching
"You think that's air you're breathing now?"

The book he mentions, The Holographic Universe, by Michael Talbot, is worth reading too. It's out of print, but it's on-line for free

Thank you again, and thanks also for others' helpful ideas.

Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Les It seems this should have been titled Dear David, Thanks, for all you do, I only hope I can return the favor, if not to you personally then to whoever needs it.
Mo Visable

Visible said...


When you are a public figure your life is on display and we all have shortcomings. I've made my mistakes in the past, not the same kind of thing but none of us are above reproach. Of course I never set myself up as any standard of morality so I have no concerns on that account. In my life I have had sex with a lot off people, more than most but much less than some. I'm a general fidelity but I have total liberty in the first place. I have permission to do whatever I want and I allow the same liberty. I don't concern myself with that sort of thing. If it so happens that I don't engage anyway, or if I do is not the point. Because that has nothing to do with what I am and what I do and I don't feel any interest in any one that way. I'm in love with god and pretty much anything I do do has some connection to that no matter what it is. That's all I think about. What does god want. How can I serve? Money, pussy, power fame I can feel the heat but it doesn't come close to the heat of god. Can I fuck up? sure.. anyone can but that's not my normal dimension of operation. I'm just not interested in that. There are much more important things than what can I do for my dick today. That's a bad restaurant as far as I am concerned. I like to eat at home and I only eat to live.

said more than I should have. I don't know David, I don't judge him he does good work but I don't know the end of every story yet, including my own.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Aum, Om, Amen to that Les Visible!

That's honest powerful testimony.

That's what I love about you more than anything..


Big big medicine.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

song to mind - irreverent with humour.
Cracker - Get Off This

"Let's get off this, and get on with it,
If you wanna change the world shut your mouth and start to spin it"

full lyrics are there


wv: bricrat. Mud Brick House, Wind In The Willows, living simply.

Rob in WI said...

Dammit Visible, every time I feel like blowing your blogs off, you come up with something like this. It was fun when you only posted a few times a month, and would often take a month or two hiatus. Commenting on the evil in the world, esoteric references, your own experiences, was fun. Now that you are alternative mainstream, the message seems to be repetitious. Now you reopen the issue of personal responsibility.
Well placed blow. Rob

Lukiftian said...

An excellent post Les, and thank you.

However, it's not merely necessary to examine the suffering one causes, but to examine the motive. Sometimes suffering is useful, as in pulling a dislocated arm to reset it in its socket. There are other, less tangible examples I could give, but you get the idea.

Terrance said...

Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas, the Lord of the creation will take His birth as the Kalki incarnation and become the son of Viṣṇu Yaśā. At this time the rulers of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers........

est said...




Anonymous said...

testing.......most of my few comments don't seem to come through. Vis I see your instructions above, looks like a pain in the ass, sorry...I will consider another time to study that. Hugs all the same


Anonymous said...


Yes(!), the show is a very good idea. I wait for it like a little boy from the old days of radio. I quit TV years ago.

The show also introduced me to, James, "The Black Knight". I like him a lot too.

I'd like to see your spot run longer because it's so relaxing yet sometimes it seems you're working hard to fit stuff in and my absorption-rate lags, lol.

Thank you, and you're very good at it--I've had friends in radio (rock, morning drive to graveyard) and you're absolutely pro-level and beyond.



Anonymous said...

Yet another inspiring ah . . . "rant ! ! ! "

Reminds me of someone in a challenging situation & who had tried all possible solutions available. None were working.

He just gave up/let go and asked his opposite number: okay, I've tried everything. What would Y O U do in my position?

Problem solved ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Concerning student "loans," they're all phony. The banks give up nothing of any intrinsic value. They create numbers out of thin air, and transfer them via computer to an account in some financial organization. This entire country's financial system is nothing but a gigantic counterfeiting scheme.

If somebody comes after you for these "loans," demand that they present original contract paperwork, detailing precisely what "consideration" was surrendered by the bank. If there is no consideration, THERE IS NO DEBT.

Robert Bonomo said...

Hi Les,

Another great post. I also am very interested in the ideas of Jacque Fresco. One idea he has that has fascinated me and is part of an article I am writing is what he says about how limiting money is to our society. The banking system creates an artificial, money based scarcity that doesn't reflect reality. He uses the example of WWII economic production which de coupled from money to some extent to produce the needed armaments. His idea is very profound and points to the web of control of the bankers..

Keep up the good work and God bless

Miriam said...

Lukiftian~ very good point!

Vis~ yes on radio, it is a quick bite of wisdom; I have several friends as well who read and listen to you and gain a great deal from your words.
As long as it is something the Ineffable guides you to do, there is an audience to receive it.

Kevin said...

To my mind, Les, yours is the voice of a prophet: you "cry aloud and spare not", stripping away evil's veil; you uplift, encourage, provoke, and inspire to take up or continue the only vocation important in this wold. You remind and I need reminding right now. I am in awe of the gifts of God working in you and am thankful to have found you. I hope you will continue.


Anonymous said...

Very good Les, Be motivated by need not greed. Try to have what you want or simply want what you have. I've tried both and know what works for me. The universe seems to know also. Results may vary. From Minnesota

Anonymous said...

All that I really know is to love the divine & all will be well. I have always been cared for by divine grace, no matter what the scenario. I do not presently fly, but I am guessing that if that is what the Divine would choose for me to do, then I would "fly" with no problems from TSA or any other governmental agency. The same goes for how well I live. It is all taken care of for me. I am not in control & if this graced life would be taken away from me, then that is OK, too, if I were still filled with the grace of the Beloved. Perhaps, that would be taken, also, and that would also be alright since it would be by divine design. We never know. There are some things that must be given up, respect or admiration from those that do not live by grace and cannot possibly understand a life of not caring about worldly ways. Also, you will most likely lose one's devotion to & from family and friends and one's ability to be interested in most of the things that others hold dear. So be it. Many of the people here are most likely familiar with the above scenarios. One more is not real in any form. If one cares only for the will be cared for at whatever level is necessary. You may require a Mercedes this time around or only your does not matter. You will be filled-up to overflowing. God gives birth to universes & I doubt that the Divine Intelligence is requesting a marriage certificate before granting the birth of a planet or two, much less the birth of a human child. Only the one in the dance with the Divine knows what is permissable and it may be shocking to know what the Divine may allow or disallow and for what reasons.
We must simply carry on and devote ourselves to God in whatever manner we are driven and we will be well.
I enjoy your radio shows, Les. It is always electifying to hear you speak of God as a normal part of life.
wv: chango...whew!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Madness at the Break of Dawn; keep on keeping on.

neal said...

Every time I swing that sword I always mostly cut myself, and cut those losses that I would fight for, except for remembering the price paid by others not asked.

So it's subtle, and narrow, and less, but trying to widen it can only hurt for awhile, ?

They are worth it, even if nobody else knows.

Things that used to be left unsaid are being broadcast, that's a hell of a thing to bring balance, but what else can a poor boy do in this place?

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

It's the End of the Beginning of the End.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

A World of Delusion on a Ball of Confusion.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Cognitive Dissonance on Revolution Road.

Layth Shusha said...

Discover the supernatural side of prince William in a revolutionary new article that took hundreds of h ours of reseach...

"Born 21st June 1982 on the Summer solstice and with a solar eclipse that same day.

The eclipse cycle Prince William was born under is Saros 117. It was in its 1189th year when he was born. The last time it had occurred was in 1964 and the next time it would occur would be on his mothers birthday, July 1st 2000.

Ominously the Bible contains 1189 chapters of which psalm 117 is the very middle chapter, also it is the shortest..."




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