Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Know the End from the Beginning

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Summer is arriving but here it is gray and cool but not unpleasant. My guests have taken off for Basel for the art fair. I’m not much into art fairs since there is very little art by my definition. Most of it looks like something done by a school kid; the sort of thing pretentious people make noises about with a glass of white wine in their hands as they discuss mood and meaning. They find meaning where I find none and it’s mostly about their idea of their own insights. They swell with self importance and pseudo-intellectualism and talk nonsense. Lucky for me that most of that happens around here in a foreign language but it would all be a foreign language to me.

They’re not all that different from the people who talk about politics, war and the economy. They don’t know what they’re talking about either and I’ve gotten to where I don’t pay much attention to them. I’m not capable of it anymore. My eyes glaze over and my mind turns to deeper issues that most people don’t think or talk about.

My guests bring a new dimension to my being while they are here. Usually I don’t have anyone to talk about these things with. Both of my guests are very bright and informed and we have some spirited discussions.

We were discussing the subject of 9/11 and the mechanisms by which it is closed out in most conversational circles. I was saying how in most instances, if you mention 9/11, it’s not long before people want to move on to other things and look at you as a disturbance and someone to be ignored and marginalized. People get in trouble for talking about 9/11. They get in trouble at work. They get in trouble in family and social situations. They don’t want to hear about it. It makes them uneasy and they don’t want to be associated with the topic because it draws negative and undesirable attention.

In this world, these days, people often go along to get along. They want conformity and they want an end to the troubled nature of the times. Somehow they think if they push aside all the reasons and meaning for the conditions of the day that things will just got back into order at some point and none of it will make any difference. They like business as usual. They like ordinary predictable things. Most people aren’t going to go into Nature and take magic mushrooms with you. They instinctively sense that this might change them and it might bring up things they don’t want to look at. They’re right. They’re wrong about the essence of it but they’re right in a general sense. It will change them and it will bring up things they imagine they don’t want to look at.

People should be changed and they should look at certain things. They don’t need magic mushrooms to do it but there is such a blanketing of darkness over people’s perceptions and the ability to perceive things in their real meaning that it’s not necessarily a bad idea because it catapults you into a plane of awareness where you can see into things and not just glance off of them.

People don’t address the deeper problems and questions of their being because; in a certain sense this is what they are. Since most people operate on the level of the personality, which they think composes what they are, they are composed of the problems and questions. That’s why they can’t find solutions because they are the problem. In most cases, in respect of the deeper issues, there are no solutions except for a change in the people confronting, or avoiding them. This is why life provides conditions and times of change because people won’t do it on their own. The Apocalypse is necessary because people have become blinded by desires, appetites and a collective ignorance; a shared unreality that doesn’t actually exist and neither do the people sharing it. They don’t essentially exist as what they think they are. That is a mask.

Today’s world is filled with belligerent drunks and mental defectives who have embraced a lie and lumber through its environs like sleepwalkers in a nightmare. The public servants are a cartoon. The religious leaders are hypocrites and self serving fools. The corporations and banks are bloodthirsty sharks in a community swimming pool. Mass insanity doesn’t look like what it is because there is no normal for comparison. Crazy just gets crazier and looks more ordinary because that’s how it is and that’s all you see. Some of us are aware of this but we’re not welcome in the general affairs of the nutters who think that we are crazy. We’re not.

The cultures and the various societies that compose them have entered a terminal phase. It’s not a self correcting mechanism. Cosmic forces must be employed to readjust the conditions of life and they come around like clockwork because the state of the cultures and societies go off the rails like clockwork. It’s all a teaching environment and doesn’t make much sense unless reincarnation is the fact I believe it to be.

It’s pointless from my perspective to talk about all of the things that are wrong because they are too numerous to get into and the problems are all systemic and can’t be solved by available means because the whole thing is wrong and has to die a programmed death along with all of the shallow dreams of the people who move about within it.

The icons of our times are banal, vacuous and lacking in inspiration. Their tawdry lives hang like dirty laundry that was supposed to be washed but they skipped some of the steps in the process. We’re a joke and it’s not funny. It probably is meaningless because few people get the punch line and no one talks to them. They’re pariahs that remind people of things they don’t want to think about.

I believe in cosmic justice and all of the timeless verities that reside on some rarified plane and which precipitate downward at given intervals. I believe there’s a deeper meaning and import to life, regardless of whether anyone can see it. I believe in the greatness that resides as potential in the heart of humanity and I believe in other things as well. What I believe is no big deal in the scheme of perverted life. These things are an inconvenience to those who have sold their souls for material gain and the drive of self interest. I still have no idea why I am here and don’t even think about it too much. I believe in Love and Love believes in me because Love is conscious and resonates with what pertains to it and changes everything else.

In times of darkness, the man with a flashlight is king. You don’t negotiate the darkness with darkness. You negotiate it with a light. Darkness does not illuminate itself. Ignorance does not enlighten. Greed does not result in abundance because there are higher rules and appearances are deceiving. There’s no enjoyment in the finest foods and the finest things, if it tastes like sawdust and is composed of shit. The principal illusion of the prosperous and powerful is that they are better off and live in some unique and private world. They live in isolation, so that would be private. Their chief relish is that you think they are better off and they feed on that because they don’t have much else.

I don’t know how it sorts out. I don’t know what’s coming because everything is about lessons and teaching moments and that’s the primary intent of the cosmos, not all of the smoke and pageantry. Maybe we’re all doing our best but that is a terrible thought. The long range of the plans of the universe, cover too great a vastness of time for any individual consciousness to get a grasp on. In any case, there is only the moment and ever will be. Finding one’s harmonious accord with the moment is the main thing and that’s not relevant to the schemes and dreams of those who grant pariah status to everyone who has their best interests at heart.

I do know that it all works out; even if that means it doesn’t work out the way most people want it to. Most people don’t know what’s going on anyway and that’s probably why. Trauma and transformation are the generator of lasting and meaningful change in nations and individuals. That’s the operative status of our present residency. Make the most of what you have but first discover what it is that you possess.

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Les:

Well said...

Kindest regards,

Anonymous said...

Brilliant !

Unknown said...

Cosmic justice? Like when an international Bastille Day arrives that will make the original look like a walk in the park? Like when the U.S. is finally hit with a REAL military strike from the outside, as opposed to another staged incident like 9/11?

Sure. I'm a'waitin'. Aye, I'm in the Divided States right now, but I don't really care. Why should I? After all, we both, and most of your readers know that death is just another word for transition. . .to a less dense realm of self-containment. After all, all we're here for is the experience. The memories are the only thing we take with us, so hey! Why worry? Have fun with the entropy as the system that should never have been put in place destroys itself. . .with a little help of the white warriors.

Though I'm not one who thinks life is worth killin' for. Personal sovereignty denied, yes; but not life.

Zoner said...

Thank you, Visible, for the words and for your continued efforts to present inspired works. Many key points here and I do hope that they will find resonance with those who are in need of a little nudge or simply a reinforcement of things held as personal truths.

Rock on, Dog Poet.


Anonymous said...

Nice piece. It ain't easy "being green", eh? Enjoyed your song.

wv:heepa...better than "herpa"

Anonymous said...

Outstanding words Visible
the way you broke that down, the only possable explanation for the way things are and what has happened in the distant past is that it was all for and is for demonstration purpases, a cosmic school. Proof of reencarnation, which for me has always been proof that trouth and wisdom is streamed from the cosmose. You sounded a bit like a tool and die man (smile)
my soul thanks you.

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

You said it all for me,

"Finding one’s harmonious accord with the moment is the main thing..."

I call this state "In the Zone."

When I'm in my zone,
anything and everything is possible or probable.

Over the past couple of years I've come to see that we are all walking dead, It's just some of us realize it and live life in the moment because it could all be gone in the next.
I've been able to disconnect from most of the physical bullshit of life and forgive and hold no grudges and it is a freedom I can't express.I'ts like my spirit is able to really soar now.

This is one of your best.
I feel ya man.

To All,
Thank you to most of the commenters here that I can relate to, but you guys say it better than I.
Thank You All.

Walking Hawk, Seeker of Truth

Anonymous said...

Well said theoretic.

Anonymous said...

As Bob Ross said: "I got a letter from somebody here a while back, and they said, 'Bob, everything in your world seems to be happy.' That's for sure. That's why I paint. It's because I can create the kind of world that I want, and I can make this world as happy as I want it. Shoot, if you want bad stuff, watch the news."

Fritz Waller said...

"They want conformity and they want an end to the troubled nature of the times. Somehow they think if they push aside all the reasons and meaning for the conditions of the day that things will just got back into order at some point and none of it will make any difference. They like business as usual. They like ordinary predictable things."

I agree totally. Just listen to the drone of the news and Sunday commentary.

Miriam said...

There was a surge of energy that flowed like a raging river yesterday and some of us were able to acknowledge that to each other, thank goodness, I wasn't alone in it...

I am still tingling from it, moved profoundly as I get a look at how I feel now, and feel that something has shifted in me, opened, moved, to look at this world from a different perspective.

"I am alive
And I am dreaming I'm alive
I am alive
And I am dreaming I'm alive..."

yeah, man, yeah.
Do we get to be Ming?
I hope so. But I don't know either, and I am riding this Wave, and the One driving it is looking out for me and in control.

Anonymous said...

Carl Jung said "People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul."

I saw that quote on a website, I like Jodi's comment about her services are right for you IF you are committed to facing and loving your soul. If not, well forget about it. She's an old marine who is now a shamanic sound healer.

We're in a severe drought where I live. The wildlife are hungry and thirsty. Not enough food was produced this spring. The neighborhood doves are a bit aggressive when they come to eat at my place. The bigger ones slap the smaller ones with their wings to get out of the way. I get a sense that this could be us humans in another couple of years, maybe sooner.

I tend to keep the doves I raise a little longer these days so they can grow a little bigger, a little heartier before sending them out into the stressful world they'll be living in. I read someone's post the other day about being given extra time to awaken in order for the shift not to be so hard on us. Sounds good to me.

I sat outside the other night to see if any of my new releases were wanting to sleep inside the flight cage for the night. I was on the upper deck, next to the crape myrtle tree. There sat a dove with the sleepiest eyes. I tilted my head to the side to see if I could tell if it was one of the newbies or an old friend. The dove titlted its head to meet mine. I straightened my head and the dove did too. I tilted my head again, and it did too. Silly dove. It was an old friend who came by to say hi. She was my first baby of the season, and took the longest time to leave me.
Sometimes we just need some extra time to grow strong.

Let's be good to each other

just me, Laurel A. said...

oh were born into a world that needs your mind, your sight, and yet they are not ready for you. its a wonderful thing susanne found you. you are so far above it all in your thoughts, your soul and your writing, that it is impossible for the mad masses to comprehend your existence. i stand my ground. there never was a thing wrong with you. it is the world around you. all of your life, you fought by yourself, for the most part, and they made you waste a lot of time fighting them and yourself. but maybe not a waste, as you came away with even more profound sight. my wish is that in this life and in the next level after, i pray we will all be able to continue to bask in your glow. it enlightens, it gives me tons of needed pause for thought, and it makes me and the rest of us into better souls. truly amazing what one man can do if he disregards the mad masses and the rulers that handle them.

Anonymous said...


I’ve been sitting here watching the previews and coming attractions… waiting for the feature presentation… the greatly anticipated epic.

Well, the popcorn is stale, the soda’s flat, and junior mints are long gone. It occurs to me that maybe I’m looking at this thing all wrong.

Maybe we all need to get of our asses and do something to try to make a difference…………. but what??? [sits back down, sips soda, munches more popcorn]


Erik said...

Laurel said:

"truly amazing what one man can do if he disregards the mad masses and the rulers that handle them"

... Hear, Hear

Thanks Vis and All ...

Unknown said...

There is definite change in the air....walking thru Hollywood Hills yesterday,the smell of the flowers, the sunshine....the sheer prettiness....the beauty of the people....BUT the energy was that of the hour of the wolf......that moment when the Sun has before darkness falls. I remember those streets and never have I felt them so relaxed .... a letting go. Reading the AIDS memorial plaques....seeing the once dangerous Adult Bookstore , once legendary, now fading amid the pastels....the ghost of the dead enjoying the last hours of ancient sunlight!
Less citizens of Pompeii....more so Atlanteans knowing their doom just rumbled under their feet. In buddhist theology - the karmic genes run out for the Gods and even before they die, they become aware of the rebirth they will take, adding a poignant sadness to the end of their "fabulous lives as Gods" and the coming suffering of their rebirth - the journey of an eon wasted.......and yet...........parinirvana also/still awaits .

Tom Lowe said...

"The long range of the plans of the universe, cover too great a vastness of time for any individual consciousness to get a grasp on."

On that I flat disagree, but perhaps I am too idealistic about humans and their capabilities.

"Finding one’s harmonious accord with the moment is the main thing ...."

Some readers have misinterpreted this to mean that the 'goal' is to find a feel-good happiness and harmony in the moment, but it is far more complex. Those who misinterpreted it, such as Bob the painter, make the exact same cosmic mistake that Barbara Bush made when she more or less said "Oh, why burden my beautiful mind with body bags?!" Sadly, the Truth is that you must face and assimilate bad news whenever it emerges, or you will simply not progress. Feeling good is in no way synonymous with harmony, and if you don't believe me, then come here and see my severely alcoholic neighbor sometime when she "feels good". When she "feels good", she will often verbally fart in your face for no reason, and repeat if she deems necessary. Feeling good and/or being in an environmentally self-preset 'happy mood' is harmony of the moment? No. It is escapism and nothing more.

If you are a painter like Bob, your alcoholism is the displaced, stolen joy you feel whilst painting in harmony while many millions of fellow beings of all types suffer terribly in the same moment for one reason or another. How can you make it a point to ignore them and then expect to become enlightened? Go listen to the Moody Blues' "Melancholy Man" and you may perceive more intensely what I am telling you here in this paragraph.

Tom Lowe said...

The cosmic pointer to the real meaning of the harmony of the moment is reflected by the saying "Alpha to Omega". Or, "As it was in the beginning, is now, and forevermore. World without end, Amen." There is no end, because there is no beginning: all reality is naught but a one-pointed singularity. In other words, the universe begins, ends, and is continuously here in the now all in the same instant, regardless of whatever outward manifestations of it that we perceive as humans within the so-called "Cycles of Reincarnation" that Visible uses to paint your cognitive hallways with for purposes of illustration and illumination. That is what Visible seems to be saying here.

Do I have it all figured out? Of course not! To think such is always a sure-fire indicator that a truth seeker is blinding themselves with their own ego. Clarity is an enemy of the truth seeker, as per Don Juan the mythical Yaqui shaman. So readers beware that though cognitive resonance is badly needed sweet salve for psychic wounds, if overindulged in it can also be a trap leading to excessive Clarity.

Cognitive dissonance produces change through cognitive dynamism and subsequent learning, whereas resonance soothes but usually produces little. I also know that this point is what Visible is getting at when he has more or less stated that he has been conceptually repeating himself in his blogs for the benefit of the choir in here. Well, my opinion is that the resonance to be found in here is indeed badly needed under the present grim global circumstances, and I would encourage all of you to partake fully of what Les Visible blog posts have to offer in this regard, while keeping in mind that cognitive resonance is by and large psychic salve and not psychic fertilizer for growth. "No pain, no gain!"

Tom Lowe said...

Being in harmony with the timeless cosmos while faced with earthly realities does not always feel good:

1. My 15 month old tomcat kitten Rufus, my very best friend, has been missing for three days, and it now appears set to be another long and very painful personal lesson of some sort for me. But I don't blame God or the cosmos for the PC-induced, state-sponsored coyote hugging that goes on around here, nor for the illegal auto repair shop next door that may have inadvertently poisoned my sweet little Rufus. It's an upcoming painful direct lesson in the shortcomings of Humanity.

2. Someone on eBay is using PayPal's consumer-based financial crime setup to rip me off of $26.49. I cannot blame that on some evil God out to teach me a lesson in hard knocks or a cosmos out to get me either, but rather, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of way more than one specific human being. This will be another painful lesson in the glaring shortcomings of Humanity, with the resultant cognitive dissonance hopefully helping produce an eventual end to the ongoing organized crime at the two headed eBay/PayPal monster, where demonseed PayPal the never-chartered bank grows out the side of eBay's neck like an upcoming grotesque freak from Fukushima.

It would be nice to not participate with the corporate criminals as per Visible's advice, but I have numerous appreciative beings to care for here with anywhere from two legs on up to hundreds apiece, from numerous genera, and they all need food, water and their place to live here on my property. If I stop participating with being fleeced by the dishonest financial criminals, nearly all involved here at my home will immediately lose all of that.

I have been brainstorming for several decades by now on how to overcome these shortcomings of Humanity that have led to the current sorry state of global and corporate affairs within Humanity. It is indeed a difficult problem that occupies all of my faculties 24/7 year round.

But in closing I must emphasize that one VERY USEFUL thing I have gotten from Visible that resonated with me as well from past experience with out-of-control individuals is that the likely best approach to dealing with the evils is to just get out of their way and let them destroy themselves apace. It's the best advice, though we hope to not be innocent collateral damage at some point.

But it is the best advice, as evil titans will engage when push comes to shove.

est said...

in switzerland
they have a day
when folks get together
for sort of a picnic,
then a big bonfire

the fire is in
kind of a

it commemorates
a battle won
long ago

they [had] set fires
on the highest
hilltops and ridges

for the purpose
of notifying
the next town over

'the battle is over,
we are victorious'

this smoke
signal approach
being suitable
for the terrain

i feel we have
similar here

the battle may
never be over

but victory
is absolutely

keep them
fires burning

Anonymous said...

I like the antique radio picture on your website-
makes you kind of long for the good old days...

Ah yes, the time of forced lobotomys,
when radioactive waste was simply dumped into the sea,
when little speed-trap towns could virtually 'disappear' your ass...
when you could not say the word "God" on television (or show a female belly button),
when you could do years in prison with murderers and rapists for getting caught with a joint,

...old men limping with Polio back in "the Day", with women in thier place ("pregnant in the kitchen"), when it was entirely acceptable to send your child to "military school' (you should check the ads in the back pages of an old National Geographic sometime...)

Wasnt it Voltaire that said this is "the best of all possible worlds"?

Just trying to balance the angst here...
take a deep breath, and ease up a little maybe?

thx for the comments though-
good stuff

Franz said...

Ah, les, I looked all week for something optimistic and you nailed it here:

"The cultures and the various societies that compose them have entered a terminal phase."

Hope so! Time to use the old as compost for a new world for HUMANS ONLY.

Sometimes it's too easy to get depressed about all the good land the rats of the world are sitting on. But when the rats finally get evicted... it's still good land.

May it be soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi All & Vis,

Most excellent Vis.

Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there.

I just finished watching Rory McIlroy blaze the field in this years US Open. The kid(22 years old)is a breath of fresh air in this materialist age.

He dropped a 'golden' ticket to stay on the us tour and went back to the Euro tour last year. He said he did it because his friends are in Europe...!

I am kind of extra proud because he comes from N.Ireland, where my Great Grandma came from when she was just 18 years old in 1912.

I thought of this young man from Korea also-

This Apocalypse,et al., works in mysterious ways...

Love to all,

DW in the Tahoe forest

Anonymous said...

One of the three possible scenarios that could eventuate,is written in three icon symbols.
Its stareing at you right now if ya downloaded the new look.Top right hand corner, do you compute?

DaveS said...

I'm so glad you're still writing.

Today's Origami was channeling pure truth.

Thanks for continuing to share...


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

maybe your a re-die and tool up man.(in other words reincarnation)

wv: woreast - worries, eastern mediational philosphies. problem/solution. (no reaction).

thanks for todays apple.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
just reading Witter Binner's Way of Life - this para. too good not to share

"Those who would take over the earth
And shape it to their will
Never, I notice, succeed.
The earth is like a vessel so sacred
That at the mere approach of the profane
It is marred
And when they reach out their fingers it is gone.
For a time in the world some force themselves ahead
And some are left behind,
For a time in the world some make a great noise
And some are held silent,
For a time in the world some are puffed fat
And some are kept hungry,
For a time in the world some push aboard
And some are tipped out:
At no time in the world will a man who is sane
Over-reach himself,
Over-spend himself,
Over-rate himself."

in a nutshell.

steve said...

I agree that in my experience a lot of people that cannot face for example that the official 911 story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese, or that they wont experience Ayahuasca, or San Pedro to learn more about themselves and the universe is in most cases fear. Go past your own denial and fear then you can open up to more truth.

Anonymous said...

Wow Les.....

So much of what you write resonates deep within me. I have known for a long time that most of the people in my life, my family, are 'surface dwellers;' they do not, for whatever reasons, look beyond or within. It has been difficult to live amongst them, for they do not afford opportunity for me to share about that which matters most to me. I so much appreciate it when someone such as you can illuminate so well with words that which my mind thinks about constantly. Thanks man.

Lukiftian said...

Yet another superb post. Well done.

gemmell said...

Tom Lowe,

I read a small book yesterday, The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
by Thaddeus Golas. What you said resonates very much with that.

If you don't accept what Is, Is, you are just feeding it and therefore cannot raise your awareness.

John C (UK)

Tom Lowe said...

Well, my best friend Rufus the cat came home alive!!!!!!!




Now, for the lesson in Humanity, it's time to look in the mirror first. Yes, that's right:

I should have taken Rufus to the vet many weeks ago right after he was bitten hard right in the nards by a fierce local tomcat named Chief. But I ignorantly figured he'd be fine in a few weeks, and he appeared to be, but there seems to be some possibility that he acquired a slowly developing internal abcess as a result, which apparently can be fatal within a day via blood poisoning should the abcess burst. I did not realize this could have happened until I had already been trying to figure his disappearance out for over two days and finally went online to do some research as to why tomcats leave home. Apparently, among the other things, ones with burst internal abcesses leave home to die.

Am still not sure what his problem is though--his hips do appear to be a bit weak and tender but not overly so--but he does feel better and ate and drank well upon arrival. However, he is going to the vet ASAP. And no going outdoors until further notice.

So once again we see where sorting through the various difficult problems of life tends to lead one back time and again to those Les Visible words of wisdom: "The Shortcoming, Long Time Going."

Ahem, not Amen.

Thank you, Mr. Visible!

Anonymous said...

Tom Lowe - Thank you for sharing that.

I'm very sorry to hear about your best friend. I would hold out hope until I knew for certain where he was. I do hope you find him. You'd be surprised what love can do.

Some people get so caught up in escaping 'reality' they end up living lives of delusion, always running from themselves, lying to themselves and to everyone else. I've found that more often than not, this need to escape comes from some deep pain inside that they don't want to face. My mother was an alcoholic; she had many traumatic things done to her as a child. She was a very troubled person and alcohol was her reprieve. I remember one evening, I was maybe 3-4? She had been drinking and was sitting on the edge of the windowsill (we're living in a five story apartment) in her bedroom and my brother (who's 5 years older than I) trying to convince her not to jump. This poor unloved little precious child with the weight of the world on his shoulders trying to talk his mother out of leaping out of the window to her death.

It's hard sometimes, when something is so indescribably painful that you don't think you can live with it, I've been there many times. Some years ago, I remember thinking how worthless I was and how God could not possibly love me; my existence was an abomination. I was so disgusting and damaged that I did not deserve to exist in God's pure and holy creation. I had no right to exist. I was certain that the only answer was annihilation - I'd made so many terrible mistakes. And lo and behold, God comes along one day to tell me directly that I was wrong and that He did love me... that moment, for me, was worth all of the horrors. I've had many more of those moments since then, interspersed with the sadness that's a part of living in time. The untold facets of the beauty of life - the deep love and the deep sorrow that always accompanies it; and through it all you never stop loving knowing full well how much it's going to hurt. We go on out of love for the others to share with them what we've learned.

It's been said that the pain we experience carves us out, like the carving of a pumpkin. Those of us who survive being carved out are left with these deep wells inside and we go to this place when we're troubled to seek the wealth of answers always ready to be gleaned; a gift for our fortitude. Those who have not been carved out (or didn't survive it) will never know of the riches buried in the depths of their being. They only apprehend the outward appearance of every moment. That is very sad.

As someone who's experienced death on so many levels I can safely say that love is the only answer to it, indeed, it is the answer to every question we may have. Don't forget that the prisms of loves reflection are without limit.

The reality of life - and its true meaning - lies in the deepest watery recesses of our being.

Suffer Little Children (true story)


Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts. Liked reading them.

When the world becomes a better place, it will be that I have changed. It always happens in the present.

I wonder if the world ever changes at all. It's more that it goes from bad to another form of bad, then back again. But after one sees it for what it is, then it looks better than it used to. (c;

These days, the ride is more thrilling than scary. Wheeeeeeeeee.... Same ride though.

Best of regards to the grand Visible.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

Another goosebump and butterflies kinda blog...

the quest for truth has been difficult and certainly a test of my patience...every exposure that brings the sons of darkness into the light brings us closer to the final divide...

true beings know the difference between good and evil...

evil beings prefer to habitually and repeatedly commit evil...the robotic beings and demons are made to support this evil world...the evil system making it more evil...evil is cursed by its own evilness...

evil ones are always ultimately after the energy of the good...

it takes enormous effort to reject and bypass their indoctrination and self-destructive programming of a brainwashed society – which is evil...indoctrination and propaganda are the primary weapons...

I have never felt more free than of lately...there is no wool left to pull from my eyes...i am connected with the light and the light is pouring in...

we are a small group left in this dimension (in comparison to the demons and robots) assisting the Ancients with our rescue and Liberation...there are roughly 5,000 light workers left here assisting in this final seems many of us have found your web site Les...

thank you for giving us a place to come home and reasonate with each other...share our experiences and support each other in this unprecendented event...

Best Wishes Always

Neko Kinoshita said...


Take care of Rufus. Love to you both.


I know you don’t think about it much, but perhaps the reason you are here is to call out to those of us who do not see the way as clearly. Your words echo in our souls, and remind us of the path we are choosing though these most interesting times.

The more we believe in Love, the more we know that Love believes in us. And although the challenges are difficult, nothing worthwhile is easy, lest you have no appreciation of it when you have it.

Still digging through the dust in the cul-de-sac, and there is so much to do, and so little time…

At times I wish it would hurry up, and then I realize that the time is not yet, at least partially because I am not yet ready. Selfish of me, I know.


Denny said...

Tom Lowe 10:38PM

"How can I make it a point to ignore all of those millions who suffer in this world..?"

Well, firstly I'd never know whether millions WERE suffering were it not for what was being fed to me via the "media".

I could also be fed via the same media that they've now discovered life on millions of other planets, and that all those billions of creatures out there are suffering too.

It's all just "statistics". I know that the alcoholic guy down the road from me is suffering because he's totally alone apart from his dog, and he once attempted suicide. But I can't give what is required for him to be "happy in this world" (ie a good looking woman to begin with), and even if I took on befriending him it'd only lead to the usual problems.

What I'm saying is that it's not possible (at least for me) to "take on" the statistical suffering of everyone in this world and remain sane, and yet conversely it seems that it's not possible to remain sane totally ignoring it all either.

I've heard various "gurus" state that one has to be selfish in order to become selfless, while there are others who run around "helping" everyone in sight because they've possibly been informed that it's good for their own "spiritual progress".

If I started thinking about the countless millions who are suffering in this world (or elsewhere) I'd become an instant "melancholy man", and there'd be no point in being alive at all. So for this reason I simply HAVE to ignore all that suffering shown to me via the media (including possible life on other planets or the guy down the road). Strangely I already feel "guilty enough" as it is simply being in this world, so I'd prefer not to add to that by trying to take on everyone else's suffering.

Sex is a good example. Sex is great when there's no experience of trauma or guilt in one's life. But if trauma or guilt suddenly arrived then sex would no longer function as it should (at least for awhile).

And lastly, is all this statistical suffering in the world "karma playing out", or should "someone/something else" be blamed and punished for it..?

If it is karma playing out then everything is absolutely perfect as it is.

It has also been proposed that no one can experience physical sensation - suffering or pleasure -outside of oneself.

Like you say, I haven't worked it all out either.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Denny. It's about balance. Perhaps Tom Lowe hasn't been on the magical journey in the forest with the fun-guy guides. Although it's been almost 40 years ago I haven't forgotten. Happy trees indeed....

Anonymous said...

Mikey Neptune -- read Andrew Harvey's book, "The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism." You'll be inspired in one way or another.


Visible said...


That's one of the most beautiful things that has ever shown up here.

Anonymous said...

Mescalito knows.
Mo visible grows
WV no room for (lakie)s

Anonymous said...

Nice uplifting video on the shift we're in.


just me, Laurel A. said...

i like this post so much that i and my daughters have printed out copies of it and re-read and re-read. its like a whole new writing every time. perfect.

btw, is there anything in the enviro right now on the atlantic coast that i havent heard about? we are all "sickly" but not sick, tired, no appetite, metallic taste, sometimes so strong in the mouth it wakes me up at night. abdominal cramps, back muscle cramps, jaw muscle cramps for crying out loud. my youngest, the autistic one, has had regular nosebleeds of late. i cannot find any links that show what might be in the air or the environment right now that could affect us, and we are wayyy too far from japan to have a problem with that. seems a lot of people around here are having the same things. i had to go the hospital for the muscle spasms once, they were so bad it was killing me, they gave me two valium and two high dose potassium pills. worked. maybe this is just a sickly area this summer, here in southern nj? oh well, anyone has a link, let me know. head hurts too much to worry abou tit more :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for knowing my heart--it is 5:00 a.m. and i felt the usual dismay over the (in)human rendition when i read your words.

Anonymous said...


You are kind to say that.

No matter how great our pain we never for a moment forget the one who loved us first.

Evidently, love-sorrow is my greatest teacher and I am the ever diffident novice...

"Beauty forms and flourishes wherever love and compassion is carefully cultivated", spoke one tiller to


Anonymous said...

Oops, tried to hyper link the video and it disappeared -- worth a watch or two, actually.

It's on the shift we're in.

fioan said...

just listened to:

long but worth the trip, so much passion, so much courage, so much truth and to know the end from the beginning or rather i still know the difference between a hawk and a handsaw...

Anonymous said...

Emily, thank you.

Anonymous said...

A long and very good article about the World of Light. The Wall, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee. He had similar experiences as Les with the inability to sleep for a couple of weeks at a time.


just me, Laurel A. said...

mr@7:40.....thank you for that link :)....very nice to read, very nice indeed. does this in any way sort of tie in to that time 14 years ago when i saw the extremely tall "people" all across the land, going about their business, while i drove home one day after work? they were not "real" i know, but it was a real scenario. time stood still. i have zero recolection of the drive, just watching and listening to the calm and unhurried activity of these amazing people. now THEY had it all under control, and they were the most perfect clear colors in their features, their hair and eyes, their "clothing" if a veil of color that moves is clothing. they knew me, but i recognized none of them. but there was no brick wall. the "wall" was a watery transparent "veil" that shimmered, and wiggled in the air like an aurora borealis. but it was 5:17 pm in north carolina, so i doubt it was a normal thing. although the experience was desperately beautiful, i have been a thousand times gloomier since then. but a lot of things made better sense - grudging, but better. is that at all anything remotely like that? ok, back to laying down, we are not feeling healthy today yet. til later.

@ERIK -- i am gathering my thoughts bit by bit, some like the bit above are things that have been striking in my pathetic journey, others ar ethings that develop out of the blue, i dont have a flipping clue what to do with them half the time, other times, it just wears me out to deal with it, i put it aside til i can.

Anonymous said...

sunshines living
moonlights glisten
swirling motions
livened rythms
crested feathers
mountain streams
forwards upwards
heartfelt gleams
onward inward
round beyond
bound eternal
full and strong
loving long
yearning good
natures lift
of truth is stood


Anonymous said...

calming palms
birds in feilds
planting seed
motions heal
weild of paradise
warmth of summer
garden fresh
opened under
wanders living
healing free
livening lifting
shifting breeze
breath of goodness
passing through
rising truths
conscious root


loving motions

crumble in
within without
on and up

Anonymous said...

MR Anonymous,

Thanks for the tip on Andrew Harvey's book. I check it out. (already did) Next I'll read it.

I got a little change in my pocket goin' jing-a-ling-a-ling...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Waiting in the Moment before the Coming of the Unknown.

the BCth said...

Thank you for posting that excellent article about the world of light and the wall that separates our physical world from it. Reading it, I am getting validation and expansion on some major, fundamental themes just as they break the surface of my awareness. :)

Layth Shusha said...

Hello Les, I see i have intrigued you with my article on prince william yet the true strangeness lies in my new article which is only completed in the first 15% of the article, the rest is not even a first draft but i trust if you spend a fe mi nutes perusing the calculations you will be quite surprised.

Layth (Kal Dani)

plug 1:

plug 2:

Visible said...

Kal Dani;

I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't mentioned or read this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that article MR. I've always enjoyed reading Mr. Vaughan-Lee and feel the love issuing forth from his words. I shall read that article many times over.

I never knew the soul could experience fatigue until I was led to people who had this condition.
I saw that those whose souls were weary were ignoring a need in the soul that was not being met. They were so focused on fulfilling all of their outer needs that they forgot that the real nourishment they craved was to their inner self, to their innermost being. They needed to be reminded to bring the love/light inwards towards themselves to nourish their neglected soul. It seems that nearly every outer condition that causes unhappiness is fostered in an environment that, on some level, lacks real love for self and others.

The wonderful thing about this time as I see it, is that the light will come no matter what we do. That doesn't mean we don't prepare. But we know that there's nothing anyone or anything can do to stop it and it's going to be a HUGE moment. Resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

laurel said...
tired, no appetite, metallic taste, sometimes so strong in the mouth it wakes me up at night. abdominal cramps, back muscle cramps, jaw muscle cramps

Laurel - I wouldn't think overly much about it since you have no certain way (medically speaking) of knowing the cause.

However, it sounds like your system may need flushing.

Here's what I would do: get regular exercise, meditation; switch to vegetarian diet, eat lots of brown rice; drink plenty of distilled water; ask around your neighborhood to see if others are experiencing similar symptoms. And look up something called green Betonite clay, it's edible clay. Yes, there is such a thing as edible clay. It's very effective for purging the body of impurities. It's safe for animals too.

Lastly, but most importantly, pray for wisdom & that you will be guided to what is needful for you.

God bless.

Layth Shusha said...

Hi Les, sorry i thought it was you, obviously one of your readers then. You should take a look though it might interest you.

Kal Dani

just me, Laurel A. said...

@anon 10:59......thank you. these are wonderful suggestions. we do the things you suggested, except for clay. there is a trend within this area, this region, and it has occurred before. true, no medical reason for it, but a lot of persons do seem to be experiencing the same feelings, if that is a better way to describe it? sore throat, for a few days and then leaves again. i have only lived here for 6 years, but have not been so sickly anywhere else. there is some kind of "water issue", and a resident of another part of the county said it is a recurring theme. i am surrounded by nuke plants, we are within the 2nd level immediate evac zone for one of them, and downstream and downwind of others. there is a history of incidents that are called "low-level which later are found to be higher. not deadly, but enough to cause mystery-maladies. they just dont quite tell us i guess, so that we wont blame "them" for the problems. as our health habits dont seem likely to cause "congestion" or malaise, i will suspect it is air or water or soil or wind or something like that which is affecting a good many in minor but irritating ways. until i can move, i dont know what else to do.

Visible said...

There's a new Petri Dish up-

They're not Crazy,they're Stark Raving Mad.

Anonymous said...

We are all part of this people; how does that make you feel?


ps. a reply is not necessary.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!

w/v nonju

the cosmos is talking to me



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