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The Essential Posture of Liberty

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I live in a small town, which is the central town for half a dozen towns or more in the area. It's a kind of government seat thing. There are some number of rest homes here and some of them are fairly large. This is a town with a lot of old people. Lately, younger families have been moving in and building homes; not cheap homes either but... it has been an old folks town and one of those old folks is Susanne's mother, Liselotte. She was in one of those homes this past week because Susanne went off to Berlin to see friends. I was here and I often take care of Liselotte, feeding her and putting her to bed, getting her up in the morning. However, when that extends to several days, there are various concerns and her modesty is one of them. She gets a free month in the care home every year. Sometimes we will just have a nurse come in in the morning and evening to get her up and get her ready for bed, where I will take her at the end of the evening.

I told this little tale for a reason. I've had a lot of time to study the care homes here and they are something else. The staff is friendly and professional. Her room is large and filled with windows. She is very alert, more so than just about any of the other residents. Then again she lives at home and has the benefit of people who love and care about her. Every day I would go down to the home a little after noon and bring her her newspaper and an ice cream. I don't stay too long because her attention wanders and once the ice cream is gone, it's not long before she gets into the newspaper. She loves to read and I attribute her hanging on to her senses to this feature of her being.

Coming into the care home, as I do, a couple of dozen times a year, grants me ample opportunity to study the occupants in this care facility. I see the state people come to, when they can no longer be cared for in their homes, or there is no one to care for them, or no one who wants to care for them. They degenerate and a part of them goes away. Even though they are getting excellent care, they no longer have an anchor in the world of family and a social dynamic. I suspect in America, care homes are not anywhere near the standards that they are in Europe. Certainly if you have a whole lot of money you will get care commensurate with your investment. For years I have read about nursing home scandals in the US. Of course, these are all a part of the medical, pharmaceutical combine of maximizing profit, while reducing quality and service. The old in America are warehoused and fed drugs that put them on the expressway to death. I'm not saying that isn't often the case over here. I just haven't seen it.

The police here are friendly and helpful and seldom seen unless you need them. It's a whole other world. People can doubt this all they want, or rationalize it to their satisfaction. That doesn't change anything. I am amazed at the length people will go to, to defend both the people and the systems that abuse them. Recently I posted a video narrated by Ed Asner, about how the super rich steal from everyone who is not super rich. There was a concerted mob effort from various respondents, jeering at those who were in agreement with the video, telling them they simply weren't working hard enough and were nothing more than petty jealous of those with a greater industry and sense of purpose. You see, the super rich, actually deserve everything they have stolen and also shouldn't be inconvenienced by taxes because they already contribute so much to the system.

It amazes and dismays me, the length people will go to to convince themselves of the things they want to believe in. It doesn't matter if these things are true or not. What matters is that they want them to be true. They have to be true because otherwise the actual truth has to be considered and that can be extremely inconvenient. What is actually true, forces change upon you. It demands ever greater states of refined awareness. They say there is no rest for the wicked, well, there is no rest for the righteous either, which is based on that eternal vigilance being the price of liberty model.

The days are slipping by. Things are coming to a head all over the place. What's going to happen? We don't know. Some are fearful, some are optimistic and some are indifferent. With the first two there could well be reasons for either state but for the third there are no good reasons. It's the life answer to having headphones on all the time.

In the wider world, they are banging the gong and stirring up more of their relentless mischief in Syria. The Russians have had enough at this point and so, we think, have the Chinese. You can only push the river so much before it backs up over you.

I've tried to have a life of my own making throughout my life and that has not been permitted. I was allowed to bang my head against the wall in all directions, until I found the center of the room and located my place of power, as Don Juan likes to call it. On the one hand, the progression from there to here has been an exercise in frustration. When you are trapped in the redundancies of doing the same thing over and over, albeit from a different angle and with a different goal in mind, it begins to feel and smell like failure. Of course you can blame it on conditions and oppositions but that's only going to result in a Pyrrhic state of mind. Failure is only operational until you get the point. The center of the room is a metaphor and what it does is weave all of your previous seeming failures, into a tapestry of success; leaving you, at the same time, free and independent of the circumstances and attachments of what might have been but was not. When things go right, it is as if they have never been wrong.

If you want a guide book to the game of life, there is no better consultant from across the ages than Lao Tzu (this is 'the' edition). Everything he said, 2600 years ago, is still relevant and applicable today. When Confucius was asked about his impressions from his meeting with Lao Tzu, he said, “I met a dragon”. The one thing I most clearly remember from their engagement, was Lao Tzu asking Confucius, “Why did you bring all these other people with you”? Confucius was 'seemingly' alone at the time.

I know I've been hammering on the same things for some weeks now. I've been doing it because these things are very, very important. Either we are seeing things the way they are being presented to us, or we are seeing them as they are. The purpose of all the monumental effort to make us see things the way they are presented, is the point of the exercise. Some collected, organized group of someones, is going through a lot of trouble and expense to make this happen. Of course, the trouble is all about maximizing their profits and the expense is simply the outlaying of funds stolen from you in the first place.

Seeing things as they are, is the essential posture of liberty. Seeing things as they are, can be initially painful and alienating. You become, “The Outsider'. You are also forced to learn things about yourself. You are forced to surrender fundamental illusions about yourself, which are shared by the common herd (and herd it is- though a school of fish seems just as appropriate). We associate this surrender with a loss of self. The self being lost, is a cradle to grave prison cell. It needs to go but once it's gone, so is your protective coloration, for a little while anyway. This false self resonates to the way things are presented to be, engaging you in a danse macabre. The other self does not resonate with this. It actually destroys it because it is more powerful than appearances. This is the true magical art of existence. It reflexively brings about the disintegration of the unreal without any effort required to do it. Getting there is the difficult part, given that you are already there but not.

In an age of pervasive materialism, the separated personal will is preeminent or seems to be. The point is to ride roughshod over the competition and everyone is seen as competition. This perception is enhanced by the social engineers and reformers of the times. The arts exemplify the alienation. The philosophers drone on and on about various forms of nihilism. It all becomes an abstraction. Things seem pointless, outside of the drive for immediate gratification and insulation (put on the headphones and thumb fuck the cellphone). Don't forget to cross your legs and bounce the one leg on top of the other. There you go. The pointlessness is emphasized by the malicious manipulation of the financial system, attended by the shrinkage of the job market, the loss of the manufacturing base and the housing crash, followed by the desperation of homelessness. The whole dynamic is to break the spirit and make you malleable to dangerous influences. So it goes.

Here is a riveting read. You will see it again in tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors (hopefully written later this day). This is the kind of thing that is going on in the upper echelons of depravity. Consider well what else is lurking in the world wide Satanic corridors, of temporal power. Mr. Apocalypse is more than the sum of his parts and he is unstoppable and here because his time has come. He will not be denied.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A condensed version of a 2 hour video I saw the other day by Michael Tsarion. You're at your best again, here. I also have to shake my head at how irrelevant the post is to my life, personally.

When someone asks 'WHY ARE YOU SO WEIRD, or WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM', I suppose you can't get a bigger compliment, huh?

Anonymous said...

Strong piece LV. Don't you love the world-wide "shadow hijackacking" program?

Creation of an Imposed Reality to their own benefit... so clever they were before becoming what they are. "Power corrupts", a formula of brilliance on a par with Fibonacci sequence.

Spot on analysis of that moment when the realization of personal responsibility at once crushes/liberates.

Is the individual/collective Unconsciousness of the Species ready for that moment?

I'm fucking ready!

Big one for our boys this week... they beat Houston and they get a beat on that bye week! Go Pats!

Visible said...

Yeah, this Monday night should be one for the ages. I'm looking for a Brady Welker light 'em up.


Yeah, that would be a compliment indeed.

Anonymous said...

"She Supports the Troops"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "She Believes in Me", written by Steve Gibb, made popular by Kenny Rogers.)

While she lays sleeping
The soldiers march across the cobblestones
To slaughter everyone who's betrayed Rome
Eventually they'll wind up at her home
And she'll be all alone...

While she lays dreaming
The soldiers march into a nearby town
They swarm the homes and break every door down
They stab and slash till all are on the ground
And they make no sound


And she supports the troops
She'll doesn't know that everyone's been duped
She thinks her duty is to clap and cheer
While the troops draw near
As they kill the throng
But she was wrong

But she has faith in them
She doesn't know that they are assassins
She doesn't see the Roman master plan
To kill every man
And all the children, too
And that includes you...

While she lays waiting
A shadow darts across her bedroom wall
Nervously, she peers out in the hall
And standing there are military men
Like secret friends...

While she lays crying
They fumble with her gown and tear it free
And in a brilliant flash she finally sees
The battle wasn't fought for Roman pride
It was for genocide


And she supports the troops
She'll doesn't know that everyone's been duped
She thinks her duty is to clap and cheer
While the troops draw near
As they kill the throng
But she was wrong

But she has faith in them
She doesn't know that they are assassins
She doesn't see the Roman master plan
To kill every man
And all the children, too
And that includes you...

Anonymous said...


This sounds like truth to me.

Lose all fear...

Be Positive...

I Love this place.

Thanks Visible and All.

walking hawk

p.s. Clarity, where are you?

Clarity said...

Ah, Visible, I think you may have just answered a big question I have been pondering for a long time. Thank you...

walking hawk - Thanks to you too! I mean that. I have just finished a grueling run of completing report cards, followed by parent conferences. I may or may not be done (as 5 didn't show up), but I found them to be different in an interesting way, and I hope to be able to find time to share that later.

After the last post I saw from you, I responded asking you to email me. I understand you might not be comfortable with that, but I am repeating it in case by chance you missed it.

You can email me at
*change AT to @

Your message is so inspiring. I WILL be checking out that link in a little while.

Ray B. - If you don't feel uncomfortable, could you email me also?

Love to Push Those Buttons - I am listening to Michael Tsarion right now, and have listened to a couple of his things in the last few days. Interesting...
(BTW, did you mean that Vis' post was relevant to your life? If so, your auto-fill must be like mine. I can type in the exact word I want, correctly, and it will sometimes get changed to something completely different.)

mike m - I enjoyed the story you shared about your son's truck.

neil - I always look forward to your insights.

Goy George - I don't know how you do it!

Vis - Looking forward to tonight's radio show...

SH - I love you. Tapering update, please?

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis!
A rather more considered erudition that usual. "One" is always impressed by your Infinite Creativity in describing the Spiritual Kindergarten which we all inhabit.

Anonymous said...

Back in the late 70s/early 80s, I worked in a nursing home in the usa. I started out as a nurse’s aide. It was a part of a special program requirement that would condense the education process to obtain a license as a Licensed Practical Nurse. However circumstances prevented me from completing the program and I was offered a position in the administration office of that particular nursing home and I accepted it. I only lasted there for 18 months. I knew what went on in that 99 bed facility from the nursing/care end of it to the business end of it. Rumor had it then that nursing homes were owned by “the mob” and typically used as a money laundering operation. Without going into all the details, in short it was a criminal operation, literally. A total sham from every angle. The doctors, nurses, Director of Nurses, Administrator, nurse’s aides, EVERYBODY was on the take somehow, someway. Robbing and stealing patients blind. Mind you, this was no ritzy nursing home (but, the same went on in the more expensive care homes as well). The only times the facility had any semblance of propriety was when the State representatives came in to do an audit or inspection. (Cooked books hidden; patients’ charts forged). However, there was one time I found myself in a corner LMAO. A newly admitted patient was being reviewed/evaluated by a social worker which involves the social worker discussing the patient with the Director of Nurses and an administration representative and visiting with the patient himself (the patient was an aged male) and pretty much in that order; (DON, Admin., Patient). Admin, in this case, would prefer that the patient be considered lucid and “stable” mentally as it means more money for them that they get to play with. Now, the patient was admitted 4 weeks prior to the social worker’s visit. I had seen the patient when first admitted and a few times thereafter and he was quite lucid. The social worker, after being assured by the DON and the Assistant Administrator that said patient was quite sane and lucid, was being led to go visit with Patient X. All three stepped thru the office doors and into the hall and here comes Patient X up the hallway, smoking a cigarette and clad in nothing but a filmy, floor length jacket to a woman’s negligee set, which was open and trailing in the breeze as he strolled the hall. So, it only took this poor patient four weeks to totally lose it in this place, but I was glad to see the facility exposed in this fashion.
Thank you, Visible and I wish you the very best.
Love to all. Serena

Unknown said...

photo under 2003 in last link is worth more than all the words


preacher said...

@Walking Hawk
Why are you walking Hawk, when you could fly majestically? ;)
Some to go with your link:

CERN: The Mayan Doppelgänger

Micha Kat is considered a bit of a loose canon here in the Netherlands by most folks, even the awakened ones. I wish he would tread more carefully, because sometimes he's causing more harm than good in revealing the truth.
He is tenacious though and where there's smoke, there's fire...

Great pic of little Big Guy!

marilyn said...

you are so right, les...i just went thru' this with my ex-husbands widow...i got physically sick every time i went there, almost daily...the drugged,uncared for elders, reminded me of real the end they killed her off the day before thanksgiving...

preacher said...

'Mein Herz Brennt'


Visible said...

There's another picture of The Little Guy at the end of the post now. His name these days is Tariq

Visible said...

We have a rule here; Anonymous has restricted rights and is not allowed to com4e into the comments section and act like a 12 year old. There are other places where you can go and do that. You can't do it here.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

gg, Andrew Gold Lonely Boy

Oh what a lonely goy (a useful godless idiot with a brilliant career and no familiy behind him), or in a nursing home in 2021 if we make it.

kim wilde, future yids of america?

better stop there, logs in the eye and chainsaw is not working.

Unknown said...

I was 7 when I repeatedly visited my dying great grandmother in a rural USA nursing home.

I was 37 when I forced to use the mens facilities at oversold dead shows where drunken acidheads would urinate anywhere someone else wasn't standing.

That nursing home smelled way way worse than those bathrooms at Shoreline ever did. . .

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(seeking indulgences)

Village People "YMCA"
Why TSA, Why TSA, I was just passing through, they'll go easy if you're a Jew, .. and other protestations.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Les.. more of the same.? F this, F that, F the bitch who rips on that! Nothing to hide that's already under my hat. Ellipseer?

Well, I'm probably the only guy in history to actually shoot the middle finger at a low flying (reptoid) triangular ufo (confirmed by a Greek buddy who watched one next to me play us for fools 3 nights in a row in the Bismark Niagara Area, Canada), am I nuts?
Well, I gave up playing music. Phew. I beat VH at A P.

We need each other more than ever. Cross my heart.

Billy Geier.
One more little starnge tid, I'm no Guns"n"Roses fan, OK. But I had a dream where Axhol Rose was driving a new Camero into a gas bar. He stopped, I ran up to his car , and I kept saying, "Hi, Billy!" (twice) ..Ax leaned over and whispered in my ear (I couldn't help but notice the angry kid with crossed arms in the back seat)best way (he thought) was to let the kid work it out himself. And no one could help him work out his anger issue's better than himself).

So in the dream I asked myself, is that the way to go?

Looking up, not if you enjoy waving alone from a mountain top in the Grand Canyon.

Anonymous said...

Satanists try to keep it simple.
Ask Disney keepers.

bholanath said...

Dear Visible Maharaj,
Just listened to the radio program, excellent.
Knowing your nature somewhat, from following writings for 7+ years and our brief time together, I had some thoughts after the radio show.

I feel India will pierce you to the core. Though it appears to be part of 'this world', it is actually more like a different planet (universe?). It is overwhelming on a sensory level, the emotional level, the spiritual level, and time runs differently ('Indian time'). I know you are not unfamiliar with these phenomena. I often felt like days were like lifetimes, and pretty consistently.
Every present moment can be extremely consuming, and these thoughts came when you spoke of 'finishing your novel'. You may or may not be able to accomplish that, that's just my feeling. Downloads come in tsunamis, and I recommend opening all doors and windows (to heart and soul), and I'm sure you will 'feel' how to proceed. You're going on 'yatra' (pilgrimage) and every step and moment is sacred, and it's all a karmic fast-track.
May 'too much' anand be all around and within you, and the experience of infectious seriously joyful devotion envelope you and erase all other concerns.
onelove ॐ‏ Namah Shivaya

est said...

first there is the thought
or first there is the wind

second is the sound of words
on which these hopes are pinned

third there is reflection
like the moon upon the sea

fourth there's realization
that all this speaks to me

a whisper in my ear
a little light ahead

there is nothing
i can't endure

i'm sure that's
what's been said

Anonymous said...

...a richly woven tapestry

and Truth isn't on holiday, as Pam G. promotes the LIE on Subway ads...

a global tsunami of Mr. A's walking stick and a veritable industiral strength mega-gigantic can of WA is opened up....

you know like ...for the spirit of Liberty

kinda like the millstone tied around the neck of all those prevaricators that misled the little ones...

I'm getting closer to my HOME


Visible said...


I think that is why the divine kept India out of my mind until recent times and then actually set up a trip out of the blue, so that I had no alternative but to comply. You might be right about the book. It's already finished though.

It may happen that Scott shows up and I will meet him in Goa for some recording sessions. That would really make my day.

In any case, I am going there for meetings with remarkable people. I already know this, have been told this and that I would be very changed by it all.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Satanic Schematic and the Devil Inside.

Anonymous said...


True story. About 5 yrs. ago...

I feel earth, sun and wind.
Walking. Cornrows.
Looking for arrowheads.
Shaking flakes of flint.
Chanting, Wado E do da(Thank You Father)
On top of a hill beside a stream.

I heard the children running and playing.
I heard the women laughing.
I heard the men talking.
I walked(floated)thru the campgrounds of the past...filled with Spirit..
I had to look at my feet to make sure I was actually touching the earth.And I couldn't hear the traffic pass by on the road out front.

5 minutes of Pure Connect.

Still can't fly...(smile)

walking hawk

p.s. est good one.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

EGAD!!! Les, I am horrified and scared. Yet my days still have forward movement with moments of ease and I have implicit trust in GOD, as a universal consciousness. My main reason for commenting is my children. I am the mother of 14 year old twins. I have homeschooled them in the past and rearranged my career so that I have always been their caregiver and been available, as is their papa. We moved to a small town from Vancouver this summer, so we may grow our own food and have access to a smaller density of crazies. The children chose to go to highschool this year, to experience the social nuance of public school. But I tell you, the more I read, the more I see, the less I want them exposed to the world. I find this most challenging, seeing the REAL monster under the bed and yet, trusting that my loves are safe. Meditation helps, intention and direct thought, consciousness helps. They have been taught how to read energy, we are all martial artists...should I chuck the mind fuck, heart wrenching doubt and simply TRUST....I guess I just needed to say, I SEE, and it scares the shit outa me how depraved the mass populace is.

Visible said...

Hmmmm, well, keep in mind that there's no great problem with them going to the public school as long as they are conscious of being lied to and that things are fabricated, except for math and things like English; familiarity with the language and its uses. Conversely, if you keep them out of school they will still run into the lies when they take off on their own as everyone does. Better they should be prepared for this. That having been said, it's perfectly okay to take them out and school them yourself.

Yes, you got to trust. That's why I keep hearing, "rely on me", this is the key to a very powerful and profound secret that changes one's life forever.

What I love about the martial arts doesn't have much to do with fighting, although I took some pleasure in that in former times, along with a few licks and bruises (grin) but what I love is what you can do by yourself alone, just going through the motions and enjoying it for it's own sake. At a certain point, no one wants to fight you anymore anyway because they are disarmed and the aggression drained before they get close enough. I probably shouldn't have said that but hopefully the wrong people don't see it (grin).

Be well.

Steve said...

Dear Black belt Yogi,

FWIW, I have been through this same thing for the past year. (I am a dad and a mum, or a Mad or a Dum depending on the situation:-)

I have two boys in my care which came to live with me full time at the ages of 10 and 11, they are now 15 and almost 17. We sailed around on boats for a couple of years and traveled in the West indies for 8 months. On our return (to Australia) the older boy wanted nothing more than to go to school.

So, we found, or more like it found us, a little Steiner school where this could happen. Steiner schools have there own issues for sure, but I feel it is a cut above the local high school. In no way perfect, but what is in this material world?

It has been heart wrenching at times watching them try to conform despite my advice, but overall I feel it has been positive.

I have come to realise there are many things I can't teach them and they need to figure it out for themselves. They are after all there own person and there is a great teacher in your own mistakes.

I would spend some time looking at different schools if that luxury is available in your area. There will be times when you think WTF but it seems like there is a lot of love there between you all and being twins they have each other to watch there backs.

I think it is quite natural for kids of this age to want to "test" themselves against there peers when they have been home schooled. They are inquisitive little creatures and want to learn.

Much love and good luck

preacher said...

Great story Walking Hawk!
I hope you may soar again!

Anonymous said...

Again your principle theme, LV, is appearance and reality. Let me say this: the system owned by the Two Percent Club is going to hit a wall soon. It has contemplated a number of false flags to keep us in the corral, but abandoned the execution of them because a critical mass of those who count won't believe them. The Two Percenters know it.

They have two violent options: airburst detonation of a nuke and cripple the planet with an EMP; or use HAARP to "Sandy" and "Dustbowl" strategic regions. These two options might be blamed on "alien invaders". Or they can continue to prep us for a cosmic event. How and what? The Two Percenters possess technology we don't know. They can project images. So we should expect a Cortes event: the invasion of a bizarre culture, premonitions lurking in our mythic cortex and first seen in the sky, that destabilize the mass mind (sic). The masses will be left blubbering and ready for baser manipulations.

In the past few weeks, the news has informed us: (1) The American Psychiatric Association is rewriting its manual of disorders; (2) The Federation of American Teachers is pushing to eliminate state certification of teachers, to replace 50 standards with one Federal standard; (3) the Kahngress didn't pass a farm bill because the rural population is so low, ain't enough votes out there any more--which means aid will shrink--per the backroom bribes from Big Agra; (4) further erosion of the U.S. Postal Service, another stratagem to destroy rural economies; (6), same for Amtrak; and last but not least, Correctional Custody of America, and Israeli-owned for-profit prisons manager, is raiding high schools. The "officers" are not commissioned by any government but are CCA employees. This recently at Mesa Verde High School, Arizona.

This process will go on so long as people aren't paying attention.

Here in Washington, DC, I see the new apparatchik. Their nervous networks are slowly synthesizing with the Internet. Finally I understand McLuhan: the technology is the message.

Good luck,


Clarity said...

walking hawk, thank you for sharing your beautiful story. What an amazing experience that must have been! (Perfect response, preacher.)

And I agree with you...

est- your 8:25 post was a very good one.

BlackBelt Yogi, I understand your feelings and have experienced them myself. I can't really add much to the wise words that Visible and Cap'n Spadgett shared. I will say that in life, they will be out in the real world. They need to start to experience that, and while it's scary, you have taught them well and provided them with such a solid foundation. There may be a few small things they will get into, and that will be a part of their learning (through experience) and growth. You raised them with the strength of truth, spirituality, and knowing themselves. Once you have that, how would you ever choose to walk away from it?

Trust them and trust yourself. You gave them everything they need to be successful.

Cap'n - Mad or Dum? lol

Much love,

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...located my place of power, as Don Juan likes to call it."

Wow; blast from the past!

I first knew something was 'true' about Castaneda when I read of that and started practicing being aware of it. Very cool...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Vis, I'm glad to see you really on your way to India. Truly best wishes...

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

I would like to also tell you that on this same hill about 2 yrs. prior to this campground walk, I just got done with prayers and the hawk screached from the north and I walked in the diriction and found my first arrowhead before I reached the edge of the field.
As I stood and gave thanks to the Source,another screach reached me coming from the east.I walked in this direction and found arrowhead no. 2.
As I stood in somewhat a 'tuned in state' a hawk signaled me to walk south and found point no.3.
As I prayed and thanked Creator and knew what was happening, the hawk called from the west and I walked this way and found no.4

All in apx. 2-2 and half hrs.

It was all I needed to verify to me that the hawk is one of my major spirit guides.
Many, many connections since then.

I pray All of Us can get 'In The Zone'

Thanks Visible, I Love You Man.

walking hawk

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Just Streaming Through.

WarmZephyr said...

"When you are trapped in the redundancies of doing the same thing over and over, albeit from a different angle and with a different goal in mind, it begins to feel and smell like failure..." (Vis).

LOL~ It's normal for me to viscerally chuckle several times per post, but this line had me quaking longer than usual. SpOt ON Vis!

~If spirit could tap away on a keyboard it would express as you do. You're the best of us, Vis. Thanks for putting these ethereal wisps into black and white!~

...oh, and um...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Clarity said...

walking hawk - another amazing story!

That, and a confession, and an apology too...

Apparently, through no fault of my own, (grin), I mistyped my email address. I don't know if you tried to email me, but if you did, I know you ran into some trouble.

Should you ever need my correct address, it is

(change AT to @)

I'm sorry if you encountered any confusion.

Please, keep sharing your good stuff with us!

Much love,



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