Thursday, March 05, 2015

You... are the Manifest Expression of what You Live According to.

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May your noses always be cold and wet (if you happen to be a dog)

I tried to get my main computer up and running and it wouldn't go. I took it to a tech and somehow, my main drive got erased. That's quite a trick when it wasn't turned on. All kinds of things were wrong and so now it is housed in an old Gateway work station with the loss of much but I suppose I'll limp along till I can afford a new machine. This has been consistent with negative things happening to me. They not only beat the shit out of this well packaged box but they did other things. I learned you almost need be autopsied to get a drivers license here these days and my finances are under constant assault. What do I do? Nothing whatsoever. It's not in my hands and this is all for the purpose of demonstration. I know that now. When bizarre things happen, it means something, even if I have no idea what that is. Let it come as it will, for it will surely go, as will everything when the time comes, or... at least individual perspectives will. Those who have attained to cosmic consciousness don't have to worry about any of that. My advice is, put all your attention on achieving this because anything short of it is short of it.

Are you going to accomplish this under your own steam? No. Will you accomplish it by being a good person and always doing the right thing; however impossible that might be in this relative world where so much of everything looks like one thing but turns out to be another? No... that won't get it either. Will you be able to make this happen by making the right contacts, as the result of fortunate karma based on previous efforts? Yes... that is one way. Grace is another and there are other ways too. I made the right connection but maintaining a consistent interactive state is something else.

One can say that just about every war is Banker caused but... all those who participate in them do so because they are mired in delusion so... they find themselves there in the conviction of whatever fabricated BS convinced them, until a bullet or a bomb finds them, or they make it home but they are blown up inside and never function properly again, not that they were all that well put together in the first place but that is because they were constructed in their false personal sense by incompetent architects and further poorly constructed by their own hand.

It is hard for many of us to understand how to be completely natural and truly ourselves. Much of this is caused by the really screwed up state of the world that demands we should be something other than ourselves, while hammering us with buzzwords and catchphrases that tell us to be ourselves but that's not what they mean ...because being yourself goes contrary to the marketplace, where they actually want you to be like everyone else; a docile sheep to be sheared who acts out in all the ways that commerce has approved and which amounts to you making a fool of yourself ...but you hardly notice 'cause everyone else is doing the same thing. Sad, pathetic, dehumanizing, undignified, dishonorable and let me say, “doomed” as well. Don't go that way. It may cost you much of the things that everyone else sells their souls and their asses for but... is that a reasonable trade-off? Only you can decide that; comes down once again to what you value. I know what I value. I may not always live up to it but I try and I learn and I will improve, against all odds and I know that you, the reader; many of you, are committed to the same. Once again I will say, “It doesn't matter how many times you fail. It doesn't matter how many mistakes you make. What matters is that you get right back up on that horse and you learn, concerning whatever it was that caused you to be thrown. It can take lifetimes. It doesn't have to but it can.” 'Success is speedy for the energetic'.

I am mystified at the obstacles that continue to present themselves to me and the harder I try the more frequent the obstacles. What do I take away from that? Don't try, just be AND... ironically, that is what I have been told over and over and over in recent times. Although it has often been in my nature to hear things and just go on like I always do, I am now disposed to paying attention and it helps because... as it turns out, that is all I can do.

I have discovered that all of my hard drives were erased. I don't see how this could be a common feature of shipping one's belongings... nor have I ever heard of boxes being partially looted and then having things never sent, show up in the box, like a can full of really strange looking cookies that I am definitely not going to eat. How am I to take the erasure of years of files stored up on my several hard drives, plus the loss of a hi-tech machine, with all kinds of features I no longer have? As it so happens, I put everything of critical importance on a thumb drive some while ago. What I lost is not critical and can be replaced. I just shake my head and move on. I know people who would say, “It's the government; some unintelligence agency. They spend their lives going around in fear, apprehension and frustration over what they imagine must be happening to them. I DON”T KNOW what is happening and it wouldn't matter. I would just pick up and carry on and they, or whoever, can kiss my dust.

What possible good can come by lamenting one's state; by granting power to seen and unseen entities by playing into imagination games with them? They have no power but what I/you give them. They are as big as I/you make them in our heads. The most difficult thing for anyone to get their mind around is the appearance of these bumbling incompetents, who occupy the high points on the world's stage. It is automatic to think they are where they are due to some measure of talent, no matter how small. It's natural to think they know things we don't; that they are a better class of people and that some deference is due them. Actually they are nothing more than living examples of what not to do and they are going to reap the whirlwind; count on it.

It ONLY matters what the ineffable thinks and our fate and destiny is entirely in the hands of the divine and the agents of the divine. The boorish and bottom feeding psychopaths, whose ignorance is only rivaled by their misguided self adulation, are on cruise control to a dark and unpleasant place. It's the law. It's a law that is sourced from the only relevant manifestor of law here, there and everywhere. The only laws I pay any attention to are the ones that make sense to me and sometimes, coincidentally they happen to be human laws; like the rules of the highway, or certain rules of behavior that common sense tells you should be followed. Otherwise it is simply the self styled elite and powerful, making demands on everyone else for the purpose of their profit and convenience. I'm not impressed. The only reason I had to spend the amount of time I had to spend locked up, is that I absolutely refused to admit that I had done anything wrong. I am not the sort to go in front of a judge and say I am sorry for following my chosen course because it violated their insistence that I do what they say, not what they do. Where does that leave you, should you submit? It also puts you in the position of confirming they are right and have the right. They are not and they do not.

Sooner or later you have to make choices and these are ALWAYS based on your values. Sooner or later you have to decide what is important to you and life will force the issue. There is no way around it. You can dream and strive and kill yourself trying to get meaningless things and meaningless status but you aren't going to get either unless they are due you and in that case you don't have to do anything cause you already did.

Don't let the world tell you what to do. Don't let the world tell you what is and is not important. Don't let the world determine your value to yourself and others. That's a mug's game. You make the determinations and you live by them. Time will tell and you will see if you were right or not. There is a mysterious force in the cosmos that shapes our destiny and how that turns out for us is decided by how we handled our end of it.

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Doug Pearson said...

As far as people being someone else.....I sent this email to a friend back in 2009 about the same thing.
"I think that lots of people who have a buncha problems, have them from trying to be someone they're not. It doesn't apply to all areas of one's life, as some people do well in getting by, paying bills etc, but never really are happy with the cards they were dealt. People like that have this picture in their heads of what they consider to be 'cool' and sometimes go to great lengths to be that person. It's like a card game where if they can become their own dream person, then it will change the cards they were dealt, to the 'winning' hand. It is a losers battle because it can't be done. You are what you are, and you can only change that , to enhance or diminish, by what you learn and your own actions in life. You have no limits on what can be done to improve the old car, but there are no trade ins. They have problems in each and every turn in life because they are always trying to make someone in their head, better, and never realize they should have, maybe, used the effort to improve their own original design. Ya reckon?

I've seen several people like this in my time...

Alan Jong said...

As a spark of divinity descending and emanating from Shiva your duties include transforming the world by the short and curlies, so all the hardships you bare in this expression of reality empower you in all levels of reality, and so what you're doing here on these blogs is much the same as you'll do when the power up comes and the rest of you can take form in the physical. One exchange of energy is bridging another which deep down inside you know to be true. That's my guess about your situation.

Eudoxia said...

Top comment Doug Pearson on top of another excellent post from Viz. Erm yea, we are not our personalities. This is often a stumbling block to those trying to access the higher consciousness awareness. People can go sit in ashrams for 20 years and get no closer to solving the mystery of self. "Man know thyself" More importantly we need to know what we are not and we are not is our personality/mask.

Karen quoted the bible in the last SM post about in order to enter the kingdom of heaven we have to return to the innocence of a child. Yes exactly, strip away the mask the personality, the totally false construct of who we think we are. How many times, not only have we as individuals have to ask ourselves "why did I do that" as well as many others asking the same thing. It's simple if you do something you regret then you have undertaken an action that goes against your soul/heart essence. You have succumbed to the monkey mind/parasite and taken that directive against your own inner knowing. This is when we have to catch ourselves in the act.

Disabling the monkey mind is quite an extraordinary effort and as many here will attest is a life long battle. There are many of us out there who are doing the work, let's call it the great work shall we because it's the only work we need to perform on this plane in order for us to get off this plane. The problem we all share, is there are not enough people on this plane doing the work. I refer to them as the machines. They are automatons running on a set of programs. Simulacr/Simulacrum (by the way that was the title of the book Neo took off the shelf in The Matrix - it was an empty book full of computer programs). They do not have access to their higher selves, they have no heart based consciousness. It's all in their head and their head is full of false constructs. These ones suffer with Red Dress Syndrome - the unplugged. The big problem for them is they do not know they walk in darkness therefore they can never seek the light. As much as I hate to say it Morpheus is right. While they remain unaware they really are the enemy as their beliefs are holding the unholy system we live in in place. Although I do believe that is breaking down, albeit not as fast as I and others would prefer no doubt.

Given we have no power over these machines the only thing we can really do to make a difference in order to evolve the entire planet is pay particular attention to our thoughts and be very careful and selective about what we put into the collective field. If we need to reach the tipping point then we have to tip it!

Doug Pearson said...

Sometimes when advancing in personal stages of awareness there are times that are kind of stale. Kind of a dead zone. At these times I've found that it's not always how much you win but more of how little you lose...

Ray B. said...

Vis, before you throw away your 'erased' hard drives, you might consider the following steps. Both have saved hard drives of mine that seemingly had been 'erased'. (I am not a techy-type, so those that are please give me a break for all the improper details...)

SpinRite is a way to 'bring back' a drive that has had a crucial piece of 'recognition' data written onto a 'degrading magnetic field' bit of the disk, so it's magnetic field is distorted from a straight 0/1 value when read. When the drive tries to restart, this data is not recognized and the machine behaves as if the entire hard drive has been erased.

SpinRite basically finds 'bits' where this has happened, reads the bit many, many times, establishes through analysis what this bit probably is, memorizes this value, erases the bit at is current location many times, does its best to restore the 0/1 ability of the location, and writes the probable value back there. Poof! The drive comes back to life. It has saved me a couple times.

Also, sometimes the 'Master Boot Record', the 'Partition Table', or the 'Boot Sector' of the hard drive go wonky for some reason. The drive then behaves as if it is 'erased', but the data is fine. I have used two programs, "Partition Table Doctor' and 'PowerQuest Partition Table Editor', to repair these areas. Poof! The drive is as good as new.

I can think of many ways in which the drive(s) could be truly 'gone'. However, that may not be the case at all. I would read-up on these options, and then 'do it' or turn it over to some tech-savvy type close to you. The data may be recoverable. Good luck!

I've got to get back to actually reading your Column, now... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Thanks Ray;

As I said, I backed up all the important stuff. What I lost is more recreational things and probably a lot of stuff that interested me at one time and now I can't remember what it is. I will look into that though.

katy said...

Everyone walks about manifesting themselves.
Everyone walks around manifesting themselves
People walk around manifesting themselves into the pool
of the planet.

Which is why no one needs to take things very personally.
Yet we are all connected. In this time of mercy and grace, I do wish folks would put down all the stuff, stop focusing on food and feeding of various sorts,
To come outside and play

Anonymous said...

Take Star Wars. A popular movie franchise with a die hard fan base. These people go to conventions where they dress up as their favorite characters. Some of these guys have advanced degrees and big jobs with lot of responsibility. But, on occasion they will dress up and play make believe like little children. They are being 'born again' as a different character because of their belief in Star Wars. Their imaginations have been sparked to other possibilities. To me this is what Christ meant when he said "Born Again."

Like a religious movement they are united in common interests, values
and beliefs. They are born again into a different character because of their faith in Star Wars. Thus, a new religion is born.

My take on it anyway.


Brian Crossland said...

Not being authentic is I think a big cause of much pain and suffering here. Living someone else's dreams and society's illusions of what constitutes "success"
As it has been mentioned here, some of us seem more immune to the BS than others. One realization I had recently struck me to the core: "Have I ever had a thought of my own?" initially the answer would seem obvious, of course I have.But laid bare can I be sure? I actually concluded that when my thoughts and actions ran counter to most around me that is probably original thought.
When a sense of knowing and resonance occurs around a thought or correspondence with another that is also probably the real me.
One tool I have been using a lot recently is asking "is this thought mine" amazingly most times I ask this the thought disappears immediately, those that persist I call my own. Arelatively small number.

Anonymous said...

Doug at 12:45,

That pretty much sums up most people these days. Stuck on the treadmill of projection.


Anonymous said...

the more true information one has available, the more true conclusions one can reach...

seek and ye shall find...

know the truth !!!

the entire "Jewish" narrative is a lie...

especially in light of how dark and stinky
ZIONISM is for the "proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism...

the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual

monkey pus and mercury...&
depleted uranium are a "Jewish" Purim.



Jenny said...

Living for real- real life. Todays reading of your words had new meaning to me today. Somehow last night you were there in my dreams. It is a long story we all tell about our lives. My story would be long and full of drama - like many others I read here in the comments. I am walking forward ever new day with the understanding of the infinite help available from the cosmos around me. Learning to trust my intuition and learn "new" behaviors that help- not hinder- my forward progress. Instead of waiting for the "world to end" I now just watch it end all around me and use those broken pieces to build new beautiful things.
This year I have already done things to make it possible to spend more time with my Mom while she is here in town and to go just have fun with my kids- who are soon to be not kids. Teenagers do not usually even want to be around parents...ha ha. But things are very different than when I was a kid- and very much wanted away from parental authority. I believe that a new era began in august of 1987- when my daughter was born- who now lives just an island away...
She taught me that children choose the parents and are here to teach me. I have 4 wonderful teachers. So it goes in the world- it is a new day and a wonderful one! I see a visitor from Chicago town on the live feed thing- so cool to know that folks from my hometown look here at the same time as me! So cool- a big family connected through this crazy interwebs. Much love to all of the family- Jen

Thomas said...

Cheers Vis! To Authenticity, come Hell or High Water! The Lord will Know why and what we did, and that is enough for me.

Really interesting quote, Davy: "the paradox..."

Judging from my walks in the world, as well as my forays into the world of Science Education, this is most certainly true. Most scientists are dead-set on proving the religion of materialism, and they can find all the arguments in their favor, and they will spin endless reels of them if one cares to listen. Circular logic owns them. Very, very few seem to realize that the foundation(s) of belief about reality are based on Faith, for believers and materialists both, as well as everyone in between.

Be well, All

Alan Jong said...


I'm not going to argue with You, but maybe I'll open your eyes, Zionism is not just acknowledged by Jews. I grew up in a generational non-Jewish christian Zionist household, I have an uncle named Israel, and family who generations above that accepted the concept incorporated it into their Faith structure. When I first had to move into my parents house with a different understanding of the dynamics between the Israeli and Palestinian conflict trying to convince my Mother that her religious beliefs were false only landed me in the cuckoos nest 5 times. She resist any change to that belief structure and in her eyes my actions were blasphemous unforgivable by God and worthy of complete abandonment by Her. Eventually I approached the issue differently and accepted it. Now that I respect my Mother's beliefs and for the last 2 years I've experience no conflict. That is a triumph of love. It turns out she respects too, what I acknowledge as an issue of Human Rights, and the issue is almost never brought up we get along now, and she's giving me a car this summer. There are many devout Christian Zionist who believe in Zionism from a spiritual perspective. Who not only cherish Jewish people as God's elect, but hold firm in their hearts a devotion and a love for Israel the nation as God's fulfilled promise for Jews on the Earth. That form of Zionism is changing new generations are falling out of that believe structure, and who knows what the future holds it's all in God's hands. What I've learned in my own experience is that God is the most innocent Loves everyone. Religions are both instruments of good and ill, to say God favors one of them over the other is to use God's name in vain.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more practical than running a government. Yet the thought process of how to go about governing is the soul of ideology.

Humans are walking contradictions with an affinity for irony.

I agree with Thomas. The suffering of ww2 should be forgotten. If I died a horrible death I wouldn't want people in the aftermath to dwell on poor me.

The holocaust is a political football and the suffering of the victims of ww2 has been trivialized. Let the dead rest! Their suffering has been over going on 70 yrs now.


est said...

so i am walking, out next to the river
and i pull out an arrow, from my thither

i take my best shot, it hit dead ahead
when i realized my shot, came back to my head

galen said...

I aimed again

sharpened my game

and though I ached

moved in for the take

and nothing intended

returned deflected

only the river

saw my aim


galen said...

Onyx/Alan, I've been reading Davy for a while now and I think he does a fair share of opening eyes. 

I look around and see what's happened inside most Christian churches, and just like most governments, the overtake is obvious. No one wants to step on anyone's sacred beliefs, but as long as any concept of "elect" or "chosen" is still in place the curse of having to live under an oppressive hierarchy will remain. It has been pointed out here many times that the roots of this aggression go back to Old Testament, to Deuteronomy, Leviticus, etc., and is exhaustively explained by Douglas Reed in his book "The Controversy of Zion." There are many Jews/writers, themselves, who are embarrassed by any such concept. And of course, they come to the issue with personal and individualized experience so it's likely one won't agree with every single thing they say. Two who come to mind are Gilad Atzmon and Brother Nathanael.  

So what do we owe our brothers and sisters in the Christian Zionist movement. Silence? Agreeability? Would it not be an act of love to let them know the falseness of specialness and keep reminding them of what you just wrote, that "God . . loves everyone." Would you have any trouble adding the word "equally" to that assertion? Yeah, we could just go on or we could keep opening the door to this essential dilemma. I say essential because it feels that way, a cultural essence, if you will. But really, it's not. It's just a long held belief of supremacy and entitlement. Hard as it is, may we speak to this with patience and respect.


Guldur said...

Please, dismiss the lower comment if my previous attempt to post it went OK, but it doesn´t seem to be so. Thank you.

Salute and greetings Visible,
what a marvelous Origami yet again! As all your late stuff seems to be.
Although I don´t like you being localized on "the other shore now (no chance for me to Vis-it anymore..), I very much like the effect it had on you apparently. Seems via all the hardships something inside you has hardened and enstrenght, tarnished the way steel is done. Be blessed that way!
Not off a topic isuue I add here: .
Sorry for the no hyperlink, just copy and paste - it is realley worth despite it´s mindblowing horribility. I think now it´s unfathomable evilness sits perfectly with my quantum ladder direction theory I posted on your sites some years ago. The so called "jews" are just progressing the opposite way on the quantum ladder highway (down to inner/denser quantum worlds) and evil means good for their perception. Their are much less in number and much more in mind knowledges and might, but not in heart wisdom and spirit. They are to be degraded from our point of view (upgrded from theirs) and here this plane is the point of clash, a testing field. It´s their task to take as many of us down with them. Our task is to try the opposite way up to higher worlds, development,... Thus the neglect and stupidity of common masses is the most sad and horid issue in this game...
Thus or any other way, check the link, really horrible, but good to know about...
Best wishes in your new locations and Creator bless you comrade of mine. Much health and strenght to you Vis.

Thomas said...

McCob. Let what dead rest? It is a grave insult to those who did actually die in german prison camps that a greatly exagerrated and evil story has been constructed on their demise, and that this story is used to this day to induct people into a mandatory-membership death-worshipping cult. They will have no rest so long as this is the case.

The Holocaust is a political football. It must be caught, held, punctured with a sharp knife, cut open and mounted inside a consecrated ring of gold, and hanged inside a museum of peace with a plaque underneath reading "the Devil's (AKA Father of Lies) game".

Be well, All

dirtykid© said...


I can say, from experience, that there is equipment which can erase a hard drive while it is not powered on. A former employer of mine had an electromagnetic field generator whose purpose was to demagnetise airplane parts... I used it to render old hard disks useless on more than one occasion... I may also have cancer in my right arm some year from exposure to strong electromagnetic fields... Time will tell...


Alan Jong said...

""Would it not be an act of love to let them know the falseness of specialness and keep reminding them of what you just wrote, that "God . . loves everyone." Would you have any trouble adding the word "equally" to that assertion?"
To the first the answer is of course sharing truth is a degree of love, and if the person is not ready to receive it, it still resonates in the subconscious of that individual. Jesus what the prophet who said the truth will set you free, the subconscious mind can erase lies or irrelevant truths that have no significance to that individual. Some of that is an operation of spirit.

I can share my testimony of the difficulty of sharing that truth.
In all instances my Mother had me hospitalized she had valid reasons. Th first time I was living in my own place, I did something most sane people don't do I opened my doors one day and started giving everything away I felt at the time that detaching from to many material possessions was part of my spiritual journey. After I moved into my Parents home, and because my Mom mostly has Christian broadcasting of some form on the TV. The preachers had a tendency to irritate Me. Back then I had a tendency of getting in front of the TV while she was watching it, and tried to convince her it was wrong with my knowledge, but in a menacing way, and so she would call the police, with something like my sons acting crazy and he's not talking his meds, and because I was already in the system they would just take me to the hospital. What finally brought accord and peace between us, one day she grab a box full of photos from her trip to Israel, and in almost all the photos mostly Palestinians in the market places, and on the streets, living side by side with Jews and Israeli's, and she said to me I love all people I pray for Peace in Israel and the rest of the world. That was it at that point I had nothing to say, and I realized I was wrong in what I was doing. I don't feel I need to change her, and there is no desire to change her. So the tension that existed then is gone, acceptance was my duty not hers. I awakened to "9-11 truth" in 2006, my turning point on the conspiracy focusing on Israel was after watching David Cole's video on Auschwitz, that video was up on Google Videos top 50 for a while, but so were a lot of conspiracy videos. I've come to a different view on that because it's a form of propaganda, that only awakens people up to really dark reality if any of them happen to be true. I leave that in the hands of God. The reason why I venture over here is because Les is a genius of a rare kind. And his faith in God is inspiring When it comes to deity sincerity is our measure of Love for God, and religions can corrupt that but not always.

God loves everyone Equally is appropriate. That is what I meant to express.

galen said...

Guldur, that link, oh my. All I can say is even though many truth-bombs were dropped that was at best satire and at worst contrived and scripted. How my ears perceived.


galen said...

Alan, you wrote: "I opened my doors one day and started giving everything away..." 

I love this image. You look grand!! I think many have been there and it's an important point on the path. I also once gave away everything, even a Gibson Hummingbird because I had to experience material renunciation. It felt great. Francis of Assisi did the same, and many of those called saints have had their sanity questioned. Seems a feather in the cap. I heard that once we're okay with giving everything away, we're free to keep anything we want. Glad you made peace with your mom.


Ray B. said...

Onyx Gage brings up a good point to rummage-about:

In one way, if we 'press' too much on a certain idea, we either provoke blind opposition or show that we have ulterior, hidden motives (emotional issues) in addition to the idea.

On the other hand, 'group consciousness' has its own strength. This is true both on the 'mundane' level (sculpting what can be talked about) and on the 'esoteric' level (quite-literally in shaping Reality). 'Group consciousness' MUST be addressed...

So, what to do?

My own 'pattern of action' combines a little of both. I will 'push' a little on individual people, but just enough that I will not bring up the defenses. On the other side (intentional pun), I am lucky enough to have all kinds of woo-woo ways to nudge 'group consciousness'. (The 'trick' is how to do it without karmic 'blowback'.)

In my opinion, BOTH pathways must be addressed, however one's skill-set is made up...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The nonsectarian road Jesus most assuredly and gracefully walked is the glaring difference between OT and NT.

Night and day.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Well, the stupid fuckers probably did get into your computer, and where did that get them? Well, everything is being recorded by the people upstairs, you know, by the invisible friends and such, so you'll get those details ultimately. If one has hardcore faith in that which you believe in, focusing on a positive outcome for Earth and her good and decent denizens, they can't really do much to you just as you were saying. They are complete and utter sissies about biting people who can even potentially bite back, let alone do bite back.

Alan Jong said...

One thing I left out, at that time because of the way I awakened, I thought I was God or Christ or something, and in the environment, I kept experiencing what I read at the time as validation in that assumption. Now I realize I was just adjusting to a higher state of consciousness, and there are many people who experience some level of connectedness to the Planet. Just before that experience of awakening to a higher state of consciousness, I was kind of dead to that reality, just a person buying things I didn't need and my house was like an episode of hoarders waiting to happen. I buried myself in kitsch in an extreme way. Even though I've expressed in the past differences in opinion, I never expressed the proper gratitude. Thank You Les Visible. Your blogs do and did help Me and probably countless others. Who experience shifts in their consciousness. What's rare about you is how you acknowledge all the monsters in the collective consciousness so few are willing to even examine like government crime. Thomas Paine viewed Governments as a necessary evil, I tend to agree with that view. Unwavering consistency, humor, integrity, and a spiritual wisdom, and light that no on else uses when addressing the difficult topics you write about, offers. I'm wishing for you a brighter year ahead, and best wishes on resolving the current issues of late.

Anonymous said...

"Let the dead rest." By that I mean any poor person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got run over by the war.

I do not know what happened and I don't pretend. How any one can make any sense from the cacophony of those times is beyond me.

I do resent the way the suffering of the war is used as a tool for cynical political manipulation. I hate that my head has been diddled. I hate the Hebrew hoodoo of the whole thing.

a poem by me and Lori Lovebeads


I can't tell propaganda from what's really going on

I don't know mumbo-jumbo from the word of God

I can't tell graffiti from works of fine art

Can't do any shopping outside Walmart

But I got my cheescake, rich and creamy, thick and round, Yeah, I got my cheesecake, cup of coffee wash it down

My hair's falling out but I don't use Rogaine

I use extra Drano to wash it down the drain

But I got my cheesecake


Anonymous said...

Your comments on war and on those take part in them.
Is there no "Just War"? For instance, those in Ukraine fighting the illegal and fascist Kiev regime? They were marked for dispossession of their lands and death by Kiev modern-day Nazis.
Should they have fought back (very successfully I might add), or simply gave up?
I will not glorify violence...but in the case of defense...isn't it justified?
- the old man, formerly known as 'the beggar'

Anonymous said...

At Eudoxia Jones..."Karen quoted the bible in the last SM post about in order to enter the kingdom of heaven we have to return to the innocence of a child. Yes exactly, strip away the mask the personality, the totally false construct of who we think we are".
So reminded me of this...
"Every one of us is shadowed by an illusory person: a false self. This is the man I want myself to be but who cannot exist, because God does not know anything about him...
My false and private self is the one who wants to exist outside of reality and outside of life. And such a self cannot help but be an illusion.
We are not very good at recognising illusions, least of all the ones we cherish about ourselves - the ones we are born with and which feed the roots of sin...A life devoted to the cult of this shadow is what is called a life of sin."
- Thomas Merton, Benedictine Monk

Feel free to substitute the word "error" for "sin".

Anonymous said...

"Is there no "Just War"? For instance, those in Ukraine fighting the illegal and fascist Kiev regime?"

War begats war and such actions as (you) speak of will only curse future generations to the same misery. Wars are what make the bad people stronger.

When war happens there aint no good guys and there aint no bad guys. There are only crazy guys.

The end justifies the means, or so I have heard. But there aren't any ends, only means. It takes strength to believe in peace. It takes sheep to believe in war.

The boys that become soldiers and fill the ranks at the front lines are not philosophers. They are farm boys. They are just trying to do right by their neighbors. The outcome by who ever wins will change nothing in the rank and file.



Anonymous said...

Gibson Hummingbird! Do you know how much one of those would be worth these days? Oh, how I could make that Hummingbird sing!


Anonymous said...

I think we rely on Jesus too much. We, or most of us, anyway, want a savior. If you believe the Gospels then you believe Jesus was of the tribe of Judah; 4th son of Jacob. It says so in the first chapter, first verse, of Matthew.

"The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the son of Abraham...." Matthew 1:1 New American Standard Bible

One might construe that Jesus was the proper heir of the Judean crown as opposed to the Herodians or the Maccabees.

We are alone in our skin to make our own decisions and suffer for our own faults. Our pain is our own as well as our pleasure. I hope everyone finds someone to love them for life is unbearable without love. Someone who has healthy love for us will respect our autonomy.

Fuck the Bible and fuck the Vedas. The world would be better off without them. The falseness I read about comes from these stupid documents and man is but a pitiable creature because he falls prey to such bullshit. We don't need the hoodoo. All we rally know we have is each other.

We only need the nurturing of Gaia. And we never will understand the mysteries of existence.

Down with all tyrants.


Anonymous said...

"Nobody's Perfect" should be the slogan of the human race.


Thomas said...

Au Contraire, my dear McCob. The Creator is Utterly Perfect, and Everything that is by His hand is likewise Perfect. The Darkness, the Suffering, The Evil, All are the Works of the Perfect God. They are His crudest teaching methods, but they, too, are Perfect. We have the Choice, what we Will, Oh Oh Oh Holy Holy Holy Lord, How can You bless us so?! All under His Gaze, All seeing with His Eyes, All acting as His Hands. We are Totally, Completely Perfect, no matter what we think, or what others think. It can be no other way. (and to the Dear Ones of the Fairer Sex, yes, you are definitely allowed to substitute Him with Her. It is just a label for something we cannot grasp, but which is... RIGHT "THERE". HAHAHA! BEAUTY!)


Be well, All ;)

galen said...

McCob, are you saying the people of Ukraine should not defend themselves, should just agree to be martyred? Once in concert I heard Pete Seeger, who sang countless songs about peace, say he wasn't a true pacifist. He said "If they came here, I'd fight." To me, self-defense, and defence of the innocent, is a noble path. Sorry for repeating some of the following but. . . A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with someone and we discussed the 2nd amendment. He said that he had mixed emotions about it and would never want the karma for killing someone; I said that I'd never want the karma for not protecting the innocent. Simplistic, but the point was made. Compassion has many faces. Self-defense is NOT the war machine. Defense of innocence is great sanity. And Gandhi's again:

"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."

"I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence."

"I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honor than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor."

Also, Martin Luther King applied for concealed-carry (it's on record) and traveled with body guards, as do Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell, both hypocrites who seem to say, "I deserve protection and you don't."

The gospel of Luke, chapter 22 verse 36: "Then said he unto them, but now, he that hath a purse, let him take it ... and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."

Interesting that the city of Chicago and the country of Mexico, major locations for gun-free zones, have the highest crime rates in the world, while Switzerland, where most households are required to be armed (trained in weapon use, as well) has the lowest crime rate.

"To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens."
-- Adolf Hitler

"Both Oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms."
-- Aristotle

“When violence is offered in self-defense or for the defense of the defenseless, it is an act of bravery far better than cowardly submission…”
-- Gandhi (possibly)

If my loved ones (especially the little ones) are threatened I would do whatever it takes to keep them safe, and if possible to assure they will not have to live under tyranny. This is the work of work, for surely tyrants are advancing. Regarding Christ, Gandhi, and King, I know they were beacons of peace but I have to look at their total manifestation. I cannot only take from them what supports my beliefs but I have to take the whole of it and not reduce them to a myopic mind-set that would only be a partial revelation of who they are.
For me, war was always far away. Can only hope I'd have the courage if it came to my door, to be able to say I will not lay down to them. Go Ukraine! Go Palestine! Go hundreds of other homelands where the dark invaders crush life and kill dreams. Go!


galen said...

On the Hummingbird. . . Yeah, McCob, I bought it used, and as you well know, they get better with age. Sang and twang. Six with steel over silk and original hard case. Today it'd be near 60 years old. But oh, the person I gave it to. . . He picked me up and drove me to a park where we talked for a while and played a few songs. I watched him falling in love with the instrument. Then he drove me back to the monastery I was staying at and handed me a long-stem red rose. I actually could see joy beaming from his eyes.

Renunciation has its moments.



Anonymous said...

Thomas @ have an amazing way of expressing yourself...a good and complicated mind no doubt.
You write"
Thomas said...
Au Contraire, my dear McCob. The Creator is Utterly Perfect, and Everything that is by His hand is likewise Perfect. The Darkness, the Suffering, The Evil, All are the Works of the Perfect God. They are His crudest teaching methods, but they, too, are Perfect. We have the Choice, what we Will, Oh Oh Oh Holy Holy Holy Lord, How can You bless us so?! All under His Gaze, All seeing with His Eyes, All acting as His Hands. We are Totally, Completely Perfect, no matter what we think, or what others think. It can be no other way. (and to the Dear Ones of the Fairer Sex, yes, you are definitely allowed to substitute Him with Her. It is just a label for something we cannot grasp, but which is... RIGHT "THERE". HAHAHA! BEAUTY!)


Yes, our Will, our Free Will, and don't we for sure exercise it! We are a people in rebellion, against good, against selflessness..against God if you will...against a peaceful and righteous society.

"Libido Dominandi"...
That's us, always 'me first'. Me,me,me.
It seems to me that our selfishness and foolish pride is responsible for the very great preponderance of evil happenings in this world. Us.
Give God a break.
Why would God allowed us to run wild? Beats me, ask him. But I certainly think us having a free will is better than the robotic or ant-like alternative.
Maybe it's all about 'purposes if demonstration'.
- new and improved beggar

Katy said...

Why would God allow us to run wild....

Makes me think of this poem.
Kahlil Gibran on Love

(Although hard to beat that perfect poem above by mcCob & Lorilovebeads.)

Anonymous said...

galen, It's impossible to not fall in love with a Gibson Hummingbird. A beautiful little story you have there.


Anonymous said...

galen: everybody has a right to defend themselves. If someone breaks into your house and threatens your family you have every right to use deadly force.

I was in the Army. I received an Honorable Discharge. I would have went where they told me and I would have tried my best to follow orders once there. I was a very stupid boy.

I think our world is ruled by overlords. Who they are? Who are the masterminds and who are the henchmen? I don't know. But we in the rank and file, the working class, whatever, we are manipulated by these overlords towards an agenda which I don't pretend to understand. Maybe they just enjoy hurting people?

In the Ukraine neither side is righteous. You say they shouldn't just sit there and be martyrs. Your way will produce martyrs and destruction and all the hell war brings with it.

In the Ukraine both sides of the conflict are being manipulated with mendacious propaganda. The conscripts who go to fight will have no idea of the convoluted thinking that got them onto the front lines. Many of those boys will die or be injured. Many will have their minds scarred for life. But I do understand, like the song says, "some men love to hear, to hear the cannonball a'roarin'"

If there is all out war it will be because our overlords manipulated the public into the situation and it will serve the agenda of the overlords.

We are in the trick bag. And without a profound shift in social paradigms we will curse future generations to the same misery. Takes guts to believe in peace. IF I had any guts when I was a boy I wouldn't have been a soldier.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Invisible Origami
Creative Genius

galen said...

McCob, you wrote: "In the Ukraine neither side is righteous. You say they shouldn't just sit there and be martyrs. Your way will produce martyrs and destruction and all the hell war brings with it."

There are many innocents caught in all this, people who have called Ukraine their homeland for many generations. I do NOT count them among the aggressively guilty. They love their children just like we love ours. And this quote (attributed to a few different people) comes to mind:

"I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees."

I agree about needing a "profound shift." My shift may be different than yours, but a collective something will emerge. We can't keep standing where we are. I'd avoid force if ever I can, but I do see its place. The rape scenario comes to mind. I know these are not easy issues to hash out and we work with what we got. May the greatest good be served.


Anonymous said...


who is to say what is the greater good? Is there even such a thing?

Or is greater good just a shallow platitude attempting to explain all of the murder and destruction.

If the Ukrainians had any brains, and I doubt they do, both sides would give up their weapons.


galen said...

McCob, the civil wars are stirred up by those who would have chaos, who would have us fight amongst ourselves while all their plans for pipelines and plunder go fiercely forward and while individual and local determinism is obliterated and slavery made the norm. Maybe I can't fully define "the greater good" but surely it does not embrace tyranny.

You and I have been here before. I brought up the "water at the door" moment. Perhaps only then do we find out what course we choose/who we really are. Maybe these are just words, but they are words of intensity because I know they are not without your or my convictions. And maybe there is no sweeping right or wrong here in that each instance is its own judgement call. I can only be who I am, and even though that changes and grows, today it directs me to stand up to tyranny. Right, I'm not in a major war-zone and the steps I can take may be deemed small, like speaking up or practicing noncompliance where I can, but every effort matters.

Thanks, McCob, I don't think these discussions are futile. They help me dig deeper. You are a pretty good 'digger' yourself. Now, I suddenly feel like I have to shift the energy so I'm offering this:

Drinking Buddies

Two men are sitting next to each other in an Irish-style pub in New York City and both order pints of Guinness. One of them turns to the other and asks, "So where are you from?"

"I'm from Ireland."

"Me too! I'll drink to that."

They both finish their pints and order two more.

"Where in Ireland are you from?"


"Me too! I'll drink to that."

They both finish their pints and order two more.

"Where in Dublin are you from?"

"The East Side."

"The East Side? Me too! What a coincidence! I'll drink to that!"

They both finish their pints and order two more.

"Where on the East Side are you from?"

"McDonagh Street."

"Me too! This is incredible! I'll drink to that."

As the bartender pours them another two pints, another customer at the bar says to him, "That's amazing! I can't believe they're from the same street in Dublin. What's going on?"

"Oh, it's nothing amazing," says the bartender. "It's just the Ferguson twins getting sloshed again."



Anonymous said...


"McCob, the civil wars are stirred up by those who would have chaos, who would have us fight amongst ourselves.."

all too true. I firmly believe that every drop of innocent blood that hits the ground feeds their vampyre gods.

Love, McCob

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel.

galen said...

McCob, so you are from Dublin after all!


So am I!!



Kazz said...

So many points have been made in only a few days, and I wish to address many of them, so I will try to keep it short.


I didn't have to give away everything because my children destroyed all my belongings over the years, and since you don't have any money when you have five children you don't need to worry about giving away everything because you don't own anything. You don't even have time to your self. The one thing my husband and I have retained of worth is our home, and a motorbike, and one does not give away their home and transport, even God's creatures have homes and a means of getting around. Agenda 21 seeks to remove people's homes and transport because people are much easier to control when they are homeless and jobless. Common sense dictates that if the West was to make amends for the damage done to the third world it would make much more sense to give them the wealth of those who stole it, which means the elite would have to hand back their booty, from all the raping, murdering, and pillaging they have done to accrue such great wealth. What one should do is give away their belongings from the Cestui Que trust into a trust of one's own creation, so the parasites devouring this world cannot steal it and use it for malicious purposes. By my calculations the trusts the elite created are void anyway, because these trusts were broken when they enslaved us!


I agree with your response to Galen, that her way will produce martyrs and destruction and all the hell war brings with it.

Anyone who has studied history knows the elite are the only one's who profit from war!

Maybe you would rather die on your feet then live on your knees Galen, but I'd rather use my God given intelligence to fix the problem before it gets that bad. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, so why not fight them in the courts, which is a battlefield also. I have been doing this, as have many other people in Australia, and we are gaining ground.

Galen, you asked 'what do we owe our brothers and sisters in the Christian Zionist movement.'

As a Christian my response is 'the truth'.

If you claim that Christians and Jews are creating the chaos in this world please provide proof of your claim, because I have carefully outlined that Satanists are responsible for this chaos, and have been, by my calculations, for at least the last 6,000 years, and I have provided proof of my claim over the last couple of months in my posts, in detail.

Since you are making such an outrageous claim I would like to see your proof please.

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

Karen, you did not keep it short. Sigh. . . 

My first response to you was going to be, "Sorry, Karen, I see that you have distorted some things and this time do not want to put the time in to clear them up." Then I decided, Oh, what the hell. But I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep this up with you. We'll see.

First, I didn't say I was currently into giving everything away. If you re-read my comment it just spoke of something I did "once," and went on to say that "once we're okay with giving everything away, we're free to keep anything we want. I own some fine things. Pretty much zero attachment. And personal charity is a very private thing; you know, like praying in the closet.

I truly do not mind that you disagree with my position on self-defense and defense of the innocent. I'm clear on it in my self. I used to take a different position but not anymore. I never advocate war, but if the backyard is invaded, I'd like to be thinking (and acting) on my feet, and that does not exclude my spiritual guidance or guides. As opposed to creating "hell" as you attest, I see it as possible survival and opening to one's dignity and perseverance. So again, I'm okay that we disagree.

Karen, could you not know that most of the courts are corrupt, in bed with the agenda? Sure, a crumb is thrown now and then, but the bigger construct is not working on behalf of humanity. The prisons are getting privatized and are paid to keep the beds full; they are packed with broken souls that the courts failed, souls used for cheap labor and held up before the rest of us as an example as if to say, "Do as your told or this could happen to you."  

Please read carefully before you pounce; these are words you are attempting to put in my mouth: "Christians and Jews are creating the chaos in this world..." I never said those words. Jeez, Karen, I'm not the enemy. I may have to talk with Jesus about you. Ha! just kidding. But maybe not. I do hang out with him too, you know.

Sometimes I use prayer, sometimes a hammer. Sometimes it's like I'm on the ledge and in a very precarious situation and (metaphorically) screaming: "Throw me the rope, throw me the rope," and it's so very odd to have someone ignore the rope and yell across the ravine: "I'll pray for you." The lessons of the physical plane are remarkable. I am forever intrigued.  


Kazz said...

Dear Galen,

I am a Libra, so that is short for me (tongue in cheek).

If my family are threatened I did not get a black belt to hold up my pants, so I do not advocate standing around while someone kills your loved one's or other innocents for that matter. I have discussed self defence, verse attacking people before.

As for going to war as an option, it is not an option, it is the elite's last ditch effort to control this planet. If they achieve their agenda ALL OF HUMANITY WILL BE DESTROYED, all except the highest satanist's that is, who will crawl into their 'den's and lairs' that they have already built, because they knew it was going to come to this, you see they know humanity is consciously evolving, which is why they are jabbing our children with toxic vaccinations to keep them stupid, and why they are poisoning our drinking water to stop us from utilising our third eye.

It seems that we agree on nearly everything but one very important thing, WHO ARE THE ELITE? I have shown very clearly that Christ identified these demon possessed gate keepers as belonging to Hell, but yet you still refer to them as Christian Zionist, why (you have not substantiated your claim yet)?

Luv Kazz

galen said...

Karen, where do I claim what you accuse me of? Please substantiate.

Will no one throw me the rope? I promise I won't hang myself.


galen said...

Some confusion here. Karen, you initially wrote about disagreeing with me, that my way would bring "destruction" and "hell." Now you're saying: "It seems that we agree on nearly everything but one very important thing..." That's flip-flopping. Anyway, I reread all my posts above and couldn't find what you were referring to. When there was discussion about the people of the churches, it was in the context of how they have been programmed/steered, not they as perpetrators. I hope this clears this up for you.


galen said...

Ps Karen. Oh man, it's been some day. I just took a breath. I gave a quiet prayer, something like this:

Please God, let much good come from all this discourse. Let it open understanding and point to solution. Let it not just be a tug-a-war, or egos needing to be right, needing to prove a point.

And that was it. I think the conflicts and confusions are indicative of all the pressure earth inhabitants are under right now. And the discourse is sometimes just a venting. But also, sometimes it's a reaching, a reaching to get to the truth and somehow help stop the madness. I dare say, no one has all the answers but some certainly try to break it down and understand.


Kazz said...

Dear Galen,

You made the comment, 'So what do we owe our brothers and sisters in the Christian Zionist movement..'

Date - Saturday, March 07, 2015 8.08:00 PM

Why would we need to do anything about our brothers and sisters in the Christian Zionist movement?

What Christian Zionist movement? All I see is a satanic sect calling them selves Christian Zionists, the ROMAN Catholic Church did the same thing! The RCC created Cestui Que Trusts for the Knights Templar, to protect their estates while they were off fighting the Holy Crusades, when the Knights returned the RCC refused to sign back over their estates, many of these valiant warriors died penniless. The same thing is happening all over again. .

Satan is not called the Grand Deceiver for nothing. Satan has done this with all religions!

I have not done a flip flop at all Galen, I simply believe people have not approached the courts properly. In the tape I have of my court case the judge questioned the prosecutor as to whether I was gone, and stated 'you know what happens to me if she comes back'.

There is someone overseeing these court cases Galen, someone who I believe is working for the higher energies in this universe, otherwise what would a Baal priest have to fear from my return into the court?

If I have to protect my family I will fight to the death, but I will not breach God's Natural Law of do no harm. I have stated as much on previous occasions. If we resort to war the elite satanist's will win and we will go back through this process in another 1,000 years for another 6,000 years.

I have nothing to gain by joining the ranks with the satanists. They kill all true believers who will not take the mark anyway, so I am better of dying defending my family.

I know this is not the wish of God because Jesus already died for my sins, therefore why is it necessary for any believer to die?

If the true golden age can only occur on this plane when all evil is gone then how can the Golden era prevail if the only people who are left alive are the satanists and those who bow to them?

Jesus has descended from a cloud in the form of the Holy Spirit, which anoints the believer. God helps those who help their self. Jesus told us NOT to bow to him, only to God. Jesus called his self our brother, not our leader. He lead the way and showed us how to free our self, but it is up to us to do it!

All I am confirming Galen is that satanist's are behind all of this, not Christians, not Jews, not any other religion. Violent fundamentalists are the outcome of elite miseducation and indoctrination!

If you agree with this then their is no issue, I am simply drawing attention to it because I am fed up with people blaming the innocent for what the satanists are responsible for. I only care about the truth Galen, that is all.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

"Take a census of all the congregation of the sons of Israel, by their families, by their fathers' households, according to the number of names, every male, head by head

from twenty years old and upward, whoever is able to go out to war in Israel, you and Aaron shall number them buy their armies."

Numbers 1:2,3 God ordering Moses and Aaron to raise an army and conquer.

Melchizedek, King of Salem, was a high priest of the Lord Most High. This shows there was a Hebrew cult that was monotheistic before Abraham. Melchizedek blessed Abraham for being a war hero. (Genesis chpt 14) Thus, Abrahamic religion was born out of war. Which is why I say that Muslims, Christians and Jews are a bunch of trouble makers. Not only that but they also tend to be self righteous know it alls.


Anonymous said...

galen, I don't know where my roots are. I think I am a Heinz 57 mutt type human being. No breeding, no expectation of high achievement.

I can't throw you a rope but I can offer a song:


galen said...

Karen, regarding my 'comment' which is really a question: "So what do we owe our brothers and sisters in the Christian Zionist movement'. . . I don't see how that became me blaming them for anything. I followed it with this: 'Would it not be an act of love to let them know the falseness of specialness...' So it was a kind of reaching out to them. Reminds me of Woodstock when Wavy Gravy came over the loud speaker and said, "Don't take the brown acid." Nothing more than that, and how that got to where you took it is beyond me. Logic is very important to me and I just couldn't follow yours. So Karen, I have to back away from you for awhile. If you address me and I don't respond, please understand it is just a need for space. No hostility, just a need for space.


galen said...

McCob, thank you for that ride on the open highway. The breeze smoothed out the edges of my aura. I saw you do a wheelie. Look, up ahead on the right, The Baghdad Cafe':


Anonymous said...

galen: Thank you for listening to my humble offering. That song was written by me, Mickey; my wife, and Lori Lovebeads. I did the guitars and bass and wrote the music. Mickey did the main singing and drums. Lori helped with chorus vocals. We all pitched in on lyrics and we recorded it about 14 ago. I wanted to share it so thank you for letting me.

Did you have anything to do with producing Baghdad Cafe? Production sounds first rate.


galen said...

No McCob, nothing to do with the production; just spent a summer there many seasons ago.


Maybe I assume too much in thinking everyone saw that movie.


galen said...

Ps McCob, After listening to your song, I now understand why the hummingbird would mean so much to you; you'd have brought out the best in it.

Now it is I who feels I've spoken over long and must disappear for at least the day. Hope you enjoy yours.



Kazz said...


I am an Aussie and we are known for calling a spade a spade, and what I see here is a total reluctance on your part to say that the people who are leading this world to ruin are SATANISTS.

If you refuse to admit as much than my conclusion is that you don't want to expose YOUR people!

Vis has openly referred to these people as Satanists as well, so I am not on my own in this regard, unless I have missed something?

Sometimes it is not what a person says, but what they don't say, and your silence, or should I say refusal to acknowledge that Satanist's are the cause of the worlds woes, is very telling to me.

What's the go Galen, do you think satanists are the cause or not?

I note that you have not supported your rant that we must do something about the Christian Zionists. If Christian Zionists are the problem then please provide proof of your claim.

It is a very simple question. If you do not respond than that will be answer enough for me Galen!


Satanists have always pretended to be God's people, that is why God tells us 'you shall know them by their acts', because a satanist couldn't tell the truth if their life depended on it.

It is interesting to note that one of the things that prohibits entry into the higher realm, through alignment of the chakras, is not speaking truth. Lies dislodge the throat chakra, so anyone who lie cannot connect with the Divine, end of story. As the American Indians use to say, YOU SPEAK WITH A FORKED TONGUE!

Changing the topic won't do any good guys, I am not that easily distracted.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, here's a nice unattributed quote you (and others) might identify with.

'no good deed goes unpunished' (;>)

galen said...

Homer, right on time. The balm of Krishna in your arms.


galen said...

Life Lines

Attempt now you
to force from me
that which is already mine
and for some time
has lived inside
the beating heart
of Everkind
where no coercion
or manipulation
could pry its pearl
from my existence

Speak I now
while glare under brow
exposes intention
to undo the done
but none thus far
adroit or arch
has yet to take
what can't be taken

There in the harvest
of my naked karma
that which you seek
was long ago offered
Your naming of names
are with my naming the same
The obvious often awkwardly hidden

Too slow the dreams of winter move
yet not for those with naught to prove
busy they be with the catching of arrows
turning them into works of art
passed around from her to him
and him to her and back again
and in their passing
heal the heart



Thomas said...

Karen, my dear. Please STOP IT! So Galen has chosen the way of the ninja, and you have chosen the way of the samurai. Your mentalities are separated by a wide gulf, and as long as you only have the stark "reality" of words on a flickering electronic screen, you are not going to agree. Your symbolikal signifiers, "words", are different. Galen is more circumspect than you, and she is working in a different way. That does not mean that she is being dishonest. Quite the contrary, she is respecting herself. Were you to meet in Life, your hearts would sing out in sisterly Love and joy and mutual respect. But you are NOT respecting Galen here, and this is something that Christ does not take kindly to. Love you kin. That includes respect. I'm not saying you have to respect unhealthy mentalities and unholy agression, but Galen is your kin, and in your hearts you are in near perfect alignment, whether you see it or not. Your cat-fight is like listening to a conversation between a Horse and a Lion on how to Live. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, galen...I think you hit it.
We must not fight our brother and sister...but expose and oppose forcefully the satanists who profit in so many ways by dividing us.
Point the weapon at the real enemy.

galen said...

"McCob, the civil wars are stirred up by those who would have chaos, who would have us fight amongst ourselves while all their plans for pipelines and plunder go fiercely forward and while individual and local determinism is obliterated and slavery made the norm. Maybe I can't fully define "the greater good" but surely it does not embrace tyranny."

galen said...

Thank you, Thomas for your observations and support. These conflicts, I really don't mind them. In fact, a teacher once told me that those who give us the hardest time are our best teachers and that they bear gifts. In fact, sometimes the folks we're conflicting with seem like they came out of no where but actually they are right on time; they were, in fact, called. I think that's why, though from different centuries, ninjas and samurais were they to meet, would likely bow to each other. They'd recognize the necessity of the other showing up, getting the job done. I like to take these conflicts to their natural closure/fruition but it doesn't always happen. Yet, the trying is the learning. And being human, they will have their rough edges from time-to-time, not the least because they are frequently born of pain or frustration. But they can be worked through going forward as we are. Perhaps the satanist overlords delight when they see us go at each other, but they do not understand hearts of passion that must go the distance, even when it requires much time, thinking, and typing. -- grin -- Conviction is a relentless motivator. Yes, cats do fight. They are defining themselves, protecting what is important to them, continuing their kind. The fight is as sacred as the harmony and transcendence is not without growth periods. Thomas, I see that you have, in a sense, chosen to be the middle-man today; I honor you for that. So many avoid that place choosing rather to 'not get involved.' I've often thought the middle-man is very under-appreciated/under-valued. So, much gratitude for that. Wednesday finds me harboring no ill will towards anyone. Some advance the win/win dynamic and I tend to agree. To me that would mean all involved coming out with their self-respect in tact. May Wednesday deliver.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

This Thought Born Universe.

Kazz said...

Dear Thomas and Galen,

I have no ill will towards any of my brothers or sisters. I love Galen, but I vehemently challenge any suggestion that it is Christians and Jews who are running this world system. If only I had the ability to craft words the way Vis does I would have conveyed my meaning already, but alas I fall short every time. It is my intention to speak truth to those who have gone to the dark side, who believe they represent the light.

Satan is an extremely crafty and underhanded energy.

Galen you talk of light with a mastery that far surpasses mine, but then you suggest war. I do not agree. War helps to conceal the elite's crimes, destroy a countries infrastructure, and kills the innocent.

I know our courts are not operating lawfully, but it appears they cannot touch a child of God who stands under God's covenant. There is not one person in jail who did not consent to be there Galen. People must stop consenting!! I know the elite have deliberately dumbed down people to take advantage of them. Even when people try to improve the elite poison their environment. Even the Pope has pointed out the trusts they rely on to enslave humanity have been breached. This means the crimes committed are against Man/Woman not corporate entities. The Baal priests have been misled because they believe covering their head hides their evil thought, but their witness lies within.

All those valiant knights that put their lives on the line for Christ had no idea that they were lied to. St Augustine said 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

How do you show people they have been hoodwinked without sounding pious, egotistical, or full of yourself? I bared my soul and exposed the very worst of who I can be to show you that getting to the truth is my only agenda.

We can defeat them in the courts as Christ did. I agree that Christians are being hijacked by the satanists because they believe they have reached Heaven and can discharge debts. Satan offers them the world. Did not Satan give Christ the same challenge? If I had not been shown what the Heavenly realm was like I would have been taken in too. They have tried!

I am driven by a passion so furious that it gets the better of me, so if I have fallen foul you have my humblest apologies Galen, but to me blaming Christians for what satan is doing is disrespectful to Christ.

I love the way you keep your cool Galen. I am learning from you. I just want people to be up front.

The amount of lies and deceit that have been covered up through secrecy is a cancer that is eating humanity alive. I want to offer my children a better future, but so many good people are part of the problem, and yet totally oblivious to it. The demonic energy is very persuasive, which is why the Bible tells us that the whole world was deceived!

What do I know anyway? I AM NO BODY, I am an eternal spirit undergoing an earthly journey, and it appears I am wasting my time, because everyone knows better than I, or should I say we, because it is the Holy Spirit that hounds me.

I don't wish to oppose you Galen, but I will shout from the rooftops that it is not Christians, Jews, Muslims, or any other religion causing the problem. There has been a concerted effort over the last 6,000 years to discredit religions to remove the authority of God. The elite twist the words of the prophets to poison the people's minds.

I am doing the best I can. My only intent is to serve God/humanity. I put myself and my family at great risk by what I write here. If that is not good enough then I will shake the dust from my boots and move on.

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

My mouth pulled open
and into it placed
vowels and consonants
decoratively laced
with false assumptions
and dense distortions
I ask myself, what can I do
but bite and chew
and pulverize
and spit and spew
then rinse real well
and rinse again
and yet again
Rinse and wash
and deeply cleanse
though yet again
uninvited intrusion
unwanted insertion
force-fed diversion
making my truth a mockery

What heart, God
have you placed inside me
that long endures the fire of confusion
What mind, what dance
that must learn this music
foreign to the notes I know
cacophony and dissonance
tapping on my reticence

There, in the hand of my maestro
blithe baton moves rhythm and beat
cues me when to enter or exit
makes my life a song-of-me
Enter me music, wordless speak
kill as you do the living lie
and in its place a lullaby
to still all songs of falsity





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