Friday, June 26, 2015

Circling and Spiraling on the Helix of the Ineffable.

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The elements dance within... sometimes. More often they make war. In this war, they win and you lose because you are sent on your way and the elements return to themselves. They are part of an endless repeating cycle that runs in a circle and those devoted to that process are acolytes of the varieties of nature worship as well as the occasional perversions of the same, which flourish in darker times. There are other methods of celebrating the unknown, which are attended by other forms of devotion, that manifest in the shape of a helix and others that manifest in a spiral. Maybe we are drawn to what we are drawn to because of our particular composition and maybe we are only composed a certain way because of the needs of experience to flesh and un-flesh us out. Then again, a circle is always a circle. A helix is always a helix and a spiral is always a spiral and they lead in different ways. One might say that all of these are infinite in their continuance but that not all of them repeat, or that perhaps all of them repeat but not in the same fashion. One of these processes always takes place HERE, endlessly rising and falling in seasons. There are those who are devoted to this process and they remain contained within it.

Long established religions become highly complex over the passage of time. They all start out simple and the truth has yet to be concealed in a Byzantine embroidery of dogma and cant. The teachings of the founders of their faiths were unfailingly simple in their message and it is to be presumed that there are always two specific teachings for two specific audiences. I believe Christ spoke about that; how there was one message for the public and another for the disciples, or initiates... after awhile the system (is dis a system?) turns into something that would put the Gordian Knot to shame. The Catholic religion was already a preposterous drag ball before Thomas Aquinas wrote out his laundry list of convolutions. I'm not saying that Thomas didn't have a contribution to make, although I have never yet met someone who has read him.

I would spend a great deal more time reading these various religious texts if I thought I would come across something transforming but, I've read most of them and sometimes more than once and most of everything I have learned that made a significant impression on me came via direct experience. Before I took psychedelics I was something of an intellectual, possibly even a pseudo-intellectual. I thought I knew a lot of things. I had done a great deal of reading, even though I was quite young. The first time I took psychedelics I realized that I actually knew nothing at all. There was a wonderland within and without that I had not previously experienced. It seemed to stretch on forever and... for all I know, it probably does. This was just the beginning of my new awareness and many, many more adventures in consciousness were to follow.

I'll tell you what the most important thing I have learned so far is... self control is very important. It took me a long time, far too long to learn this. I've learned that you can only get so far on the spiritual path without self control. The self can be an unruly beast. Some of us have considerably more passion and drive than others and reigning it in can be a formidable undertaking. Some of us are of a more disciplined sort to begin with. Sometimes you get that from having decent parents but getting decent parents is a matter of Karma. Sometimes you are rendered undisciplined for the purpose of demonstration and sometimes it is so that you might come more fully into control as the result of painful experience. Many don't make it and many don't care. The lack of discipline that I see these days is epidemic and frightening too. I can understand it though. I have been quite undisciplined on occasion; perhaps as a result of far too much discipline earlier on... or... once again, for the purpose of demonstration. It's hard to know why things are the way they are. That implies a knowledge of the mind of god and I make no claims in that regard. Everyone who thinks they know what's going on presumes to know the mind of god, or else considers themselves agents and emissaries of the same. Often they come into these positions through some force of 'seeming' self determinism and not because god appointed them to the position.

Self control is all about self containment. I've learned that in recent times. I've also learned that some of us can get what we want and some of us cannot. In most cases we don't even know what we want and those who do get whatever they get are not necessarily better off than those who don't. I've learned that some of us need to accept that we have passed beyond the point of personal choice in all the important ways and that acceptance is the necessary accoutrement that is required of us. Lao Tzu speaks of this. Sometimes you get to a point, one way or another, by intention or seeming accident and you've moved outside of the confines of personal will. Your life is no longer your own. Well, it never has been. It only looked that way. Yes, of course, your life was your own when you recklessly insisted on having your way with it but... how did that work out?

“Be utterly humble
And you shall hold to the foundation of peace.
Be at one with all these living things which, having arisen and flourished,
Return to the quiet whence they came,
Like a healthy growth of vegetation
Falling back upon the root.
Acceptance of this return to the root has been called 'quietism,'
Acceptance of quietism has been condemned as 'fatalism.'
But fatalism is acceptance of destiny
And to accept destiny is to face life with open eyes,
Whereas not to accept destiny is to face death blindfold.
He who is open-eyed is open-minded-
He who is open-minded is open-hearted,
He who is open-hearted is kingly,
He who is kingly is godly,
He who is godly is useful,
He who is useful is infinite,
He who is infinite is immune,
He who is immune is immortal.”

Yes... we have posted this before but we're not seeking to use all of the 81 sutras before we come round again, only what is relevant to the association that led to the presence of the timeless thoughts of this master appearing here. The first portion is directly connected. to our commentary.

It's a fact of life that people have a short window of time in which they are naturally inclined to seek a liberation of heart and mind. It happens as what passes for a rite of passage in these times. Then the world moves in and the window closes and the louvers go up and you're on rails for what remains of this material dream. The snakes that think they run the joint know how to make this happen. That is why there are things like economic crises, war, high rents, oil shortages, bad job markets and the list is long. All these things are manufactured to put you on rails. There's a small splinter of those who get to be on cruise control and that is a whole other kind of rails. Staying off the rails is the hardest work I've ever known, made even more challenging because I had no choice. You think you have a choice but... on the rails or off the rails, there is only one legitimate and effective choice and reaching an understanding of that is what existence is all about.

It is the seed germ idea in every lifetime and it stretches from Night of Brahma to Night of Brahma... Day of Brahma comes between the Nights of Brahma like a provolone cheese sandwich made on slices of terminally burnt toast. Conversely, it's like blood pudding between two slices of Wonder Bread. I hope this helps in terms of understanding what I'm talking about. Of course the blood pudding actually happens in the other portion of the sandwich and we are in the Day portion regardless. The whole process is called Pralaya and there's Mahapralaya as well. The rishis had it all figured out before this present brief dance of false history began. They are still around in their hidden mist kingdoms, radiating outward into the manifest, in search of resonant souls who have or are reaching the capability of being guided and rescued out of this cauldron of confusion. You are familiar with animal rescue missions. There are also human rescue missions and there are angels and other agents of the ineffable, employed at this profession non stop through all of the Day of Brahma.

That one legitimate choice is to surrender to the divine imperative or to rebel against it. That is ALL that we have here and no matter how varied the examples of us might be here, they are ALL about one or the other. Every life situation is about this. Every breath you take is about this. Every day is arranged around the choices made in either direction. Every night the subconscious works on the events of previous days. Simplify your understanding. It's only about the one thing. People who object to hearing this are in one form of rebellion or another and however long it takes, this will be worn away and surrender will occur. It cannot end any other way. Everything, in most every mind, is functioning only to maintain some status of separation or avoidance. I've been up and down the boulevard on this. I'm guessing that somewhere in this universe is some kind of alternative(s) but I'm done looking for them, not that I ever did. I'm not made that way in any case. I like the idea of surrender. I like the idea of overwhelming cosmic love, in which one disappears; is swallowed up in the vastness of an incomprehensible and immeasurable ocean of it... of Love. I believe in this and I believe it believes in me. It believes in all of us. It suffers and rejoices alongside of us. It is with us in every moment, though we... are not usually with it. That is the ultimate and enduring disconnect.

If we simplify our minds to this awareness, it becomes much more manageable. You can reduce everything in life to this and no matter how bitter your disappointments and losses might be, this understanding will keep you going when it seems like nothing will ever go right again. It will give you hope and it will sustain and grow your faith. When you know that god is the essential core element of your life, then no life situation can be too much; not when you know that the ineffable it right there with you. It doesn't matter if you cannot viscerally experience this at this moment... or as in most cases... very rarely. You have to exercise this awareness. You HAVE TO work on it. You have to remind yourself at all times and one day... and possibly soon; depending on your level of intensity, it will become known to you.

I've mentioned before that I seldom had communion with the divine, or agents of the divine, except in altered states, which is why I engaged in that so often. It was only a few years ago, maybe a decade, maybe more, maybe less, that I have been able to experience regular communications. It will come. It is dependent on your desire for it. It is the great passion. It is a divine passion and to the degree that this is happening in your heart, to that degree it resonates to the rishis and the angels and the ineffable and to every good and illumined soul who strives or serves in the same manner.

Conflicted minds can argue all they want to. What exactly are they arguing about and on the behalf of what would they be arguing? Do they want to split hairs? “Yes... that is true BUT!” Believe what you like and interpret it as you choose. I'm done here (grin)

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Anonymous said...

If anything deserves to be capitalized, it is God. The Cambridge edition of the Corpus Hermeticum, a monotheistic tract if there ever was one, spells God with a little g. What the Fuck, Les? Les should be capitalized but god should not?

Mick Hoss said...

Brilliant brilliant and effluvient. The Wonder Bread/Blood Pudding image made me laugh out loud. Many thanks.

Visible said...

Never start a totally subjective argument with an obvious and observable untruth. Where do you see the word "Les" capitalized here? In fact, where do you ever even see it used here? Finally... do you think god gives a damn about that whatsoever? I can assure you he/she does not and that is the only opinion I am concerned with. Sometimes that word is capitalized and sometimes it is not, the same applies to ineffable and divine. Let's leave it at this, if god has a problem with the missing capitalization, he/she will let me know. Failing that, this is probably the least important feature of the posting and made doubly ironic by the actual content of this specific post. This is the kind of thing that creates enduring enmity against me from unknown subjects out there who go into intense animosity for me over nothing at all. Most all of those that presently exist came out of something like this and the unfortunate manner in which I handled it because... well, because, nothing is ever enough anyway.

I'll keep it in mind thought if I ever wind up writing one of these in England.

Anonymous said...

Beatifule post! I thing this not is dirty force in my person. You see I'm is only one and I have power to fighting about freedoms you watch move Kingsman the secret service? I thing this happen real in my life I want be this corruption guverment finish in this same way. Truth go out and no body can stop this. You know this after yours dirty force in my perso I must looking for food in rubish for me and my family and never give up. I finish what I start questions is that do you see go road or you want working in this lie world? This world can by better I believe in this and I eat mak this to my doughter be she see better world is yours choice! My way is only one truth is truth and no exist money be close my mounts. This way say me heart no head because you can make psychic force on heat only heart stay this same. I say you Got exist whe be He don't exist I be don't exist. Think about good and bad

Eudoxia said...

There are five different levels of capitalization used in names of "persons"

human-being: john doe

natural-person: John Doe

quasi natural/artificial-person: John DOE

corporation/artificial-person: JOHN DOE

Nom de Guerre: DOE, JOHN

Here is a summary of the rights and freedoms of the above "persons":

The human-being has all the unalienable rights and freedoms as provided by God.

The natural-person has the rights and freedoms as provided by man with the Magna Charta and Canadian Bill of Rights.

The quasi natural/artificial-person has lost some rights, but not all rights. At this time it is not evident how to quantify which rights have been lost.

The corporation/artificial-person has limited rights and freedoms as provided by the creator of the Corporation.

The Nom de Guerre (name of war) has no rights and freedoms and is a complete slave to the Admiral.

I think god with a little g is more apt for a divine being than any of the capitalized versions available above, for obvious reasons. I think viz would be more apt as well.

Visible said...

You need to get better translation software and this is why I have not published most of your many, many comments. Well, not really. It is also because of the amount of accusations and references to me being some kind of a powerful force at a distance that impacts on your life in ways that I am certain is not me. It took me awhile to figure out that you are using some rudimentary translation software. For awhile I thought is was a joke with someone trying to mess with my head and that is not uncommon, here and in emails where I also run across you. If I do not answer it is because I do not understand what is being said well enough to reply.

Anonymous said...

HI Visible,

thank you for another wonderful and timely post. Yes, I, too, hope we can meet again some day soon. Until then, all the best.

much love


Ray B. said...

Vis, nice Column. Deep truths. Thanks.

Vis: "The rishis ... are still around in their hidden mist kingdoms..."

I 'ran into' versions of those at spots in the United Kingdom. Not usually human. You get a sense of something 'being there', if you are in a hyper-aware mode. If you take the time and energy, you can 'drill down' and find out what is truly-there. Sometimes, what seems to be 'small areas' open up into gateways.

I was in India/Nepal long before I got really 'sensitive' to other realms. It would be interesting to return, go walk-about, and see what is 'there'...


Vis: "There are also human rescue missions and there are angels and other agents of the ineffable, employed at this profession non stop through all of the Day of Brahma."

This is right-on. There are all kinds of 'rescue missions' going on out-there and even on earth-plane. Some are in-defense of awakening humans. Some are to form a 'bridge' to higher domains for 'repair' of somebody - or even when somebody is passing, if they are sufficiently-unburdened. Even rescue of 'stranded' ghosts. Much is going-on in woo-woo land...

This is not only for humans. Other good-guy entities have also been 'shot up' in the clearing-out from high-to-low. Now that we are working-together, I have 'seen' folks of one species helping-out other species. Common good. Very cool.


On "...communion with the divine, or agents of the divine...", I second Vis' experience. Growing up, I had no sense of voices or presences. Army brat, engineering, and some military years. Pretty 'stuffed' emotionally...

It was only after much self-discovery and self-cleaning that I became viscerally-aware of other unseen presences (mine or others). It was like a 'fog' being slowly cleared away. Like Vis' experience, for me, it took a sustained drive of seeking every-which-way in order to achieve 'communication'. At first, it was very sporadic. Slowly, it became more regular. Perhaps, it was like the old saying of when you reach up, the divine reaches down.

Personally, I have tried to emphasize the 'direct line' (through Higher Self) rather than depend only on unseen friends. That said, they have been invaluable as friends and allies, and I am proud to 'know' them. Good teachers, too.

Advice to seekers: It helped to be around others who had already 'been there'. In fact, it was harder to 'shift' into viewing the 'other realms' when in a room of those who 'knew' the otherside was non-existent. Everyone is 'broadcasting': dampening-fields as well as opening-fields...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

You are in fine fettle this evening, LV. Is it god's will, or is it my will? Is the desire to do something my own, or is it god's? That point could be argued unsuccessfully one way or another for years, but doing so would be like a dog chasing its own tail (interesting that "dog" is "god" spelled backwards) - what would be the point.

The hidden fine print on the contract of life is pretty amazing. We are capable of enormous feats of magic (for lack of a better word), we can all get anything we want on this plane. As Visible has stated many times, "You have to want it more than anything else...success is speedy for the energetic." Those two morsels of truth that LV has passed along over the years, are worth their weight in spiritual gold.

"You can achieve anything to which you set your mind." We've all heard that old adage many times, and unlike most "wisdom" that parents and others depart to us as we grow up, that one happens to be true. Of course most of the wisdom passed along is anything but - "What we don't know can't hurt us", for example (oh yeah? - there's fluoride in my tap water but I didn't know it was poison; gee, good thing it can't hurt me; I rest my case) or, "The only thing certain is death and taxes" (that one is a scream for obvious reasons, and not worth dissecting).

Nothing can stand against single-mindedness. Nothing.

I'll pass along a tale at this juncture, instead of flapping my own jaws. It illuminates the point better than I ever could. (This story used to be freely available on the Internet, but was recently scrubbed from it entirely, for reasons which might appear obvious after you read the following tale.)

"Long ago on the island of Bali, there lived a young wrestler. He was unable to beat any of his opponents, despite a strong desire to be the best wrestler he could possibly be. Every time he went to the mat he was easily defeated. Despondent, he went to see the island shaman. He told the shaman of his heart's desire, and of his agony at being unable to attain his goal, and the shaman listened patiently to his entire story. After the young man had finished, the shaman sat silently for a minute or two, and then, he finally told the young man to go home, and to bar the door of his hut, and to hold the image of being the best wrestler he could possibly be, in his mind's eye, and to let no other thoughts compete with it. 'See what you want in your mind's eye, and hold on to it tightly. Think of a force of nature. Do not think of anything else. Do not come out of your hut until you know that you are ready. Do not come out of your hut until you know that what you are seeing is a dream, and not a fantasy. Then...all you have to do is be the dream.'

"So the young man went home and did as he was told. He held on to a precise image, in his mind's eye, with single-minded determination. And after several weeks had passed, he finally emerged from his hut and went back to the wrestling mat. And he never lost another match. His opponents always quit in the middle of each bout, from that point on, because it felt like they were suffocating - it felt like they were drowning. Because you see, the young man had dreamed, while he was locked away in his hut, that he was the ocean..."

This story is passed along from generation to generation on the island of Bali. It isn't a fictional story, it actually happened. In much the same way that African tribes pass along their most important historical knowledge, from mouth to mouth, and generation to generation (instead of relying on "history" writers, who write lies), the same holds true in Bali. isn't my advice, it's been passed down. All you have to do is want it badly enough, with single-minded determination, whatever it might be. All you have to do is be the dream.

Visible said...

Goodness, that was immaculately presented and said.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember Visible ever saying anything about relying only on invisible friends. He mentions The Ineffable and The Divine many more times than his invisible friends. They only come up now and then. Why give the impression that he gives that impression? He doesn't. He's never given any indication like that. Magnificent writing lately Vis. Really tuned in.

Flecker's Magick said...

The real question is: Whattaya' really really want?

Bet ya' ain't got no folk tale to address that one!


Anonymous said...

see also Joyce Riley singing "I will survive"...almost as good as Tony Clifton.

but without the heartfelt sincerity of ...the little people hitting each other

in Time Bandits...singing "Me and My Shadow"....and who can forget when

Chance Gardner flips the channel in the back of the Limo with Shirley McClain

to BASKETBALL JONES.. . ."in the spring comes new growth"...dig that funeral scene.

seriously, who wrote the book of Job,
{I mean they didn't even have books in those days...let alone the letter "J".}

now I be wonderin'...why are so many people so heavily invested in stupid ?

and does Talmud Vision need to be JUSTIFIABLY HOMICIDED...ex post haste, even.

dig those green socks



Thomas said...

Really beautiful post, Visible. Only fools wage war with their minds when their hearts agree. Otherwise, mock war can be funny, but only if both parties know about it! But really... Who wants to be right about meaningless intellectual trivialities when the world is so wrong?

No, surrender... that's what it's all about. God knows best, capitalized or not, in whatever name(s) or form(s) one likes best, and that's that. (Oh, how foolish (and painful) it is to think that one is smarter than The Divine...). Is self-control not also surrender, a form of devotion to Wisdom? Hair-splitting, perhaps, but I know at least that it is critically important, especially if one is not relying only on Bhakti.

Thanks, and, be well.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable to read, thank you


Alan, Perth

Anonymous said...

As with most of Visible's posts, all or part directly relates to events on the ground in my world. I too found Yahuah first through the use of psychedelics, although I did not know it at the time. Not until a year and a half ago, did I realize that lsd is based off the chemistry of triptomines and triptomine receptors in the brain. It was at this time that I experienced a detox induced (clearing and aligning of chakras) rudimentary stage enlightenment like experience. The oddest and most divine part was my whole family unit (wife and 3 year old son) went through the exact same experiences at the exact same time; we all were detoxing at the same time. My wife and I previously had a fair amount of well discussed marital issues but very little had changed over 4 years, to the point where we considered a separation; and our son although very smart, precious and loving had a share of tantrum and behavioral issues partly based on our issues (arguing and such).

It was at that moment we found god. All together. It was an amazing experience. For 2 1/2 months we communicated with the divine in our own personal family Eden. It all unraveled when we received a notice of our landlord's intention to sell our house (lived in for 5 years). The wheels fell off the wagon and we were homeless for 6 months (not on the street). My family and I have been struggling to find our divine synergy again. A miscarriage and numerous attempts by others to ruin our lives over next to nothing, has only embolden our determination to find our Eden again, and be with our father (no offense)

I just wanted to mention that I believe my diet and detoxing is the main reason why I was able to so deeply connect.

For anyone who is having trouble connecting to God, specifically physically, I would suggest detox.

Broken cell wall unradiated chlorella followed by cilantro extract (look up online) did wonders
Also burdock root and dandelion root are both really effective detoxers for the kidney and liver

From my experience and education I've found potassium to be an important mineral for your aura energy and central nervous system (God transmitter) potatoes, raisins, prunes, bananas, and most importantly unsulphured black strapp molasses are all high in potassium...a depleted mineral in our food system.

None of these things can overcome a clouded mind or heart, as those are essential.

I only bring up my own experiences as a purpose of demonstration not self absorption.

Much love.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, June 26, 2015 12:41:00 PM :

"I don't remember Visible ever saying anything about relying only on invisible friends. He mentions The Ineffable and The Divine many more times than his invisible friends. They only come up now and then. Why give the impression that he gives that impression? He doesn't. He's never given any indication like that."

If this was a response to my post above ("Personally, I have tried to emphasize the 'direct line' [through Higher Self] rather than depend only on unseen friends."), I never even thought it could be taken that way. I was speaking to my own 'path'. Nothing else. Sorry about any feelings I may have unintentionally brought-up...


Flecker's Magick, June 26, 2015 2:36:00 PM :

"The real question is: Whattaya' really really want?"

Good insight! In the television SF series Babylon 5, two ancient races were vying for control over the newer races. One race would always ask, "Who are you?" A most spiritual question. The other race would always ask, "What do you want?" A most earthy question.

It is interesting that the Bali shaman asked the wrestler, "What do you want?" rather than, "Who are you?"...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous (Friday, June 26, 2015 11:19:00 AM)

'the young man had dreamed, while he was locked away in his hut, that he was the ocean...'

One can dream many things on this plane, one can also dream that they are God, instead of part of God. Such dreams are vast, vast enough for the soul dreaming them to get lost in them and disconnected from source.

This is why it is imperative that one reign in their ego.

"You can achieve anything to which you set your mind."

That is true, so you better be sure what you put your life's energy into or you could create a Frankenstein, which is why St Augustine said 'the road to Hell is paved with good intentions'.

Personally, I am not sure of anything externally, and I am especially not surety for the Cestui Que and Foreign situs trusts!!!

Luv Kazz

Kazz said...

Dear Ray. B,

I liked your observation :o).

My observation was, what kind of a shaman instructs a student how to overcome others when the true challenge is to tame the self?

My answer was, a worldly one, not a spiritual one :o).

It seems your and my discernment is on the same page Watson.

Luv Kazz

Walker said...

Thank You.

Smyrna said...

I just slung a few bob your way for tofu or tropical fruit expenses, Vis. The e-mail program wouldn't let me communicate directly. Cheers

Visible said...

Well thank you! Email problems, yeah it seems as if a lot of communications meant for me don't reach me.

Visible said...

Its not a matter of whether you are anonymously sneering and sarcastic. We can handle that here but lies we do not wish to handle. For instance, if you refer to me as using the word 'ego' as a feature of one polemic or another and the word never even was used and you are also trolling and doing the human equivalent of cawing like a crow, I don't need that. Outright lies aren't allowed. Other words were also used that didn't get used. That isn't necessary. The truth should be enough. Try to up your game here, even if that is not the case in your life.

Anonymous said...

well, thank you. As an "acolyte of nature worship" and a Christian to boot (ref: St. Francis 'Canticle of the Sun')in which I see no dichotomy, I must but wonder if
there is indeed an "endless repeating cycle". How can that be if, as Einstein posited, time itself is an illusion?
But my dear Les, it is mostly conjecture, we only try to see as best we can.
I see evidence of reincarnation. I see what appear to be 'dead' ones return in various relations to me... notably grandchildren. The 'coincidences', the affinities astound me. They promised a return...and maybe they did, some say we are all father, mother, sister, brother, lover, gramps, and granma, etc. to one another in various lives.
Could it be?
DNA is a labyrinth indeed.
love is the best path....
-the beggar, your friend, and friend to all here.

Visible said...

These are words and words are given meaning by perspective. I clearly (I thought it was clearly - grin) mentioned 3 different symbols; the circle, the helix and the spiral, about only ONE OF THEM did I refer to it as an endlessly repeating same old same old with the appearance of endless NEW variations which are never new (see Ecclesiastes). For that matter, see Ecclesiastes in respect of things said here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I noticed the three. That was an interesting and a novel(to me, anyway) observation.
I simply focused on one for my comment, three was a bit much to chew on at one setting, Besides, I was taken at the nature worship thing, as a former wiccan.
Often not understanding why anyone would want to not come back.

Just wondering, just saying there's so much I don't know.
That there are some who claim 'eternal recurrence' is not a surprise. Ouspensky (him again) wrote a short book, 'The strange life of...(name I forget)...great book.
The spiral...indeed, dna and stairways to and from heaven, our feet touch on them from time to time...maybe never leave them...have you heard of the spiral staircase of Loreto? (I think Loreto)...
Of course, just words. "Words are to thought as butterflies are to nets,"
thank you, I will review Ecclesiastes.
- mendicant

Ray B. said...

mendicant, June 28, 2015 1:37:00 PM

I have seen and walked-on the spiral staircase in the Loretto Chapel in Sante Fe, NM. Very cool. Wood craftsmen and structural engineers don't truly understand how it could bear so much weight without a central post. Also interesting was that it was initially-built without any kind of guardrail around the outside. That must have made for a very-careful climb and descent. No doubt, that was why the guardrail was added later...

On the woo-woo side, the Mother Superior (or whatever they called her, then) from that time is still sticking around the Chapel (at least, circa 1990). She has a strong presence in the air close to the second floor. She is doing kind of a 'beneficial presence' thing, voluntarily. She is not a 'trapped ghost'. She is happy.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Vedic parampara..

The rishis did indeed know.
Fortunately, they still do.

"Throughout his lifetime, the jivatma's aggregate desires are stored up in the subtle mind. These desires, along with karmic reaction, create the living entity's next body.
Karma and Reincarnation

Kazz said...

Thank you for the link on Karma and Reincarnation. This is exactly what I have been shown by spirit.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Our most recent radio broadcast is now available.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


And what happens when the only desire left is omniscience, I wonder? Well, I've given up on my desire to grow the tail and the nose hair coat my flat mate promised me. The nose hairs look so much better in 'its' nostrils, anyway. They're awesome. Nice red nose hairs going down to the upper lip.

Oh well. We don't have a spinning wheel or loom anyway, so . . .

Anonymous said...

My karma ran over my dogma
My karma ran over the sea
My karma ran over my dogma
Oh bring back my karma to me

Karma = Heaven/Hell Scam

It's as plain as the nose on one's face.

No matter how much one might fervently wish it weren't so.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Haha! Omniscience is a long row to hoe,
Om or no Om..
break time



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