Saturday, March 19, 2016

By the Pools and Fountains, Rivers and Streams, Seas and Oceans of Discovery.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I would like to share with the reader some of my favorite works over the years I've been here. This particular collection has many of them and comes by way of Steven from Strange Cat Productions. I've seen a number of lists in my time and have an exhaustive library of such works but this is one of the better collectives; obviously put together by someone who knows the subject matter. I have amassed a metaphysical and occult library that would have been unthinkable before the internet. True, the works are for the most part PDF but at least I have them. It's not going to be anywhere near what is available in The Vatican Library but they aren't going to let me anywhere near that.

These are, unfortunately, 'interesting times'. The more I study them and the more I see, the more I have no idea what might come into play. I am left with what has been resounding in my head since I was living in Italy; “rely on me, rely on me.” I feel fairly certain that there is going to be trouble around the world this summer and the way much of preceding events indicates and the slow surge of all those things we thought would hit the fan some while earlier, I feel certain also that 2017 is when we are really going to see a whole lotta shaking going on.

I cannot stress the need for preparation enough and I don't mean along the lines of preppers and Doomsday Paranoia Junkies. I am talking about internal preparation because that is the only way I know of to get any kind of effective intuitive input; meaning that if you can't hear it, how will you know what is being said? We are all being spoken to more often than we imagine but we are not hearing much of it. The material world generates its own noise and there is a reason why the most priceless internal pipeline is called 'the still silent voice'. There is a contradiction there though. If it is still and silent then how can you hear it? I'm guessing this term came from First Kings in that part having to do with Elijah when he was in the cave; unless that is all metaphorical. I don't have a lot of use for The Old Testament. It is mostly a work of Gematria and it was stolen by a particular people from the histories of other people.

Then there is a Tribe member named Ehrman who says that most of the New Testament is a forgery. Of course, he is a Tribe member or at least it seems that way. Here is an interesting article by someone who doesn't like Tribe History or the characters in it. Here is another take on the matter. At this stage of the game, what can we know? Without revelation or a clear channel, intuitive link, we are not going to know much of anything, given that we often know very little even about the moment we are in.

There are some very well researched and scholarly articles on the Old Testament. However, as I said, a lot of the Old Testament is a work of Gematria and this is easily proven by anyone with an understanding of the interplay between letters and numbers. Although in present time, these associations have been made to seem as if the Hebrew alphabet is the key, it is my impression and what my research has shown me that this system was appropriated from The Chaldean alphabet, which was the original flame alphabet; given that yods are flames and every letter is built out of an arrangement of Yods. I suspect all kinds of things but I know very little. I am aware of what there is of a historical record and how it reflects badly on the psychopathy of a certain group of perennial miscreants.

One of my suspicions is that the material world is a reflection of the yuga it appears in. Since yugas can all be defined by the percentages of light and darkness present in them, it seems logical that certain types would be more successful and prosperous in one yuga than in others. Such is the case with the present Kali Yuga. The very worst of us are having the most success. It comes with the territory. Limited minds wail and gnash their teeth at the seeming unfairness of it all but the truth is that every dog has its day.

Because we can (the vast majority of us) only see one side of the helix at a time, we have a limited view of cosmic consequence and very often find that Justice is a truly fickle bitch and the least of her limitations being that she is blind, given that she very often appears perverse and worse. Had we a wider range of vision we would see more comprehensively and effectively. This can be accomplished the more we come to know ourselves because we are a microcosm and that implies a macrocosm. It is a useful employment of logic and reason to always extend our thinking to the reach of what our minds are capable of because everything being interdependent, there are all sorts of links we discover if we will only look.

The truth is that most people don't care about uncovering these relationships between all sorts of seemingly unrelated objects and subjects and sundry. Most of us are far more interested in consuming things, being consumed by them and accomplishing all manner of sexual unions, as expressions of another union that cannot be accomplished in that manner, unless you are one of a small handful who have been able to learn the intricate techniques necessary to pulling it off and when I say a small handful, I mean a very small handful. This is especially so because you cannot learn these things on your own. You have to meet someone who knows these things and they have to be inclined to teach you and that is a most uncommon result.

Despite being in an age which 'seems' to contain more darkness than light and in which ignorance seems to be the more powerful general consciousness, the light hasn't gone anywhere and wisdom can be found despite the paucity of luminous intelligence in one's associates near and far. The only difference in any practical sense between times of greater light and greater darkness is the degree of seeming and the force of appearances. The light is limitless and that means it is not constrained by time or circumstance, only by our perception of it. As has often been said here, however much the darkness might extend or proliferate, the light concentrates in particular locations and that can certainly be said about the human heart and mind, depending on who is in possession of it; accent on the word, 'possession'.

We have much discussion here about seeming evil and ...potential and hoped for good, as well as resident good, which is harder to see on the information highways than it can be in real life; supposing one is living in real life. The reader should not suppose that we have some great emotional association with various polarities of like and dislike. We are a recording agent, commentator and observer. We are not engaged in acrimonious warfare or oppositions. We know it is all under control. The only way we might be compromised into taking sides, or riding off to the battlefield, would be if we did not know it was all under control and felt compelled to attempt to bring it under control, which would be not only stupid and quixotic but possibly suicidal. Nothing and no one has any power that is not borrowed and the parameters of every level of power and influence can change at any time and will certainly change at some time. The point of ageless wisdom is the possession of it. Being as it is ageless and therefore timeless, it is always around and always accessible, should one have knowledge of the particular pools; fountains, streams and brooks, seas and oceans where it awaits discovery or simply flows right past one undiscovered.

As has been said by some few in many climes and times; the most valuable and priceless of things is cast aside in the streets as something worthless. Not all of us are so engaged but most of us are and it is not the ongoing business of those of us who do value it, to harangue or pester those who have found no use for it and place rather the same valuation upon themselves, without realizing they have done so and given the present day force of vanity, seems to be contradictory and untrue ...but it is where we place the value that counts and this is also the force that animates that value where otherwise it might lie sleeping until the end of time and sometimes does.

In order for one to comment upon the extraordinary, one cannot avoid the ordinary; contrast alone demands that of us and sometimes the ordinary is extraordinary but due to mis-identification, or an overly developed sense of the familiar, which in essence is not familiar, we wind up reading what is not there and completely bypass what is. Consequently we lose the magic in life and become prisoners of the mundane. Then life becomes a looping boredom in search of death; having then confused liberation with some sort of undesirable end.

Those who come here will find a greater success in grasping what the real intention is by reading between the lines instead of taking things at their surface appearance or identifying, naming and/or labeling the presentations as if they were doing it themselves, which accounts for much of what may seem to be and is, in fact, not. Well... I hope that clears it up (grin).

End Transmission.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is one of your top-ten best. Ought to be required reading.

Brian Crossland said...

Roll on the unveiling .

Anonymous said...

Yes, roll on.

And the unveiling continues -

Bill D. said...

Seems to me what you are saying, or maybe not, is to live in the moment, and those priceless things you may have missed in the past, will be added unto you. Can't see them if you are dwelling in the past, or in the future. Stay focused in the NOW!
Thanks for you being you, Vis.

torus said...

The timbre and timing of your post Les is a positive sync. I'm listening to YES' true magnum opus "Close to the Edge" and recalling sunsets from many moons ago. The setting sun creating an almost sexy and decadent glow upon Toronto's skyline. Lake Ontario, indeed, a "great lake", soothed the eyes and ears as the psychedelics began to warm up. The naivete of youth, the glow of commerce untainted, camaraderie, and tripping to YES. I should complain already!?

"Then according to the man
who showed his outstretched arm to space,
He turned around and pointed
revealing all the human race,
I shook my head and smiled a whisper
knowing all about the place.

On the hill we viewed the
silence of the valley
Called to witness cycles only of the past
And we reach all this with movements
in between the said remark

Close to edge, down by the river.
Down at the end, round by the corner.
Seasons will pass you by
Now that it's all over and done
Called to the seed right to the sun
Now that you find now
that you're whole
Seasons will pass you by...."

Anonymous said...

pierre said,,

clear as mudd, meLord, taking thy middle name in vain, alternatively, cue Taking Heads, stop making sense.

this week reading a Joseph Farrell book, he went into the hyroglyphs (still , cant even spell it)...
they were context sensitive, different from the Hebrew, which were more literal... they were in a sense animated cartoons vs static signs .... a bit like the Talmud, with multiple meanings and requiring much esoteric knowledge to understand or get anything out of them... also came across that the OT was indeed derived from predecessors (Sumerian)

one of his references (the Grid book) and several legit freebie pdfs from the author there. music and maths and geometry, same things.

Anonymous said...

Les -

I think that one word, 'perception' - says a lot. Finding reality is hard to do unless one quite literally unplugs from what is being presented to us in all media. The downside of that is disconnection from things current, but in the scheme of things, part of what is wrong with the present is that it has too much weight. There is the past and the future as well, where we see where we have been and search for where we might go. It seems the present is the act of leaving the old with better knowledge or perception for the new.

Our current present is divided into milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days and the long term is months. Looking into the past, days were the basis, then seasons then a year was a cycle. Only when one looks at the past and future is the present realized for the transient state it is, and thus necessary but not enough to get all worked up about if the past and future are where your mind dwells.

The current psychopathy on parade is nothing new, but the present is so expanded and filled with it that it consumes and constipates the mind. The only way I have ever been able to get past this since the 1970's has been to just switch off the present and let it be. Now switching off for a week means so much more shitshow missed...LOL

The current problem is that switching it back on to take a peek so as not to get disconnected requires hours of sorting the various acts of the shitshow, shunting 90% of it aside to see the 10% that might have a real bearing on the future. The volume of shitshow noise has escalated to nutsville with this election thing, making it untenable.

This has gotten so wearying that the wifey and I are about to leave for a hinterland where we can pursue a less hectic and congested present. One can unplug if your immediate world does not demand your attention to keep from being killed, arrested or otherwise impaled by evils.

My own perception is that this slow motion avalanche of failures, with s helping hand from Mr. Apocalypse, is speeding up somewhat. Like a train wreck, it is hard to pull my eyes away. There are so many good souls out there - what will wake them??

Anonymous said...

weren't the hebrews, originally the middlemen controllers of the trade routes between assyria and egypt. they then became so wealthy it scared the aristocrats, who then convinced them to sub the toll jobs out to the pharoes and kings, soldiers, then go and relax. they became content and went into huge debt, were imprisoned and had their lands seized. the israelites didn't exist before the exxodus did they? they were only one small branch of the hebrews, weren't they? so one can imagine an agenda to fool people here. hebrews the original debt slaves, with kazars using manipulated history to make themselves eternal victims, while at the same time hiding the debt tool, to try and enslave, to become hidden masters. has anyone looked at the recently digitized vatican archives? look at all the north and south american manuscripts which are nearly identical to the egyptian, asian, and middle eastern, ancient manuscripts. the images may be a little different, but they say the same thing. yes that sacred text site is a good one.

torus said...


Post of the month! 5*****

torus said...

"A man conceived a moment's
answers to the dream,
Staying the flowers daily
sensing all the themes,
As a foundation left to
create the spiral aim,
A movement regained and
regarded both the same,
ALL complete in the sight of
seeds of life with you.

Changed only for a sight of
sound the space agreed
Between the picture of time
behind the face of need.
Coming quickly to terms
of all expression laid
Emotion revealed as
the ocean made
All complete in the sight
of seeds of life with you."
Anderson/Squire/Howe, YES, "And You and I"
They were kids when they wrote this.

Visible said...

apropos of an innuendo earlier in the post before this one, someone once asked me, "why do you hate them?" I replied, "hate them? Come with me. I proceeded to put some songs on and while they played I got some books and stacked them on the table. An hour later I said... "Hate them? Not hardly." Sure... my language is direct but one thing I know is the difference... just as this comment implies. End of story. I don't have to defend myself... they will. I've already been told that.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Sir Visible:

You are so eloquent.

I bow to your use of the English language.

You are so right on with the below Writing.

Bless you Visible, you ARE doing God's work.

Praise Jesus Christ.

All these things shall pass.

Peace and love,

Anaughty Mouser

Jesus Fud... I've seen denial before but this is exceptional. In that regard, Soros is a great success, so is Rothschild... war makes great money and lots of people have made fortunes at it. Messed up people don't make billions? Your idea of messed up and my idea are poles apart. It is the money junkies who have fucked this world up in complicity with those too stupid to pat their dog and chew gum at the same time. I'm guessing you haven't listened to Trump much. Well... he'll be at AIPAC shortly... enjoy.

He's a demagogue and by the way... if you have any memory of where the country and stock market have been over the past 20 some years (with a couple of bumps in the road) then turning 300 million into billions is not that hard. He's also gone bankrupt twice and had to be bailed out by bankers. Believe as you like, just don't expect me to. They are ALL nasty pieces of work. I do not respect someone because the business world is tough. I see what they have done with it. I might as well start respecting people who have no moral compass and don't give a shit about humanity but who make a lot of money from their cut throat business policies. It doesn't wash with me.

robert said...

What would a Universal Creator, a watching extraterrestrial or even an independent observer think of this concept of “social justice”?

Anyone growing up in a family has experienced the facts of injustice up close and personal. Even those who should know us and understand us and who, in the past at least, had made a deep commitment to our well-being and our learning to be independent, cooperative members of society, made many inevitable errors in judgment and dealt with us unfairly. Few things sting more than to be misjudged by those who say they love you!

Moving out one scale, we can all recall the injustices which occurred daily in the public fool system, err, the practice prisons, ahem, the totalitarian indoctrination centers. Would any one of us wish to have to return to being judged by harassed lifer bureaucrats with authority? Really?

Would anyone with open eyes, observing the supposedly best legal system in the world, conclude that any human process we have experienced, even when narrowly tasked with sorting INDIVIDUAL fates on a one-by-one, come anywhere near to the ideal of justice or fairness?

The social injustice system has really not anything at all to do with justice in any pure sense in any case, only with social control for the benefit of keeping the herd calm and drugging/placating the irritated and grieving relatives of the victims with the chemical balm of punishment, all the while reinforcing the meme of victim. The latter is certainly convenient to reinforcing larger agendas but does nothing to balance life, to right the imbalanced boat of fair play when it lists from malignant steerage.

Even the Geneva conventions concerning the generally reviled, social madness of war, the single most miasmic destructor of all things good and just, consider collective punishment to be, unequivocally, a war crime.

Grouping individuals by association, by abstract label, easily pulled out of the nether regions to fling upon anyone who stands in the way of power possessing persons, is then just as unjust as any human action can possibly be!

Group-think itself is a crime against nature, against the harmony of creation and deadly to the well-being of any one, any individual sovereign being yearning to be free, any spirit seeking to harmonize themselves to creation, deeply opposed to doing any harm to Life by indulging in judgment without all the facts.

The very concept of “social justice”, has only a very superficial verbal meaning, so far from any grounded reality that it could only have come from a heartless source of mental neurosis, and like all sentimentality in general, has nothing whatsoever to do with the heart’s deep-feeling desire for free expression but only with the mind’s desire for control, maintaining the status quo of egocentrically identified existence, at any cost, in the name of something that sounds good but tastes like Shiite!

Combining two parts evil, anti-life elements, war and injustice, epoxies together the resulting role of “social justice warrior” for which willing pawns gladly sign up, to prove that they matter to the world, despite their deep knowing that clueless ignorance trying to “fix” superficial perceptions only, is the ultimate fool’s game.

Whether the source is cultural marxism, totalitarian wet dreams or merely the idiotic insanity of wanting to grow up to be nothing more than a busybody, lording over one’s fellow human wielding self-appointed authority like a club, backed up the State’s gang of armed priests, there can be no justice in social justice, just an oxymoron for “moroffs”, more off than on, mostly off in the egoic fantasy born of the leftover detritus from broken families, desperately seeking some social bonding by sticking together with other broken hearted, mind-fractured zombies.

Regressives (progessives): The only people who cry about injustice as they're punching you in the face.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Apropos of Nothing, except Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer.

torus said...

@Les Visible 11
If I read you correctly at all, indeed.
Hate? You don't have to defend yourself, at all. My personal experiences with Jewish folk growing up were fortunately all very positive. What a glorious time. The "holocaust" didn't really start to grow wings until the 70's, a number of years post the Eichmann trial of '69 in Jerusalem. Even then, it was by no means a "taboo" or a holy icon. My father's business had a few Jewish suppliers. All independent salesmen who travelled to ply their wares. One fellow, Mr Stein, was a wonderful draft dodger from NYC. He fled to Canada an eventually settled in Toronto. Which was a wonderful and magical city in the 70's. As the multi-cultural experiment stood at the time, it was undeniably magnificent.
The beauty of being the son of immigrants
living in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, left without a sense of nationalism...which was eventually whittled down to "who gives a fuck".
This will be harder to achieve in Germany, which is why they want to destroy it first. The Hungarians obviously having more backbone...or Jews, I'm still uncertain.

Anonymous said...

Aye, Visible... My mistake - one only has to listen to one of your radio shows to hear that there is not much, if any, hate in you - I should just have remembered. I did come to the same conclusion before reading this, but it was a great post! I apologize for the pestering :P


~peacepat said...

Doesn't anyone ever go further back in history than the Hebrews? South Africa is where humans began. Migration maps are online. Everything was modified to fit each branch of culture as humans expanded their territories. Everything has been whitewashed. And yes I'm "white" but have found answers to many genetic things following the history back to DNA roots. There are many authors that have done the research. Love the title of the post! Grew up by a river, now called a Lagoon ~peacepat

torus said...

I meant to say that "it left me without a sense of nationalism." Which I beieve IS the goal in regard to the "experiment" known as 'Canada'. I don't really care.
Canada reinstated the citizenship of an allegedly "AL Qaida" linked terrorist ringleader who was planning to explode bombs in downtown Toronto during the morning rush hour.
After all, as our poodle in chief, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has said, "a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian".
: /

torus said...

Ah Les, sometimes I just want to give you a hug. My innuendo "already" harkens back to a time when everyone seemed way more comfortable within their own skin. One could engage in certain harmless stereotypes without fear of being labelled a racist, a hater. A monstrosity of political correctness has indeed risen from the ashe of WWII, along with non-existent ashes. A typical Canadian has a contrived sense of nationalism at best, but they still will do what they're told.
Yet most do not have a problem with the hyper nationalism of Israel. This is largely due to Christian Zionism.
Canada kept Ernst Zundel in solitary for TWO YEARS for fear of his opinions being psychically transferred to the host population. It's sick, but many a gentile plays his role in this being "normal".
No backbone or independent thought.

Visible said...

Torus... it is just the way of the world right now. It is also changing right in front of us, regardless of motivation otherwise. Sometimes I want to hug everyone who comes here.

torus said...

((Les Visible)) < that's a hug! :)
You remain consistent Les. That consistency sometimes entails the expression of opinions that some might find..."offensive". OH DEAR!

Visible said...

don't I know... you better I do.

Unknown said...

Hey Les, im a good friend of Ulysees Emortil, and on his behalf, I would like to know your email address, cause I need to send you a note he wrote to you from jail in Austria... :) So, please write me your addy here or to
Thanks a lot, have a great week,


Thea from Budapest

Visible said...

He is in jail?

Anonymous said...

That's not a smoking mirrors, untermensch. It's a love in a petri dish.



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