Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Chinese Acrobats in my Alphabet Soup.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My apologies dear reader, for not being around. I have no legitimate excuse except to say that I have been thinking and thinking and thinking; reading the daily litany of lies and thinking I should say something about that fecal smear, or this fecal smear but then thinking I should just keep quiet because I am not a forensic fecalist. I have no papers to that effect, have written no scholarly papers and I don't want to feel like I am repeating myself, or worse, mailing it in and that leaves me thinking about it... all of it.

I find myself in an area of the planet where I used to be a few decades ago and which I left because Reagan became president and the world changed. At least... the world I knew had changed. Maybe it had always been the way it was but I just hadn't noticed and it took the meme of Greed that was the 80's to bring it to my attention. I've tried to be creative over the years but you hit these places where you just have to think about it all because suddenly you are surrounded by meaninglessness and the redundancy of people going through the motions and repeating patterns over and over in some kind of Sisyphean embarrassment. I feel like I should be throwing out life preservers to all the Chinese acrobats in my alphabet soup. I'm sure we all reach a place now and again when we ask ourselves; “what the Hell am I talking about?”

The world I see is a madhouse. Does that mean I am mad because it is what I see? I could see it many ways. It could look sane to me. Would that mean I was sane but... if the world really is a madhouse I would prefer not to be one of the inmates. This is one of the core things I have to think about. Agendas are lumbering on a rampage like drunken elephants through a shopping mall. Some of them are dressed up like those painted boys who were kept in the mansions of some dissolute marquis or manufactured royalty in pre-revolutionary France. Some of them had them in dozens. Today they got them in the hundreds and thousands in Hollywood. Would that be pre-revolutionary Hollywood? Another lumbering elephant is the race wars and then there are the culture wars, the language wars, the immigrant wars, the economic wars. The worst of the wars is the war of lies against the truth and worse than that is the size of the army that serves the military industrial complex of lies. Maybe it isn't such a big deal if you are part of it and it seems real to you but it doesn't seem real to me and therein is the conundrum. It's okay, I guess, if you are skating on non existent ice, as long as you believe the ice is there. If you know there is no ice, then putting on a pair of skates seems ridiculous but... not to the people who believe the ice is there. Do I submit to the general fantasy and agree that there is ice, even when I know that there is not? Do I buy into global warming when it seems to be getting colder? I'm not a scientist in the first place. I am a scientist actually but not that kind of scientist.

There is this particular arrogance where one 'might be' an expert at something and so one assumes one is therefore an expert on everything else and that is just not the case. This leads to drugstore cowboys from Texas being installed as presidents and chipmunk ballerinas that can't dance being promoted as pop stars who can't sing or write their way out of a plastic bag.

There used to be a time when news was news but maybe it has always been just fabricated perspectives on events that happened but didn't happen the way they said they did. They were just more dramatic and somber and serious about it all instead of ludicrous like they are now. It was always bullshit but it looked more authentic. We had Edward R. Murrow instead of Anderson Stupor.

I'm not sure what to do about anything. I'm not sure what to do about myself. I suppose I just go on. I'm trying to say something and taking a most circuitous route. It's like every day now I come up against the same thing and it doesn't matter what direction I am going in or what happens to be on my mind at the time, even if my mind is empty, which it often is, the same thing emerges at some point and that is the ineffable. I can't get around it. How's that song go? “ So high you can't get over it. So low, you can't get under it. So wide you can't get around it.”

More and more it is as if there is no point to anything else. All these projects that I have on the burners are sitting there but the burners aren't on and I don't feel like turning them on. I just feel like sitting here and thinking. So that is what I have been doing. It's the only explanation I have.

The ineffable looms as a circling panorama, surround sound inevitability. It's incomprehensible and indefinable but it's there none the less and I understand now why many among the wise have nothing to say. What can you say? Then again, maybe it's your job to say something. Even if it's inaccurate and forever incomplete, it's what you do. You might be a blind man in a room you can only interpret through touch. It' doesn't matter if the lights are on or off, you only know what you feel. It's those 3 blind men who are all touching a different part of an elephant and insisting that they comprehend the form of it. I don't want to be one of those blind men.

We are all walking in the kingdom of the blind. Most of us are blind and some of us are not, or perhaps we are all blind but in some cases not entirely blind. Some of us are deaf. I've noticed this. I'm sure you have too. Some people, you can tell them something over and over and they can't hear you. Then there are the variants of internal and external blindness and internal and external deafness. It's one thing to not be able to hear features of the world around you and another thing entirely to not be able to hear the voice within and yet another thing to be unable to distinguish between the 'voices' within. There should be only one voice and that voice should be the voice that remains when all the others are stilled.

People argue about the existence of the devil. Some say the devil is a myth. People say all kinds of things. For anything to exist it first has to exist in the mind. If it exists in the mind it eventually will manifest outwardly in some fashion. Then it gets identified on a wider scale and the wider the scale the wider the collective misidentification of it, until the general awareness of it is as something other than what it is. That's how it is with The Devil. Yes, there is no devil. The devil is just the way that the fearful and the wicked see God. All those devils are also angels. Wasn't that the case in the first place and then some of them fell, or were cast out, or...? I am of the opinion that something can exist and not exist at the same time and that certain principles that affirm and deny something can both be true simultaneously. It is possible that what we call reality is only a collective impression of a shared delusion and that none of it is what we believe it to be. This is clearly seen in all those religious fantasies that surround us.

More and more I believe that I need to die but not in the physical sense. That's not in my hands ...simply die to everything around me because there is this adhesive glue that binds together a fiction I have no desire to be a part of any longer. If it isn't about business having to do with the ineffable it's no business of mine. Everything is a kind of distraction and we manufacture these without cease. It's as if distractions are the composition of our existence and that leads to our becoming composted into life after life in pursuit of distractions. This is lunacy but it is ubiquitous so it doesn't appear to be lunacy. I understand why people don't want to see this. It immediately makes you an outsider and you can never fit in again. That's both a very bad thing and a very good thing at the same time because it is defined by the way you look at it. It is what it is and it is what it is not in the same moment and we make it either one or the other or something else that is neither. This may seem to be unnecessarily complex, confusing and even obtuse but it is all I have for you today and probably why I haven't written anything in awhile because I didn't want to write something like this and I have been waiting for it to pass cause it might only be some kind of metaphysical flu.

I'm in a good place ...but it's mostly internalized. There's a chance that I am changing, or transforming in some fundamental way and I either have to wait it out or go through it or whatever the demands of the process might be. Just as the world is changing, due to the new forces being expressed in the new relationships between the planets that influence us, we are ALL being affected and changed in some way. We cannot remain the same until we are entirely ourselves and all of the changes in our existence are directed at that and there is only acquiescence or resistance. Those are our choices. I prefer to acquiesce. This is what I have been doing. I should be around more often now and hopefully the work presented here will be more like it once was only different; new and improved even.

End Transmission.......


wiggins said...

Their EMP's are breaking us down Les; especially people at the forefront of red pilling citizens.

Anonymous said...

you make perfect sense in describing the feel of it and i suspect accurately does it describe as it is for many of us. .... and as for skating on ice..... such an apt description :-)

For myself i'm not minding being "one of those blind men" and daring to involve myself in being as i am or feel i might be while exploring the "elephant", it seems the quickest path. Your words remind me of all the leaves i have raked, composting into piles of life but still they fall where they will almost like that's where they should fall so these days i try to tread lightly across the litter and just be here, it often seems the hardest thing but most worthy of the waiting i'm feeling.

Thank you for your words they resonate deeply as i wait for the rising sun this frosty morning waaaay down south.


Brian Crossland said...

You do what you do Vis.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Maestro,

You give us the finest insights though, so what you think we do as well. I realize with alarm that I am always seeking distractions, to monkey with things so my hands have something to do. The fight against the hobnailed boot upon humanity's neck is always waiting, but there has to be a unique route out of ordinary consciousness that trumps everything else, and I read Origami to that end. I know people completely in love with their families, who work hard for them and are happy. None of the unholy forces weigh upon them that they know of and do not need to. You have said that any kind of life is possible here, parallel to the most abhorrent degradation and systemic abuse. It is true.

My great fear is being memory wiped and returned here forever. Now is that on the minds of many people? Nyet. But those of us seeking initiation have the dream to 'bless and save humanity', even when it is only the most grinding, boring, apparently hopeless effort- apparently. The phone just rang, someone needs the most grinding, tedious assistance, right now, today. How very perfect, typical, inconvenient, and hysterically not funny, at least to me. Damnit, I am asking Vis to keep at it though it must bore him to tears by now, and I get asked to reorganize an ancient lady's incredible junk heap garage. Is this really my pay grade or function on Earth? Comedy.

Come on Visible, just hold up your lamp for your people a little while, sick of it though you be. I'll email you some reading that I find fun.....


Matt CA

Anonymous said...

tymeflyz says-
you are not alone in your observation[s].
i have to think it is part of an over[t] [all ] agenda of the seemingly
incomprehensible display made to be comprehended disjointed parts of a [w]hole
designed to paralyze or create apathy as the reduce cohesion & understanding to divert [re]ACTION.
Any sane [ shitty term] mind would be driven to some action to try to reduce insane actions believed and put into motion by the thinker. But what we are left with is utter
and complete insanity in BIG BOLD CAPITAL SCREAMING letters.
glad your still with us.
THANK YOU for your thoughts. we dont know what we dont know.
I dont know the most the most of all !

Anonymous said...

You aren't the only one feeling this way. I think Matthew 7:20 "Wherefor by their fruits ye shall know them.' is the only way to sift through the 'fecality' of it all. I have quite literally ceased to even read alternative news sites, as they are riddled with the incongruous and the seemingly unbelievable. What would have been considered madness has now gone mainstream - thermonuclear war is being bandied about now, and all that is missing are the "duck and cover" drills from my elementary school days. Elections have become a choice between a red-haired clown and a psychopathic murderer - the union is dead, the contract long broken and the only news I am waiting for is the official death certificate - we need to probate the will and move on to something better for us all.

Trying to swim in this sea of lies is nigh on impossible, and it wearies the soul doing so. I am at a point where it doesn't make sense to fight the prevaricating current, and yet there isn't a truthful stream to be found. So, maybe follow old Charles Darwin - grow some legs and get out? I am currently trying to figure out how to get out, and it seems to be working by limiting myself to a very few places on the internet, removing television and radio news altogether, killing off any music that gets airtime in the sea of lies and many other things.

Tune in, turn on and drop out? Maybe tune out, turn off and drop in is more appropo?

Maybe we all need to find similar fishies here in the stream, those that do not nip and bite our tails and especially those who are cannibals, eating their own young? I am not sure how to find others, but it needs to be done as surely as breathing.

I am glad I am not the only one feeling like a villager watching and waiting for that big, dark thing slouching greasily towards Gomorrah...

Visible said...

psychopathic serial liar Elie the Weasel died today; more on that tomorrow.

torus said...

Greetings dear Les.

It's good that I have an empathic resonance with your writings, along with numerous posters that visit here.
Six months clean from cigs, and three months of no intoxicants of any kind.
A part of me just wants to get wasted in a vain attempt to escape the "groundhog day" I find myself in at times. Complete sobriety is turning that groundhog into a 350 lb slobbering lesbian beast. Complete with tattoos, black "Woody Allen" glasses, and a shitty dye job. The "calm" before the purported storm is tortuous in its tenacity. The supermarket tabloids and glossy mags spew the same shit they did fifteen years before 9/11 as they do fifteen years after. I guess my sensitivity to televised mass murder, so blatant in its audacity, has left me dumbfounded in regard to its victory.
The fuckers won, and so has Alex Jones. Who at least had the "common sense" to exploit collective fears and uncertainty to his advsntage. And there's nothing "hip" anymore in regard to musicians. Peter Gabriel, Sting, each brilliant in their own right are still politically correct, liberal knobs. Even John McLaughlin has indirectly disparaged Nigel Farage through his overt support of the EU. Eine State! Eine Volk! Eine Zentral Bank!Except it's not the Nazis, it's the Communist Internationale that your daddies fought so hard for.

Anonymous said...

"It immediately makes you an outsider"...That is what is called "Coming out from among them and be ye separate" stuff.

You have never so aptly put down precisely what I have been experiencing.

What feels like a separation is our impending joining together with what shall be!

Congratulations to everyone feeling this energy! We are arriving...but it feels like departure for whatever reason.

All the points of light may just be about ready to "connect" and when this happens it permanently disrupts "Their Matrix" rendering it useless! To be replaced with what was intended all along.

Just my personal take on things! Shine on you crazy diamond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The tension before a synaptic burst is what it feels like...when energy needs to bridge but there is a break in the circuit...a burst pushes it to connect a la epileptic fit style! Like a bridge desired so long it just appears as if from nowhere. And then it appears. Energy is what we are feeling as I am sure most of you know and when it "jumps" may we all be on that circuit/road. This is so exciting but it feels like pain. The pain of rebirth. The pause before the shift happens.

Mr. Visible you have no idea how much you are loved!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Visible, and good comments by all.

Perhaps you can incorporate some of this in your post tomorrow....

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

To no longer have a use for this place for your own sake. . .and the only reason you go on is for the sense of obligation you feel toward the others in the self-imposed slavery of the bodhisattva, huh?

Visible said...

I think the essence of the post has been misconstrued. There is actually something else going on.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but I know how you love dogs... (Tissues required)

Will you share with us what is going on? Sometimes, it helps to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Cymantics. You have attuned to the ineffable's vibration. Everything else "sheds" off. You are becoming a new creation! I am proud to be a witness. You become what you love.

David Fiske said...

I'm with you on this post Vis. We need to be the still point in the midst of chaos. Often I wake up and just lie there like a blank, like Silence, no desire to do anything but lie there. Eternity on my eye lids. The world often seems like a mad house. Or rather the news we get indicates that. I was thinking today "Stop the world I want to get off". I don't know what lessons are for me here now. Tai Chi has taught me endurance and discipline. Hanging on seems like endurance to me. I could happily leave it all behind. It is a lovely thought in fact. I think of my own death a lot, rapturously too.

Fortunately I have my organic garden where I weed on my 77 year old knees. I call it 'praying'. For reward I currently enjoy eating fresh raw peas etc. I meditate several times a day. The Other seems so close now. One small step... one day, just round the bend in my stream perhaps


Anonymous said...

To acquiese... The most beautiful word in the language of man. Not submission like a forced beast but to... Acquiesce! Pure spiritual poetry.
Graceful speech.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I am going to respond energetically. In the past, I could feel your spirit coming through the posting. It 'broadcast', in a way of speaking. In this posting, it feels like you are hanging-back energetically. It almost feels like you are slightly behind and above your body, possibly due to all the inner 'goings-on'. It is pretty apparent...

When I am in a situation like you describe - and particularly when I know of no way out (logically) of the situation - I just hold the mantra/prayer of "Highest Good" or "Highest and Best" in my mind. Sooner or later, something 'shifts'. I may know what it is, or I may not. But, I feel different and so I act different. Something is resolved at a deep level...

It has felt like something has been 'gnawing' at you since the Hawaiian days. Perhaps, it is working its way to the surface for resolvement. In any case, know that there are many with good intent for you...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back Les.

Of those with whom I associate face to face, there is only one who is willing to at least entertain what's going on in today's world. For everyone else, life is good, except that they are concerned about the outcome of Brexit of all things. And so I too feel that I'm in a madhouse. I used to be a prepper, but no more. Surviving a collapse will require community more than anything else, and apparently it does not exist where I live. And so I count very much on sites like yours to find sanity. It doesn't matter if many posts are similar. To know they are written by a human who is aware is what matters most.


Anonymous said...

Lilies of the field toil not... Neither do they spin. And yet...etc. your becoming is most becoming!
Not many get this. Nothing else matters and it is good. Emptying yourself of yourself leaves only room for...

Ray Hilchey said...

Dearest Les
Thanks for coming back. I missed you, totally selfish of course. I need you to distract myself from my distractions. I am not certain I believe in your Mr Apocalypse, neither do I disbelieve. As you once wrote "they have been making bets about me for several thousand years". But I hope.
Ray H

Anonymous said...

pierre said... al fine by me (and where is Katz btw?)

there is a moment in time with the Oroborus where the tail end of the head meats (sic) the head end of the tail, thought enough for pause. (or do I have it backwards?)

Tim Rifat on Rense was absent around the Brexit event (no coincidence). the eternal boot in our faces had come kicking in his door and dragged him off to the looney bin not kicking and screaming, which was his point, he got out scott free acting coolly, instead of sanely kicking and screaming under the circumstances. In this looney world they have created normal is not and verse visa.

yesterday in the Australian elections I voted #1 Rothschild Banksters (using some creative accounting) and it now looks like a hung parliament... how cool is that in a thought born universe? ... regards
- bought thorn Lion...
off for awakened siesta now to lie down and stop these eyelids from always blinking even when shut . (fight or flight thing), takes 30 mins. thence afternoon studies re the Beasts of Britain (WhereWolves of Lon-done, costarring Vati-Can-Not, I hope)

Ray B. said...

Maybe, this is why you're feeling the world is 'unreal':

Australian National University: Experiment suggests that reality doesn't exist until it is measured.

"The atoms did not travel from A to B. It was only when they were measured at the end of the journey that their wave-like or particle-like behavior was brought into existence," said Truscott. "It proves that measurement is everything. At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it.”
The first time ever that Wheeler's delayed-choice experiment has been conducted using a single atom, the quantum weirdness represented by this experiment much more closely approaches the macro world in which humans perceive reality, which adds to the significance of the findings.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Deceptively brilliant piece.

Maybe it's just the absence making the heart grow fonder?

Understated, on a low note, pessimistic even; but always the great faith, and the wonderfully visible way with words.

Years ago you wrote about these sorts of lulling times, by employing the metaphor of getting caught in some sort doldrums. This time reminded me of that time; which then suggested a cyclical slowing of sort. But, anyway, rest assured it'll all come rushing in on us soon enough.

Thanks again for being out there.

With a half-glass full,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,
Good concepts, good sharing, good writing.
Changes are coming.

"Make yourself a stranger to the world's activities."
-Benedict of Nursia c.530 AD

@ Ray B... Of course the atoms could not travel from A to B. distance is an illusion.
Brilliant scientists, but measurement is not everything - perception is.

Esse est Percipi (to be is to be perceived) c. 1740 AD


Anonymous said...

The essence of quantum physics : Horses talk but not when people are around. Let's wank about that now.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

“In Treta Yuga Lord Ramachandra came here during His exile with Sita devi and Lakshmana. At that time Lord Rama revealed to Sita Thakurani about His appearance as Gauranga. When I appear here again in the Kali Yuga I will take sannyasa, thus making my mother and my wife cry in separation.” Sita said: “If you know you are going to take sannyasa then why will you marry? Why will you be so cruel to your wife?” No one was prepared for what Lord Ramachandra responded:” By their own efforts my devotees attain me, but it is by my special mercy that they temporarily or apparently loose me. Even higher than service in union with me, is service in separation from me. Therefore to give them the highest pleasures I make my devotees cry for me”

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, how's this? In the midst of Maya with your 'They Live' glasses?

Anonymous said...

Dear les,
really glad to see you back, and thank you for your so true words. A few months back i could have sworn you believed in the devil, and that was my only objection to what you wrote. I am infinetly relieved to hear from you that not only is there no devil, but that this is only god trying to comunicate that we usually call the devil. May you be blessed on your way to give us a better paradigm in the rotten materialist world we are surrounded by at the moment. ( it is not the world that is rotten, our materialism is making it so.)

Visible said...

Roddy Piper; one of the great dramatic actors of our time (grin). John Carpenter was going to do a remake and someone from somewhere killed it.

missingarib said...

Vis, I believe Mr Harrison can say it better than I ,so allow me to express how I feel about your post with his lyrics-
The times we are in have been foretold by many A seer and the best we can do is as the Buddha says "endurance of the uncreated " with that said Mr Harrison:

"Watch out now, take care
Beware of falling swingers
Dropping all around you
The pain that often mingles
In your fingertips
Beware of darkness

Watch out now, take care
Beware of the thoughts that linger
Winding up inside your head
The hopelessness around you
In the dead of night

Beware of sadness
It can hit you
It can hurt you
Make you sore and what is more
That is not what you are here for

Watch out now, take care
Beware of soft shoe shufflers
Dancing down the sidewalks
As each unconscious sufferer
Wanders aimlessly
Beware of maya

Watch out now, take care
Beware of greedy leaders
They take you where you should not go
While weeping atlas cedars
They just want to grow, grow and grow
Beware of darkness (beware of darkness)"

still crazy after all these years
live long

Unknown said...

Les, you have a talent not unlike someone like Picasso.

After seeing is ability of Picasso to paint "normally", I used to resent him for painting the abstract. Then, as I matured (spiritually) I felt how the those abstract painting conveyed subtle emotion (energy) that is underneath the more straight forward camera-like paintings. Missed by the Left Brain's domination with pattern recognition.

While your writings do offer Left Brain applications, they also offer the subtle, Right Brain, energies of the abstract. You almost have to not read what you write to get what you write. Perhaps this is why I prefer the spoken word as opposed to the written word?

I use my Mac to "read" your written works as I listen. Sometimes my mind drifts and I "lose my place" in the oration, and have to re-listen. But that lateral drift is very important and I no longer chastise myself for drifting. It is the subtle information contained in the wordless abstract at work.

You have helped me greatly and timely with this latest work. I feel in limbo. A seemingly jumble of talents and experiences in a jumbo abstract of Piccassoian bouillabaisse. But I have been "trying" to "figure it out" (Left Brain) which, like for a Picasso, is frustrating. Your article spoke to be in such a way to give enuf to my Left Brain to understand and allow me to "Let Go and God"; which is a Left Brain phrase to trigger a handover and allow the Right Brain to work in peace without being badgered by the Left Brain's demands for action/results.

Ray B. said...

beggar, July 03, 2016 2:10:00 PM :

I suspect that the physicists in the above article know about the 'identity' between measurement and perception. Everyone from Bohr onwards grokked (hi, LtPtB!) that you have to perceive (consciousness/observer) to measure. To get published in peer-reviewed journals, they have to use 'measurement'. The less-asleep physicists will get the message...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

The Saker speaks his mind:

WRFB: “Who stands Behind Israel? Why do you think Israel was formed? Are there hidden undercurrents that need considering?”

Saker: “LOL, one could write several PhD theses on these questions. What I can say is that I believe that both the USA and Israel are just means to an end; that those who run the Empire don’t really care about either country or its people. At the top of the Pyramid, you have big money; and above that, spiritually, Satan. You can call that the power of 'Mammon' if you want. And its purpose has always been the same – to get at the Creator by destroying His creatures: humanity.

I know that this may sound weird, but these are the conclusions my entire life has led me to. Cheers, The Saker”

(The Saker is a devout Russian Orthodox Christian, in addition to being an analyst...)

Visible said...

Today's radio show. Unfortunately we still do not have a webplayer at work so you have to download it-

Sunday July 3rd Radio Broadcast.

torus said...

What do you think, three to five years before Spielberg et al commit Wiesel to film? Christoph Waltz as main character?
They'll milk this for all it's worth and canonized him in the process.

Visible said...

One would imagine, however, in five years the world will be so changed that it may no longer be possible to traffic in these lies.

torus said...

That's your 'reverse' Leonine optimism at work. grin. Not that I rule out such dramatic changes, particularly in the realm of nature.

Anonymous said...

The way they seem to constantly revise even made-up history, Hollywood would probably cast a mulatto as Wiesel...and his partner would be gay, and his sister would be a single working mom who suffered horrid abuse at the hands of the ubiquitous Evil White Man (Jews excluded, of course).

Anonymous said...

@ Ray B, love. You're right, it's obvious of course. Quantum physics, gotta love it. The purpose of science is to find God.

@ anonymous 7/3, 03:08 AM, I have sometimes found a bit of etymology most efficacious.

It is a beautiful word indeed.


Alan Jong said...

I've been keeping up intensity of revelations, about the Avatar, one of them is Michael Jackson in human form, how He transcends as a deity is yet to bee seen, but here you can see that the August 29th 1925 issue of the Saturday Evening Post a date consistent with Michael's birthday 28 years later. What is particular about the image is the background which in some strange way predicts the events of 911(cue burning love by Elvis or Mr. Lucy Jackson in Viva Las Vegas "Lord Almighty Feel My temperature rising"), further on is the final key in which Michael appears in the Sun on the fourth anniversary of his passing. He was the one that created those clouds which I took a picture of back in 2011, and which form almost a complete ring depending on how large or small the image is shrunk in a screen it can also look like a face. Ironically it merges almost seamlessly with the smoke of the second tower collapsing. It's all coming full circle here in this downloadable talisman, and I've ornamented various text with it.

Visible said...

Hmmm... can"t understand why none of that occurred to me.

torus said...

All quite possible. Although hasty assertions regarding the future and the nature of reality can be deleterious, my crystal ball see's a "Elie mutha-fu**in' Wiesel" in Sam Jackson's future, with Tarantino at the helm. This will be done post canonization of Wiesel of course, with all due etiquette as typified by American "art".
The louder Paul Craig Roberts, Alex Jones, the "Saker" et al bleat about a forthcoming "war" with Russia, and the more articulate David Dees memes become; the more insanity, white-bashing, Zio-supremacism, and 9/11 ignorance will be allowed to proliferate.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel round the Burning Mullberry Bush.

Anonymous said...

DisCon at 12:25,

uhhh....Michael Jackson was born in 1958, not 1953.


Visible said...

Not just that but he has come in looking for trouble. I just had to bounce him from Mirrors where the ad hominem and sundry were looking to take a shit in the comment section. You won't be seeing him again.

torus said...

Nigel Farage has resigned.

Visible said...

Sorry Buddy, you're from the dark side and it's a no go.

Alan Jong said...

What difference doe dark or light mean to God, it's you're thoughts that blind you or bind you.
I'm an occult practitioner of the highest order, and my practice is commensurate with my power to do so. I do not work for Money, and to cause another injury is only within the degree that I play a defensive strategy in my use of occult powers, and it matters not if your name is, Les Visible, Disney, Google, or Twitter, or Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Wikileaks, United States of America, Russia, European Union, China or Israel any attempt to injure my well being on the part of any individual or entity be it a Nation, corporation, university, lobby group, association, or group council will lead to its destruction and shall be costly not to me but the entity itself which dares to challenge a sovereign power. It's no accident I should declare my sovereignty on this holiday of holidays known as independence day. Just remember that, and don't call be buddy you'll be kneeling before Me some day.

Visible said...

I posted that last delusional comment to show why you won't be seeing this megalomaniac around anymore; I'm not sure what "don't call be Buddy" means but the kneeling implication makes me smile. Someone doesn't understand hierarchical infrastructure, which I think leaves the individual kneeling by force at some point, rather than by natural inclination.

torus said...

Although astrologer Rob Breszny has an almost overbearing, if not misguided, "optimism". i.e - there's issues Les Visible discusses frequently that Breszny wouldn't touch with a pole 9ft 11 ins long. However,I find his horoscopes intelligent and entertaining.

For Leo, the week of July 7.

"You can only go halfway into the darkest forest," says a Chinese proverb. "Then you are coming out the other side." You will soon reach that midpoint, Leo. You may not recognize how far you have already come, so it's a good thing I'm here to give you a heads-up. Keep the faith! Now here's another clue: As you have wandered through the dark forest, you've been learning practical lessons that will come in handy during the phase of your journey that will begin after your birthday.

Anonymous said...

I'm a skinny Elvis again.

Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

He said "don't call me Buddy" because you called him that on your post above his.

He's that creepy Alan Jong dude that used to frequent your blogs.

Visible said...

I don't think that's Alan. We've been on good terms now for some time. He just let me know (whoever this is) that if I drop dead he won't be surprised, implying that he has that kind of power. Well I, verifiably, have invisible friends so... we'll see. The flat earthers are showing up 2-3 times a day also. There's an agenda on but I don't pay much attention except to deny them a forum.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's Alan, all right. Clicking on his moniker will take you to his profile which links to his blogs. His name is all over those blogs. The top one even links to his Facebook page.

Visible said...


Well... He does flip out from time to time and this must be one of those times (grin).

Anonymous said...

He's probably lonely and just needs some attention and a hug. He probably means well, however misguided and delusional.

But those flat-earthers can be quite persistent. I just wish one of them would explain why it's so important for us to believe them. As proof we have all been fed a bunch of lies for so long? Duh, we already know that!

Anonymous said...

Hey,did somebody mention Tarantino? Wow, he sold out harder and faster than seemed humanly possible. Jango Unchained, the most incendiary thing ever filmed, goes perfectly with Travon Martin (shot by Zimmerman, who is only described as white...) Ferguson, where local black leaders blogged that thugs were brought in from out of town, and is it me or do the current social engineers have to be scratching their heads that total race war has failed to ignite?

And of course Inglorious Basterds needs no comment, but I'm hoping somebody will. Also, nothing like that super sexy heroin shoot up scene by Travolta in Pulp Fiction. I actually watched that with a couple users who started twitching. Later Pat Tillman took a three round burst from point blank range somewhere near the poppy fields...

Is it a coincidence that Tarantino went from a handsome young man to a froglike whatever after his colors truly showed? I wonder. I think the personal price for being a total sellout is higher than anybody dreams. That said, I have never been faced with any real temptation, no idea what it's like, and I mean none at all.


Matt CA

Scarlett said...

There is definitely something in the air these days. I find myself gravitating to creating things as a means to channel whatever I am feeling. I started painting recently and it really helps to soothe me for some reason. I knitted a sweater. I wrote some poetry. I'm beginning to sew again. And I dyed my hair purple :) I think I'm longing to get closer to the Creator by delving into the creative process as much as possible. I no longer have the patience to watch any television or movies. I skim headlines of news because the details of stories don't matter because they likely aren't true anyway. Rejecting the consumerism seems to be the only thing that keeps me steady. We weren't meant to consume. We were meant to create. Commerce initially was merely a means to share our creations with one another in an equitable way via barter. Everything that we were created to be has become perverted and commercialized and the meaning lost as everything is assigned this arbitrary monetary value. We've lost the meaning of life. We lost it long ago but we're spiraling down quickly now. There was a time when the artists still held on to it and kept it alive. Now, as art is being systemically strangled and subverted, civilization is dying. Maybe that is what we are feeling. As long as the visionaries among us kept the truth alive -- however veiled in artist form it may have been, we still felt alive. I guess we are getting farther away from the creator rather than closer. I do believe that hell is not an actual place, but is rather being separated from our Creator. Maybe that is why the world feels like such a hell today. As long as you, and others like you, still keep that connection alive, there is some hope. At least we are not all lost yet. It seems in history that the pendulum swings back and forth between darkness and enlightenment. I hope we are at the edge of that darkness and will soon be turning towards a new period of enlightenment. Whenever I need encouragement that this is a possibility, I just come to your site and read your posts and the comments of your community here and it is like nourishment to my soul. Thank you, and everyone else who posts here, for the glimpses of light you give in our dark world.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

Tragedy, Farce and the Goddamned Kali Yuga.

Quidam said...

Floyd Smith, AKA Quidam...A solitary figure on a street corner, a nameless passerby. Literally a solitary figure on a street corner. I pass by, people don't notice me, unless I want them to. Erin still has my brain all twisted up. lol

I'm in it to win it.

Quidam said...

I'm talking now and I got something to say.



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