Sunday, August 21, 2016

Something Along the Lines of a Continuing Theme.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I felt a cold wind come into my space after I wrote that last posting. I know how quick information can make its way across the world like digital lightning. I tried to do the right thing and I nearly always get myself into trouble this way. It's that Quixote thing. I deeply feel the troubles of another soul in crisis. I have been in trouble. As I said in the posting, “there but for fortune goes you and I.” I myself have been slandered with no evidence to support it, or where the evidence was presented as something it was not, or completely fabricated. I've been around bad companions and I have misbehaved on purpose for the purpose of demonstration. I have never been in the kind of place Zen Gardner has been in but I can sympathize.

More important than what I just said and more important than what I said earlier... we don't know any specific details about Zen. We know he was engaged with these people but we don't know anything more... yet. For myself, until I do know, I will reserve my opinion and regardless, in the aftermath, I chose compassion above all other things. I am fair amazed that I find myself feeling what I am feeling these days. I always liked Zen Gardner. He said the right things in the right way, or I thought so. In more recent times he seemed to have gone insane and all of us get a touch of that now and again. I still can't figure out why he got behind the Flat Earth nonsense. However, that makes me think there are things going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. I have been getting approached in social situations where I am probed to see if I swing this way or that way. People show up in locations where I wouldn't expect to see this occur and yet it does. It seems to me that there is a concerted effort to seduce anyone and everyone into a state of false identification through some weakness or the fence being down in the surround sound of one's character. Those who seek to destroy us have some powerful weapons and if you are not sufficiently armored, you will be a victim. What is that line in The Bible? “Put on the whole armor of God.”

I try not to judge people for crimes of the flesh. It is going on everywhere these days it seems and they aren't even seen as crimes. Most crimes of this sort are crimes against yourself. It is so hard to be accurate and correct in one's summation of circumstances that they played no part in. We are all so quick to judgment. We forget how weak we are ourselves and how easily we could find ourselves in the same situation... or made to look like we are. Photoshop is the new reality. Oh how easily we are led by our intellects and our egos. Love the ineffable, that is your only salvation in these times. Love the almighty with all the force of your pitiable will. You have no will except for the will conferred on you. If you love the almighty that operates like a bellows. The love of God is a consuming fire. It will take you over entirely and sweep all opposition to it by the wayside. I am living proof that loving the divine will cover and redeem a multitude of errors. If you are still standing afterwards then... what is holding you up? What is holding you up?

I know they are coming after all of us, inasmuch as they are allowed to. My friends, if you have never taken anything away from what I have said on these pages, take this... nothing can touch you unless it is permitted. Everything... EVERYTHING is in the hands of the ineffable. You can only fall if you rely on yourself. 'know you not that you are weak and blind and helpless?'

I do not know what Zen is guilty of and that is my point. Until I do I will reserve my judgment. What that psychopathic Satanist David Berg (Tribe member) did is one thing. What others did is another. I know some wonderful Hare Krishna people and I know some serious nutjobs. Every case is different. Let us wait until we know and let us always go with fear and trembling that we ourselves might be next in line. I have met the almighty and if not, certainly a direct representative (same thing). What I came away with was awe and there was no room for anything else. I can see how people get mislead and identify themselves with the experience they are having. There is this unfortunate feature in the human psyche where some of us choose to believe that we are the thing we are in the company of. That is a serious error of judgment. It is one thing to host the ineffable. It is another thing to believe you are the ineffable. You are not and you never will be but... you can sit in the atmosphere of the light of the ineffable and how bad can that be?

I have never aspired to be anything but a servant. I am comfortable in that role. I like cooking for people and bringing them something to drink or... whatever I can do, that has always been what I enjoyed the most. When people like to make more out of me than is accurate in the relative valuation, I don't like that. I am not comfortable with that and NEVER will be. I have seen great masters as humble as dirt with glowing coronas around their head and... I am supposed to accept that I am on that level? It's not happening. After a fashion it is true that we become like that which we identify with but this is tricky territory.

Life is a condition of levels of deception. We convince ourselves according to certain fallacies of perception and exist in concert with our beliefs in them. It is very much like living in a dream. The dream is not real but we think it is. We dream that we are something we are not. It is some role that we play and the identity is like a suit of clothes. After a time we come to believe that we are the clothes we are wearing rather than the being beneath them. The being beneath is the son of God in whom the spirit of self knowing is awake and aware and that is the indwelling self that is known in its presence by the one hosting it. We are that, regardless of what we think we are. It is the process of thinking that creates the delusions in which we are confined. Delusions and illusions are the same as being in prison. This is why terms like 'liberation' are used to define the state of being awakened out of them. This is why those who arrive at that state experience being free, unlike their fellows who are not and it is the job of the free to liberate their fellows ...and in this world and in this life, there are those who liberate us and those who confine us. It is one of the fine arts of being to be able to tell the difference between these in terms of your associates, companions and the world at large.

It all comes down to what we allow ourselves to be occupied by and this is why our most critical job is to stand guard at the gateway of our mind. What occupies us is determined by the qualities of our desires. That determines the level of consciousness of what resides within us. It is all awareness and levels of awareness. The horned deer in rut is a level. The tantric master in euphoric union is another. There are far more deer in rut than there are tantric masters, the latter being one of the most elusive stations that there are. True Bhakti is a form of tantra that evades the complexities of nuance. The power of focused devotion bypasses all of the intricacies of knowledge necessary to perform at a particular level. Almost no one possesses both the knowledge and acumen required to walk the labyrinth but... you don't need to if you know someone who does. You leave the details to the one who guides you and you just walk the road.

I've been bouncing all around the place here with a destination in mind, whether I get there or not is debatable. There is no reason for me to even be discussing Zen Gardner and there are good reasons to evade the discussion altogether. It is one of the most difficult things to take a position on any person or subject when all the facts are not known. One only exposes their ignorance. I have entered into this fray for a specific purpose; I sense that there is more to the story than we are being told. This alleged friend of Zen's who turned on him as she did causes me to ponder the whole facade. Something else is going on here. There are wheels within wheels turning. Something doesn't smell right. It is beyond the borders of belief that Zen did not know what was going on. It could have been Stockholm Syndrome that kept him there or any number of compelling reasons. I don't pretend to know anything about it. My point is that we need to be watchful about things that come to our attention. What is really going on? This is what I ask myself. I cannot shake the thought that there are forces at work here that are off camera. I am neither pro nor con in any sense about this affair and the realities of The Children of God is a horrific tale of some of the worst abuses going these days.

One of the oddest features of this whole mess is the tight relationship between David Icke and Zen Gardner and the queasy and querulous reaction from the Icke camp about his relationship with Zen. Mr Apocalypse is having a field day of late and it is about to double down exponentially. I really hope the reader will use their objective reasoning to consider the many implications going on here; not the least of which is David Icke's relationship with Jimmy Saville and his claims of being a pedophile exposer. Something is going on behind the woodwork. I don't know what it is but it is.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, one of your best Visible Origami's of late. Thanks.

As I've walked along the path, one of my 'internal changes' has to do with pain. Perhaps because of all the Cleanings I've been on, I will do my best not to add to another being's pain. This includes everything from 'zingers' to exulting in competition (win/lose arrangements) to using negative Chi on another person (verbally or psychically).

Anything that adds to a person's pain load is contributing - knowingly or not - to the dark side. That person drops a little in consciousness due to the added pain-load, and may even in-turn start adding to the pain-production. "Passing it forward" in a negative sense... (And the whole world goes down a smidge.)

(There is much unavoidable pain in the world, physical and emotional. Just coming to a fork in the road and being unable to take both paths [unless you are VERY good] is one. Learning that your current truth is inferior to another truth is another. Being unable to help another [directly] is among them. Those are not what I am talking about...)

As a corollary to the above, the whole world rises a smidge when some being drops his/her/its held-pain (by feeling-it-through, or even Grace). "No man is an island" is both true and has worldwide implications - including on 'collective' consciousness-levels, if you are semi-asleep.

Right now, the baddies are stirring-the-pot for all they're worth. Pain production. Keeps the worldwide consciousness-level below a tripwire amount. (And, I guess this is all-God allowing it to happen. Single finger salute, in addition to love.)

From a certain point-of-view, this is a contest (initiated by all-God, for whatever purpose). Baddies are dumping water into the boat, while goodies are endeavoring to scoop it back overboard. The good news is that the number of bailers is steadily increasing. The bad news is that the bad-guys know this.

Getting around to Zen Gardner: If the above were how the world works (at a certain level), what would you - if you were a baddie - do? It really has nothing to do with Zen Gardner (directly). It has to do with how much pain you can generate. Load-up that boat...

In one sense, this is a test. If you can read about Zen Gardner and not contribute to worldwide pain, you are a goodie (in that moment). If you go into some form of react and start sloshing water into the boat, you are a baddie (in that moment). This includes whether you are sending positive or negative Chi into the ethers.

The key around the Zen Gardner 'incident' is whether the consciousness-boat rises or falls, due to individual and collective actions. We are not just victims, conditioned to send-on pain to another 'separate' being. With growing awareness, we grok (Hi, LtPtB!) that we are all-in-this-together and pop-out of our conditioning.

I would rather be on a rising boat...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. As Vis says, virtually everyone can be compromised. Someone walks up to you and says, "I see your daughter gets off school at 4:30. She is such a bright and loving person. I hope she stays healthy," with a certain look in his/her/its eyes. Can you go into 'warrior' mode and say, "Yep. Me, too," and mean it? "In God We Trust" has a certain poignant urgency at such times...

Saul Mine said...

"Something wicked this way comes". I'm like you Mr. V in that i do not know anything about it.( Zen G.) I always appreciated his website, like you said, often the right posting at just the right time.
Staying non-judgmental is not easy, but knowing it did not involve yourself is reason enough to be thanking God, and leaving the odious duty of judging to Him.
Thank you for your reasoned response to the affair. Compassion is difficult to come by these days, especially as Mr. Apocalypse exposes some of the darkest corners of ourselves.
I unsubscribed from the Garden newsletter as soon as it came to light cause i can't associate myself with molesters. I was molested as a kid, and i would not wish such disgusting behavior on any friend or foe.
OK. I'm done.
Way looking forward to your visiting the Pacific NW. I'd love to meet you .
Thank you

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

This post is the pièce de résistance. What others do is either their burden to bear or their crowning glory. One of the reasons I hate authority so much is because it is a full time effort for one to be mindful of their own thoughts, words, and actions, so how is it possible to do this and judge others? My conclusion is that it is not possible, so if you are judging others there is a very good chance you are blind to your own fallibility. If you are blind to your own fallibility is it not wiser to spend what little precious time one has on the physical plain sorting that shit out rather than raining down on someone else' parade?

I am not suggesting that we allow people to molest children, because that does harm, but it occurs to me it would be much better to try to help such individuals rather then judge them and punish them, especially considering that many child predators were once prey their self. People who pose a danger to the community need to be closely monitored, but to ignore such people and throw them aside, as society has, seems to be more akin to throwing fuel on the fire. Society has turned its back on the socially maladjusted for thousands of years only to see these same people band together in an attempt to exterminate the lot of us. Is this not akin to ignoring the cancer within?

I can't help but feel that the necessity of some to prey on the helplessness of others comes directly as a result of their inability to connect with source. Empowered people don't need to put others down to feel good about their self, only small people denigrate others in order to build their selves up. It occurs to me that this parasitic system was orchestrated for this very purpose. My solution to this dilemma is to get away from this system and mindset of scarcity by fine tuning the system back to its original purpose, which was to serve the well being of humanity. Every human being has an animal consciousness within them that will surface if they are pushed beyond reasonable limits, this makes them human, not evil! It occurs to me that those lost souls that society discarded have created a system that brings us all down to their level so they don't stick out so much. They judge us because we judged them, but if we had of tried to help them instead would we all be in this predicament today? I don't know! What I do know is that even wild animals such as lions have been tamed through love, if they receive love from their infancy, so if it works with wild beasts surely it should work with Man.

Since we are all connected it makes much more sense to me to create a world of plenty, where love flourishes, rather than this world of scarcity where it is every man for his self. I know I can't change the world alone but I do believe a little kindness goes a long way, and if we are going to work on our own fallibility kindness to others seems like a good start, because 'as we do unto others so shall it be done unto us' :o).

Luv Kazz

missingarib said...

Vis, considering a writer ,ZEN, who reflects on decadent conditions in the world, who identifies groups, individuals that murder lie,steal and birth chaotic conditions regardless of what his previous associations have been does not diminish his observations-as the saying goes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I have not nor do I know of anyone that has met you yet I embrace your observations and outlines as to the nature of our troubles and instructive positive reflections on them. You have also been the target of disreputably archers who target you anonymously . I believe Zen for all his past associations has offered up many a post that outs the shady phantoms of the opera we call the 20th/ 21 first hell we find ourselves as players/musicians in. So this tempest in a tea cup is about what ?-we need not judge him ,rather consider what truths he offers and see what positive insight can come of it and go with that.

"Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides:
Who cover faults, at last shame them derides."

Reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit, and lost without deserving.


live long

Visible said...

Thank you brother. Your lyrical articulation blows my mind as always. I have no idea what is going on here. Let us all hold the fort, inasmuch as we can. Thank you once again for being one of the best of us here.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Should I feel a little guilty in using Zen's site to promote the Vedas and Puranas? Naaaaw.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I am discarding some of my 'grains of salt' reading and gaining pleasure in The History of The Christian Church by Philip Schiff, here's some positive...

"Who would not shrink from the attempt to describe the moral character of Jesus or, having attempted it, be not dissatisfied with the result? Who can empty the ocean into a bucket? Who .. can paint the glory of the rising sun with a charcoal? No artist's ideal comes up to the reality in this case, though his ideals may surpass every other reality. The better a man is, the more he feels his need of pardon, and how far he falls short of his own imperfect standard of excellence. But Jesus, with the same nature as ours and tempted as we are, never yielded to temptation, never had cause for regretting any thought, word, or action; he never needed pardon, or conversion, or reform; he never fell out of harmony with his heavenly Father. His whole life was one unbroken act of self-consecration to the glory of God and the eternal welfare of his fellow men. A catalogue of virtues and graces, however complete, would give us but a mechanical view. It is the spotless purity and sinlessness of Jesus as acklowledged by friend and foe; it is the even harmony and symetry of all graces, the love to God and love to man, of dignity and humility of strength and tenderness, or greatness and simplicity, of self control and submission, of active and passive virtue; it is , in one word, the absolute perfection which raises his character high above the reach of all other men and makes it an exception to a universal rule, a moral miracle in history. It is idle to institute comparisons with saints and sages, ancient or modern. Even the infidel Rousseau was forced to exclaim "If Socrates lived and died like a sage, Jesus lived and died like a God". Here is more than the stary heaven above us, and the moral law within us, which filled the soul of Kant with every growing reverence and awe. Here is the holy of holies of humanity, here is the very gate of heaven.
Going so far in admitting the human perfections of Christ - and how can the historian do otherwise? - we are driven a step farther, to the ackowledgement of his amazing claims, which must either be true, or else destroy all foundation of admiration and reverence in which he is universally held [this was written in 1890 though - pierres note] ....
A character so original, so complete, so uniformly consistent, so perfect, so human and yet so high above all human greatness, can neither be a fraud nor a fiction. The poet, as has been said, would in this case be greater than the hero. It would take more than a Jesus to invent a Jesus."
I cannot improve on this...

Visible said...

Wow! I put a long comment together and it vanished just like that; never had that happen before. I'll just do it again. I got time.

I wish I had saved the comment I deleted. I wish I had put it up but whoever you are out there, Mr Anonymous (fake name= no name= same thing).

He says that Zen and I both work for the CIA. He says that the same commenters show up here as at his site and that all of them are fabricated and that I am the one who makes the comments. He says we are the same age and a whole bunch of yadda yadda. If you want to resubmit your comment I will post it. Your comment and the comment by Katz are the only ones I have blipped out of all the comments this past month. Oh yeah... there were a couple of comments by one Floyd Smith that I knew were part of an effort by a poster here to do something that I don't understand or... maybe I do.

I don't make fake comments. Believe what you like. I don't work for the CIA and if I do I am not getting a paycheck. I make just enough to scrape by and were it not for the kindness of strangers I could be on the street. I am no more or less than I make myself out to be. I get high sometimes and I drink sometimes (though you probably couldn't tell) and I have shortcomings and failures as a human being but far less than was once the case.

This fellow says he has been watching me for a long time; whoop de do! I am just some guy who loves god and wants the world to know that. I'm pretty sure that god does. I work all day long most of the time. Today is my birthday and I am 70 years old. I might look like it though I did not until a couple of years ago because I went through some grinding physical experiences. You couldn't tell by how I move and carry myself. God has been very good to me that way. I'm still a kid in many ways. I do not work for any intelligence service and never have. My name has been my name for over 35 years and it says that on my passport and other ID. I am just like what I write like. It would be nice if you would use your name but you won't.

Katz came around with her usual vindictive bullshit; par for the course. I can't please everyone. I'm done trying to do that. I don't let people grandstand here; my apologies about that. I want to keep this place free of unnecessary crap and so I do. It doesn't show up that much but if it does and I don't like it well, this is my house and I'm not letting anyone do what they like.

I got my failings but I am working on them. I prayed today that god would remove my shortcomings and grant me his qualities. That is all I want. People can think what they like about me. I don't work for anyone but God. I get no paychecks from anywhere but some donations and my pitiful social security that comes to around 350 a month. Sometimes I sell some books and songs. I do whatever I do for free because that is what I think is right. All my ads are free and many people have visited me and will tell you that I am just a regular Joe and want to make them feel at home and I like to cook for them and make them laugh, which I am pretty successful at.

If anyone has any evidence that I am something else then please show this. It will come as a big surprise to me. I am no friend of Zen Gardners. For years I have heard a dozen times or more that he plagiarizes me and takes my headlines and whatever. I have never even bothered to check if this is true. I have only said what I did because you should have evidence of wrong doing before you judge someone. That is my ONLY motive here. Zen doesn't like me but I don't care. I would do the same for anyone.

I haven't said what I have just said very well. The last comment that disappeared was better but... never mind. I am a man who loves god and who fucks up now and again for whatever the reason is and I am trying, by the hour to be a better person. There is no big mystery about me except for certain supernatural things. If anyone has any questions for me I will answer them. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous(s),

My personal experience informs me that Visible is who and what he says he is. Your belief or disbelief in the matter is irelevant, as are your efforts to sew doubt and discord among his readers. You really have no choice in the matter. Why not deal with reality instead?


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Now and again someone really is 70 years young!
That would be you, prabhu.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Division of Poetic Discourse for the Almighty God.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Visible,

Much love and many happy returns of the day.


Hereticdrummer said...

Right on Vis. I used to post frequently on some legal chat forums as I am a battle scarred pro se litigant. Anyone who has fought in the Sanhedrins (courts) of the most satanic entity on earth, the American legal industry, will know whereof I speak. The psychotics, trolls, and just plain ignorant assholes on those sites would make Uncle Remus guffaw in disbelieve. Whenever I would insist that a poster who brayed like a jackass in a pepper patch over his/her silver bullet victory, kindly provide us with the documentation so we could verify and learn from it, I was viciously attacked and insulted by a troll brigade. By documentation I mean date, location and name of court, name of presiding judge or panel of judges, and the case docket number. Not once did any of these boastful, lying,charlatans come through with this. Instead, they and their sycophants accused me of being a "government agent", like you are accused of being in the CIA. I would always respond,"I wish the fuck I was. I wouldn't have to bust my ass doing labor for a living." (I don't anymore, lost my last gig over 2 years ago). At any rate, happy birthday and best wishes Vis.

Erik said...

Happy B'day Vis!

And many thanks for the post, a similar message is coming from all sides now, I better start believing It ... ;)

One that says it better than me, like you the genuine article, and another breath of fresh air: Paul Hedderman (look this guy up on Youtube: a 'hoot', that will blow your mind ... ;)

Visible said...

Thank you Heretic Drummer!

Thank you Alistar; I really hope to see you again!

BCii said...

Thank you all more than words can convey. This is a precious day. Visible, you have my utmost gratitude and respect for being what you are and doing what you do the way it comes to you. I'm not much but I know deeply real when I see it. Have a great birthday and may your days be blessed!

Kazz said...

Dear Pierre, (Monday, August 22, 2016 2:20:00 PM)

Thank you for posting that extract by Philip Schiff. I thought it was awesome.

As for his perspective that '...we are driven a step farther, to the ackowledgement of his amazing claims, which must either be true, or else destroy all foundation of admiration and reverence in which he is universally held...' I don't agree with. Christ never wrote the Bible, Man did. I believe wholeheartedly in the Holy Spirit and that Christ truly personified God within man through the consecration of the Holy Spirit, but I also acknowledge that the Roman's, who morphed into the ROMAN Catholic Church, were the one's who put Christ to death at the request of the Tribe of Judah. What has changed today?

Christ's life and ministry are the jewels in the crown for me, because they teach Man how to live in accordance with God's Will. In this way Christ perfectly lights the path home and provides the means for our redemption. My spirit troubles me on certain aspects of the Biblical account, and I listen very carefully to the living spirit, which I believe is the same spirit that guided Jesus. It is my nature to be a doubting Thomas because I know satanist's are running the ROMAN Catholic Church, and it occurs to me that it was men just like these that collated the Bible.

Is it not said that satan's greatest accomplishment in the last thousand years was convincing Man that satan does not exist? This entire world system we are now at the mercy of was built on lies! Satanist's are renowned for the fact that they handle the truth carelessly, so I think it prudent to always let the Holy Spirit within have the last word, because the Holy Spirit is God's living word! God's word morphs with Man and evolves as Man does, whereas the lines within any book are captured and held in frame forever. Since humanity is an evolving organism it only follows that which guides Man will also evolve. The Bible tells us that which is within us is greater than anything in the world, and that I do believe, so if that which is within us is greater than anything outside of us does it not make perfect sense to be guided by that which lies within? The challenge, I believe, is to raise one's energy in accordance with Jesus' advice, and it is in this way one gains access to the higher aspects of Divine energy, allowing greater discernment in regard to all matters. Christ did say 'as you believe so shall it be'.

I believe evil has ruled this plane long enough and that it is high time Man stepped up to the plate to let satan know who is really running this show, GOD :o). The best way I know how to do that is follow Jesus' lead and 'DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU'.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous guy who says he is the same age as Visible and has been watching him for a long time...

Who will wish you a happy birthday, and how many will shower you with birthday greetings when you turn 70?
What have you done to positively impact people's lives?

- Just Wondering

Anonymous said...

A little research about Zen G.makes it clear that this guy is a scumbag. Twenty seven years with Berg's org acting as PR. Come on !

Visible said...

I wonder if it is my fault in not being precise enough, though I know I have gone out of my way to delineate my motives all along. I am not a defender of Zen Gardner. I have been at pains to say that he is not a friend of mine. I have had only one reason for doing what I have done and that is that there are no facts related to specific wrongdoing on his part. I have never suggested that there is none to be found. It simply hasn't been found yet. I recognize the years and the association but I have yet to come across evidence that he directly engaged in any of these offenses. That is all I have been saying. I am very disturbed by a rush to judgment without either a smoking gun or a smoking cock. I am most disturbed by the background telepathic chatter that makes me think some orchestration exists. It is only this that I want to discover the nature of. I have not defended him at all. I am only saying, let us look more closely because I think something is going on behind closed doors. Please read more carefully my actual words and please try to see what my real intention is.

BCii said...

Ray B., I feel your first comment re: stirring up negative emotions and judgments is very on the mark.

I have personally felt an emotional "hit" around the whole affair - as you say, not even connected to Don / Zen himself per se. I did read a number of the articles that have popped up on the subject. I have no idea where this sudden, intense heaviness and pain originally emanates from - likely personal, maybe collective as well - but I couldn't work and finally had to just go and take a walk in the woods. Even huddle down on the damp mossy rock to simply be with the pain that I didn't know what to do with except feel through. Intellectual analysis and spiritual "insights" were a no-go. Eventually I was able to move freely and ended up singing the pain in a sort of cathartic jazz improv.

Perhaps our pain stems from our sense of separation. If that's so, then the antidote seems to be intimacy, immediacy, presence, being-with, meeting, compassion. Judgment, pushing-away, denying, covering-up, drowning-out only perpetuates it. Only once pain has been consumed through our willingness to let it in to "destroy" the blockage that it's there to relieve us of can we find the positive energy within that will enable positive action from a more peaceful, liberated, integrated place.

I am one whose journey has been too much escaping and judging the shadow and not enough truly seeing and forgiving it... with the result being more shadow-driven behavior than I would like to admit. There is a LOT of spiritual bypassing that goes on, a lot of over-intellectualizing and ego-feeding in lieu of doing the work... but that seems to be a phase some of us go through. We'll always awaken from whatever limitations we're under if we just stay humble and open and sincere.

Anonymous said...

pierre said ...
@ Karen . I think he was saying along the lines of what Vis said about greater minds than we have looked into these things and not found them wanting. Of course the devil is in the details, in the fixation on details (the magicians distractions) and losing the main point(s). over and out on this thread...moving right along.

Anonymous said...

Surely, let's get the facts. In the meantime let's also enlist reason: a guy was a high level swimming club instructor for 27 years, but never took a dip?

Visible said...

I don't know and until I do know, I don't know. You could well be right. I won't argue that but until the truth is known, I don't know. I know how heavy the circumstantial evidence is. I just want to err on the right side of the equation.

Visible said...

In the interest of truth however, I just saw his interview with this depraved looking woman and I am not so supportive anymore. I did have to wait and see for myself.

This whole thing makes me queasy so, perhaps the rest of you are right. I am a phrenologist and a body language guy so... you tell me

Anonymous said...


I'm 15 minutes into watching the linked video, and feeling pretty queasy myself. The body language of both, not to mention what they are saying, is really creeping me out.

Probably better not to watch this at bedtime. Think I'll go look at some cat videos now. Heh.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

At the Oracle of Anti-Delphi, in a French Maids Outfit with Feather Duster.

Ray B. said...

BCii / William, thanks for the kind comment. Wow, you are very sensitive. (Meant in a good, empath way.)

It might also mean that you are more 'clued in' than you give yourself credit for (grin). Becoming one with all means, well, becoming one with all. On a higher-consciousness planet, it would mean opening more and more to ecstasy. On this planet, it frequently means opening to yuck-stuff that one has to deal with (in order not to withdraw and shut down again). In a certain way, it is a training ground and a 'muscle building' gym. Bah.

As a somewhatly-related aside, each time one tracks a pain back and feels it through, whatever is beneath that pain can integrate back into our 'whole'. This includes lifetimes that were walled-off by pain (often a painful death). The good news is that many of those lifetimes contained very useful tools or abilities or experience. As they integrate back in, all that they contained becomes available.

(Most held-pain is from this lifetime. But some, when you track it back, 'jumps' into another lifetime - if that was the true source of the pain-track. You will get unusual imagery and a different sense of self. If you can just flow with this and keep feeling, it can lead to some startling/cool places...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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