Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lady Kundalini Dances in the Mirror of the Perpetual Moment.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Last night I was trembling and shaking. It might have been less egregious if I had slept the night prior but I did not. This made the disorientation much greater than it would have been. I was so out of touch that I did not even realize it was a Kundalini experience for some time. Then I started weeping in an out of control fashion. It was like being torn to pieces in every direction and... this would have been catastrophic, if the total loss of sense of self was able to impact on me but it wasn't. I'm used to dissolving into nothing; for there to be no one there afterwards. It might have been awful for someone who expects to find themselves there after all the wrappings are removed. What was disturbing was the force of it.

The episode went on for hours and it was so exhausting that it is difficult to keep my eyes open as I write this. I fell asleep at some point last night and when I woke up this morning I did not remember what had happened the night before. I was drinking a cup of coffee when it all came flooding back. How could I not remember such an excruciating series of events for so long? Nothing like that has ever happened before. This is the third event of its kind in the last couple of months. Not since Italy has there been such an intensity of changes. I don't remember discussing the other episodes. Maybe I did. So many things get written with such frequency around here that it can blur together. Last night was a great deal more powerful than the other ones. I'm hoping there won't be any follow-ups for awhile (grin). My friends are used to strange occurrences and are less concerned about them happening and more concerned about whether I am okay. One of them said to me this morning that it is incredible that I can bounce back so quickly. I guess that comes with practice... heh heh.

I'm not doing a very good job of talking about what happened and an even worse job of conveying how intense it was. That doesn't seem important to me. Something is going on behind whatever seems to be behind the scenes and... maybe even behind that.

This is the next day and I have gotten a good amount of rest... woke up with a hole in my back, which is something that happens when I get very relaxed. It doesn't last. All morning I have been wondering about the many, many anomalies in my life; “how could this happen in concert with that?” “How can this be present while counterpointed with that?” None of it makes any sense and the ineffable has gone to some lengths to tell me that 'real life is not the same as Hollywood'.

When I look back on my life I can identify two main themes; one of them involves a fellow who got ruthlessly hammered by unfortunate circumstances and has been forced to make constant adjustments to continuing bad circumstances and not all the reactions of that fellow were the best of what might have been done. Some of them seem insane in retrospect but... what do you do in the five minutes you suddenly find yourself left with as the devil and the deep blue sea firm up in 180 degree quadrants and you can't see that thin sliver of another option, which might have been there and maybe only got photoshopped in afterwards? Then there is that other theme that looks at all the supernatural saving moments... the large body of real friends and the quality of companionship on the way, which speaks to an investment made by 'someone or something' with skin in the game... even when it often looks and feels like your skin. I'm guessing there are more than two ways to look at your life but... generally there are two commonly recurring perspectives that come around and they depend on the level of positive or negative operating at the time.

Some days you feel good about yourself and you remember the high points that are indicative of what you really are at the core. Some days you do not feel good about yourself and you are plagued with a series of images where you are certain you let yourself down and not only yourself.

It doesn't make sense that someone of my age, at this stage of the game would be still getting 'deconstructed'; broken down to the basic elements and then reformed yet again. It often looks like a hyper active kid with one of those modern day psychological ailments... some combination of ADD-Autism and pharmacological distortion who is in a room with an erector set. He keeps making something that functions according to a mysterious intent. Then he tears it down and rebuilds it again, not because it wasn't working before, or that it wasn't satisfactory in all kinds of ways but simply because the impulse to repeat himself over and over again, regardless of the result, is too great to control. Let us say that that kid in the room is God and that the erector set contains all the components of the human organism.

In most cases in this world, people experience particular drives and possess particular objectives when they are young. These drives and objectives are fluid. People continue to experience life and their Karma continues apace and... they settle. Some don't settle and they are forced. Some hold out against all odds and wind up in a place of seemingly perpetual inconsistency, while spiritual growth continues but is often not registered by the person it is happening to. It is very similar to what happens in the darkness of the night. A person grows in different ways but the changes are not felt for what they really are. When people settle, only trauma and critical change are left as motivators for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth like physical growth is attended by pain; Children get their teeth and it hurts. People make all manner of rash mistakes and the pain is... can be... should be, educative. People don't like pain. They like comfort, even though comfort comes with spiritual death or at the least, a suspension, a hiatus of spiritual growth.

When we refuse to submit to conditions that keep us from the beloved then we are going to be put through whatever events and conditions are necessary to accomplish it or convince us it is impossible. With nothing being impossible that presents a conundrum. When the beloved is the ineffable it is not some version of Romeo and Juliet or Heloise and Abelard. It is a cosmic verity that the ineffable is looking for us. If we are looking for the ineffable then no man or manifest condition can put it asunder.

I tell myself that this is what it is, why particular trials continue. Until we are made fit for the union then union cannot be accomplished. It's the rough bathing of a dedicated mother who is determined to wash the dirt of the material world from her child. That child will no doubt become dirty again. That is the nature of physical life. We either have to accept the conditions or we settle. Some of us are incapable of settling. It is something like having a dream that wasn't really a dream and one can't forget what happened in the event that wasn't a dream. They were walking in a desert, or the wild woods, or by the seashore. Everything seems familiar, like you have been there before but you can't remember when. You just know that you have. At some point in the dream you come upon a pool and you find yourself looking into that pool. It might be a pool constructed by conscious hands, or it might be a natural pool formed by changes in the Earth over some long period of time. For whatever the reason, you dip your hands into the pool and you cup the water and bring it to your mouth. You drink the water and it isn't until after you have left the pool and its environs that you realize this was no ordinary water. In every moment that passes, your thirst for more of this water intensifies until nothing is more important than to have more of that water but... you can't find your way back to that pool.

The memory of this pool haunts your thoughts. It haunts you as it teases you; sending suddenly clear pictures of the moment you were there and then fading like a will o the wisp, which the memory of it resembles in more ways than one. Of course, this is all intentionally manifested... much like my meeting with the man on the beach. Special pains were taken by him, or the hierarchy that generated him, to give him features that were not human; not ordinary human. His forehead was exaggerated. The compression of his features, as if there were invisible lines of force maintaining it... his body was sculpted as one might envision that of a god, caused by the character and essence of him, rather than pedestrian body building. He was immaculately clean yet he had dirty and broken fingernails. I can remember a great many features but they are for another time.

Of course, most of us know the esoteric meaning of a pool, whether it be what we remember from the tale of Narcissus, the teachings of the Buddha or the Mirror of Galadriel. There are numerous meanings and the pool in this posting is simply a part of an allegory. It need not be a pool.

I know that many of us struggle; some of us with the same constrictions and quirks of being or hard to understand karmic complexities. Some of us have unusual afflictions. All of us know the frustration and helplessness of our peculiar state. We are much alike regardless. We help each other and we help ourselves. Our situation is vastly improved if we reduce the time we spend thinking about ourselves. Everyone profits then; the people around us and ourselves, the people at a distance and the enemies we don't make out of all those others who only do think about themselves. Yes... there's an enigma concealed in there somewhere (grin).

I'm glad you were able to drop in today. We'll see you over at Smoking Mirrors at some point to come in a moment that will be the moment we are presently in and the only moment that will ever be real. It is the true and unshakable knowing of this that must be accepted as a certainty before we can ever understand what is really going on; do anything about it, or permit the ineffable to handle all of our affairs in perpetuity. It's an annuity that never stops giving.

End Transmission.......


Brian Crossland said...

Reminds me of a beautiful description I read at 15 and which has stayed with me, describing those blissful transient times : "As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment"
Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men.
I felt touched then by this quote, describing something I knew the truth of but not able to express myself. I now see these rare moments as the peace of the ineffable briefly gracing myself, who wouldn't give everything for more of these.

Thank You

Brian Crossland said...

Reminds me of a beautiful description I read at 15 and which has stayed with me, describing those blissful transient times : "As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment"
Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men.
I felt touched then by this quote, describing something I knew the truth of but not able to express myself. I now see these rare moments as the peace of the ineffable briefly gracing myself, who wouldn't give everything for more of these.

Thank You

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The 'pool'. For me it is only available in dreams that are not dreams, and I will never find it; though occasionally it finds me. . .when I really, REALLY need it.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered the wonders of drinking my morning urine. It has decreased my back pain significantly. Definitely look into it.


Ty said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Glad you are here Visible. I've had similar experiences, though unique. Lots of strange realms of duality, like a super concentrated zones of total conscious awareness, stretching the ego's limits of identification of cause and effect, the infinite, what is time, what is karma... how deep that rabbit hole can go. It was like being placed in the eye of a cosmic hurricane or whirlpool of pure super consciousness. You appeared there once and placed a star of protection around my heart, not unlike a pentagram, and told me with no uncertainty to follow my heart no matter what I experience. A few years ago (during my awakening) I had the experience of being swallowed up into a black hole. Fear was the only thing that made it seemingly impassible. Any fear that was resident inside my body would result in my mind spiraling off into timeless infinities. Each time I finally returned to my body, I was surprised to find myself and consciousness still intact, seeing as I've been gone what appeared to me literally forever. It is incomprehensible. The fear seemed to be embedded in the subconscious mind, (my solar plexi in particular - which is deeply related to ones relationship to the cosmic landscape) and there seemed no way to avoid the inevitable conclusion. As soon as I was able to embrace the experience of dissolution into seeming nothingness, and accepted total annihilation of every aspect of my self without fear, the experience was integrated and came to a positive conclusion. Seemed like a super concentrated macrocosm of the larger dynamic of the cosmos; the inner workings of the dynamic of the black hole experienced upon the human body. I've had similar experiences like this in dreams long before the Kundalini awakening, where I would feel the magnetism of an event horizon upon me, and I crossed the barrier just as I was drifting to sleep, and the entire dream became a seemingly (literally) endless enactment of finding my way back home, falling into sink hole after sink hole of nostalgia; Waking up after endless lifetimes to realize that though I've been gone forever, I've returned with all faculties intact. The kundalini told me this involves parts of the nervous system that transcend time which are normally dormant and not integrated into conscious awareness; but can happen in certain circumstances. I remember nostalgic reoccurring dreams as a child, which I hadn't had in decades that I can recall, happen once again to me just the other day; I was in a dessert, the tactile sounds of gritty sand raining down all around and within me, the familiar ringing in my ears, the sensation of total absorption into the endless dunes sprawling in all directions... as I traveled and searched through this endlessness, a serpent slithered upon the dune; The Kundalini. How grateful I am to be here; to be alive at this time. How grateful I am for you. Thank you Les.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is a totally non sequitur post, if you pardon the use of the term; that has nothing to do with the killer post, but I just have to post it. Me thinks some of us who are in on the joke may find themselves floored.


Bloom County with 'brain snorfling', and now this. (Snorfle is a 'nose' word, and in nostrilese it means to put your nose over something and exhale real hard over and over again.) Do I have a telepathic link to all my favourite cartoonists, or what? This is just so beyond weirdly coincidental. . .

Feel free to google 'brain snorfling'. You won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

It seems all of gods children are having similar experiences, but you are definitely my poet. I was so happy to find a posting today! May god keep you strong amd well so we can ride this thing together, you,re such a help! May all of us become better vessels for the real live spirit of our master through all this pain mingled with His blessings, as I am sure as you are, that this is what is actually happening.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Ahhh the syncronicities , the sincronicities.......
For what it may be worth, and probably it is somewhat less tha nothing, just this morning the very concept of the maturity of Spirit being similar in nature of the teething-pains came to me as i struggled to make my way to the 'the temple of the Luna' ( pre-Inka) , at some 3600 meters above sea level. Having passed en excruciating night and previous day, and followed by such a healing nights rest last night..... And lo and behold , your posting comes up with my coffee and carrott cake after the two hour trek back to 'civilization'.
There definitely is a happening behind the scenes, behind the behind, as to what it may be, well, it is beyond the senses, even the ones that may be awakening with the ever so gentle Tivine flow in the Heart.
Cheerful Love, grizzlybear hug

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

Having all my nights free, I read and listen to certain scribes. You absolutely fill me with hope and longing for contact with the ineffable, or any members of the pantheon- I'm not in a position to be particular. So... comestibles would seem to be in order. I am often wrong but...
Joshua Tree

Stan Del Carlo said...

Do not become settled with this system of things, that's for damn sure.

When things screw up, as they do and always will, everything just seems to disappear and the only thing that will left is your Self in the Spirit and the Pyramid you built that has left forever into time immemorial.

Don't make fun of the prominence of my regal snout, or else.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Stupid, Vain, Celebrity-Crazed and the Rest of The Ugly Dwarfs are Gunning for Normal.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now;

Is it Better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven?



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