Saturday, September 16, 2017

Do Not let The World Distract you from the Possibility of your Eternal Peace Within.

A short interlude in a place where there is nothing to interlude into so... let's call it a prelude instead. If I were doing this on the QT maybe it would be a Quaalude.

First... and absolutely irrelevant to anything else that happens, here is an opportunity to see an example of my checkered acting career; not the real life one, which is still ongoing. This was my breakout role in an indie abortion that, strangely enough, never went anywhere. Now... on to the matter at hand.

We've had a bit of a dust up around here recently and that calls for me to be as honest as possible and if I hurt your feelings; not altogether impossible in the snowflake environment of these times, I apologize but... without me being completely honest there will be something missing. This dust up involves the usual suspects, who are consistently the only suspects, in this ongoing saga that could have been written by James Michener, if Michener actually wrote any of the books attributed to him. What I am saying is that all of the parties bear equal responsibility for what has been taking place.

I've received communications from different people. One of them is an Ivy League professor, who mostly lurks in these environs but goes by the initial, R. He made some very good points, none of which I am going to repeat here, since my whole point all along has been to not take sides. As some might remember I got sucked in at one point because I wasn't paying attention to not taking sides. Now I am paying a lot more attention (grin).

Here's the deal, if someone makes statements and they 'give the impression' of being inflammatory, certain types who... may occasionally be a tad pedantic... here I am speaking specifically of those writing me and not of commentators who have only appeared here and not emailed me and who have prestigious positions at colleges, where pedantry has been raised to an art form (he's going to kill me for this) and have taken exception to broad and blanket statements that- in his (and others opinion) go contrary to the tenets of logic and reason have taken it upon themselve(s) to object to commentary 'seemingly' blurring the ordinary boundaries of logic and reason.

I could say that all of this is no more than elements of personal style that reflect viewpoints where FACTS are less important than opinion and this upsets those who take seriously the positions of people like William Strunk JR in his book, “The Elements of Style”. That was actually used as an example and why I also used the term 'pedantry'. Objections have also been raised by a former District Attorney and someone who refers to himself as a 'borderline savant'. I think that is a few steps up from an idiot savant.

The thing is, this location has less contention and virulent ping ponging micro aggressions (I've been waiting to use the term micro aggression which is a flavor of the times for social justice warrior nouveau communists). This is a mostly serene space and so, when tensions rise, they are rare enough for me not to concern mysself with it. At recess, the playground can be a war zone, now and again and we'll all just have to live with it. I just took a whole lot of space to say something that could have been said in much less space but at least I am entertained and that will probably prove small comfort to those who feel I expended more criticism on them than on the chief protagonist in the mix but... they are old friends and will get over it and are probably laughing while they read this anyway (I hope).

I can't say, “Let's play nice”. That would defeat the purpose of this environment, which is supposedly about the pursuit of spiritual truth. As you most likely know, that's a hit and miss process. I cannot insist that people attach a certain amount of legitimate factual or scriptural basis for their polemics. Some people just like to free-form and make it up as they go along and some object to that. I figure most of the people who come here have their own takes on all of it and they fall into two different camps; those who think what appears to them to be preposterous statements, unsupported by established doctrine, is off the wall and those who think people should be allowed to say whatever they want to as long as it doesn't degenerate into ad hominem exchanges; usually it doesn't.

Somehow we find our way and hopefully we are the better for it. My position these days is the same as it has always been, I don't know. Certain expressions do seem hinky to me but it's no worse than what I observe being stated every day by the false news brigade, who are actually paid to be professional whores. At least most everyone here means well, (and is better informed) which is more than I can say about the streetwalker journalists like Greg Palast, Alex Jones and the usual Nimrods and Nabobs of the press.

Let's all just remember that God is real and sooner or later we are going to be finer people for recognizing this and seeking to live accordingly. The day will come when all of us will look back on things we said and cringe... Gob bless you one and all... may you prosper and let's hope this Carbon60 is all they are saying it is. Some of us are about to find out.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've been viewing more network TV of late because of the pennant race and the start of the NFL season and so I have inadvertently seen more commercials when I am not fast enough to silence them and I have noticed a large amount of black women and white men and white women and black men, portrayed as couples. There have been so many examples that it is, without a doubt, engineered. A couple of weeks ago, I saw three films in a row that had this going on. There is a definite effort on the part of corporations to do this and the gender fluid thing is in high gear as well and corporate promoted.

I don't care what color your significant other is. I do care when your choices are forced upon you.

We've got this tasty item from the cabal of men who hate women and design their clothes and then we have this from those who feel education should be indoctrination. I don't know what to think of Trump, who gravitates from buffoon to puppet, back and forth like a weather vane trying to figure out which way the wind blows (pun intended). What I will say is that powerful groups of individuals from Christian fellowships to conservative interests are leaning on Trump and he is doing what he is told and standing broadside against those who want 'the other 1%' to exercise tyranny against the majority. He's using all legal means and I'm for that as a hindrance to the emergent Sodom and Gomorrah that's looking to steamroll over us all. The same applies to the migrant activity looking to tear the house down in Europe. This is all Soros and ilk funded and those bending the corporations to their will are operatives with the same paymasters and armtwisters. The push-back is in earnest.

There is a really ugly E-Trade commercial where the text says, “the dumbest guy in high school just got a boat.” The boat is worth millions of dollars and the guy on the boat behaves like the worst tribe member you have ever seen, then he jumps off the back of the boat into the turbulence of the engine rotors. It is very strange commercial that says more than you would expect if you still have your objective capacity at observation.

It's funny in an ironic and befuddling way, what is going on behind the scenes and then scarring across the cultural landscape, like runaway acne in all its hideous perversity and most people don't even seem to mind, or notice or somehow they have become convinced that this is all for their own good. It's not and in every culture where this has come to predominate, that culture was soon no more. This is historical fact.

I'm not opposed to people being different or having different attractions. I am well aware of the emergent feminine power, manifesting in the contemporary human psyche. I am also well aware that few people are able to handle it on its higher arc, where it translates into compassion, intuition and other wonderful qualities of the divine feminine that provide us with a much deeper connection to life and to one another. Some reflexively transform it into pedestrian buttfucking and depraving the male polarity into submissive oral worship of the phallic archetype (excuse my French if you can). This is 'cosmically' unacceptable and Lady Nature will provide the stage setting for the resolution of the same. Lady Nature has more than one side and if you have spent any time in the pristine wilderness, you will note the more savage aspects and I will remind you that she is unflinching about breaking her laws.

Why this is so is less important ...than THAT IT IS SO, in the same way that one does not need to understand the intricacies of the law of gravity to be restrained from testing them by jumping off of a roof. I have 'learned' to pay attention. As an uncle of mine was once fond of saying, “those who cannot hear must feel.” I pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable and I was informed of the error of my ways. I don't like pain but it appears that I had a greater tolerance for awhile. I was bullheaded about certain limitations and it was a good thing that I pressed against them but a bad thing when I convinced myself that I was right all the time and I was not. Life had humbled me where I was incapable of doing it for myself. The ineffable broke my hip and my jaw, took away my relationship and much of what I had accumulated in that time but that's all okay and I got the point. I wasn't aging gracefully... easing back on my wild antics and embracing a more sober and sensitive awareness. I do now.

If you refuse to learn, you will be instructed to the extent necessary for you to learn. There are no exceptions except where grace and the fortune of karma permit of an easier trending of experience. As T.S. Eliot said, in one of the greatest poems ever written; “No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be; Am an attendant lord, one that will do, To swell a progress, start a scene or two, Advise the prince; no doubt, an easy tool, Deferential, glad to be of use, Politic, cautious, and meticulous; Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse; At times, indeed, almost ridiculous – Almost, at times, the Fool.” I think that might well have summed me up at some point. In my favor I will say that I am consciousness fluid. I continue to change and evolve. I do not settle like sediment at the bottom of a glass. It may be hard to see sometimes but all you have to do is close your eyes. I hope that makes a certain kind of sense. As the lyrics from one of my tunes (gratuitous mention of self alert) states. “Spread your wings, close your eyes. Let your love flow... come inside.”

If there were something else as relevant as the ineffable then that would be the topic of discussion here but... in all this world and any other world, in the Sirius Cluster and the Arcturian system there is not. Only the ineffable has any real meaning and I do not believe I shall EVER discover another entity, subject or consideration of any kind that comes remotely close to the ineffable. I do not love the ineffable 'with all my heart, and with all my soul, and with all my strength, and with all my mind,' but I am working on it. I WILL NOT relent. Ten thousands times and more I will fail but I will not relent. The ineffable is everything to me and should be to you as well. I do not know how to put into words the importance of this. I long for the means by which to make this real to everyone who reads these words but I do not have the means by which to make it as real as I want to and I surely want to. Please... if I have ever made a positive impression on you that would permit you to believe that what I say is no more than a particle of what I believe to be true and have you realize how incredibly important it is... TAKE ME AT MY WORD. Seek the ineffable with all the means at your disposal. There is NOTHING that is as important as this.

It might help to dismiss all the previous impressions that you have about the ineffable. That is everyone's major stumbling block to a real comprehension (inasmuch as it is possible) of the ineffable and your place in the scheme of creation. We have fabricated an impression of what the ineffable is and the ineffable is beyond comprehension and always will be. It is far better to submit oneself to unknowing and to be confirmed by faith alone because 'according to thy faith be it unto you' This is of critical importance and remember, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast."

There is seriously important truth in The Bible. I have not read it in awhile but a large portion of it is imprinted on my mind. I do not know why this is true but it is. In these times of material darkness, no other power but love alone will grant us salvation. It is dangerous fantasy to believe that you can manage on your own. Love and love alone, friends..., love and love alone. Let that love flower in your heart and the ineffable will raise it by magnitudes upon magnitudes. The Lord is exponential and beyond any form of human measurement. Trust in the ineffable to guide you and “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind”; not forgetting the second important point that follows that statement... “love your neighbor as yourself” remembering that it is equally important to love yourself first. The ineffable will teach you this. I know this because he has taught me and I am among the meanest of his subjects. “May you find that long awaited golden day, today.”

Truth join the insistence

End Transmission.......


dorothi said...

Thanks bro

Anonymous said...

jolly well said ole boy, jolly well said

faith is a spiritual muscle unused in the swirling whirlpool
where people believe that doubling down on stupid
involutes more of the same, only worse

curious that

but hey, {{{they}}} don't call them the
braindeadgoy for nothing....
and that is a fact



torus said...

"The English language is as inventive, subtle, and adequate to the problem of 'talking about' love as any other. Roget's Thesaurus suggests several hundred moods of love, including affection, friendship, charity, protectiveness, kindness, tenderness, beneficence, attraction,
compatibility, sympathy, fellow-feeling, understanding, fondness, inclination, devotion, fancy, caprice, loyalty, enchantment, fascination, yearning, respect, eroticism, admiration, passion, infatuation, enthusiasm. Our language allows us, in the name of love, to span the distance between soft promises and hard commitments, between lust and adoration; to philander or take a vow; to like or be obsessed with another.
The problem of love lies in our hearts, not in our tongues; in our intentions, not in our vocabularies. We misunderstand love because we have chosen to worship power; we fail in compassion because we have become obsessed with control; we silence the reasons of the heart because we have chosen to follow a path of heartless knowledge, no matter where it takes us; we do not adore because we insist that every thing and every person be of use; we do not care because we have come to believe that it profits a man or woman well above the prime rate to trade the soul for a piece of the action.
The analysis that follows rests upon the conviction that love, sexuality, and power can only be healed by returning to the original meaning of eros: by seeing the pleasures of the flesh within the context of the human promise, as it unfolds over the course of a lifetime within the ambience of the community and the cosmos. Our erotic dis-ease will not be solved by sex manuals, sensitivity groups, sensate focus, or the discovery of a perfect lover. Our erotic potential is fulfilled only when we become cosmopolitan lovers, only when 'potentia' (power) and 'eros' (desire) reunite our bodies to the 'polis' (the body politic) and the 'cosmos' (the natural environment).
-Sam Keen, The Passionate Life.

Gwen said...

Dear Mr. Visible,

I think it's time I stopped lurking and commented. I have a longish story that I will try to make shortish.

I found your blog about eight years ago via a comment somewhere else while I was doing scads of reading trying to sort out truths that were becoming clear to me (involving Sept 11, moon landing, etc.). I bookmarked one of your blogs because it looked interesting and you talked about similar things. Unfortunately, that was the extent of it because I did not understand what you were talking about otherwise. Really, what you posted seemed like a lot of nonsense.

Then about five years ago I found Jesus the Christ and my life changed. I decided that I should try and read the Bible again. I had tried on numerous occasions over the decades, but it never made any sense either. This time was different. I read it from beginning to end with help from certain long-dead commenters on the Bible. With the "new eyes" I had, more things became clear but not in the way most people mean! ;)

So one day as I was scrolling through my bookmarks, I saw your blog and decided to take a look again. Voila! Your writing was no longer "nonsense", but seemed very clear to me. Not only that, but you have written some things that spoke to me so very clearly and personally, that brought me to tears, and I knew who was speaking to me.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you have reached one person out here and for that I thank you and pray that God blesses you.

Visible said...

Whoa! I needed to hear that right now. thank you so very much for the kind words which I think are probably not particularly accurate but it does affirm what I wish I were doing.

Anonymous said...

Great post Les Visible.
God has smacked me upside the head a few times too. Or I could say my foolishness and pride caused my troubles, which is to say the same thing basically.
I suppose we have a tendency to continue with the (un)comfortable routine of banging our heads against the wall, or Karma or God causing the wall to bang on our heads...until our minds notice perhaps an alternative is preferable.
Love really is the way. Love the ineffable/God, love your neighbor, love your enemy, love yourself. Forgive all, forgive yourself for past errors, carry no grudges. When you fall, get up, brush off the dirt, and start all over on the path of compassion and empathy.

-beggar with no name

Visible said...

Well said Beggsar and pretty much what I just said to someone in an email. The ineffable is all and in all and my ONLY concern. I have learned this the hard way.

Ray B. said...

I'm baaaack!

Vis looked me up, we chatted about WHY I left, and he graciously suggested I return. With no reasonable restrictions on length, style, etc., on my comments. For trollers, Ray-haters, etc., I suggest you re-read those sentences again.

For newcomers or those with short memories, I posted on the Vis blogs for several years. My style is enwrapped with the spiritual, because that is what is important to me. (Note that I said spiritual, not religious.) For those who cannot abide with this aspect, please waft-over my comments.

I also describe some spiritual experiences in detail. This is NOT to grandstand or to one-up Vis. It is, as I have periodically said, because the bad-guys have almost won. Their propaganda-machine has almost turned 'otherworldly' experiences into a form of mental illness, and people are afraid to speak-out about them. As a result, there are a few generations who are terribly-misinformed about their true nature and abilities. My insistence on describing 'unusual' happenings in sufficient detail is for THOSE folks; not me. Again, if this bothers you, pass on.

I have not read any of these blogs since February, so I will probably take some time to read-up and get the 'lay of the land'. To those who are well-wishers, "Thanks for not forgetting me, and I'm back."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...

Big hi From Kazz Ray B.

It feels like a family reunion.

Missed ya big guy. So pleased you have decided to grace our presence again.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Karen/Kazz, thanks. I love you, too...

I just finished the last Smoking Mirrors and comments. I notice that you have been fighting the good fight. Good for you! It was interesting to see that most 'old hands' supported you (at least your heart and intent), and some new-since-I-left-s and anonymuses (spelled that way intentionally) ganged-up on you. I'm glad to see you pushing-back on the bullying. (By the way, I did not leave because I was bullied-out. There were deeper aspects in play.)

From that Smoking Mirrors, your comments about Archangel Michael are right-on. Unlike most, I have actually met a (real) angel. They are so High (way up in consciousness level) that even 'down-shifting' to be seen in a meditative state is quite an effort. They almost-never interact with humans directly, but through intermediate-level beings. That is one reason the reference in the Bible translated into English as "angels" is really the word "messenger" in the Aramaic language. (Real) angels truly are 'alien'. Massively different. Their view of humans is probably like we would view microbes. So, that is another reason 'intermediates' are used to bridge-the-gap - translating upwards and downwards in viewpoint or 'reality', so to speak...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Welcome back, Ray. And Kazz, please don't leave again. It sucked when you were gone. In my opinion of course, but in this case; why should any other opinion matter.

Great post, and I can identify with it BIG time. After all, I have pissed on the electric fence so many times for all the wrong reasons; it's a miracle that I'm still alive, though considering I hate life, I see that more as a bane than a boon; but the universe has an agenda with me. And I WILL continue to piss on that fence until I'm outta here, from the looks of it.

Anonymous said...

Walked into the house just a minute ago to be met with these lyrics
" I have all I'll ever need thanks to the keeper of the stars"

When truth and gratitude hit you like a bullet from... well I guess
the keeper of the stars.

Doesn't take much to make my day!

It's everywhere if you wish to see it.

Brian Crossland said...

Welcome back Ray.
I for one have missed your writings and Musings. Keep on keeping on Kazz.
The rich tapestry of Vis land sometimes has knots in it!

With gratitude.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Unshakable Assurance one of The Greatest Gifts Anyone can Possess.

dave1010 said...

Welcome back Ray B.
Good to see you back.
And thanks for the link to comments from 2012.
Good read.

Anonymous said...

via Homer

Almost forgot to say lol, and thanks for the movie thing!
Good one.



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