Friday, March 30, 2018

Something Good is Coming Soon.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was commenting at the last Petri Dish, something I try not to do very often at the blogs for various reasons and a film got mentioned and I... because I love the potential and power of film, went off on a tangent and recommended some films. It saddens me to see the power of this medium abused the way it is. There is so much potential but that is coming, if time and the vagaries of circumstance do not intrude. I want to talk today about the various mediums of art and their ability to inspire.

Some weeks ago I saw a film entitled, “The Same Kind of Different as Me.

I had a difficult childhood, to put it mildly. I would say I had no childhood at all except for those moments outside of the torment. I had to find escapes and that led me to music, literature, poetry, films and of course the imagination. Inspiration and the imagination have a deep relationship. Perhaps one should say, the potential is there if one chooses or is forced to engage it. It can even cause schizophrenia. As it did with me. It can extrapolate into multiple personalities. As it did with me. It could lead to all kinds of things, intended and unintended. As it did for me. Good can come out of it. As it did for me. That which is not good as well and that did for me as well.

See this film. It will help to put into perspective whatever you think you might have achieved. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of god.” “And all your righteousness is as filthy rags.” (Honey would you get me a tissue? Never mind, I'll use my sleeve. That is why my shirts have them. Unless they are short sleeved and then you simply adjust your posture or wipe it on your skin- comic relief alert! Never mind, Mr. Too Little too Late.).

Son, Daughter. Mother. Other, is, is not, whatever it be. See the movie, sometimes... good things happen. The whole thing about the martial arts is to protect yourself. It came about that monks were being attacked in the dark age and so they developed systems for defense. It came about other ways as well and in other places and that's been dealt with here or it's for another time. Sometimes good things happen. I don't know why it is that I am feeling this way.

I once wrote a song called, “Something Good is Coming Soon”.

It was on the “9/11 Was an Inside Job Album”, a complete anomaly in respect of the rest of the material. For some reason, even in the darkest times, I feel like something good is on the horizon. I know it is. It's happened again and again and it just gets better and better. I expect it to continue. You know, there are laws in this realm, some originate elsewhere and some duplicate in other places. Without a system, everything that can function has nowhere to function in and then when there is a system, it depends on how well the system functions.

That is yet another reason to go with, go after, go in search of... God- the ineffable, however you choose to define or picture that. God has a system that functions perfectly and for eternity. If you can't see this then you are in the process to adjusting to it. There is no other option unless you are satisfied with the alternatives. I never was. I still am not. I never will be.

Then there is “The Death of Stalin.”.

It did not connect all the dots and it never engaged the specifics of the people working through Stalin but it said a lot and in a Monty Python way... Mr. Apocalypse did the pants down thing like I have not seen before.

When I was in Italy, Mr. Apocalypse told me he was going to catch them with their pants down in front of the world. It's on the way. The General of the Armies was a hoot! Steve Buscemi was in the performance area of Gary Oldman (neither of them were portly enough) who won the Academy Award for playing Winston Churchill and much, much more got left out in that film but Mr. Apocalypse is on the money and though many fiends are trying to slip between the curtains, they can't help themselves. This is the reason that evil always destroys itself and then actively engages in exposing itself for its crimes. This is why no one can ever take over the whole world. Of course. Sometimes they can take over your whole world for a time but in the end they defeat themselves. They shoot themselves in the foot. Thank you god! There is a reason that God set both the good and the evil and a reason that you can walk through the shadow of death and fear no evil.

There are reasons and systems aplenty and that brings us to 'intention'. What do you intend? St. Bernard said that “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions”, of course he said it in French. That's a tad misleading. If you don't do anything with your good intentions it could be a Purgatory thing, not Hell. Of course, if your intentions are not your real intentions; that's a sticky wicket.

The new year came in. We thought it was January One. The New Year Starts when Ares comes in which is where we are now. Bitcoin went down and so did all virtual currencies. People said, “Whoa, it's taking too long, it's not going to happen.” They forget that Tax Day is coming up and that keeps the eyebrows lowered till after. Following that, virtual currency is going to break out of the paddocks like Secretariat or Man of War. For one reason, because change is in the wind and we've been pushed away from the trough, as the bankers have rigged the fiat system with feast and famine, feast and famine, over and over and now we have an option. It's here to stay. LOOK AT THE TRENDS! Look at The Cloud. The world is Blue-toothed and moving faster than it can catch up to. I have a cellphone for emergencies. Only two people have the number. I have to continue charging it without using it. You have to choose to what degree you want to be wired. You get too wired you will be dancing on the wires and very few have that skill.

Two important things I want you to take away from this; Intention and Attention. They are both critical. I'm a Boy Scout- “Be Prepared.” I had every merit badge for Eagle Scout, except the one for Lifesaving. Ironic? Heh heh... So I made Life Scout. Lawd, Lawd, I got 99. At least it doesn't look like I'm going to get hit by Al's Hammer. It belonged to a guy named Alt Heimer. He just walked away one day and left it on a table.

Intention and Attention. Let me say it at least once. They are supremely important. The one prayer I repeat most often is, Lord, please grant me your qualities. I have referred to them as the “full armor of God”. It is so important to know what you really want, instead of spending years and even lifetimes finding out what you didn't want. Nothing beats simplicity and sincerity and clarity concerning what you are sincere about.

These films I mentioned, especially the first one, are eyeopeners in their different ways. If you pay attention you will get it and given that you have the right intention and you are in the right direction, it is a fait accompli that you can emulate this and make even more happen for yourself and for others. I am constantly amazed at the opportunities that are available and people just slide right by. If you want expensive things; I don't. You have to be able to afford them. Anyone can do that. You can have anything you want. You just have to put your attention on it and it will happen and if you never stop- because some ambitions can take more than one lifetime- you will get it but will you appreciate and cherish that it came through? Every high ambition comes with attendant challenges. You want the big time? It comes with big time problems.

I was talking with the ineffable on many occasions and each time when it came up about what I wanted to do after this, I would say, “I don't want to come back here again, not after what I've been through. I want to be on an endless beach where I can just stop and think about it.” Heck... I was already trying to do that in this life. That's how important it is and it grows. Even the best of intentions can sometimes give us mysterious concerns, or we wonder... am I really do the right thing? If it is the right thing, is there a better way? Is there something more efficient and comprehensive? Or am I simply on the wrong road with too many rainbows keeping me distracted?

End Transmission.......

Sorry if this was a bit subjective. Every time it is different around here (grin). Anyway, see the films.

A new Dark Web Article by Visible is up now.


Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
How to spot a spook. Departament of dirty trick, Triumphantly when we read of national security and survival in the various reports on the CIA and FBI "the cult of inteligence", we're reading about ther security and survival, not ours. Those are their security service, not ours. It's their class security that they equate with the nation's survival". Probably not even Marx himself could have imagined the kind of public debate within the ruling class over security services that would demonstrate so clearly the nature of class struggle. Here we've read corba venom, poison dart guns, electronic eavesdropping, provocation of violence - all done by security service for class that now rebukes those services for having acted "illegally". The rebuke is 70 years of crimes and not one indictment - but sygnificant nontheless. All in All, these investigations have been a ruling class affair. For 7 day i drop the heavy bomb about Iran SAVAK, political eurocommunism, neutron bomb as " a logical modernization step in terms of military needs" , restrictions on spying operation re-quire case-by-case aproval by Attorey General, HUMINT colectors, how China and more country play, Air Force personnel, FSO, FSR, FSS, State Departament AID, USIA, Sacrificing State, Robert Mullen and Company, Britain' hidden child abuse, the sidney cooke pedophile ring, child abuse in UK care homes, Rothschild powerfull occultic bloodline, The Travistock institute, The haut de la garenne Jersey pedophile island, Jimmy Savile, John Goldup UK goverment' childcare watchdog cover up, Jersey child abuse, Midland Bank Trust Corporation Jersey Ltd, The Gramerest Liquidation, investigate jurnalist agent of influence for security service police Leny Harper, Propaganda duo fro Kissinger to Bohemian Grove, how tony blar put David Beckham in to the mix. David is complet pro, and generally sent Singapore in to twitter champion ice skater, and many more.

Now of these Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying: Behold, the Lord cometh with thousands of his saints: To execute judgment upon all and to reprove all the ungodly for all the works of their ungodliness, whereby they have done ungodly: and for all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against God. These are murmurers, full of complaints, walking according to their own desires: and their mouth speaketh proud things, admiring persons, for gain's sake.
No one can stop this and when i finish i give you ancient tevhnology with out oil, medical, polution. New system from King David with Salomon knowledge and Jesus love.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmmmm. I've been wanting a nose hair coat, long, furry, striped prehensile tail, braidable nose hairs, nose whiskers, or getting struck by a big meteor forever, but it still hasn't happened, so. . .I dunno 'bout that paragraph on getting what you want. I do seem to get what I need to get the remainder of my mission done, however; and I have no idea what that is. . .unless it's to continue being a cornerstone for someone else's success. though I do benefit from that these days.

Ray B. said...

Ancient peoples used to celebrate the New Year on the Spring Equinox (March 20-22). This was when Mother Nature's bounty was beginning to show. Prosperity. Then, the New Year was moved to the Winter Solstice (Dec 20-22, creeping to Jan 1). This was a time of darkness, desolation, and want. Lack. Something deeply symbolic about that move, probably declared by the bad-guys. (I'd move it back to the Spring Equinox...)
Just be careful in assuming Bitcoin's anonymity:
NSA has been Tracking Bitcoin Users since 2013, New Snowden Documents Reveal.

And just good things to know:
Think It can't happen Here? Austin Bomber's Capture exposes Depth of US Surveillance State.
(Memorize items 1-14.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Gordon Klock said...

I had to push myself a bit, to watch that film at first, but yeah, it ‘blew me away”, & really got me thinking about my own questionable trajectory, over the years in a big way, & gave me a needed sense of hope, & inspiration, so many great quotes, like the bit about how we are all homeless, trying to find our way home...( need to get others in my sphere to see this, while there is still time)...
Much Love,
Gordon Klock

Anonymous said...

Les Visible,

Your prayer to the ineffable is bearing fruit. You have more of God's qualities than the average bear.

Woke up this morning feeling like it was Christmas Day X 10. You are spot on. Something wondrous is coming and it is on our doorstep. I spend my days feeling the waves of divine love lapping at my feet, steadying myself for the tsunami. It is glorious, and knowing it's only going to increase is such a delicious feeling.

Thank you for the confirmation. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see what can be achieved when men learn to trust their self and go with God, instead of their superiors, I recommend 'The Finest Hours', which is also based on a true story. Great watch.

Anonymous said...

The title of that movie I recommended is 'The Finest Hours', just in case people have trouble accessing the link I provided.

Anonymous said...

Where are the akashic records? wwhere do you go before your next lifetime? What is Monroe's Focus 27, also known as the Park? Comically rendered in the movie, "Defending Your Life," (1991) where facing fears is the standard assessment of a life... enjoy

Ray B. said...

Anon, Mar 31 8:43PM: "What is [Robert] Monroe's Focus 27, also known as the Park?"

States of Consciousness and Focus Levels are described here. "Focus 27: The edge of human thought capacity. The site of a way-station (not a terminus) for rest and recovery from the trauma of physical death." More details here.

When I attended The Monroe Institute in 1985/6, Focus 27 was known as The Hospital. It is something that I first ‘ran into’ while at a TMI class. Visually, to me, it looks like a cross between a Coney Island amusement park at night and a fireworks display, if that makes any sense. Lots of lighted structures in weird shapes, and energy everywhere. Not on land or anything, just ‘there’. The Hospital is a ‘construct’, meaning that it wasn't there naturally. It was ‘anchored’ there; kind of as a halfway house between the higher and lower levels.

Higher consciousness beings like to help as they can, but find it increasingly harder to ‘trudge through the sludge’ as they go down. They can if they really need to, but it is not something they do on a whim. So, they picked an ‘area’ where a group of them were comfortable enough. They created a facility that they could use as a semi-permanent location to concentrate entities/instruments of like intent. From there, they dip down to selected individuals, kind of ‘float’ them up to 27 temporarily, and do whatever is needed.

(If you have worked your State of Consciousness up to where you are naturally at 27, that level is where you can decide to go ‘beyond’ - a form of ascension - or remain and work-upon folks at the lower levels.)

When I attended an early version of their "Exploration" class, I used their Focus 27 tape for days. Finally, I had an ‘encounter’ with the Being that assembled Earth and ‘sponsored’ the Life upon it. (Humans are not native to the Earth. They arrived later, much to the surprise of this Being.) This was a long ‘meeting’, 20-30 minutes, and I got a beyond SpaceTime view of everything from before the planet was created to slightly into our future. Astounding clarity; just like being in a newsreel...

(For the record, I am not a TMI employee or currently have any connections with them.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A joyful resurrected Easter be in motion-

Transmissions from Easter Sunday, April Fool's Day- Gone but not Forgotten, Here.

Anonymous said...

Higher consciousness beings like to help as they can, but find it increasingly harder to ‘trudge through the sludge’ as they go down.

We should never forget that the most beautiful flowers roots are deeply buried in and feed on decaying muck!
The most polluted water can be made pure quite easily...

April! So much rain lately ...
Those Daffodils are showing their crowning beauties!

So many metaphors on earth and through nature...
Water! Light
In a constant dance
The Divine Feminine power! The divine masculine!
Everything, even our thoughts, and our Consciousness are created in water,
Impulses are conveyed in total darkness and made colorful and meaningful!
Rain falls from heaven pristine
And as It falls
Is divided
each in its own special geometric shape
Totally imbued with the exalted task to take in, incorporate, divide and give as much!
Soiled the moment "It" hits the Elements
Zigzag in a snake-like manner through the land
Until eventually the light evaporates, sublimates it
Shedding all it had retained
It ascends purified at last!

Ray B. said...

Ray B.: "Higher consciousness beings like to help as they can, but find it increasingly harder to ‘trudge through the sludge’ as they go down."

I was speaking more to the densification process they have to go through to 'operate-upon' or 'be-present' down towards earth-plane. Their perceptions. I once shared-consciousness with a (Real) Faerie. The sense of lightness and freedom-of-movement was delightful! And a (Real) Faerie is nowhere near the consciousness-level of a Focus 27-level being...

I, too, enjoy the true beauty down on earth-plane. My comment was not meant as a slur on earth-plane treasures. Just an acknowledgement that we are dense (grin).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Jeffrey Jones said...

So crypto currencies are going to prevail funded by a fraudulent currency? Going to take the slave masters dirty evil seed, wash it through a blockchain and it's supposed to bear good fruit? Lmao.



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