Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rising up on the Spiraling Road of Light, Out of the Darkness of Bat Shit Insanity.

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(I would like to thank The Elf for his outstanding contributions to these blogs. He is entirely responsible for the way they look and inserts all the pictures and other amenities as well. The ineffable has been incredible in providing me with quality people who assist in our work. I am very grateful. There was something else but I have now forgotten it. If I remember as I go, it will be added. That said, on with the show (grin)!!!

Visible Origami... let me put my feet up on the ottoman and wriggle my toes a bit, as I relax and take stock of the moment. It's always great to be at Visible Origami; now that I talk about God at every blog, Visible Origami has become very relevant to me because this is where I talk about the ineffable in the first place.

It stuns and fascinates me how the world can inch forward to the land of total stupidity and out of control, unjustified vanity, collocated around Bat Shit Insanity, day by day, weeks into months and months into years and seemingly never run out of time and never run out of inches. This is one of the most shocking conundrums that I have EVER encountered. It's happening in the world around me and happening in my own world, based on simple observations. Today I got a message over at Facebook and some fellow was haranguing me about donating to him. ??? This I never did and you would think he would know that I would know this. He's got this passive aggressive style, while indicating to me that I am much more combative and aggressive than he is. He wants me to collaborate with him. I don't have the time.

There is a wonderful fellow; Gary, who wants me to put lyrics-poetry-literary vignettes to his music, which is quite nice. I haven't been able to do that but... I agreed to it, so sooner or later I will. The Dark Web People want more articles from me but I can't get around to them. There are maybe two people that I would drop whatever I am doing for the opportunity to collaborate with them. One is Patrick Willis, who is a timeless auteur and Scott Armstrong who is a colossal musical talent. Both are lovers of God. I believe life will provide those opportunities but I must concentrate on what is in front of me or it doesn't get done.

In no particular order, here are the projects I am presently engaged in; An autobiography, A two volume collection of my poetry- early years and later years. At least five albums that have been stacking up over La Guardia, since well before “Mr. Apocalypse is Coming” came out and getting my recorded music on the sites where they might meet with the right listeners, some number of video sequences that stop getting sequenced since there is no time, all those blogs, radio broadcasts, regular communications each day with quite a number of readers, with quite a number of requests or nice things they want to say and they do and I am routinely floored because I never associate myself with what I do. If I have slightly mastered anything it is... getting out of the way. You can't accomplish anything of lasting significance if you keep dragging yourself along and then make a big production about getting out of the way of yourself, so that it really is just a fabrication, like giving chump change donations to one of those charity vampire covens, where you get to have flacks tell the world how wonderful you are, which, considering your insinuating snake dance to that effect... you have gotten your reward.

I'm busy and I love it. It is such a joy that I will never be able to communicate what a joy it is for me. Allah Akbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to be talking about myself but usually I have some amount of ideas and experiences of recent progeny that jump to the front of the action and sometimes that is because of something that just happened and sometimes it's some segment of the world that wants some virtual ink. Sometimes I AM the example and sometimes I am just pointing at one.

I'm not complaining. I'm grateful!! Period!!!

The mystery, majesty and magnificence of the almighty God is a wonder, upon wonder that opens before us in every moment, were we inclined to see it. On the other hand, there is nothing there and you are just a meat puppet. No thanks... let's get on that narrow, upper path and follow the inferences of Jackson Browne;

“Oh people, look around you
The signs are everywhere
You've left it for somebody other than you
To be the one to care

You're lost inside your houses
There's no time to find you now
While your walls are burning
And your towers are turning
I'm going to leave you here
And try to get down to the sea somehow

The road is filled with homeless souls
Every woman, child and man
Who have no idea where they will go
But they'll help you if they can
Now everyone must have some thought
That's going to pull them through somehow
Well the fires are raging hotter and hotter
But the sisters of the sun are going
To rock me on the water

Rock me on the water
Sister will you soothe my fevered brow
Rock me on the water
I'll get down to the sea somehow

Oh people, look among you
It's there your hope must lie
There's a sea bird above you
Gliding in one place like Jesus in the sky
We all must do the best we can
And then hang on to that Gospel plow
When my life is over, I'm going
To stand before the Father
But the sisters of the sun are going
To rock me on the water now

Rock me on the water
Sister will you soothe my fevered brow
Rock me on the water, maybe I'll remember
Maybe I'll remember how
Rock me on the water
The wind is with me now
So rock me on the water
I'll get down to the sea somehow
Rock me on the water
Rock me now
Rock me on the water
Rock me now...
Rock me on the water, maybe I'll remember
Maybe I'll remember how”

Jackson Browne- songwriter and friend of God.

What the heck- one more by this inspired poet, one of the best, who never shies away from mentioning the greatest artist of all; the eternal and living God, without which there would be worse than nothing.

Lucky Jackson- He had the incomparable David Lindley to strum and reed and bow alongside him like Samwise.

Ever wonder why those who are so righteously good at what they do are unfailingly humble? They know where the inspiration comes from and being true appreciators, as all genuine artists are, they celebrate and acknowledge every beautiful creation and expression that flows forth from the countless vehicles who sang one more time about the one... the one who is my and their... shining one.

It mystifies me every single day that every single heart is not beating in unison with the one from whom the motive force of that heartbeat comes. How can you not dance with joy? How can you not weep tears of gratitude and release, each time another voice is raised in concert with the one who makes every song possible? How is it that we, for whatever the reason, seem unable to recognize the source of all good things? Maya? Satan? Lucifer?; the whole of the infernal realm that grows in magnitudes of power, when materialism has rushed over the dikes and swept them away?

I cannot spend my life looking for answers to how people cannot see what is hidden in plain sight. Better to address the needs of the moment and “hold in to that gospel plow” because, “When my life is over, I'm going to stand before the Father and the sisters of the sun are going to rock me on the water”

Seriously, I have wept tears of sorrow so many times, at many an hour, seeking to understand how it is that people can miss the compassion, generosity and forgiveness of the great one. I have wept for Joy when I see, as invariably I do... some true and loving act by someone who came out of the unknown, left it there and went back to what they were doing, which got them there in the first place.

No real artists worries about being recognized or celebrated. Those are dead ends of masturbating fantasy. If the ineffable, heard or saw it, that is all the recognition and celebration that anyone should need and you can put your destiny and fate in the hands of the ineffable, because he will see that whatever you did that got his attention, will find it's way to every single soul who can be moved by it.

We are the eyes and ears and hands and feet of the lord. What other vehicle does the Lord have (all of them if he chooses? By Jove, Visible... you might be on to something.)? True greatness comes when the supernal kingdom is moved. When angels and muses remember you, you are in select company indeed and ALL OF US have the capacity and ability to do this. It is up to us which wagon we hitch our intentions to. Would you not, if you were sane, merge your intentions with the greatest intender of all? Should we not look at the footprints of the almighty and let every discovery that we experience, shape and format us in such a way as to give voice to the brilliance conferred on us by brilliance itself?)? By what unspeakable act of mercy and love did the almighty chose to grant us some particle of his creative genius? It is up to us whether we can raise ourselves to the challenge.

We can do this my friends. We were put here for that very reason. The secret is to walk contrary to all the things in this world. Why is that? Because when you are in a sty, surrounded by those who not only do not know where they are but also do not know who they are and you see a shining light off in the distance... then you know you are the prodigal son and all the things of this world are now seen as badly drawn counterfeits of the more true and beautiful things of the supernal realm. All things in time. Now it is time for me to go on to other things.

♫ And We Could All Be Free! ♫

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robert said...

Dear Visible,

Wow a triple post trifecta, coming out of the gate from your re-wiring experience!

May we other aspects of the One simply observe that you are getting out of the way or getting out of your own way, in a spectacular show of the power of the One coming through!

If we lesser aspects of the One weep for all those turning their attention away from Source and wasting their life time on head games, then what can measure the longing of the Ineffable for the return of ALL prodigal sons and daughters?

These last three posts are perfect miniatures, shining out the Macrocosm through the microcosm of your poetic prose, conveying such an intensity of clear perception that it inspires even the most down-beaten by self to believe that redemption is more than just possible; it is earnestly desired by the One who gifted desire to the Universe (or to the Multiverses) and THERE exists the power to move your mountain or your molehill over magnified by a lifetime of fear training.

Praise the one for granting us radiance, from the invisible through Visible!
Loving is superior to thinking about love, anytime!

Feel the power of the invisible in every commentator's offering and it all feels so fine, coming to a head, on the way to the heart of all things!

Thank you my brother!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We are all but transducers, and this post was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Anthropomorphic Prisons, where Reality Equals MC2 Escher.



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