Monday, January 07, 2019

The Love Within is the Same Love Within, the Triangle Child of the Same Author.

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Walking into Safeway yesterday, I saw they had made the FREE FLU SHOTS sign bigger. If you call your medical provider, you'll hear a message that tells you, you can get your flu shot there. I got a link this morning telling me that they were giving out flu shots at the Golden Globes and also 'taking shots' at people who didn't want them. Telling them to put a napkin on their head or somesuch.

I didn't watch the Golden Turds. Celebrations of mediocrity do not energize me.

Is there a flu epidemic taking place? Not that I know of. So what's up? One thing is that people are dying after getting flu shots. There's an argument being made that flu shots can give you the flu. Hmmm... Short and Sweet; the Deep State Lizards and self styled elite are- and have been- hung up on their usual Malthusian Enthusiasms, population control... Georgia Guidestones and la dat.

As has been mentioned often, the main byproduct of Materialism is Insanity, another major byproduct is psychopathy. The Lizard Elite are predominantly psycho-sociopaths and where they are not, they are genuflecting sycophants, with 'entrance in the rear' tattooed on their foreheads but you can only seen it with infrared.

We like to talk from a, hopefully, inspired perspective about the glorious splendor of the ineffable and wax lyrical in a “how do I love thee? Let me count the ways” manner. In order to balance that and not develop too much of a New Age Swish, we counter it with a- 'now and then', hard nosed, occasionally scatological, wit infused diatribe= “Let them know you are human”, as per Les Paul talking to Chet Atkins, about an album they had just finished. Please understand this behavior is intentional. Nothing would please me more than to be solid and immovably centered on the divine at all times. We'll get there when we get there. On the way, sometimes... entertainment and humor are a welcome purpose of demonstration mode. I hope these flights into WTF do not annoy or shock the listener here and there. We really would like to remain, 'just folks' and relentlessly avoid self-aggrandizement and doing the tango while juggling remarkable objects. I like it when one can meet another eye to eye, heart to heart, with the silent and unshakable recognition of the same indwelling in each of us. Granted; on the stairway into ever more refulgent and beautiful eternal light, we are, now and again, on different staircases, different steps... but... the Love within is the same love within, the triangle child of the same author.

Please do not imagine that visible is getting all Egyptian on you. Archetypes, symbols, al-gore rhythms and timeless mathematical intricacies, all proceed like stepping stones from the white light of the ineffable, which then passes through the prism into the radiant colors of manifestation; some before and some after... some as potential and some as a dancing goddess, raised up over a prone and motionless Shiva.

There is a serious problem that SHOULD be uppermost (following recognition of the divine as supreme above all things and...) that is... things are not what they seem. Life might be, more or less, 'dump da da da da dump da da da da... going on around you and, yeah... that doesn't look so good and that is ridiculous and so on but... even lurching down the hall and bouncing off a wall here and there, it seems to manage to find its way to the couch where it collapses and dreams its way off to the next morning. It keeps on keeping on but... one should never lose sight of what is out of sight and what its intentions are. God is not the only one who is both visible and invisible. Of course... to those whose vision is connected to ageless wisdom, evil is, often enough, something we just don't understand yet; like fire and lightning used to be. The important truth is that the ineffable is ALWAYS in control and if you have harmonized, aligned with and are resonating with the ineffable, you share that space of no worries, mate. Otherwise there is the cycle of manifest destiny, as it occurs to the temporary things we have elevated to a level of undeserved importance. We've used the image of a massive ship, sinking in the ocean and pointed out that you need to be a good distance, in the water, from that ship to avoid being sucked into the depths.

Unfortunately, there are more, rather than less of the public, who dream of strolling the deck on fair seas. Purpose of Demonstration can have a number of meanings, not all of them desirable. Sooner or later, the divine will have come to the point of maximum impact potential and will either initiate a sequence of dominoes, or toreador the matter through a sequence of events to materialize a teaching moment and for your best results... it really depends on where you are standing and what you are standing on. Along the lines of 'form is function' are considerations like 'position is perspective' and... one of my favorites, by someone else, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

It is a powerful act for a person to STOP at a point and make an objective assessment of where they are and where they are (think they are) headed.

If you, like some of us do... drop in several times... or many times a day and speak to the ineffable, reminding yourself and the ineffable of the value of the ineffable in your life, an immeasurable asset is made a permanent fixture in your portfolio. What I am telling you is inarguably true and anyone performing this understands what is being said. You are the result of what you have put the majority of your time and attention, affection and love into. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Gather together all of your features and factors and manifest a composite snapshot in your mind and lay it all as an offering on the altar of the incomprehensible and indefinable ineffable. Acknowledge the paucity of your features and factors and recognize the measureless and priceless value of implementing the Greatest Commandment in all your coming and going and 'upon my soul', I guarantee you will not regret it. Realize that no matter what you think you know, you know very little and the divine knows everything. Imprint on your consciousness FIRST that the Divine is REAL. You may not know what the Divine is but you can know that God IS. From that, all things are possible and to the extent that you Love the ineffable with all your heart, with all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind (and love your neighbor as yourself= because in the ultimate and absolute sense, your neighbor is yourself) then you are in for surprise after surprise and your life will flower into the endless reach of eternal splendor, as the sunlight of the everlasting shines upon and from you for now and forever, Amen.

It is no accident that my most powerful drive is to celebrate, love and share my awareness of God at every opportunity. An electric thrilling runs through me now and again, more and more so as time passes, when I think of, speak and dance and sing with the ineffable. The divine is the living centerpiece of my life. Sure, I've made more mistakes than I remember. I have, occasionally, behaved in an outrageous and inexplicable manner and I have assuredly regretted more than one of those occasions. Life continued and I no longer behave in that fashion. My present and future acts of the outrageous and inexplicable are ALL an internal matter now. I have learned. How did this happen? I loved God. Leaping with abandon in intoxicated imagination... silent and serene... triumphant in consciousness and shattered by the force of my ignorance, I have loved God and that Love was the vehicle of transport that has brought me to this place; Amazing Grace! Thank you my Lord for your compassion, your mercy, your understanding and your love!!! May every soul know some part of how I feel with the indwelling, shimmering radiance, of the indwelling within.

This is freely given by the source of all power and life. How sad that so few avail themselves of this. It is right there to be had! I WILL devote myself to the never ending, unfolding joy of God in every moment I can remember to do so. There must be a reason for this. Try it out and I believe it will prove self explanatory.

Words will never do it but... we must needs try. What we think of, speak about and act in respect or disrespect of, defines us, Make God the be all and end all of your existence and he/she/it will most certainly become that. This is the single most marvelous opportunity that there will ever be; amare deum et perfectum est fatum.

Blessings upon you one and all!

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Anonymous said...

Halfway through the post I was crying and crying. Kept reading and cried until the end.
I recognise my faults, my ignorance, my good qualities.
I am deeply sorry for all the times I have been not connected to the divine.
I only want to be a servant of the divine and kind to everyone and everything in this material world.
Thank you Vis for this experience and for years of putting my own thoughts into words and resonating with so many readers here. What you do is incredibly precious.

Seymour Photonous said...

Hi Les, Ghod is real enough for sure.

It seems we are in a replicating system, where if so, it is going to be he/she or they.

Ghod is also generating this world through processes more akin to a machination of lucid generation, (there is no magic only processes, and causation rules absolute and supreme,) so this world is created in an ongoing process of flow input and constant generation, more akin to an image being projected onto a screen.

Where now according to the mechanics of dream dynamica, the generator is always encapsulated inside the orb of light and can never position their location outside that orb.

So Ghod could very well be here present in this moment of 'time frame present' walking here amongst us, (though, something is broken, something is not flowing properly and something is not right,) and being the generator of the chamber, never once in all our history has ghod ever left this chamber since its moment of inception.

So now we are looking for his footprints through history that must thread an unbroken linear succession of constant incarnation. So now one ponders, who was he? Thoth/Hermes we know for starters, but in modern times, do his footprints read something like Aristotle, Shakespeare Newton and even Mozart? (To rock this planet?)

Where we can expect him to always emerge as a mover and shaker, a teacher and great luminary, working as the perpetually returning guide who has indeed shaped humanity.
Seymour Photonous

Ray B. said...

Search engine suggested: Did I really mean 'factum' rather than 'fatum' in your Latin phrase?

Yandex Translate: 'fatum' = 'weird' ... 'factum' = 'done'
(Can see 'weird in its Archaic sense: concerned with or controlling fate or destiny. But funny: )

"amare deum et perfectum est fatum" at Yandex Translate is "love of god and perfect is weird."

amare deum et perfectum est factum" at Yandex Translate is "love god and the perfect is done."

'amare' = love; like
'deum' = God; god; divine essence
'et' = both; and
'perfectum' = perfect; complete; excellent
'est' = be; exist
'fatum' = utterance; oracle; fate; destiny; natural term of life; doom; death; calamity
'factum' = fact; deed; act; achievement

Ray translation:
fatum : "Love God and perfection is (your) fate/destiny."
factum: "Love God and perfection is (your) achievement."

Certain subtleties there...

Anonymous said...

Visible said...

Ray- It reads as I intended it to. Languages RARELY translate into the precise intention of the person hamstrung by the limitations of the languages they are going back and forth about, as I have experienced many times with French German and Italian; much less something that is only in use by dry academics these days. Then there is the personality of the native where meaning is as much a thing of body language as it is words.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, VIs! Thank you, sir. On A Clear Day -

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thank youi for another wonderful five nostrilled post.

torus said...

I saw some of the Golden Globes at a friends place. Shiny, happy, people everywhere. Christian Bale's wife is prettier than 26 of my paycheques combined.And Bale himself probably makes more than that in a days work,hence the beautiful wife. Whom Bale lavished love on for birthing his child and awakening a love within him he never knew he had.Bale revelled in the good fortune of being able to do what he loves EVERY DAY. Must be karma, with each of us already firmly centered in the divine billiard table...hence my mother's life of agony.

Anonymous said...

The Flu Shot is a psyop.
One does not know whether this was tongue in cheek (I took it to be) or some type of programming. It does not matter so long as you know the facts:

torus said...

Also Google, amongst others, are thought-policing. Searching google for "The Truthseeker" used to direct me immediately to Rixon's site. It has deliberately lossed prominence. Searching google for "The Truthseeker uk" used to direct me immediately to Rixon's site. Now one has to search via "The Truthseeker uk Rixon Stewart", which will direct you to Rixon's articles from which you can access the truthseeker home page.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Tuesday, January 08, 2019 3:17:00 PM

Sodium fluoride is added to the water to make people more compliant and reduce their IQ. It was used in Russian and German gulags to keep the prisoners complacent, making them easier to control. Sodium fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, which the famous Philosopher Renee Descartes regarded as the 'principal' seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed. The government/corporation drugs the populous with sodium fluoride as a means of mind control, because we are in a spiritual war and a spiritual war is one of consciousness.

'The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light’ (Matthew 6:22). ‘ The eye Matthew refers to is what is commonly known as our ‘third eye’. 'Do not be conformed to this world, but BE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND. Then you will be able to discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God' (Romans 12:2). Humanity connects with that which is eternal through their pineal gland.

In the video posted below Dr. Stephanie Seneff informs us that since 2002 the addition of glyphosate in vaccines has enabled the aluminium in the vaccines to cross over the gut blood barrier to the brain, making the pineal gland much more susceptible to the aluminium. According to Dr. Seneff, ‘with the glyphosate you get an increased delivery of the aluminium to the pineal gland, which ends up messing it up...’ (6.40 minutes into video).

Why would the government/corporations want to do this? It has been known throughout antiquity that ascension occurs consciously, via the pineal gland, which is why there is a huge statue of one at the Vatican. Purification of one’s behaviour is an essential part of ascension. The satanists who run this world indulge their lusts, greed and desire for power, so they would rather run this world than ascend consciously. An evolved consciousness is recognised by a marked increase in one's intelligence, as well as the ability to see aspects of creation that were before hidden, so since they aren’t going to ascend they don’t want the rest of us doing it either. 'Woe to you, scribes (law society) and Pharisees (Man's corporatised religion), you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let in those who wish to enter. …(Matthew 23:13).

They have collected the lower resonating among us, to fill their ranks, and now the good people are starting to evolve we are seeing the dismantling of Western Christian civilisation, because that is all that stands between them and victory. The satanic elite are de-evolving this planet and plan to control those they keep alive with transhumanism, the melding of man with machine. You watch humanity line up for this IT. Christ shows as how to overcome the satanists, which is why organised religion has gone to such lengths to disgrace the name of Christ and God. What would you expect from the antiChrist? When they said truth is stranger than fiction they weren't joking!

torus said...

My father, RIP, was hip to the fluoride agenda in the late 60's. Ze Germans know!
The alcoholic who refused to drink tap water.
Yeah, and my heart feels like it has been breaking for about fifteen years, which has nothing to do with his passing. No scripture, pose, prayer, mudra, tree, star, icon, diet, instrument, fashion, will ever account for the suffering. The atheist/evolutionist has it much easier, often coupled with tenure and a best-selling book. I'm tired of it all. In the city I'm witnessing more homelessness,amphetamines, and the blank looks of quiet desperation on every subway, streetcar, city bus, and god forsaken "shopping centers". The other day in Toronto, a rather short and portly woman says to her teenage child while exiting the Eaton Centre, "it's the last time I'm dealing with those assholes! I'm gettin' my fu**in stuff on Amazon!" Yup...The inevitable retail apocalypse will be quite a "site".
I pray for guidance right now.

oliver said...

In the beginning after God created the physical universe, time began. God had been alone for too long. He created Adam. He put his eternal spirit into Adam and gave him free will. Adam at that point became the eyes of God in the physical world. Adam became lonely in the garden so god created woman and Adam named her Eve. One of Gods earliest creations, the serpent, was envious of man and tricked them into eating he fruit of knowledge. After consuming the fruit they fell into a deep sleep and began their dream of mankind. Each generation doubled exponentially and they dreamed each life, living it. after billions of incarnations the drug of the fruit wore out and Adam and Eve awoke fully enlightened. They looked at one another in wonderment as they now had full knowledge of mankind. Eve asked Adam, Are we now what we dreamed? Adam knew at that point he was not just Gods creation, but his eyes of the creation, as man now was fully enlightened, and God himself had lived it all within the bodies of mankind.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Herpes of the Mind, The Presence of God and no Stopovers in Wine and Cheeseville.



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