Sunday, April 25, 2021

"The Cause of your Misfortune Comes From Ignoring or Rejecting The Skeleton Key of Life= Love."

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From many and varied directions, people are coming into Understanding by unknown means, BUT MOSTLY... it is coming in waves from within and transmission centers at a distance. These are times of Cosmic Change. There is NOTHING anyone can do about it, except offer futile resistance or conscious cooperation. I found this in an email from a reader and thought I would share it with you. It is far too convoluted and speculative for me. This is not the pathway I have taken. It does not make this person wrong. I, personally and impersonally, prefer a simpler and more guided passage. I'm done finding things out. If God wants me to know something he will tell me, otherwise it is none of my business.

In my view, all of the transformative force that is being directed upon human affairs at this time is... one way or another, connected to the approach of The Avatar. Last time a World Savior came around, the pundits and numbers drones say there were 300 million people here. That was when Jesus Walked. There were no telephones, telegrams, or media devices then unless you consider drums as such. Very few people encountered The Christ while he was here. By this time, word of his teachings and actions has spread to nearly everywhere on the planet, unless you count North Sentinel Island, where they kill the missionaries as soon as they arrive.

Even there, they might have heard some brief testimony in a language they did not understand.

Now we have 7.3 billion people. That's roughly 25 times the population when Jesus Walked. Jesus is like Shakespeare. There's no Historical Record of them. Take a look yourselves and see what you find concerning Actual Jesus. You tell me. No... I am not talking about The Story we've been told. Christmas and Easter were grafted on to the former traditions that Christianity replaced. Despite the sure and certain mystery of his presence, I am convinced of the presence of SOMEONE who fulfilled that role and who is the same today, yesterday, and forever. I am NOT a Christian. I do Love Jesus Christ. I suppose I love Christians, as my pursuit compels me to Love All, but I often do not like them and I despise the rackets and racketeers that have spawned out of deceit for the purpose of shearing the sheep.

Jesus and Shakespeare had a lot in common. If you study Occult History you see where it has been claimed that Shakespeare was Francis Bacon or Christopher Marlowe; another name appears in the hunt but I can't remember it and don't care anyway. The same is the case with Jesus and claims that he was more likely Apollonius of Tyana or OTHERS and I don't care about that either. All that counts with me is The Message of The Christ. I draw the line at fools with funny hats and glittering, show-biz regalia that cost a fortune. There is no question that Christianity, in its corridors of power is CORRUPT. The molestation and violation of all those young boys tells me the route Satan took with them and what their professed celibacy turned into. Oh... they got up to MUCH WORSE than that.

The Age that Jesus the Christ appeared in is at an end. His teachings and his message are timeless and in no danger of going away once the new Avatar arrives, but all the doctrine and forms of expression are going to be reconstituted. A whole new world is coming. Some amount of us want no part of that and will resort to plowing themselves under. This nourishes the fertile ground out of which will grow the forms of The New Understanding.

My intuition has been telling me for awhile that this coming Avatar is going to be ALSO appearing in the hearts of those who have prepared the ground within. They will be the emissaries of The Message for coming times. It will be more a message of Universal Brotherhood than of Sacrifice being the highest expression of Love. You can SENSE how it might manifest, and as Awakening becomes more pervasive and intense this will become more clear.

I pray for the wider impact of this Awakening. As I traverse the internet I see that there is a not-insignificant number of people who sneer and mock at everything and have faith in nothing, while maintaining anonymity in the doing of it. They are barking dogs. You see the same in the Black Bloc, Antifa marauders. These are the present-day Bolshevik-Jacobins. They come and go. Usually, they appear when a cultural system breaks down. They went to college and all they learned is that life is unfair and that they have a responsibility to make life fair across the board, which has NEVER HAPPENED and never will, not by those tactics. Who are the professional degenerates that taught them this crap?

These people are deeply angry and resentful AND ALWAYS it comes down to life disappointing them. The source of this is that they have disappointed themselves. Convenience has killed the Pioneer Spirit. Laziness and wickedry abound. Laziness is at the core of moral decay, just as Lust and Greed are at the center of nearly all misfortune. One needs to understand what Lust and its offspring are in order to get the point.

The cosmetic industry is going great guns... IN EVERY SENSE. Glamour, as Alice Bailey says, is a world problem. It's one big costume party carnival. It's all make-believe. None of it is real, BUT... if you fully commit to that, goldarnit... it sure passes for real. It's not and the endpoint can only be tragic. The more preposterous and false it is the greater the return for the people milking it for profit. Whether it is Walmart or The New Age Marketplace, it is just stuff; the same thing only different, the real thing in the back of your mind. It's New AND Improved, just like the vaccines. I KNOW they cause Autism at the VERY LEAST.

Life on Planet Earth is a perpetual war zone. We are MATERIALLY composed of 4 elements that precipitated into forms from The Aether. The Aether is the Cosmic Sounding Board that vibrates material forms into being. These 4 elements are in constant conflict with one another and Desire is the force that makes us dance. Yes, I could go on and on about this in greater detail but it would mostly be noise to many. It's far better when people learn things for themselves and Life Experience will take care of that; unless it doesn't.

Most people do not care enough to find out about the deeper mysteries of existence. Appetite rules on this plane and that seems to be the easier course; own it, eat it, excrete it, and fuck it... not necessarily in that order. That's all there is 'they say' and if they believe it, why... maybe it is so... until it isn't.

We're all about succeeding here; making a name for ourselves, amassing riches, gaining power and position, dominating life in our own small pond, or The Big Pond, in which they drown with the most toys. Those toys do not float. All of this is Karma; fueled AND attended by a Desire that CANNOT be assuaged. You CANNOT be satisfied here except for a brief moment and the unrelenting hunger just comes back, again and again until it consumes you. There is a reason that summer lasts so long in childhood and then speeds up. The joy decreases because puberty cut your world in half and now something is missing. Go chase it! There is more to becoming like a little child than one might think. Angels have no sex parts in the way we understand it. It doesn't interfere with their having intercourse though. It is all in the way that you Understand it.

Turn down the flame! Turn down the hunger and when you experience Hunger- and there are many forms of that- direct that Hunger to Heaven. You THINK you want something until you get it. Disappointment is ALWAYS the reward, UNLESS... unless that hunger is for a Heavenly Estate and you can accomplish that HERE. Yes... you can. There is only one righteous occupation and that is selfless service and by exercising it you WILL bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, if only within the reach of your aura. Of course, once you learn to hold a mirror up to a basilisk.../ more on that later.

One might wonder why and how so many entertainers kill themselves one way or the other. It could be that many people love them and an entertainer can be nourished by that love; made high by that love, but there are also people who hate them and that comes too, and if you can't process and channel that to where it needs to be sent, it can eat you up, or you can go to great lengths to escape it and die from that.

Something happens inside us that is impossible to avoid. We can lie to ourselves all we want but it DOESN'T make it so. Sooner or later what you think you are comes up against what is. There is no escaping that. Love is The Key. The progeny of Love and Wisdom is Truth. The Great Magic is Love and that is because existence is a mirror that reflects the image we project. See what happens when you greet every moment with Love. See what happens otherwise if you bring something else.

As they say, "the proof is in the pudding". I prefer to say, the proof is in the putting. People have all kinds of excuses for not doing the right thing, or for resorting to other presentations besides Love. They'll try anything for 5 minutes and when they don't get the results they are looking for, they move on to something else. It takes time and consistency of purpose. Whine all you like, bemoan your outcast state. The roots of your unfortunate condition come about from ignoring or rejecting The Skeleton Key of Life, which is Love. Change your focus and approach and EVERYTHING you really want will follow.

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Thomas said...

Good stuff.

Aye, love! Love! Wonderful it is!

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very 'truthful' blog. Thanks!

Vis: "Jesus is like Shakespeare. There's no Historical Record of them. Take a look yourselves and see what you find concerning Actual Jesus. You tell me."

I hesitate in replying, because there is no good in taking-away someone's faith 'foundation' without providing something superior. In that regard, Christ is a Station rather than a person. It is both a state a person can aspire-to and a state many have reached in the past. A person does not have to go-through a religion to get to a Christ state (although it may be helpful in early searching)...

The best source on the historical Jesus which I have found is author Ralph Ellis. He has done much research on the line of Jesus. Where he is unique is that he has derived much of his material from little-known Aramaic and Persian sources. Plus, he is not afraid to draw logical conclusions from them. Very detailed work. Ellis has found that 'mainline Jesus' has been twisted from 'historical Jesus' in every possible way, usually because the victor writes the history books. (He has also been trashed by every possible mainline 'authority', but quite-handily defeats them in every debate.)

If this draws you, I recommend that you start with Ellis' earlier Egyptian series, as this shows his depth of research and 'frames' the later discussion on Jesus. In reading all of Ellis' books, I learned much about how the pre-Jesus line came from a mixture of Egyptian and Persian influences, with some Roman thrown-in. It seems the historical Jesus likely came from influential political families.

I only mention the above because the present-day controllers of Christianity may attempt to lead the followers down a dark path as what Vis calls The Avatar approaches, using 'mainline Jesus' as the carrot and stick. Please use the Christ Station as your guiding-lamp in the days to come, not necessarily pleas/threats from the religion which has grown-up around the man. (If the Christ Station and Jesus overlap in your faction, so much the better. Just stay vigilant for when someone urges non-Christ-station 'actions' in Jesus' name.)

All-God and the Spiritual side definitely exist; they are as close as looking-within...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I'll do what I do and others can do what they do and each has a reason and explanations, or not; doesn't matter. I can't live in a starched collar universe with a niche for everything, or be concerned about stepping on something people made sore in the first place so that they could feel entitled to their pain, Growth IS pain. Things and concepts deconstructed here are ALWAYS replaced with something superior. At least that is the attempt. I view it so and it doesn't come from me in the first place.

I'm pretty sure I am the first to mention Christ being a station a very long time ago here- and many times since, but that is neither here nor there. Different perspectives WILL PREVAIL and though one may be more right ultimately than another we are all right eventually unless we're not. I find a hodgepodge of terms to be confusing and scholarly information practically useless unless it is in the technical fields. I know there are people who need all that. I am not one of them. All those obscure sources contradict each other and ONLY the direct experience of Christ has any value whatsoever to me.

This is just my perspective, as yours is yours and not intended to be offensive or anything like it. You and I are VERY different with strikingly different terms and VERY different levels of complexity and perspective. That doesn't make one better than the other. Some are drawn to complexities for whatever their reasons are. I've no interest in intellectual and scholastic postures or arguments. I have found them to be of little use on the other side. What metaphysical Jesus Christ has to do with Persians or Egyptians I couldn't guess, except that the wise of ANY nation or tradition agree in the silence above argument. ALL my sources whether Indian masters or otherwise, point out his relation to the Himalayan Brotherhood. Having studied all of those sources at another time I see more disparity than commonality.

BUT... that is the nature of this world and the people on it. They don't agree on much, except if they are wise enough not to talk about it. It can be offputting for people when you don't agree with them. They can and do take it personally and I do not... certainly not anymore. I am a plain-spoken person and that puts some people off too but I can't control how people react, nor wish to. Unfortunately, people can take things wrong if they think you are contending with them or something but this I am NOT doing. I'm simply indicating that intellectual nuance and intellectual research, and intellectual considerations are of no interest to me. ONCE AGAIN, I am not attempting to diminish anyone's perspective, I'm just saying it isn't my province and never will be. I'm pretty sure I said I could go into greater detail here but these posts are within a paragraph of being the same length for a reason and do not cover most of the ground I covered to get to wherever this is that I am.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for your extended post. I did not intend to be confrontational. I was responding to your observation that there was little historical evidence of Jesus. It turns out there is, and I pointed out an author who has ably-researched this subject. To me, the danger of being ill-led by the establishment based on 'historical' Jesus outweighed just being silent on this matter.

I was also worried that my post might cause spiritual harm. So, most of my post was directed to mitigating this possibility. Also, my "mention [of] Christ being a station" was intended to be an acknowledgment of your oft-repeated phrase, not a plagiarism of same. I thought it was implicit that it came from you, given that we are on your site. Apologies for any kerfuffle the omission of 'credit' has caused.

Yes, we are VERY different. I am often curious whether - if we ever met in person - we would bond like brothers or fight like cats. Til then, PEACE...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Well... we wouldn't fight as I have left those fields of encounter some time ago. I never thought of plagiarism. I, on the other hand, am not concerned with causing spiritual harm. That is the province of others. I do not buy the argument of historical Jesus from that particular source. It seems to me that people start out to make a point and then gather all the needed background information to support their thesis. I get most of what I understand to be true, or likely true from Occult History or the intuition. The one is vulnerable to error, depending... so I need corroboration sometimes. The other is without error at all or has proven to be. Of course, that's just me saying it. I do not doubt, as I was clear about, a historical Jesus. I simply HAVE NOT encountered evidence to my satisfaction. Maybe true, maybe not. I don't care either way since metaphysical Jesus certainly exists. In order to continue, successfully on the path I am on, I have had to release EVERYTHING I thought I knew because I really do not know anything. Everything that I write comes to me from inwardly elsewhere. Time will tell if it was real or relevant. So far I am comfortable with what I do and that is getting out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Reincarnation is a fact.

I never got why crucifixion of Jesus was somehow more special than the the many others that had the same fate. It doesn't matter as we will all eventually be reincarnated over and over again as countless bacteria until the sun finally expands and our collective lost soul will be released into the endless void of expanding space. Bacteria outnumber humans. Statistics don't always lie.

Thomas said...

I have a theory on the historical Jesus, and the reason for the dearth of historical evidence.

Ok, assume He was there, more or less as described in the Bible. After His crucifixion, His name just spread and spread, and this became very dangerous to the scribes and pharisees. So what they did was that they put out *another* story, about a king who wore a crown of thorns and ruled wisely, and fit all the stories of Jesus into this narrative, calling the miracles symbolical. They also minted a coin showing the image of this thorn-crowned king (here's a picture:

Now, they sent this coin through the land, together with the stories they had made up, to counter the spreading of the real story. At some point, perhaps around year 200, the two narratives clashed, and since the early christians were in fact experiencing miraculous things, this made people question who had made the coin, and who had made up the fake stories. This put attention on the deceit and duplicity of the "Synagogue of Satan" - a very dangerous situation for them.

Whoops! Bad move! For damage control, they destroyed all public historical records, both of their own story, and of the story of Jesus - Library of Alexandria-style. That's why there is nothing to be found in public.

Since then, they have been trying to mould the narrative (still on it) - without much luck, I would say. They are fools, as they have always been. Cunning, certainly, but damn foolish.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I suspect the so called 'Shakespeare' was actually Edward de Vere. Was that the name that evaded your memory? The story about Eddie makes sense. I also think the story as told by the bible of Yeshua/Emmanuel/Isha/Isa/What ever is a load of crap. I don't think he was crucified, but travelled to many places and taught 'The Way', by any other name. I also suspect he was born into wealth and basically had a Siddhartha

That paragraph on succeeding here. Life to me is like the longest Monopoly game ever. Or I'd say Dungeons and Dragons is a better analogy. It's a drag when you don't need it anymore, but you're still stuck here due to the contract you made with yourself, but, oh well. So why not show your displeasure at your self imposed life sentence by bein' as obnoxious as you can be as you finish your unwanted sojourn under protest?

Making out on the Otherside. . .mindshares with someone that really digs you is beyond anything here. A whole lot less silly looking than physical making out. Glad the compulsion for sex faded with my hormones, so I gave it up mid 40s; and the relationship I have with my soul mate is better than ever via the agape way. Alex and Hephaestion didn't have it half as good, prob'ly.

Yup, yup, and yup! Great post, as always. If this post were herion, it would definitely be an overdose. . .fatal to some, not to others.

Anonymous said...

"They also minted a coin showing the image of this thorn-crowned king (here's a picture:"

...So that's what my liberal arts teacher w/a phd was working on in the dark corner of the art sculpture studio. He gave it a nice patina too.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

""You Have to be in For the Distance and the Duration, or You Fail and Come Back Again, and Again."

Visible said...

Yes, I know about the thorn-crowned King BUT... that is only evidence of a type, not the man himself. I don't think it says King of Nazareth on the coin. All I've ever run into were indirect references to a type. You see what I mean. If you want something to be a certain way then you find evidence to corroborate it. Otherwise, you look for the evidence first and then see what it indicates. That is how things work. I am of the opinion same as LTPTB that that (and other reasons) is why they burned the Library at Alexandria.

Thomas said...

Well, I don't know! :)

But I am convinced that Jesus was real, and I also believe that all the miracles ascribed to him actually happened.

So... why no historical evidence? That's why I theorize. Certainly, I may be wrong (and I am probably not entirely right, in any case). But I don't know :)

Thomas said...

hmm... but there may also be some merit to LTPTB's outlay, I'll say...

Who knows? A mystery, it is :)

Anonymous said...

And then there's always this GEM, hidden in plain sight. As usual those in the know who thrive in the West (the center of the advertising / propaganda univer$e) know the truth is hidden in plain sight, East of Sindhu.

Those 16 Missing Years of Jesus aren't really missing at all and the Library at Alexandria was destroyed for this very same reason. To keep the Vedas, the Vedic past with its knowledge of Man and God and the Universe and everything in between from being known because it would throw the Earth is 6000 years old creation baloney of the Christian fundamentalists and their $ponsors into Baloney-Land where it belongs. My vote goes to #2. The Christians (and their $ponsors) did it.

Anonymous said...

Here's another world-class (mum's the word) from the so-called Leading Academics and Theologians.
What phonies they are today, immersed in Maya for their bellies and their artificial appeasement of angst.



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