Monday, November 22, 2004

Just Let It Go.

Just Let it Go

Yeah, just let it go. We’ve all heard about taking a deep breath. We’ve seen the movie where the woman presses her face into the strong mans shoulder and he says, “Go ahead, just let it all out... there...there. It’s going to be alright.” We might question whether it’s going to be alright, after all, her house might have burned down with everyone she knows in it. She might have just learned that she’s going to die soon. Then again, as soon as you let go, as soon as you let it all out it is going to be alright. The thing is, we don’t want to face the fact that everything changes, that the people ‘as we know them’ will pass on. We don’t want to live forever, to die daily, to change fundamentally and embrace the new. We don’t want that.

And so we have, the lies, the easy fixes, the distractions, all the vain ambitions that substitute for the real goal. We got bupkis. We got shit and we get shit because we want shit. Very few know how to or who it is that- turns shit into gold. Few make the connection between gold and the Sun. Few know what it means to shine or understand what shining does to the once tarnished interior. Few realize that all forms are condensed energy or that everything is made from sunlight. That’s what we are; light in extension.

You are moving through a world of illusion surrounded by lies. You are in The Twilight Zone and you don’t need to see the signpost up ahead. It’s actually some distance back. And boy, don’t we get upset at people when they tell us we are deceived and living in a world of illusion surrounded by lies. Lies are condensed energy too. In a garden, weeds grow up among the flowers. Lies are woven around and through truths. It takes skill to separate one from the other. More importantly it takes desire to want to. It takes courage to face and accept the things that will force you to change and become yourself.

Among the many sad ironies that drip down the mottled walls of the sad café is the illusion of popularity and the idea that popularity is somehow associated with veracity, ‘what’s happenin’, what’s valuable, what you need or whatever. The same stupid currency associations are made with success and fame. One of the things that get thrown at me a lot, usually from individuals in no position to throw anything is that; if I had anything to say I’d be rich and famous.

I’ve actually made a career of walking away from these things and the proof of that is in the biography. Donald Trump is rich and Donald Duck is famous. There is a fame that comes and it is accompanied by wealth. It is conferred upon the recipient by Nature. It is engineered behind the scenes by the mind which contains all of us as thoughts moving through it like fish. It may come early in life. It may come in the middle or at the end. It may come after one is gone. It is one of the fruits of desirous quest and one should prefer it in place of every counterfeit the world offers. Study the lives of the rich and famous. Look into their faces; observe their companions and what things they choose for celebration, consumption and entertainment. Look at what they must endure and who they have to hang out with. Think about it.

I am in fact quite rich although I doubt I would qualify as rich according to the ordinary gradations of measured assets. But I am rich nonetheless. I possess certain things that few people have. I possess some things, the existence of which is generally unknown. But more than that I enjoy, really enjoy, things that cost nothing. I also do not want most things. I have zero interest in 99.99999999 percent of the objects that can be desired or had. I can come and go at will. I know what to eat and how to make it taste good. I am free in ways that many do not even suspect the existence of. I could go on at length here but I’ll leave you to extrapolate on your own.

I won’t address the issue of fame although I could say quite a few things about that and whether or not I do in fact possess it and where. But that’s irrelevant. Only a fool seeks what passes for fame in this realm. You could compare it to walking around naked at night in the swamps of Andros Island, the jungle in Nihiku or any number of tropical locations. Possessing large amounts of wealth is attended by quite a few annoyances of its own, not to mention guaranteed physical illnesses that come with the territory.

One source of real wealth is the possession of good health all through your life, never going to doctors- not even to check; possessing already your own omniscient in-house physician. Real fame is moving through peoples lives and leaving sunlight in your wake- having your passage remembered while you yourself are forgotten, or at least, blurred in outline.

The lucky among us are not burdened with the needs of art or the responsibility of recording these things such as you see running past your eyes at this moment. Those who can live in the moment’s embodiment of the truth are the lucky ones. We in the trenches must needs face those across the wire, across the appearance of the razor wire. We in the caravan must needs hear the town dogs and bear the tomatoes upon the stage. It is to us to weave the catcalls into song, dance among the car horns and the thrusting lusts of the priapic appetites of the crowded landscapes, whirl the cape of fire to the side and dance beyond the flame, be beaten early and long for the sake of a tenderized heart, suffer every ignominy and false charge for the sheer joy of the opportunity to proclaim the undying, overwhelming, incomprehensible love that surrounds us on all sides; the face of the Sun and the angels that Durer caught so realistically in spiraled descent from the horn of vibrating light...all this and so much more make every calumny a caress.

You may hang by your fingers from the wall of your fear of the things you imagine are below can just let go. The ground is mere inches beneath your feet. That gulf before you may be so wide that it has no other side or it may only be as wide as your fear.

Yeah, just let go.


ciinc said...

LV -

Just a note telling you that a small ray of light has penetrated the Slate Fray sometime in the past couple days. I realize you want to put some distance between you and it, but this is a tiny encouraging sign that maybe folks can be persuaded to see it for what it is, and that hope is of course relevant to your latest post here to which I am responding.

I posted this:

RequestForSomeChecksto which apparently the interim Fray Editor responded by checking this one of the three mentioned above:

PostTheEditorCheckmarkedto which I responded by posting this:

ThanksToEditorForChecking5465What is not important here is the fact that 5465 got checked or that he apparently got checked in response to a request from me.

What is important is that the interim editor apparently understands about posting from your heart and your life experience, as opposed to posting solely from your head.

I'm tellin you man, if it wasn't for the fact that BT posted about your starting to blog regularly, I wouldn't have found this so soon and I would have given up trying to fight the good fight at the Fray.

But after reading your posts here, not just those re the Fray, but all of them, I realized you can't ever give up the good fight when you have an opportunity to fight it.

So thanks, "il miglior fabbre".

I remain your devoted friend and admirer.


Justoffal said...


Anonymous said...

You're channeling voices from another star system. Good on you, great for some of us and impossible for most people to understand. I don't envy your job but I am so very glad you are here.

Abe Whittington

Carla Beal said...

Better and better. Everlasting Love.

Anonymous said...

Ender made a big list designed along the usual divide and incite lines. Yours seemed to me to be the only name he left off the lists. Knowing him I am assuming that was the clue he wanted people to pick up on but no one did. You were on the front page a lot the last couple of days. Ender has successfully sent you packing and established his name as the freshest billboard messsage. I know you don't care but I thought you would be amused.

just call me Catallus

Justoffal said...

I do believe that CACTUS MAN could be the foundation for a cult classic! Very, very clever! I liked the sense of Isolation given by the description of the character and also the sense of loneliness. I listened to the album with a great deal of amusement and some pleasant surprise yesterday.

Visible said...

Howdy J.O. ...I hope one day I can get the opportunity to do those tunes in a real studio. There are glitches all through that early work; besides which I didn't sing anywhere near then what I do now.

Did I ever call you? It's strange to say that I have the memory of talking to both you and your wife but it seems that that can't have happened. Then I have to wonder why I didn't call. I usually do those sort of things just because they bug me until I have. Another mystery.

Yes...there are a number of interesting comestibles on those four 'Critical List' albums.

is your email still justoffal at that large portal?

Visible said...

I'd like to thank the academy and everyone who reads and responds here... for the support that goes some distance in respect of my continuing to do this sort of thing on a regular basis. I'll try to do this about 5 times a week- or until I hear from the Mother Ship.

As for references to and things that occur at Slate, I honestly don't much care about any of that any more. The fog is rolling in and blotting out the partial outlines of my faulty memory concerning whatever that was really all about. I miss some people from there and am also glad not to even be reminded of the existence of others who, strangely, don't even exist to begin with. It's one of those funny by-products of everything being in our heads.

justoffal said...

Dear friend...

You are gracious to continue to post your highly enlightened thoughts for those of us who do so enjoy reading them...your revaluations of meditative and
reflective thought are a daily requirement on my reading fact it is how I begin now that I know where to find them...the freedom of that mind!!! It is a marvel! What is even more marvelous is that you do not condescend but reach out to all in equity and is good to know you! e-mail remains the same.

Anonymous said...

If I don't get something new to read each day does that mean I have to read the piece from the day before as if it were new? I used to watch your TV show religiously.

Woodstock, NY
and NYC

Anonymous said...

The writing is great but we want to hear more songs. You have not put up any new songs in some months. It will not matter about the production just bang them out on the guitar. We will be waiting.

Viggo and Smilla, your Soundclick friends from Stockholm

Anonymous said...

Because of your regretably tedious pieces on those posting forums I felt obliged to go and check out the place(s). Are you out of your mind? What were you doing over there? I am glad to see that you have regained your self-respect.
I have the greatest admiration for your unique abilities. You are one of those few people who are much better than the quite good people to whom they are compared. Those incestuous pieces on your tortured journey through cyber-suburbia are not to be considered among your best work and I'd delete them if I were you.
I realize you are mooning the Philistines but the Philistines don't get it to begin with. Do you compute?
It is more than enough that you channel the genius that is yours and ignore the canaille and the rabble underfoot. Giving them notice elevates them. It's perfectly okay to piss on them but it is unnecessary to call it to their attention.
Otherwise let me add my voice to the chorus of appreciative minds. You make my blood sing and my heart most gratefully light.

Alan Winstone (I've written you before about your music; letting you know that the reference to Kennsington in the song "Death is Calling my Name" might not be your most accurate choice- I live in Kennsington at Queensgate.) Thanks for the email heads-up about the blog. I've had a delightful several afternoons.

Anonymous said...

all that spiritual stuff may be good for you but that's not the world the rest of us live in. Get real.

Bruce Smith

justoffal said...

It's gone...I was typing a rebuttal post to a fray poster who monikers out as IOZ and I had a rush of nausea in the realization that I was bleeding for a universe of the deaf and the blind. I could not finish the post...I left the keyboard and tried again a half hour later...still notihing... it's gone..and it left with no warning and with no forwarding address

its gone.

Anonymous said...

JustOffal, word has it that IOZ is Chango which might explain a good many things. There are some strange things happening at the moment. Your point didn't make it into your post here either.


Justoffal said...

So Mr. do you like the new digs? I gather from the last cluster of personal stuff that you have moved and at some distance. I have been making forrays into is still at a bargain price there, Massachusetts has hit the all time inflationary high....shanty shacks here going for half a million in the Boston Area not much better in central Mass. Last time up I went through the Pittsfield area..nice place..maybe nice enough to buy...

Visible said...

Howdy M.

I'm doing just fine, movin and groovin, jabbin and hookin and generally staying out of the way of the wide load estrogen-pissed BaldTony's on the highway. Not quite as hard as playing chess with a milk cow.

My daughter lives in Maine. There's some beautiful land up there but they do get the mosquitos and deer flies. Now though you can build a unit that affixes to the top of your house and will keep two acres totally clear. Technology has it's good points.

It's great to interact with you. I'll try to get an email off soon. I owe a lot of people and it's getting seriously backed up. Ah well.

You and your fine companion have yourselves a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know you will becasuse you possess real gratitude. I have to shake my head at the clueless twits that call it turkey day as if it were just an appetite celebration...or are they celebrating being turkeys?

justoffal said...

Heh heh heh...

Could be a connection between them and the generally tiny size of the Avian Brain...

The wife and I spent our day at the community center.
We are indebted to the community system since our mentally ill son lives therein. We cooked for the local was a riot....had to make the gravy twice because one of the residents insisted on adding flour when we weren't looking...:)

The smiles on their faces when they sat down with us and enjoyed the food is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

God grant me the humility to see my betters when I am in their presence..the stories, the pain, the's all quite beyond me at times. I swear there are moments when I can feel the entire cosmos through the thoughts of another person. It is amazing where you will find the intuitive Genius..he/she may be a penniless scruff with rotten teeth and brown paper bag in one hand..a great screen for those who are stuck on the carnal..but an intriguing cover for the real treasure seeker.

Just as you have many times alluded to the fact that the self-latent form is only temporary..whether it be skin color (non-existent in the intelligent mind) gender, mind set, or body's all relative to the next stage and I feel sorry for those too short sighted to see think they may waste an entire existence pulling chin whiskers out with a pair of tweezers and never see beyond their own nostrils is a thought that sends reverberating shudders down my spine.

God Bless and be well my friend and please do continue writing..your thoughts are important to me! I can see a rejuvenation of the polo I used to read, not that your quality ever trailed off..but I think I know now why you put the distance between yourself and the scow..the good vibes were always there but they were hard to pick out from among the decomposing mass.



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